01x01 - Pilot

♪ Can't think ♪

[Breathing quickens]


♪ Can't think ♪
♪ Everything gettin' harder to find ♪
♪ Everybody jumpin' out of they mind ♪
♪ Everybody goin' out of they skins ♪
♪ See we get to the end ♪
♪ But there's where we begin, you feel it ♪
♪ Mannequins say we breakin' the mold ♪
♪ Breakin' out, and we breakin' the codes ♪
♪ Similar to the Jacques Cousteau ♪
♪ To the depths, and you're wet, so your tank explodes ♪
♪ So get it out, send your body to flight ♪
♪ Everybody got a target tonight ♪
♪ Everybody jumpin' out of they mind ♪
♪ Everybody goin' out of they skins ♪

[Indistinct conversations]

Woman: Yeah, I tried to leave, but I wasn't sure, and then I looked...

[Indistinct talking]

But then I looked up, and I saw this man come crashing down.

[Indistinct talking continues]

Rosewood. What are you doing here?

And what the hell are you wearing?

Offering my two cents for free.


Happened to be a few blocks away, runnin' like rocky.

You know, that's how I start my day.

Why don't you do me a favor... why don't you run a few more blocks away from my crime scene, okay?

What, are you blind? We got the coroner here.



My man! Hey, it's your birthday next week, right?

Ignore him.

Yeah... Tuesday.

Dinner's on me. You pick the place.

Rosie, you're encroaching on a potential murder-scene investigation, all right?

Now, I got a hooker over here who likely pushed this guy off the 15th-floor balcony.


No, no, Willet. Hold on, now.

It's the weekend in Miami, okay?

You're gonna have a lot of dead bodies coming in.

The county M.E.'s overwhelmed. Am I right?


Last time... piss off.

You know what?

We got to hang out sometime... hit the boardwalk, Rollerblade, double Dutch.

What do you say?


Rosie, I'm not rollerblading with you, all right?

One lap around the body, then I'll go.

Come on. He can use an extra set of eyes. Am I right?



All right, Chester.

One lap, Rosie. That's it. Then you're gone.

Chester, lids and lips.

Copy that.

Lids and lips.

Mm. Yeah. Mm-hmm.


Yep, yep, yep.

This victim suffered dehydration from vomiting.

The flop sweats prior to his death is what's causing all the salt lines in his shirt.

The jaundice turned his eyes the color of the rising sun.

All caused by what?


No doctors in the house, huh?

Tumor blocking the bile duct... pancreatic cancer.

Now, here's the theory. Check it, take it to the bank.

He got diagnosed with a death sentence, all right?

Got the "rain man" suite, top-dollar escort for one final night of fun before he called it a life.

You can let the lady of the night go free. She didn't kill anybody.

Oh, and, uh, Willet.

What's up?

Another body drops on you and you forget my office number, turn your handsome head to 3:00.

I take all major credit cards.



All right.

♪ Guajira ♪
♪ I love you too much ♪

[Woman vocalizing]


[Woman singing in Spanish]

♪ Hey, yo, we party and dance, and I see her, I meet her ♪
♪ They call her guajira, in Cuba, they greet her ♪
♪ Man, God, them in masses to greet her ♪
♪ Beautiful with diamond and African features ♪
♪ I love her and her passion for freedom ♪
♪ I promise to have her and keep her and teach her ♪
♪ Oh, yeah, chiquita ♪ [Singing in Spanish]

Morning, ladies.

Rosie, there you are. We left you nine messages.

Are you okay? Are you sick?

I have a nasty cold. Did I get you sick?

Was it social? Were you with a lady?

If I know anything about my brother, he most definitely was hookin' up.

I get it... it's comforting. But quality over quantity.

'Cause a bachelor's life is a fine breakfast, a flat lunch, and a miserable dinner.

Someone famous said that.

Pippy-bear, who said that?

I have no clue, sweetie.

But I do know this, Rosie... mom and dad are in a tizzy because you went and skipped yet another family dinner.

Don't go creating drama before my wedding.

Our wedding... two people, a union.


Will you two settle yourselves? I was in court, dealing with my little traffic-citation situation.

Uh, "little"?

[Scoffs] Try "chronic."

I'm so surprised that the judge didn't just suspend your license.

He tried to, but, you know...

