01x19 - A Dogs Breakfast

Previously on Limitless...

My name's Sands. I'm your new boss.

The woman who tried to shoot Mr. Morra is Piper Baird.

If the FBI finds this woman before we do, she can tie the senator to NZT, which means...

No more booster shots.

Sands: We got a DNA sample.

It was Piper Baird on those tracks.

I killed her.

When all of this started, we made promises to each other.

I know. I didn't mean to lie to you.

You're being assigned to a different handler.

I told you to leave Russia.


Naz: If D.C. finds out that Brian brought NZT into Russia, this becomes an entirely different kind of manhunt.

If Morra ever finds out that you are still alive, then everything that means anything to me is gone.

You can't play both sides forever.

I'm gonna figure out how that enzyme works, Brian.

You can be free of Morra for good.

Sands: Piper's alive.

Brian: So, you may be wondering how I got here.

I understand now that going to Russia without letting you guys know was the wrong thing to do.

But I... just needed a break, you know?

I needed a vacation to clear my head, and, uh...

And now that you're back, there are going to be several changes to your agreement with the Bureau.

We will be moving you out of the file room to a cubicle where I can keep an eye on you.

To prevent you hoarding pills, your NZT dosage will be monitored with more vigilance.


Meaning we're going to make sure you swallow.

You will be subject to random drug testing.

You know what I mean.

Let it... let it go. Let it go.


Finch, let it go. Let it...

Random searches of the safe house.

Monitoring all your communication activities.

(coughs): Patriot Act.

Excuse me?

You will have a 10:00 p.m. curfew.


Which will be enforced by new escorts.

Dedicated agents will accompany you from home to office.

What about when I'm off-duty?


And they've been warned about your tendency to wander.

How you doing? Brian.

Going forward, you will not discuss NZT or your work here with anyone outside of the CJC.

What about my family?


Got it. Mum's the word.

Anything else?

Naz: We are repossessing your... headquarters.

Is that it?


I think we need to talk about the dress code.

Brian: So that's pretty much been my week back at work...

Toeing the line, keeping my head down, waiting for Piper to finish her enzyme, imagining freedom from Senator Morra, losing my mind.

There was a silver lining, though.

After everything I'd put her through by running off to Russia, I didn't really see it coming, but...

It's okay, Brian.

You mean...

Let's just put it behind us and focus on what's next, okay?

Choir: ♪ Hallelujah ♪

She even agreed to be my handler again.

♪ Hallelujah, halle... ♪

Hey, cool.

More files.

Well, if you're looking for a change of pace, you can take these reimbursement forms down to Accounting for me.

Oh, my God, yes.

Escort Guy, field trip!

Rebecca: I've watched the video from this elevator so many times it's pretty much burned into my vision, and I still can't figure out what they're saying.

And their body language, the way they're so not looking at each other.

Something's not right.

You've had us tailing him since he got back, and so far we haven't seen any evidence of him communicating with anyone suspicious.

And with the new babysitters Naz has on him, I-I don't see how he can.

Well, it doesn't mean he hasn't already.

All that time he spent out of pocket, literally anything could have happened while he was in Russia.

You think Finch was selling FBI secrets?

To Morra or to the Russians?

I don't know what I think.

But I know if it involves Jarrod Sands, it almost definitely involves Senator Morra.

You guys, if he is selling confidential information, to senators or anyone else, we owe it to ourselves to get in front of it.

And if he isn't, then we owe it to Brian.

Boyle: Harris.

There you are.

Grab Finch. We got work.

Stand down for now.

I'm not gonna let this go.


This place is a lot.

Well, Gordon Roper is a billionaire.

Was a billionaire.

Roper was found murdered over by that window.

NYPD puts it between midnight and 3:00 a.m.

Body was found by the housekeeper this morning.

No sign of forced entry, but it was brutal.

His right kidney is missing.

Someone cut it out.

Well, that's very specific.

Detectives found some of Roper's medical records in his study.

