01x05 - Personality Crisis

My name is Brian Finch.

I was your average 28-year-old screwup until I took a pill called NZT.

Suddenly I had access to every brain cell.

Every time he takes it, for the next 12 hours, he basically becomes the smartest person in the world.

Brian: And that's why the FBI hired me.

My name's Brian Finch, this is Rebecca Harris, and we're with the FBI.

God, that sounds cool.

There's just one problem.

NZT will kill you, unless you have this shot.

Now you can have as much NZT as you want with no side effects.

Why would you help me?

Let's just say I need somebody in your position.

You describe to the FBI, or anyone, about these shots...

I will let you die more painfully and slowly than you can fathom.

So, Brian, you ready to become somebody who matters?

Previously on Limitless...

I think my father was on NZT that night, and if I can figure out where it comes from, maybe I can figure out what happened to him.

It's time to make yourself useful.

We know quote a lot about NZT outside of the fence.

FBI is playing catch-up.

I want you to find out exactly what they know and bring it to me.

Your dad made that?

I think my father was taking NZT before he got killed.

So, if he was finally painting again, that's why.

Brian: If my dad was gone, and I learned there was something out there he had made, I don't think I could ignore it.

Brian: Right.

Last night.

Hey, buddy.

Now, don't take this the wrong way, but I made you an instructional video.

Now, I know you remember most of this stuff.

You are me, after all.

But you're me without NZT.

And let's be honest, some stuff gets lost in translation.

So, Rebecca's awesome.

I know this, you know this, we know this.

And you just learned the FBI has a file on her dad, which shows he was using NZT before he died.

Do you want to tell her?

Of course you do.

You're Mr. Happy Nice Guy.

You want what's best for everyone, but here's the thing.

And I want to be very clear about this so that you can remember it even without NZT.

You stole those files at the behest of Senator Edward Morra's minion, I guess you'd call him.

Stealing them was treason.

They put people...

(door buzzes, clanks shut)

in supermax prison for it.

You have to be very, very careful.

Let's just say you do tell her.

"Hey, Rebecca, it just seems fair that we talk since we're such good friends and stuff."

Then she wants to know how you know.

She doesn't believe your excuse, and you wind up...

(door buzzes, clanks shut) in supermax prison.

Don't believe she'll turn you in? Fine.

"Hey, Rebecca, I know you won't do anything compromising with the information I just handed you because we're such good friends and stuff."

But then she gets so mad that she confronts her boss.

And you wind up in... You guessed it...

(door buzzes, clanks shut) supermax prison.

You know what happens in supermax prison?

Probably not death by giant boot.

Of course, if Mr. Sands finds out that you told your FBI BFF about the secret mission he gave you, you will be praying for death by giant boot.

♪ Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream ♪
♪ Bum, bum, bum, bum ♪
♪ Make him the cutest... ♪

Look, you're in the middle of a very dangerous situation with a number of potentially awful outcomes, but we can get through it.

I can get us through it.

But only if you listen.

You can't be Mr. Happy Nice Guy anymore.

You got to be Badass Brian.

Badass Brian keeps his secrets private.

Badass Brian looks out for himself, and most importantly, when all this is over, Badass Brian gets to walk away, free and alive.

Something wrong?

No. All good. Bottoms up.

Brian: So I sat there waiting for the pill to kick in, and I started to wonder.

Pill Brian is leaving instructions for me now.

It sounded like he thought he was talking to a different person, and I don't like that.

And should I even listen to him?

Rebecca deserves to know the truth about her father.

But when the pill kicked in, I did start to see all the angles.

And he had some good points.

Rebecca (echoing): Brian?


We've been talking to you for, like, 30 seconds, and you're nodding your head, but it doesn't really feel like you're listening.

No. I'm sorry. I was thinking about something else.

Okay, we'll repeat ourselves.

Brian: No need. I mean, I wasn't paying attention in the moment, but, you know, perfect recall.


The CJC is working with Narcotics to augment an investigation into a ring of meth labs, but...