Well, he should've... out there blowing through reds like you own the roads.

You'd have more coins to put in the meters if you spent a little less on some of these lab toys.

All I'm sayin'. I reinvest every single dime...

Dime back into the business, yeah, yeah.

Wouldn't have it any other way.

Now, as refreshing as this conversation is, what do you say we get to work?

Talk to me. What's on the docket?

Pippy: Half a dozen family consults later today... all natural causes, nothing flashy.

TMI: And the new billboards are up. They look great... tip-top.

But we got a permit issue with the one in Coconut Grove.

What's the problem?

My guess... your smile's too damn big.

Really? Which one? This one?

Ugh. Yes.

Tell me you didn't just send me straight to voice-mail for the fourth time in the last hour.

Mom, I was in the middle of my morning rounds.

I don't care if you're in the middle of World War III.

Obviously, your mother needs to speak to you.

Uh-oh. What did you do now, bro?

Don't chime in. I left a message for you, too.

Good morning, Mrs. D.

Hello, my sweetheart.

Now, don't distract me.

What did I do?

He's the one who missed family dinner and church... again.

Thank you.

Just calm your body.

Nobody did anything.

I need your help.

I paid the transfer fees to have a body sent over from the county morgue.

She was an ex-student of mine... graduated in '09.

Nora Grayson.

She died yesterday in a car crash.

Her S.U.V. went over the guardrail, into the ocean.

I'm sorry, mom.

Yeah, are you okay?

I'm gonna be fine.

But her mother is not doing very well.

Nora had so much potential... a voice like you wouldn't believe.

26 years I've been at Fillmore, she was the... she was the best soprano I had in the choir.

Child shouldn't have even been in Miami.

Should have been on an "a" train heading to Juilliard.

The county did their autopsy. Why are you sending her to me?

Because something's not sitting well with her family... or with me.


Nora hated driving.

There's no way in hell that she's gonna be going 90 miles an hour on 395 at midnight.


Mom, with all due respect to you and to Nora's family, I mean, it sounds like a hunch at best to me.

Are you sure that you want me to...

I think she's sure.

Nora Grayson, age 23.

County path reports... fire away.

Blood-alcohol was .06, head trauma and drowning.

From the looks of it, they didn't run her through the full tox and labs.

May you rest.


Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr., June 26th.

Time... 11:15 a.m.

Exam on Nora Grayson is under way.

TMI, fly the fluids and toxies.

Copy that.


TMI, shoot Chester an e-mail.

Find out if the county tested the black residue in Nora's nasal cavity.

Mm-hmm. On it.

Black-light my world.

Pippy: Oh, wow.

Looks like we hit the jackpot.

Low platelets causing petechia.

Let's run blood splits.



Run a biopsy on that tissue. I think the skin necrotized.



Maybe both, so run the...



Thank you.

Fast-track everything and call me with the results.

[Gloves snap] Where the hell are you going?

To see our friends at the police department.

[Indistinct conversations]

Hey. Hey, tell the missus I said hello, all right?

The club this Saturday night's gonna be on fire!

Detective Willet. Long time no see.

How are the wife and kids?

They hate me, and I hate you.

Hey, you want to hear something exciting?


Nora Grayson, single car crash. I noticed that the foot...

Not my case anymore.

Got kicked to a new transfer from NYPD... Detective Villa.

Hmm. Newbie from New York.

I'm sure he can't wait to meet me.

Well, he's a she.

Ooh! Even better.

[Villa exhaling sharply]

[Breathing heavily]

Detective Villa.

Got to eat fruit... lots of fruit.

It'll help kill that smoking habit before it kills you.

Do we know each other?

Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr... considered by some to be the Beethoven of private pathologists.

Did you really just say that out loud?

I also consult the police department.


You can call me Rosewood, Rosie, Rosie bag o' bones.

Dr. Rosewood, can I help you with anything?

Yeah, I'd like to welcome you to Miami.


If you need a gentleman's tour, I'd like to offer my services.

I was born and raised here. But thanks.

Well, welcome back.

Can we talk Nora Grayson?

[Exhales deeply]

I was hired to do a second, more thorough autopsy.

Now, the findings may surprise you.

The county's report was sufficient.

Detective, I've got arguably the most sophisticated pathology compound this side of the Pecos.

Or on the other side of the Pecos, if you want to break it down like that.



