01x22 - Finale: Part Two!!

Previously on Limitless...

Brian: Side effects may include...

Memory loss, extreme paranoia, approaching psychosis.

Don't know exactly how long the booster shot's gonna last.

You can't take NZT anymore.

Jarrod Sands and a group of five or more other people are holding Piper Baird. We'll refer to them as "The Legion of Whom."

He's got a whole supply of it.

You figured out that I'm the one that's responsible for the flood.

I'm looking for Piper Baird.

Rebecca Harris. Agent Adam Brewster, DEA.

He's our liaison for this investigation.

Brewster is one of them.

The NZT surge was just a smokescreen to create chaos!

All those people he gave up...

They're Morra's people...

The people who were in Sands' way.

Brewster knew we'd bring all the co-conspirators to the CJC for questioning.

Rigged some type of explosive device beneath their van.

It's a massacre.

So what the hell happens now?


Naz: Two Corrections officers are dead, one U.S. marshal, not to mention the five people who were working for Senator Morra, who, by the way, is nowhere to be found.

Brian: I understand how bad things are.

They got a whole bunch of people on their side taking NZT, and they've got Piper there to make the immunity shot for them... you know, I'm just thinking about what it is they want.

What they want is to keep things crazy, so they can come and go as they please while we chase our tail.

Naz: We have activated every law enforcement agency in the city, and we're still overwhelmed.

No, NZT or not, they kicked our ass on our front yard.

If we think about what they want, then we'll probably get answers...

I am responsible for these lives, this happened on my watch.

If you have something to say, I'd like... I'm listening.


If we think about what they want, what they need, it might point us in the right direction.

It might show us some weakness or something.

Motive. Fine. You got ideas?

Brian: So Sands has his own team of super villains.

What are they up to?

First of all, you lot rescued me from the FBI.


But let's not dwell on our past successes.

We should talk about what's next.

I have some thoughts on that.

We should carry out part two of our evil plan, obviously.

Do you know the premium on a contractor who's willing to work inside a dormant volcano?

Brian: Money.

Sands recruited his team from the ranks of Morra's people. I mean, they might have been doing fine, but they're lieutenants.

They're not the main players.

So if they want to change the world on NZT, they're gonna need a lot of seed capital to do anything big.

So, yeah, they need money, and they need a lot of it, really fast.

Well, they're not gonna get that by selling a few thousand NZT pills.

Exactly. So, if we can figure out what it is they're up to, we find them.


Look, you can take me back and give me NZT or not.

But either way, there are still pills out on the street, and I'll take those if I have to, because I'm gonna find Sands, and I'm gonna find Piper.

Brian, you don't know when your immunity's gonna run out.

You could die.

I don't care.

And at this point, neither should you.

I'm immune right now.

I'm all you've got.

Naz: Brian, you understand this is temporary.

In that case... welcome back to the CJC.

Thanks, boys.

Now let's go get these sons of bitches.

Find Sands and hope that leads to Piper.

But there was nothing helpful at the crime scene.





Why are you doing this, Brian?

I've been gone for weeks.

As soon as Sands and his people figured out how to make that immunity shot, do you really believe they kept me alive?

I have to. You would have done the exact same thing for me.

Not if it meant dying.

What do you mean?

The side effects.

The hallucinations, the... paranoia.

They're starting.


I still have a little bit of my immunity left.

Hey, I'm gonna find you.

I'm gone, Brian!

Don't follow me (SCREAMS) down!

So you all remember Clay Meeks.

He's the chemist who released the NZT onto the streets of New York.

Well, I spent the morning digging around in the cell phones of the people that Sands had assassinated, and four out of the five of them had contact information for Clay Meeks hidden away in there.

We've already been to Meeks' apartment, Finch.

He's in hiding.

James: Everything okay?

I'm fine, and you're right.

We have been to the apartment that he has listed.

But one of Morra's people had an alternate phone number for him, and that traces back to a rent-controlled apartment on Mott Street.

It was leased to a woman named Mary Wu.

Is she connected to Meeks?

He was raised in foster care, and Mary Wu was his foster mother for, like, two years.

Now, Meeks is our one connection to the Legion of Whom.

I mean, if we want to find out who they are or where they are, we gotta bring him in.

All right, let's assemble a team, see if he's holed up in there.


(SIGHS) Nobody answered our knock, so TAC team's gonna camp out, see if Mary Wu comes back.

