01x10 - Arm-Ageddon

So what's it gonna be, Brian?

You ready to become somebody who matters?

Dennis: Brian is lost in the world...

Don't move. Hands in the air.

And I can believe that he is mixed up with this drug.

Excuse me, everyone, I'm robbing the place.

Rebecca: Your dad used to be an attorney, right?

Brian: Yeah.

If you want to talk to him, why don't you hire him?

You made a deal with us, but you're still entitled to an attorney.

Did you think Dad was acting strange last night?

I... think he's a little suspicious about how you got here.


It is dangerous if I tell you the truth.

I don't care. I would die for you.

There is a drug, and it's called NZT.

And when I take it, my brain is, like...

Aw, Dad, I'd have to be on it to describe it to you.

Why don't you try.

I'm the version of myself that I've always wanted to be.

I'm the version of myself that you've always wanted me to be.

I'm unlocked... We talked for...

I don't know how long it was, actually.

I lost track of time.

I told him a lot, but he's still in the dark about Senator Morra, which is definitely better for both of us.

It felt so good to have him back in my life in a real way.

It felt good, that is... right up until the end.

Brian, we need to get you out of this.

Well, they kind of have me over a barrel.

That's the whole point.

No. No, they want you to believe that you're over a barrel.

So let's just take a look what's happening here, okay?

You're the sole subject of a secret and probably illegal clinical trial.

God knows what that drug is doing to your body.

I feel fine.

But you know what, Brian?

This is not gonna work out well.

It's gonna work out badly.

Because nothing stays secret.

And you're probably gonna wind up... you're probably gonna wind up in jail.

Or if any those guys whose... asses are on the line... think that they can nip this problem in the bud, you'll wind up dead.

Think of this as a ladder, and you're at the bottom of this ladder.

Once all this information comes out, once it comes to light, every rung on that ladder is gonna disavow the rung below... and nobody is gonna give a damn about Brian Finch.

(distant gunfire)

Come on, what's the hold up now?

Aw, Dietz wants us on that rooftop by nightfall.

We keep getting held up like this, we ain't never gonna get there.

What's going on up there?!

Man: Checking something out... Bag on the road.

Let's go!

(booming explosion)

(debris clattering)

(quiet laughter)

Holy crap, man.

You're really a full-blown agent?

Special agent, thank you very much.

(chuckles) Congrats, brother... you deserve it.

They taking applications from the... differently abled?

Relax, man. I already know they don't.

You already have a job anyway.

Packing shelves. $12 an hour.

Mm. At least Kristen's... pulling extra shifts at the hospital.

Only way we can afford this palace.

You're gonna find your thing.


(faint whirring)

(chuckles softly)

So you just think and it moves?

It's got a wireless connection to my motor cortex, so I...

I just think about what I want it to do...

(chuckles): That's incredible.

Not even the best part.

Look, I'm gonna... I'm gonna close my eyes now.

Go ahead and... touch one of my fingers.

It's the ring finger.

There are pressure sensors on the arm and hand connected to my sensory cortex.

So you can feel things?

It's a brave new world, brother.

Look, I... I know you pulled strings to get me into the beta test.

Thank you.

I wrote a letter.

After that, it was all you.

(sighs): Well, I was, uh...

I was talking to Kristen last night.

I think I might... go back to school, get a degree in teaching.

Imagine what those kids will think, new teacher walks in the room with a Terminator arm?

(clicking tongue)

(faint whirring)

Operator: 911. What is the exact location of your emergency?

I'm in my apartment. I think she's dead.

Kristen's dead.

I think we should look into 24-hour surveillance.

(cell phone buzzing) Get Martinez on the horn, make sure he has the resources to go round the clock.

This might be him. This is Boyle.


Wait, wait, wait. Slow down.

No. Tell me exactly what happened.

A favor for Boyle, you say?

Do tell.

Okay. This is serious.

Boyle served with a ranger named Aaron Shaw.

