01x02 - Fireflies and Fidelity

[heart beating]

Rosewood: The human heart... best built machine not built by man.

It's a beautiful thing, even when it's sick, flawed, like mine.

I love this life, every single moment.

But my challenge is to stay on this earth for as long as I can and soak it up.

I test this machine of mine every chance I get, push it to its absolute limits.

That's why I run. Makes me feel alive.

You know what else gets my heart racing?

The anticipation of seeing you on this night.

What will it bring?

Ah, not to mention I had to find the perfect suit.

And that's why I was 10 minutes late to our date.

So my apologies.

You want to get out of here?

Let's go.

♪ Work it out, yeah ♪
♪ Got to work me out, make it real ♪
♪ Got to make it count, get stuck on a feeling ♪

Man: Whoo!

♪ You just can't stop, once ain't enough ♪
♪ Stuck on a feeling ♪
♪ Better lock this down, better box it up ♪
♪ Stuck on a feeling ♪
♪ Got to work me out, make it real ♪
♪ Got to make it count, get stuck on a feeling ♪



♪ Hoo, hoo ♪
♪ Hoo, hoo ♪



♪ Stuck on a, stuck on a feeling ♪




♪ Stuck on a, stuck on a, stuck on a ♪
♪ Stuck on a feeling ♪



♪ Hoo, hoo ♪


♪ Stuck on a, stuck on a feeling ♪



♪ Stuck on a, stuck on a ♪
♪ Stuck on a, stuck on a feeling ♪

All right, mi gente! Lights up! Time to go home! Vámanos!

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.


Just one more song, 20 minutes.

Hey, I know. I know. I know. I know.

No, I'm sorry. Go home, go home.

Okay, all right. Yes, yes.

It's not a big deal. Just one more song.

There's music back at my place.

I'm not going home with you. What do you think this is?

Vámanos, let's go.

Come on. I'm... I'm just asking...

Hey, I said no!

You're drunk. Go home. Go home, drunk lady.

I'm not drunk. I haven't had a drop to drink.

Hey, vamos!

I haven't had a drop to drink!

Let's just go.

Let's just go back.

Stop it!

Man: Ooh.

MAN #2: Oh, man.

[all murmuring]


Man: People, come on. Let's go. Let's get out.


That's your girl, man?

Hey. You all right?

Man: Let's go, baby. Let's go.

Woman: Come on. Let's go.

Let's go.


There's a good reason why I'm hitting the brakes.

Shouldn't it be a great reason to pump the brakes?

Yes, it is.

Oh, really? Champagne? Come on.

I prefer that we don't do it right now.

[soft music plays]

Your willpower sucks.

Is there anything else I should know before I pass out, Doctor?

Uh, yeah.

You got a hell of a hangover on the horizon.

Good night.


♪ All I want is a bilingual boy ♪
♪ To love me in both languages ♪

[indistinct conversations]

♪ Talk to me in Spanish when we're getting started ♪
♪ Then English when we're close to the end ♪
♪ All I want is a bilingual boy ♪


♪ Been looking all around the world ♪

Woman: I have it! Here!


What is it, buddy?

Come here. Come here. Come here.

I might have to put a spell on you
To save us from ourselves
And make sure that our dreams come true

Don't you ever sleep?

Only every other day.

Oh, you're funny.

I'm not joking.

Of course you're not.

Hey, you have a painkiller of any kind?

Oh, yes, but you're not gonna need that because here we have the asparagus to break down the booze, the quinoa to break down the amino acids, and the coconut water rehydrates.

And is this your breakfast?

Something like that, yeah.

Rosie, did you really pump the brakes last night over a few glasses of Champagne?

Mm, do you realize that you're talking through a great song right now?

Listen to that.

I might have to put a spell on you

Look, I know that we're only a few weeks into this thing, but... how bad is it?

Let me see. How bad is it?

I would have to say it's worse than you can ever imagine, but not enough to slow me down.

That way, there's no way that I could lose you

Then let's not slow down.

[cellphone ringing]

Black magic



Yeah, this is Rosewood.

Okay. All right. I'll be there.

Eight minutes, tops.

Yeah, no, trust me... it's possible.

All right, you eat that, and I'll call you later.

♪ Love you to your bones, you constantly forgetting... ♪
♪ Who gonna love me through it all ♪
♪ When I be on that silly...

♪ Tell me what it really is when... like, "You killing it!" ♪

[indistinct conversations]

[Hornstock coughs]

♪ On and off the throne, in and out the home ♪

Did you call him?

Villa: Yes, I called him.

