01x15 - Undercover

Previously on Limitless...

I've been thinking about the shooting.

I was watching footage of Morra.

It's almost like he dodged.

Do you think he's on NZT?

Senator's coat. The real one.

With NZT in the blood.

Everything go smooth?

Brian: I had to talk to one guy in the Evidence unit.

Rebecca: He's dead, Brian.

He went to a Chinese restaurant where the chef knows about his allergy.

Somehow, peanut oil ended up in his entree.

He died in the ambulance.

Do you think someone killed him?

I think someone didn't want us talking to him.

(lively jazz music playing)

Woman: You understand you're giving a statement to IAU about your recent investigation of Cyrillus Holdings?


And that this also includes the 48-hour period you spent working with another agent.

Look, I get it.

You want me to talk about Lucy Church.

That works for me; I could talk about Lucy Church all day long.

And why is that exactly?


I learned a lot from her.

Plus, I wasn't in a great place when we met.

You look like you've been through hell.

I know what you did.

Jesse Escanso?

The Evidence clerk.

He didn't just die because someone put peanut oil in his Chinese food.

You made it happen.

(whispers): Which means I made it happen.

Assuming you're right about any of this... did you come here to say thank you?

Jesse Escanso could have, and would have, exposed everything that we're trying to do.

And if he hadn't have had... an accident... odds are, you'd be in jail right now.

I don't care.

I don't, I don't go around murdering people.

And you haven't.

You gave me a debriefing.

Based on that, I may or may not have tended to a loose end.

What trouble is that to your conscience?

And Agent Harris?

Well, I'd imagine the timing of Mr. Escanso's death hasn't been lost on her.

Rebecca's fine.

You don't have to worry about Rebecca.

In any case, she won't be getting any compromising information from Jesse Escanso.

Woman: You weren't in a great place? What does that mean?

Nothing you need to worry about.

The stuff you want to know, that all started when the list of undercover agents got out.


Get up!

Ah, Mike!

What is it, like, 3:00 in the morning?

What do you want?

Naz needs you right now.

Naz: Washington maintains a master list of every agent working under nonofficial cover.

Two hours ago, unknown persons stole the hard drive from Deputy Director Rovick's home in Dupont Circle.

The list was on it.

Every undercover operation we've got going has been compromised, and we're pulling all the agents as we speak.

Has the list been leaked?

No, not yet. We only assume it's a matter of time.

Naz: This is Adrian Vescovi.

He supervises undercover work in the city, and, uh, he will fill you in on the rest.

At this point, we have no idea what these thieves want.

They could be selling these names, they could post them publicly at any moment.

We have 22 undercover agents, five of which are unaccounted for.

Now, obviously, we have our people looking for them.

I hear you're quite the problem solver.

I want you and your team to do everything you can to find these agents.

These are their names.

(quietly): Hear that? He said my team.

I heard. He's just ignorant, that's all.

Vescovi: ...Liz Collette, Alex Nellenthal and Lucy Church.

Rebecca: Yes, I know Lucy.

I knew her.


We were at Quantico together, um... till she got pulled pre-graduation for an undercover assignment.

I heard it was at a prison.

Um, and then she went into another deep undercover position after that, and then another one after that.


That happens to some people.

They get addicted to being somebody else.

I mean, the only thing I know about undercover work is what I've seen in the movies, but, um, yeah, once I dug into the files, finding the agents really wasn't that hard.

(lively jazz music playing)

Brian: Agent Ben Yang was deep cover with the Triads.

Now, funny enough, the guy had a sensitivity to MSG.

Luckily, a lot of people think there's a way to remedy MSG symptoms: drink Red Bull.

I tracked down a bodega-sized Red Bull shipment to a Chinatown apartment and found Agent Yang.

Agent Liz Collette was working undercover at a blue chip Chelsea gallery under suspicion of moving stolen art.

Now, here's the thing about the art world: no one eats.

And Agent Collette filed receipts from a bunch of burger places on her last assignment.

We found her shame-eating at a Shake Shack.

It went on like that, until the only agent left unaccounted for was Lucy Church, who was in the end stages of a long assignment at a corrupt hedge fund.

This place apparently cornered the market on high-end money laundering in the city.

