01x06 - Side Effects May Include...

My name is Brian Finch. I was your average 28-year-old screwup until I took a pill called NZT. Suddenly I had access to every brain cell. And that's why the FBI hired me. My name's Brian Finch, this is Rebecca Harris, and we're with the FBI.

God, that sounds cool.

There's just one problem. NZT will kill you, unless you have this shot.

Now you can have as much NZT as you want with no side effects.

My name's Sands.

You belong to Mr. Morra now, which means you belong to me.

We know quite a lot about NZT. FBI's playing catch-up. I want you to find out exactly what they know and bring it to me.

Brian: I made a copy of this file.

I can't tell you exactly how I got it.

But I do think you should know what's inside.

The FBI knew your father was on NZT before he died.

Rebecca, they've known since before you started working at the CJC.

Rebecca: Where did you get this?

Naz's office.

You stole it?

They're giving me that drug every day.

Naz showed me the files on the FBI studies.

Yeah, but your dad wasn't part of the FBI trials.

They were also tracking civilians who they thought might be using NZT.

Why didn't Naz tell me this?

Why are you telling me this when I could send you to jail for it?

I thought you'd want to know.

I do.

I want to know why my boss has a file on my murdered father and didn't tell me.

I want to know what happened to him, I want to know what the FBI had to do with it.

I'll help you.

Rebecca: We can't let anyone know what we're doing.

It doesn't say who was following your dad or how long the FBI was tracking him.

Just some background on him.

And this one note.

"Upper East Side NZT cluster."

My dad was a painter.

He was broke his whole life.

There was nothing Upper East Side about him.

Well, no, he went to rehab there.

The, uh... New Springs Recovery Center.

That place costs thousands of dollars a week!

Celebrities go there.

He couldn't afford that.

Well, he was there.

I mean, it says he was discharged September 2013.

And the FBI thinks he got his NZT from the Upper East Side.

Might be worth checking out.

Boyle's always had my back.

I don't want to drag him into this. I'll tell him I'm running something down for my old boss in Criminal.

Brian: What about Mike and Ike?

Rebecca: I'll tell them you're working on something for me. You need to be able to come and go for a few days.

Brian: All right.

That's it?

We're locked and loaded?



Thank you.

I'm pretty sure I just made you an accessory to a crime. You don't have to thank me.

Good morning.



Rebecca, could I see you in my office, please?


I assume you're familiar with the concept of a red team?

You mean, like a war game?

The Pentagon stages inter-agency exercises to test our readiness for different threat scenarios.

This time they're looking at what could happen in the wake of a cyberattack on the economy.

A blue team represents the U.S. and its interests from Washington.

A red team play the enemy, based here in New York.

I will be working with EAD Paulson to head up that red team.

Sounds like quite an honor.

Yeah, it is. It's also quite an undertaking.

Which is why they've asked me to select an exceptional agent to participate this time.

What do you say?

That's very flattering.


I have a brutal case load right now.

So maybe Boyle could help you.

I chose you.

Director Avery played on three different red teams when he was coming up.

This is how careers are made.

Rebecca: Are you kidding me?

She smiled at me like we were sealing some kind of pact or something.

That woman is not my mentor.

No, but she thinks she is.

And you got to kind of let her.

I mean, you know you have to do this, right?

It's three days of sitting right beside Naz.

That's true, but on the bright side, it does keep her busy.

And plus, you get to be the bad guys, right?

I mean, you're kind of mad at the whole military-industrial thing right now.

So burn it all to the ground.

Anarchy in the streets.

You make yourself the barbarian queen of New York City.

And I'll go to the rehab center and see what I can find about your dad.


Just... don't get caught breaking in there.

I'm not gonna break in.

Hi, my name is Mike Ikerson, and I'm an addict.

Welcome to New Springs.

So, tell me have you been...

Brian: Suffice it to say, Mike Ikerson has issues.

I know, they always look so...

Hi, everybody. My name's Mike.

A lot of issues.

I'm, uh, happy to be here.

I do think he made some breakthroughs in group therapy, though. Unfortunately, there was only so much time for introspection.

Ah, thank you.

And I got myself in front of those files eventually. After I made my way through all of them, Mike Ikerson was ready to face the world a sober man.

All right, thanks a lot!

I feel a lot better.

(ears ringing)

Woman (distorted): Sir, are you okay?


It turns out there are plenty of exciting reasons for sudden hearing and vision changes... Brain tumors. Strokes... fun stuff.

Rebecca: Hey.


