01x03 - Someday You'll Call My Name

Previously on Nashville

You and Deacon should go out on the road together...

You and Deacon sleeping on the same tour bus?

You want me to say I'm comfortable when I'm not?

You know, we could do a whole lot more of this if you'd just come on tour with me.

You know I can't. I'm going out with Rayna.

You gotta focus on what your future holds.

I saw these two kids singing at the Bluebird.

You get three songs together.

I'll cut the demo for you myself.

I think something about you makes me want to grow up.

I got a friend out there tonight, and I'd like to ask her to come up here and do a number with us.

Rayna James.

(Cheers and applause)


♪ no one will ever love you ♪
♪ like I do ♪


(Juliette) ♪ won't do you no good if you run from me ♪
♪ there ain't no cheatin', schemin' ♪
♪ my heart don't see ♪
♪ you left your troubles in my head, in my head ♪ yes. Good.

(European accent) Great. That's fantastic. Yeah.

That's good. Beautiful.

Bring your shoulder this way. Yes. ♪ in my bed, in my bed nice. Love it. Perfect.

Okay. Rest for a second.

♪ coming next, coming next ♪
♪ you can't hide from me hey, looking good.

Looking great.

Hey, you got a sec? What is going on with getting Deacon Claybourne on my tour? That's probably not gonna happen.

He and Rayna all but launched their tour last night at the Bluebird.

Glenn, I want him, under contract.

An exclusive contract. Okay, we're gonna make him another offer... an exclusive offer, but listen for a second. I just got off the phone with the label. Your mother showed up there.

What are you talking about?

When? A little while ago.

She's looking for your address, your phone number.

I mean, nobody gave her any information, but...

But what?

They gave her 100 bucks to leave.

(Door opens)

(Door closes)

(Thud) My mother is a drug addict.

Nobody can give her anything, ever.

(Man) Miss Barnes, they are ready on set.


You are my manager.

Deacon, my mom...

(Whispers) Manage it.

Maddie, get down here right now! Your breakfast is getting cold.

It's yogurt, mom. It's supposed to be cold.

Warm, then.

Baby, have you seen my tie?

The one with the little u's on it? Maddie, now!

Those are horseshoes, dad. I knew that.

What do you need a tie for, honey? It's Joe.

Yeah, I guess you're right.

I have no idea what I'm gonna wear for the talent show.

Told you not to waste your allowance on jeggings. Can we go to the mall?

(Teddy) The mall? What do you need to go to the mall for?

Didn't your mama just buy you a bunch of clothes?

Brianna told me I needed to stop dressing like a sixth grader.

She said seventh graders show belly and side boob.

Side what the hell did you just say? That's a dollar.

You know what? No more side boob, no more ties. We gotta go now.

All right. Have a good day at school. Love you.

Yours. (Cell phone rings)

Oh, my phone. Can you grab that for me, babe, please?

(Ring) It's Deacon.

Oh. Shoot. Probably about the tour.

You know what? I'll take the girls.


Joe gets here before me, just tell him I'll be right back. Okay.


Hey. Is it a bad time?

I can't really talk right now.

It's... I got the girls and...

Oh. Sorry. I was...

(call waiting tone beeps) Oh, hell. That's my lawyer.

Oh, you... you should get that. Get... I'll call you later.

All right, bye.

No. No, no. I... Ray?

(Inhales deeply)




Deacon. Hey, Wally.

Juliette Barnes' manager's been calling about the tour.

Well, tell Glenn the answer is still no. All right.

(Gunnar) ♪ I'm afraid to go up to the second floor ♪

(Both, harmonizing)

♪ if you wanted to work it out ♪
♪ why'd you lock the door?

♪ I thought I was good at loving you ♪
♪ but our light went out when you wanted it to ♪
♪ I wish you the best, I'm headed west ♪
♪ it's all I know to do ♪

♪ I will fall ♪
♪ I will fall if you come around ♪

♪ just when I think ♪
♪ my heartbreak settled down ♪

♪ I will fall ♪
♪ I will fall if you come around ♪


(Stops playing) Hey.

Sorry. Didn't know I was... interruptin'.

Oh, no, no, we were writing at Gunnar's, but his dog wouldn't stop barking, so...

My dog hates blondes. Who knew?

