01x03 - Have-Nots & Hematomas

You're looking at one of my favorite ways to greet a day.

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

Ah, yes, it puts me at peace.

[breathes deeply]

[high-pitched ringing]

The ringing builds to a crescendo.

It's from the calcification in my inner ear.

The pills I pop to keep the sound alive come with their own brand of punishment.

The nerve endings in my feet... a combo of walking on coals and knife slices shooting up my legs.

When it happens, I'll admit it gets the best of me.

[breathes deeply]

I'm gonna be okay.

[breathing deeply]


[LunchMoney Lewis' "Real Thing" plays]

♪ When she walk out the door and you don't see her no more ♪
♪ You know, uh, huh, she found the real thing ♪
♪ When she gone like the wind and never call you again ♪
♪ You know, uh, huh, she found the real thing ♪
♪ I'mma laugh with her, I'mma cry with her ♪
♪ Grow old with her, probably die with her ♪
♪ Get dressed up, get fly with her ♪
♪ Take her back home, lay by the fire with her ♪

[suspenseful music playing]

[engine revs, tires squealing]

You know, I had kind of a rough morning today, but sitting here across from you right now... guess my day's getting a little bit better.

I guess I just feel this connection, this thing.

It's good.

So you're saying that I'm good for you.

Actually, I was thinking that I was good for you.


Oh, okay.

But, hey, you can spin it any way you want to.


You know, I can re-create this whole scene right back at my place.

I have one of those breakfast trays that fold out over the bed and everything.

Over the bed?

Over the bed. Yeah.


[cellphone vibrates]

Oh, wait. I'm sorry.

God. I have to take this.

Wait a minute. That is you playing footsies with me under the table, right?

Yes, it is me, but this really is a patient... dissociative identity disorder... having an episode.


Oh, I can't wait for us to have our episode... of the fun kind.

Call me later.

Hornstock: Suspect's name is Dante Harrell...

21, works here as a shuttle driver.

That's the car there.

Wait... the kid brings the car back?

Yep, making a shuttle run. Should be back any minute.

[rapping] ♪ On my way to the bank depositor man ♪
♪ I ain't been to Middle East, but I been in Iran ♪
♪ I ran to there and back ♪

Let me see those hands... nice and high!

Officer: Freeze!

Put your hands up!

Out of the car! Out of the car now!

Get down!


Hands behind your back!

[indistinct conversations]


And Dr. Max Cahn approaches the body...


...works the forceps like a seasoned pro.

Rosie, don't do that!

How long were you standing there?

I don't know... a few hours, maybe.

Ha. Villa's out on a call.

Hey, come on, I can't come by and say what's up to a cohort?

Look, you know that I am desperate for company, but we both know that you came to see Villa.

Well, word on the street is that it's someone's two-year anniversary here, so I just thought I'd come by and have a little something to mark the occasion.

[glove snaps]

"La traviata" [chuckling] at the ZIFF?


Rosie, why are you so nice to me?

Well, because you, my friend, you have a good one of these... and you have a passion for this.

Besides, you and I are two of the last gentlemen in Miami who can truly appreciate the sound of opera.


You know what I love the most?

It's the silence before the collective sound of 900 people having their breath taken away at the first glorious note.

So, what do we got?

Aw, no, you can't take on another case.

How much money does one man need?

It's never about the money, Max. You know that.

It is for me. I drive a '92 Saturn.

But the point is, this body does not have "Rosewood" written anywhere on it, all right?

Preliminary results show a healthy 40-year-old male falls 18 feet onto a glass coffee table... blunt-force trauma.

Blunt-force trauma at 18 feet?

Well, that's interesting, Max, 'cause that's a long way to fall not to have severe edema, hematomas, at the laceration points.

Rosewood, stay away from my body.

This looks nothing like your body.

Yeah, yeah, it's part of my murder investigation.

I got the suspect upstairs.

Oh, good. I could help.

No, I don't need your help.

Well, I'm not so sure that's true.

Oh, that is true, and I need you to leave Max alone.

Max, get me a report two days ago.

Hey, Max, don't worry about the report.

Okay, look, look, forget about the terse nature in which you just addressed me, but is that how you talk to Max?

You're asking the man to help.

I'm asking him to do his job, just like I'm trying to do mine.

Do you have one?

'Cause you'd look real cute spinning one of those arrow signs on the street.

Oh, you know, that's cute. It's about manners, okay?

You should get some.

How about this?

You worry about who's using their salad fork, and I'll worry about solving a murder.

Oh, okay, so these are your murder-solving pants.

Let me tell you something.

It's about engaging and connecting with people.

Look, everyone around you is going through stuff, experiencing their own version of life.

Did you know that... that Max proposed to his girlfriend, Frieda, this weekend... in front of her whole family?

Yeah, he sang the Dylan song "Sara" and everything.

He changed the name to Frieda.

But you know what she said? She said no.

That happened?

That did not happen.

[elevator bell dings]

Max is painfully single. But the point is this... everyone has a story, okay, and you don't care to learn about anyone else's but your own.

