01x23 - Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau (Until the End is Near)

Steve: Hey, guys, come in here.

Come on here, listen up.

Our target's name is Wo Fat.

Thermal imaging shows one heat signature in the safe house, so we know he's alone.

Do not let that fool you.

This guy is a major arms dealer, with known terrorist affiliations and over a dozen kills to his name.

He's more than likely carrying a weapon, and he's most definitely dangerous.

So stay focused.

Be aware of your surroundings at all times, all right? Let's go.

Gearing up, huh?


Good for you. You forgot one thing, though.

Kaye: What are you doing?

What are you doing with those?!

You're not a field agent, okay?

You're an analyst.

Are you kidding me?

It is my intel that got us here.

I cannot believe you're going to freeze me out now.

Look, I understand how much this means to you.

But you're not going to get hurt on my watch, okay?

Let's go, guys!

Let's go, move out.

(two beeps)

Danny: Steve, you all right?!


Break contact!

(over radio): Barricade! Gunshots fired!

Copy that.

Entry team, fall back!

Kono: Boss, he's on the move!

I'm going in! Stay here.

Surround the perimeter.

Kono (over radio): I'm have him heading toward the back of the house.

(siren wailing)

Kono: Boss, he's moving upstairs!


I got eyes on the target, but it's not Wo Fat.

It's Sang Min.

Please repeat.

I say again: Sang Min.

Wo Fat wasn't in the house.

(car engine revs)

(tires screech)

Danny: Kaye, get down!

You all right?

Stay here. Please. Okay?

Hi, I got him.

He just went into a house three doors down from the safe house.

(tires screech)

Steve: All right... he's in a white Cadillac sedan.

Plate number: Charlie-Tango 832 Romeo.

Call it in, Kono. Every agency.

Listen to me...

Sang Min knows that we're onto him.

He's going to try to flee the lsland. Yeah.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't there a car attached to you?

Oh, weird.

(cell phone beeps)

All right, APB is out.

Okay, who is Sang Min?

Fugitive, human trafficker, all-around scumbag.

He's also a known associate of Victor Hesse, which puts him in the same circles as Wo Fat.

Okay, so he could've been holing up at Wo Fat's safe house.

Or he was taking a shot at him.

The front door was rigged with the explosive charge, right?

I think Sang Min was expecting Wo Fat to be walking through that door.

Why-why would he try to kill him?

I think it was a preemptive strike.

Sang Min knows that Wo Fat doesn't like loose ends.

Which is exactly what he became once he escaped from prison.



(hacking cough)

Danny! Danny!

Danny, you hit?

No. But something's not right.

I can't breathe.


Guys, his pulse is slow.

Okay, I'm going to call an ambulance.

My chest, I don't know.

I can't breathe.

All right, we got help on the way, okay?

Just tell me what happened?


Uh, there's a body. No pulse.

Kono: This is Officer Kalakaua.

I need an ambulance at Stay with him.

1408 Palolo Avenue.


Stop! Stop right there!

What is it?

I don't know.

But whatever he died from, it might be biological.

You have to get Danny to a hospital right now.

Kono: Steve!

Chin: Hang in there, hang in there.

He's starting to convulse!

Steve: Danny! Danny! Hey, stay with me, Danny! Stay with me!

(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays)

♪ Hawaii Five-O 1x23 ♪
Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau

Original Air Date on May 9, 2010

(doors crash)

BP's 72 over 40.

Breathing slow and shallow.

How long since his last exposure?

Uh, 20, 30 minutes.

Doctor: Do we know what kind of toxin we're dealing with?

Steve: I don't know.

My team's still working on it.

Doctor: You better hurry, because I don't know how much time he has.

(laborious breathing)

(detector clicking slowly)

(rapid clicking)

(indistinct police radio communication)

I need to get McGarrett on the phone.

All right, so... what are we looking at here?

Victim inside died from exposure to a chemical weapon; a nerve agent, to be exact.

How can you be sure?

I spent two years with the CIA's Biological Threat Assessment Team.

One of our case studies was the subway attack in '95... Right, right, right.

Terrorists released sarin on multiple trains. Whole subway system was affected.