Learn anything?

Not a ton.

I mean, your dad made it all the way through treatment.

With flying colors, according to his file.

My dad was good at charming therapists.

Is that it?

Uh, there was one thing.

Your dad had this notation in his file.

It said: "Weekly consult with A.E."

I read the files of everyone who was there at the same time as him.

There were only four people who had that notation.

Any idea what that means?

Well, I mean, they're all connected to your dad somehow.

So if we could track one of them down, maybe they know something.

(distorted): Well, give me the names.

I have to digest this enormous thing by tomorrow, but maybe I can help.

(ears ringing)


Are you okay?



Think I have bad sinuses or something.

Probably coming down with a cold.

You should go home.

Oh, thank you for this.

And for doing this.

All of it.

Bad sinuses? Come on, man.

You don't need the Internet to know what's up with you.

When you stole those files from Naz's office, you remember that video of the government NZT studies?

Day 11 for preliminary human trials for NZT-48.

In the last 24 hours, four patients describe episodes of metamorphopsia and concurrent aphasia.

Yeah, she's talking about distorted vision.

Difficulty understanding speech.

You're having NZT side effects, buddy.

Your immunity shot's wearing off.

Where's that booster shot Sands promised you for committing treason?

I was wondering how long it take you to get in touch.

How are you feeling, Brian?

I need that shot.

See any white flashes lately?

Speech not sounding quite right?

Why would you want me to have side effects?

We want to get you in the right frame of mind.

You see, the Senator has a job for you.

It's Rebecca Harris.

I told Mr. Morra that you were growing close to her.

We're concerned it's a distraction.

What do you care?

As long as I do what you say, what do you care?

There's also the issue of her father.

She has the potential to be uniquely motivated to investigate NZT.

We'd prefer she didn't.

We want her gone.


I'm not telling you to murder her, mate.


Just get her away from you.

If Agent Harris were to be found in possession of those files from Naz's office, I'd imagine that would do the trick.

So, you want me to frame her?

That would get her kicked out of the FBI.

She'd go to jail.

That's the idea.


I'm not doing that ever.

So, you're gonna have to think of something else.

You're thinking again, Brian?

As always the only way is the way we prescribe.

You feel some loyalty to this woman.

That's fine for now.

In a day, two days?

When it feels like your brain is on fire?

You'll be willing to skin Rebecca Harris alive for that shot.

Let's not have it come to that, hey?

Things are not as they should be.

Over the past week, subjects have complained about memory loss, extreme paranoia...

Get them out of me!

We see signs of rapid aging and encroaching psychosis.

Attempts to discontinue NZT use sent one patient into a withdrawal so severe that we currently have him in a medically induced coma.

I found your microchip!

It's unclear at present what's more dangerous...

Providing the pills or withholding them.


Brian: If I take that pill, I get side effects. But if I want to be smart enough to figure out how to stop the side effects, I have to take the pill. Yeah, there's a problem.

♪Now you're gonna die. ♪

2ND BRIAN: Aren't you supposed to be finding out what happened to her dad?

Yeah, I'll get to that.

I'm in a little bit of a situation at the moment.

I noticed.

Well, let's run your options.

I could figure out how to make whatever's in that shot that Senator Morra gave me.

Yeah, but... it took him months and millions of dollars to do that.

Doesn't work on our timeline.

I could find someone else who has the shot.

Okay, so who?

If the government knew how to make it, they wouldn't need you.

What about whoever invented NZT?

Do you know who that is?

Doubt it, 'cause if you know it, I know it.

And I don't know it.

Okay, what if I just stop taking NZT?

Just walk away, quit.


Then the government throws you in jail for violating your agreement with them.

If the withdrawal doesn't kill you first.

Devil's advocate?

What if you do what Sands wants?

You mean throw Rebecca under the bus?

Not an option.

Okay, so what, then?

Die a slow and mind-bendingly terrible death?

Really not an option.

Okay. What if I go straight to Senator Morra?

Maybe he and I can work something out that doesn't mean sending Rebecca to jail.

It's risky.

Every time you go around Sands, bad things happen.

Worse than a slow, mind-bendingly terrible death?

(sighs heavily)

How do you even get close to someone like Senator Morra?

Brian: It's not easy to get to him, but it might be possible to talk to people close to him.

Hi there. So I have footage of Senator Morra in bed with the majority leader's wife.

A third party jumps in there too after a while.

Not sure who that is yet.

I was gonna put it on the market.