So, we're gonna be honest with each other on this one, right?

I can tell you're having side effects, Brian.

And I can tell you're trying to hide them.

How bad is it?

Some part of my last immunity shot is definitely working, but today, like, this morning, it started for real.

Now how fast it gets crazy, I don't know.

Here's something I need to tell you, though, if we are being honest.

I'm not gonna stop taking these pills.

Not until we know where Sands is and what happened to Piper.

I'll help you cover with Naz. I'll...

I'll help you any way I can.

Boyle (over radio): Have visual on Mary Wu.

She's headed into the building.

Is everyone in place?

Agent (over radio): We've got the back covered.

SWAT officer: We're in position in the building.



I understand that this is important to you, but the rules still stand. We've got this.

Mary Wu?


We're with the FBI.

We have information that suggests a man named Clay Meeks may be hiding here.

You mind if we take a look around?

Do you have a warrant?

We can come back with one, if we have to.

Agent (over radio): He's on the fire escape, heading to the roof!

They're headed to a unit on the second floor, right?

He just came out of the back window.

He's heading for the roof!

Go! Go!

Agent (over radio): He's on the move!

By Unit Seven!

Go, go, go, go!

Go, go, go!

Agent: Come on, you guys! Give me light!


Agent: Clear! Now get over here! Move!

There he goes.

Freeze, Meeks!

Meeks, stop!

Boyle: Don't move!

Clay Meeks!

Make one move, I fire.

Man (staticky): We will not be undersold, no matter what our competitors say!

Woman: Traffic at a standstill at Midtown this morning.

With some street closures around the Palace Hotel...



Man (distant): Brian Finch...


Piper (distant): Brian!

Leave me alone.


You okay?


We got Meeks.

Meeks: I don't know anything about a group.

I only dealt with Jarrod Sands, that's it.

Boyle: Oh, that's too bad, because we have a federal consultant that can peg you as the chemist who put thousands of NZT pills on the street.

Rebecca: People are dying.

Every single body is gonna be charged to you.

I do remember one thing.

I heard him on the phone one time, when he came to visit me in the lab.

He walked away, but I heard him say a name.


"Everything is in place for a deal with Morneau."

Jean-Pierre Morneau.

Who's Jean-Pierre Morneau?

I just sifted through all the Morneaus I can remember.

If we're thinking "important people," there's one Morneau that jumps out, and that is Jean-Pierre Morneau, Secretary of State of Global Affairs for the sovereign state of Canada.

Sorry... you think the Canadian Secretary of State of Global Affairs is part of the Legion of Whom?

Why? What use would they have for him?

What use would we have for you?

That's a terrific question, and I'm super glad you asked it, eh?

Rachel: Brian?


Are you with us or what?

Yeah. I just don't know exactly why they would need Morneau.

But... it's a name.

There are a bunch of Canadian diplomats in town right now.

Oh, my God, would you look at that?

Morneau's here.

He's negotiating a treaty at the UN.

And traffic reports this morning mentioned congestion right around the Palace Hotel.

So that's probably where they're staying.

It's worth a shot.

What do you guys say?

You want to go talk to one of the members of the Legion of Whom?


Sorry, guys. Hotel's off-limits.

We got a situation on our hands.

We're with the FBI. We need to get through here to speak to a man named Jean-Pierre Morneau.

Morneau? Come on in.

Happy to let you guys do your jobs, but I don't think Jean-Pierre Morneau's gonna be doing much talking.

What do you mean?

I mean... he's the reason we're jammed up here.

A guy pried open a window on the 16th floor.

Jean-Pierre Morneau died on impact.

Sorry, guys, but he's not doing any talking.


Boyle: Finch, why are you lying down in the middle of a crime scene?

Sorry. I was just trying to get a little different perspective.

(CLEARS THROAT) Where were we?

No signs of foul play.

And apparently Morneau was under investigation for financial improprieties back home.

Combine that with a painkiller habit, and they're chalking it up to suicide.

Mm. They're wrong.

Just look at those two vases over there.

So, two vases.

The layers of beads in the first vase are perfect, every color is in its place.

In this hotel, symmetry is a fundamental aesthetic.

But if you look at the second vase, there's one bead at the bottom of the bowl that's out of place.

Matches the beads in the bowl by the window, to suggest that somebody knocked it over and then tried to put it back together in a rush.

That's your evidence of murder?

Yeah. I mean, we're dealing with people who are on NZT here.