Most of the labs are upstate, but we got a tip that there's one in an L.E.S. housing project.

Rebecca: We're headed there with SWAT and Narcotics, but you're coming along to work the Thunderbolt Bravo.

We're going to the Lower East Side. We're looking for a meth lab.

And I'm operating the Thunderbolt Bravo?

What's that?

That's it? It just tracks cell phones?

Man: This is state-of-the-art surveillance, with horizontal and vertical mapping.

We can ping any cell phone around here, on or off.

Cool. Well, you obviously vibe with the machine.

You know how it works. What am I doing here?

We don't know which number we're looking for.

The informant said the lab is in that building.

There are 400 units. That could be over 1,000 cells.

Sifting through data quickly is kind of your thing.

We want to know if one of those numbers stands out.

You said the other labs are upstate?



Well... there are three cell phones from area code 315 in there.

That's Utica.

Man: How'd you do that?

The numbers haven't even finished aggregating.

There's a 928 area code, also.

Arizona. More precisely, that's Yuma.

And I read in one of the informant's files that he used to travel up there when he worked for these dealers.

So if that number crosses with a Utica number, then odds are that's...

House eight, unit 3-R.

Wait, wait, wait! I just sit here?

(door closes)


We don't know exactly what to expect in there, but SWAT has point at all times, all right? Let's go.

So, do you have to pay for these cranberry juices, or does the FBI buy them for you?

You may want to go easy on that.

Bladder management's kind of a big thing in surveillance.

Ha! Well, staying hydrated is kind of a big thing in life.

Plus, I have impeccable control over my bodily functions.

(alarm blaring)

All right, I got to go.

Don't go in the building.

Trip wire!

(officers shouting)

Someone must have tipped them off.

They couldn't have gotten far.

Sweep the building! We need people in the stairwells and the streets.


(officers shouting)

Don't move?

Get out of my way.

Listen, I'm with the FBI.

If you're mixed up in the meth thing, it's better not to run, I promise.

Where's your gun?

Listen to me. Do not run away, man.

Then you're a fugitive, and things will end really bad for you.

Look, I didn't do anything wrong.

That's great. More reason to stay here.

Look, I can help you.


Ah, ah, ah!

Look, if you're trying to stop me and you don't have a gun, you better know how to fight.

Well, I do have perfect recall.


Get the restraints on him; we need to search the rest of the building.


I don't get it. I've seen Enter the Dragon, like, 15 times.

Yeah, well, at least I slowed him down for you guys.

You're welcome.

Not sure he could hear me through the ringing in his ears, but, yeah, he's gonna be okay.

And you?

I'm fine.

Little pissed off at Bruce Lee right now, but I'm good.

Naz: Next time, maybe you should monitor your cranberry juice consumption.

You know, that said, we can't have you running out of the building without proper training, so I'm gonna have you run a SWAT self-defense course.

Rooks, you can get him up to speed on that.

And what about the kid we brought in from the Lower East Side?

His name is Christopher Garper. He's 20. No priors.

He claims that he never went into the apartment, that he just followed his brother into the building, and security footage confirms his story.

That's Chris Garper's brother, Sam, walking in with Norris Allen, the occupant of the unit we raided.

This is about 20 minutes before we got there.

Their guests from Yuma and Utica arrive a couple minutes after Garper and Allen.

And last of all, Chris Garper.

Rebecca: Getting back to the occupant, Norris Allen.

I looked into his criminal records.

Yeah, he did time for arson, and he joined up with the Sons of Nathan Bedford Forrest when he was in jail.

He was also thrown into solitary for rigging up a bomb with stuff he stole from a janitor.

The Sons of Nathan Bedford Forrest call themselves a militia.

These are not drug dealers.

We don't think this is a drug deal.

Chemicals used to synthesize meth can also be used to make explosives.

They're planning on something in New York.

Boyle: They refer to our city as "Sodom" on their chat boards, so yeah.

