02x07 - The King Is Dead

♪ It seems today that all you see ♪
♪ is violence in movies and s*x on TV. ♪
♪ But where are those good old-fashioned values ♪
♪ on which we used to rely? ♪
♪ Lucky there's a family guy. ♪
♪ Lucky there's a man who positively can do ♪
♪ all the things that make us ♪
♪ laugh and cry ♪
♪ He's... a... Fam... ily... Guy! ♪

It was a moving scene today at Hatch Pond... as six members of the Pawtucket fire department struggled valiantly... to save a fish's life trapped under the frozen ice.

Rescue workers got the fish out of the water... but unfortunately it died shortly after.


Tom, another life was tragically cut short today.

Robert Kimble, founder of a local theater group known as the Quahog Players... passed away this afternoon.

Oh, my God!

Kimble was a hands-on director who often appeared in his own shows... most recently, Miss Saigon.

"La la la la la, Miss Saigon La la la la la, Miss Saigon"

Yes, I just heard. It's so sad.


They want me to be the new artistic director of the Quahog Players!

All right, Mom!

Are you gonna do it?

I don't know. It's such a big responsibility.

I need a moment to think.

Okay, I'll do it.

This just in. Lois Griffin is named the new artistic director of the Quahog Players.

All those years of paying my dues as musical director... under that old hack have finally paid off.

Lois, congratulations.

Our little theater group finally has a committed visionary at its helm.

And such an attractive one.

Brian, you'll have to audition just like everyone else.

God, of course. I...

You didn't think... You thought I was...


I can paint scenery.

Can I be in the show, Mom?

Yes, you can be the dumpy teenager who stays backstage and cries... because nobody finds her attractive.

Hey, you guys.

Peter, guess what? I am gonna...

Me first! Mr. Weed said whoever comes up with the best idea... for the big Christmas toy this year gets a huge bonus.

Hey, Dad, why don't you invent the Frisbee?

That's an awesome toy.

It's already been invented.

Then how come I never heard of it?

This is my chance to prove how valuable I am to the company!

Sorry, Lois. What's your news?

Well, I...

Mr. Weed, distinguished members of the board... may I present this year's hottest toy... Mr. Zucchini Head.

He's got stupid cool hip-hop style with his little hat and his Doc Martens.

Thank you, Peter, that's enough.

Wait. This is the best part! He dances!

I've seen enough. Inappropriate.

I haven't had s*x in ages.

Gentlemen, I apologize for wasting your time.

Peter is an adequate assembly-line worker... but you'll be happy to know our company does not pay him to think.

I'll take this.

No calls.

Come on, kids! The director can't be late for the auditions.

You should've heard them laughing at me.

I got great ideas, but they look at me, and all they see is a loser.

Except that guy with the lazy eye. He sees a loser and the snack machine.

Peter, a lot of creative people had mindless jobs.

Michelangelo worked in a marble quarry.

Herman Melville was a customs agent.

Albert Einstein worked for the patent office.

And what is it you want to patent, Herr Smith?

I call it "Smith's Theory of Relativity."

Hey, look at this.


I think Lois is saying that... you have to find a way to express yourself creatively.

For example, Chris has his drawing, Meg does her birdcalls, I sing beautifully.

So I've heard.

And Lois has her theater group.

Yes. And for my first production, I've chosen The King and I.

It's a wonderful story about a loving, patient woman... who introduces culture and civility to a barbaric, patriarchal...

Peter, please don't wipe your nose on the couch.

Look, I have to go.

Part of being creative is figuring out what you're good at.

I know you can do it if you put your mind to it.

You're right. Man was meant to create. That's why God invented Shrinky Dinks.

It works! Look how tiny they are!

"Oh, no not in springtime summer, winter, or fall No, never would I leave you at all"


Brian, that was beautiful! Thank you!

No, thank you.

And that note you gave me, "louder," I was thinking that, and then you said it.

You're so intuitive. It's a pleasure... Okay. Next!

