01x21 - Finale: Part One!

Previously on Limitless...

You've been working for Senator Morra.

I don't even know who you are anymore.

I was forced into this.

There's stuff you don't know about.

You better tell me.

I don't take that shot, I'm not immune to the side effects of NZT.

Brian: Huston, can you be willing to testify to all this in court?

Including that it was Jarrod Sands that killed my father?

That looks like a yes to me.

Drop your weapon. Now!

Rot in hell, Sands.

My days here are numbered.

I don't know exactly how long the booster shot's gonna last.

Naz isn't gonna risk you taking a pill without it.

You sacrificed your connection to the immunity shot for me?

You can't take NZT anymore.

Okay, so, let's review.

Jarrod Sands... and a group of five or more other people are holding Piper Baird, who, as most of you know, is kind of my girlfriend.

Anyway, Sands is in jail, and he's not talking, so we don't know who the other members are.

Thus, I have decided that we will refer to them as... the Legion of... Whom.


What? Yes.

Shouldn't it be the Legion of Who?

It... really doesn't matter.

No, actually, Brian's right...

"whom" is the object of "Legion."

Think about it.


Brian: All right, guys, that's not the point.

Finding out whom they are is the key to finding Piper, all right?

Uh, but that one should have been "who," right?


The immunity enzyme.

That's how I stayed alive on NZT all that time. That... is what the legion wants from her.

But it's been a month.

What if she's already given it to them?

Well, she wouldn't; she's a fighter.

What if... she fought... and lost?

You know what? No more questions.

Dennis: Brian, didn't you say you were working the afternoon shift today?

Brian: It's not easy to solve crimes after the FBI fires you and takes your NZT away.

My mom and dad took me back in, but they said I had to pay rent, so...

(SIGHS) Well, that's a good question.

Why buy the model with the curved screen?


Consumer Reports says it's a complete waste of money.


I mean, uh... you're gonna... add value, maybe.

Maybe not.

B-But probably... vis-à-vis the, uh... et cetera.

You follow me?

Every now and then, I would have these weird moments of clarity.

But, Gary, is that journalist from Consumer Reports gonna be there at your house when your friends come over and see just a regular TV on your wall?

Will he say, "Huh. Gary is usually a cutting-edge guy, but in this case, he made a cautious and sensible choice. I guess we laud him for being a cautious and sensible man"?

Let's do this.

Remind me again which TV we're talking about.

But they disappeared as soon as they came.

Just point it out on the wall.

I guess they were kind of, flashbacks from taking so much NZT.

Did I think about life after the FBI?

Sure. But mostly because my dad kept asking me about my plan.

Law school?


Yeah, seriously.

I mean, think about it, I could go to community college, I could get my grades up.

You're a lawyer. Cameron's a lawyer.

Why not?

Why not?


Yeah, that's probably the same reason Oliver Wendell Holmes took the bar. "Why not?"

I had no idea who Oliver Wendell Whatever was, but my dad had a point...

My heart wasn't really in anything besides finding Piper.

So, before my last pill wore off, I wrote down everything I could remember about Sands.

So the answers and the names of the other people who are in the Legion of Whom, they... may be in there, somewhere.

I mean, I'm just having trouble getting at them.

That's what everyone's calling it at the CJC, you know.

"The Legion of Whom."

So you guys do miss me.

Well, it looks no sadder than what we've got.

If Sands is part of a cabal of like-minded criminals on NZT, we don't know what ties him to them.

And we don't know what their motives are, so...

It makes me nervous.

Yeah. Me, too.

That's why, if we work together...

Look, if you just bring me another pill, Rebecca...

I mean, my immunity shot should still be working, and if I find Piper, she can make more, just...


I can't give you an NZT pill... The FBI doesn't know enough about that shot, and if something happens to you...

I know. I'm a liability. I know.

Look, just... take this, okay?

There should be some valuable information in there somewhere.

I think.


I have to get back.

All right.

We will find Piper, you know?

The people that took her, they're on NZT, so that's what we're looking for.

There's only so much NZT out there.

She was right... At least NZT hadn't been on the streets for a while.

But that was about to change.

Just got a whole supply of it in.

From a new source, but I tried it myself this morning, and it was like, "Damn, Daniel!"

How about a free sample?

What's it called?


It's back...


Breaking news tonight, as a string of recent crimes have been linked to a new synthetic drug called NZT.