(Chuckles nervously)

(Chuckles) W-we've got the meeting with Watty tomorrow.

Right. Watty White. Yep.

Hey, you killed it at the 5 spot the other night.

That guitar tone reminded me of Link Wray.

Thanks, man.

Well... good luck, then.

I'll just be, uh... In the bedroom.

I'll try not to bark.


Well, I wish I had better news for you, but you're still digging out from the hit you took when Teddy's development went bust.

You add to that recent campaign costs and expenses you won't be able to recoup without the income from the bigger tour.

So bottom line, Joe.

Stop spending money.

Now at least the way you used to.

You're gonna have to cut your monthly nut in half, and if you don't, in a couple of months, you won't be able to cover it.

You got assets. They're just not liquid.

Now another option is to borrow on the house.

You take out a line of credit. That's a long shot.

Hey, look, I-I'm in the middle of a campaign.

How's that gonna look to voters?

Lot better than declaring bankruptcy.

That's a joke.

Well, we won't be doing that.

(Bucky) Well... (Clears throat) I mean, there's this, and I hate to sound like a broken record about joining Juliette's tour... then don't be, Bucky. No, Rayna, listen to me.

You are just as valuable to her as she is to you.

Alone, she can sell out one night at the garden.

Together, you sell out three.

Well, you know what? I'm just really interested in hearing our other options, Bucky.

Well, there's always borrowing money from your daddy.

Boy, y'all really need to get some new material.


What time again?

Next time, can you make sure that you get the little individual cheeses?

Like the square kind, not the big ol' block.

You mean the plastic, processed kind, right?

I mean the good kind, okay?

Baby? Jolene.

Oh, my God, baby, I'm so glad I found you. Hey, hey, why don't you come talk to me for a second?

How you doing? All right?

(Jolene) Yeah. I... yeah, I...

(whispers) Come on. Let's go.

I just wanna talk to my daughter.

I've come a really long way.

I wanna tell you things that's been going on.

(Jolene and Glenn speaking indistinctly)

What do you wanna do?

(Breathing heavily)

Let's just go. Let's get outta here.

(Engine revving)

(Continues breathing heavily)

All right, that's 14 solid tracks, but we still need to decide about the other six.

I'm not gonna lie. I look pretty good.

Those whitening strips really worked. All right, I talked to Bo.

We're upping your security team. Hey, nothing about her schedule should be put in writing. Just heard back from Deacon.

Can't commit to anything exclusive.

So given your terms, sounds like a "no."

Do you even know me?

The answer is never "no."

(Dialing cell phone)

Why do I pay you if I have to do everything myself? (Phone ringing)

(Line clicks) This is Deacon. Leave a message.

Deacon, it's me. Uh, we're in the studio, and we're choosing tracks for the album, so if you want "undermine" on it, we really have to record it today.

(Singsongy) It's now or never.

Joe Cocker, Dolly Parton, Willie Nelson... these people all really recorded right here.

(Watty) On this very spot.

My goodness.

Step a little closer. A little closer.

Um... Thank you. Here's your headphones.

Thank you.

(Guitar tuning)

All right. Let's make some music.

Just tell me when you're ready.

All right.

(Gunnar sighs)


(Door closes)

You nervous?

I'm shaking like a leaf on a tree.


(Drum beating)

(Playing slow tempo tune)

No. Wait. That was... uh...

Uh, uh, I thought...

it's all right. Let's go again.

No problem. (Click)

(Chuckles nervously)

(Exhales deeply and chuckles)

So we'll, uh, kick it off in Nashville at the Ryman, overnight on to Raleigh, then Richmond, D.C., Baltimore, Philly, two nights in New York at the beacon, and then Boston, Syracuse, Cleveland.

We end that run in louisville, start the Western run the following week.

So, uh, lot of overnights, long time away from home, long time for you to be away from the girls, for you.

Mm-hmm. But on the upside, uh, we do have a brand-new bus, a nice master suite, and... and decent bunks, so... uh... (Clears throat) I guess that's about it.

You guys good? Mm-hmm.

Yeah, I'm good. Okay, great.

Well, I will let you guys get back to your set list.

Thank you, buck.

Thanks, babe. Yeah.

Well, I'll check in with you later, all right? Okay.