Is there anything else I should know?

Oh, yes.

I can read the shells of the living and the dead the same way you might read those mindless young-adult novels to help conquer your crippling insomnia.


I hate young-adult novels, and... How would you know if I have insomnia?


You have a slight spasm in your left eye.

Doctor, it's been a pleasure.

[Exhales sharply]



How was the workout? I'm exhausted.

Nora Grayson was murdered.

Based on what?

Based on my initial examination that suggests her death was no accident.

I'm listening.

Oh. I've got your attention.

How about I tell you on the way to question whoever it was that saw her alive last?

No, how about you tell me now and I'll take it from here, since I'm the cop and you're the medical examiner?

"Private pathologist," thank you.



It's the tissue damage often seen on the palms of the hands when someone's holding on for dear life.

Nora showed no signs of that.

There are also contusions on the back of her hand, which suggest that her arms were limp at the time of the accident.

You're saying she was unconscious.

Oh, you catch on fast. I like it.

I also believe that her foot was held on that gas by a foreign object.

Nora was driving alone at a high rate of speed.

She lost control and crashed.

There's no evidence that her foot was weighed down by anything.

Oh, so, you're really not getting it, so I'll tell you what... why don't you dig a little deeper and then call me when you're ready to get serious?

Professionally, of course.

[Car door closes]

And since when did the commute from your place to my place take over an hour?

Well, unlike Beyonce, I don't wake up like this.


Why are your feathers all ruffled?

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm dealing with this new detective.

She won't reopen Nora's case even though I hit her with all my good stuff.

Ooh... did that include the "Beethoven of private pathology" thing?

Yeah, I included that, yeah.

And that didn't work. Mm. Wonder why.

She was impressed by that, okay? Trust me.

Is she your type?

I am not trying to date the new detective, okay?

Rosie, you are trying to date the new anything.

I'm looking to connect with new people, okay? Because that's what I do.

I like to inspire and be inspired by everything around me, and that includes new employees at the Miami P.D.


You know who you sound like, right?


Okay, well, speaking of our mother, she's called me four times looking for you, wanting to know if you've gotten your sleep and if you've taken your meds.



I don't know why you act all surprised.

You know she gets overprotective in the wake of a tragedy.

Well, I'll call her later, but right now, can we please do some work?


I'm trying to figure out what kept Nora's foot on that gas pedal.

This X-ray is clean and useless.

I got it.

I got it.

Call TMI... tell her to hit the lab and test that skin sample for carbon dioxide.

Okay, but it's gonna be a while.

My baby is at the pole-dancing class, prepping for our honeymoon.

♪ Ow! Ow! ♪

I really didn't need to know that.

♪ Wooka-woo, wooka... ♪

You shouldn't be a hater.

Pole da... uggggh.

Take your fruit and leave.

Come on. Take the peaches. They're in season.

Oh, and I'm definitely not leaving until you tell me what's up with that.


Salsa competition in Brooklyn.

We won first place.


Interesting. Who's the guy in the tight pants?

My husband and... without question... the sexiest man I've ever shared the floor with.

Now, will you go?

Soon, soon.

Have to ask... why does the youngest beat cop ever promoted to detective at the NYPD move back to Miami?

The big apple has better pay, it has...

Dr. Rosewood.

It takes a rare bird to be the best in your profession, and you have a love affair with death.

Tell me why, and I'll explain my reasons for coming home.


I have this recurring dream about a young child growing up, getting married, and having kids.

But because I met him in my lab after he was murdered, he's never gonna live out those phases of his life.

And it's those moments, it's those amazing moments that are stolen... that's what drives me.

Your turn.

M-maybe some other time.

Dr. Rosewood, e... I think you should leave.

I figured out how the killer got Nora's S.U.V. to fly down that freeway.

See that?

It's not a bruise on the top of Nora's foot.

It's a burn... frostbite.

Maybe her body was stored in a freezer before being placed in the vehicle.


You're about to throw out some scientific term I've never heard before, right?

Chilblains... yes. Ulceratic blisters on the skin.

Now, if Nora's body was stored in the freezer, we'd see... say it with me... chilblains.


That's right. We do not.

Then how could she have frostbite?

The water temp when they pulled her out was 75 degrees.

Dry ice.