And our victim inside has the same symptoms: Facial ulcerations, petechial hemorrhaging in the eyes, constricted pupils--

Everything is localized around the head, which makes me believe that he ingested the toxin orally.

So someone spiked the milk that our victim drank.

Sarin is also transdermal, which means that Danny was exposed when he touched the victim to check for a pulse.

(phone line ringing)

(phone rings)


Hey, it's Kaye. Listen to me.

Danny has been exposed to sarin.

You need to tell the doctors to get him on Pralidoxime right away.

If they don't... he's going to die.

Thanks, Doc.

Hey, how's Danny?

He's, uh, he's okay.

He's responding to the drugs.

I mean, it's still early, but, uh, they all seem to think he's going to pull through, so...

All right. Thank God.


You were right about the sarin.

If they didn't found out when they did, Danny would probably be dead right now.

Does he have a family?

Yeah, he's got an ex-wife and a little girl.

Danny said something about having Grace this weekend.

Ah, Rachel and Stan are in Maui.

Hey, can we see him?

Not right now. The doctor said once he's stable they're going to move him to a recovery ward where he can have some visitors.

Look, guys, I know this is hard, and we all want to be here.

But, right now, we need to I.D. this vic, and we need to find out where he bought that milk.

Right. Do you think this could be an act of terrorism?

Or a random act of mayhem, like the Tylenol scare in the '80s.

Either way, we need to make sure there's no further risk, okay.

So, you two, I need you to contact the milk distributor, find out where they sell their product, and pull everything off the shelves.

I don't care if we're even taking resources away from finding Sang Min.

Right now, this is our number one priority.

We're on it.

Kaye, can you coordinate with CDC?

Gotta make sure nothing else is contaminated.

Yeah, of course.

I can also send a sample to a contact at Langley.

He can run chemical analysis, maybe determine the source of the sarin.

Hey... Thanks, Jenna.

Oh, please.

You're in crisis mode, you're down a man, I'm more than happy to pitch in.

Besides, I don't even really know if there's a job waiting for me back home.

Took three months leave of absence to hunt down the man who killed my fiancé, and the last time I checked the CIA wasn't... super-keen on the whole, you know, personal vendetta thing.

So if you think that I can help you with your investigation...

Kaye. Kaye. Kaye! Kaye!


Well, what I meant to say was "Thank you for helping Danny." Okay?

You saved his life.

You're welcome.

Call me if you get something.


Where are you going?


I got a little something to take care of.

(school bell rings, children shouting, talking)

(cell phone rings, beeps)


Sang Min (over phone): You should have seen your face.

Bet I was the last person you expected to see, huh?

Have to say I was pretty surprised myself.

I'm guessing that bomb on the door was intended for Wo Fat.

Doesn't matter now, does it?

We both missed our shot.

But I might be able to give you a second chance.

What's it worth if I help you find him?

What's it worth?

Not much, okay? Considering you've already burned us once.

Well, the situation has changed.

All right, you want to make a deal? Great.

Here's what I'm prepared to offer you.

Hey, Gracie!

Uncle Steve!


Hi, kiddo.

Where's Daddy?

Listen, Gracie, Danno's, uh, Danno's not feeling the best, okay? So I'm going to take you to the hospital.

We're going to go see him.

Is he going to be okay?

Is he going to be okay?

Let me tell you something about your father.

He might not talk like it, but he is one tough guy, and he's brave, as well.

Can you be brave like Danno?

Are you sure?

Then we should go see him.

What are you waiting for?

Come on.

Kaye: Pae'aina Dairy products sell at over a hundred locations on the lsland.

We pulled all of their milk cartons off the shelves.

CDC is doing some random testing, but so far none of the samples have turned up positive for sarin, except for the one that our victim drank from.

So it's looking like an isolated incident.

Now the question is, was it random or was our victim targeted?

Sarin seems like an odd choice for a murder weapon.

It's actually not as far-fetched as you might think.

Used to be that sarin was hard to get, but ever since 9/11 we've taken down so many terror cells that sarin brokers are looking for new customers.

Basically, anyone with cash and connections to the black market can get their hands on it.