It's tied to some very bad people, and no one could get in touch with Lucy.

Which was how I came to be standing in the middle of Ditmars Boulevard right before dawn, looking for a blue 1968 Ford Mustang.

(tires screeching)

I recognize the name.

The face does nothing for me.

I'm Brian Finch.

I work with the FBI.

Look, your cover's burnt, and your boss, Adrian Vescovi, says you need to come in.

How did you find me?

You had speeding tickets.

You're an insomniac, and driving fast late at night helps you relax.

I took a bet that once you had a badge, you'd just use it to get out of tickets.

So, we sent people to the five longest straightaways in the city.

I picked the longest one.

Here we are.

All right, so someone took the list, but it hasn't been posted publicly yet.

Yeah, well, not as far as we know.

Thanks for the heads-up, Brian Finch.

I'm not coming in.

Oh, come on.

No, wait, wait, wait!

(tires screeching)

What's your deal?

What do you mean?

I mean, you're cute enough to pull off the whole square-jaw thing, if you wanted to, but you're dressed like you're in line for the Porta-John at Coachella.

They woke me up in the middle of the night.

Doesn't matter; the Bureau wouldn't let you get away with that unless you were something special.

So... what's your deal?

I solve problems.

I am well supplied with those.

And, as of a couple minutes ago, I haven't got a whole lot of time to sort through them, so...

Oh, you want me to come with you?

I joined the Bureau to save lives.

Could be you had different reasons.

I know you're manipulating me.

And yet you're still standing there.

(tires screeching)

I stood on the road for 12 hours before somebody told me they found Lucy.

I'm not complaining about the windburn, per se, but it would be nice if the Bureau could reimburse me for some aloe.

(laughs) Kidnap him?

You're asking me if I kidnapped the CJC's consultant?

I opened the car door; he got in on his own.

(engine revving, tires screeching)

(car horns honking)

Brian: Hey, do you want me to dial for you so you can focus on the road?

I got to call my boss. Try and be quiet a sec, okay?

(line ringing)

Vescovi: Lucy, you're on speakerphone with myself and S.A.C. Pouran.

Is everything okay?

I'm not coming in, Adrian.

Not yet.

Uh, actually, you are.

I'm pulling your credentials right now.

Any arrest you make will be null and void.

All right, you could do that.

I mean, I wouldn't, seeing as I'm the one holding the file that can tie Cyrillus Holdings to, like, 50 criminal counts.

Don't even start down this road with me, Lucy.

I get pulled in, who's to say what happens to that file?

Lucy, we're done.

This case is over.

We have everything we need to nail the hedge fund.

No, there is one more thing before we file charges, Adrian, and you know how important it is.

Don't pretend like you don't.

Two days.

I'm giving you two days to bring this thing home.


I'm borrowing a man-child from the CJC.

I'll bring him back in better shape than I found him.

Shouldn't be hard.

Hey, hey, hey, hey!

(phone beeps)

Did you just hang up on Naz?

Buckle up, handsome.

You're mine for the next two days.

Boyle: W-Was I surprised Finch stayed out in the field?

Of course not.

He probably heard the word "undercover," and with that expression that means exclamation point.




Hey, I like this place.

I was in the endgame at Cyrillus Holdings... three years of casework.

Technically, the investigation is done.

Just one last piece needs to fall into place.

Help me out.


So, this last piece, is that what we're after?

"The Blue Limit""

Bills itself out as a premium escort service.

They launder all their cash through Cyrillus Holdings.

Okay, I'm listening.

Good, because the FBI believes what they really are is a human trafficking organization.

They bring in women from poor countries in Europe, take their passports, and essentially sell them into slavery.

But doesn't that mean that they'll just get rolled up in the larger investigation of Cyrillus?

The second we file a case against Cyrillus Holdings, that case will encompass The Blue Limit, and every other shady business they've ever worked with.

At which point, the women working there will become major liabilities.

You think The Blue Limit would be inclined to get rid of them?

Women who make trouble there have a way of disappearing, so, yeah, I do think that could happen on a larger scale.

I want to get these women out of there.

I want to find out where their passports are stashed, get them back, so they can be on their way home before charges get filed.