Apparently he'd been battling kidney disease for a number of years.

He was on several waiting lists for a transplant.

Well, did he get one?

His records show his dialysis visits ended weeks ago.

Well, NYPD called the National Transplant List and hospitals in the area.

None reported matching Roper.

Does it remind you of the DeVera case?

Art DeVera went to Costa Rica to buy a black market liver.

Transplant went fine, but he ended up owing the broker some money.

And when he couldn't pay, they sent someone to... repossess the liver.


Roper was crazy rich.

A guy like this could definitely afford a new kidney.

You say the housekeeper found him? Wasn't he married?

Where's the wife?


She just drove in from their house in Connecticut.

Gordon didn't want people to know he was sick.

He knew they'd speculate about his work, what it meant for the companies he'd invested in.

He felt a responsibility to his partners.

Is that why he kept the transplant quiet?

Rebecca: Clearly your husband's murder had something to do with his kidney.

Mrs. Roper, we need to know the details of the transplant.

Boyle: Even if it was a private transaction.

They made us sign a very strict nondisclosure agreement.

Who did, the hospital?

Biosoma. The company that made the kidney.

I'm sorry, did you say "made" it?

They do bioprinting.

Like 3-D printing but they make tissues, organs.

Gordon was an investor.

Are you saying your husband had a kidney that was 3-D printed?

The first one ever made.


That certainly explains why someone would want it.


Rebecca: This is more than a murder. This seems like a... like a heist.

We need to check out this Biosoma operation in the morning.

Yeah, I'll see what I can dig up tonight.

Well, guys, I would say it's beer o'clock, but I'm sure that violates one of my new rules.

And, besides, my mom's here.

(engine starts)

Hey. So, I finally figured out what I'm gonna call you guys.

And don't pretend like you haven't been waiting.

Or do.

Or just maintain that totally indifferent poker face thing you do.

Mr. X.

To go with your air of mystery.

Although, you know what, I guess, technically, the other guy started first, so he'd have to be Mr. X.

It's only fair, but you can be Mr. Y.

Good talk.


Hey, where are we going, man?

I live the other way.



You work for Morra?

This is a nice place.

Very... remote.

Bit out of the way.

But you can't be too careful.

FBI watching you quite closely, aren't they?

He'll be working with you from now on.

The senator thinks this'll make the arrangement a lot easier, given your current circumstances.

What about you?

I'll be working in a different capacity.

Is that some kind of euphemism?

I suppose we'll see.

You don't know?

Don't worry about me, Brian.

The senator wants you to know everything's fine.

It's gonna get better. Safer.

What does that mean?

No more violence.


Brian: It was bad enough when it was just Naz's ten rules I had to follow, but with Morra's guy watching me all night and Naz's guy watching me all day, I had no choice but to stick to the straight and narrow.

Man: The human body is amazingly complex.

While we've managed to combine 3-D printing technology and human cells to manufacture functioning human tissues, something like a kidney or a liver isn't just tissue...

It's an intricate network of nerves, blood vessels.

The biggest challenge of bioprinting is how to leave the space for those things and how to build them fast enough so that the cells around them don't die.

Oh, yeah, I've read about this.

But everyone says we're years away from working organs.

So how did you figure it out?

Our engineers deserve the most credit.

And our investors.

Like Gordon Roper.

The news this morning, our whole company's... devastated.

He was like a member of our family.

Well, he was also your guinea pig.

We know he wasn't just your investor.

His wife told us Gordon's kidney was bioprinted.

Boyle: But we're not here to discuss NIH violations Seems whoever killed him wanted that kidney, so we need to know everything about it.

Doctor: Years ago, when I saw the potential in manufacturing tissues, my colleagues thought it was too far off to be practical.

Gordon was willing to take the risk.

Well, he had a personal interest.

His own kidneys were failing, right?

Yes, he was already on dialysis by then, and because of his medical history, he was at the bottom of all the transplant lists.

He was desperate.

Boyle: Yeah, but there are other ways for desperate people with means to get an organ.

