01x09 - Headquarters

You want a what?

I want a headquarters.

And it should say that on the glass outside.

"Headquarters!" with an exclamation point.

Pursuant to our earlier conversation about a headquarters, I'd also like the chance to pick some of my own cases.

Excuse me.

It's just that it's all been data-sifting these past few weeks and I want more cool, fun stuff to do.

Cool, fun stuff to do?

That's right.

And a headquarters to do it in.

With an exclamation point after it.

Joint operation with Counterintelligence but make sure it's clear that the CJC has point, yeah?

Any questions?


Just wondering where we stood vis-à-vis the headquarters negotiations?

You realize you're being ridiculous?

Of course.

Then why do you keep repeating the word "headquarters?"


Every day I come in here and this place tries to make me a little bit more like it.

I've done a lot now.

It can be more like me.

You know, fun, cool.


"It" is the FBI.

You're Brian.


And there's a place where those two entities meet...

A happy medium, if you will...

And it is called a headquarters.




You know, Naz, I was really hoping you wouldn't make me play this card...

But remember that time, like, three weeks ago, when you were languishing in prison?

And how I got you out and stuff?

If you would like an office as a reward for good work, we can discuss...

No. Naz!

Boring stuff happens in an office.

Cool stuff happens in a headquarters.


Can I call it an office and you call it a headquarters?

Yeah, Naz, you can call it whatever you want in the privacy of your own thoughts.

But it has to say "Headquarters!" on the door, with an exclamation point.

An exclamation point.

I get it, I get it.

But you do realize that whatever what you call it, it's still the same 200 square feet of space.

Yes, that's true.

But if I let you call it an office, then that makes me one of you people.

Oh, for goodness' sakes.

Oh, Naz...

Is this about that night with your daughter?

♪ No, no. No. No. ♪
♪ No. No, no, no, no. ♪
♪ No. No. No. No. No. No. ♪
♪ No. No. No. No. ♪
♪ No. No. No. No. No. No. ♪
♪ No. No. No. ♪

Brian: So I'm thinking: how can I win Naz over?

What's so cool and so fun that no one, not even the enemies of joy, could say "no" to?

I give you: the members of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list.

It's my first case.

I'm going all in.




(phone whistles) See? See?

Not even the enemies of joy can deny this plan.

Well, you've got Moxie.

But you know what? That's impossible.

Even for you.

Oh, really?

Give me two weeks, okay?

And a few people to work with in-between their regular case loads and I promise you, I will locate every one of these people. (phone chimes)

Who are you texting?

I made a friend who just happens to be an anchor at a major news station right here in New York.

Just to show you that I'm absolutely serious, Naz.

This guy is Perry Granger.

Currently number four on the list.

He bombed a bunch of doctor's clinics in Iowa.

I know who Perry Granger is.

Oh, good. Okay.

Then you'll want to see this.

Police were stunned to get an anonymous tip that led to the arrest of fugitive Perry Granger.

Perry Granger has been on the run...

(TV shuts off)

Do you remember Taurus?

Bomb maker we picked up a while back?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah.

Well, I checked in with him.

Turns out Perry Granger has been sending him letters.

Fan mail, I guess you could call it.

So I bargained with the warden to give Taurus more time in the library.

He showed me the letters.

It wasn't too hard to put it together from there.

The point is, I just want the chance... the chance... to pick my own cases sometimes.

And I think I've earned that.




(exhales loudly)

You're not gonna regret this.

That's one down, nine to go.

Naz said this was okay?

Brian: Yes.

What is wrong with you people?

This is supposed to be exciting.

I would love to round these guys up.

But there are laws of space and time that you just seem to be blowing off.

We're two people.

I mean, forget the fact that we have to find them.

We can't cover that much ground in two weeks.

You know, you're right.

We need a team.

Like, a special unit.

Who do we know?

Brian: Good morning.

You're here today because you are an elite group of people that I know at the FBI.

Welcome to the first official meeting of the Brian Finch and Rebecca Harris Amazing Major Crime Squad.

You can leave me out of the title.


Boyle: Question.