The killer put a block of dry ice on Nora's foot, holding it to the gas pedal.

It dissolved when it went into the water.

So, do we have enough to reopen the case?

I'll file the request in the morning.

Oh, thank you.

Do we have a prime suspect?

I have a prime suspect.

We don't have anything.

Ohh. Okay. I get it, I get it.

So this is the type of thing where I scratch your back, but then I kind of got to do the thing where I reach in the middle and scratch my own back.


It's like that, huh?

It's exactly like that.




[Indistinct conversations in Spanish]




Carlos Gomez...

Nora's ex-boyfriend and our prime suspect.

They met at this hotspot called peel, where Nora used to work.

It's kind of like an all-day, all-night, outdoor club of sorts.

I'm a huge fan.

Anyway, her best friend told me they had a nasty breakup.

You know, keep following me, and I'm gonna drag you back to your ridiculous car and cuff you to the steering wheel.

Now, Villa, you need to relax, you know?

I realize we haven't been partners...

Oh, we're not partners. Let's get that straight.

Yet... we are not partners yet, but the future looks good.

T-there's no future with us.

Carlos! Hold it right there!

[Grunts] Oh!

[Both panting]

[Both grunt]

[Grunts] Ohh!


You broke my nose!

Damn right I did.


Aah! Ohh!

It's undeniable... we make a great team.

I haven't Nora seen in Weeks, okay?

I didn't kill her. I loved her.

Yeah? Then why run and take a ladylike swing at a cop?

Because I'm on probation.

I got a dime of weed and some "x" in my bag.

Why is this dude staring at me?

Rosewood, I'm not gonna ask you again.

Go wait outside.

I'm not a child.

And I have an ace.

Then play it and get out of here.


Okay, okay, get away from me!

Stop smelling the suspect.

You know, this is... this is really weird.

Look, I'm not really sure that this is legal, so maybe we should...

Oh, it's legal. She's the real deal.

Hablas espanol, no?

Oh! Are you speaking Spanish?

You know, I took Spanish in the third grade... soaked it up like a sponge.

Entiendo todo. I understand everything you're saying.

Go ahead.

Look, I spoke to Nora's friends.

I know she was disappearing for days at a time.

You thought she was cheating, right?

See, I think she came over here and she looked amazing.

You know?

You push your anger aside, and... I don't know... you guys start kissing.

But the thought of another man's lips on hers is too much.

And you snapped.

You threw something at her, and it slammed into your TV.

You got carried away and killed her, didn't you?

Made it look like she died in a car accident?


I-I-I mean, no.

I threw something, but not at her. I swear.

Carlos, almond butter... where's your almond butter?

I need you to shut up.

Uh, 'scuse me. This is my case, too, okay?

And I need you to stop showing off with the bilingual stuff.

Last chance... when did you see Nora?

I told you... two weeks ago.

Sub-gastric enhancer.

It's a high-end pathology toy, tells me everything a victim ingested within a matter of hours, not days.

It's my ace in the hole.

Nora's last supper consisted of saltines, almond butter, and she washed it down with a whiskey sour just hours prior to her death.

Now, is this a coincidence that you have all this stuff stocked?

[Singsong voice] I don't think so.

[Normal voice] So, again, when's the last time you saw Nora?

Okay. Okay. I saw her the night that she died. But I'm telling you that I didn't kill her.

I was drinking, I passed out. I don't remember anything.

Carlos, you're under arrest for the murder of Nora Grayson.

[Chuckling] Oh, man.

Told you she was the real deal.

Hey, babe. Are you gonna give me the microgs per mill or what?

2.6 blood. Your tone sucks.

1.1 urine. I don't appreciate it. [Scoffs]

Well, Rosie's been asking for these results all day, and don't act like you haven't been dragging your adorable little feet.

Say "adorable" again.


Hey, Rosie.

Nora was definitely drugged.

I got it. Thank you. Love you. Bye.

Hey, Villa, hold up.

Geez. What is it now?

Hey, Carlos, you got a rash on your ass... you know, itchy skin, lower back, ass cheeks?

Yeah, I asked for a lawyer.

Hey, come on. I'm trying to help you out.


Lift up his shirt. Let me see his stomach.

Boom! All right, big Carlos.

Someone slipped drugs into your drink the other night.

That's the reason why you got a rash on your ass and all those spots on your stomach.