Unless somebody here wants to make a pre-emptive bid?

Wait for it.

Any minute now.


(people scream)

Ha-ha! It's a screamer!

Got you!

So no, I didn't have video of Eddie Morra having a threesome. But by the time I left his offices, I had something almost as good: a cell phone belonging to the director of his field office, whose son's birthday, I saw on her calendar, is April 10. Mr. Morra, it's Brian Finch. It's urgent that we speak. Just you and me. Please.

(distorted ringing)

(distorted siren wailing)


Subject 12 complains of time displacement.

I will contact you.

Brian: Text from Edward Morra. That was the only response I got. All I could do was wait.


Welcome to the red team.

We are a group of Chinese-sponsored saboteurs with a mandate to destroy the U.S. economy, and we've got the first move.


Are you really gonna make me call on someone?

Rebecca Harris, who works with me here at the CJC in New York...

She had some interesting thoughts during prep.

Paulson: Is that true, Agent Harris?

If the question is: how do we destroy the economy with the resources we've got, we can't.

Anyone else?

In the current conditions, we have enough manpower to launch one sabotage op, if we aren't too ambitious.

We need to create more resources.

We need protestors and looters.

We need chaos.

We can use social media to spread rumors that cops are cracking down.

We would need an image that would galvanize people, so I say we stage a photo of a cop in riot gear shooting a community leader.

And how do we stage that?

However we have to, even if we have to shoot someone.

Your, um, protégé comes to play.

Brian: Still waiting to hear something, anything, from Senator Morra. I mean, he can't even text me?

What the...

Rebecca: Brian?


Are you feeling okay?


Yeah, I just had some hot tea. It's for my sinuses.

Oh, hey, how'd it go today?

Conquering New York and whatnot.

Are you ruling from atop a pile of human skulls?

Not yet.

I did bond with Naz though.

At least she thinks we bonded.

Well, let her.

She has to think things are normal.

Well, things are anything but normal.

Speaking of which, I did some research today.

That's my father.


I tracked down those people from your dad's rehab group.

All of them were at absolute bottom when they went into treatment at New Springs.

Your dad had just been arrested.

Marcus Tate had his third DUI.

Susan Epstein's own daughter left her on the sidewalk outside of an E.R.

But the moment they got out, (snaps fingers) things changed.

Your father started painting again.

Marcus Tate was a contractor before he was an addict.

After he got out of rehab, he rebuilt his family's house from the ground up.

He built that by himself?


Jeremy Dyer... he was awarded four patents in the first six months he got clean.

He sold one for $11 million.

I mean, everyone who was at that weekly consult with A.E. in rehab turned their lives around completely.

You think they were all on NZT.


These five people were the only ones at New Springs who turned their lives around like that.

But they did have one other thing in common.

They all went missing?

Gone without a trace.

The only one I could actually account for is your dad, and that's just because he was...

He turned up in the East River.


They all disappeared within a month of each other?


613 Lexington Avenue?

Yeah, so I went to see the families of everyone here.

I dug through anything they had saved...

Cell phones, address books, calendars.

After their time at New Springs, they all went their separate ways.

Except, once a week, they all met at that address.

What's there?

I'll show you.

TV narrator: The story of Ubient is not just a story of pharmaceutical manufacturing, it's the story of a small group of people who took their fascination with unlocking the potential of the human brain to the world stage.

Our passion for neuropharmacology informs every decision that we make, from finding...

So my dad and all the others...

They were taking NZT, and once a week, they went to an office for a company that made neuroenhancers?

Do you think they were studying NZT?

What if they're the ones who invented it?

We need to figure out who "A.E." is.


Brian: Yeah, no kidding. If that company knows about NZT, then they might know what happened to Rebecca's dad, and they might know how to stop these side effects, too. Senator Morra's gone silent. So if anyone's gonna help me, it's these guys.

Brian: Side effects may include...

Memory loss, extreme paranoia, rapid aging, encroaching psychosis.

"Andrew Epperly."

I did a lot of digging around last night.

There are plenty of people with the initials A.E. that work at Ubient, but I think this is our guy.


Harvard, MIT.

His name is on all these research papers...

Neurochemical regulation of sleep, chemical synapse manipulation.

This one is on the human trials he ran at Ubient with drugs on dementia.

Wait, whoa. Human trials?

What if your dad and those patients were part of some kind of trial?

You know, for NZT.

I mean, if Andrew Epperly was running them, maybe that's why he went to see them at New Springs.

It's too bad we can't ask him.