Of course. But Gordon saw the bigger picture.

The opportunity to help the world.

By funding your research.

As far as I know, our prototype is the world's first bioprinted organ.

Or was, I suppose.

How did it end up in Gordon Roper?

Well, Gordon didn't have much to lose, he said.

But he had everything to gain.

If it worked, he'd be a living billboard, and his investment would pay off twofold.

He was always a businessman.

Yeah, but it did work, didn't it?

I mean, Roper was off dialysis.

How are you guys not shouting this from the rooftops?

Because transplants are a long game.

If the kidney failed, our company would be doomed by bad press.

It's why we went to Costa Rica for the surgery.

And it's why I insisted that everyone involved sign a... non-disclosure agreement.

Well, doctor, we're gonna need to see those.

Okay, so I need to comb through everyone who signed a non-disclosure agreement with Biosoma.

And anyone they might have told anyway.

Spouses, assistants, friends.

Maybe one of them has a motive for killing Gordon Roper.

That's weird.

Where's your posse?

What do you mean?

Mike and Ike. Well, I saw you guys huddled up yesterday.

Looked a little intense. How are they taking it?

You know, Naz chewed 'em out pretty good about Russia, right?

Well, I mean, they're fine, considering.

They wish it hadn't happened, obviously.

Don't we all?

You're taking it pretty well, though.

Bigger fish to fry.

I didn't know what the text meant at first.

Was it Morra, was he trying to get in touch with me?

But why wouldn't he use Mr. Y?

All I knew was it was a code.

And I couldn't stop thinking about it.

Wait, 929.

That's a New York area code.

It's a phone number and a name.


Piper is back in New York.

What have you got?

Besides crumbs on the evidence.

Yes. Well... (clears throat) Aside from Gordon Roper, his wife, and his personal physician, most of the non-disclosure agreements were signed by Biosoma employees. All have possible motives for wanting to profit off Gordon Roper's kidney. Then there's the usual suspects.

Scorned assistant.

The lead engineer with a staggering amount of gambling debt. And this guy.

He's a lab tech that used to work for a competing company.

I'm thinking he might be some kind of mole or something?

Yeah, could be.

We should figure out where they all were last night. And then cross-check their DNA with the DNA we found at the scene.

I'm way ahead of you. The DNA of an unknown male was found on and around the body.

A state department database turned up a match from a visa application from a Sri Lankan named Rohan Kumar.

Rebecca: Is he one of your suspects?


Who the hell is Rohan Kumar?

State department, you said?


Finch, are you hacking into the state department?

Okay, you're not supposed to watch this.

Do you want me to pull up some YouTube videos of, uh, a cat getting stuck in a...

No, thank you.

Okay, Gordon Roper's transplant happened about a month ago in Costa Rica, right?


Well, guess who flew in and out of San José right around that time?

Tell me again why this guy isn't a suspect?

I'm trying to show you.

Maybe he isn't home.

Man: Who is it?


Brian: Are you Rohan Kumar?

My name is Brian Finch. I work at the FBI with Agents Boyle and Harris. Can we come in?

Mr. Kumar, would you do me a favor... would you lift up your shirt for me, please?

Gordon Roper was murdered and your DNA was all over the crime scene.

Now, I don't think you were there, even at all.

But a part of you was, wasn't it?


Can you just... lift up your shirt?


Mr. Kumar is not a killer.

He's a kidney donor.

I needed money. And I thought it would be good if I could help someone else, too.

But I never met this man, Gordon Roper.

I swear I was never in his house.

I believe you.

All the blood at the crime scene was Gordon's.

But did you know that DNA of a donor organ can be detected in the recipient's bloodstream?

Sometimes for years after the transplant?

How do you know that?

Man: DNA from the donor's organ can be found in the recipient's blood...

God, I miss him.


Mr. Kumar, how did you arrange for the transplant?

A friend of my cousin said he knew someone who could help me.

I was in a bad place... I needed money.

This man...