All right. So, uh, that's actually pretty easy. (Door opens)

I thought we'd just start by, you know, going deep... (Door closes)

And starting with some of those early ones stripped down like, uh, "don't leave without me,"

"that could be us."

What if we were to just throw it on its ear with something... (Chuckles) Completely different.

Focus on the big songs, like "already gone" or "last stand," you know.

Um, I mean, yeah, we can do anything in any given song, but, you know, don't forget.

(Chuckles) It's just me and you up there.

We don't got no band. Don't got any backup singers, so I just think we'd do better just doing the things like we did the other night and "no one will ever love you" type thing.


It's just a much smaller venue, Ray.

You know? That quiet, intimate thing is what's gonna work.

You mean like at the Bluebird?


I mean, that's what this is, you know.

Yeah, that's what this is.

You're freaking out a little bit?

I think I might just need a little minute here.

I'll tell you what.

There's something I gotta go do right now anyway, so you go ahead. You take your minute, and you take a little more...

And go through that.

Just call me when you know what you wanna do.

(Clears throat)

(Watty) Just take a deep breath.

Mm. There's no rush.

I'm sorry. It... it sounds like I'm hearing myself from across the room.

You'll get used to it. I know. Scarlett, just like at the Bluebird.



(Song begins)

♪ If I didn't know better ♪
♪ I'd hang my hat right there ♪
♪ if I didn't know better ♪
♪ I'd follow you up the stairs ♪
♪ well, you might as well...

♪ stop s...

(music stops) Uh, I skipped a verse. I-I'm sorry.

(Clears throat)

(Click) You know what? Let's, uh, stop for today.


I'm sorry. It's okay.

No, it... it's not.

(Door squeaks)

(Gunnar) No, I mean...

Mr. White, I'm... I'm so sorry for wasting your time.

Oh. You didn't. It's all right.

I'm sorry. It's all right.

She's just...

Let's you and I have a talk, okay?

(George Jones' "just a girl I used to know" playing on radio)

I think this one. I think we can let this one go.

It's feeling a little tired. Don't you think?

Yeah. Yeah.

But this is cute. I think if we hemmed it.

That could still work. I like that one.

I like it, yeah. Me, too. All right.

Oh, look at you.

(Singing along)

♪ don't talk about ♪

(singsongy) I like that dress on you.

♪ the nights I cried about her ♪

Can I wear this to the talent show?

Unh-unh, honey. You put that right down.

♪ but she's just it's worth more than your college education.

♪ A girl I used to know ♪

(Doorbell rings)

Oh. I got it.

All right, you wanna stick that in here? I'll take these. (Song ends)

(Watty) And that was the great George Jones.

Anyone lucky enough to have been at the Bluebird last night heard an amazing performance by Rayna James and Deacon Claybourne of their co-written hit, "no one will ever love you." (Door closes)

They cut that back in 19...

(radio turns off) Hey, I like that song.

I know, honey. Me, too.

Daphne, you figured out what you're wearing to the talent show yet?

You mean something without side boob? Mm-hmm.

Who was it?

A messenger. It's from your father.

(Hangers clatter) Mm-hmm.

Mom, what's wrong?

It's just your PA-paw being your PA-paw.

♪ sometimes good intentions ♪
♪ don't come across so well can you turn up my echo a little bit, please?

Excuse me. We're in the middle of...

(music stops)

Well... it's about time.


Hey, wait up!

I'm so sorry I screwed this up for us.

(Sighs) Will you stop saying "sorry"? You didn't.

You don't have to be nice about it. I know I blew it.

(Sighs) No, honestly, you didn't.

Watty just told me.

He's still gonna give our stuff to a publisher.

What? Really? H-how?

He says he can just find somebody else to sing on the demo with me.

You'd record it with some other girl?

Well, we're doing this to land a publishing deal.

It's about cutting our songs, Watty says it doesn't so much matter who's singing 'em.


Is it?

Well... yeah.

I mean, it's probably a whole lot better for me and Avery, and, um, well, you can just let me know if I need to do anything...

If... if at all.

(Keys jangle)

(Sighs deeply)

Did you ask daddy for a loan?

Of course I didn't ask him for a loan.

You think I'd do that? He does know our situation because I had to disclose my financial information.

Well, you know, you've gotta read this thing.

