01x16 - Sands, Agent of Morra

Previously on Limitless...

I work for the FBI.

You were placed in the FBI.

You belong to Mr. Morra now, which means you belong to me.

Brian's sister is really cute.

I've been thinking about asking her out.

Before you went to work for Senator Morra, you were MI6.

How much did Morra pay to take you away from the SIS?

If Senator Morra is using NZT, if he is connected to the purges that wiped the pills off the streets two years ago, it's gonna take more than a buyout to keep me from the truth.

Brian: I had all the ingredients for a relaxing night at home: three unwatched episodes of a certain fantasy epic...

(swords clanging, men shouting)

Thai food, Sinbad, and my sister, who loves the show, but has a hard time keeping up when Sinbad's involved.

So, if the bearded guy with the cool sword kills all the ice zombies, he still has to fight the other bearded guy with the cool sword, right?

You know what, I'm still focused on the way that guy's head just went... (squishing sound)

(both chuckle)

Reminded me of how my last date ended.

(laughs): Ew. What?

Something you want to talk about?

Mm-mm. That's what I have girlfriends for.

Oh, my God. Stop that. Stop it.

But in this age of "Netflix and chill" it is no time to be looking for someone decent.

(knocking on door)

(knocking continues)

Oh, God.




Uh, Rach, this is a colleague of mine.

My, uh, racquetball partner.

Whoa! Aah!

I know! I know!

Your racquetball partner is bleeding!

Oh, dear! All right.

Sit tight. I'm gonna call 911.

Sands: No.

What? You don't want me to call 911?


All right, then I'll call our mutual friend.

He's got nurses and stuff.



I know you've got extra pills here.

Use one and fix this.


Uh, Rach, I got some kind of weird news.

Uh, looks like we're gonna have to operate.

Operate? He needs a hospital!


Yeah, well, that's not an option, apparently.

Well, neither is operating.

Why are you getting out your records?

(grunts loudly) Just... forget it, okay?

The important thing for you to know is I don't... the racquetball with him. He's.. (groans) an undercover agent.

Can't you get FBI doctors?

No, no, I can't, because he's in too deep.

They can't know he's part of the Bureau. All right?

You and me are the only way to help him.

But the good news is that I do have a certain level of FBI medical training.

Okay, that's a white lie.

But I did read my brother's medical school books when I was trying to figure out why my dad was sick.

If you give me a hand with this, it'll be okay.

(groans, panting)

Okay. So... there's a piece of glass stuck in his great saphenous vein.

Rachel: How do you know what a great saphenous vein is?

Brian: We have to get the glass out, but we need to be super careful, 'cause his femoral artery is right there.


Brian: We need to sew the vein back together, all right, and close the wound.


Oh, shoot. I don't have a sewing kit.

Oh, you know what, blue building across the street, apartment 3A, there's a girl named Kayleigh who lives there and she knits. Go ask to borrow her stuff.

What, am I supposed to just go over there and introduce myself?

Bring her the pizza cutter that I borrowed from her.

That way she knows you're legit. All right?

Rach, it's either that... (Sands shouts) (screams) or apply pressure to the wound.

What are you doing here?

(door opens, closes)

"Wilder, DeMille, Lean, Huston..."

Rachel: Hi.

Brian: Good. Just put your finger right there. Huh?

Put your finger right there.


(Sands gasps)

All right. Wow. That is... graphic.


Let go.

Okay. Okay.

All right.

Pretty tidy stitch job.


Rachel: The FBI teach you that?

Yes, they did.

And now my friend is gonna go back into the night to complete his top secret assignment.

We'll never speak of this again.

You all right?



Is he breathing?

(inhales sharply)

Well, it's like he's... inhaling but... he can't breathe out.

Wait, wait. I saw this on one of my shows.

If he gets hit hard in the chest, poke a hole in one of them...

But... we got to act quickly or else he'll suffocate.

I'm not watching this.


(inhales sharply)



Are you okay?

Do you want water?





Long night's work ahead of me.

Okay, great. Well, good luck with that.

I'll see you later.


I need your assistance with something.

Kindly grab me something less bloody to wear, meet me at my car.

You want to fill me in on some of the details of this work, Sands?