Authorities warn it's as addictive as krokodil or bath salts, and just as dangerous.

Reportedly, it makes the user believe they're capable of anything.

NYPD's been chasing reports of erratic behavior all across the five boroughs.

People are killing each other over this drug.

Anchorwoman: Authorities are in the process of running down the drug's source.

(DISTORTED VOICE): Mexican cartel.

Weed's drying up as it gets legalized, and they see this as a start-up venture, their biggest, most lucrative market yet.

The NYPD have linked another crime to this growing trend.

The double homicide of Curtis and Rosie Tanaka, a husband-and-wife pharmacology team found murdered in their East Village lab last night.

We're still investigating whether it was premeditated, but it seems the perp broke into the Tanakas' lab searching for NZT.

The Tanakas were making it?

No, no, no, no, no. We have no proof of that yet.

But if they were, if they were at the source of the epidemic, our job is half done... If they weren't... then we have to search for who is making it and shut them down.

And shut them down.

SAC Pouran. It's been a minute.

Rebecca Harris, Agent Adam Brewster, DEA.

He's our liaison for this investigation.

Naz and I worked pretty close the last time this stuff was on the streets.

This time it's worse.

So you guys got blindsided, too.

Well, at least it's confined to New York City.

For now.

I want us all on the same page, make sure we all have the relevant information for our own NZT investigation.

The FBI is conducting a probe into Senator Edward Morra and his former head of security, Jarrod Sands.

We think they may be involved in the use and distribution of NZT.

Edward Morra? You're serious?

We have a fair amount of evidence to support it, but... for now, we're just building a case.

We think Sands has been gathering individuals and supplying them with NZT to form some kind of... smart-drug-enhanced collective.

We have him in custody, but for now he's not talking.

Hold on.

You're telling me there's a sitting senator on a Schedule I drug... and his deputy has split off to create some kind of Brainiac cult.

If you come across anything that points to Morra, Sands or this group that they're forming, we would certainly like to know.

How did you learn this?

We had a consultant... Brian Finch.

He was our expert on NZT.

When you say "was"...

Finch was pulled from the FBI.

There were complications.

So we have people in custody that we believe are still under the influence of NZT, so I suggest we start a conversation before they start to come down off it, yeah?

Bring on the fugazi geniuses.

This may come as a surprise to you...

(WHISPERING): but I've done some drugs in my day.

This stuff?

This is peerless.

Well... I'm not on it.

I make it a point to never sample the product.

I just give it to my grad students.

Have you ever considered the possibility that it came from a newly sentient, hostile artificial intelligence?

When this drug goes wide, nothing will ever be the same.

You get enough people rocking Apocryphon at the same time, that's when the real revolution will start.

Rebecca: Stop right there.

What did you just say?

What? Apocryphon?

What is that?

From what I've discerned, it's one of the street names of the drug.


Agent Harris?

Wh... Yes?

Oh, I'm not much of a tea drinker, but thank you.

Uh, the tea's for me.

I pegged you as coffee, black.

Nothin' fancy.


So I talked to my guy in forensics.

Can't find a connection between NZT and the husband-and-wife chemists.

So it's a dead end?

Thought so, but a buddy at the 23rd precinct told me about another murder that happened today.

Victim's a male pharmacologist, working in some kind of start-up lab.

Based on that, I did some digging, and two other pharma types were killed last week.

Cops chalked the deaths up as randos, but...

It's a pattern.

Definitely more than just junkies jonesing for NZT.

Maybe it's somebody who's looking for the original source.

Or trying to take out the competition.

That's what I was thinking.

I'm, uh, taking a team to figure it out.

You want to come?

No, I should finish going through these interrogations.

Speaking of which, did any of your sources mention "Apocryphon"?

What do you think it means?

I don't know yet.

Female reporter: Astonished onlookers at the Bronx Zoo watched as a man, reportedly high on NZT, jumped into the lion habitat and proceeded to tame one of the animals, to the point where she was literally eating out of his hand.

Oh, man.

We gotta get some of that.

I was watching these videos and snaps of people doing all this completely dope stuff on NTZ...


Heart it makes you just wicked smart, like Einstein or, uh...

What's the differently abled dude's name?

The one with the robot voice. Uh...

Stephen Hawking?


I don't know. I'd probably know if I was on it.