Chin: Hey, got an I.D. on our vic.

Guy's name is Amoka Mulitalo, 57 years old.

Was arrested six months ago for misdemeanor trespassing.

Which is interesting, considering the house we found him in wasn't his own.

Well, whose house is it?

Jeff and Sheila Fallon.

Pay taxes in California, but keep this home as a vacation rental.

Kaye: So, what's Amoka doing in their house drinking tainted milk?

Woman: My father was never the same after his auto accident.

He suffered from aphasia, impaired memory.

He just couldn't manage for himself.

So... we had him move in with us.

You filed a missing persons report for your father a few weeks ago.

That wasn't the first time, either, was it?

Sometimes... he'll go for a walk, forget how to get home.

If I couldn't find him, I'll file a missing persons report.

Then, a few days later, the police will find him on the street or... at a shelter.

But this time...

Man: I'm sorry, but... we've never seen him before.

I don't understand.

How did this man end up dead in our house?

We believe he was squatting there, and when he was in your home, he drank some milk from the refrigerator.

That milk was laced with sarin-- it's a compound that's used as a chemical weapon.

It killed him within minutes.

What is it?

Sheila: We were supposed to come to Hawaii last week.


I asked our caretaker, Gabriel, to stock the refrigerator.

But we ended up canceling the trip.

So Gabriel's the one who bought the milk?


When was the last time you spoke to him?

A few days ago, when we let him go.

You fired him? Why?

We had given him a checkbook to cover expenses.

Bills, repairs and such.

Last week, we found he had been writing checks to himself.

Jeff: I called him.

He denied it at first, but... eventually, he came clean.

I told him to keep the money and leave us his key.

How did he take that?

Not well.

He was very upset.

You think the caretaker planted the sarin?

Well, the man has a history of violence.

He served time for aggravated assault in several home-invasion robberies, plus he was just fired, which does give him motive.

But it doesn't give him means, and sarin's not exactly easy to find.

I mean, how does a local caretaker get his hands on it?

Right. I'm still running background.

But Chin and Kono are on their way to ask him that very question.

Okay, I got to go, okay?

Just keep me posted.

Yeah, sure thing.

Hey, Doc, how's he going?

Ready for some visitors.

All right.

Let's go, Gracie.

Steve (whispering): Looks like he's sleeping.

(Steve whispers gently)


(weakly): Monkey!

Mm! Mm!

I made this for you.

You did?

Look at this.

This is me.

See, this is a masterpiece.

Look at that.

I mean, she's an artist, no?

It's beautiful.

So I'm gonna make a nice space on the refrigerator and move some stuff around.

This is going dead center.

Thank you.

How you feeling?


I don't know, I feel like everything hurts.

Head feels like it's gonna explode.

It's, like, the worst hangover I ever had.

What's a hangover?

It's, uh, you'll figure it out, you'll learn about it one day when you're about, what, 35?

35, thirty... 60.

40 years old.

Thank you.

Don't mention it.

Listen, since you're, uh, since you're looking so... so good now, I'm gonna head back to the office, okay?

I'll swing by and pick her up later.

She can stay with me until, uh, until Rachel gets back.

Danny: How does that sound?

What do you think?


You okay?

I got everything I need right here.

I'm good.

Huh? Huh?

(pop music playing)


You kidnap Miley Cyrus and put her in your backpack, or is that a cell phone?

Stan bought it for me.

He did?

Fabulous. Go answer it.

First boy that calls, I'm gonna whip that thing into the Pacific Ocean, okay?

Hi, Mommy.

Yeah, I'm with Daddy.

He's in the hospital.

Mommy wants to talk to you.

Hi, Rachel.

(clears throat)

No, I'm fine.

(laughs) Would you please stop?

I said I'm fine.

I like hospital food; you know that.

I checked in for the weekend; I like it here, it's nice.

Kono: Oh, yeah.

This place, they make a kick-ass loco moco.

Yeah? Too bad we won't be staying for lunch.

Chin: Gabriel Delgado?

Kono: I'm going out the front!

Five-O! Stay down and don't move.

Delgado: Look, I told you, my son... he's sick.