Last night, Shaw was arrested for murdering his wife.

The NYPD claims he choked her to death.

Aaron claims he didn't do it. He has...

I guess what you could call an alibi.

What is it?

The NYPD detectives who arrested him are apparently laughing at his story, so... Boyle wants to see if you can help.

Well, what's his alibi?

I think you should hear it straight from Aaron.

Hmm. Ike. Chaser.

Hey, brother.

So, this is the guy I was telling you about...

Brian Finch.

He's good with... complicated stuff, and I think he might be able to help you out.

Okay. (panting)

What's going on?

My wife died last night.

Kristen died last night.

What happened?

I was standing right there when it happened.

I watched the light... go out of her eyes.

So there was someone else in your apartment?

Did you try to stop him?

It was just-just me and her.

My hand was wrapped around Kristen's throat.

Then when it was over, I called 911.

I'm sorry, Mr. Shaw... it sounds like you're saying you killed your wife.

No. Look, I was attached to the thing that killed Kristen.

I didn't do it... It was this thing.

My arm.

It went crazy or something. It strangled Kristen to death, but I wasn't controlling it... It was acting on its own.

I tried to-to pry the fingers off, I tried to-to power the thing down... Nothing worked.

So you're saying that you're innocent but your arm... your arm is guilty?


I know how it sounds... Believe me...

But it's what happened.

I did not kill Kristen.

I would never kill her.

It was my... arm.

(faint whirring)

So you're saying that your arm... came to life on its own?

I know it sounds insane. We-we were washing dishes.

That's exactly what happened.

And has anything like this ever happened before?

I mean, not like this...

Never, not so much a twitch. I would've told someone.

I tried to pull the Jake arm off... that's what they call it...

I tried to pull it off, but it was... locked onto Kristen's throat like a vice.


Aaron, is there anything else you can tell us, anything at all that can back up your story?

I have no idea what happened.

Maybe, uh... someone hacked it.

Maybe it just went crazy on its own.

I need help.

I get it, I do. It sounds insane, but...

I've been through a lot with this guy, and... sure as hell the NYPD's not gonna bother investigating his story.

I'll help.

He's your friend. I'll help.

There's no way.

In my opinion, it'd be close to impossible.

Brian: Whoa. What is this place?

We're called CRAFT.

The Center for the Research of Advanced and Future Threats.

We were funded to keep our military at the vanguard of technology.

Our job is to imagine threats that don't exist yet.

We predict the way wars will be fought in the future, and... we're ready when the time comes.

Is that a jet pack?

It's not a jet pack the way you're thinking jet pack.

It's called the Vayu Project, after the Hindu god of wind.

It's designed to help anyone in reasonable shape to run like a jaguar.

That is awesome!

Do you guys rent that out by the hour?



All right, let me see if I got this right.

So you guys invent cool gadgets, and then you hand them out to people to use on missions?

You're basically Q.

You're, like, the real-life Q.

Quentin, actually.

Uh, but... it's not the first time (clearing throat loudly) that comparison has been made.

Brian: That's because it's totally legit.

I mean, your name even starts with a Q.

So you really think it's impossible for someone to hack one of the arms you designed?

I'm a scientist, so I could never say anything is 100% certain.

But in this case, I'm willing to bet... almost everything I have that the arm fitted to Aaron Shaw... wasn't breached.

How can you be so sure?

Everyone knows that anything with an operating system and a signal can, in theory, be hacked.

(ringtone playing)

That's why the arms fabricated here use a wireless tech from a company called Carreon Technologies.

Their defense strategies are deeply multilayered.

We got the best people out there to go after each of the 30 arms in the beta program.

Not one could make an inch of progress.

Excuse... Hey, can...

Thank you.

I understand that you wrote a letter of recommendation for Aaron Shaw to the beta program.

I did.

I wish I could tell you that there was a decent chance that your friend didn't murder his wife... but I can't.

We-we hired the smartest people on the planet to try to hack this project.

No one could do it.