Uh, this place is filled with boxes.

Where are we supposed to sit?

Brian: Yeah.

The seating arrangements are still a little bit in flux...

Let me know when you get that sorted out.


Okay, so we got the chair situation sorted out.

Welcome, everyone, to the second first official meeting of the Brian Finch Amazing Major Crime Squad.

Question on the name?


Are you trying to suggest that the major crimes themselves are amazing?

Because the way you have it worded...

Brian: Yeah, no, that's a good point.

Thanks, James. Thorough as always.

All right, let's just call it the Brian Finch Major Crime Squad, Which Is Also Amazing.

You know what? Doesn't matter.

We're not gonna call it by its official name, anyway.

We're gonna go by the nickname.

What's the nickname?

The Bruntouchables.

I'm leaving.

Whoa, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Boyle, come on, you got your chair.

Can you just give me a second?


Let's watch the movie.

All right?

Where does the Ten Most Wanted list come from?

Hmm. Great question.

(old-fashioned accent): Thomas James Holden robbed mail trains throughout the 1920s; then he was involved in two different escapes from Leavenworth prison.

What finally got him for good?

In March 1950, he was the first fugitive placed on the brand new Ten Most Wanted list.

Today, the list is filled with new kinds of criminals.

There's Susanna Travis, who convinced her cult of 25 followers to commit suicide, but skipped on the poison punch when her turn came.

Luis Cordova Costa, the cartel gunman behind a massacre that left four DEA agents dead.

Gerald Landry, who headed a Ponzi scheme that bankrupted retirement accounts all over the country.

Lawrence Drake was a brilliant engineer who killed his wife with his bare hands.

He built the tunnel out of Rikers and escaped alongside Lonnie Hyde.

Ray Allen Clements went on a one-night cop murdering spree in Jersey City three years ago...

Can we stop this?

We're FBI agents.

We can look at the Ten Most Wanted list any time we want to.


It's supposed to fire you up, all right?

And look, check out the camera work.

That was all in one take.

It was actually a little showy for my taste.

Look, we are gonna catch all of these guys.

And Susanna Travis, too.

Sorry, Rebecca, I didn't mean to suggest that women can't be um, horrible criminals, too.

No offense taken.


Why would we want do this?

There are already people looking for all these guys.

Why would we do this?

No one has ever swept the Top Ten list clean before.

I mean, it would be an incredible accomplishment.

So how about it? Huh?

Who's up for some assignments?

So I think Susanna Travis is moving between rural towns in Idaho.

Apparently, she still attracts followers in spite of the... what-have-you.

Your job is to go to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

I'm going after the cult lady.

Brian: That's right.

Travis' people are known to recruit from diners and bus stations... places like that.

So you should go and just look sad, right?

Until someone approaches you.

"Look sad?"

How am I supposed to do that?

I wouldn't overthink it.


I would just go there and... do what feels natural.


All right, the boys are here!

So... who's up for a road trip?

Where we going?

You are going to Costa Rica.

Luis Cordova Costa, the gunman who shot down those DEA agents?

When he was working with the cartels, he stayed at resorts there in-between assignments.

I think he may be staying at one under a fake name.


And you, my friend, have the honor of pursuing kidnapper Gordon Cooke.

Now be careful, okay?

He's a stone bad-ass.

You'll have to stay on your toes.

Just tell me where to go.

Qaanaaq, Greenland.

Cooke was a survivalist.

We think he may be living off the land.

So, w-wait a minute.

Mike is going to Costa Rica... and I'm flying to the Arctic Circle?

Boyle: Rooks and I are going after Ray Allen Clements.

If I'm doing this, I'm gonna get a cop-killer.

Um, okay.

That works. Just make sure...

S-So sorry.

For a second there, it sounded like you were about to give me an order.

You know what you need to do, right, my friend?


What was that?


He's a smart guy.

You should hear his life story.

All right. Ready to do some work?

(Brian speaks Swahili)__

I got John Doe files from every morgue that would send them to me.

Some of them have been missing for a while, so it stands to reason they might be dead.

You learning Swahili?