Stewie, do you want to try out for Mommy's play?

"Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York.

"And all..."

Why don't you sing ltsy Bitsy Spider?

How dare you reduce my finely hewn thespian stylings... to mere Mother Gooseries!

Sing Baa Baa Black Sheep!

Mother, as first lady of the American stage, Helen Hayes, once said: "I'm going to kill you!"

Hey, can somebody give me a hand with all this talent?

Peter, what are you doing here?

Well, Lois, I tried finding my creativity, like you said.

First I took an art class.

Am I supposed to draw the pen1s?

Then I tried sculpting.

Am I supposed to sculpt the pen1s?

Then I tried music.

Am I supposed to conduct with my pen1s?

I started to think there was nothing I'd be good at.

But then I realized that this is it.

Lois, my pen1s belongs on stage.

Wait, Peter, everyone has to audition. You know, sing, dance.

I get it.

Hello, everybody.

This is just a formality, since I happen to be doing the director.

Five, six, seven, eight.

"Marshall, Will, and Holly, on a routine expedition Met the greatest earthquake ever known High on the rapids, it struck their tiny raft And plunged them down a thousand feet below to the Land of the Lost"

Before I post the cast list... my choreographer and I want to thank everyone for auditioning.

You were all great.

Weren't they?

I only wish the show was called The King and Us... so I could cast you all.

Anna! Baby, baby! I'm a star!

Wow. I've never hugged a celebrity before.

Except for Pearl Bailey at a book signing once... but then we later found out it wasn't actually her.

Siamese baby? Stewie Griffin does not play bit parts!

You wanted a bigger part, didn't you, sweetie?

To hell with you!

Perhaps I'll skip the stage and go directly to films!


What is that on your ear?

Is that hair gel?


Great, 'cause I could use some.

No, don't!

I just ran out.

Man! Chorus! Shoot, what a gyp!

The King of Siam? Why, that's the lead! This is so unexpected!

Hey, shut up!

The King of Siam? Why, that's the lead!

Lois, I think you made a mistake. I'm not "The King."

I'm not "I," I'm not anybody.

So, what? I had s*x with you for nothing?

No, Peter, I...

It's just that directing this show is a big opportunity for me... and I don't want anything to ruin it.

Ruin it?


By not using you to your full potential.

You have too much talent for the stage.

You should...

You should be a producer.

A producer? Gee, I don't know.

Great news, Edgar Bronfman, Jr.

We made the deal. We're richer and more powerful than ever!

I'm the king of the...

Damn it!

I love Mexicans. I'll do it!

Hang on, hang on! You overextended the plié!

You screwed it all up. Let me show you again.

Okay, boys! Let's do it!

And one, two, three.

And just like this. And watch my feet. And one, two, three.

Peter, Chris says you told him to build a set for the North Pole.

Yeah, that's where Anna goes to talk with her best friend, a penguin.

There is no talking penguin in The King and I.

There is in "Peter Griffin presents The King and I."


Now we gotta think of some funny stuff for him to say.

Peter, the director decides whether or not to add a character.

You're the producer, remember?

What am I supposed to do with all my great ideas?

Put 'em in a tub and clean myself with them?

'Cause that's what soap is for, Lois.

Good producers put their ideas to work outside the theater.

It's your job to make sure we sell every seat in this house.

And that's creative?

Is it?

Well, it's just the most creative job there is.

Don't you worry, Lois. I'll get the word out.

I'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends... and that's, like, 10 people right there.

Hey, I recognize you from the television.

You're Tom Tucker. I bet you can do this.

Excuse me? You. Get out of here!

Get out of here! Go on, get out of here!

Wow! Diane Simmons!

You don't look anything like the ad.

You better be huge.

No, I'm Peter Griffin, producer.

I'm presenting "Peter Griffin presents The King and l"... a Peter Griffin production, and I'm giving you the exclusive story.

Look, pal, some two-bit community theater production isn't news.