Brian: "Smartest people on the planet" couldn't do it, man!

Sounds like Quentin just threw down the gauntlet.

Spelman, I'm gonna prove that there's at least a chance that your friend is telling the truth.

I'm gonna get past the security on one of those arms.

I'm gonna hack the un-hackable.

I appreciate the help.

One thing.

What is hacking?


Well, I mean, I know in the movies there's usually a montage where they play really serious music, even though you're just watching somebody type really, really fast, and then it says, like, "server acquired," and then boom, something's hacked.

Did it for the lulz, all that good stuff. I just don't know what happens during the typing part.

Or even what the word "hacking" means exactly.

Brian: So as it turns out, the reason movies just show a montage, they do it that way because hacking is boring.

I mean, I could tell you about programming languages or how I got in touch with Everywhere, a hacker collective that schooled me in basics, but really?

Wouldn't you just rather be watching some Vines of things blowing up instead?

My new hacktivist friends at Everywhere said there was absolutely no way I could hack into Quentin's prosthetic arm.

But.. those guys were good for the basics.

I left them behind with about a week of practice.

Eventually, it was up to me.

Well, me and NZT. (rapid typing)

I started timing my doses so I'd get hack time at night.

And finally, after a bunch of time practicing in between everything else, I think I finally got somewhere.



Dad. What are you doing here?

You haven't answered your phone for days, Brian.

I know. It's because I was busy doing... computer stuff.

So, do you remember Rick Lindgren?

We used to do pro bono work for the ACLU back in the old days.

So, he's in private practice now, and he does work occasionally with guys like you...

People who work for military contractors or law enforcement... so...

I told him about your situation.


I told you that in confidence.

I don't know what... Why would you do that?

I trust him, Brian.

Rick thinks that there's a way for you to get out of this contract with the FBI.

How? I did those things.

I ran from the police. I held up a bank.

But you wouldn't have done those things if you weren't in fear for your life, isn't that right?

You didn't know who was chasing you.

You didn't know if the guy who killed Eli Whitford was gonna come after you.

You did all those things under duress.

What does that... does that mean that they can't charge me?

No, no. It means that you'll have a legal defense if they do... not to mention that drug that you've been taking, which certainly interfered with your judgment.

Mm... that's not how NZT works.

How do you know how this drug works?

Nobody knows how this drug works, not even the government.

Or they wouldn't be using you as a guinea pig.

And if they decide to go after you for walking away, we will see them in court.

We will depose every last one of them and make them admit that they are running a secret medical experiment on a scared kid who actually hasn't hurt anyone.

Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I don't want to burn the place down, Dad.


This is a fight, Brian, a fight.

You remember what I told you about fighting?

Mm... if I had to get in one, to be sure to throw the first punch. I get that.


That's right.

You can be sure they're gonna back off once they know that we're serious about this.

But we're gonna need some real, tangible leverage to make this work, so you're gonna have to go on record with the details of your agreement with the FBI...

NZT and everything.

On record?

We need video.

And we need the government to know that we have it.

Okay, so Rick wants you to go to his office tomorrow and make the tape.

I know it's scary. Believe me, I know.

This is how it's got to go. This is the only way we'll be able to get you out of this.

When my dad said he'd get me free of the FBI, I didn't think he'd actually find a way to do it.

(faint whirring)

You hacked my arm.


How did you do it?

Well, Q, it wasn't easy, I'm not gonna lie.

Um... let's see, basically, I started by...

(emergency signal's blare drowning out Brian's voice)__

That is how I did it, my friend.

And it turns out... your mind-control robot arm is hackable after all.

And it looks like someone took advantage of that to murder Kristen Shaw.

Who are you?

Wow. That's... (chuckles) kind of a complicated question.

I like to think I'm somewhat of a late bloomer.

There are... a handful of minds out there who could do what you did.

What are you doing working at an FBI field office?

Well, I work at the CJC, man.

It's not just any old field office.

I have nothing against civil service, but what you do, at its core, is... reactive.