There's not gonna be any obvious clues.

Jean-Pierre Morneau...

He's not part of the legion, he's one of their victims.

We just got to figure out why.


We've got to get you out of here. I'm gonna take you back to my place, where I can keep an eye on you.

You know what, there's one more place I'd rather go first.


Hey. Can we talk?

Out here? You know, the fresh air feels good.

Yeah, sure.

Let me get a jacket.

Brian: I need you to know why I'm doing this.

I mean, it could be that Piper's gone, just like you said, you know?

But I have to know.

You know, I mean, I gotta find out for myself.


But... at least let me take you to see a doctor.

Come on. Just somebody who could help.

Every second that goes by, I'm less and less immune to the side effects.

I can't stop looking. Honestly...

I shouldn't even be here.

I just wanted you to know that the reason I'm taking the pill isn't because I'm some junkie.

It's to help people.

That's what it's what it's always been about, you know?

That's... what you taught me.

Look, I don't know when the next time I'm gonna see you guys again and... I don't know what I'm gonna be like when we do, but...

I need you to know...

I need you to know that if there's one thing I regret over the past year it's that I lied to you.

And I'm sorry for that.


I hope you're right.

I hope this girl is alive.

I hope you find her.

Just be smart, careful.

And, dear God... come back to us.

You okay?


I'm in a good patch right now.

I mean, I don't know for how long, but right now, I'm good, yeah.

Beer o'clock?

I thought it would help you relax.

Thank you.

I'm in the next room. I thought we could just rest for a couple of hours and then get back to work.

Yeah. Sounds good.

Brian: Honestly, I could've used the rest.

But since I knew it wasn't going to come anyway, I figured maybe there was a way I could do some good.

(ECHOING): Brian...?


What did you do?

Oh, um...

It was a productive night.

I don't have it all figured out, but there's a lot I need to tell you.

Did you take another NZT pill?

This isn't a really a "one shift on, one shift off" kind of deal.

And to be honest with you, I lost a little bit of time right there, but I feel pretty good right now, so if you want to sit down or stand up, doesn't matter, whatever you want, just focus, 'cause we got to talk about the Northwest Territories.

You mean of Canada?


Specifically, we're interested in the Cantana Ice Shelf, which Canada shares with its neighbor to the east.

The proud... I assume, anyway...

And recently fully sovereign nation of Greenland.

Now, in the next few years, it is a lock that the Cantana Ice Shelf will split right down the middle... Climate change and all that.

Now, it's a disaster for the planet, obviously, but in the short term, (WHISPERS): it's great for business.

How so?

Well, once the ice shelf splits, it'll open up a new navigable waterway...

The long sought-after Northwest Passage.

Boats will have an alternate route... to travel across the Americas.

So shipping companies won't have to use the Panama Canal anymore.

Yes. It cuts the rides from Japan to London by, like, 5,000 miles... It's a game-changer Billions upon billions of dollars are at stake, but there's a little bit of an argument about who the new passage belongs to.

Canada says it's theirs, Greenland begs to differ.

So whoever owns the rights to the waterways gets to decide the rules for how it's used.

And Jean-Pierre Morneau, our dead Canadian diplomat, was in town negotiating treaties for the new waterway.

And the person making negotiations on Greenland's side's name is Andrew Inouye, and he's ready to talk turkey.

I mean, he thinks they should share...

Both countries get richer.

And Jean-Pierre Morneau?

He is... uh, sorry... was... an absolutely nutso radical Canadian nationalist.

He is adamant about not sharing the spoils.

But now that he's dead...

By supposed suicide... All of that is gonna change.


Because Deputy Secretary of State, Christine Poule, she's the next in line, and she's all about the treaty.

So... once the deal is in place, the Legion of Whom... what?

That's the one piece I don't completely have figured out.

Okay. And we still don't have any evidence that Morneau was pushed out of his hotel window.

And we could look into the possibility that Christine Poule, heir apparent to the Canadian side of the negotiations, is herself a member of the Legion of Whom.

Brian: Good morning, Canadians and, um...


First of all, let me commend you on your decision to press forward with treaty negotiations, despite yesterday's tragic loss.

My colleague Rebecca Harris and I are here on a mission of goodwill from the FBI.


We even brought you donuts.

Inouye: Are you all right? You look like you could use some rest.

Andrew Inouye!

Willing to ask the tough questions.

I can see why they call you "Greenland's favorite son."