Who's the star?

For that matter, who the hell are you, and why should I give a damn?

Wow, I'm being interviewed by Diane Simmons!

Well, Lois, you told me to produce, and I did.

I got us a story on the 11:00 news.



Our top story tonight. I will be playing the role of Anna... in the Quahog Players production of The King and I.


Thanks, Diane.

In other news, I'm not going to the play because I'm sure it'll be lousy.

I'm getting late word that you're a petty, jealous, closet case.

Bit of breaking news. We now go live to Diane being a bitch. Diane?

But Loretta's playing Anna, and she's doing a great job.

Loretta's a nobody. Diane Simmons is a star.

You wanted me to sell tickets, right?

People who've never been in a theater will come see Diane Simmons.

I don't know, Peter, she's a news reporter.

Some of our greatest actors started in news, like Sean Penn.

Today's weather calls for breezy skies and sun, and there's gonna be a...

Get that camera out of my face!

Hey, everybody, here's our star!

This is so awkward.

You all know my name, and I've never heard of any of you.

You ever acted before, honey?

I did an independent film in college.

Let's start with the scene where Lady Thiang begs Anna to comfort the king.

Are you playing Lady Thiang?

I was supposed to be Anna.

They did an all-you-people version of Hello, Dolly that was very successful.

Okay, let's go from the top of Scene 7.


"Oh, Mrs. Anna, the king needs you. You must go to him.

"Lady Thiang, if he needs me, truly needs me, I will go to him."

Cut! All wrong! No good!

Peter, what are you doing? She was wonderful.

My ass.

Besides, I'm the director.

It just doesn't feel real, you know?

Anna and Miss Thing both love the king, right?

On Springer yesterday, they had "I won't share my husband"... and these two women bitch-slapped each other. The crowd went nuts.

Loretta, why don't you try slapping Diane?

I think I can do that.

Wait a minute. Nobody's slapping anybody.

This is Rodgers and Hammerstein, not trash TV!

I think Peter may be onto something.

Springer is one of our station's highest-rated shows.

I don't know.

I thought you wanted to do a good show?

I don't know.

I thought you wanted to do a good show?

If you want to do a bad show, why don't we just do Rent?

I guess we can try that...


Come on, Lois. Those hoop skirts make Diane look a little hippie, you know?

I thought we could dress her in a pair of sequined capri pants.

They didn't have capri pants in the 1860s.

They did now!

You! You are the worst thing to happen to musical theater... since Andrew Lloyd Webber!

And you! I just plain don't like you!

What's going on?

We're just having a little pow-wow to discuss my latest changes.

What changes?

The Siamese children. How about this? They're not children.

They're aliens!

That was great. On the money.

Isn't he brilliant?

No! He's not brilliant! Rodgers and Hammerstein were brilliant!

And I want to do the show they wrote! We're not making any more changes!

We sold out!

Yeah. The whole town's talking about your show, Dad!

Your show? Peter, this is my show!

What's the big deal? You wanted to sell out, and we did.

I am through selling out.

I took this job because I wanted to create something beautiful... and you've completely destroyed that!

You want to be the director? Fine! I quit!

Me, direct?

I don't know what to say, except, "I'm the king of the..."

Morning, theater fans!

Good morning, Peter. I made your favorite breakfast.

What the hell is this?

French toast.

I just made a few creative changes to the recipe.

I think it's a lot better now.

Lois, if this is your idea of a joke, you must write for Leno.

It is so fashionable to take a shot at Jay Leno.

Look, the fact is the man is out there every bloody night with fresh material... and he's charming.

Face it, you're just jealous because people like my ideas better than yours.

I don't care if the whole world loves your ideas.

That doesn't make them good. I was trying to make art.


Put enough monkeys in a room with a typewriter... they'll produce Shakespeare.

Let's see. "A something by any other name..."

"Carnation," "peony."

No, they did that on last week's Marlowe.

What about "daisy"?