He's got leukemia.

First five years of his life, I'm locked up.

I finally get out of prison, I can't even pay his hospital bill.

What kind of father does that make me?

So is that why you stole from the Fallons?

I got another job driving the airport shuttle.

I was gonna put the money back in their account as soon as I got paid. But they found out before you could, right?

And you knew if they reported the crime, it was back to prison for you.

That's why you tried to kill them.


Did you buy groceries for the Fallons last week?

I did.

Kono: Well, we found sarin inside a milk carton that you put in their fridge.

Why don't you tell us about that?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

I don't even know what... sarin is.

Oh, really?

Let me show you.

This is sarin.

And that's what sarin does to you.

Oh, my God.


What, you know him?


Yeah, I-I take my boy to Blessed People's Mission.

They have a free clinic once a week.

Amoka sometimes sleeps at their shelter.

Kind man.

Even with all his own problems, he would always ask about my son.

I knew he was having a hard time there, so I told him about the rock.

What rock?


Chin: So, the Fallons hid a spare key at their property.

We found it in the backyard, and Gabriel admitted to telling Amoka about it.

Said that he stayed there for a few nights when the shelter got overcrowded.

And we believe him?

I spoke to the mission; story checks out.

Apparently, Amoka stayed at the shelter off and on for two months.

Same dates as Gabriel's son was getting treatment.

If Gabriel planted sarin in the milk, the last thing he's gonna want to do is let a hungry homeless guy come and stay at the house before the targets return.

So we just lost our only suspect.

The good news is we may have picked up a new one.

I pulled a fresh print off the spare key.

It belongs to Elliot Connor-- his fingerprints are on file with the SEC.

How does he know Jeff and Sheila Fallon?

Well, in addition to being Jeff's brother-in-law, he's also an employee.

He's the COO of Jeff's company.

They do big business manufacturing industrial storage equipment.

Check this out.

According to International Business News, there have been rumors about friction between Jeff and Elliot.

Apparently some of the board meetings have gotten contentious.

Sounds like motive.

You guys go talk to Jeff, see what he's got to say about it, and I'll go see Elliot.

Chin: Look, I already gave you my statement.

Well, if you want to bring me in again, you know where to find me.

I may as well tell you, 'cause you're gonna find out.

I returned the money to I.A.

It was the only way to keep Uncle Keako out of prison.

Where did you even come up with $200,000?

Got a loan from somebody.

Borrowed against the house.

(whispers): This is crazy.

All I.A. has to do is run the serial numbers, and they'll know they won't match the ones that were stolen.

Actually, they can't do that.

Inventory logs for the Asset Forfeiture Locker when missing years ago.

How do you know that?

Everybody in the department knows it.

It's the worst-kept secret on the island.

I never heard about it.

That's 'cause you never walked a beat.

Somewhere, right now, there are two cops telling this story over coffee and malasadas.

Cuz... you've been carrying this for a long time.

You took the blame for a crime you didn't commit, and you lost your job... your friends... and your family.

And now you have a chance to get out from under all this.

And what?

You're gonna throw it all away, put yourself into debt, and go to prison?

(elevator bell dings)

Excuse me.

We'd like to see Elliot Connor.

Sorry, he's in a meeting now.

See if you can free him up for us.

Rumors of a rift between me and Jeff are nonsense.

Have there been disagreements?

Of course, but that's normal when you're managing a business with someone.

Kaye: Well, just out of curiosity, Mr. Connor, what were your disagreements about?

Jeff relocated me to Hawaii to run the Pacific base of operations.

The company's planning a big push into Asia.

We had some differences of opinion on marketing strategy.

That's it.

One of the advantages of working with my brother-in-law is that we can slug it out at the office, but at the end of the day, it's family first.

Work always comes second.

Sounds like you're close.

That's nice.

So, uh, tell me something.

Jeff and Sheila-- do they ever have you come by the house, check on the property?

No, they have a caretaker who stays there when they're away.

All right, then, why did we find your fingerprint on the spare key that was hidden outside the house?


You know, I did use that key once to drop off some papers-- the Q4 financial report.

I wanted Jeff to review it as soon as he arrived.