He's dead.

He died in a boating accident off the coast of Maine last year.

Well, you know... (sighs) even if he was running some kind of trial, he wouldn't have been able to do it by himself.

There's got to be someone else at Ubient that knows something.

Let me know what you find out.

I've got to go.


Boyle: Hey, Finch.



Boyle, what's up, man?

Hey, well, you know, I'm covering a couple of Rebecca's cases while she's out, Mm-hmm. and I'm hitting a little bit (distorted): of a wall on this Moldovan bank fraud.

Can you take a look at these transactions, see if they make any sense to you?

Uh, yeah, of course.

I'm actually really glad you asked.

I'll get right on that.



Do I have something on my face?

(quietly): No.

(echoing): You okay?

Wilson: Extreme paranoia and encroaching psychosis.

Yeah. Sorry.

(chuckles): I'm... fine.


Okay. All right.

Anyway, um... thanks for the help.


Hi. I need to speak to someone important.

I'm sorry, sir. Do you have an appointment?

No, I don't, but just tell them I'm here to speak about Andrew Epperly's NZT trials.

Wow. You guys really do look important.

Now, I'm sure you're all very busy running Ubient Pharmaceutical, so let's save us all some time.

I know your company was researching NZT.

Sir, we have never heard of NZT.


If that was true, I wouldn't have made it past reception.

Now, I know Andrew Epperly was conducting human trials.

Man: Andrew Epperly is not an employee of Ubient Pharmaceutical.

While he was an employee of Ubient Pharmaceutical.

I need to see his research, specifically anything on counteracting the side effects of NZT.

(clears throat)

And I need any records you have of the trial participants, specifically Conrad Harris.

Give me those things, and I don't go to the press with this.

Sir, there was no trial of any drug called NZT at Ubient.

Andrew Epperly enjoyed a tremendous degree of autonomy while he worked here.

(echoing): Which, I should add, he no longer does.

(distorted): Dr. Epperly tragically passed away last year.

Man (distorted): I'm sorry.

We can't help you.

(distorted voices continue)


Are you all right?

I take it you've all read the blue team's response to our opening salvo.

Or, should I say, Agent Harris'.

The, um, protesters are now up against around-the-clock NYPD patrols and a citywide curfew.

If we organize the protesters, that might mean more.

That's easier said than done, of course, but I...

(cell phone buzzes)

Agent Harris?

Excuse me.

Are you okay?

Brian: They know, Rebecca.

I was in there with the top people, and they were pretending not to know what NZT is.

They were saying that Epperly doesn't work there anymore, that there never was any research, and he's dead now.

Brian, slow down.

Look, they clearly don't want anyone to make any association between Ubient and NZT.

I think they might have done something to Epperly and, who knows, maybe all of those research patients.

But I know the research is in there.

I just got to get back inside and find the records.

Are you sure?

You sound strange?

I'm fine.

(bell rings)

(cell phone chimes)

What the hell?


Wh-What's going on?

What am I doing here?

You wanted to meet.

Or so you texted.

Brian: I texted Senator Morra.

So here we are.

You were just telling me you haven't done what I asked, regarding Agent Harris.


No, I haven't.

I can't. I can't do that.

There must be some other way that doesn't... mean ruining her life.

Excuse me.

It's only gonna get worse.

It'll be tomorrow's pill or the next one, but you keep going on like this, one of these days, Brian Finch is going away, and he's never coming back.

It's time to think about you now.

Rebecca can't save you, Brian.

Only you can.

Where the hell did you go yesterday?

You hung up on me, you didn't answer your phone all night.



What's going on?

I had a rough night.

Are you sick?

I don't know, I-I just feel weird.

I may need to stop taking NZT.

I'm gonna make you a doctor's appointment.

No, no, no, no, no.


Brian: As soon as I get called into that doctor's office, it's game over. The FBI is gonna know I'm not really immune. I'll go to jail.


I have to figure out where that note came from.

If Epperly's alive, he might have the enzyme to reverse the side effects.

(elevator dings) He might know what happened to Rebecca's dad.

I need NZT for this.

Something wrong?


It's regulation NZT pill.

Brian: This pill is the best shot I have at remembering where this came from. And hopefully it doesn't plunge me into permanent psychosis.

(car honks)

So sorry you're going through this. Thank you.

That woman from Ubient.

She wrote the note.

Oh, hey, I was just coming to find you.

What the hell?

What's the matter with you?

Sorry, man, I'm just a little bit jumpy.