I'm looping in the Counterterror SAC so we can check any recent chatter.

What does the kid in custody say?

He say anything?

Boyle: So far, nothing; he won't talk to us.

He won't talk to me or Boyle.

There's only one person he asked to see.

Face okay?

Pretty much.

Thrown that punch a few times, huh?

Just when I need to.

So why'd you ask to see me?

To apologize.


What, you think that's gonna get you off the hook?

I don't know.

I thought you seemed cool. Guess I was wrong.

Look, I told them, I only ran because I freaked out.

I got nothing to do with this.

Well, that's what I'm here to figure out.

They say if I don't want to do a bunch of time, I have to tell them all about my brother.

What are you gonna do?

I don't even know what I can tell you.

I have no idea where Sam is.

But I know that he's not a terrorist.

He goes on Web sites, pops off about the government...

That's all just noise.

Well, you followed him into that building for a reason, Chris.

You must think he's up to something.

Sam wouldn't kill people.

All right? He's a good person.

He's been watching out for me since I was 16.

What about your parents?

If I talk to you, I want you to help him the same way you guys said you'd help me.

Only I don't think that I know anything that's gonna help you.

You might know more than you think you do.

Tell me about him.

What, just, like, talk?

I mean, he's Sam.

You know?

Everybody thinks he's this big, tough...

Brian: Did I believe Sam was innocent?

Well, I believe Chris believed it.

They were brothers. They did brother stuff.

I got two older brothers.

Youngest brother, growing up in a big family...

It's not a good spot to be.

I mean, I could relate, to a point.

Especially after my mother passed. What happened to your mom?

Chris told me how he and Sam lost their mom to cancer, and how her death drove their dad to drink.

Chris: My brother took it the hardest...

Brian: Which led to them losing him, too.

Chris: It was bad.

Brian: By the time we were done, I was an expert in Sam Garper.

(tapping keyboard rapidly)

Hey. So the guy... whose apartment we raided, Norris Allen...

We've got his picture out to everyone who carries a badge in this city.

And, uh, Counterterror has someone undercover with ties to the group Sons of Nathan, so we'll see what they can pick up about the plan.

Amazing. (continues tapping keyboard)

You've been up to something.

Yeah, I talked to Chris Garper about his brother for, like, three hours today.

I got everything Sam was into, from Aquaman to Zeppelin.

Well, it's pretty.

Thank you.

You know, Chris also told me that he knows his brother has an e-mail account he keeps secret from Chris.

He saw Sam closing out of it in a hurry a few different times.

If Sam is communicating with a hate group, stands to reason he's using the secret account.

I figure the user name and password is... some combination of this, at one of the major free e-mail sites.

Rebecca: That's quite a few possible e-mail accounts.

Brian: Just north of 20,000 so far.

But I'm running out of NZT, so I'm outsourcing the rest to Cyber, and they'll run possibilities all night.


Oh, hey.

You had mentioned you stopped by that gallery to see your dad's paintings the other night?


So... seeing all that work you didn't know he did...

That's got to give you a real sense of... closure?

Um... actually, it made me curious.

I don't know why, but I always assumed that he'd only used NZT the one time that he came to see me, but...

I saw these paintings, and... they're incredible.

They moved me. I...

There was a part of me that was thinking I'd be okay never knowing what happened to him.

But... now I don't know if I ever will be.

So... good night.


Brian (over video): Okay, so we went ahead and asked Rebecca about her dad.

The intentions were good.

I wanted you to know that she had moved on.

The outcome?

(whispers): Not so good.

So, since you're not on NZT, and you're therefore subject to all kinds of unruly, emotionally driven altruism, I thought a pie chart might help.

Now, I do recognize that this leaves out the possibility of a supermax prison, but... for purposes of this chart, supermax equals death.

(man clears throat)

(sighs) Don't you guys ever knock?

I'm supposed to take you to training.

Brian: I can be really annoying when I'm on NZT.

We've noticed.