What exactly does the FBI have to do with this negotiation?

(DISTORTED, BECOMING CLEAR): Christine Poule is spotless.

I mean, not like a weird spotless, like doctored up, she is...

Wait, what just happened?

What are you talking about?

I mean, we were just standing in a conference room at the U.N.

How the hell did we get here?

That was, like, three hours ago.

You lifted Christine Poule's phone.

We've been going through it.

She's clean.

It's getting worse, Brian.

Do you want to keep going?


Even if this works long enough for you to find out what happened to Piper, you're still gonna have to come down off of NZT, and without the booster...

Hey. James Tech is asking for you guys. Right now.

Okay, so you asked me to look for evidence that would link shady parties to buying up shipping and construction stocks that would benefit from the opening of a new Northwest Passage.

Please tell me there's a smoking gun.

Kind of the opposite, actually. There's definitely been an uptick in trading since word got out that the treaty was likely.

But as far as I can tell, all that is completely legitimate.

Considering that there's going to be a new Northwest Passage, and it looks like the treaty's going to go through, you would think that all the smart money would be pouring into companies that would benefit from the deal.

But there's a surprising amount of activity shorting the stocks to those companies, all of it from a series of borderline-to-fully-shady shell companies.

That doesn't make sense.

Sands and his people are banking on the treaty failing?

They killed Jean-Pierre Morneau, who was making sure that the treaty doesn't happen.

Why would they do that, if they want it to fail?

Is my daughter safe?

She's just fine.

As long as you do your job, she'll stay that way.

I'm ready.

As long as you promise to keep Amelia safe, I'm ready.


Just to make sure there's no mistakes.

Like I don't know the guy?

I need to hear you say it, mate.

By this time tomorrow, Andrew Inouye will be dead.

Mike: Are you sure you're up for taking that?

Ike: We're here for you, man.

Anything you need.


See my point?

Not even remotely.

What I can see is that it's obvious your immunity is wearing off.

Sands and his people aren't trying to make money by investing in Canadian infrastructure.

That would take years.

They want people to think the treaty's gonna go through, so that they can create a market bubble.

Rebecca: So they murder Jean-Pierre Morneau and they make everyone think that the treaty's gonna happen.


And once they've inflated the bubble, the legion shorts those stocks.... and then they pop the bubble, making a massive...

And, most importantly, instant... fortune.

Thank you.

So they make everyone think the treaty's gonna happen... and then they kill it?

Yeah, well, how do they do that?

Brian: Fair question.

Now, they've already monkeyed with the Canadian side.

But if they're looking to kill it from Greenland's end, their best bet is to go after this guy.

Andrew Inouye.

He helped the country negotiate its sovereignty from Denmark, and everybody says that, after this deal goes through, he's gonna be prime minister.

So you think he's a target?

Let's say you take him out.

Maybe even attribute it to Canadian nationalists trying to squash the treaty, and then, bam!

Deal's over, kaput.

And Sands and his buddies make a few billion when the bubble pops.


You think I'm a target?

Well, we'd like to take you into protective custody immediately, just to be safe.

I have a delegated security team.

Sir, with respect to your team, the FBI wouldn't be here if we didn't think this was a credible threat to the safety of you and your family.

All right, I'll go with you.

I need to call my wife, let her know about this.

Brian: Huh.

Elevated heart rate.


Frequent blinking.

I, uh... Rebecca!

Rebecca! Re...

Boyle: Sir!

Man: For country!



Rebecca: Gordon Cooker.

He was the only Canadian on Inouye's security team.

He donated money to nationalist causes in the past, but somebody doctored up his record to get him in clean.

Andrew Inouye died on the way to the hospital.

Boyle: Sands and his people...

They did it, they did it right in front of us.

Yeah, but not exactly the way they wanted to.

Cooker only shot Andrew Inouye in front of us because we were bringing him into custody... He's not some radical Canadian nationalist, he is a patsy, and our one connection to Piper.

Your daughter, Amelia...

She hasn't been in school in a week, and she hasn't posted anything on social media.

He has her, doesn't he?

Jarrod Sands?

I don't know what you're talking about.

My daughter's visiting with relatives.

Do you think these guys play fair?

They have somebody that I care about, too.

And the only way I'm ever gonna see her again is because I take her back.

Rebecca: Mr. Cooker, if these people have your daughter, your best shot at getting her back is to tell us everything you know about your dealings with Sands.