It's like a... a Viagra for your brain.

It's a brain boner.


I don't know, man.

It sounds pretty dangerous.

No, man. Come on. Two words, Media scare tactics.

That's three words.

You want to know why?

'Cause the drug doesn't come from America.

And if America can't profit on it, then they make it illegal.

That, my man, is how the world works.

Is it?



But, uh... (INHALES) I could probably get some.

I'm pretty connected.

And what would you do if you had some, Grover?


Two chicks at the same time.

You're quoting Office Space.


Yes, man. And that's why we're buds.

Is it? Yeah.

'Cause you just... you get me, man.

Anyway... (SIGHS) I don't know what I'd do with it, but, uh, imagine the possibilities.

Anchorman: The epidemic shows no signs of slowing.

Emergency rooms from across the five boroughs are reporting an influx of patients with the same worrisome neurological symptoms, disorientation, memory loss, and blurred vision.

The CDC warns NZT abuse is becoming...

I'm glad that's not you.

A major...


Me, too.

No, I'm serious, Brian.

You dodged a bullet. You got lucky.

I feel very lucky.

I wear a name tag to work, and it has my name on it.


It's been hard. I know you're worried about your friend.

Mm. Piper was more than a friend, Dad.

Yes, I know she's more than a friend.

And you know that I'm reaching out to anyone who can help.

There's a guy who works with the firm.

He's an investigator. As good as it gets.

He's looking for her.




Rebecca's voice: _


Top secret meet-up?

I like it.

You're here to call me in, aren't you?

All that stuff on the news, it's crazy.

I mean, you guys must be...

What can you tell me about this?


I can tell you definitively that it is a series of numbers and letters that I wrote down one time.

It's also the fourth album for the Sword.

No, I don't know what it means right now.

But I did write it down while I was on NZT, so as soon as you give me my pill...



You don't have a pill for me, do you?

That's not why you're here.

Brian, what goes on out there doesn't affect your situation with the FBI.

I'm sorry.

You wrote this word down weeks before NZT dropped in Manhattan.

How did you know the street name of a drug that wasn't on the street?

What, were you hoping that I'd just happen to remember something?

So, basically, you came here to remind me that with NZT I'm helpful, but without it, I'm not. You know what?

God, I feel like that guy from that book who gets really smart and then gets really dumb again.

You mean Flowers for Algernon?

I don't remember what it was called. That's the point.

Brian, n...

Question, are you guys even looking for Piper?

Of course we are.


But, technically, most of our resources are on this right now, so...

I have to go.

Keep this, in case it triggers something.




Brian: Grover.


You said you have a hookup, right?

You can find NZT?

I might've made a call, yeah.

There might be a party tonight.

Do they have some?

Thought you weren't cool.

You're not a narc, are you?

Yes, Grover, and I work for the FBI, in an office called Headquarters! with an exclamation point.

All right, all right, I just meant you were freaked out about the side effects. And I don't want to ruin anyone's trip by bringing along Debbie Downer.

So you on the bus? 'Cause this train is leaving the station, buddy.

Yes. I'm on the bus.

And the train.

I'm gonna...


Look, I want to buy drugs... (QUIETLY) with you.


Brian: An entire hallway made with drinking straws...?

I think we're in the right place.


So, uh, just hang back and follow my lead.

Man: Come on, now.


Hey, I'm gonna go look for Alice.

All right, yeah.

♪ ...be a hero? ♪
♪ Standing fast and easy ♪
♪ With an appropriate grin ♪
♪ Brother, not that way ♪
♪ They'll take you away ♪
♪ Give me your gun ♪
♪ It's no use to anyone ♪
♪ Instead ♪
♪ I freeze ♪
♪ Seeing if I shut up ♪
♪ And stay real still ♪
♪ Maybe he won't kill ♪
♪ At least not me... ♪

Grover: Hey.


Think I found her.

♪ ...to be a hero? ♪

That's when Taylor Swift was sworn in to the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati by the queen herself, Beyoncé.


Uh, hey.



Uh, my cousin Sheila's friend.

Uh, any-anyway, my-my friend and I were just wondering, uh, if you have any of that... if you have any of that stuff that's going around, you know, the...


It's small, it's round, it's impossibly clear.

40 bucks a pop.

All right, we'll take two.

Hangover's rough.

And the trip can be intense.

Usually you use about ten percent of your brain...