It says I can't release a new record unless it's a "best of."

I can't tour until after your election, unless you win, in which case I can't go out on tour until the second half of your term, unless you're running for re-election, which means that that year my tour dates have to be limited to no more than 15 venues. That's it?

We're dealing with a crazy person. Mm-hmm.

Clearly, it's not feasible.

You know, honey, just do yourself a favor.

Tear up the check. It'll make you feel a lot better.

You know, maybe you should just talk to Billy about getting a loan against the house.

I mean, you were on the board of the credit union for years.

That's gotta count for something.

Yeah, I can try, but you heard what Joe said.

It's gonna be a long shot.

Well, if anybody can pull strings, Billy can pull strings.

I'll go talk to him with you if you want.

Well, no. I can handle it.

I got us into this whole damn mess in the first place, so just let me handle it, okay?

(Clears throat)

(Deacon and Juliette)

♪ first mile is always harder ♪
♪ when you're leaving what you know ♪
♪ won't blame you if you stay here ♪
♪ waving to me as I go ♪

♪ I always wished the best for you ♪
♪ thought that you would see me through ♪
♪ my wildest dreams ♪
♪ yeah, the ones you thought I'd never meet ♪
♪ still you would trade ♪
♪ your best day ♪
♪ just to have your way ♪
♪ all these years ♪
♪ and if you only ♪
♪ had one shot ♪
♪ maybe all this talk ♪
♪ would disappear ♪
♪ it's all ♪
♪ talk, talk, talk ♪
♪ talking in the wind ♪
♪ it only slows you down ♪
♪ if you start listenin'

♪ and it's a whole lot harder to shine ♪

♪ than undermine ♪
♪ yeah, undermine ♪

(Song ends)

It's killer, you guys.

Yeah, it's great. Can I have five, please?

Yeah. Yeah, sure. Absolutely.

(Door closes)


You okay?


Every song comes from somewhere, right?

Who's that last verse about?

No one.

Pretty emotional song about no one.


My mom.

She loved country music.

Raised me on all the greats... patsy cline, the Carter sisters, kitty Wells.

Rayna James?

Yeah, maybe.

Though I never much related to someone who had her career practically handed to her on a silver platter.

Now Rayna took her knocks.

What? (Chuckles) In a mansion in belle Meade?

I'd like some knocks like that, man.

(Both sigh)

You still close with your mom?

She lives her life. I live mine.

How about you? Huh?

You said every song comes from somewhere.

Let me guess.

Starts with a "ruh" and ends with an "ayna"?


This one's just...

About me.

No wonder I like it so much.

You wanna get outta here?


I wouldn't ask, but it is my sister's birthday.

(Cell phone alert chimes) I'm happy to do it. Tell her thanks.

Mom, we really have to go!

It's Billy. What's he say?

He can meet tomorrow.

(Rayna) Oh, thank the lord.

(Lamar) Hey, girls!

Okay, let's go... where are you going?

Grandpa! (Laughs)

Don't y'all look pretty?

Mm! (Maddie and Daphne) We love you, grandpa.

Mwah! Girls?

Y'all break a leg for me, all right?

Come on, girls. We gotta go backstage.

Daphne! Break two legs. Hmm.

Let's go.

All right, you know what? I'm gonna go catch up with you.

See you in a couple minutes. Love you.

Okay, let's go. Love you.

(Indistinct conversations)

I don't want you here.

(Scoffs) Well, that's not the warmest of greetings, but it is better than usual.

I saw those stipulations you put on the loan.

Why are you so invested in me giving up my career?

Teddy's in the middle of a campaign, and the girls are at the age where they need their mother.

You better than anyone should know about that.

Go home.

Go to hell.

(Crickets chirping)


What you thinkin' 'bout?

I was wondering how this keeps happening.

(Both laugh)

That's 'cause I'm irresistible.

Oh, is that it? Yeah. That's it. (Laughs)

Although it didn't help me much at the Bluebird.


I've always wanted to sing there.

The other night...

Why'd you call Rayna up instead of me?


I didn't do it to hurt you.

No, I... It didn't hurt me. It's...

Sometimes... I'd like to be that girl worth choosing, so...


I'm here now.

I don't mean this.

I mean my music.

If you thought of me in the same league as Rayna, you'd go on tour with me.