By the way, good morning. How was your weekend?

Do anything fun?

Yeah, actually, I took a stroll, went to the market, bought some organic peaches, made a pie.

It was yummy.

You did that?

No, I did not do that.

I got to hand it to you, you got brass ones.

Pretty nifty little scheme... people park their car, get on a plane for a vacation in Fiji, bar mitzvah in Saint Louis, and in Albert Page's case, a business trip to NYC.

But you know exactly when they're leaving and returning, and you have access to their keys.

So why not take the "Lambo" out for a joyride, put it back in its spot... bam... no one's the wiser.

But that wasn't enough to tickle your nads.

Probably not hard to get ahold of their address, especially if they have an account.

So you drive to their house, you break in, you turn their pad into your own little personal MTV crib.

But you didn't count on Albert Page getting home early from his trip.

Then things go sideways.

You better start yapping, or your ass is gonna get to know that seat like it was your mommy.

When is the moment they lose all regard for human life?

Villa, there's a really long medical name for the stuff that I'm saying, but since showing off is bad manners, let's just say that he has a twitch in his eye, deeper than necessary respirations, and you see the way he's smacking his lips?

That's xerostomia... dry mouth.

I'm looking at a kid that's scared to death.

Here's your worst news of the day...

I don't even need you to talk.

I have your prints and your DNA all over the vic and every doorknob in the house.

Is there anything in that place you didn't touch?

I was trying to help that dude.

By pushing him over the balcony?

You want to help someone, help yourself by writing a confession.

I'm no John Grisham, but I think your story starts with, "I... did... it."

[door closes]

[clears throat]

You got to stick to the new health regimen.

[scoffs] Don't do this to me in front of these mooks.

I'm already off the nicotine and sugar.

Son of a bitch.

[metal clangs]

So, Cap, got a confession to make.

I was watching you in there.

It's a turn-on, right?

I'm this close... this close to getting that kid to fold.

[tab pops]

Yeah, see, that's the thing. I don't think he did it.

Based on what?

Rosewood thinks he's innocent because he has an eye twitch... that, and apparently Rosie has a soft spot for anything with a pulse.

Okay, I'll tell you what... let me take a look at the body.

If the kid did it, I'll hand him over on a platter.

If he didn't, that's another story.

I'll pass.

I'll do this one for free.

Why this one?

Well, because I like my odds.

And I'm guessing the kid can't write me a check for seven grand.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure the victim was dead before he hit that coffee table.

[both chuckle]

Rosie: Hey, Dante. How you doing?

I'm Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr., but you can call me Rosie.

Listen, is there somebody you want me to reach out to... relative or something?

Somebody's gonna be worried and thinking about you at night.

Nobody's thinking about me.

And who are you?

Somebody who's gonna be thinking about you.

So you get some rest, and we'll dig deeper later.

[birds chirping]

[knocks rhythmically on door]

Come in!

A midday visit from my son!

To what do I owe this rare pleasure?

Well, I have a little headache, and I was wondering if I could get out of gym class.

Boy, I didn't write that note for you before.

You know I'm not gonna write it for you now.


Dante Harrell... he was a student here.

He dropped out after his sophomore year.

Dante. Nope. Don't remember him.

He's involved in a case.

Don't tell me this boy died.

No, but he's in a lot of trouble.

I just came to look into who he is.

There are my yearbooks.

Have at it if you want.


Remember you once told me that there is no such thing as bad kids, just bad decisions?

Yep. I lied.


You can't help some kids who are hell-bent on destroying their lives.

Wow, this kid had a lot of talent.

But what if they don't know that there are options?

And life is tricky.

I mean, imagine doing it all alone.

That's this kid.

Sure there's nothing else you want to talk to me about?

How are you feeling?

Mm, never been better. Can I borrow this?

Son, you can't save everyone.

Don't I know it?

I can't even get out of gym class.

[indistinct conversations]

[siren wails in distance]

Rosewood, what are you doing here?

I'm just a man standing here with these shoe-cover things on.

I came to offer my unique expertise.

They're called booties.


Look, I get you want out of your lab, play cops and robbers.

I hate to be the one to tell you this, but you don't fit in here.


Rosie! My best friend in the world.

Diego, my man. You know what?

I can tell by that smile the wife's birthday dinner did the trick.

Well, the little lady dug it, but now she wants the recipe for that brisket.

Oh, okay, I'll E-mail it to you.

It's a lot of steps, really complicated.

You're the best, Rosie.

All right.


You made our crime-scene photographer a brisket?


I give up.

Okay, you know what? Don't fight it.

No, it's like you're working overtime, running for class president of life.

Work? No, there's no work to it.

It's all about connecting with people.

You should try it.

Or I could not try it.

Ah, see, that's why we're gonna make great partners, because I can play good cop and you can play... cop who has trouble making friends.

I don't have a partner, I don't want a partner, and you and I are never gonna be partners, got it?

You're a little grumpy today.

Little grumpy, hmm? Grump, grump?

Stop it. I don't need this from you, too.

Hornstock's got me seeing this...