Brian: Okay, you know that cool kid in junior high school who somehow had, like, three black belts already?

No, not me.

Him. Pretty sure that kid grew up to be Casey Rooks.

And if anyone can make me a badass, it's him.

Don't get into a fight.


If you do get into a fight, take it to the ground, get on top of the guy, isolate one of his limbs, and make it bend the wrong way until he doesn't want to fight anymore.


Either that or... you can choke him out till he falls asleep.

Wow. Okay.

What I just told you takes about ten years to learn how to do well.

But if you know even a little, you'll be able to take care of yourself, all right?

Come on, now.

Brian: He explained that the human body is a series of strong and weak points.

You can go after an elbow, (buzzing) a knee, an ankle.

And it all made sense... In theory anyway.

And if Bruce Lee taught me anything, it's that I needed to unlearn everything.

What better time than on NZT?

If I can control which way you're looking, I control your whole body.

Brian: Right. (groans)

Can you move?

(groans): No.



I need Brian.


You haven't been out on the mats in a while.



Hey, you came here with no ego.

You did a good job.

Run this two mornings a week, all right?

All right.

How'd that go?

Learn anything you didn't expect to?

That that guy is way cooler than me.

You know, the e-mail handles that you gave Cyber...

Well, they ran them, and they found one account that was totally empty, except for a drafts folder.

That's where we found these.

Brian: Huh.

So, what do a cat, a spaceship and Jack Black have to do with terrorism?

That's Paul Revere.

And terrorist groups have been known to encrypt information into data files.

It's basic steganography.

We think Sam Garper is sharing his account with another user, presumably Norris Allen, and they're using the drafts folder to avoid a trail.

Allen's address, where the raid was.

300 Cortlandt Street?


November 20... that's two days from now.

1214 Monroe Street, Queens?

It's a hospital.

Woman: I'll tell security to keep an eye out for anything suspicious, but it's been quiet.

Can we check if any patients matching these descriptions have been admitted in the last 48 hours?

Yes, of course.

Thank you.

You think this is the target?


Can't assume anything.

What are you looking for?

Can we get a list of everyone who has access to this storeroom?

Woman: Sure. We do change the combination weekly, per federal regulations.

Is it 8-2-7-3-5-1-2-3-5?

It's written on the doorjamb.

If I had to memorize a nine-digit code, I'd cheat, too.

Do you mind?



The chemicals used in cancer treatment can transform a bomb into RDD, which is exactly why rooms like this have to be secured.

Is there an issue?

The seal is broken.

It's empty.

Brian: RDD?

Rebecca: Radiological Dispersion Device.

Looks like Sam Garper's building a dirty bomb.

The hospital's security footage puts Sam Garper in the radiology wing 36 hours ago.

According to Sacred Heart, they're missing five units of Iridium-192.

Man: Combine that with the explosive chems they've already got, we're looking at a sizeable contamination zone.

Brian: The worst part of this job is learning about things you never knew you needed to worry about.

For instance, weapons of mass disruption.

Sounds like a really bad band name.

It's what my bosses call RDDs.

Now, we all know radiation is bad, but with an RDD, the poisoning is almost besides the point.

(people screaming)

The point is the panic.

People flood the hospitals, transportation shuts down, businesses close.

By the time the blast site is decontaminated, the city's economy is destroyed.

The whole infrastructure falls apart.

(crowd clamoring)

Naz: Are you listening to me, Brian?


No. Sorry. Uh, what's up?

I want you to go talk to Chris Garper.

He must be upset about his brother.

You mean that he's a possible terrorist?

He doesn't know yet.

You want me to tell him.

I'll go with you.

No, no, no, no, no. You can observe.

Finch has already won the kid's trust.

If there's anything Chris Garper hasn't told us about his brother, there's a better chance he'll crack if you're alone.

I'm not gonna try to crack him.

Look, the kid is already gonna be so crushed.

Sam's the kid I care about.

The one with the bomb.


That's your brother.

He's stealing radioactive chemicals.