We've met face-to-face only once.

And that was last night.

What else can you tell us?

He was wearing a jacket.

It was on the Williamsburg Bridge.

What do you want?

I can't remember anything else.

You might remember more than you think.


Yeah, I...

I've heard about these on the news.

I take that, you're gonna help me get Amelia back?

Just another meeting on the Williamsburg Bridge, right?

But here's the thing...

Once we gave Gordon Cooker NZT, the first thing he was able to do was triangulate where his daughter's being kept.

NYPD said they have Amelia, she's safe and sound.

So, nice work. What else?

Well, he also remembered two things about that night that Sands couldn't possibly have counted on.

In the first one, there was an unusual smell coming from the mud on Sands' boots.

He said it smelled like a mixture of salt and fresh water.

And there's only one spot in the entire city where brackish water occurs naturally, and that is the marshes of Inwood Hill Park.

Now, Cooker also remembered a white, pear-shaped flower blossom clinging to Sands' jacket.

That comes from the black locust trees.

Those are very rare in Manhattan.

In fact, there's only a few clusters growing in and around Inwood Hill Park.

Two blocks southeast there's a chemical refinery plant owned by a man named Athon Jasper.

It's a block away from a grove of black locust trees.

You two did it. You found their NZT refinery.

So if Sands is on the run, for all we know, he could be holed up there.

I'll mobilize an HRT team.

We need to move now.

Brian, we've got this.

Nope. I'm coming with you.


You all right?

Just go.

Go, go, go, go, I'm fine.


Down! Everybody down!

Down! FBI!

To the left!

Stop moving!

All right, take it easy!

I'm down, I'm down!

Where's the lab?

I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Don't lie to me. Don't lie to me. Where's the lab?

Foreman: What the hell's going... What are you talking about, man?

Boyle: Where's the lab?

Foreman: I don't know what you're talking about, man.

Boyle: You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Where is this lab? Where's the lab?


There's something up here.

What's behind that panel?

It's a panel!

Open it up.

Open it!

Open it up.

Open it!

There's nothing back there!

What are you talking about?

Boyle: C4.

In my platoon, we had an expression: There's no problem that couldn't be solved without the proper application of explosives.

Wait, wait, wait!

Everything back there is highly unstable.

Don't move!

Boyle: Hands up!

Man: Okay, all right!


Get down! Go, go!

I'll find Sands. You get Piper.


Drop your weapon now!

We both know the FBI is always interested in the bigger fish.

That's Senator Morra.

You had a deal to help us take Senator Morra down.

Instead you tried to replace him.

As far as the FBI is concerned, you are the big fish.

Brian: Side effects or not, this is it.

This is the The Legion of Whom's hideout.

Sands and his people are inside.

Am I supposed to just sit by and watch all this happen?

I'm not saying I'm the superhero of the story, per se.

But maybe it's time to act like one.

SuperBrian? BrianPool?

The Brunisher?


Huh. The Brunisher.

That's actually not bad.

I could figure out a name later.

Right now, I had to save Piper.

But the truth is I'm not a superhero.

And Sands and his men, they're probably not wearing capes either.

They're real.

Killing real people.

And in the real world, bad guys win and good guys die.

Boyle: Brian, what are you doing here?

This is where they held her!

Is she...?

She's gone!




Throw your gun on the ground.

One of us is on NZT, Rebecca.

The other has one bullet left.

I'd let you do the math, but...

I'll take my chances.

You murdered my father, you murdered Morra's people.

You aren't gonna kill anyone else.




Jarrod Sands is on his way to the hospital.

They're not sure he's gonna make it.

They destroyed some of the facility during the raid, but not all of it... We're gonna learn a lot about these people and how they operate.

It's a win, Brian.

That's because of you.

Well done.

I couldn't save her.

They made Piper create the immunity shot.

She's gone.

I'm sorry.

I need to say something to you as a friend.

You have to stop.

Your immunity is gone.

She wouldn't want you to take a pill.

I don't want you to take a pill.

Let me give you a ride home.



So what's gonna happen to me now?

Our medical team is expecting you at the hospital to... help you through the withdrawal.


If you want, I-I can wait, and I can drive you.

No. My parents can.

I think they probably want to.

Pack socks in case you have to stay.

Pack socks?

Hospital floors... They're cold.

They're cold and germy.


Thank you.

Hey, I've been so worried about what I'm gonna do now that all this is over, I didn't stop to think about you.