Where is he? Call him again.

He's... he's on his way. Relax.

Get the hell away from me.

What do we got?

I don't know. Heart attack, stroke.

None of those.

He won't let the EMTs near him.

Captain Hornstock, how you feeling?

Me? Oh, I'm a pair of aces.

Well, you called. I'm here. What's up?

You're the one doc who could tell me if I'm dying without putting his mitts all over me.

Okay, eyes only. I got it.

Villa, flashlight.


See what we got here.

Ah, okay.



Okay. Perfect, perfect.

Open wide.


Nice and wide. Get a little wider.


Yeah, that's it. That's it. That's it.





Cap, you're dying.


Not today, though, but soon.

All right? The stress of this job and the diet of a starving student are killing you.

Now, the facial flushings and the labored breathing tell me that your blood pressure's about 170 over 85.

Is that decent?

No, it's horrible.

You have systolic hypertension, reflux disease, an angry liver, and early onset halitosis... which is better known as bad breath.

My breath is top-notch.

No, nothing in your body is top-notch.

You have kids, right?


You and Martha have seven kids?

Some are with my exes.

Well, I tell you what.

I know this guy, right? He's a master at meditation.

He has the winning formula for life, longevity, and the perfect balance of chakras.

You want to meet him?

This guy a man?

Yeah, it's you.

And if you have any loyalty to your family or any of these officers in this station, you'll follow me down that path to a better life.

Hey, a call just came in.

They found a foot down at Golden Beach.

A foot?

It's the perfect case for me.




You know, Villa, I'm worried.

I think you need to talk to someone... a pro.

Look, hey, it's nothing to be ashamed of.

I'm in a few different kinds of therapy.

I'm good, thanks.

You're good?

Man: Hey, Rosie. Rosie?


I've got a police informant... "Joo-joo" Beeman... who says you worked him over midway through his massage last week?

One of your fellow officers said you got verbally aggressive with him when he asked you your birth date?

I'm not a fan of office parties.

Well, I like cake and celebrations, so get on board.

And by the way, that cut on your hand looks fresh, like you threw a punch in the last 24 hours.

Villa, listen to me.

Rosewood: All right, what do you got?

Was I not clear back at the office?

Hey, when I get the call for help, I move like Mayweather.

What can I say?

We didn't call you.

I didn't say you did.

I had to. It is just a foot.

No head, torso, hands...

Yeah, I know what's missing from the body, Neil.

Yeah, I think what Neil's trying to say is, a case like this is a beast for the county M.E.

Yeah, I mean, it's... there's a lot of man-hours that goes into I.D.'ing the victim, even before it reaches the police.

Can anybody here tell me the percentage of the cases where the head is missing that go cold?


98.6%. You're on fire, Neil!

You hear that? Now come on.

Just give me one stroll around the foot.

All right, if I can't move a mountain in under a minute, I'll be gone in 60 seconds.

Rosie, this is a free consultation.

Of course, of course.

Everything's free... until it's not.

Let's see.

All right.

Okay. Yeah, obvious bite marks.

Likely from a small dog.

A specific breed, a digger.


You know your canines. I like it.

Assuming the animal didn't travel far with the foot...

The body's somewhere close.

Officers are checking the area for any registered dachshunds...

Within a 2-mile radius.

Tell me something... do you enjoy effortlessly playing the ball back and forth as much as I do?


Oh, yes, you do. You're such a terrible liar.

Rosewood, if that's all you got...

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. Hold on, hold on.

Now, you see these small spots of depigmentation on the shin?

That's called fireflies.

Comes from sitting too close to the fireplace with your bare legs.

This victim grew up in poverty, I'd say somewhere in the Deep South, where the houses weren't meant to withstand the winters.

And based on this pedicure, I have to say that this victim probably led a pretty affluent lifestyle.

All right, Rosie, you're in.

Get me an I.D. on the lady ASAP.

Consider it I.D.'d, but it's not a woman's foot.

It's a man's.

Yeah, I'd say mid-40s, little under 6 feet.

Get this foot to my lab within the hour.

Clock is ticking.

Mom, I know. I know I missed movie night.

But I've already seen "Moulin Rouge!"

You know, son, I've been a teacher in the public school system for almost 30 years, students bending the truth all day long.

And your point is what?

I know when you're lying, and you have not seen "Moulin Rouge!"

You skipped out on something that I look forward to all week.

Okay, look, I am sorry I missed the movie.


Well, it's not just the movie you missed.

Your sister and TMI, they put on a show... sang the hell out of "Lady Marmalade."

Ladies, hit it!