If you worked here, with me... the world would react to what you did.

Damn, man, that is... it's flattering.

I'm not exactly on the open market, though.

The FBI has got me pretty well... locked down.


I'll give you whatever terms you want.

Jet pack privileges?

We are living in the age of marvels, Brian.

A lot of that starts right here.


It's tempting.

It is tempting. But I don't know, I got a pretty good gig where I am... the perks are pretty great.

I'll match it.

Ah, see? That is the one thing that you cannot do.

Boyle: So if you could hack that arm, so could anyone else.

I wouldn't say anyone else.

But yes, it is at least possible that Aaron didn't kill his wife.

Here's to hunting hackers.

I think you guys should take a look at something.

Newsman: Earlier this morning, a U.S. Postal Service van swerved violently across several lanes of traffic, causing serious injuries and closing all southbound lanes.

The driver of the van, who escaped with minor injuries, is making bizarre claims about what caused the 20-car pileup.

Woman: I know what it sounds like, but I'm telling you, it wasn't me.

The arm just... grabbed the wheel and took over.

It was so sudden, I couldn't stop it.

It wasn't me.

It was the arm.

Brian: So... the accident on the BQE, that wasn't the only arm that went crazy.

Not even close.

(mechanical whirring)

I'm s-sor... I'm not doing this.

This piece was influenced by Roy Lichtenstein, the artist cited...

(whirring) (gasps)

Brian: Over and over again that day, people from the beta test at CRAFT lost control of their arms.

I have it on good authority the reviewer from the Times is coming tonight.

So I want you guys on the top of your game.


You chopped off my fingers!

So if I may coin a phrase... it's basically Arm-ageddon out there.

Oh, come on, guys, that's basic.


Come on, that's...

We get it.

I'll laugh later. Promise.


Fortunately, CRAFT powered down the rest of the prosthetic arms remotely.

So the incident...

Whatever you want to call it...

Is over.

So now it's a case for the CJC.

But if there is someone out there that can hack into those arms, then God knows what all he could do.

So we will coordinate with Cyber to figure out who did it and why.

It's the "why" that I can't get my head around.

The attacks seem so random.

On the one hand, you've got the murder of Kristen Shaw and a 20-car pileup, and on the other, you've got a bunch of juvenile pranks.

But the pranks suggest a cyber-collective, no?

Mm, I don't know about that.

I mean, I spent a bunch of time with Everywhere when they were teaching me how to hack, and not any of them know how to get past CRAFT's security.

We've got a murder... and a guy who's pressing a bunch of elevator buttons.

The only thing that connects the attacks is the arms, so the only motives I can think of are to taint the Prosthetics Project or... one of the contractors that they hired.

Someone with a grudge... That means inside knowledge.

Let's find him.

Brian: So Boyle and Rebecca interviewed everyone at CRAFT, along with all the major contractors who worked on the Jake Project.

While they did that, I got the pleasure of reading all their employee files.

But I kept one ear on the interviews.

It was an endless stream of confused denials.

After all, why would they sabotage a project they'd all devoted years to?

I was just about ready to pack it in, and that's when I heard it.

Woman: Let me put something out there and see if the cat licks it up.

Brian: Strange expression, right?

I've heard it before. Very recently.

Do you remember when you were watching Vinesof explosions and I was learning how to hack?

I was talking to the code jockeys in Everywhere, and there was this one user...

The screen name was BlackFlagBaby, and they used that phrase all the time.

Let me put something out there and see if the cat licks it up.

Woman: I'd love to help, but I don't see how this came from one of us.

Hey. Who was that?

Ellen Kang... she's the head engineer at Carreon.

They put the wireless tech in those prosthetics. Why? (cell phone ringing)

I'm pretty sure she leads a double life.

Excuse me.

Okay, I'd be willing to bet that Ellen Kang is also a hacker who goes by the name BlackFlagBaby, she's part of Everywhere, and she's got some pretty radical beliefs.