Please don't lie to us.

I'm not.

You shifted in your chair and you touched your face as you were answering the question.

Those are both signs of deception.

Plus, you added unnecessary details about delivering the papers just to make your lie sound more credible.

Steve: Does Jeff know that you're using his house to cheat on his sister?


That's absurd.

Kaye: Wow, mock outrage-- that's a bad one.

Tan line on your finger there.

Forget to put your wedding band back on after your last hookup?

Look, here's what I think's going on, okay?

Either you've been using Jeff's house to carry on an affair and that's why we found your print on the key, or you were in the house trying to kill your partner.

Which is it?

We haven't used the house in months... not since Jeff confronted me about it, and that's the real reason things have been tense here at work.

It has nothing to do with business.

Kaye: Well, with all due respect, Elliott, you were using his house to cheat on his sister.

I can hardly blame him for being upset.

I know it's terrible.

Jeff asked me to break it off with Chloe, and I'm going to.

Just haven't gotten around to it yet?

Steve: We're going to need to talk to Chloe, okay, to corroborate this.

Go ahead.

She's right outside.

The secretary?

That's original.

Can I ask you a question?

So, what do you need a slingshot for?

Doesn't make any sense to me.

I mean, they're birds.

Can't they fly?

These birds don't have wings.

Oh, that explains it.

Now I know why they're so angry.

Thank you for clarifying.

Howzit, Jersey?

Hey, big dog, what's going on?

Grace, you remember Kamekona.


What up, shorty?

Figured you guys need some grub.

I know hospital foods are the worst and the portions-- very small.

Danny: That's very sweet of you.

Fried chicken?


Best on the island, brah.

You know, Gracie, when I was a little keiki like you, my mama used to bring me this chicken every time I was sick.

Fried chicken isn't good for you.

It has cholesterol and causes heart disease.

Nah, a little bit of grease is good for you.

Helps the insides stay lubricated.

Drumstick or thigh?

Um, I'm gonna go--

I like white meat.

Is there a breast?

Sorry, all gone.

That was a long drive, brah.

I know, I know.

Well, I didn't call you here for the chicken.

Gracie, put your headphones on, please.

So... your boy Sang Min has resurfaced.

Heard he bounced a few months ago.

He's back?

In a big way.

Looks like he took a swing at some heavy hitters and he missed.

My guess is he's looking for a way off the lsland, so I need you to get on the coconut wireless, make a couple calls.

You found him for us once, you can do it again, right?


Sure, let me use your phone.

What's wrong with your phone?

I don't bring 'em to the hospitals no more, brah.

You heard about the signals interfering with the pacemakers?

It's true.

Okay, you can use my phone.

Will you wipe your greasy paws off before you touch my phone, though?

What grease?

Yeah, they look like...

That's sufficient.

Steve: Hey.

You got something?

Yeah, I got a call from your CIA contact.

They found a chemical match to our sarin.

Turns out it's the same strand used by a Chechen terror group in a botched Moscow attack five years ago, and the Russian FSB identified the supplier as Mikhail Yursky, and get this--

Mr. Yursky arrived in Hawaii five days ago under a fake passport.

Time line matches the murder.

Then that's our killer.

Now all we have to do is find him.


Police! Go, go, go!


You're all secure.

(phone auto-dialing)

Hey, Mikhail's not here.

What do you got?

We found a credit card under the same name as his fake passport.

He just purchased a flight to Borneo.

Leaves tonight at 7:00.

All right, notify the TSA.

We'll have the sheriff's department cover the flight and we'll leave a unit here at the hotel in case he comes back.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey, I just got a fresh hit.

His card's being used at an ATM right now--

Central Pacific Bank on Alakawa.

That's a couple blocks away.

We're on the way.

Okay, I'll see if I can stall him for you.

Now you might want to try checking the magnetic strip.

Maybe clean it.

Oh, you're good.


(car horn honks)

Not good, not good.

Steve, he's on the move.

Chin: Got him-- right there.

Got him.

(siren wailing)

(tires screeching)

(horn honks)

(tires screeching)

Chin: All units, be advised.