Suffice it to say it concerns our mutual friend.

You won't be in any physical danger.



Come on.

Help me up.



Okay. So, I think I got to leave right now.

(door opens, closes)


Yeah. Rach, I need you to do, like, three things for me, okay?

Hold this. Number one, do not tell anyone about this.

I mean it. Don't tell anyone.


And number two, do not ask me Brian... the hundreds of questions that are going through your head right now.

I don't have time to answer 'em.

I will later, maybe.

And number three, will you do me a solid?

Will you, like, clean this place up and just tidy up overall in general?


Rach, I really mean it when I say don't tell anyone about this, okay? Not anyone, ever.


Okay. Thanks. Love you. Bye.


You're a big guy. I don't have a lot that fits you.

(tires screech)

So you gonna tell me what happened?

I ran into an old colleague.


That has to do with what we're doing tonight?

You and I are on separate tracks.

My job is my business.

You find a man named Frederick Tanner.

He's in or around New York City.

The sooner you're able to figure out where that is, the more lives you'll be able to save.

Is he planning an attack?

It's already happening.

Mr. Morra wants him stopped immediately.

(phone ringing)

But the authorities can't be involved.

Okay, so that's Rebecca. What do you want me to say?


Rebecca Harris is the least of your concerns right now.

You need to recalibrate your thoughts to the present moment.

Well, what am I supposed to tell 'em, Sands?

After you find Tanner, tell 'em you got mugged.


Yeah, that works. It's believable.

You got pistol-whipped, lip split. Yeah.

It was really bloody, mate.

You're gonna punch me in the face later, aren't you?

That pill does make you quicker.

Brian: I can't come to the phone right now, but if this is an emergency, you can try Rebecca Harris any time, day or night.



Brian, I told you to change that message.

And charge your phone.

Naz needs everybody in here.

Special Agent Rebecca Harris.

Nope. No way. Don't want it.

I was gonna give it to you in the morning, but it looks like we're working past midnight, so...

Throw it away.

You know the rules.


(cupcake splats)

The boy's name is Henry Watkins.

Seven hours ago, he was abducted from an elementary school in Williamsburg.

Given that there's been no contact from the kidnapper, our colleague at CARD has asked for our help.

Henry's father is an aide to the U.S. Perm Rep to the United Nations, Daryl Watkins.

Mr. Watkins is party to sensitive Security Council information.

Maybe that's why the boy was targeted.

But considering there's been no ransom yet, the time elapsed is worrisome.

Henry Watkins is also a type 1 diabetic.

And as far as we know, he does not have access to medication, so we have to work quickly on this one.

I'll be running point with CARD and Agents Harris and Boyle will help on the ground.

Thank you.

Where is Brian?

I've called him four times.

Find Finch. Really sorry to keep you here all night right before your birthday.


Okay, so by the power of Google, Frederick Tanner is a comptroller in Spokane, Washington.

Either that, or a recently deceased orthodontist from Tuskegee.

So... we good? Can I go home?

The reason Senator Morra wastes that pill on you will forever remain a mystery to me.

Oh, yeah.

You're not allowed to take NZT, are you?

What's up with that?

The Frederick Tanner I'm looking for cannot be Googled, Brian.

Then what is your plan, Sands?

I have no source of information.

How am I supposed to help you?

Runs on UNIX.

Should be everything you need to muck about behind firewalls and such.

What firewalls though?

This is a laptop.

I don't know anything about this guy.

Look, if you do, I suggest you start talking, because otherwise I don't know what I'm doing here.

Tanner did as much to make me the man I am as my actual father did.

More, probably.

Brian: I didn't know anything about Sands before that night, but his story was epic, like something out of a comic book.

For starters, I couldn't believe he used to be in a punk band.

His father was a miner in Kent, so when the big strike of '84 happened, Sands joined the protests.

They got ugly.

Someone threw a brick and killed a cop.

(man screams)

They held Sands for two weeks with no formal charges.

One day, a man named Tanner asked to see him.

They wanted Sands to inform on the strikers' activities to the British SIS.

He said no, but then they threatened to pin the murder of the cop on his father.

And so Mr. Sands took his first job as a spy.

I started as an informant.