You know, like anarchy in the streets, rivers run red with capitalist blood, all that fun stuff.

If Kang really is... you said BlackFlagBaby... is she capable of pulling off what happened this morning?

I mean, I'd check her computers.

She could definitely be the one behind Arm-pocalypse Now.

Give it to me.

No way.

That was Aaron Shaw's brother. Aaron was originally denied bail, but based on what happened today, he's been granted a new hearing.

Now, it's a good first step, but if we want the charges dismissed outright, we need to find the person responsible for the hack.

Well, good news... There's a decent chance you were just talking to her.

(ringtone plays) Let me explain.

Brian thinks the woman we were just talking to...

Brian: I didn't make the decision to blow off my dad all at once.

I just kind of deferred to it until I was home in front of Sinbad.

I texted an excuse and shut off my phone.

(object whistling through air)


I figure that'd buy me a night of peace.

(squeaky cartoon voices, weapons firing)

(cartoon character laughing)

Rebecca: Why did you turn your phone off?

Oh, hey.

I've been trying to get in touch with you for two hours.

Yeah, I've been dodging a call from my dad.

Isn't that what caller I.D. is for?

Well, in my experience, I've learned that some situations are best weathered entirely off the grid. What's up?

You were right about Ellen Kang.

Carreon gave us access to her computers.

We found the source code for the program used to hack CRAFT right there in her files.

What, you just found it out in the open?

Well, she used the same computer to log on to Everywhere-affiliated sites under the name BlagFlagBaby.

We have her in custody. She's denying everything, but if we can get a statement out of her, this will all be over soon.



I don't know, it just seems really easy, doesn't it?

A sophisticated hacker just leaving her code out for us to find?

Maybe she never thought we'd come looking for her.

I thought you could dig around those sites tonight, see if there's anything else that can link her to...

You know you wanted to say "Arm-ageddon."

I saw it.

I saw you almost say it.

Just say it.

The crimes.

Hey, what's the rush?

Do you have to be anywhere?

It's, you know..

Beer o'clock.

Or we have smokables.

Which, as a federal agent, probably doesn't interest you.

What is it?

Uh... what do you mean?

You usually say "beer o'clock" when you want to talk about something.

(sets beer down) I told my dad about all this.

My gig at the FBI, NZT, the whole shebang.

You told me that I could hire him as my attorney, remember?


Well... he did not react like I had expected.

I mean, he thinks that I need out.

He thinks that he can make that happen.

(sighs heavily): I just have to... go on video and talk about everything.

Are you looking for a way out?

No. That's the thing.

I'm not.

Well, just tell him that.

I can't. We'll be back...

I mean, he's so gung ho on this.

And that'll put us back... right at square one, where things are weird and... and estranged...

No, this is different.

Things were estranged because you were lying to him.

Now he knows the truth.

That's right, I guess.


You're not used to disagreeing with your father, are you?

Brian, you're an adult.

If he's gonna be in your life, he has to respect your choices.

He'll come around.

Brian: She made it sound so simple.

Almost as simple as figuring out that Ellen Kang was the one behind Arm-ageddon.

Ike, have you spent much time thinking about the idea of a patsy?

I know how it looks.

The code was on my computer, but I swear I didn't do it.

Ike: I'm sorry. He, uh, insisted I pass you this right away.

It was about the money... Quite a bit of it, actually.

I mean, I just couldn't get over the fact that catching Ellen Kang seemed so easy.

It was, like, too easy. Right?

I mean, wouldn't she have done a better job hiding or encrypting her work?

It was almost as if we caught the tail end of an alley-oop.

So I started to wonder if it was possible to profit from the events of Arm-ageddon.

I had a little look-see behind yesterday's trading activities...

Did you hack the New York Stock Exchange?

I just took a little peek behind the curtain.

No harm, no foul.




So, as you'd expect, most stock of companies affiliated with the Prosthetics Project took a huge hit after Arm-ageddon.