It's called petechia.

It's common in leukemia patients, but it also shows up in people that are pill poppers.

Wow. Say that five times fast.

I was drugged?

Yeah, Ketamine... horse tranquilizers.

My lab just confirmed it was in Nora's system.

It was also in yours.

I know you're telling the truth.

Yeah... thank you, man.

I'm... I'm... I'm sorry that I yelled at you.

It's all good. It's all good.

But let's not forget Nora. She lost her life.

Always remind yourself that each day is a gift.

That'll help you on your path to being a better man and less of a jackass.

[Chuckles] Yeah, well, I hear you, bro.

You hear me?


All right, bring it in for the real thing.

Oh, you got to be kidding me. Break it up!

Carlos, who could've slipped you guys the drugs?

I don't know. I mean, it was just us.

Did she bring the whiskey with her?


How about the guy you suspected she was having an affair with?

I just know that it was some older dude.

Uh, I didn't ask anything about him, and I don't know his name.

We're back to square one.

Look, mom, I can't just pull evidence out of thin air.

We just hit a wall right now.

Well, I guess that's it, isn't it?

'Cause I know how these things go down.

Without a lead, and the cops move on to other cases, and you move on to yet another body.

I'm gonna blink, and Nora's gonna be just another file in some dusty basement.

I'm not gonna let that happen, mom.


This girl was special.

She had a gift... a passion for life and for people.

She always saw the good before the bad.

Like someone else I know.

I get it.

You don't have to give me the extra push on this one.

Nora meant so much to you, so she means the world to me.

Then what are you standing here for?

Go find what you're missing.


Nora's hair got darker on the table.

Yeah, it went from real blond to a dirty-ish blond in the 24 hours she's been with us.

Hair and nail growth after death is normal.

Color change after death is super-weird.

Villa, check that follicle sample under that microscope.

Look blue?

Yeah... blue. That's weird.

Why blue?

Meclizine hydrochloride.

It's found in motion-sickness meds.

My toxicology queen.

So you're saying Nora was on a... boat or plane or what?

Meclizine saturates anything made of keratin.

That's our hair, our nails.

A few days without oxygen, it turns from crystal clear to Navy blue.

That's what happened to Nora's hair.

Nora was taking meds daily, which means she was taking trips regularly.

Wait a second... one of the items in Nora's purse was a monthly pass to the Golden Harbor Marina.

Which means she was visiting someone an awful lot.

Pass means security. Security means admission logs.

Admission logs mean the name of the person she was visiting.



According to marina security, Nora was visiting a boat called the Blue Izzy.

It's registered to a 60-year-old ex-con named Arthur Briggs.

Sounds like the guy Nora was having an affair with.

Briggs has been out of prison for four years with no run-ins.

Well, he's about to run into us today.

He's running into me today.

You're staying on this boat until your talents are needed.

Talents? You think I'm talented?

I'm serious, Rosie. It's too dangerous.


You just called me Rosie... Rosie and talented.

That was really nice and partner-like.

It just warms my heart. That's all I'm saying.

It warms my heart.

Arthur Briggs! This is Detective Villa!

I need to ask you a few questions!


[Police radio chatter]

What the hell am I looking at?

Cocaine mixed with fillers... plastic being one of them.

It reeks of PVC.

Found the same brand of blow in Nora's nasal cavity.

Hey, Willet. Nice tie.

All right, here's how it went down.

Nora needed the money. She saw an opportunity.

Arthur could buy her silence, or she rats his drug business out to the cops.

Detective, he killed her, and then, out of guilt, he took his own life.

It's done and done.

It doesn't hold.

The Blue Izzy hasn't moved in two years.

Nora wouldn't be taking motion-sickness meds if she was on a boat that never set sail.

And this black cocaine sitting under a table feels like a plant. I think this was murder.

I want to expedite an autopsy.

All right, you don't want to bill the city $6,500 for Rosewood to rush an autopsy unless you're positive the guy was murdered.

Actually, it's $7,500... for the rush job.

And, uh, I vote yes.

You don't get a vote.

All right, it's your call, Villa.

But I know nothing about it.


Please tell me you got something.

Looks like Arthur blew his brains out.

[Breathing heavily]

You find anything yet? Because I got something.

Nope. Still looks like Arthur blew his brains out.