Oh, she wants us to sing.

She want it to get real.

We should do it.

♪ Hey, sister, go, sister ♪
♪ Soul sister, go, sister ♪

[singing continues in distance]

See, that's what I'm talking about.

Okay, look, I am gonna miss movie night sometimes, Mom.

What's the matter? Miss thing don't like movies?

It's too soon for that.

Oh, it's always too soon for you, which means it's always too late for me.

Because by the time it's not too soon, you've already cut bait and moved on.

Oh, okay, so that's what this is about.

Son, I can count on less than one finger the number of significant relationships you've actually had.

I don't have time for this. Not right now, okay?

Fine. But hear me out.

You touch a lot of things in this life, but you're not actually holding on to any of them.

I want you to bring this girl over for Sunday-night dinner.

I want to meet the woman that has caused you to miss my movie night.

[both vocalizing]

Ladies, bye-bye!


Baz Luhrmann would be proud.

Wait. Keep going. Keep going.

Both: ♪ Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?

Do I sound good?

Enough, enough, enough with the "Lady Marmalade."

Barry Buzzkill.

Oh. Okay.

Pipp, you got to warn me when Mom's on the warpath like that.

Okay, but, bro, you're the one who made that bed.

You got to sleep in it.

TMI, are we ready to rock?

And roll, yeah.


So, I'm curious. First time doing this, or you guys done this a lot of times?

Us? Nah.

No, but we've seen it done before... on "Beverly Hills Cop II."

That was my favorite. It was much better than "One."

Yeah, and I didn't finish it, so I don't know...

Oh, my God! You guys are so funny!

Like, you should take this on the road.

Pippy, relax.

Before your brother shamelessly poached me from the FBI's Chem-bio Sciences Unit, I did this experiment many times.

The vaporized superglue adheres to the skin, detailing any prints.

Margin for error is huge, but with great risk comes awesome stuff.

Whoa, whoa. Stop the glue.



This isn't the victim's hair.

Maybe it's from the dog that dragged him to the beach.


Fast-track that DNA.

You got it.

Okay. Pump that glue.

I want that print.

[indistinct conversations]

[knock on door]

Sit down.

These for everyone?

Cap, I think I know what you're gonna say, but I'm good.


[indistinct conversation in distance]


What? It's unlucky to eat the green ones.

Your mental health aside, you got to take a partner.

It's policy.

Here's the thing.

This is not a negotiation.

Till we find the right fit, I'll shadow you so the Chief don't bust my chops.

This is the number to a top-notch shrink.

Specializes in bereavement issues.

Gives us a nice discount, available 24/7.

Thank you, but I don't need a...

Villa, you lost your husband.

I feel for you. I do.

And as you know, I don't like too many human people.

But I bet on you as a rookie before you moved away, and now I'm welcoming you back with open arms.

You got to trust me on this. This is for your own good.

Got it?

Thank you, "Beverly Hills Cop II."

I come bearing gifts.

We lifted a print off the foot.

Did you send it in for processing?

Does a human skull have five cavities?

That's a yes.

Just a fun rhetorical question. That's it.

[sniffs] Do I smell?

Better not be an organ in there.

No, this is a two-week supply of my home brew.

It'll help clean your pipes.

Hell, no.

Oh, hell, yes.

Yes, and no more coffee or nitrates for you.

That's hot dogs, deli meats, all that type of stuff.

What about dip?


Oh, let me see this.

You're welcome.

Happy birthday.



I'll have what she's having.

Rosewood, no. No, not here.

Come on. We got about another hour before that print runs through.


This is the most relaxed I've ever seen you.

It's this place, right? This an old spot?

Grow up around here? Family own the place?

My dad used to hustle games on that pool table for extra cash.

And he used to let me drink as many of these Arnold Palmers as I wanted.

Hmm. Looking forward to meeting him.

Well, good luck finding him.

I haven't seen him in 15 years.

Here you go.

Thank you.

I basically grew up in this dump.

It's my sanctuary.

I mean, some people go to church.

I come here.


The Prince of Peace... that's where I worship.

If you ever want to tag along...

I'm not feeling all that close with the man upstairs these days.

Yeah, me either.

Then why go?

'Cause we can't work out our issues if we don't step into his house.

But enough about me.

Villa, you know, this is what I'm concerned about, all right?

I picked up this fragrance on you back at the office.

You get why that's weird, right?

Cheap soap.

You also had a fresh book of matches on your desk from the Salty Sea Motel.

Now, it's odd that a hometown girl chooses to live in a motel.

I mean, especially now since we've got such a good thing going, you know?