But the shell company, Eve's Mother, made a handsome profit by shorting the stock of the conglomerate that owns Carreon.

About $40 million.

It's almost as if the person behind Eve's Mother knew what was gonna happen.

Who's that?

Normally it'd be impossible to say, since the shell corporation is based in the Cayman Islands, and by default not subject to any of our laws...

But you had a little look-see?

I didn't have to.

Yesterday, when I read all the employee and contractor files at CRAFT, I noticed one of them had an application essay that mentioned the applicant's very first programming effort...

Eve's Mother. (taps keyboard)

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Kenny Sumida, progenitor of Eve's Mother and midlevel employee at Carreon.

So you think this guy set up his boss and made millions doing it?

(sighs): I do.

Then he's Kristen's killer, too.

Where is he?

I poked around behind Kenny's firewall... he stole five different identities over the past few days, and you know what they all have in common?

They all had flights departing JFK last night, each to non-extradition countries.

That's why Kenny picked them.

Rebecca: Working under your theory that he assumed one of these identities, he could be in any one of these countries.

And then if you add in connecting flights...

He could be anywhere in the world right now.

Where in the world is Kenny Sumida?

Brian: So it turns out the only thing worse than trying to catch a flight at JFK is trying to catch a suspect trying to catch a flight at JFK.

The place is a madhouse, and finding Kenny Sumida in last night's crowd really is like playing Where's Waldo?

I did spot three out of the five passengers Kenny hacked, so that ruled out three of the five cities.

Okay, Kenny's headed to Cape Verde or Dubai.

Now, Cape Verde is beautiful this time of year, but my guess is Kenny's gonna blow some of his new cash in the shopping capital of the world.

We just heard from the passenger who was headed to Dubai.

The airline texted him that the flight was canceled.

(groans) I'll bet you Kenny sent that text.

Pause that!

Hello, Kenny.

Why do you think that's Kenny Sumida?

He's wearing a keffiyeh, but he has the bottom corners tucked into his headband.

That's not how they do it in Qatar, the Emirates or Saudi Arabia.

That is... made up.

Also, he's wearing New Balance shoes.

Kenny just bought super wide shoes online...

Cyber told me that.

New Balances are the best shoes on the market for people who have wide... feet.



I have total recall, and my brother has flat feet.

Even if that is him, that footage is from last night, so his flight would have landed hours ago.

We've got no legal way to get him back here.

What if we have a slightly... extra-legal way of doing it?

Don't worry. I'm not hacking. (rapid typing)

I'm talking to my new hacktivist friends in Everywhere about Dubai.

It's a consumer paradise, located in one of the most desirable non-extradition countries in the world.

But it's also one of the most socially restrictive places in the world... which makes it easy to get kicked out of.

Lots of people had ideas. Toad To Hell.

What if we frame him for sleeping with the prince's wife?

We're trying to get him deported, not beheaded.

Andrew Jackson's Goiter had a point.

We had to zero in on a crime that would get Kenny deported, not killed.

(ringtone playing)

Ah, not now.

It took a while... everyone in Everywhere likes to argue...

But eventually they got down to the technical stuff.

My mom always sends me Vines of kittens doing really cute stuff.

Here, you can look at those while we get this sorted out.

♪ Raindrops are falling on my head ♪
♪ And just like the guy whose feet are too big... ♪

When we were done, we had settled on a strategy.

Now, it had a few steps, and it took a few days.

First, we hacked a bunch of digital ads and billboards.

Then we Photoshopped some pictures of Kenny doing a bunch of stuff you're not supposed to be doing in the UAE.

It's a really long list.

So stage one was designed to get authorities to take a look at Kenny.

In stage two, we sent a package in Kenny's name to every resort in the country.

12 pounds of bacon...

Enough to be considered intent to sell.

And we also threw in a few vibrators in each package.

(woman moaning)

Now, I'm not aware of any specific provisions against s*x toys in the UAE, (women laughing) but I figured, hey, there's no way they're fans.