Found I had an aptitude for the work.

Soon enough...

I became a proper recruit.

Brian: Sands went to work for MI6, part of a team of five that reported only to Frederick Tanner.

Tanner gave them code names.

Each member of the team was a director from the golden age of Hollywood.

There was Wilder; Lean, who could make stuff go boom; DeMille, the pilot; Huston for surveillance; and Peckinpah... that was Sands.

The team acted with virtual autonomy, completing operations all over the world.

There was only one golden rule: no significant relationships.

No wives, no long-term lovers, nothing that could compromise the team.

Then, seven years ago, they splintered.

What happened to your team?

Did Tanner get involved with Senator Morra?

Listen, I know you're not used to being the one answering the questions.

But you and this laptop are my only resources.

If I'm gonna find this guy, it's because you tell me everything you know about him.

You have to tell me the whole story.

That's Tanner.

What happened to that poor guy?

That, Brian, is a dead man.

Now, I'll answer any further questions when I get back.

Back from where?

(thunder rumbling softly)

Boyle: According to a statement given to the NYPD, the curb monitor at Henry's school claimed the boy's father picked him up, but when the police showed her a photo of Henry's father, she didn't think it was the same man.

Same kind of car, different guy.

Now, why wouldn't she recognize the father of one of her own students?

Well, if the kidnapper knew enough to get the same kind of car, then he was familiar with his target.


So, assuming he wants to keep Henry alive, then he'll need insulin.

So let's get in touch with local pharmacies and get a list of customers who bought over-the-counter insulin in the last 72 hours.

You know how many diabetics there are in the five boroughs?

I got four in my family alone.

It's a start.

And when we get more information we can cross-reference...

Henry's parents.

They just got a list of demands from the kidnapper.

Brian: So while Sands did... whatever, I tried to hack my way into the personnel files for the British Secret Intelligence Service.

It was tedious, nothing you'd want to see here, so perpetual dog.

You're welcome.

This could work out great for us, man.

What are you talking about?

I'm driving around with probably my least favorite person in the world, trying to find a ghost.

Who cares if you can't find Tanner?

You shouldn't even try.

Just keep Sands talking.

Learn something about him.

Something you can use the next time he threatens Rebecca.

I don't know about the stalling game, bud.

Lives are at stake.

I mean, it'd be great to get the dirt on Sands, but have you thought about what he's doing out here tonight?

He showed up to your place with a giant wound in his leg and crossed off the name Wilder.

You think the two of them played a spirited game of backgammon?

And what's he doing inside that building?

(distant gunshots)

Looks like DeMille just got crossed off the grocery list.

Oh, my God.

(dogs barking in distance)

What the hell?

Get in the car.

You told me we were saving lives.

You're taking out your old team members?

I don't want a part of that.

You are supposed to be saving lives.

Saving my former team members from me.

Frederick Tanner's forcing me to kill them.

So the sooner you tell me where he is, the sooner I can stop doing it.

Now get in the car.

Lean should be back within the hour.

In the meantime, get comfortable.

Order yourself a milkshake.

Okay, first of all, no more killing people.

And second...

I'd love a Neapolitan.

But seriously, stop killing people.

Well, that's really up to you, isn't it?

(sighs) What, do you think, I just waggle my finger at that thing and answers come out like magic?

If he was in MI6, then he's not on Facebook.

You're still my best source.

So... why is Tanner targeting his old team?

And why are you letting him use you to do it?

Tanner spent the last seven years in extrajudicial confinement.

It may not surprise you to learn that some of our activities fell on the wrong side of the law.

Brian: It all went south in India.

(tiger roars)

Not that part of India... the north, where Tanner and his men controlled a secret airstrip that brought British weapons into the country with no oversight.

Of course, when you have your own private smuggling hub, it's tempting to use it for profit.

They made a mint and lived like kings, until someone from back home figured out what they were up to.

The team turned on Tanner in exchange for immunity.

They were expelled from MI6 and barred from practicing private spycraft in the U.K.

(gavel bangs)


Okay. So he's out of jail. What happened?

Don't know.

Maybe he escaped.

Maybe he found a patron and got himself a pardon.

But he's free.

And he's using you to take out everyone who turned on him.