Wait, let me stop you right there.

We don't have a good thing going.

No, you're right. We have a great thing going.

We don't have a great anything.

But you're not dropping anchor.

You know, I smelled something on you, too.

Mm, you get why that's weird, right?

Mm, perfume.

I'm guessing from a one-night stand.

You focus on your personal life. I'll focus on mine.

Okay, we can do that, but for the record, it was not a one-night stand, thank you.

This one actually could be the real deal.

You're a rich doctor in Miami on the cusp of 40 who's never been married.

I mean, that just tells me all your relationships are basically just drawnout one-night stands.

Wow. Okay.

Here's the deal... we work on a case from time to time.

No personal talk. Those are my rules.

I'll tell you what.

Friendly bet. A game of nine-ball.

If you win, okay, then you get all business all the time.

If I win, personal talk is fair game.

Pool is my dad's game, not mine.

Oh, okay, good.

I'll go easy on you. Let's go.

Yeah, I'll never

[breathes deeply]

Let you go
I'll never


Let you go

Oh, wow. You just hustled me.

I cannot believe you just hustled me.

[chuckles] I've been crushing grown men on this table since grade school.

And you don't feel just a little bit guilty about that?

[cellphone rings]

No, not at all.


This is Villa.


Mitchy, text me the name and address.


I'm on the way. They've got a hit on the print.

Good. I'll drive.

No way I'm getting in your banana boat.

Excuse me.

As you should know, in many cultures, yellow represents happiness and optimism.

And I know you walked here.

You know, precinct's 10 blocks away.

I know you don't want me to beat you to the suspect.

Can't get anywhere unless you know where you're going.

Oh, yeah. You know, that's right.

Guess it's a good thing I introduced Mitchy in the print lab to his wife.

Ah, they make a beautiful couple.

I can have the suspect's address in two minutes.

Do you have any idea how annoying that is?

I'll never

What are you waiting for? Let's go.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Hold on.

You never walk out when you listen to a soul legend like this. Wait, hold on.

Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.

Let you go

Yeah, that's my song right there. Hold on.

Oh, my... All right, that's it.

I-I'm leaving. Give me the keys.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Never walk out.

[song ends]

Okay, now we can go.

Suspect's name is Xiang Wen.

Record is clean. No priors.

All right, how do you want to do the interrogation?

You drive. I interrogate.

Wait. Hold it. Don't forget that I'm the reason why we're driving anywhere in the first place.

And don't act like you're not loving the rumble of that 350 horsepower under your glutes.

I don't feel anything under my glutes, and your transmission is slipping.

My transmission's not slipping.

And you know you feel it in those glutes.

And your glutes are definitely maximus!

No, it's definitely slipping, and if I let you in on this interrogation, you're a fly on the wall.

Okay, you want me to be a fly, I'll be a fly.

And that means you don't talk.

Don't need to talk.

♪ Take me away-way, I'm ready to go, go, go ♪
♪ I'm ready for the ride Is that a key? ♪
♪ I'm ready to fly ♪
♪ I know where I'm going, and a man like me ♪
♪ He's gonna fit at home with his family ♪
♪ He say, "Oh, no, wait a minute" ♪

[indistinct conversations]

Wo bu ming bai.

Ms. Wen, we found your prints on a dead man's foot.


[clears throat]


Rosie, what?

That's cute. That's real cute.

Mm, mm.

Are you serious?


Xiang, bu hao yi si gei ni zhe mo da ya li.

I had a roommate in college. He was from Beijing.

Yeah, he was a really good dude. Stand-up guy.

Yeah, we still keep in contact.

Yeah. Rang wo cai cai.

Mei jia shi?

Shi de, wo shi.

Ni zen mo zhi dao?

Zhi jue.


Xiang didn't do it.

No, she works at a nail salon.

She gave our victim a pedicure.

Show her the foot.

Do you recognize this foot?


Ren de zhe zhi jiao ma?

Okay, you see this?

That's "yes." Yeah, yeah, I got that.

The victim's name is Marty Conforth...

45 years old, born in South Carolina, co-owns a matchmaking business for rich people called Platinum Mates.

Can we just quickly acknowledge how on point I was with the victim profile?

Hmm. Dr. Rosewood, you have done it again.

Your amazing skill set is worthy of a superhero.

Up high.

Okay, so the tone and sarcasm are not cool, but I'll take the high five.

Ah! Okay, okay.

Anyone interested in watching the next episode of "Men Making Horrible Decisions"?


Marty's wife is the gorgeous blonde with Feldheim.