Y'all keep saying "exclusive."

That's like dating equivalent of... goin' steady or...

(Scoffs) Okay, and what's wrong with that?

Are we going steady?

Oh, come on. Just think about it.


Think about how good it would be to just leave everything here behind.

I mean, we'd be out on the road and playing for sold out venues.

Screaming fans. (Chuckles)

And then when we weren't, we could be writing songs.

I mean...

That song today... that wasn't just any old song.

No. It wasn't.

You know, that could be just the beginning.

I mean, if you had to make a decision right now.

Right now?

Right now.

(Whispers) Right now.

(Normal voice) Well...

Right now it doesn't sound half bad.


(Whispers) No.

(Sighs and kisses)

(Man, amplified voice) Very nice.

(Applause fades)

(Lowered voice) Oh, hey, uh, they're up.


(Playing "telescope")

♪ Won't do you no good ♪
♪ if you run from me ♪
♪ there ain't no cheatin'

♪ schemin' in my heart, you'll see ♪
♪ you left your troubles in ♪

(Both harmonizing)

♪ my head, in my head ♪
♪ you left your secrets ♪
♪ in my bed, in my bed ♪
♪ you're like a cover of a book that's been read, baby ♪
♪ I know your lie's coming next ♪
♪ coming next (Mouths words)

♪ You can't hide from me ♪
♪ there ain't no tricks that you can try on me ♪
♪ I know your every move before you even breathe ♪
♪ baby, thinking you know something I don't know ♪
♪ but my eyes, my eyes, my eyes ♪
♪ are like a telescope ♪




♪ You're kissing her ♪
♪ when my head is turned not bad, huh?

♪ Baby, haven't you heard?

(Lowered voice) They're amazing.

♪ See through my mask, baby ♪
♪ every little sin ♪
♪ and everywhere you been ♪
♪ you can't hide from me ♪
♪ there ain't no tricks that you can try on me ♪

So I heard that daddy offered to give you and Teddy a loan.

I hate it. I hate the whole idea of that.

And you know, now this whole thing with daddy and my career.

What is his problem with me and my career?

(Sighs) He hates your career because of mom.

Why because of mom?

Mom had a friend.

A singer/songwriter friend.

(Crickets chirping, dog barking in distance)

You mean like an affair?

Uh... (Exhales deeply)

It was more than an affair.

They were together for over ten years.

They were together right up until the time she died.

How do you know this?

I read some letters after she died.

I think her relationship with him is what made her marriage to daddy work. It was like...

The two men together somehow made a whole marriage.


How could you not have ever told me this?

'Cause I didn't wanna hurt your memory of mom.

So your career and all of this... it just...

It just pushes a button in him.

Baby, just a few minutes. Gotta punch out.

(Keys jangling)

Take your time.

Hey, man. You want a beer?

Ll, if you're buying.

So she still seems a little shaken up, huh?


About the Watty thing.

(Bottle cap fizzes) What Watty thing?

She didn't tell you?

Didn't tell me what?

She choked in the session.

What happened?

(Scoffs) Well, to be honest, just to say it, I think it might have something to do with you.

I think she feels like if she really goes after it, you might, you know, leave her.

That's ridiculous. (Scoffs)

I know.

Uh-huh. (Chuckles)

Oh, I bet you did. (Chuckles)

Really? (Knock on doorframe)

(Keys jangle) Knock, knock.


Yeah, yeah, the... the 22nd oughta work out fine.

Listen, let... let me, um, let me call you back, all right?

Well... I didn't expect to see you after that... display last night.

You're not... carrying any weapons, are you?

No, I'm unarmed.


All right. So... (Sighs)

What can I do for ya?

Well... I had a conversation with Tandy, and she told me about mom.

(Clock ticking)

And her affair.

And I wish I had known.

I wish you had told me. Now what is there to talk about?

What is the point?

Well, the point is that you disappeared.

As soon as mama died, you were gone.

You were out the door. You were off on some business trip, or you were overseas, anywhere but at home.

You've been absent my whole life except for being just furious at me for the choices that I've made, for the road that I've gone down.

You have never been supportive, and I have never understood why.

Unless I'm mistaken, I did pay for your first record, didn't I?

I mean, some people might call that supportive.