And you're going along with this why, exactly?

That information isn't gonna help you find Tanner.

Is that true?

Or do you just not want to tell me?


You know what?

I'm done here. (sighs)

Sit down.

Unless you want me to reach out to Mr. Morra.

No, see, I don't think you will.

When you showed up to my apartment and I said we should get in touch with the senator, you almost had yourself a panic attack.

Because he doesn't know about any of this, does he?

You're freelancing.

Which means you can't hold the immunity shot back from me.

You haven't got any leverage at all.

But I do.

What would Morra think if he learned you were going on a murder spree while he was running for president?


Good luck with that.

Okay, well, we'll need DNA samples from you both and Henry, of course.

Uh, we should talk about Henry.

Our son's adopted.

Have we checked out the biological parents?

The adoption agency told us Henry's parents are both deceased.

Well, that might eliminate a suspect, but it still doesn't explain how Henry's curb monitor was fooled by somebody claiming to be his father.

Uh, someone pulled up in a car that matched mine.

Henry must have gotten in without looking.

It was a-a substitute curb monitor, actually.

The school has a very strict pickup policy, but today was that monitor's first day.

I can hear you moving around in there, Finch.

You know, the knock is just for courtesy.

Hi. I'm Rachel.

Brian's not here right now.

Yeah, I remember.

I'm sort of supposed to check.

Oh. Yeah.

Come on in.

Brian and I were just hanging out.

He went to get a pizza.

I'm sure he'll be back soon.

That's not mine.

Brian said he signed a waiver or something?


(Phone ringing)

That checks out.


I'm sorry, just one second. Hello?

You got a Brian update for me?

I'm at his place right now.

His sister said he went to go get some pizza.

Wait there. Call me as soon as he gets back.

They, uh, want me to wait here till he gets back.

Is that... is that okay?

Guess we're hanging out, huh?

Must feel nice.

Having the upper hand for a change.

You were right. I haven't told you everything.

I didn't want to turn on Tanner.

In fact, I promised my team they'd have to deal with me even if they entertained the idea of ratting him out.

What changed your mind?

There was a complicating factor.

The classic complicating factor.

Brian: Sands violated the cardinal rule: no attachments. She was an aid worker named Anastasia. Tanner got suspicious.

(camera clicking)

(Anastasia screams, tires screech)

Anastasia was killed in a hit-and-run. Sands could never prove it was Tanner, but he knew. And after that, he joined with the others to send Tanner to prison.

I'm sorry.

Really am.

But Anastasia's been gone for years.

That doesn't explain why you're killing people for Tanner.

I mean, you're the one with leverage over him.

I mean, unless... unless he's got something over you.

The last person who saw Henry Watkins was a substitute curb monitor.

Now, if the regular curb monitor had been out with a cold or something, I might have thought it was a coincidence, But she was out recovering from a car accident.

James, can you show him the collision of Kristen Vicente?

Surely I can.

It was a hit-and-run.

That car targeted her.

So we ran the plates, the car was stolen.

And I had James enhance the image of the driver and then cross-reference that with customers who bought over-the-counter insulin in the five boroughs in the last 72 hours, and...

This guy paid cash for the insulin, so we don't have a name.

Looks like a match to me.

I bet he has Henry Watkins.

Newswoman: The boy has been identified as seven-year-old Henry Watkins, son of Daryl Watkins, chief aide to the U.S. Permanent Rep to the United Nations.

No comment has been made, but we understand ransom demands are being negotiated.

The 30-year fixed mortgage...

You had a kid with Anastasia.

That's why you're doing this.

Tanner won't let my son go until every name on that list is gone.

And he wants it all done tonight, so no one has time to react and run.

Every name?

The last name on that list is Peckinpah.

That's you, right?


The night ends on me.


All right. All right.

I'll help you.

But we have to focus on finding Tanner.

No more killing.

There's just one more thing I didn't tell you.

(man coughing)

You weren't waiting for Lean to come home.

You were waiting for him to come here.

I realize this looks bad, but we didn't have our agreement yet.

What did you give him?


And a trace of cyanide.

Woman: Can we get some help here?!

(mouthing) 190 milligrams of amyl nitrate, sodium thiosulfate... what's that?