It's not enough these guys get to go to some golf-farm white-collar prison.

They're slavers.

They kill women, and I want them for that.

Now, these guys keep the particulars of their organization pretty close to the belt, so there was only so much that I could learn.

But I had an informant on the inside.

We were just starting to get a sense of the structure when she disappeared a few weeks ago, which makes me think they had her killed.

Well, what can I do?

Tonight, The Blue Limit is holding a benefit, courting their new high-end clients.

You're coming as one of the clients-to-be.

I will make entry, and we will work the room and find those passports.

Just like that?

Do you have a suit? Have you ever even worn a suit?

I got a suit.

It's red.


Personal shopper at Bergdorf's.

He'll hook you up.

Chop chop, Brian Finch.

Lots of work to do.

(phone chimes)

Brian: Hey there.

Looking to save lives... thumbs up emoji.

Kind of need some NZT to do it... arm making muscle emoji.


Yes, I authorized administering Brian NZT while he was working with Lucy Church.

Her handler made a strong case for why she should still be out there.

Brian Finch knew the parameters of what he was and wasn't supposed to do, and I trusted him to act within those.

And, yes, in retrospect, I realize that may sound naive.

The women of Eastern Europe thank you.

You okay?

You seem a little distracted.

I got a call from Jarrod Sands' office this morning.

Remember him?

What? I don't like where this is headed.

He, uh, heads up Senator Morra's personal security.

Yeah, I think so.

Well, he wants to meet later.

Are you gonna go?

Well, we're sniffing around Senator Morra and NZT, and all of a sudden I get this call out of the blue?

Yeah, I'm gonna go.

The, um... suit that you're wearing, it still has a tag on the sleeve.

Oh, yeah, I know. I'm-I'm still shopping.

I actually told the guy that was helping me inside that I'd be right back.

Rebecca: He looked fine.

Um, good, I guess.

It was a nice suit.

Everybody looks better in a suit.

Boy, that's a-a weird question for you to ask me.

Woman: I meant, did Finch seem nervous or out of sorts?

Oh, no, no.

But, I mean, I wasn't looking that closely.

I... I had a lot on my mind that day.

Special Agent Harris.

I'm glad you decided to come. Do you fancy a drink?

Oh, no, I'm good.

This is a nice place.

Senator Morra was impressed by your deft handling of his attempted assassination.

So was I.

Well, I'm glad I could help.

And we were glad for that help.

So glad, in fact, that we would like to extend the relationship, if possible.

Extend it how?

Senator Morra and I would like to offer you a job.

A job?


A quite lucrative one at that, working on the senator's private security team.

I'm gonna write a number on a piece of paper.

When you see it, I'm sure you'll be convinced about how serious we are to have you on our team.

Naturally, all comes with perks and privileges such as to dwarf anything the FBI might be able to offer.

As I said, we're quite serious.

That's a very impressive offer, Mr. Sands.

May I have some time to think about it?

Of course.

Take whatever time you need.

Thank you.

(phone vibrating)



I take it you've been trying to reach me.

Sands, listen to me, I don't have much time...

Relax, Brian.

I'm not trying to threaten or encroach in any other way upon Rebecca.

Since you have failed utterly to convince her to stop asking questions, I've simply stepped in to smooth things over.

How are you doing that?

By offering her a job.

Quite an attractive one, in fact.


You're trying to bribe her?

Brian, I have yet to meet a human being on this planet who doesn't have a price.

Sure you're up for this?


Brian, this is years of my life, hundreds of hours of work.

I am absolutely good to go.


(lively jazz music playing)

Brian: It wasn't my first douchey hedge fund party, but it was the first where just about every guy there was there specifically to buy time with women.

They ran a pretty wide gamut of occupations and interests.

There was the investment bankers, inevitably.

Kind of the easiest to impress, since they live by speculation.

Because trading on the open market is dead when it comes to derivatives.

The Sharpe ratio isn't even comparable with dark pools.

I mean, no market depth feed, risk becomes a virtual non-entity.

And go ahead, call your clients, take this down.

The Russian oligarch contingent was a tougher nut to crack, but it seemed relevant since a lot of the girls were Eastern European.