"Iris," "rose"? What about "rose"?

Did you say "rose"?

Yeah, "rose."

"Rose" is good!

"A rose by any other name." That works.

I like that a lot.

Moving on.

What about "tulip"?

"Rose" is fine. Moving on.

Peter, you've never done a creative thing in your life!

That's not true. I wrote Bonfire of the Vanities.

No, you didn't.

You win this round, Lois.

You're not being creative. You're just destroying a wonderful show.

I have more creativity in my whole body than most people do before 9:00 a.m.

The only thing you create before 9:00 a. M... is exactly what you've turned my show into.

I think my work will speak for itself.

I just got that. A poop joke? That's real creative, Lois.

Okay, let's run this scene again.

Remember, Diane, you're playing Anna, a steel-town girl on a Saturday night... looking for the fight of her life.

Where does it say that?

In my noodle.

Okay, places. And action!

Stop! All wrong! All wrong! God, send me dancers.

We've been rehearsing for hours. I'm exhausted!

I'm sorry, but we open this show in three hours... and I don't think we're ready!

No, we're not! You keep changing everything!

You bet I do! Because theater is alive.

It's a living, breathing creature with wants and needs... and you're not man enough to satisfy her!

I can't work this way. I quit!


We can't do The King and I without Anna.

Yeah. This is a real snafu.

We don't need Diane Simmons. We've had someone better all along.

Someone radiant and sassy... with the soul and passion that can only come... from hundreds of years of black oppression.

Thank you, Peter. I'll do it.

Get over yourself. I was talking about me.

Su-su-sudio. Su-su-sudio.

Two minutes, everybody.

Jeez, full house.

Look who came crawling back.

Peter, have you seen my wheelchair?

I don't get it, Mom.

If you're mad at Dad for wrecking your show, why'd you come to opening night?

I came because I love the theater.

If I just came here to enjoy watching your father be humiliated... when this asinine spectacle of his is ridiculed by everyone in town... what kind of person would I be?

A bitch.

Siam, 2015 AD.

The city lies in ruins after the ninth nuclear World War.

It is a grim future with lots of explosions and partial nudity.

A future where an oppressive new king has seized power.

Only one man can stop him.

No, one machine.

I am an Automaton Nuclear Neo-human Android.

You may call me ANNA.

I am a robot ninja from the planet England... who is here to destroy you and free this land from your tyranny.

I have been expecting you, ANNA. Let me introduce my Siamese children.

I will not be swayed by your attempts to confuse my programming... with your all-female s*x orgy.

We must kung fu fight!

So be it, ANNA.

I have slain the evil emperor.

I hereby proclaim Siam the United States of America.

"ANNA rules Because I kicked all the bad guys in their jewels ANNA won Thanks to my gamma-ray atomic gun Dance and shout 'He's the world's greatest ninja, there's no doubt Though they tried to defeat me they can all just freakin' eat me Because he blew all of us away In the planet of Siam, there's no one as tough as I am Just as surely as Paul Lynde was gay"

Oh, my God! They liked it?

Stop it! Stop clapping right now! What's wrong with you?

These people shouldn't be encouraged! They should be punished!

That man has committed murder here this evening... and the victim's name is "theater."

This is the kind of mind-numbing schlock... that's turning our society into a cultural wasteland!

This isn't art! This isn't even entertainment!

This blows!

See? This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about.

How was the cast party?

We're a hit.

Man, what a night. I got to see my ideas come to life.

It's the greatest feeling in the world.

Yeah, I bet it is.

And it's all thanks to you.

I never would've discovered I could be creative... if you hadn't believed in me.

Actually I didn't really, not at first.

But anyone who could take The King and I and turn it into that is... well, he's gotta be creative.

Yeah, Lois, sorry I took your show away from you... but I'll do whatever it takes to make sure you get your chance next year.

It'll be "Peter Griffin presents a Lois Griffin production."

Okay, honey?


Were you there when I farted?