The antidote.


What are you doing?

I may or may not have seen a Murder, She Wrote about this.

And if we leave a note for the paramedics, it'll save them time diagnosing him.

Man: Someone help! Call an ambulance!


Now, do we have a deal?

(hands shake)




Brian: So, wait, this is Huston?

(monitor beeping steadily)

Not that we're here to kill anyone.

But usually, when you're going down a list of bad guys, they're supposed to get tougher.

This guy's easy pickings.

I mean, you had a key to his place.

You could've pulled the plug at any time.

Yet you saved him for last?

We're sorry for dropping in so late.

Oh, I'm sure he's just happy you're here, Jarrod.

I'll be in the library if you need anything.

You didn't want to come here first...

'cause you didn't want to cross him off the list.

You're friends.

You told me you weren't in touch with your team.

Huston's the exception to the rule.

He saved my life.

Brian: After Mr. Sands betrayed Tanner, his first priority was making sure his kid would be safe.

(baby crying)

And then he returned to the only life he knew.

He managed to pick up some private mercenary work, but the people who hired him disavowed him as soon as he got arrested and left him to rot.

It seems he was doomed to a life in prison.

Until one day, he got another shot.

Huston had paid off the right people in order to find and release his old friend.

It turns out, Huston had found work with a promising young politician named Edward Morra who might have use for a guy like Sands.

He gave me the life I've got today, which is why I'm so loath to end his.

But I've got to show Tanner that I'm making progress.

So what are you gonna do? You gonna fake his death?

Something like that.

I don't know, all right?

He's seven-eighths of the way there already.

I don't see what's so hard about feigning the last eighth.

Why eighths?


Didn't you tell me that it was Huston's idea to turn on Tanner?

He must've felt pretty confident in the betrayal because he had some kind of dirt on him.

I mean, Huston was the extortionist of the group, right?

Sands, if I search this place, what are the odds that I'd find something on Tanner?

Well, if you want to have a go, I suggest you do so quickly.

Rebecca: This is from the security cameras in the parking lot.

This is the car the suspect got into after he bought the insulin.

This all started as a hunch.

Well, all good ideas do.

I will alert the rest of task force.

And, uh, what ever happened to Finch?

She never heard back from him.

And what's your hunch about that?

I don't have one.

But I'm worried.

Check in again with Ike. Keep me posted.

And, listen, if you want to call it a night, you have earned it; it is your birthday, after all.


I would rather stay.


You know what I think happened to Finch?

He probably got stoned, ate too many street nuts, and he's debating the meaning of Trump with the Balto statue in Central Park.

In other words, he's fine.

Well, we can't assume that.

I just mean we have an actual lost kid to worry about.

Don't waste your energy on Finch the flake.

Do you want to know why I hate my birthday?

(chuckles softly)

A couple of years ago, my dad came to me and he said he was turning his life around, he wanted to get clean, and that he wanted to celebrate my birthday with me, 'cause he'd missed so many of them.

I was reluctant to say yes, but I did, and... my mom drove up, my sister came over.

There was cake.

And we waited.

But, like always, he never showed up.

And do you want to know what I wished for when I blew out my birthday candles?

That he would die.

And leave me the hell alone.

Reb, you can't blame yourself for that.

You did not cause him to...

No, it...

Because he was already dead.

Two weeks later, I found out that while I was cursing his name because he didn't show up, he was rotting in the East River.

I had assumed... that he flaked.

Now, while this might have seemed like a promising source of information, considering Huston specialized in extortion and blackmail, it turns out that his apartment is as vacuous as he is.

But I did find this.

This is a key to a safe deposit box, and I'm pretty damn sure it belongs to CaroBank, that's just a few blocks from here.

How do you know?

Because for the next few hours, I'm still one of the smartest people in the world.

And the night nurse told me.


She said that Huston instructed her to use it if anyone ever showed up to... oh, I don't know... kill him in the middle of the night.

She said this key unlocks whatever dirt he has on his old colleagues.

Some sort of burn book that she'd release to authorities if need be.

Then let's go get it.

Well, hold on.

CaroBank doesn't open till well after sunrise.