Gerald Landry?

Ponzi scheme guy that went off the grid two years ago?

He's a big-game hunter.

Of course he is.

I know, right?

Landry has a passion, and he's got a lot of stolen money to indulge it.

You think he's still hunting.

I've been in touch with park rangers from every major big-game country, and in Tanzania, the amount of commissioned expeditions has tripled in the past two years.

It's almost like there's a rich guy with nothing to do.

So I asked the park ranger to e-mail me a cell phone photo of the guy.

There's that.

This could be Landry.

Yeah, right?

He would have had a lot of plastic surgery.


I think you found him.

Well, what do you say we go to Tanzania and find out?

Oh, you have to have a visa and all kinds of shots.

I didn't mean today, you silly goose.

Today I want to go Dyker Heights.

Rebecca: We just started looking for everyone on the top ten list, and you want to talk to the mistress of the guy who's number 12?

Okay, Troy Abate, he's number nine on the list, right?

He dragged the Trancoso family into the modern era by focusing on cyber crime.

And his button man, Paul Lagravanese, he's number 12.

(phone whistles)

So, they're from the same crime family, and there's a decent chance that one knows where the other is hiding.

(phone whistles) (groans)

Sorry, okay, my family still hasn't seen my place.

So I'm having them all over for dinner tonight.

And this caterer has become such a pain in the ass.

Since his business took off.

Here, you're gonna want to take a left up here.

The car has a navigation system.

Turn left ahead.

Does the car have an NZT system?

So, once we're in front of Paul Lagravanese's mistress, we're just supposed to politely ask if she knows where Troy Abate is?

Uh, no.

We offer to bump Lagravanese to number 11, that way if he rats on Abate, Lagravanese is moved into the top ten.

Why would he want that?

Because their whole way of life is dying.

They're like the Pennsylvania Dutch at this point.

They just want to feel relevant.

You'll bump Paulie to 11?

That's a guarantee?

Yes, ma'am.

(short laugh)

I'm not saying I know where he is... but maybe I could get him a message.

Thank you.

You live here?


No, seriously, you, you live here?

Well, I mean, it's not really mine per se.

The FBI lets me stay here. I don't know...

Do you have any idea how much it would cost to buy this place?

To rent it?

Yeah, no. I mean, you mean, like, an exact figure? No, I don't, I don't know.

Why did I go to college?

I already told him I'm moving in.

That's not happening.

Guys, do you guys want a glass of wine?

Take your jackets off.

Oh, yes, oh, sorry.

Yes, I'm just a little, I'm just a little bit dumbfounded is all.

I can understand.

Well, dinner's almost ready.

I ended up making, uh, quail.

Dad's favorite.

Wha...? You cooked?

Brian: Yes.

You know, it's all basic science and chemistry anyway, right?

You flunked chemistry.


Well, I aced the quail. Thanks, Rach.



So, what do you think, Dad?

What do I think?


I think it's a nice apartment, Brian.



Yeah, and you know, anytime you guys come into the city, you can totally stay here.


If you want to see a show or something, I can get you tickets to-to-to any show in New York.

Well, I-I hear Hamilton is wonderful.

Can't get tickets to Hamilton.

Let's eat.


Shall we?


Oh, this looks delicious.

Doesn't this look delicious, Dennis?

Brian: So, obviously something's bothering Dad.

I added up the number of one-on-one interactions during the evening.

The math is pretty compelling.

Dad and Rachel... five.

Dad and Cameron... four.

Mom and Dad... Too many to count.

It wasn't until he left that I realized he seemed fine around everyone else.

Bye, Dad. All right.

Take care, Brian.

What was bothering him was me.

I spent most of last night hanging around the bus station at Coeur d'Alene; I thought it was gonna be a bust, but then this morning, a couple came up and asked if I was looking for purpose in my life.

They gave me this.

I'm supposed to meet them at a diner later to discuss it all.

That's great, uh, you know, ask to see their leader, and get me an address.

You want to know the funny thing.

Some of the ideas in here are not that crazy.

Like I can sabotage myself with my negative thinking.