Yeah, that's a myth, actually, that whole ten percent thing.

But who's to say, really?

So do we got to take this with food or...?

Whatever flies your kite.

All right, thank you.

So, uh, what do we do now?

Do we just, like... go ahead and take it?

Were you serious about the food thing?

Because I haven't eaten in a while.

I'm a little hungry.

Okay, I'll just have one too.

Don't see why not, right? (CHUCKLES)



Wonder how long it takes to, like, kick in.

Do you think it's as intense as she said it is?

Should we stay here, or should we go, like, out into, uh, nature...

Brian: As Grover rambled like a nervous kid on the climb up a roller coaster, I had my own concerns.

If I'm not protected by the immunity shot, I couldn't predict if I'd just get a hangover or worse.

Like the heroin junkie who goes back for one more hit, that one hit that kills him.

But as it kicked in, my fears fell away... replaced by visions of Piper.

I had to focus.

Dude, welcome back!

You know, if you died on NZT, this would be my heaven.

Except for the part where all these people lose their teeth and get dementia.

Right. Which is exactly why we need to solve this.



Where did I see this?

Jarrod Sands doesn't work for me anymore.

He's working with other people.

Brian: Other people?

What if Apocryphon is a person? What does it mean?

What if it was named after whoever made it?

Somebody who used to be in Morra's camp?

And then branched off with Sands, but this time, he made a new version of NZT, and named it after himself.

Which means tracking down Apocryphon might lead us to Piper.

So all we need to do...

Is trace these pills back to wherever they came from.

Uh, what about Grover?

He's our good buddy.

And, look, if you're tracking down NZT, two people can move faster than one.


Alice: I'm not sure Taylor will lead us to enlightenment, but I can say for certain she will take us one step closer.

Wow. Yeah.

At least.


Grover: Yeah!

Hey, man, Taylor Swift is seriously gonna take over the world.

Well, shake it off.

I'm getting you out of here.


Hey, Alice.

Do you mind telling me where you got this stuff?

Let me rephrase that.

I know someone who knows things.

Her name is Andrea.

And I'm pretty sure I heard her mention that she knows someone who has Taylor's unreleased single, "Dark Blue Tennessee."

Blue is the primary color of Freemasonry.

I know.

Tell him I sent you.

You got it.


Brian: I told Grover I wanted to know where NZT came from for the simple reason that I was curious.

And he, well, he was just enjoying the ride.

After some bartering, Alice's friend gave me the number of his contact, a girl named Polly, who sent us to her hook-up, Ana, who sent us to her dealer, Drexel.

Problem was the higher up the chain we got, people weren't so eager to share their contacts.

But money always talks.

Which is exactly how we ended up here.

This guy's name is Hades.

Draw your own conclusions.

But thanks, in part, to my job at Datavision, I knew how to work even the toughest customers.

Have you ever considered the reason you're seeing a decline in sales could be because of your name?

I mean, I get why you chose it.

It's powerful, and I love it.

But then it appeals to people like me, with death metal tendencies.

But imagine you're an 18-year-old kid.

You're making your first buy.

You're nervous.

I mean, take my friend Grover here, for example.

He's on the wrong side of 30, and he is literally shaking in his boots right now.

Isn't that right, Grover?

I'm 29.

The point is... that 18-year-old scared kid, is he gonna choose the guy named Hades?

Probably not.

Maybe... it's time for a new moniker.

My mom used to call me Pumpkin.


At the end of the night, we had a stockpile of NZT as well as the names of the major drug dealers selling in Manhattan. Now all we had to do was put them in order, so I'd remember what it all meant once the NZT wore off. Which is how I ended up with this... thing. Not my best work, but I did put it together as I was coming down, so...

What is that thing?

It's the model.

For the distribution path of Apocryphon, as far as we were able to trace last night.

You don't remember?


Alice wasn't kidding. I feel like crap.

I'm gonna go puke now.

Yeah. Feel better, man.


Rebecca: Four weeks in here, you've had nothing to say.

Why did you ask me to come here?

I asked you to come because this unfortunate NZT plague has had unforeseen consequences for me.

As in, Senator Morra has friends in all sorts of places, including this one.

Those friends, in the wake of that drug's release... (SIGHS)

They're making moves even now to eliminate me.

You want a transfer.


What do you have to offer?

Well, I'm no biochemist.