So how do we get into the safe deposit box of a massively secure bank that isn't even open for business?

Without killing people.

Why must you always make things harder?

Yeah, I'll keep you posted.

Rebecca again?


Told her we haven't heard from him.

My brother do this to you guys a lot?

Just disappear?


(phone vibrates)

Is that him?

I don't think so.

Automated Voice: Rachel, it's me. Brian.

Wanted you to know I'm okay. Are you?

Rachel: How do I know it's you?

Automated Voice: When you were in second grade, you accidently drank Dad's beer and ran into the sliding door.

That's why your nose looks a little broken.

So was that your boyfriend or...?

It's Brian.

He said he... ran into a girl while getting pizza.

He's probably gonna be a while.

Well, Rebecca said I should stay here till I see him.

He must be pretty important to you guys, huh?


You must be pretty important, too, considering you're assigned to him.

Uh... (chuckles) I'm not that important, no. I...

I just...

It's my job to protect him.

That's important to me.

Well, I-I did take a bullet once.



You took a bullet to save my brother's life?

That's pretty much the way it happened.

Hi there.

(gasps) Sorry!

Don't freak out, don't freak out. Shh, shh, shh.

I don't have a lot of time. Here's the deal, Mr. Matthews.

You are the CEO of CaroBank, and I happen to have a unique problem that involves one of your branches.

Just take whatever you want.

I'm not gonna rob you, man. I just need access to the Midtown branch before banking hours so I can open a safe deposit box using this perfectly legitimate key.

Like I said, I'm not gonna take anything, I'm not gonna hurt anyone, but if I don't get what I want, well, I did peruse your personal computer over there, and you, Mr. Matthews, have a penchant for high-priced escorts.

A lot of 'em.

Hi. How you doing, ma'ams?

I know you're hard at work over there. No judgment.

I just really got to get into that branch.

Turns out, Mr. Matthews was pretty accommodating, given the right kind of motivation.

(phone ringing)

He called the Midtown branch manager and told him a very special client needed access to his safety deposit box right away. In no time, I was opening the safety deposit box, and there it was... Huston's burn book. Now we just have to hope Tanner's in it.

Boyle: Reb.

Naz: I just spoke with Jackson in CARD.

A witness spotted your Bronco in Flushing at an abandoned property.

It's registered to a Val Lewton.

Who's that?

We're looking into it, but I told S.A. Bradley you two are taking point.


This is where it gets interesting.

He kept notes on all you guys...

Wilder, Lean and one Val Lewton.

And who in the hell's that?

Well, you said Tanner based your aliases on notorious directors of American cinema.

Doesn't it make sense that he'd go by a similar alias?

Yeah, but I've never heard of Val Lewton, alias or director.

Actually, he was a producer of genre films in the mid-'40s.

Best known for psychological horror-thriller Cat People.

What would I do without you?

Mm. You jest, but Val Lewton... the alias, not the director... owns a particular property in Queens.

Undeveloped warehouse that seems pretty perfect for hiding a kid.

(whispers): Good job, Brian.

Brian: I may not be able to hack into MI6, but the New York City

Housing Authority is a whole different thing.

All right, there are the plans.

I also found that a neighbor lodged a complaint about recent construction, saying that they were building some sort of basement without a permit.

I'm guessing that's where Tanner's keeping your son, and if I wait right here around the back...

You're staying here.


Tanner's in there with my son.

And who knows how many weapons.


Uh, you need help.


Thank you.

You get to Henry, get him out.

Just stay away from Tanner.

I'll handle him.

Remember what I said earlier?

Yeah, I know. And I made an agreement, and I've honored it, but I just don't know if I can do that here. This is... different.

I know. He's got your son.

Do what you have to do.

Brian: So what happened in there between Sands and Tanner?

Was it a duel?

A fight?

Were samurai swords somehow involved?

I have no idea.

I just know how it ended.

Henry? Hey.

Don't worry, buddy. I'm here to help.

Listen, I'm sorry, I got to leave your blindfold on for now, okay?

But everything's gonna be fine, I promise.

Get your hands free? You got 'em? Okay.

Can you do me a favor?


Just put your arms around my neck and hold on real tight, okay?

All right, great job.