And the hot bombshell over there is his fiancée.

I mean, like, seriously.

[speaking Spanish]

You're stupid.



See how she rolls the tongue like that?

That's kind of sexy.


Kerry: Are you sure it's Marty?

Kerry, through forensic tests, we were able to determine that Marty was killed on Wednesday, about 48 hours ago.


Can I ask where you were?

Snorkeling at our summer home in the Keys.

Anyone with you to back that up?

My housekeeper. [breathes deeply]

Marty was an amazing man.

I mean, we had our problems, but we always cleared our heads and came back stronger.

You're married, right?

Yes, I am, but... you know, my husband bangs around like crazy.

I'm sorry. What?

He has an appetite for blondes with big chichotas.

Chichotas? Like pork rinds?

No, no. I think that's chicharrónes.

She's talking about the, um... she's talking about the, you know...


Yeah, yeah.

And I was just telling him last night, "Honey, should I score some fake ones?"

I don't know. I mean...

Or even better, ass implants.

What do you think?

Okay, right?

Like, should I just, like, lift it a little higher, do some more squats?

You pop in some silicon, and he'll never take his eyes off of it, right?

Take your hand off my hand immediately.

See, I'm thinking a new ass, plus maybe a fun wig, will spice things up, keep him from straying so I don't lose my mind and do something stupid.

Why are you telling me this?

Oh, I thought you could relate.

You know, because your husband was engaged to another woman.


What... what are you talking about?

Okay, go with me here.

You give your heart and soul to Marty.

He rips them both out, so you teach him a permanent lesson.


I get it.

That's not what happened.

I'm gonna grab some tea.

You want some tea?


Entertaining approach.

Something's off with that bitch.

Hair all blown out, makeup, clothes... perfect.

Who gets all dolled up when their husband's missing?

I'm checking her alibi.

No, I think the snorkeling story's legit.

See, the microbial friends in the water caused an ear infection.

That's why she's... see?

She's rubbing her upper jaw. That's an ear infection.

She could have been snorkeling at any beach.

All right, check the alibi. I'll go to work on the fiancée.

Yeah, you do that. I'm gonna do this.

I'm telling you, Kerry had no clue what was going on.

Did some digging on you, Beth.

You were engaged a few times, yeah?

I fall in love quickly.

Can you zoom in on her shoulder for me, please?

Any of these guys regular joes?

What do you mean?

Not rich.

I also love nice things. So?

You were right... Kerry's alibi just checked out.

How's this going?

It's a little weird.

It turns out I know a thing or two about gold diggers.


I was married to one.

Are you rich?

I'll ask the questions.

Where were you Wednesday night?

My condo, with the flu and vertigo.

How convenient.


Tell me something, hmm?

Which part of Marty's body did you remove first?

The limbs?

The limbs are a piece of cake.

They pop right off.

But sawing through the neck and the waist?

When you're ready to have a real conversation, call for me.

Have someone bring you a glass of Champagne so you can hydrate.

That fiancée is as shifty as they come.

Wise-ass, too.

I'm taking a closer look at that lady.

Beth had no motive.

Until they got married, she wouldn't see a dime.

Villa, motive or not, Beth's alibi sucks.

Your heart rate sucks.

Beth's alibi is actually pretty healthy.

Healthy how?

I noticed an injection point on her shoulder, and her pupils were dilated.

She was taking a steroid for viral-related vertigo.

You can check with her doctor if you want.

You know what?

I'm telling you, something's off with the wife.

Ah, you're heading to Marty's business to do some digging, right?

Villa: Mm-hmm.

Platinum Mates?


I think I can help!


I'm sure I can help.


You're drinking my juice. I'm proud of you, Cap.

Get out. Out.

Okay. I'm out.

♪ Even though she denies it ♪
♪ I know that she wants me ♪

Woman: Your name is on the list. It's all good.

♪ Wants me ♪


[camera shutter clicking]

[indistinct conversations]

Rosewood: Kat, you know I wish I could break away, but I can't.

How you doing?

No, I just can't.

I know.

I know, babe. Don't... don't say that.

Okay, say it to me again.

Mm, I love when you say that. One more time.


I'll tell you something... when I come in and I see you, I'm gonna...

Uh, yeah, I-I got to get back to work.

Can I call you back? Thanks.

Not cool, okay? That's not cool.

What are you smiling about?

You were using your "girlfriend" voice.

No, I was not. I don't have a "girlfriend" voice.

Your voice was down a full octave.

That's "girlfriend" voice.

Excuse me.

I was using my "private conversation" voice.

Look, can we just get to work, please?