The upshot? Within 72 hours of those packages landing, Kenny Sumida was back on American soil.

Okay, so yeah, you got me deported from the Emirates.

I shorted some Carreon stock.

Sounds like other than that...

(sighs) I should walk out of here.

Kenny, we have so much more than that.

We have the source code from the hacking program you tried to delete from your desktop; we have the research that you did into the people whose arms you hacked; we have the fact that you stole the identities of five people heading to non-extradition countries; and we have you, who, frankly, in front of a jury looks like a walking guilty verdict to me.

Rebecca: You're facing charges of theft, assault, dozens of cyber crimes, and now the murder of Kristen Shaw.

You should have stuck to pranks, Kenny.

You care to tell us why you added murder one to the mix?

What happens if I talk?

We tell the U.S. Attorneys that you were cooperative, and it makes a huge difference.

Can I help you with something?

Well, maybe you can.

I'm looking for my son.

Okay. I hacked the arms.

I shorted the stock. I set up Ellen Kang.

But you have to understand one thing...

I did not kill anyone.

Rebecca: Why should we believe you?

(door opens)

Your story's not coming together.

It's not making sense.

Brian. You have a visitor upstairs.



What's going on? What are you doing here?

You've been avoiding me, Brian, so I thought I'd come down and find out why.

I know when you're trying to ditch me, Brian.

I'm always gonna find you.

You think you'd know that by now.

I'm not avoiding you, Dad.

(chuckles): I'm avoiding this conversation.

Well, isn't that the same thing?

No. No.


(groans): Oh...

Okay. This drug...

And this is gonna be hard for you to get your head around...

But... this drug, I think it's making me a better person.

I mean, it's a work in progress.

I'm still confronting my fears...

The fear of confrontation being one of them, and definitely the fear of confrontation with you.

Just say it, Brian. Come on, out with it.

I don't want to sue the FBI.

I definitely don't want them to sue me.

Is it because you're worried about...

I'm not.

No, I just...


As weird as all this is, I don't think I want out of it.

I brought you into all this because I wanted you back in my life, not because I wanted you to rescue me from it.

You are being held hostage by the FBI, Brian, and you're telling me that you're fine?

As much as I can say that about my life, yeah.


And people figure out what they're supposed to do in all kinds of weird ways, right?

Yes, but there's a difference between Yeah.

Complacency and contentment.

Now, what I can't distinguish and what I am positive that you can't distinguish is how much of this decision is being driven by the drug.

I mean, if your passion is law enforcement, you can have a career in law enforcement.

No, I can't. Not like this.

Yeah, because you want to take the easy route.

You just want to skip honest, hard work.

No, Dad. It's because the only reason they want me is NZT.

Oh, come on.

That drug is what made me someone who matters.

Oh, please. You mattered way before any of this.

I can't show you something that you don't want to see.

I can't help you if you won't let me help you.

I don't need your help.

I got this.

Look, what I want more than anything, what I've always wanted more than anything, is to make you proud.

If you don't agree with my decision, if you think I'm doing the wrong thing...

I'll just have to find a way to live with that.

I'll tell Rick Lindgren to stand down.

All right, at least I got the truth.


All right.


So between all three transfers, we're looking at a total of $200,000?

That would corroborate his story.

Thank you.

Who was that?

Long story.

And I want to hear yours first. How'd it go with your dad?

Uh... can I fill you in tomorrow?

I'm, like, all talked out for tonight.

Yeah. Okay. Well, we just spent the last hour getting a statement from Kenny Sumida.

Long-winded, but not without a point.

He recruited someone from the Prosthetics Project to be a practice dummy for the hack.

Paid $200,000 to have regular access to the Jake arm.

Wow. So Kenny had an accomplice.

A right-hand man.

Is that, like, the same thing?

I was trying to do a pun.

"Do" a pun?

Brian, the point is that his recruit caught wind of what he was doing and he took advantage of the timing.