Well, James, we want you to infiltrate the cult.

Not join the cult, all right.

Be careful. Good luck.

We got one.


Remember Ginnie, the gum-chewing "goomar"?

Well, she must have passed off the message to Paul Lagravanese, because this morning I got a text of an address in Far Rockaway... Guess who we found there.

Brian: Troy Abate!

That's two down, eight to go.

All right, I got a question for you.

What do Bill Gates, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, YouTube and Ellen DeGeneres all have in common?

They're among the most followed Twitter accounts in the whole world.

Last night before my NZT wore off, I spent time getting to know them all.

All five accounts tweeted out the top ten, and just this morning, one of Katy Perry's followers said that a guy matching Lawrence Drake's description, rented the room above her father's bakery in Pelham.

Lawrence Drake?

Yeah, the engineer who killed his wife and then broke out of Rikers.

You should see my feed.


Like, all these tweens are so totally psyched they caught a bad guy.

(tweens clamoring)

This is it.

You want to knock on the door?

Or I could, you know...

Well, if he's in there we could always say we saw him moving around.

Looks like he cleared out. (phone whistles)

Hey, check this out.

I just got a tweet from some burner account.

He copied Bill Gates and Katy Perry.

Yeah, fugitives can have Twitter accounts, too.

Did you guys know that the resort that you sent me to was one of those Club Bacchanal places?

You know, clothing optional?

Yeah, what did you opt for?

Hey, it's my assign...


Oh, keep us pointed at your face, please.

Ooh! A man matching Luis Cordova Costa's description has been seen at a number of resorts in the San Juan area over the past few months.

I'm thinking if I wait here long enough, he'll come back through.

Are you serious?

I can't even feel my toes.

Ike, buddy, how you doing?

It's cold. It's very, very cold.

They've taken me in at some kind of a research station.

The couple's very nice. They're Danish, I think.

But they haven't seen anyone matching Gordon Cook's description.

They haven't seen anyone matching any description.

Well, you're walking a very brave path, my friend, stick with it... Anything we can do to help?

Tell Mike I said he can go...


Nah, he'll be fine.

So, James hasn't been answering his phone.

So I think we can all assume he's either near Susanna Travis' cult or in Susanna Travis' cult.

What about you guys?

I spent yesterday tracking down an old C.I. in Jersey.

That's confidential informant.

And if, uh, Ray Allen Clemens is anywhere in the tristate area, their best guess is he's holed up in Paterson.

Possibly the Parnell Houses.

Which means we can't expect much in the way of cooperation.


Well, meanwhile, I found myself a nemesis in Lawrence Drake.

Did you just say your "nemesis"?



You can call him whatever you want.

But he dropped you like a hot potato.

You guys got a plan to pick up his scent?



You're gonna pick up the scent by actually picking up the scent?

Kind of.

You ever heard of synesthesia?

It is a neurological phenomenon where people experience their different senses as colors.

Don't ask me how I know that.

I'm a synesthete.

I see all aromas as colors.

I want you to acknowledge that you smell like ice blue.

I smell like ice blue... Whoa!


Turns out there's some real science behind it.

All my senses are enhanced.

And I can use my whole brain or whatever when I'm on NZT, right?

So... if I can find whatever part of my brain makes a synesthete a synesthete, I can use this T-shirt we found in Lawrence Drake's apartment to actually follow him.


Huh, sweat, aftershave, curry.

And a certain je ne sais quoi.

Whatever it is, it's green.

It's working?


Oh, nothing.

I would've just guessed that you were... something a little tougher.



What color am I?

Am I pink?

I'm not pink, am I?

It's a drug, isn't it?


All my guys are trying to figure out what's up with Brian Finch.

He's wanted for murder and then he suddenly works for us.

He's a genius, but only sometimes.

Has to be a drug.

It's the only thing that makes sense.

I know you can't say anything.

But... if that's where the job's heading, I mean, what, are they just gonna wind up feeding us whatever Finch is on?

If it's a drug... we're a long way from that.

But if we keep feeding him those pills, what's he gonna be like even a year from now?