I never knew that you did that.

You told me about it 20 years later.

Rayna... You are still my daughter, and believe it or not, I care about your happiness.

I only wish you didn't put it ahead of your own family's.

That's a similarity that you seem to unfortunately have inherited from your mother.

You've proven to have the same disregard for your marriage that she did for ours.

I am so sorry that she hurt you, daddy.

But I have to say, if you... treated her the way you've treated me...

I don't see how she would have had any choice but to do what she did.


Thanks for this reminder.

I'd never take a penny from you.

(Birds chirping)



(Click) What?

(Man) This is security at the front gate.

Someone's here insisting she's your guest. (Click)

(Man speaking indistinctly)

Is that right? There's my baby right there.

(Man speaks indistinctly)

(Jolene) Get off of me.

There's my ba... baby!

Can't do it. She's my daughter. Get off of me!

Mom? Thank God, baby.

You've gotta tell 'em I'm your mama.

(Car doors close)

You've got to go home. You can't just show up here like this.

Baby, I'm clean. I swear to God.

It's been over two weeks. I'm clean.

Come on. I've heard that a million times.

(Voice breaking) Baby, look, Tyler and I got into a fight.

He took all the money I had, and he just left.

I had to hitchhike to get here. I've got nowhere to go.

You can't stay here. Do you understand that?

I can't do this.

You can't help your mama? I raised you!

No, not when you were still using.

I can tell just by looking at you.

I'm not using!

Listen to me. I do not wanna cause a scene.

You've gotta go.

Baby, I am begging you.


I got no one else. I got nowhere to go!

I'm your mama.

I need... I need you.

(Voice breaking) Yeah, well, there was a time when I needed you, too.

Please put her on a bus. Send her home. Something.

She cannot stay here. Got it.

Let go. I'm your mama! I'm your mama! I'm your mama!

And I need you to leave. Get off of me. Get...

(Men speak indistinctly)

(Utensil clinking)


Hey. All good?

It's all great.

(Papers rustle)

Thank you.

(Shifts gears)

You want some breakfast?

I could make something.

Or order something.

(Cell phone buzzes)


(Buzzing stops) Actually, um, I have to get goin'. Gotta... got a bunch of phone calls I gotta make, stuff like that.

But... All right.

Thanks for everything, though.

(Beep, phone rings)




I would really love to talk if you still, you know...

If that's cool.


In person? Yeah, sure.

Teddy freakin' Conrad.

Future mayor of Nashville.

Well, that's the plan.


How the hell have you been?

I'm doing all right. You're looking good.

(Sighs) So how's Elaine?

Fourth time's a charm.

Oh, I'm glad to hear it. Yeah?

Rayna and the girls... they good?

Fantastic. Growing like weeds. You know how that goes.

Yeah. So... what can I do for you, my man?

Well... I'd like to look into taking out a line of credit.

Campaigns... you know, they can suck you dry.

Gotta warn you, qualifying these days... bigger bitch than my third wife.

But I'll do what I can, huh?

Appreciate that.

Only thing... we're, uh, we're backlogged a little.

Our friends, the feds, decided to waste everyone's time with an audit.

An audit?

Mm-hmm. Wow.

How far back?

All the way back to '08.

You remember the good old days.

The good old days. Yeah. For you, maybe.


So let's get you started on some paperwork.

Listen, I... I hate to waste your time, but, uh, now that I'm thinking about it, I should probably talk to Rayna first.

'Nuff said. I'm here when you're ready.

I appreciate that. I'll give you a shout.

Well, I hope you'll be hungry for the same thing I've made every night this week.

You know what? Forget dinner. What?

Come on. (Giggles) What are you doing? Stop it.

Stand right there. What?


Just stand there.

Sing to me.

No. Come on.

No. In the middle of the living room with a whisk.

You gone crazy?

No crazier than Watty White thinking anyone but you should be singing on that demo.

You've been talking to Gunnar?

He may have mentioned it in passing.

All right.

(Sighs) The water is boiling.

I don't care. Let it boil. No. Would you please stop?

Don't make me do this. It was horrible.

I was horrible. That's not possible.

No, awful. Ask Gunnar. Everybody was staring.

That's what people do, Scarlett.

They stare. I mean, everyone was staring at you at the Bluebird, and you did just fine. Oh, this felt completely different.