He set up the medical exam, found a match...

And flew you out to Costa Rica for the operation, didn't he?

Adi said he'd take care of me, but when I went back to him he said no one is going to listen to an immigrant.

And if I kept making noise, no one would miss an immigrant.

You still have this Adi guy's info?


You should be in a hospital.

Brian: So obviously there was no bioprinted kidney in Gordon Roper.

Boyle: Which means Daniel Lee lied to us, and if we can track down this Adi guy and confirm Lee paid him for the kidney, we can bring Lee in.

Do you mind if we make a quick stop?

I need a doughnut, like, whoa.

One more maple. I'm gonna see if my friends want some.

You guys want one of these?

Maple log? No?

Okay, so I don't need a doughnut as much as I needed a cover.

I don't know if I'll be able to duck out later, what with the new rules and all.

I'll take this, too.

But I needed to get in touch with Piper on the DL.

Are you guys sure you don't want anything?

I got enough doughnuts for everyone to have one.

Hey, I've had to pee since 73rd.

I'll be right back, all right?

(line ringing)

(ringing stops)


Piper: Are you alone?


And the phone?

It's disposable. I can't talk long.

Piper: It's done.

The thing I was working on.

Can we meet?

(sighs) When?

Tonight. 10:30.

The High Line.

I'll have to figure it out, but I'll figure it out.

(line disconnects)

Fraud, organ trafficking, murder.

Adding obstruction of justice almost feels excessive.

How did you think this was gonna go your way, Daniel?

I didn't do those things.

Ooh, Adi Benesch would disagree.

He's the broker you paid $200,000 to in exchange for a healthy kidney that used to belong to Rohan Kumar.

I was so close to a functional prototype.

Getting the rest of the way depended on Gordon Roper's investment, and he was running out of time.

I had to do something.

So you told Roper it was ready, and then gave him a black market kidney instead?


He had no idea?

When I got the bioprinted prototype right, I was gonna swap 'em out and tell him it was just an upgraded version.

That's why all the non-disclosure agreements...

If word got around before the swap, you'd be exposed as the fraud you are.

So was someone talking? Were you trying to get the kidney back before someone found out what you'd done?

No, I swear I didn't kill him.

Search through all my records.

Like I told you before: Gordon was my greatest investor.

If I wanted him dead, why would I have gone to such great lengths to save him?

Okay. So, Daniel Lee's story seems to check out.

Thus, welcome to the first official convening of the Bruntouchables... Way to represent, James...

Since the whole Top Ten affair.

Which, by the by, we totally would have finished if we weren't cut off prematurely.


Guys, we have a murder. And none of our suspects are the type to kill someone on their own.

So, the way I see it, we have a very particular Venn diagram.

Circle number one: people who kill for money.

Circle two: people with the expertise to remove a kidney without doing undue damage to the organ.

We'll call that "skillz"... with a Z.

Now, I'm guessing that there's not enough of that particular kind of murder-for-hire work to pay the bills. So, they probably get most of their money doing medical work.

Off the books, of course.

So, someone gets shot doing something that they shouldn't...

They can't go to a hospital, so they get someone to patch it up quietly.

Exactly. That's exactly right.

So, to find that person... we need a wound.

I'm sorry.

What kind of wound are we talking about?

Well, I mean, in order to lure our underground-doctor-cum-hitman out of hiding, we need to offer him...

Or her! Sorry.

Oh, my God.

The possibility of some medical work.

I was just thinking... (imitates gunshot) straight through-and-through.

Back of the thigh, mostly damage to the fatty tissue, you'll be back playing tennis in no time.

Why are you looking at me?

Uh, because, James, you're the only one that works sitting down.

We have to investigate, Stavros has to mop.

Uh, uh, Brian. There's no way I can allow you to discharge a firearm for the purpose of hurting a Bureau employee.

Thank you.

How about a bladed weapon?

Oh, forget it. I hate knives.

I run triathlons.

I dance.

I'll do it.