Arthur had an active captain's license.

He lied on his application, and they issued him one last year, so he was manning a boat... just not his boat.

And I spoke to Arthur's ex-wife.

He had a daughter around Nora's age that passed away five years ago from cancer.

I don't think he was being blackmailed.

I think he was helping a young girl in trouble.

Why are you looking at me like that?

Because, while all of this is mildly interesting, it doesn't help me.

I need time to review my autopsy results, because, as of right now, it still looks like Arthur committed suicide.

Are you asking me to leave?

No, no, of course not, but I'm sure your husband wouldn't mind seeing you for the first time in... I don't know... 36 hours?

Oh, look... the door.


Okay. Nice.

So, you want to know why I got promoted so fast in New York?

Because I put everything second to my job.

But the burning question today is, why are you so obsessed with your work?

It's not just about the victims.

What you do and why you do it runs deeper than that.

It's strange to have so many pills in a place where the people that roll in have lost their ability to swallow.

You want to know what I think?

I'm on the edge of my seat.

I think I was right.

You are obsessed with death, and I think that obsession has something to do with all these pills you're dining on.

You know what? Call me when you're ready to get serious.

Professionally, of course.


It's an anticoagulant for people with congenital heart defects.

Was Arthur on it?


I am.

I've got a pair of holes in my heart.

Santyl to prevent aneurysms in my constantly bleeding brain, Daylin for the calcifying of my eardrums, which means the music dies for me in the next decade.

Had my first stroke when I was 11, my second when I was 21.

I have a shaky hand to prove it.

Botulinum toxin... never leave home without it.

Helps steady... The tremble.

What happened to you?

Let's just say there's a reason why babies hang out in the womb for nine months.

My anxious ass rode out in six... four months in the neonatal intensive-care unit and a body laced with issues.

So... Yes.

I have a unique relationship with death, but it has never been my obsession.

My obsession is with every breath I take.

And who knows... maybe I'll be able to diagnose myself before the next bomb in my body goes... boom.



Check for nodules.

Check for what?

Hand nodules! Check for hand nodules!

Okay, why are you yelling?

You know that makes me flustered.

Highlight the joints.


Rheumatoid arthritis.

Those hot spots you see are nodules... very early signs of disease.

Arthur had vulnerable blood vessels.

So, what are you saying?

I'm saying that, had he fired a 9-millimeter weapon, I'd see discoloration in his skin.

I do not.

I see discoloration. Check monitor 3.

I'm awesome.

[Keyboard clacking]


Peel beach club.

That's where Nora used to work.

A 60-year-old man rolling to a hot spot like that... that's worth checking out.

I'd say so.

And guess who happens to know someone at that establishment who could help us out in a big way.




[Latin music plays]

[Laughter, indistinct shouting]

You sure about this Joo-Joo guy?

Yeah, he's connected. He knows people's business.

If Arthur was here, he'll know why.

Man: Coming up. You got it.

Joo-Joo, my man!


Dr. Rosie?

Hey, come on in here, man, drink it up.

What's mine is yours.

Daisy, sling a virgin-virgin for my V.I.P.

Yo, you want me to hook you up with some swim trunks, bro?

Nah, no dip for me today, Joo-Joo.

This is Dective Villa.

We're not gonna stay long... just strictly business.

What kind of business? Risky business?

See this girl right here? Nora Grayson.

She was murdered. Tell me about her.

Check it... I don't know that girl in any capacity, okay?

Your heart looks like it's racing, Joo-Joo.

Are you lying to me?

Rosie, I thought we were friends.

You bringing the fuzz up in here to ruin my day off like this?

Okay, look, forget about the girl.

How about a guy named Arthur Briggs?

He came in to see somebody on her behalf. Now he's dead.

Who'd he come to see?

Bro, you tryin' to get me killed asking me questions like this?

I got a wife and kids and a chick on the side to think about.

Come on, now!

Look, Rosie, it's my turn to play with Joo-Joo.

Your turn? He barely even got his turn.

Rosie, put a leash on this chick, man.

Oh, no, no, no, no, he's gonna hang tight and sip on his virgin-virgin like a gentleman.

Isn't that right, Rosie?

This is good.

I don't know squat about some dead girl or some old dead dude.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. We never said Arthur was old.

I assumed it.

Now scatter back. I have to get my massage on.