Now, I know you thought he was someone different, but your brother's planning to kill people.

A lot of them.

Chris: No. This is... this is him pushing a trash can.

This doesn't tell me anything.

You remember Sam's e-mail address that you told us about?

These are some of the messages that were in his drafts folder, and they show how that group slowly recruited him into doing this.

But he is doing this.

I'm sorry to put it this way, but it's a terrorist attack.

Read the e-mails, Chris.

You thought Sam was a different kind of guy when we started talking, so... maybe there's something you didn't tell me.

Maybe you know a way to stop this from happening.

I don't even know my own brother, man.

What do you want me to tell you?

Look, if there's nothing, there's nothing.

Chris, I believe you.

Whatever they're planning, we think it's happening in about two days.

So if you do remember something and you want to talk, I'll be here.


Look, what does Naz want me to do, torture him?

He doesn't know anything.

I know. I was watching.

I'm checking on you.

Well, I just told that guy that his brother is an aspiring mass murderer.

Practically heard his heart snap.

I saw.

Chris knows the truth now.

It may be hard to take, but... it's better to know, right?

Hey, Rebecca.

Never mind.

See you tomorrow.

Brian: So Pill-Brian doesn't want me to tell Rebeccathe truth about the NZT file. Fine.

He never said I can't dig into it on my own.

(door closes)

(quiet clattering)

You better not have broken into my place again.

Casey: Um, you gave me a key, remember?

Who'd you think I was?

You get a lot of men breaking in here?

Don't worry about it.


I got the good stuff.

I've got to be ready to go in, in case something breaks on the Sam Garper case.

How did training go today?

First time. Your guy did fine.

He didn't ask about you and me, did he?

Why would he? We were grappling.

I don't know. He's sharp.

I wouldn't want him to figure out that we're dating.

What's the deal with this kid?

He, um...

We both knew there'd be stuff we couldn't talk about, so... let's just leave it at that.

Yeah. I'm happy to leave work at the door, but what do you want me to say if Finch asks about us?

Well, we have to dodge it.

We haven't signed the HR forms yet.

Right. Because this isn't at the HR form stage yet.

Can we stop talking about human resources now?

Yeah. Done. (laughs)

Sands: Quick question.

Why is there a clay effigy of me on your coffee table?


That's Charles Barkley.

I told you to get some good scotch.

Yeah, well, that was the most expensive bottle they had.

You can't get your single malt at the bodega.

That phone number I gave you, it's for emergencies.

You and Edward Morra.

You guys know a lot more about NZT than the FBI does, right?

So, those files I stole for you, there's something in there that I want to learn more about.

The woman I work with at the FBI is Rebecca Harris.

They have a file on her father.

He was using NZT, and then he got murdered.

You haven't said anything to her, have you?

No, of course not.

But if I can find out what happened to him, maybe there's a way I can let her know without telling her what's in the files.

Look, if you know anything, just tell me.

Wh-What do you care?

About Rebecca Harris's dad?

I don't.

And neither should you.

Is this woman a distraction for you?

(chuckles): What?


Are we going to have to arrange for you to work with someone different?


It's not like that.

I haven't talked to her about anything.

Even so, we can't have some misguided loyalty distracting you from the real reason you're at the FBI.

It's not. We're fine.

Rebecca and I are fine.

Forget I said anything.

Mr. Morra and I don't keep track of every junkie who manages to get his hands on NZT.

I never heard of Conrad Harris until you put that file in my hand.

Use that number sparingly, yeah?

How's your dad, by the way?

He get out of the hospital okay?

(door opens, closes)

Maybe I was right.

I mean, maybe Pill-Brian was right.

We were right? Whatever.

I tried to help Rebecca, and instead I almost got us split up.

No more Mr. Happy Nice Guy.

I have to be Badass Brian.

Badass Brian keeps his secrets private.

Badass Brian looks out for himself.

And when all this is over, Badass Brian gets out of this free and alive.