I have no feeling in my left leg anyway.

From Macedonia.

And I look forward to hearing all about that.

Mike, Ike, you guys take care of the whole... of it all. James, do me a favor.

Put the word out on the, you know, seedy underworld.

And we should have a line out to our guy in no time.

And what if we don't?

Rebecca: Brian?

Even if he is volunteering, there's no way I can allow anyone to be injured.

You're right.

As an agent of the FBI, you need to voice your objection.

That's very responsible.


(all screaming)

And our fishing lines were cast.

We just had to wait for a bite.

And in the meantime, I had plenty of other stuff to do.

Hey, can I head out?

I'm still crazy jet-lagged, and I read somewhere that it takes like a week for every time zone to, you know, readjust.

Brian, it's fine.

Get some rest.

Big day tomorrow.

All right.

Okay, so in order to get to my meeting with Piper, I might have to break a rule.

Maybe two.

Principally, I need to ditch my shadow.


More accurately, ditch him in such a way that he doesn't know he's being ditched.


Survey says...

Knock the guy out.

(bell dings)

But how?

(dart whooshes)

Maybe a little Indiana Jones action.

Or perhaps something a little more James Bond?

There's always the Machiavellian approach.

Food's not the worst idea.

But he's never gonna take anything I have in here.

Luckily, I've been ordering in a lot.

And statistically, the most popular pizza is thin crust, plain cheese.

(doorbell rings)

Who can say no to that?

Thank you...

And since he's seen it delivered without interference... Or, okay, without visible interference...

Smells good.

That's rude, here.

Do you want some of this cheesy, cheesy goodness, man?

You want in on this? Get it while it's hot?



Look, I get it, dude... We're not gonna be friends.

It's fine, I don't want to be friends with you anyway.

But I don't want to see you all cranky and crazy and hungry, okay?

'Cause this is weird.

You're out here sitting on a chair in the hallway like some sort of bridge troll, while I'm inside enjoying a nice, hot, delicious, artisanal Italian cuisine.

There you go.

See, I knew you weren't a cyborg.

Random drug checks don't apply to prescription medications.

Even sleeping pills.

Of which there are enough on that slice to put him on the Sleepytown Express in plenty of time for me to meet Piper.


I thought he'd be out by now.

Maybe he just needs something to help him along.


If ever there was a recipe for peaceful slumber, it's a full stomach, two sleeping pills, and the soothing sounds of Enya.

♪ Who can say where the road goes ♪


♪ Where the day flows ♪
♪ Only time ♪
♪ And who can say... ♪

Mission accomplished.

I was four minutes late getting to the rendezvous point.

Not terrible...

At least for me.

But Piper was late, too.

Too soon to get antsy.

Anybody can be late, right?

It's not like she'd get cold feet.

Or set me up?

Maybe she got scared.

What am I missing?

Not much movement around here except...

Haven't I seen you before?

Somebody's tailing me.

I can't stay here.

(line rings)


Mike: No joy at the High Line.

But whatever he came to do, he left without doing it.

You want us to stay on him?

No, if he did spook, I don't want to give him reason to be more suspicious.

Come home.

Where's Mr. Y?

Piper's bracelet.

Is that blood?

It was Morra.

Probably not Morra himself.

Sands maybe. Mr. Y.

But it all comes back to Morra.

No, you don't know that.

Well, who else would do this?

Who else would care that you were talking to Piper?

Who else would leave you this?

This is a message from Morra.


No more violence, Sands said.

That was before they found out you didn't kill Piper like you were supposed to.

You lied to them.

How did they find out?

I mean, did I lead them to Piper?

No, get... Hey!

Damn it.

My NZT was fading and so was I.

But I couldn't sleep.

I listened for any report that sounded like it could pertain to Piper. I wouldn't accept she was gone.

I needed her.

Not just the enzyme, her.

And if there was any chance Piper was alive, Morra would have her.

Which meant I needed to find Morra.

But the one person who could take me to him was gone.

I don't know what you want me to say.