I was standing on the spot where everybody who is anybody has recorded, and I'm thinking, what... what am I doing here?

I don't belong here. Who... who am I to get to stand here and try to do this?

That... that's your first mistake right there.

This isn't about you.

Look, the songs came from you.

But getting 'em out there... that's about somethin' bigger.

It's... it's a piece of you that you're, like, obligated to share.

Baby, you've gotta take the pressure off.

All you are is the way the music gets heard.

Now come on. Just forget everyone else.

Imagine it's just you and me in that studio.

Hell, I'll even be there if you want.

Now come on. Forget about doing it for yourself.

Do it for me.



So the good news is Deacon's got the contract.

All right. And what's the bad news?

Uh... the bad news is that your mom got picked up downtown near the bus depot.

Apparently, she got into some kind of altercation, stole some food. I don't know.

They found a handful of oxy on her.

Now look, I know that this is probably the last place that you want her, but until we can figure out a way to either get her into rehab or ship her back to Alabama, I feel like she's gonna cause a lot more trouble out there than she could in here.

I'm not avoiding you.

I just don't know what to say.

It's my fault. I don't know why I'm forcing you to say it in the first place.

Say what? Why don't you say it?


The only thing you can say, Ray.

That it's all over.

(Birds chirping)


I feel like that's what I need to be saying, you know?

I need to...

Be letting you go, move on with your life.

Go do that damn tour if you want to.

You know, whatever. I'm just...

So why don't you, Ray?

(Voice breaking) Because you and music...

There's no difference, you know.

It's the same.

And I feel like I'm holding these hearts in my hands, and I'm trying real hard not to break 'em.

But my heart's in pieces.

And I'm trying to do the right thing, but none of it feels right to me.


I'm gonna go now.

♪ if you were the ocean ♪
♪ and I was the sun ♪
♪ if the day made me heavy ♪
♪ and gravity won ♪
♪ if I was the red ♪
♪ and you were the blue ♪
♪ I could just fade into you hey. I wanna talk to you.

Me, too.

I need an answer.

If you're coming, I need to know that I can count on you.

That you're gonna be there.

♪ I could just fade into you ♪

♪ if you were a window ♪
♪ and I was the rain ♪
♪ I'd pour myself out ♪
♪ and wash off your pain ♪
♪ I'd fall like a tear ♪
♪ so your light could shine through ♪
♪ then I'd just fade into you ♪

You're a hard girl to say "no" to. (Chuckles)


But I'm gonna have to.

I'm sorry.


Is this because of Rayna?

I don't know.

You're right. You deserve someone you can count on, and right now it's just...

I'm not that guy.

Well, I hope she's worth what you're giving up.

(Scarlett and Gunnar)

♪ in your heart, in your head ♪
♪ in your arms, in your bed, under your skin ♪
♪ till there's no way to know ♪
♪ where you end ♪
♪ and where I begin ♪

(Gunnar) ♪ if I was a shadow ♪
♪ and you were a street ♪
♪ a cobblestone midnight ♪
♪ is where we first meet ♪
♪ till the flights flickered out ♪
♪ we dance with the moon ♪
♪ then I'd just fade into you ♪

Thank you, baby.

(Keys jangle)

Please stay with her.


♪ if I was just ashes ♪
♪ and you were the ground ♪
♪ and under your willow ♪
♪ they laid me down ♪

(both, harmonizing)

♪ there'll be no trace ♪
♪ that one was once two ♪
♪ after I fade into you your girlfriend's got it.

♪ In your arms, in your bed we didn't officially meet.

Avery Barkley.

♪ Way to know where you end ♪
♪ and where I begin ♪
♪ I wanna melt in ♪
♪ I wanna soak through ♪
♪ I only wanna move where you move ♪
♪ I wanna breathe ♪
♪ when you breathe ♪
♪ then I wanna fade into you ♪

(Packaging rustles)

(Girl laughs)

(Chuckles) No.

No, I don't like that.

(Lowered voice) Look, look. It's Juliette Barnes.

No way.

♪ There'll be no trace ♪
♪ that one was once two ♪
♪ after I fade into you did she just steal something?
♪ Then I'd just fade into you wow.
♪ Then I'd just fade into you ♪