Not something we can control.

We can barely control him now.

If it's a drug.

If it's a drug.


Check it out.

Looks like Michelle Haley.

She had a kid with Clemens.

You don't think he's dumb enough to actually be hiding with her, do you?

That dirtbag's been somewhere since he shot four cops.

Do you ever think about what it's like?

Taking whatever Finch is on?

How could I not?

I see the kid every day.

But I'd never do it.

Feel that strongly about it?

Maybe. Maybe I just think if you took one of those pills, I don't see how you ever stop.

Rebecca: Yeah.

Thank you very much.

How's it going?

It's interesting.

I mean, it's totally useless as an investigative technique, but it is interesting.

I mean, there's a lot of smells in the world.



He's staying right over there.

I showed Drake's picture to the bodega clerk.

Saw him coming out of there about an hour ago.

It's called being a detective.

(cell phone rings)

Eau de Lawrence Drake.

Yeah, he is in there.


Boyle: I'm in Jersey, we had eyes on Ray Allen Clements' ex, but she tipped him off we were coming, and he ran down to the basement.

Called for backup.

But I don't want to lose Clements.

You may want to come down and join the party.

I'm on my way.

Casey and Boyle are at the Parnell Houses.

They need help.


We can't lose Lawrence Drake.

Didn't the guy say he was out?

I'll just wait here.

Seriously, I got this.

If you see him, call for backup.

Brian: Once she was gone, I spent a little time thinking about what Boyle and Casey were up to.

I could think about that all day, but there was that green trail, just kind of waiting to be followed.

If I was gonna wait, I might as well see what the guy had to say.

So Lawrence Drake is on the run, and he's supposedly guilty, but he has a wall full of articles about his wife's murder?

Lawrence Drake pled not guilty, big surprise, but he claimed to know who really killed his wife...

A man in a ski mask, who Lawrence alleged was waiting for them when they got home that night.

There is no evidence that anyone else was there, and Lawrence went to jail.

But after he broke out, he spent all his time trying to find a way to track down the man in the ski mask.

He said he was determined to exonerate himself before his daughter graduated from high school.

Does a guilty man do that?

(keys jingle)

I don't want any trouble.

Lawrence, I'm with the FBI, and I've got kind of a sucky situation on my hands.

You were supposed to be my nemesis.

And now...

I'm, like, 59% sure you're innocent.

What are we gonna do about that?

Rebecca: What?

Of course not, no one got kicked in the face.

Brian: Oh, that's cool, I guess.

Uh, Clements wasn't holed up with his girlfriend.

We swept the building, and we found him staying in a unit whose tenant died six months ago.

That's amazing.

Three down.

Rebecca: Where did you get with Lawrence Drake?

Uh, pretty far, actually.

I found him.

Did you bring him in?

I did... in a manner of speaking.

In a manner of speaking?

Yeah, I kind of don't think that he killed his wife.

Then bring him in, and he can prove it.

Yeah, I don't know.

He spent a lot of years in prison.

He's kind of squirrelly about authorities.

Are you telling me that you're on the lam with Lawrence Drake?

Where are you, Brian?

Nowhere you would think to look for us?

You're at your apartment, aren't you?

No, of course not.

Listen, before my pill wore off, we talked a lot, and I think that I can prove that he's innocent and that he didn't do this, but I need my pill tomorrow.

Do not let him out of your sight.

If you can make me a believer, I'll give you your pill, but if you can't, I'm gonna arrest the both of you.

(knocking on door)

You expecting someone?


Here, get in the back.

(knocking on door)

(sighs in relief)


Rach, what are you doing here?

We need to talk.


All right.

(chain lock rattles)

What, do you want a drink?

Actually, I could really use a little...

Oh, come on, don't even try to pretend you don't smoke anymore.

All right.

Breathe clear...


Whoa, man.

You are an amateur.

You know they make vaporizers, right?

Oh, sure, but I have a sentimental attachment to this thing.

All right, so you wanted to talk.

What's up, Rach?

Well... I noticed last night that you have surround sound, and Game of Thrones is on in 20, so...

Are you serious?