By the blue team's own estimate, our uprising will be crushed within a matter of hours.

What if we distract them?

And how do you propose distracting the entire U.S. military?


Plan C.

During the Cold War, the FBI was rumored to keep a list of names of people that were to be rounded up in the event of a crisis like this.

Politicians, artists, uh, even foreign diplomats.

Anyone who could be labeled subversive.

What if we leak a list of names like this, with millions of people on it?

We could turn half the country against the government.

And foreign countries would mobilize to protect their diplomats.

A multifront conflict.

Agent Harris, remind me to never get on your bad side.

Karen: I will never admit to having this conversation.

You need to know that.

Andrew Epperly came to me a while back.

He said needed funds for some study that would change everything.

He didn't give me any details.

I gave him the money.

I didn't ask any questions.

Okay, and that was an NZT study?

We didn't know about it until... until after the first test subject disappeared.

Andrew was panicked, we panicked.

W-We destroyed all the research right before Andrew disappeared.

W-W... Why do you think Epperly's still alive?

About six months after he died, I got a letter at home.

No postmark, no return address.

It just said, "You're not guilty of anything.

I am."

I think he faked his own death, disappeared, so he could get away from everything.

Did he know how to stop the side effects?

I don't know.

If you can find Andrew, maybe he can help you.

Good luck. God.

Brian: Do you really have the time to find a guy who doesn't want to be found?

I don't have a choice!


If it's you or her?

Personally, I'm a fan of you.

I'm going to find Epperly.

If he's really alive, he's the key to everything.

Naz: Word is out about you.

Your countermeasure made it all the way up the ladder.

To the director.

Wow, I mean...


Apparently, Director Avery decided to participate in the exercise this year, return to his roots.

He was playing for the blue team.

I didn't realize...

I... I wouldn't have said all of those things about Plan C.

Well, he called me directly, said he loved your countermeasure and your ability to think outside of the box.

And he wants to meet you.


Oh, wow.

But that's sudden, I'm...

(cell phone buzzes)

Will you excuse me just a moment?

Where are you?

I got a text from Boyle that you were acting weird.

You have to be a little smoother.

Brian: You need to go see Andrew Epperly.

I'm sending you his address.

Epperly's dead.

Brian, why did you leave your doctor's appointment this morning?

Epperly faked his death.

He's in Connecticut.

He's living under the name Daniel Kennedy.

We can drive up there tonight.

I can't go.

I'm sick or something.

Okay, I'm coming to get you.

If-if there's something wrong, we need to...

Rebecca, go to Epperly.

Find out about your dad.

Ask him for anything he knows, everything he knows, about NZT, everything about the side effects of NZT, if there's a way to reverse them.

Are you having side effects?

(Brian groans)

Is that what's going on?

Just go, okay?

Just please stay on the phone.

I'll find you, and we can figure this out.



(cell phone chimes)

Brian: This is Brian, leave a message.

Naz: Rebecca.

Is everything okay?

Is there any way we can postpone this meeting?

It's very sudden.

Rebecca, when the director of the FBI wants to meet you, you meet the director.

Don't worry, I'll have Jordan find you a train.


I just need to go home and pack a bag then.


Where the hell are you?

Yes, this is Agent Rebecca Harris from the CJC in New York.

I'm supposed to meet with the director in the morning, but... unfortunately something has come up.

Things are not as they should be.


Wilson: Subjects have complained about memory loss, extreme paranoia.

Brian's not safe.


Watch it, man!

Brian, they're trying to kill you.


(door opens)

Who the hell are you?

My name is Rebecca Harris.

And if I were you, I wouldn't shoot a federal agent.

You're Conrad's daughter.

We almost lost you there, Brian.

Don't worry.

You're gonna be just fine.

Take it slow.

Been through a lot.

Hit your head pretty good, but you're gonna be okay once the shot kicks in.

No, no, no, no.

Brian, it's okay.

It's over.

I'm not gonna frame Rebecca.

I know.

I never thought you would.


I didn't think you'd do it.

I just needed to know what your limits are.

If you're somebody who just takes orders like Sands, or if you're somebody who has... character.

So, what?

That was some kind of a test?

I could've died.

I would never let that happen to you.

And what about her Rebecca?

Uh, her dad was taking NZT.

She's not gonna just let that go.

I'm not worried about Rebecca.

This is about you, Brian.

About whether you're just an employee or you're somebody who can be a partner.

A partner?

You threatened my family.

You threatened my friends.

All you've ever seen is the ugly side of what we do.