Um, Mr. Y was there when I went to sleep.

Uh, he was asleep, too, actually.

"Mr. Y"?

Yeah, that's just what I called him.

Um, no one told me his real name, so...

That's Mr. X.

What'd Finch do now?

Um... well, he lost his babysitter.

What's going on, Reb?

What do you mean?

I mean something's off ever since Finch got back from Russia.

Well, I think he's just trying to get back to normal.

You know, he's overwhelmed...

I don't mean with him. I mean you.

I see the way you're watching him all the time.

Secret meetings with Ike and Mike.

Those are about Brian.

You think something's going on with him.


Okay, okay.

You know, you never used to keep things from me.

Not things like this.

And I never used to lie to you, either.

Lie to me?

Where did you get that?

I found it.

After Casey died.

I don't know why I didn't turn it in.

You know how I feel about the stuff.

But I got tempted.

I guess. I thought about giving it to my mother.

Give her one last great day.

But it's just been burning a hole in my pocket.

'Cause it's the first time I've ever done anything like this.

Gone against the CJC.

And it's the only secret I've ever kept from you.

And I don't like it.

I don't like keeping secrets.

Do whatever you need to do.

It's not that I don't trust you, Boyle.

It's just that I...

I had to figure out what I was dealing with, so I could know what to do with it.

I-I didn't want to put you in the middle of it.

Just tell me what's going on.

Okay, okay.

You're right. Wait, you're right.

There is something going on with Brian.

And Mr. Y fell asleep at his post?

I didn't hire him.

We're going to look into what happened, and we're going to find a replacement.

And in the meantime, I will sit with you myself if I have to.


Partying with Naz.

You haven't gone to Naz with any of this?

Well, what if I'm wrong?

You're not often wrong, Rebecca.

So stop waiting around for some smoking gun.

Because at that point, it might be too late, and this could come crashing down on all of us.

James: Brian?

James Tech.

How's Stavros?

Come with me.

Bruntouchables do it again.

Did you found a guy?

Is that the guy?

That's definitely the guy.


Hey, Stavros.

How's the leg?

Is small price to pay.

I'm not gonna say Stavros had an easy time last night.


He had to visit more than one shady provider of illicit medical care looking for one who fit the bill.

As soon as each suspect accepted the money...


James Tech jumped into action.

Searching their computers, poking around behind firewalls.

Outside of general creep factor, none threw up any red flags until...

It was Stavros who finally pegged our likely candidate.

As far as he was concerned, this was our hit man, which along with the vet's willingness to illegally practice medicine, was enough for us to get a warrant for a deeper search.


(agents shouting indistinctly)

According to his e-mails, this guy was involved in dozens of off-the-books operations with all kinds of shady characters.

But what caught James Tech's eye was a suspicious exchange between the vet and someone with the proxy address Sheepadoodle1996.

Remember the last time we saw a Sheepadoodle?

Miranda: I'm sorry, you're here because a veterinarian you met is having an e-mail exchange with someone who owns a Sheepadoodle?

Not someone who owns a Sheepadoodle, you.

1996 was the year you and Gordon were married.

And the Sheepadoodle in question... Montgomery, right?

Is your husband's.

Montgomery belonged to us both.

Leave him alone, please.

(whimpering softly)

I still don't see what this has to do with anything.

Well, you and your husband were having a difficult time, according to just about everyone we talked to.

His divorce lawyer was about to jump all over your divorce lawyer, when suddenly Gordon gets sick.

You offer to stick around and patch things up, because you thought probably he would die soon, and then you'd get at least a little bit of the fortune.

Then Biosoma had a breakthrough, and it started to look like he might actually live after all.

And you saw an opportunity.

The first bio-printed kidney.

That's pretty special.

Something someone might kill for.


It's really ironic when you think about it.

You thought the first bio-printed kidney was the perfect cover, but little did you know, it wasn't bio-printed at all.


And Daniel Lee thought he'd have time to swap it out, but little did he know, you were gonna kill his patient.