Oh, my God, I know, right?

How am I gonna fill my days, now that I don't have to look after you?

(COUGHS) Right.


I'll manage.


I didn't care about you because I had to.

I mean, it took me a while to get over your metal music, and your arts and crafts, and your... sweaters with animals on them.

You don't like animals on my sweaters?

No, not all of them, but... (SNIFFLES) you're more mature emotionally and morally than just about anyone I know.

You're a hero, on or off the pill.


I don't really feel like a hero right now.

Everything's gonna be fine.

But if ever it isn't...

I'll be here.


Thank you.

For everything.





Dennis: That's nice...

(SIGHS) Piper?

Hey. Hey, Brian.

I was just catching up with Piper.

And as happy as I am to see her, I can only imagine how happy you are to see her.

Actually, she was telling me some things about you that I didn't know.

Like how you saved her life on any number of occasions.

And some other things, which I know she's gonna catch you up on.


Oh, my God, Brian.

I'm okay.

I'm okay.

How are, how are you okay?

How are you here?


I stayed alive by making them think they needed me.

I'd mix up how I made the enzyme each time, so they never knew what they really needed.

And then, when you brought the FBI, I...

took advantage of the chaos.

I grabbed the batch I'd been working on, and then

I ran.


We were there to save you.

I have something... something...

I don't want the government to get their hands on, but I... brought it here for you.



Is that a booster shot?

I figured out how to make it permanent.

When I give you this, you'll... be immune to the side effects of NZT... forever.

But you can't stay.

I don't want the FBI to have this.

I don't want any government to have this.

Oh, I can't believe you're here.


Oh, I can't believe you know I live with my parents.

Honestly, it's... it's not the biggest surprise of my life.



If you'll let me, I'd... like to make you even more special than you already are.

If anyone in this world deserves NZT... it's you.

Are you ready?





New jacket?

It is. Yeah.

I don't know, I just figured that if I am starting back at the CJC, then I should probably stop dressing like I hate the place.

Because I don't.

You guys are okay.


So, am I getting my old job back?

There are a lot of bad guys out there, Brian, who know how to make NZT.

And we don't know what's going on with Senator Morra.

I'm the only game in town.


DC's walking on egg shells.

They haven't said you're not allowed to consult with us.

They've actually offered us more resources.

What does that mean?

They're detailing a squad to help us do our work.

A squad?

You just said we're gonna get a secret squad.

You are going to help me and Boyle with our work.

Do not let this go to your head.

Come on. Never.

You know me better than that.

Squad goals...

Here we have a wild Spelman Boyle working away in his natural habitat, majestic as he is industrious.

Tell us, Spelman, why do you make a good addition to the Brian Finch Crime Squad, which is also amazing?

You know I'm your boss, right?

I've already got the job, Finch. I'm your boss.

I'm not interviewing for a damn thing.

That's not true, dude. I'm serious.

They told me that we're equals, we're partners now.

Wait, what?


Brian, I'm the one that got you this team.

I know, but how disappointed would you be if I didn't do my due diligence with each applicant?

I am not applying.

I would bring a strong knowledge of cooperative strategy.

Example, last week, my D&D group was able to kill the goblin king by wearing the faces of his slain goblin soldiers as a disguise.

My idea.

Technically, I should be the one auditioning you to see if I want any of you to be on my team.

Because you'd be damn lucky to have me.

That is a really great shirt, though.

Hey. I'm Mundt.

I've been working the battering ram for you all year long.

Not that you've noticed.

Of course you need Stavros.

I'm just thrilled you still have my number.

'Cause sometimes you pop into my head and I think, "Where's that Brian guy right now? What's he getting into? Is he happy? What sort of underwear is he wearing?" You know?

(SLAVIC ACCENT): I am knowing things.

Every team needs person who knows things, and that person is me.

You know, to set things up for rest of team.

God forbid some wet work comes along...

I'm your guy.

Just let's say I know my way around a length of piano wire.

I'm sure I'd bring a lot to the team.

But I'm the CEO of Manchester-Reid now.

I don't think you can afford me.

W-Wait, uh, what'd you just say?

We're not gonna be bodyguards anymore?

Brian: You're in.

You're gonna be working cases.

Real cases.



Uh, all right, but no more "Mike and Ike."


You're gonna have to call me by my real name.

It's a strong name.

You should be proud.


It feels good to say it out loud.