Stressing me out like this.


Look, let me talk to Joo-Joo one-on-one.

No, no, no. I'll go talk to him one-on-one.

[Zen music plays]

[Latin music plays]

Get out of here.

Now you playing with fire.


Stay down!


Bow that tiny head of yours.

Let us pray.

Pray? To who? Are you insane?

Dear God, Joo-Joo would like to ask if your holy hands will kindly grace him, shake the truth from his lying lips as he kneels before us like a scared little bitch.

You need help from a pro.

Say amen. Don't disrespect the lord.

A-amen, okay? Amen.

Now you're gonna tell me everything you know.

Otherwise, I'm gonna drag you back to the jacuzzi and baptize your shifty ass in a very unchristian sort of way.


Now you want to start talking?

[Latin music plays]

Hey, be honest... did you kill Joo-Joo?

[Chuckles] No, but we bonded in a meaningful way.

I don't want to know what that means, but I do want to know what he said.

Arthur Briggs came here to see a guy named Prince Mendez.

Oh, yeah... Deejay Prince 305.

Prince rents a yacht called the Sunseeker.

He hosts parties on the boat to cozumel and back.

My money says he heads there to pick up his supply.

Arthur was the captain.

Nora was one of the hostesses on the boat.

Well, let's go talk to prince.

Oh, I'm going... tomorrow night.

He's hosting a lavender party on the boat.

Perfect opportunity to take a look around without a warrant.

Lavender... now you're speaking my color.

And you know I've earned an invite to the party.

And I know you're gonna show up anyway.

True. But your blessing would be nice.

9:00 p.m. sharp at the Golden Harbor Marina.


Plenty of time to go shopping.

Is that my hat?

Was your hat. You left it at the office.

And it looks better on me, anyway.

[Chuckling] You wish.

I thought you said it was a lavender party, anyway.

No, detective Villa said it was a lavender party.

And she also said it's at the Golden Harbor, which I happen to know has noise restrictions.

She's trying to send me on a little goose chase, but she's gonna have to be a hell of a lot savvier than that to shake me.


I told you... you've got a thing for the new detective.

Pipp, I have a job to do, okay?

And, as we both know, this one's very personal.

And she has a husband.

[Both laugh]

All right, listen, I'm out, bro.

But please... don't get yourself killed while catching the bad guy tonight, all right?

[Latin music plays, crowd cheering]

Prince: Miami, Miami, where you at?!

[Crowd cheers]

Hey, yo, check it... I'm Deejay Prince 305.

William H. Hazy is next, mix-man sloppy thirds to follow.

I'll circle around for an encore, but in the meantime...

Magic city, let's make some very bad decisions tonight!

[Crowd cheers]

[Music continues]


What's up with that dance we talked about?

Ah, girl, you are persistent.

Can you blame me?

Come on, papi.

You're not gonna want to take your hands off me.

Okay, I'll see what you got.

[Music continues]

Give me one second. I'm gonna freshen up.

I'm not waiting around.

I won't be long. I promise.

Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh. What are you doing?!

Surprised I figured out your little game, huh?

You're an unarmed pathologist.

I'm trying to help you not get killed.

Excuse me... I'm the reason why you're here in the first place, okay?

Now, how long you been here? And don't lie.

Long enough to set the table. Now get out of here.

Oh, you want to dance? You want to dance?

I can dance. You want to dance?

You are a huge pain in my ass! You know that?

Well, get used to the pain.

Come on. Tag me in.

Look, I went into the main cabin to use the bathroom, and prince has two guys guarding the stairs to the lower deck.

He's protecting something.

I need to get down there, see what I see.

Well, how you gonna swing that?

Call in a noise complaint, get a black-and-white out here, distract Prince, hopefully draw his guys away from their post while I take a look around.

Oh, okay, then the cops make him nervous, he shuts the whole thing down and sails off to Mexico.

No bueno.

Then I'll find another way down there, but it will not involve you.

How about you find another way down there that does involve me?

Rosie, no.

Villa, yes.

Come on. Let's do this.


[Latin music plays]

Deejay Prince to the 3 to the 0 to the 5.

What's happening, man?

Hey. Uh, hey, can I help you?

Actually, you can help me, man. I'm a big fan.

I want you to spin at my sister's wedding.