Suspect is in a maroon sedan traveling north on Alakawa.

(siren wailing)

(tires screeching)

(tires screeching)

(siren wailing)




Stand back, the canister has a leak.

He's been exposed.

I'll call for an ambulance, get HPD Hazmat as well.

Go, go.

Yeah, we're at an alleyway behind the 1500 block of Alakawa.

Chin, he's done, he's dead.

Uh, chuck the ambulance.

Send the M.E. and the Hazmat team.

Okay, all right.


What the hell?

Are we ready for that extra credit?

Extra credit?

You're telling me that this guy is not from around here?

No, Dad, SpongeBob lives in a pineapple under the sea.

Well, what else could be more Hawaiian than that?



Daddy's not sick anymore.

I am so happy to see that.



You didn't have to come.

Yes, I did.

Chin: All right, well, once it's deemed safe, have HPD process the car for evidence.

Hazmat team just finished checking the canisters in Mikhail's trunk-- empty with no signs of toxins.

Well, he was about to leave the island with them.

I'm guessing he was going to use the canisters to traffic the sarin.

Yeah, what's still not adding up, though, is why a bioweapons dealer with terrorist ties would target two innocent people from the mainland.

What's going on?

Commander McGarrett.

David Akahoshi, Internal Affairs.

I know who you are.

What are you doing here?

I came to return something to Mr. Kelly.

The serial numbers on these bills don't match the stolen money, which means you're trying to cover for your uncle.

Those inventory logs disappeared years ago, so those serial numbers don't exist.

Actually, they do.

After the forfeiture locker was robbed, I.A. kept waiting for you to slip up and spend the money somewhere.

We figured that you were being careful, so we had the asset forfeiture division put the word out that their inventory records had been lost.

It was all a lie.

If you thought we couldn't trace the serial numbers, maybe you would finally start spending the money, but that never happened because you never stole it.

Kono: Chin, this has gone too far.

You got your money back.

Let this go.

I'm sorry, but I can't do that.

I know you were just trying to protect your family, which is why I am not going to charge you with obstruction of justice.

I'm not even going to ask where you got that money, but your uncle stole from the Honolulu Police Department, which means he stole from the people of Hawaii, and he's going to have to answer for that.

I myself am going to ask where you got this money.


The bookie?

I signed the deed to my house over to him.

Return it.

Get your deed back.


I didn't have a choice.

Listen to me, all right?

If you did this for your uncle, you don't have to explain anything else to me.


You guys need to see this.

Kaye: So, any respectable chemist can synthesize sarin; the trick is not killing yourself in the process.

Because in addition to having a short half-life, sarin's also extremely volatile, making storage a challenge.

The ideal container is electro-polished aluminum, double-walled with a fail-safe coupling valve-- but those can be difficult to procure.

That's right, because the FBI monitors large sales of these things to make sure that they're not being used to traffic chemical weapons.

Exactly. Which is why it's so impressive that we found 36 of these canisters in Mikhail's trunk.

Check out who the manufacturer is.

Fallon Global?

That's Jeff and Elliot's company.

So Mikhail ends up getting his canisters from them, and his sarin ends up at Jeff's house.

That's not all-- I pulled Mikhail's phone records.

Guess who he called the day he landed?

Mr. Connor.

Have you got a minute?

I've never seen this man before in my life.

That's funny, 'cause he called here the other day.

Three times.

I didn't speak with him.

Oh, yeah?

Phone records show the calls came into your direct line, and you spoke for a total of 12 minutes.

Steve: We think we might know what you were talking about, too.

You see, Mikhail, he wanted equipment that your company produces so he could store his sarin.

You wanted your brother- in-law out of the picture so you could run the company.

What's it called?

Quid pro quo?

No. I was thinking of something else.

Oh, yeah.

Conspiracy to solicit murder.

These calls, when did they happen?

Thursday, the 13th.

(sighs) I was on the Big lsland last week.

I didn't get back until Saturday.

You can check with the hotel.

Well, then who took the calls?

Only person who answers my calls is my secretary.

She's gone.

Suspect's name is Chloe Ballantine.

I need you to lock down the entire building right away.