But it turned out to be worth it, since that way I was able to meet Sergei,

The Blue Limit's man in charge on the ground, and he had issues of his own he needed help with.

You know, it sounds to me like your nephew's just trying to get your brother's attention.

Cry for help?

Exactly, that's exactly right.

I mean, think of it like this, Sergei.

You put a kid like that on a Ducati, he's just gonna ride around knocking driver side mirrors off to get a rise out of Dad.

But if Dad takes away the Ducati and actually listens to him...

I'm sure he has not thought of it quite this way.

Well, he totally should.



Brian: With every little exchange, every snippet of conversation I was able to pick up, I gradually was able to build a sense of The Blue Limit's hierarchy.

And in every vaguely threatening e-mail chain, every overheard reference to discipline, there's one name that keeps recurring.

Karl Boorman.

(whispers): Thank you.

I know the name.

Head of security for The Blue Limit.

Yeah, he oversees the dirty work when it needs doing.

Stands to reason that he'd be the person holding the passports of all Blue Limit's workers.

Get to him, we make this thing right. Boom.

Okay. Not bad.

"Not bad." Come on.

Frankly, I didn't bring you here with high hopes.

You managed to not totally screw it up and you gained some useful intel, so, yeah, not bad.

Please, you stay.

Oh, I'm sorry, we were just about to leave.

Sergei sends me over.

To say thank you for helping with his nephew.

There is a suite waiting upstairs.

Very comfortable.


I'm sorry, I'm with someone.

That's okay.

Sergei knows that.

She can come, too.


I mean, what were we supposed to do?

You know, Sergei is not the kind of guy you want to say no to.

It was... awkward.

But we worked something out.

I love to watch.

Feel free to raid the mini-bar.


Of course, we didn't have s*x with the Russian escort.

We just thought it would look suspicious to send her back to Sergei, so we waited out the two hours.

Luckily, Irina loves TV.

So You Think You Dance, Yes to the Dress, Amazing Races, MythBusters.

Though, it's their last season.

It's very sad.

(TV playing)

Well, we got what we came for.

Karl Boorman has the passports.

It's a good night's work.

We can relax... a little.

Unless, of course, you'd rather spend the time with, uh...

(Brian laughs)

You know, I'm actually not a reality TV fan myself, so...



Seem like the type.

She really loves it.

(Irina laughs)

Well, she's lucky.

She's premium product, so she gets treated with a degree of humanity.

Some of the others who maybe aren't so beautiful...

It's human trafficking for the purpose of sexual slavery.

That's why she's so happy to be watching TV.

All right, now... how about you tell me what's bothering you.


Well, there is a situation, but I can't really talk about it.

Come on, who can you talk to, if not me?

A girl you have absolutely no ties to, probably never see me again.

Have you ever killed someone?

Have you?

I think so.

I didn't actually do it, it was something I said.

Unless you ordered a hit, that's not on you.

You can't control people.

My advice?

Don't dwell on it.

One of the best feelings is when I get a new case, and I can just leave the old one behind, along with everything that went with it.

That all sounds... kind of okay.



I need you in character.

I got a job for you tomorrow.

(lively jazz music playing)

I mean, there's all kinds of undercover gigs, you know.

Sometimes it's really badass and there's parties and hot girls and stuff like that, and sometimes...

Boyle: Was I sorry when I heard Finch had to go back to being a temp?

To sitting in a cubicle and filing papers all day?


My heart bled for him.

The Blue Limit has a vested interest in appearing legitimate.

Meaning they get short-staffed, they hire a temp, just like anyone else.

So Lucy called every temp agency in New York to see if they had made any requests that morning, and the next thing we knew...

It was like riding a bicycle.

I was a very convincing temp.

And after one more NZT pill, maybe too convincing.

It was a bet that nobody working low-level data entry was at the VIP party last night, but we were willing to take those odds.

And as long as I had data to enter, nobody bothered me.

And I could keep an eye out for anything unusual.

Like that guy in the suit, and that secure door he keeps disappearing behind.

Though security is a relative term, of course.

If you listen carefully, every key makes a slightly different sound when you press it.

It's kind of like learning a song.

(keypad clicking, beeping)

And would you look at that? It's already time for lunch.

(keypad clicking, beeping)

What are they hiding in here?