Chris. What are you doing here?

I got to talk to you, man. About an hour ago, he called me.

Sam called me.

I think I know where he is.

Sam had this bag stashed at our place.

He wanted me to grab it, then wait for his call.

He said he's got money in it, and whatever the hell that stuff is.

I read about that thing that he's building, and it says that the people who put it together and who set it off, that they get worse poison than anybody.

I mean, he's gonna die.

Sam's gonna kill a bunch of people, and he's gonna die.

What happened to my brother?

Why's he doing this?

I don't know, Chris.

I think usually people that join groups like that, they're looking for some kind of purpose.

I sort of feel like I did this to him, you know?

What do you mean?

Sam dropped out so I could go to school.

I got the diploma, and he got... what?

Look, I know you already know this, but whatever Sam did for you, it doesn't make what he's doing now okay.

You understand, I take that call, let you guys follow me, I'm turning in my brother.

You got brothers.

How would that make you feel?

Can't even imagine.

Look, I need to know what you can do for Sam.

He's done bad things. He's got to go to jail.

But he's not a terrorist yet.

Is there, like, a program that you can get him in?

Maybe he can get his diploma while he does time.

I don't think so, but I'll check.

Naz: What exactly does he expect from us?

I don't know. But I do know that we're asking him to turn in his own brother.

So there has to be something we can give.

Do you know what's in that backpack that Sam Garper wants?

Beryllium powder.

He needs it to finish the bomb he's building that will render some chunk of this city uninhabitable.

People will die, others will get sick, and it will all be to advance the cause of hate and nihilism.

There are no reform schools for people planning what Sam Garper is planning.

There's no second chance for people who rig trip wires to kill my agents.

I don't know how Chris will react to that.

Well, we can't give him the chance to react to it.

So you want me to lie to him.

He has to get to that meeting with his brother, and I want you to think about what will happen if he doesn't.

You can think of it as a math problem if you have to.

However you get there, you have to tell Chris Garper what he needs to hear.


If I have to do this, I want my pill first.

I'm better at crunching numbers when I'm on NZT.

To the benefits of being a badass.

Hey, bud.

So what'd you find out?

Can you help Sam?

As a matter of fact, we can help Sam.

Did I pull it off? Yeah, I'm afraid so.

I made federal prison sound like a California vacation.

In my head, I made Mike and Ike the prison guards.

You get the metaphor.

Anyway, they were all gonna have so much fun.

And Sam wasn't just gonna get a high school diploma, he was being set up for a life of success.

(paparazzi clamoring)

Did I lay it on a little thick?


But whatever I had to say, whatever lies I had to tell, they worked.

He believed me.

Chris just got the call...

Sam wants him to pass the bag off at East River Park, 4:00 p.m.


You okay?

I've had to manipulate informants before, and... you want to take a Silkwood shower when it's done, but it does get easier.

It gets easier to manipulate your informants?

What about your consultants?

That's different. I think you know that.

Oh, yeah, I get it.

It's all in the game.

You never saw that show?

Chris wasn't handing the bag off until 6:00, so I went straight into my training session with Casey.

But this time would be different.

I'm sure Casey wasn't expecting me to get the upper hand that fast, or even at all.

But I knew he would try after that.

I mean, really try.

He got me a bunch of times, I got him a few times.

But it was pretty clear I'd know what to do if I got in another fight.

Casey: Okay, so... why'd you hustle everybody?

I mean, you've obviously trained before.

No one learns that much technique in a day.

I'm a quick study.

Boyle: Our people aren't gonna move in until you walk away from your brother.

Now, we expect everything's gonna be just fine, but we want you clear of the arrest for your own safety.

Try not to spend too much time talking to Sam.

Just give him the bag and say good-bye.

All right.

Kid's there waiting.

Tunnel is secure.

Good by the south pathway.

We got it surrounded.

You've got two people coming from the tunnel.

Casey: That's Sam Garper. He's got his buddy with him.

That's Norris Allen. What's he doing here?