You actually listen to this person?

He had a hard time convincing us, too, until Dr. Kinder gave you up.

Boyle: See, he had priors.

And he wasn't too eager to take his chances in front of a jury again.

Any evidence you have is circumstantial at best.

Rebecca: That's okay by me.

If we keep digging... And we will...

I'm sure we'll come up with a smoking gun.

Boyle: Yes.

Are you sure this dog's okay?

Monty, you seem a little lethargic.

Like you've been sedated.

That got me thinking.

I won't get too graphic about pumping a dog's stomach.

But suffice it to say... Montgomery was fine.

And what we found in there was worth it.

Namely, a hefty dose of the same sedative used to take out Gordon Roper.

And more importantly?

Traces of Rohan Kumar's DNA.

It takes a lot of spite to feed what you think is your dead husband's kidney to his dog.

But it is a handy way to get rid of it.

And now I need to find Senator Morra and find out what happened to Piper.

Ever try to search for something without searching for it?

That's what I had to do, since my every keystroke was being logged.

Why are you still here?

Actually, I was just about to leave.

Mr. X has double duty today.

No word from the other guy?

No, nothing.

It's weird, right?

I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Should we follow?


Let him go.

It took three subway changes, but I finally lost Mr. X.

Two more trains, and I made it to St. Ann's.

(crowd clamoring)

Brian: Senator Morra!

Senator Morra!

You want him? All right.

Excuse me, let him through.

The senator would like a word with you.


I'm a little busy here.

Something about who's gonna become president.

Whatever this is, Senator, we don't have time for it.

It's okay.

I'm sorry.

I didn't kill Piper Baird.

But you know that.

I went to Russia to help her get the last thing she needs to make the immunity shot.

I wanted to be free.

And I was stupid to think that I could outsmart you.

But I'm here now, and I'm asking you...

Man, I'm begging you...

For mercy.

If you haven't killed Piper yet, please don't.

That is... so interesting.

I knew you went to Russia.

But until you came in here, I had no idea Piper was still alive.

If Sands knew that, he kept it to himself. (chuckles)

But I found her bracelet covered in blood in my apartment.

Yeah, that was Sands, not me.

Try to keep up. What, do you need a pill?

Sands has Piper, which according to you, means he's got the immunity shot.

So Jarrod Sands doesn't work for me anymore.

He's gone rogue.

Danny, get Brian a water, please?

Are you kidding me?

What, do you want something else?

No, I don't, I don't want any water.

You just told me that Sands can take NZT now?

If he can takes it, he's got some way of making it, which means he's working with other people.

This look straight?

You just told me that Sands is pulling together a team of super villains and you're asking me if your tie knot is straight?

Brian, I'm about to go give a speech that's gonna catapult me into the front of the race.

It's gonna be beautiful.

Seriously, you should stay and watch.

Danny can get you a seat.

And you know what?

It'll be fun.

Who doesn't like a standing ovation?

But to be honest, I'm thinking so far beyond the presidency right now you can't even imagine.

Well, you should be thinking about the fact that Sands and his people are gonna be coming after you and me.

Danny: It's time, Senator.

They'll have a plan, and it won't be small.

And it'll be hard for you, but you're gonna be okay.

Let Sands and his people do their thing.

This fight?

It's not about who's gonna control this world.

It's about who's gonna build the next one.

(crowd applauding)

I took the pill Senator Morra gave me, and I stayed up most of the night thinking about it.

But I still couldn't figure out why he wasn't more worried about Sands.


Reporter: Senator Morra spoke at a New York City church, calling the city a global beacon of div...


Hey, can I come in?


Rebecca: Morra's everywhere, huh?


So, what's up?

I could use a cup of coffee.

How about you?



So, is, uh... is there something on your mind?

Or did your coffee maker just break?

What is this?

I saw you coming out of the church last night.

These are for you.

You're gonna put them on, and then you're gonna tell me what the hell is going on between you and Senator Morra.