It's a $100,000 affair at the Zen House.

Now, come on. What do you say?

I'll float you a deposit right now if you in.

No. Why don't you scram?

Come on. You don't believe in love?

No, I don't believe in dudes I don't know coming on my boat.

Now get down there with the scrubs.

Okay, you know what? I can respect that. I-I-I can. I can.

You know what? Can I just hop on the mic one time?

Come on. I always wanted to do it, man. Come on.

Hell no.

One time. Hold up.

[Music continues]

How you doin', Miami?!

[Crowd cheering]

Dr. Rosie in the house!

Who's your favorite private pathologist?!

Hey, hey! Have you lost your mind?!

Have you lost...

Call an ambulance.

Yeah, yeah, g-get the boys and get this drama off my boat.

[Music continues]

[Breathing heavily]

Hey, big sexy.

I think I got to use the bathroom like two minutes ago.

Not here... upper deck.



Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Help me out.

Help me out here, man. I need some juice.

My glycemic index is crashing. Come on.

Come on. don't make me call 911. Just give me some juice.

Get this dude some juice... quickly.

[Music continues in distance]

Good lookin' out. Good lookin' out.

Appreciate it.


Hey, big man. Let me return the favor.

You might want to get that spot on your neck checked out.

Pretty soon, it's gonna bloom into full-blown carcinoma, and you don't want that.

What are you, a doctor?

I dabble.

[Breathing heavily]

So sad there's no future for you and me.

And I had high hopes.

My backup is already on the way.

I know you killed Nora.

I knew it before I saw that burn on your hand... from the dry ice.

She was one of your party girls, right?

You sail out to Mexico, pick up this cocaine.

If the D.E.A. comes aboard, all they see is a boat loaded with records and pretty ladies.

You know, it doesn't matter if I killed her.

By the time your help gets here, you'll be dead, too, and I'll be on that cigarette boat waiting for me by the bridge.

[Cheering, indistinct shouting]


Bitch, you better fall back before you get this girl killed!

Okay, Prince! We're cool!

Now put the gun down and let me be gone!

Do it!


Me again!

Hey, Prince.


Botulinum toxin... BTX for short.

Injected under the epidermis, and you're looking years younger.

Injected into your bloodstream, and it feels like every nerve in your body is on fire.

Now, once I inject the full dose, it's gonna feel like your spinal cord's spinning like razor blades.

So release the gun before I inject the rest.

Come on!

There you go, 305. There you go.

You got nothing on me, lady cop.

They're never gonna pin those murders on me.

Why don't you check your pocket?

I left you a little something during our special dance.

It's my Bluetooth.

I gave 911 dispatch a call about 10 minutes ago.

I had them hang on the line, record everything just in case you said anything juicy.

Turns out you did!

Come on, now. Come on. That was sweet, right?

You and I working together as a team.

You and I together? I'm the Yin, you're the Yang?

You're oil, I'm water.

And we got lucky.

[Birds chirping]

We got him.

Oh, son.

Thank you.

I like to have a milkshake when I solve a big case.

You like milkshakes?

Everyone likes milkshakes.

So, what do you say? My treat.

Thanks, but I'll take a rain check.

Rain check? Now, you know that means we have to team up again.


"Ocean Point Baptist Church."

They offer a grief-recovery group there every Friday.

I used to send families there after they lost a loved one.

Your husband died, didn't he?

That's why you transferred back home.

What happened to him?


Nine months ago, he ran a marathon in Central Park.

Pizza, movie, bed... that was our Sunday routine.

He slept like a baby that night.

The next morning, he... he got up, put on his favorite suit... kissed me goodbye... and collapsed.

Pulmonary embolism.

Gone before he hit the floor.

[Voice breaking] When you lo the love of yourife, it... it makes you love life less.

Say that five times fast.

Villa, I'm sorry.

Had I known that I would't be saying that.

No. don't worry about it.

It's okay.

Rosie, what are you really doing here?

The case is closed.

Came to offer you a groupon... a two-for-one autopsy special at my lab.

The Beethoven of private pathologists is offering a discount?

Yes, but only on your cases.

All those other detectives can kiss my talented ass.

[Both chuckle]

A smile.

I'm gonna leave while you're still smiling.

Oh, and, Villa...

If you ever forget what I look like, just turn south.

I accept all major credit cards.