Did you come over here to raid my stash and watch my television?

Oh, oh, no, we can also talk.

Oh, great.

Before it starts.

Not during.

Oh, my God.

(snickers) You're the worst.


(chuckling): Oh, my God.

Did you just snort?

This stuff is strong.

Yeah, you want to know what else?

You picked the worst night to come over.

You're an accessory to a crime now.

(laughs) True story.

It's not a joke. Hey.

I got a question for you.


Did you think Dad was acting strange last night?

He seemed tense, yeah.

It has to be weird for him seeing you in this place.

I mean, especially when just a few months ago, you were still hitting him up for rent money.


I think he's still a little suspicious about how you got here.

I know, but as long as I'm working with the FBI, there's gonna be stuff that I can't share with you guys.

I get that. Have you tried talking to him one-on-one?

Yeah, I have, I tried calling him today, and, uh, he just sends me straight to voice mail.

Dad doesn't send anyone to voice mail.

That is against his whole policy (phone line rings) about how, you know, he'll always be there for us.

Dennis: This is Dennis Finch.

Leave me a message, and I'll call you back.


He totally sent you to voice mail.

You saw it, right?

(laughs) It's proof.

That's not funny at all.

(laughing): He just...

They've been whispering a lot lately.

I can only make out a few words of the language, but I think they're talking about resorting to cannibalism.

I'm the new guy... I mean, who do you think they're gonna choose?

Ike, do you see the crates behind you?

The ones labeled "mad"?

That means "food" in Danish.

You are delicious looking, don't get me wrong, but I think you've got a few more days.


Cooke and his accomplices have taken over the research station.

They're hoping that Ike moves on before he realizes who they are.

But if they kill him, they know we'll send more people after him.


Ike's kind of dense.

Bottom of his class at Quantico. (beeps)

Hey, Ike, buddy, we're gonna send some people to go take you to a nice warm sauna.

How's that sound?

Hang in there.

All right, James Tech.

What's the word?

I spent seven hours with him yesterday.

We unlocked three ovals.

They said that's never happened with a new initiate on day one.

Congratulations, man.

Hey, remember how we sent you out there to catch Susanna Travis?

Ah, they are driving me to a special place later, and I have to wear a blindfold.

Great, well, text us the longitude and latitude.

And please make sure you don't drink anything.

So Ike has unwittingly shacked up with Gordon Cooke and his wife.

And James is getting close to Susanna Travis.

You guys brought in Ray Allen Clements.

Mad props for that, by the way.

What's next?

Well, Casey and I were thinking we'd kind of like a shot at, uh, Martin Derrickson.


Burnt down dozens of houses in the tristate area.

Go get him.

And Spelman.

We're halfway home.

Don't pretend like you're not having fun.

I know, I know, I know...

♪ I know what you're thinking. ♪

Yes, I would very much like an update on the Lawrence Drake situation.

Brian: I know, it's not my best work.

I'm not on NZT.

But... it's an elevator to space.

I can see that.

At the moment, I'm mostly concerned about the fact that you let one of the FBI's ten most wanted fugitives just walk away.

What? Lawrence didn't go anywhere... he's at my place.

You seriously think he's gonna stay there?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure.

Look, Lawrence is thrilled that somebody believes he's innocent.

And, all right, if he runs...

He's not gonna run, he's innocent.

You think.

Even if he didn't kill his wife, it's still a crime to escape from prison.

Listen, the guy got a raw deal, okay?

Lawrence is only on the top ten list in the first place because he broke out of jail with Lonnie Hyde.

Right, Hyde is a five-time killer.

But Lawrence had to use Hyde's cell to build the tunnel.

It's the only place he could dig out.

Look, they're not friends, okay? They're not allies.

And this has something to do with a space elevator?

Yes, people have been trying to figure out how to build one for decades.

Lawrence Drake is a brilliant engineer, and 15 years ago, he had an idea for an inflatable elevator.

It would go 12 miles up.

It's basically like an aircraft carrier, but the landing strip is right on the edge of space.

It would make getting out of the atmosphere way cheaper.