But I do know the chemical compound that makes NZT NZT.

No one is producing legitimate drugs with that compound in the numbers required to fuel this outbreak.

So, if you find that chemical and you find who's buying it in mass amounts...

Even a half-decent investigator should be able to find their way to the lab producing it.

What's the chemical?

I don't know.

I wouldn't even recognize it if you told me.

But there are only so many neuroenhancing compounds in the world, much less New York.

Now, about my transfer...

I'll run this down.

We'll see.



Well, the good news is that thanks to Agent Harris's chat with Sands, we've been able to narrow the pool of chemists who could be manufacturing NZT.

We've got ten pharmacologists who have expertise in cutting-edge nootropic drugs, who are registered with the DEA to have access to Schedule II chemicals.

We're looking for two things here, the person who created NZT and whoever is after that person.

So if we align our mindset with the latter, I think we have a better chance at catching both. Um, I've been in contact with the dispensary and they're sending over a list of chemicals that are used in NZT.

We can cross-check that list with suppliers; see if any of these chemists have placed an order recently.


And if we work quickly, we might actually save some lives here.

I'll be right back.

Brian: I used to work here.

Your name's Janice, right? Or is it Diane?

I-I don't really remember names right now, but I remember you have a cat; the cat's name is Janice.




What are you doing here?

I got to show you something.

I just need, like, five minutes.

Thank you, Denise, he's with me.

Ah! Denise!

So I tracked the NZT supply to this guy Apocryphon...

Wait, it's a guy?


I thought it was a street name for the drug.

Brian, this...


Why is this so crafty yet functional?

You did not take NZT.

Well, it's out there, Rebecca.

And I may or may not have gone to a party, and I may or may not of...

How do you feel?


Thank you for asking.

I told you my immunity shot was still working.

But look, I didn't come here to gloat.

I didn't come here just to gloat.

The point is Grover and I, we went around the entire city last night...


Yeah, he's a friend of mine.

Okay, continue.

So, based on the dealers I bought the NZT from, I triangulated the possible origin point to the Bronx and this compounding pharmacy.

And I'm willing to bet you anything that the pharmacist who works there, Clay Meeks, is Apocryphon.



I'll check that name against the list we have, but...

You shouldn't be taking unregulated NZT, Brian.

I mean, I know you feel fine today, but it could be laced with anything.

Yeah, but-but if this is our guy, and if he can lead us to Piper, then there's no risk at all... I can have the enzyme.

There's no Clay Meeks on our list.

All right, well, maybe your list is incomplete.

Or maybe our guys are working together.

I don't know, but look, if you took this upstairs...

Then what?

So you're taking NZT that could be laced with God knows what, and you're working with some guy named Grover.

Grover's a Muppet's name, Brian.

How am I supposed to present this to Naz?

Or to the DEA?

And if you are buying or selling NZT, then they'll arrest you.

I'm in an impossible situation.

Don't take it to them.

Come with me.

There you are.

Well, I hope I'm not interrupting.

Agent Brewster, this is Brian Finch.


Oh, yes, I've heard of you.

Is that so?

Your name's Agent Brewster?

I think I heard of your sister.

Punky, yeah.

Well, we were just wrapping things up.

Okay, well, we got that list of dispensaries upstairs.

Are you part of this investigation?

No, I'm not.

You guys have at it.

The FBI didn't need me.

I didn't need them.

At this point, I didn't need NZT, either.

All I needed to do was finish what I started.

Which meant finding Clay Meeks.


Help you?

Hi, yeah, you guys do compounding here?

That depends. What do you need?

Well, actually, I was kind of wondering about Apocryphon.

Never heard of it.

See, I don't think it's an it. I think it's a he.

Unless I'm crazy wrong, I think he's you...

Clay Meeks.

You rocking it right now, brother?

No, not right now.

It's kind of a long story.

Maybe you tell me yours, I'll tell you mine?

Like how we both know Sands, except you're in league with him... NZT flood, panic in the streets?

Let's talk in the back.

So you want to talk about NZT?

You and everybody else.

Let me guess.

You figured out that I'm the one that's responsible for the flood.

That I'm the only one who can mass produce the unproducible, change the way the world works.

You on NZT right now?

Nah, never touch the stuff.


You work with Sands?

If you ask Sands, I work for him.

Him and his Hellfire Genius Club.