By blending in with Sumida's army. Arm-ee.

See? Short. Fun.

It's reaching.

Reaching. That's good, too.

You're getting better.

All right, Kenny's recruit.

Was it who I think it is?

It was looking bad for a while, but I really think I have a good chance now. Thank you.

Congratulations, Aaron.

You made bail!

Seems like a waste of hard-earned money, considering you're gonna be heading right back.

What are you talking about?

We know Sumida hired you so he could practice.

What he didn't know was you must've wanted out of your marriage and he had just given you the perfect exit ramp.

You killed Kristen, then you blamed it on the mass hack.

That's absurd.

Ah. Well, the one thing I can't figure out... is why you did it a day before the other attacks.

She must have found the money Sumida gave you, started asking questions.

You're gonna try to prove that in court?

My word... a decorated vet... Against some hacker?

Best of luck with that, buddy.

Yeah, I have a blind spot when it comes to people I served with.

Otherwise, I would have figured out what you are a lot sooner.

(sighs) But it's not just gonna be your word against Kenny's.

You see, at the scene of every attack Sumida planned... there was a camera.

The museum, the restaurant, the elevator... even inside the post office van, there was a security cam on the dashboard...

But at your house, where you murdered Kristen, guess what we couldn't find.

How in the hell was Kenny Sumida supposed to control your arm if he couldn't see what he was doing?

Boom! Boyle for the win!

Yeah, I don't think your trial's gonna go down the way you think it's going to.

Well, whatever happens, in the meantime, have fun getting punched in the face.

What the hell?

I know, it's annoying, right?

Man, my brothers used to do that to me all the damn time.


I passed the code I hacked your arm with to my new buddies at Everywhere.

Yeah. So if you hit yourself from now to the end of the trial, that's just them saying hello.



Hello, Mr. Finch.

Agent Pouran, I promise you this won't take long.


So, I think you know that I recently have taken on my son as a client.

I'm a lawyer.


Should I be calling mine?

We were considering legal action against the CJC, but Brian decided not to press charges.

I suspected that he would back down, so...

I started filing for conservatorship on the grounds that he wasn't capable of making clear decisions right now.

So I should be calling my lawyer.

No, I don't want to expose Brian to the courts if he doesn't want me to.

And I figured I'd have a better chance appealing to you as one parent to another.

You're familiar with the doctrine of parens patriae?


The notion of the state having an obligation to act as a parent when dealing with those who require special protection.

The young and the mentally ill.

And the drug-addicted.

And no matter how you slice it, that's what Brian is.

By your hand.

And if I don't have the civil right to... take care of my son, and if my son won't let me protect him...

I need to know that someone will.

Well, we'll look after Brian.

I will look after Brian.

But, Mr. Finch, I think you underestimate your son.

From everything I've seen since I first crossed paths with Brian... he does a pretty good job looking after himself.

Well, that's good and fine, but let me be clear.

If my son is hurt... or, God forbid, if he's killed...

I'm holding you responsible.

I know who you are, I know you come from money, and I know that people like you tend to feel safe from the consequences of their action.

Examine that feeling.

Get nervous.

Because let me tell you, Agent Pouran, if my son doesn't survive this intact... you're going to jail.



Hey. Can you come out and play?

What? What's going on? I thought we were done for the day.

Oh, we are. There's just... there's something I want you to see.

Oh, come on, Brian, I know you had a really big talk with your father last night, and... it's complicated... Complicated enough to make you want to take a break from being a grown-up, you want to...

Come on.

No way! D-Don't even tell me! Is that what I think it is?

Remember that guy from CRAFT, Quentin?

Yes! Well, he came by the office the other day to ask me out.

Just, uh, coffee. Not a big deal.

But after I told him I was seeing someone, he asked if I would give you this.



He said to call him if you ever want to dabble in the interesting stuff in your free time.

And in the meantime, he said you could spend the whole weekend with this.

Brian: What?!

That's amazing!


Oh, my God!

♪ ♪