15 years ago.

Why haven't I heard about an elevator to space?

Lawrence brought the idea to a guy named Sanjay Dayal.

Uh, he's the CEO of SD Aerospace.

And Dayal made him a small offer, but Lawrence decided to hold onto it.

And then ten years ago, they finally figured out a way to make the canvas strong enough to build the elevator.

It was an actual possibility.

But the problem was Sanjay Dayal would have had to pay an arm and a leg for that patent now.

And he wouldn't get credit as the visionary.

Lawrence thinks that Sanjay Dayal framed him for his wife's murder.

Uh, he actually thinks Dayal hired someone to kill them both.

Every con has a story like this.

Except... Lawrence Drake has spent the entire time he's been free trying to find his wife's murderer.

He has boxes of records.

Why would he do that if he killed his wife?

Okay, he doesn't sound guilty, but how are you gonna prove he's innocent?

Lawrence has thought about the events of that night over and over in his mind a thousand times, but it happened nine years ago.

What if we can help him remember something more?

You want to give NZT... to one of the FBI's ten most wanted.

We can handcuff him to a chair if it makes you feel better, but this is the only way he's going to uncover something new.

Mr. Drake, I need you to understand something.

I'm a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and I am bound by oaths.

If we give you this pill, it may help you remember something useful, and if it doesn't, I'll take you into custody.

Do you understand?

You say that thing will give me perfect recall?

Lawrence, it'll do a lot more than that.

I guess I'll take my chances.

What kind of damn snake oil did you two just...



Oh, mercy.

Oh, mercy.


Does the job, huh?

Oh, ma'am.

You are so beautiful.

It's like a statue... came to life in a museum and started walking around.

Thank you, Mr. Drake.

Second Lawrence: Fool, you better quit wasting time.

These people might look friendly now, but if you don't figure out what happened to Anna, they gonna be hauling your ass back to jail.

Think about that night, Mr. Drake.

I do nothing but think about that night.

No, not like this.

Tell us what happened when you got home.

Lawrence: I saw Anna's body first.

He-he was on me before I could get to her.

Brian: Tell us about it.

Hear it all.

Smell it all.

Feel it all.

We just fought.

He was on top of me.

The he heard the neighbors knocking. (pounding)

And he ran.

Whoa, oh, wait a minute.

I've got my hands on his face.

Rebecca: What did it feel like?

I can feel the mask.

Underneath that, I feel his cheekbones, his jaw, his nose.

I can feel what he looked like.

His whole bone structure.

I can practically see it.


Is there anything I can work with? Uh...

Do you want some clay?

You are absolutely in the right place if you want some clay.

What exactly am I looking at here?

A man named Lawrence Drake made that.

You know what, personally, I prefer a little more detail in my artwork.

Oh, yeah?

Well, he did it by sense of touch.

And when we ran it through facial recognition software, we found someone who had 14 matching attribute points.

That's you, Philip Brubaker.

Rebecca: For 20 years, you made a very nice living committing murders for various corporations.

You two gonna come around to something?

We would like you to admit that a man named Sanjay Dayal hired you to kill Anna and Lawrence Drake.

We would like you to admit that you killed Anna but fled before you got a chance to do the same to Lawrence.

Could be we're gonna be here for a long time, if you expect me to say something like that.

You're serving two consecutive life sentences.

What do you have to lose?

What do I have to gain?

What do you want?

You know what, I think I got about everything I need, so thanks and, uh...

Your accent, you're from Coney Island, right?


So you got to know Murray's Bagels.

I mean, they're amazing bagels.

Everyone knows Murray's.

What are you, like, an everything kind of guy?


Naz: He admitted to murder in exchange for a dozen bagels?

Uh, a dozen bagels a week, and you'll be getting my bill for reimbursement.

You know, Drake still broke out of prison.

That comes with a lot of time.

We were thinking about that.

If we agree to work with him, he will give us the whereabouts of Lonnie Hyde, the killer he broke out of prison with.

Lawrence Drake is innocent, and he spent a lot of time in jail.

I'm gonna talk to Judge Carpenter.