(SCOFFS) I've been calling it the Legion of Whom.

Not bad.

Anyways, I got my own plans.

Pandora's Box has been opened.

Ain't no sealing it back up now.

You're planning on releasing more?

Man, why are you telling me all this?

I'm not trying to hide it.

I think it's a good thing.

You know, give the people a... a dose of truth.

You know what "Apocryphon" means, don't you?

It's the knowledge that can't be taught.


We're talking about revelation here; a literal game changer.

Well, I'm looking for Piper Baird.

You got any of that knowledge?

Uh... Sands is really precious about the whole thing.

Yeah, but you know who she is, don't you?

Hey, you gotta know something.

We all gotta find our own truth.

What does that mean?

Where are you going?

I'm not going anywhere.

I was never here.

Man (over radio): Charlie 1-6.

Incident B7655... you want to go ahead and call that...

Okay, people, listen up.

We are serving warrant on one Antoine Jacoby, our primary suspect, according to Agent Harris's cross-checks.

We're talking a large-scale manufacture of NZT in this warehouse.

We don't know how many Jacoby's got in there with him, and we don't know where they are, so carve up slices and fan out wide, once we're in.

I want every nook and cranny checked.

No surprises.


Any bright ideas, questions or concerns?

No, sir.

Happy hunting.

Brian, it's not a good time.

Listen, Clay Meeks is Apocryphon.

What are you talking about? Where are you?

I found Apocryphon!

It's not exactly what I was expecting, but this is definitely him.

Wait, he's there with you?

No, he slipped away!

He's, like, a ninja person.

And now he's out there somewhere.

Harris, we doing this?

Yeah, I have to go. We're moving in.

No, but I'm telling you you're making a mistake!

I have to go.

No, wait, wait, wait!

Who was that?

A source I'm working with.

Are we sure Jacoby's our guy on this?

He's the guy.

Why? Who's this source?

Look, Harris, I trust your instincts, I really do, but unless you can find a flaw in the chain of evidence that's brought us all here, how about we see this through?



Agent: Federal officers!

Agent 2: Hands up!


Hands up! Let's see 'em!

Get back from the table!

Don't move! Don't move!

Him, turn him.

Agent: Stay right there!

Back away!

Back away!

That's him.

Antoine Jacoby?


What are we making here, Mr. Jacoby?

Cooking up some smart drugs?

Maybe you should have taken a dose yourself.

You're under arrest for the manufacture and distribution of a Schedule on controlled substance.

Rebecca: I can't believe it's over, but it's over.

Jacoby not only admitted to putting NZT on the street, but he named names: Six people, including Jarrod Sands.

Who are the others?

Um, Edgar Wilkes.


He was on Homeland Security.

Deborah Hilgrad, former CIA op.

Jonathan Reilly, big finance.

Stay right there!

Leland Shawn.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Criminal defense attorney.

And Amanda Crane. She's on a weapons procurement committee.

That's the entire Legion of Whom.


I don't know who Clay Meeks is, but he could be a crackpot conspiracy theorist, maybe?

No, I don't think so.

I mean, he knew things.

I think he knew things.


What? What is it?

Just, I was wrong, you know.

I don't understand how that happened.

Well, like I said, the drug you took...

It could've been cut with something.

It was untested.

Or I just convinced myself I was right because I wanted to be.


I don't know. It was fun, you know?

Investigating again, chasing down leads.

I guess I just got... caught up in it.

Well... bright side, Once we interrogate them, we'll be that much closer to finding Piper.

(SIGHS) Yeah. Yeah, yeah.


SAC Pouran.

Agent Boyle.

As I told you before, I've got nothing to say.

Whatever reason you're here, seems you've wasted your time.

Silent treatment. Makes sense if you think your team's gonna ride in to rescue you.

I do happen to know some people who get things done.

Well, here's the thing, This team you place so much confidence in...

They are now, one and all, in federal custody.


It's okay. I didn't think you'd just believe us on spec, so I brought along some photographs.

I know. It's upsetting.

That's why I wanted you to hear it from us.

How did this happen?

Do you have any idea how many people have been hurt since you flooded the city with NZT?

How many people have been killed?

You got greedy.

And in my experience, greed makes you stupid.

Whatever drug you happen to be abusing at the time.


The plea arrangement you talked about?

Off the table. Sorry.

Well, what about Piper Baird?