Okay. All right, fine. Judy Sanders.

Co-owner of Platinum Mates.

She's Marty's business partner.

I gave her the news, and she was a little upset about it, so...

She needed some alone time, so I stepped away and made my private phone call.

Yeah, I wish you hadn't done that.

Yeah, but you were late. That's why I did it.

No, you were early.

Well, same thing.

No, totally different things.

It's exactly the same thing.

Oh, my gosh.

Hey, Judy, how you doing?

This is Detective Villa.

Hi. I'm very sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

So, I apologize for jumping right in, but can you tell us anything about Marty's wife, Kerry?

Or his fiancée, Beth?

But can you start with Kerry?

And then let us know about Beth.


Uh, Marty had a fatal flaw... he loved women.

And I'm feeling guilty because I'm the one that introduced him to Beth at a mixer like this.

Beth loves her money, but she also loved Marty.

I don't think that she's a killer.

Kerry, that's a different story.

If Kerry knew about Beth, well...

Judy, would you mind if I had someone from Forensics pick up Marty's work computer?

No, no. Um, that's quite all right.

I'm sorry.

I'm, um... really struggling with...

No, come on. Come on. It's okay. It's okay. Come on.

Bring it in for the real thing.


Thank you.

You okay? Okay.

I am.

All right.

Excuse me.

I knew something was off about Kerry.

Yeah, you're probably right, but is it possible that you're letting your personal feelings about your own...

It's okay, Rosie.

You're allowed to mention my husband.

Just please be ready when I start crying my eyes out, okay?

I'm gonna need you to console me.

You think you can do that? You think you're down for that?

Well, yeah, you know, if you were sincere about this, yeah, sure.

I probably would be down for that, because, you know, that's what friends do for each other.

I mean, I was being sincere.

I would be down for that, but you're not sincere.


Hey, hey.

Hey, baby.

I didn't know you were coming over.

Well, you know, I thought I'd make up for missing the other night with...

[gasps] Ooh!

I love me some Liam Neeson.

And don't I know that.

[chuckles] And I am so onto your game.

What game?

You think that by doing this that my request to meet the new lady in your life is going to go away.


Listen, I'm not bringing her over for a Sunday dinner, and I've made that decision.

You stood right here in my kitchen a few days ago, and you said, "Mom, don't you worry about tomorrow or the next day.

It's all about right now, this moment."

I said that?

Those are your words.

That's what I said?

That's exactly what you said, verbatim.

You were talking to me?

Oh, wow.

And you know it.

You know, you don't want to bring her over?

That is fine with me.

That's not what this is about anyway.

So what's it about, then?

It's about everyone new in your life being temporary.

Why is that?

You know that's not fair.

Truth's not fair. Life's not fair.

You of all people should know that.

Son, either my faith in God or your faith in medicine... one of those two is gonna heal your heart.

Otherwise, why should I pray?

Otherwise, why should you keep your name on that list?

Took my name off the transplant list.

Did it a couple months ago.

May I ask why?

There's a 26.7% rejection rate in healthy patients.

I'm at 48%.

48% because of all my other issues.

I can't do it.

I just... I can't do it.

How can I take something away from someone who has a better chance of survival?

I don't care about the percentages.

You've defied the odds your whole life.

What about the... the percentages when you were born?

What about the odds of your survival?

What's your father gonna say about this?

He already knows.

Talked to him about it when I was making the decision.

I'm gonna be fine, because I will continue to beat all of those odds... with the heart that I've got.

I can't look at you right now.

[indistinct conversation in distance]

I don't want to be your leader
I don't want to let you down

That wasn't very genuine, but... all right.

We got your call.

What's going on?

I don't even need to see you
Turn your life around

I think I'm actually still asleep.

Uh, what is this music?


This doesn't sound like your jam.

Are you running away?

Play that last message.

It's Marty's sister. She's flying out tomorrow.

Woman: Hey, big brother.

I can't wait to see you.

He may have been a horrible husband.

I'm landing tomorrow, so I'll see you at the airport.

But apparently, he was a pretty incredible big brother.

She made me promise to bring him home.

I love you.

All right.

What do we need to do?


It's rare around here, and I believe the methyl in the superglue ignited this rash.

I pulled a skin sample. I need a tox on that A.S.A.P.

If it's confirmed that it's poisonwood, then we narrow the search area.

Find the plant, find the body.

Let's get to work before the sun comes up.

♪ Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa ♪
♪ It's all right, it's all right ♪

Rosewood: What do we got?

Skin samples, they tested positive for poisonwood.