Chin: Right now. Steve!

Put your hands on the wheel.

Put your hands on the wheel.

Ballantine: Elliot wanted to be with me.

We were happy together.

But Jeff and Sheila ordered him to end the affair, and you couldn't accept that, could you?

Steve: How'd a local girl like you get mixed up with a terrorist like Mikhail, anyway?

Take a look at this.


Look at the photo.

Look at the photo.

His name was Amoka.

He had a daughter, and he had grandchildren.

And now he's dead because of you.

(sighs) Mikhail contacted our office looking to purchase a certain product we make.

But Legal did a background check, and they refused the purchase order.

So a couple days later, Mikhail calls the office, offers me $20,000.

All I had to do was fake some invoices.

But instead of taking the money, you asked him to commit murder.

No. I took the cash, too.

My, oh, my, aren't you the opportunistic one.

Let me ask you something, though.

Why sarin?

There are plenty of easier ways to kill people.

That's why.

That's why, isn't it?

Because it's big and it's bold.

And you thought the cops would think it was a terrorist attack, and they'd be so busy dealing with mass panic that they'd never think of murder.

It's pretty well calculated, I got to say.

You know what else?

I don't think you ever loved Elliot.

Not at all.

He was a payday for you.

In your twisted logic, Jeff and Sheila were the only thing stopping you from cashing in.

And with them out of the way, Elliot could take control of the company, right?

And the two of you could be free to carry on your relationship.

He was gonna divorce his wife and marry me.

But what good was that without money?

Well, you know what?

Now you got nothing.

Which is a real shame, because, uh... you could do with that money right now to pay for a lawyer.

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

You got another envelope?


Found this medal inside.

It's called the Order of the Rising Sun.

It was awarded to a Japanese pilot who bombed Pearl Harbor.

How did it end up in your father's toolbox?


I don't know.

My grandfather served at Pearl, and he died on the Arizona.

Maybe the same person who mailed my dad the postcards from Osaka mailed it to him.

Why is it being returned to you now?

Everything that you've received so far has had something to do with Wo Fat.

What is his connection to this medal?

I'll know when I find him.

No, that's the real one, huh?

Could you go to the beach with us?

I'd love nothing more than to go to the beach with you, Okay? But I'm kind of low on sick days, so I got to get to work.

We'll hang out later, okay?

All right? Come on.

(whispers): Hey, thanks for taking care of me in the hospital today, okay?

I love you.

Love you, too.

All right.

My lady.

In a way, I'm glad this happened.

Oh, you are?

You're glad that, uh, I got poisoned and almost died.

Okay, not glad, exactly, but grateful.

The truth is, I was looking for any excuse to come home.

I thought you liked Maui, but I'm glad I could help.

Stan only booked this trip to see if we could save our marriage.

I don't know that there's anything left to save.

That's good.

You should get to work. Yeah.

We'll talk later?

I look forward to it, yes.

♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

(laughing, indistinct chatter)

Hey. I'm gone ten minutes, and everybody's just standing around doing nothing, huh? Yes.

Oh, can't keep a good man down, huh?

I'm sorry.

Do we know you?


Whoa! Look at you!

Welcome back, brother.

Welcome back.

Thank you.

Yeah, yeah.

So, uh, a couple people told me that I owe you a thank you.

A hug'll do.

Hug'll do?

Okay, I'll take that.


Thank you.


What's up?

You and Rachel.

How long as that been going on?

A little while.

Were you ever gonna tell me, or...?

Was I ever...?

You know, we have become very close.

Did you say gotten very clo... we've gotten very close?

Yeah. One near-death experience and you go warm and cuddly on me?

Come on.

You want to hug me now?

Come on.

Good to have you back, bud.


Put your hands in the air!

Get on your knees right now!

How'd you get in here?

I need your help.

He's clean.

I told you I'm not gonna cut you any deals.

You don't understand.

I'll plead to any charge, take the maximum sentence, as long as you place me under protective custody.

Oh, yeah?

What happened?

Wo Fat.

I tried to make things right with him.

What did he say?

He told me he's not gonna rest until I'm dead, and then when I am, he's gonna come for you next.