An innocent kid was safe.

He was going home to his parents.

He'd never know who came to his rescue or why.

All right. Here you go.

You're out of there. Just hang on.

But I know.

Everything's gonna be fine.

Any minute now.

Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on.

It's okay, there you go, yeah.

Okay. You got him?


It's okay. I'll get you home to your parents.

(car door closes)


How you doing? You all right?

Yeah. All things considered.

You know, it's okay, you can say thank you.

I got your son out of there, I saved your life three times, by my count.

Come on.

You're a big boy.

You can say it.

Thank you.

Yeah, you're welcome.

It's been an interesting night.

Turns out, there's something you actually care about...

You got mugged, remember?

I do now.

Helps sell the story.

It's all right.

You can say thank you if you want.

(sirens wailing in distance)

(engine starts)

(sirens wailing, tires screeching)

Man: SWAT's taking lead.

(guns clicking, urgent chatter)

Newswoman: And it's a happy ending for a young Manhattan boy reported missing yesterday, who was reunited with his parents early this morning.



What happened?

Are you okay?

Yeah. I went to go pick up some pizza and some guy decided he wanted my wallet.

You got mugged?

For all $11 that I had in my wallet.

And my phone.

But he left the pizza, so I guess that was nice.

You okay?

Yeah, I just waited, like, four hours in the E.R., but no concussion, so that's good.

(clears throat) What about you?

Are you okay? What's up with this emergency case?

Well, it's over, actually.

Really? What happened?

It was a kidnapping.

A weird one.

We found the kid, he's fine.

He was actually sitting in a parking garage across from his family's house in Chelsea.

He was weirded out, but he's okay.



It was a wild night.

I'm a little wrecked.

You know what, maybe this will help.

What is that?

It's a birthday gift.

For your birthday.

You know, in some cultures, it's customary...

You got mugged and you still bought me a birthday present?

Yeah, of course. Hey, a birthday's a birthday.

You made it through another year; that is worth celebrating.

Regardless of whatever else happened.

Thank you.

I think.

Sorry about the wrapping.

Oh, no, the wrapping is my favorite part.

What is it?

It's a pillow.

For napping.

Anywhere you want.

Like, if you get called in on a midnight kidnapping case, for example, then you can sleep...

Through it?

Nah, just the boring parts.

You want me to show you how it works?

Okay, so this is the... this is the front.

This is where your mouth breathes.

And then you put it on your head.


You just put it on your head like this.

Oh, God.

Sleep anywhere.

It's all right.

It's genius.

I'll get you another one for your next birthday.

(laughs) That's really nice.

Then you can put... then you put your head... hands-hands in here like this.

Yeah. You see?

Oh, you're back.

Geez, Rach, you scared me.

I didn't realize you were still here.

What are you wearing?

What's up with your eye?


Ike: Oh.

What are you...?

I'm sorry. Uh...


Brian: Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!

Calm down, okay?

Oh, my God!

You're totally overreacting.

I'm overreacting?

Yes, you are.

You hooked up with Ike in my apartment!

It's not a big deal.

It's a big deal to me.

It just... happened, okay?


And Jason...

Jason? is a great guy.

Oh, is he?

He took a bullet for you.

(chuckles): Oh, did he?

I think that's a little generous with the interpretation there, Ike.

God! Ugh!

And that was one of my favorite shirts, too, man.

I'll replace it.

No, you know what, I'm leaving the apartment for 30 minutes.

I want everything bleached!

And I want the sheets cleaned.

Actually, just burn the sheets.

And you know what, if this is becoming a thing, you call him Ike.

(door slams)

Brian: While Ike and Rachel erased their... everything from my apartment, I tried to erase the thought of them from my mind with a little light reading that I had borrowed from Huston's burn book.

Eddie Morra used NZT to go from a nobody to a candidate for president. But in those days, NZT wasn't as hard to find as it is now. He needed to keep it all to himself.

And there were clusters of NZT all over New York City. And men like Huston and Sands knew what to do. First, they got rid of the dealers. Then they ran down the stray dogs... users with names like Marcus Tate and Susan Epstein. Names like Conrad Harris, Rebecca's father. They got rid of them all.

Sands killed Rebecca's father.