Miami P.D. has narrowed their search down to the few homes in Golden Beach that might have the plant at their property.

And I finally isolated the DNA of the hair on Marty's leg.

It's blue fox fur.

So we tracked down who makes rugs made of this stuff.

It's a place called Rojo Furniture.

Their biggest client is the Hotel Clarise on Brickell.

Maybe Marty was staying there the night he was killed.

Yeah, that's what we're thinking.


So we called Detective Villa, and we filled her in, too.

Y-you did what?

We called Detective Villa...

No, no, no, I heard that, but why did you do that?

Bro, she is the detective on the case, right?

Yeah, but, Pipp, now she's gonna get to the hotel before me.

What is that?

Very competitive.

♪ All right ♪

[indistinct conversations]

Woman: To the left?

Man: Yeah, you'll see it right through there.


So, you went to the Hotel Clarise without me, huh?

I mailed you an invitation.

It's one of those cards that sings when you open it.

You should get it tomorrow.

Wow, that's hilarious. You know, you're really funny.

You know, that blue fox fur clue came from my lab.

You know that, right?

Now, common courtesy would have been...

I got everything I need.

Like what?

Like Marty checked in alone on Monday.

Monday? He... he was killed on Wednesday.

My guess is, he was gonna be staying in that hotel for a while because his wife kicked him out.

And what about inside the suite?

The blue fox fur rug sheds like a shih tzu.

I'm getting a warrant to search the wife's vehicle.

If I find one strand of fur, I can place her in that hotel suite.

Okay, first of all, shih tzus don't shed.

Should have gone with "sheds like a sheepdog,"

"sheds like a Husky."

You don't know your canines as well as I thought you did.

Second of all...

Rosewood, this case might be tough, but it doesn't mean you get to follow me around like any breed of puppy.

Oh, wow. Okay. Well, think about how tough it is for Marty's family, okay?

Villa, you got to...

Can you just hold that thought forever?


This is Villa.

Hold the thought for... Wow.

You hear what she said?

Villa, got a woman here who says she wants to talk to you.

[indistinct conversations]

Kerry, tell us what happened.

This... this car was following me.

Do you remember the make, model, color?

Blue, kind of like yours.

And they run you off the road?

I'm sure they would have, but something happened with the car.

The... the... the steering gave out.

I just... I-I panicked.

And the next thing I knew, it was... it was flipping.

Oh, no, no. Hey, come on. It's okay. It's okay.

Would you rather stay here? Okay.

Did all this stuff...


Come see what I'm seeing.

Oh, okay.

So now you want to bring me in on the case, huh?

Excuse me one second.

I don't know much about cars, okay?

You drive a '69 GTO, and you don't know anything about cars?

I drive a work of art. I'm a doctor, not a mechanic.

This is fluid from the steering column.

She's telling the truth. Someone cut the line.

Kerry, who else had access to this car?

Just me and Marty.

But someone borrowed it this weekend.


[bell dings]

Man: Hey, how's it going?

Woman: Hi.

[indistinct conversations]

Judy, I'd hate to slow down the speed-dating...

Uh, they're mini-dates.

It's a very important part of our process.

Um, may I help you?

So, you drove one of Marty's vehicles this past weekend, right?

Yes, I did.

Someone cut the steering line.

Kerry was seriously injured in an accident this morning.

That's terrible. Is she okay?

Are you driving a blue Saab?

I am. It's my rental.

My car is getting worked on. Why?

Kerry was being followed by a blue car just before the accident.

Are you a big fan of the Hotel Clarise in Brickell?

Never been.

You bought a bottle of Bordeaux on your credit card at that hotel last week... the same hotel where Marty was murdered.

I reported that credit card stolen.

Have you and Marty ever rolled around under the sheets without any clothes on?


I didn't kill him.

I don't believe you.

I do.

You're dehydrated because you've been crying, which is why your nasal ducts are swollen.

You're trying to put on a brave face here at this event in front of all your clients because you promised them you'd lead them to love.

That's the way I see it, anyway.

I want to take that ridiculous prism you see things through and smash it on the ground like this.

[foot stomps]

Mm. Well, my prism is made of energy, which cannot be destroyed.

You look really upset.

[cellphone rings]

Oh, now, are you upset?

Maybe? No?

Hey, Cap.

Okay. I'm on my way.

They found a body on a vacant lot in Golden Beach.

Think it might be Marty.

I'm expediting a warrant to search your house and car.

Don't leave town.

Have a good day.

Hornstock: Rosie was spot-on... the dachshund three doors down dragged the foot out of this hole, through those poisonwoods over there.