Huh. Guess it's a little more secure than I thought.

But with a little help from a few instructional videos on YouTube,

I was able to crack the safes.

(safe clicking)

First two safes weren't much help, but on the last one...

(slot machine chiming)


Going on the lam?

If I were a Latvian brunette by the name of... Svetlana.

I do like that name.

What exactly are you doing, then?

Well, I got all the passports back, as you can see.

You're welcome, by the way.

I meant with the cash.

Well, I started thinking about what's next.

I mean, we're helping all these women get out and go home, but to what?

A lot of them only ended up here because they thought it would be better than what they had before.

So, I want to make sure they have more options this time.

Lucy: This is thousands of dollars.

Where did you get this money?

I mean, getting the passports back didn't take very long, so I stopped by the horse races.

I read up on a few of the ponies, got a little lucky, and went home with a bit of cash.

Just a little something to help get them back on their feet.

Remind me to take you to Vegas next time.

That's not all I found, though.

With the passports, there were all these ledgers.

Now, it's mostly really boring accounting stuff.

Except... do you know anything about "Edelweiss"?

I was in The Sound of Music in high school.

Okay, so, "Edelweiss" seems to be some kind of code name.

It's all over the place in these ledgers, and whoever or whatever it is, it was getting payouts from The Blue Limit, designed specifically to be crazy complicated and nearly...

Both: Impossible to trace.


We need to find Edelweiss.

I had the exact same thought.

This is Queens, and this... is Edelweiss.

Whose official name of record is the German Hospitality League, supposedly some cross-cultural goodwill club.

And the recipient of record for payouts from the magical mystery fund.

That's a front.

This place is less than a mile from here.

And I figure that if we go over there in the morning, we'll find whoever's been killing the women for The Blue Limit.

That wasn't the reaction I expected.

Well, I was... really impressed.

With the research or with the kiss?

Woman: And?

And what?

No, we had some laughs, no big deal.

S-Seriously, I-I don't...

I don't know what you want me to say.

That's-that's the end of the story. We just...

(lively Indian music playing)

I'm sorry, where were we?

I lost my train of thought a little bit.

So, after two days of strictly professional collaboration, we had the address of the guy The Blue Limit was paying to murder women, including Lucy's source, but we ran into a problem.

(phone ringing, vibrating)


Rebecca: 48 hours are up. It's time to come home.


They're cutting you off.

Wait, what do you mean?

Dispensary isn't issuing any more NZT until you come back.

I need you for one more thing.

Look, I really want to see this case through.

I'm not ready to come back in.

You hooked up, didn't you?

You and Lucy.


No, that's... Come on.

We didn't... Bollywood.

That's crazy.

Why would you even suggest that?

Fine, I don't even care.

You want to work the case off NZT, work the case off NZT.

I'll even run interference, but you're the one that has to answer to Naz.

Thank you, seriously. And we didn't...

(phone beeps)

All right, what's this assignment?

(tires screech)

(lively jazz music playing)

Woman: Hold on. Is this the part with the kidnapping?

Kidnapping-light, okay.

It's, like, kidnapping adjacent, if you can even call it that, which you can't, by the way, because the kidnapped party ultimately agreed to the arrangement.

Brian: In order to discover who killed Lucy's informant, we needed to know who worked there.

Now, I didn't have any NZT, so about an hour prior to my arrival, I had my hacker buds at Everywhere dump a Denial-of-Service virus onto the German Hospitality League server to crash its Wi-Fi, forcing a call for outsidetech support.

And, yes, a little minor-league kidnapping might have ensued.


Lucy hooked up the Data dude with a couple of hundred bucks and a gift card for a taco place in Greenpoint.

He'll be all right.

Tech nerds love guacamole.

All I had to do was get a picture, maybe a name, and we could build a case.

I didn't need a pill for that.

Still, it's kind of nerve-wracking.

There is a stone-cold killer working here.


You here about the Wi-Fi?

Okay, let's see here.

Oh, you got the old setup.

Here we go.

You sure you've done this before?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I do this all the time.

I could honestly do this... in my sleep.

'Cause I sleepwalk, sometimes, so...

It's-it's called, um... somnambulism.

I stalled for as long as I could.