But there's so much more, Brian.

There's rice?

This rice contains a complete nutritional profile.

Everything the human body needs.

It can grow in the harshest environments.

Places we need it the most.

With a little more research, this rice... could feed the entire world.

I don't understand.

Why can't you tell anyone about it?

I mean, if that's true, why aren't you shouting it from the rooftops?

Because people won't want it.

I make an announcement.

Lobbyists bring it to action.

People rave over GMO's and it's buried.

Science can't change the world on its own.

The world needs to be willing to change.

And it takes leaders.

Leaders who are willing to chip away at the obstacles, cut through the noise and play the game.

And win the game.

And that's you?

I think so.

With people like you helping me, I think so.

I mean what I say about wanting a partner.

Five NZT pills.

Those weren't just hollow words.

What are those for?

Whatever you want.

Think of it as discretionary funds.

A token of my... trust in your judgment.

I need you to tell me everything you know about NZT.

The side effects, how to reverse them.

I don't know of any way.

You studied it.

You ran trials.

You gave it to my father.

To other patients.

Did the NZT side effects kill them?

Is that what happened?

It's not like that.

They were side effects, yes.

But I didn't know anything about them at the time.

And the NZT helped them, too.

I was trying to help people.

My father's dead.

I know that.

But the NZT did not kill him.

Then what happened?

Did you kill him?

Did you kill all the other patients to cover your tracks?


Your father, all of them, they weren't just... test subjects.

They were my patients.

The NZT wasn't like the other stuff they'd been taking.

It gave them a chance to get back on track.

So, you invented NZT to give addicts a chance to pull their lives together?

No, I didn't invent NZT.

My father was in the early stages of Alzheimer's when I got an e-mail.

I have no idea who sent it.

But the message was a chemical formula for a nootropic compound.

I had never seen anything like it.

And I thought it could help my father.

But I couldn't wait for the FDA.

So, Ubient agreed to it?

They didn't know.

When did they find out?

Ubient didn't know anything about the study until several of the patients had already disappeared.

What happened to all of them?

I don't know.

Your dad was one of the success stories.

He was doing well.

But I suspected he'd started sharing his NZT.

It was popping up all over the city.

I was worried he'd get himself into trouble.

So I cut him off.

So NZT was all over the city.

Where did it go?

That's the question.

One minute it was everywhere.

And then it started to disappear.

And then the people who had it started to disappear.

People from the trial.

Your dad.

It was like... some kind of purge.

Someone was clamping down on NZT.

Who was that?

I don't know.


You're okay.

Yeah, sorry about that.

I just wasn't feeling myself.

You didn't answer me yesterday.

Are you having side effects from NZT?

You know, I thought I was.

But I feel great today.

And that's not really how side effects work, right?

So, um, I'm sorry I worried you.

Worried is an understatement.

I went to see Andrew Epperly last night.

Yeah, what happened?

He doesn't know of any antidote.

What about your dad?

He did give my dad NZT.

All the patients, actually.

But I don't think he killed them.

I think it was somebody else.

(phone chiming)

Someone with resources.

And I think I'm about to be fired.

You wanted to see me?


Close the door and sit down, please.

I got a call from the director's office.

You canceled your meeting.

I'm sorry.

I just...

How long have you known?

About your father, the file.

You know, I couldn't put my finger on it at first.

But there was something about your attitude.

A shift.

And then you blew off the meeting with the director.

You don't do that, unless you no longer want a career here.

So I tried to think of why you would do that.

And there was really only one good explanation.

NZT is going to change the entire world, Rebecca.

This division has to stay in front of it.

And that's why I'm here?

It's not that simple.

I got this job a month after my father died.

You must've made the connection.

Sure, I did.

I read the file on Conrad Harris, and I saw that he had a daughter that was working Criminal right here in New York, so I looked into her and I saw an agent who was inexperienced, but smart, resourceful, tenacious.

Someone who could help us with NZT.

Someone who would want to.

And I planned on showing you the file.

That's easy to say now.

Okay, you're right.

You don't have to believe me.

That is entirely up to you.

But you need the Bureau's highest level of clearance to read the full NZT records.

Legally, that is.

And to get that kind of clearance, you need to advance.

And to advance, you need people to notice you.

And that's why I put you on the red team.

And I covered for you with the director.

I told him it was a misunderstanding, my fault.

I bought you 48 hours.

Thank you.

Was it Finch?


(quietly): Would you tell me if it was?


♪Oh, yeah.