For the record, I said dachshund before he said it, and he...

Excuse me. If you recall, I was the one that actually...

No, you didn't say that.

Am I giving out a trophy, who got the dog thing right?

But I said...



You didn't say it.

So, who freaking cares? What else do you got?

Well, the decomposition rate is abnormal.

I need to get this body back to my lab, do a proper autopsy.

The killer used an automatic saw.

But the cuts are sloppy.

They had never used one before, which means it was brand-new.

Looks like an 8-inch blade, max.

I'll run a check at hardware stores in the area on the days leading up to Marty's murder.

Odor and edema are inconsistent with the time of death.

Pippy, run a fresh tissue sample.

I need bacteria levels, stat.

Oh, why is it decomposing so fast?

That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Well, the eggs have landed.

Get them on-screen for me, please.


You know Mom gave me an earful, right?

I had to tell her. It was time.

No, it's time you get your name back on that list.

Rosie, you know she's right.



[receiver clicks]

[indistinct conversations]


Eggs? You know I can't eat eggs.

Palm Hardware.

What about it?

Ladies first.

No, no, no, please. After you.

Flies lay eggs on bodies soon after death.

Now, the stage of those eggs is one way that we can accurately gauge the time of death.

But not with Marty, because the eggs in his body were frozen.

So the guy was hacked up and put on ice?

Frozen organs decompose more rapidly as they thaw.

Now, my autopsy shows that Marty was actually killed sometime last Monday, not Wednesday.

Surveillance cams at the Palm Hardware on Arthur Avenue have a psychotic bitch buying trash bags, a cordless saw, and a family-sized bag of marshmallows last weekend.

Here's the question. Who did it?

It's that new lunch spot down the way. We should go.

Yeah. Yeah, I'd love to see it.


[engine turns over]

Villa: Put your hands on the wheel!

Rosie, stand back.


Hey, Beth.

Here's a question... were you snacking on marshmallows while you were chopping Marty up in little pieces?

Hey, Kerry, why don't you put on your seat belt?

It's gonna stop the dinging noise.

Computer geniuses at the Miami P.D. found Marty's deleted E-mail.

Turns out he was leaving both of you guys for Judy.

She was the true love of his life.

So you teamed up to kill him, pinned it on her, right?

And I've got the good science to prove that you guys put his body on ice to throw off the timeline.

Which puts you both in town during the murder.

Villa, the tires! You always got to...

Never shoot the tires.

They blow, the speeding car swerves into oncoming traffic, innocent lady driving to the shake hut ends up in your lab.

It's a good point. I like the shake hut.

But don't you think you should be chasing them down?

No, we don't need to do a chase.

One of my shots found a home in the heart of the radiator.

They'll be cruising to a smoking stop in about a mile or two.

You sure you didn't miss?


Sure shot. "Sure shot" Villa.

She didn't miss, right?

[indistinct conversations]

Oh, yeah, it was impressive, okay?

You hit that radiator dead on, all the smoke, the fire, and flames coming out.

It was exciting. I was impressed.

And I'm not gonna gloat and say we hit another home run as a duo, 'cause that's not what I do.

Hey, Cap, we hit another home run as a duo.

Can you believe that?

You scram.

You come with me.

All right.

I'll take my victory lap around the bases.

Teamwork makes the dream work. What can I say?

You recognize that meathead in there?

Because he recognizes you.

Came in to file a report.

Said they were closing up for the night, like normal businesses do, and you flipped your lid.

He's exaggerating.

You cracked two of his teeth... $1,200 dental bill.

I'll pay it.

And I'll sweep it under the rug... on one condition.


[laughing] It sounded like that.

No, it didn't!

Yes, it did!

That is not... that is not what happened.

It totally, totally did.

No, it's not.



Rosewood: Hey, you two look like you're having a good time.

Hey. Eh, someone decided to finally list her place.

Well, it's the right time, so...

And it's long overdue.

No, it's the right time.

It's long overdue.




♪ Trying to play nice I just need time to think, okay?

But I hear you.

And your lady friend?

[sighs] She cancelled.

But not because of me. She had to work.


I hope you're hungry.

Starvin' like Marvin. [laughs]

Pippy: [laughs] Get out of here.

All right.

This looks beautiful.

♪ It wasn't very hard ♪

Thank you.

You're welcome.

♪ I spent all this time ♪
♪ Trying to figure out why ♪
♪ Nobody's on my side ♪
♪ See, I've been having me a real good time ♪

[clears throat] Detective Villa...

How would you like to start?

♪ All right ♪