I couldn't get the receptionist to talk about her boss.

She just said he was rarely there.

Any luck?

Uh, you know what, I think you guys might need a new, uh, that-that rabbit ear thing, what's it called? Router?

Hey, maybe I'd better call your office to see if they can send along someone more, uh, confident.


Oh, I mean, o-okay.

You know, that's... I understand.

Try to give 110% every time.

I do apologize about this.

It's just, uh, you know, sometimes these things are a little more complicated than they seem.

Just tell them, um...

I gave it my all.

The magazine gave me a name. From there, it wasn't gonna be hard to get a picture of the guy.

Lucy is gonna be psyched.

Son of a bitch.

Man (over TV): Our source confirms that the list of active undercover agents within the FBI was exposed when computer hackers stole the intelligence, and began horse trading on the black market.

I'm burned.

For real.

I know.

No, you don't.

Because of this, the claim against The Blue Limit will go public before we can even build a case against Gudmund Friedrich.

And by then, he'll be in the wind.

You can still bring down Cyrillus Holdings.

The escort service will get rolled in...

There's a guy out there.

He pulled the trigger on my informant, a bunch of other women.

There's no way he walks from this.

We have to get Friedrich before the FBI does.

What are you going to do?

We got to go.

It's not safe here anymore.

Rebecca: No, I did not drive out personally to bring Brian in.

That seems to be what you're getting at.

Woman: Just asking questions.

What happened at Edelweiss was a disaster.

A disaster?

I could think of a few words I would use before that one.

I was busy. I had casework.

I had a meeting to get to, totally unrelated.

I appreciate your interest in me, sincerely, and... if you're willing to accept the terms of my counter, I think we can wrap this up.

And the terms are?

I did some research.

Before you went to work for Senator Morra, there were a few holes in your resume.

A diplomatic posting here, six months in Africa there.

But you were MI-6.

How much did Morra pay to take you away from the SIS?

If you already learned this much... you know there's no chance I can answer that question.

And I hardly see what it has to do with the present negotiation.

This isn't a negotiation.

One of two things is happening.

Either you're genuinely interested in me, in which case, thanks, but no thanks.

I like catching the bad guy.

Kind of my thing.

And the second possibility?

Someone at the FBI has been telling you about the questions I've been asking.

If Senator Morra is using NZT... if he is connected to the purges that wiped the pills off the streets two years ago, it's gonna take more than a buyout to keep me from the truth.

That's a strong position you're staking out.

I take it you've got concrete evidence to back those claims.

I am just getting started.

Do you think Friedrich will show?

I told his receptionist we're raiding The Blue Limit in an hour.

I guarantee he keeps a cash horde here.

He'll come here or she'll go to him.

And then what?

We got the list of the payouts.

Let's see how easy he scares.


He's either the guy or he's the guy leading to the guy, but one way or another, he's gonna talk to me.


It's just hitting me.

My face is out there.

I can never go undercover again.

My career's dead.

Won't the FBI give you another job?

If I wanted to work as Lucy Church, I would've done that a long time ago.

I don't even know if I can go back to being her.

It's not her.

It's you.

I guess.

Brian: That's him.


Do you want to call for backup?

For what? We don't have enough to arrest him.

Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What if you can't scare him into a deal?

You should go back to the CJC, Finch.

No, no way, not now.

I have no idea how it's gonna go down in there, Brian.

You look tired.

I can tell. You've lost your... spark or something, and this guy is really dangerous.

Look, you're not wrong, okay?

But I'm not letting you go in there alone.

So either take me or I call it in and the FBI swarms this place, and that's that.


You've taken a TAC course, yeah?

I've had training.

You're loaded, one in the chamber.

You know what to do if we get into trouble.

Uh, is there a safety on the...?

Safety's your finger.


Uh, and, Brian... don't shoot me.

Let's go.

I consult with The Blue Limit.

This is proof of nothing.

This is just the point of the spear.

This will be easy.

You describe your dealings with The Blue Limit's trafficking operation.

You give us Karl Boorman and Sergei, and you can count on a certain measure of leniency.

And believe me, I have enough evidence to bury your ass for the rest of your life.

You are very convincing.

Hardly surprising.