Two-for-one special's on.


Hey, bud.

You look awful, man.

Sam: Looks like you found my bag.

Listen, kid, this is... this is all gonna get straightened out, all right?

I'm gonna be back home, you know.

I don't know when it's gonna be, but... we'll see each other again, all right?

Why are you doing this, man?

Doing what?

What is he doing?

Chris: Hey, I'm sorry.

This is gonna be a good thing.

He brought the cops. Let's get the hell out of here.

Sam, don't run!

Don't run!

Don't! Stop!

Move, move, move.



I'm going out.

No, we're the eyes. We stay here.

Cover left. Go!

Casey: Who has eyes on Norris Allen?

Stay down.



What happened to Allen?

Don't move!


We've got Sam Garper in cuffs. Norris Allen doubled back, pulled a gun on Chris.

Who fired?

Boyle hit Allen with three shots.

Thank God.


Uh, Allen did get a shot off.

Where's that ambulance?! Let's go!

I'll call you if there's anything, too.

Thank you.

We just got a call from Bellevue.

Chris Garper was in hydrostatic shock when they loaded him into the ambulance.

They opened him up to operate, but... there was too much hemorrhaging.

He didn't make it.

I'm sorry.

(sighs quietly)

So I told him whatever he needed to hear to get him to that meeting, and... he got killed.

I understand how you're feeling.

It's awful.

His brother Sam is gonna be okay.

His radiation burns were the worst of his injuries.

There's a bomb that won't go off because of what we did today.

You saved lives.

Yep. But not him.


There had to be way to do both; I just didn't think it through, not even on NZT.

This is the worst part of what we do, Brian.

Working a C.I.

Gets really complicated really fast.

We try to avoid it, but sometimes... what's best for the case... what's best for the world, turns out to be a very different thing than what's best for the person.

Yeah, but that's how we get through it, right?

I mean, we limit morality... (sniffles) draw boundaries, compartmentalize...

Like you and Casey.


You say it gets easier to manipulate people, to lie.

How can you have an honest relationship?

Uh, sorry... how do you know about me and Casey?

His cologne, it lingers on you.

Your reaction when Naz suggested he train me.

The way he shows up at your desk every morning.

Okay, thank you, I get it.


Okay, so when I said it gets easier to lie, that was a lie.

But you find a way to live with it.

Can I give you a lift?

No, I could use the walk.

Hey. You heading home?

Yeah. You?

Oh, maybe.

You doing okay? Rough day out there.


Our guy Finch is a wreck.

(breathes deeply)

I'm sorry, I got to ask.

What are you guys doing with him?

I mean, you remember when you and me started training?

It took you at least two weeks just get a handle on the breathing.

You said I was gifted.

Yeah, you were.

Brian... he's already doing joint locks and chokes that I didn't learn till my fifth year on the mat.

It's like he absorbed a decade's worth of technique in a night.

So either he's hiding the fact that he had training, or there's something else going on.

He's a fast learner.

Mm. That's what everyone keeps saying.

Yeah. He learned about us.

Oh. So I guess we should sign that HR form.


(elevator bell dings)

I trust him.

Good night, Casey.

Night, Rebecca.

Brian: If you're watching this, that means you're me... Me on the pill.

Guy who's been telling me what to do.


And I know you remember all this, but I'm gonna say it anyway.

Just because you remember everything doesn't mean you know everything.

We are not omniscient, or today would have gone very differently.

And if putting myself first means being okay with what happened to Chris Garper, then I'm not playing.

You tell me I've got to be ruthless to survive.

But if that means killing the part of myself that makes being alive worthwhile, that is not how I'm getting through this.

That isn't how we're getting through this.

So deal with it.

You don't have a choice, really, because by the time I take my next pill, the damage is already going to be done.

You okay?

I made a copy of this file.

I can't tell you exactly how I got it, but I do think you should know what's inside.

You deserve to know what's inside.

It's about your father, Rebecca.

Can I come in?