Did your agents locate her?

If you breathe life back into the deal, I'll tell you where she is.


I'm willing to testify, in full... about my relationship with the senator.


I will bring you the head of Edward Morra.

Now, what you got to say?

Brian: How could one word have led me so astray?

I was no closer to finding Piper, and I was driving myself crazy, wondering where I went wrong, and why NZT had failed me.

Maybe Rebecca was right.

Was it weaker?

Would taking more even help?




Everything all right?

Uh, yeah.

No, I'm-I'm just thinking.

Where were you?

Uh, well, I just came from my guy.

You know, the investigator I told you about.

Yeah. Did he find something?


(SIGHS) Yeah.

And he doesn't think he will, Brian.

What does that mean?

You know, those people that took her...



They are really bad people, Brian.

I know.

And I know you don't want to hear this, and I don't want to be the one to say this, but... he believes Piper is gone.

I'm sorry.

You know, you were the only one left, the only one who still believed in this.

And I want to.

What if it were Mom?

Or Rachel?

Would you still be telling me to give up?

Brian, you are my son, and I don't want to lose you chasing something that you're probably never gonna find.

And I don't want to have this conversation with Mom or Rachel about you.

Look, we can only work with the information we have.

And the information I have says that it's too late for Piper.

And NZT can't change that.

It's not a magic bullet.

Dad was only trying to help, but he was wrong.

NZT is a magic bullet, and the entire Legion of Whom is on it.

Which begs the question: how did the FBI ferret them out so easily?

Unless the Legion wanted them to.

Brian... talk.

Talk to me.

I know you're hurting.

You know what? I just think I need to spend some time alone right now, if that's okay.



♪ One after the other ♪
♪ On the left side of my heart... ♪

I had one more chance to get this right.

We may have known the "who" in the Legion of Whom, but I still didn't know the why.

Senator Morra's plane will depart from a private airfield in Farmington later today.

You and I will be there to intercept.

We will take the senator into custody for questioning regarding Jarrod Sands' testimony.

This is going to blow up into a whole big thing, isn't it?


FBI investigation into a sitting senator?

It might.

So if we are doing this, I need to know you're all on board.

Let's go roll him up.


Here to see a prisoner.

His name?

Jarrod Sands.


Can I help you?

FBI. We're looking for Senator Morra.

Was he expecting you?

I doubt it.

I'm sorry. The senator's not here.

This is his plane, is it not?

Last-minute change of plans.

He accepted an invitation to fly with a friend of the campaign.

Fly where?

Is there a problem?


Is this one of yours?

Naz: Down, down, down.



Hey! Hey! It's me! It's me. Don't shoot, all right?

Stand down! Whatever you tell these people so they don't kill me!

What the hell, Finch?

I called you on the phone, why didn't you answer your phone?

I was a little busy.

Listen, I wasn't wrong, about any of it.

It wasn't Jacoby that put all that NZT on the streets.

It was Clay Meeks, like I said, working for Sands.

The NZT surge was just a smokescreen, to create chaos.

I mean, they wanted you to increase your task force, they needed you to bring in the DEA, because that is where they had someone on the inside.


Brewster is one of them.

I think he was on NZT, but he hid it so well.

No accelerated speech patterns, no tells whatsoever.

But it's the only thing that makes sense.

Where is Brewster, by the way?

Jacoby... Jacoby.

Brewster and Sands steered us to Jacoby.

Brian: Yeah, Jacoby was a plant.

All those people he gave up?

Sands' Legion of Whatever?

None of them worked for Sands.

Naz: Then who are they?

Well, that's what I stayed up all night trying to figure out, all right?

I have a model in the back of the car, let me...


Who are they?

They're Morra's people.

His last remaining operatives.

The people who were in Sands' way.

How did we miss this?

Because you didn't have anyone there to call it out.

You didn't have anyone on NZT.

And I kind of hate to say it, but you didn't have me.


I don't know, Brian.


We gotta go. We gotta go now.

Are you coming?

I don't know, am I?

Just get in the car, Finch!

How the hell did this happen?

Brewster knew we were bringing all the conspirators to the CJC for questioning and he used his credential to gain access to the motor pool.

Rigged some type of explosive device beneath their van.

It's a massacre.

Everyone Brewster rounded up.

That's half of Morra's core people.

He had us do their work.

So they could slaughter them.