You've been lying for years.

It's a simple binary choice.

A little cooperation or the rest of your life in prison.

If you had what you say, I'd already be under arrest.

You'd have brought more than this... haircut for backup.

The Blue Limit will fall, but I do not work at The Blue Limit.

You tried.

You failed.

Go home.

Lucy, what are you doing?

Now it's my turn to make a simple binary choice.

I bring your ass in and I take my chances, or I serve justice right here, right now.

Probably not too hard to figure out which way I'm leaning.

Lucy, come on, you don't want to do this.

You are so very wrong about that.

This is why you shouldn't have come, Brian.

You shouldn't see this.

You know what?

Then that's exactly why I should be here.

Because if you do this, it's over.

You go to prison.

Only if you tell.

I will tell.

And that's your career and your life and all the women that you helped on this case.

And for what? For him?

Listen, I can prove that Friedrich is tied to The Blue Limit's escorts.


I don't know yet.

I still need time, but this can end well.

As far as I'm concerned, it's just about to.

Lucy, I'm gonna have to tell the FBI, unless you're gonna kill me, too, and the receptionist, and anyone else who might happen along.

If he makes bail, he'll be on the next plane to Dusseldorf and we'll never see him again.

To hell with that.

Yesterday, were talking about how people die in this line of work and you're not responsible, even though you can't help but feel a part of it.

If you pull this trigger, you are responsible, and you can't get away from that.

That is you.

That is you forever.

Listen to me, I will back up any story you want, but not if you kill him.

I can't do that. I won't do that.



Oh, what did you do?


Not walking out of here now.

All right, we got work to do, boys.

Brian: Actually, I was able to prove the whole thing even before Friedrich got out of surgery.

And once they started making arrests at Cyrillus Holdings and The Blue Limit, we found tons of takers willing to corroborate Friedrich's role in exchange for immunity.

I mean, you haven't seen a lack of backbone until you've questioned a bunch of guys from a hedge fund.

Frankly, I-I'm at a total loss.

I-I don't know whether to take you into custody or simply fire you for obstruction of justice.

You have Gudmund Friedrich on three counts of Murder One.

Lucy, this isn't the first complaint of insubordination.

In undercover work, the ends justify the means.

And if they don't, you find a way to justify them.

Isn't that what you taught me?

Is it true you gave Brian Finch a loaded firearm?

What the hell were you thinking?

I was thinking I had a pretty good partner.

Didn't want to see him get killed.

And Friedrich's story about Lucy shooting him in cold blood?

I mean, this is a guy who murders women for a living.

Who you gonna believe?

Naz: Well, this certainly isn't over.

There will be a full after-incident investigation with IAU.

So, everyone, get ready for camera.

Woman: The preliminary investigation indicates the barrel of Agent Church's pistol was pressed directly against Friedrich's knee.

It seems odd that that would happen during the course of a struggle.

Well, Lucy, or, um...

Agent Church, rather, she put me in harm's way.

Like, I could've been killed.

What possible reason would I have to lie for her?


You're... Seriously?

I wrote, "See ya later."

You know, I always use sticky notes to build really cool stuff, and now you have tainted them forever with your sad... sadness.


It says, "later," not "never."

So... later.

Lucy, um...

I got to tell you something about me.

All right?

I don't care.

Uh, you what?

I know. There's a drug, it's complicated.

I don't care.

Drug or no drug, I know who you are.

I like who you are.

I don't want you to become like me.

Compartmentalizing everything.

It'd be a shame, stripping away pieces of the kind of guy who spends an afternoon playing the ponies for a bunch of women he's never even met.

(elevator bell dings)

Sands: Is it done?

Ugh, what is this crap?

Paper plane.


You say so.


Keener: It's done.

Full treatment.

If she whispers her grocery list in her sleep with the radio on, you'll know how many cucumbers she needs.

She, uh...

she looked familiar.

You knew her father.

What about the other option?

I see a window of opportunity?

Take it.

Honey Boo Boo, Who Marries the Millionaire, Dance Mom, Bachelor, Bachelorette.

You know that lady from Real Housewives?

She said she wasn't there to make friends, but you know what?

I think she was there to make friends.

Irina: I think she's a very lonely person.