I see no reason why he can't be remanded to a white-collar facility pending a release based on time served.

Brian: And before we take him, he wants to have dinner with his daughter.

I mean, that girl has spent the past decade thinking that Lawrence murdered her mother.


Ike got Gordon Cooke.

Casey and Boyle brought in Ray Allen Clements.

James found the location of Susannah Travis' compound.

Rebecca and I found Perry Granger, Troy Abate.

We're about to get Lonnie Hyde, and we found Lawrence Drake.

Naz: Oh, you didn't apprehend Lawrence Drake.

He's innocent.

(scoffs) What?!

We still found him.

What, are you gonna ding us on a technicality?

All right, you can count him.

But unfortunately, the hunt is over.

I have every agent in this building asking me if they can get in on it, and, uh, D.C. called to tell me that the CJC is not authorized as a fugitive-hunting outfit.

So, it's over.

But, Brian, you've done very, very well.

And, um, I think we can come to some sort of accommodation on your, um... headquarters.

Oh, yeah, headquarters.

(phone chirps)

Oh, hey.

Look at that.

It's the park ranger in Tanzania.

Uh, they caught our big game hunter, and his extradition flight lands tonight.

What do you say we go bag our last trophy?

("Father to Son" by Queen playing)

♪ A word in your ear ♪
♪ From father to son... ♪

The way I see it, the point isn't whether or not they put headquarters on the window, which they didn't.

They put H.Q., no exclamation point, which is kind of lame.

But the point is the Bruntouchables, when called upon, were ready, and we should stay ready, because as soon as James get out of de-programming, the world might call on us again.



Sorry, just a quick question.


It's only curiosity, but what did Stavros do?

Stavros, you ready?

He was a tailor in the old country.

He made us all T-shirts.

♪ Funny ♪
♪ You don't hear a single word I say ♪


♪ But my letter to you ♪





I wanted to call first, but your sister suggested I just stop by.

Yeah, come on in.

Rachel said that, uh, that you thought that I've been avoiding you.

Oh, well, no.

I didn't say that exact...

I have.

You see, I don't know how to have a relationship with you if I don't know anything real that's going on in your life.

What is this?

It's just some things I've kept over the years.

Stuff that you've given me.

Some parents collect their kids' self portraits or straight-A report cards.

This is what I've kept.


That's the drawing you made for me when you got kicked out of McAllister in the fourth grade.

I didn't understand how you could cheat off Sammy Parver's geography exam, so you made this diagram showing me where you sat and where Sammy sat.


That's the mobile that you made to explain to me how you stole money from the rest of the kids in the sixth grade.

It wasn't stealing.

It was a bartering system.



I guess I've always been arts and craftsy, huh?

I don't understand.

Why-why are you giving all this to me now?

Because I don't want them anymore.

You always told me the truth.

No matter what kind of trouble you were in, you never lied to me.


I loved you for that.

I love you, Dad, but this time, it is dangerous if I tell you the truth.

I don't care.

I would suffer for you.

I would die for you.

You're my son.

You're my Brian.


There is a drug.

You're right about that.


There is a drug.

And it's called NZT.

♪ Joyful the sound ♪
♪ The word goes around ♪
♪ From father to son ♪
♪ To son... ♪

We are dealing with an engineered virus.

That's right, a second one.

Our only chance is to find patient zero within 24 hours.


If these readings are correct, this virus could wipe out all of New York.

We got to find that monkey.

We traced the virus that hit New York to a lab owned by the Triads.

But we'll need Naz's help if we're gonna infiltrate their base.

You've never given up on anything in your life.

Don't give up on me now!

Fight! Fight!



She's gone.

It's over.

Damn you, Spelman Boyle!

We're gonna get revenge on the people who killed Naz by taking down their entire prostitution ring!

You ready?

I better get a promotion for this.

Rebecca: Congratulations on your promotion to director, Mike.

Thanks, guys.

Just one more thing.

We're the Muntouchables now.

Mike, no!

♪ From father to son ♪
♪ To son ♪
♪ Joyful the sound the word goes around.♪