The point is, you're a physical liability.

Oh, I'm a physical liability?

Okay, this just in... most mornings, I run six miles.

How many do you run? Huh? What?

Try doing it with shots whizzing past your head and some bad guy wants to slit your throat.

I assume adrenaline is not your friend.

Well, I'm assuming that adrenaline is your only friend.

Maybe you and adrenaline can get together this weekend and braid each other's hair.

Rosie, here are the facts. I didn't make this up.

I see all the pills you pop and all the stuff you do to yourself.

They would never let you operate on a live person.

Hell, they wouldn't even let you drive a city bus.

Look at this painting, Villa.

Yeah, that's paradise right there.

See how the brushstrokes from the sea blend into the mountains dotted with the fishermen's boats?

[inhales deeply]

Ah, you can almost smell the fresh Italian air.

You know, I did my research on Dante.

Turns out the kid spent most of his life in the foster system, shuttled from home to home, but yet he still tries... gets a job at the airport, shows up to work every day.

That sound like a murderer to you?

Let's see. So, I guess this is where he supposedly pushed the victim over the balcony.

Yes, but the broken statues and lamps up there?

First, they struggled...

And he landed here?

Yes, why?

Well, the body's trajectory indicates that the victim just fell straight down.

A dead drop.

Right. He didn't push him.

O-Okay, okay, fine.

So he was attacked, and then he fell.

Oh, boy.

Oh, boy? What's the "oh, boy"?

Well, if his heart was still pumping when he hit, everything within 10 feet would be splattered with blood like a pollock painting.

It is not.

He didn't die from blunt-force trauma.

Okay, then what did he die from?

I don't know, but isn't it gonna be fun to find out?

I don't know what I'm doing here.

I mean, I don't... I don't even know how this works.

Listen, there are no rules.

Okay? Tell you what. I'll start.

You recently moved to Miami to where your family is.

Has that been... comforting?

I have a mom, and I have a brother.

Any allies at work?

Nobody, really.

Maybe Cap.

I find that hard to believe.

I don't know.

I'm sure most of the guys on the job resent me for being hired back as a detective.

Is that what you think, that people resent you?

I don't need anyone to like me.


I mean, there is this one person.

Another detective?

No, he's...


I don't even know what he is yet, but he is something... frustrating, mostly.


Is that the first... adjective that comes to mind when you think of him?

I was just looking at your wedding ring.

It's a nice one.

Thank you.


It's funny to see you wearing one.

And why's that?

Birthday? Anniversary?

Roses like that aren't sent by a husband.

Those are flowers from someone you're having s*x with.

You judge me, but it is you who's cheating on your hubby.

That's very impressive.

I guess that's what you do, being a detective.

But you're way off this time.

You want to know the truth?

I wear this ring because I'm a doctor and a woman, and when people come to talk to me about relationships, they want stability.

And I happen to be separated from my husband.

Yeah, because you're cheating on him with "Mr. Roses."


Because I can't give him children.

I had a surgery that left me unable to conceive.

So you wear a ring because you lost somebody, and I wear a ring because I don't want to admit I lost somebody.

Well, guess we're the only ones who didn't get the "come in whenever we feel like it" memo, huh?

Oh, I guess you also didn't get "I'm your brother and your boss, and I can fire your ass whenever I want to" memo.


Can I get a memo?

Like, "Hi, how are you today, TMI? You look pretty."


So, uh, how are things going with your, uh, lady friend, huh?

Mm, well, we were rolling for a minute...

That's too bad.

Does that mean you two haven't done the whole "dance off with your pants off" thing?

No, what are you...

I knew it. Mm.

That really sucks.

I'm so sorry to hear that.

I didn't see that one coming.

Now pay up. Thank you.

Wait a minute. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You guys are gambling on my s*x life?

Oh, it's not really gambling.

'Cause you really actually care about this one.

So it was just an easy 20 bucks.

[clicks tongue]

Babe, you want to let it roll into next weekend, just double or nothing?

No, no. You're not gonna double or nothing on my se...

What are you doing?

Rosie, I'll cut you in.

Want another memo?

Not really.

Ball up.

I can give you another one.

Let's get to work... listen, I ran that blood that you gave me, and don't get mad, but I don't know what case this belongs to.

Just show me what you got, yeah?

Okay, so, increased C-reactive protein, digitalis, crap-load of vitamin D.

It's probably calcification of the bones or...

Rosie, this is your blood, isn't it?

You can't keep doing this.

Doing what?

You think you're the smartest man in the room, and maybe you are, but there are other doctors out there... good doctors, doctors that could help you.

You can't do this by yourself.

I'm fine.

Clearly, you're not fine, okay?

And I'm not gonna keep enabling you and helping you hide this from Mom.

Good. No one's asking you to.

Well, good, 'cause I'm not gonna.







Did you touch this body?

No. Not yet. Why?

Run a chem pan on Mr. Page here from head to toe.

Dante was telling the truth.

[raps table]

Dante, what do you know about postmortem lividity?

I mean, it's really fascinating.

When the blood settles into the tissues, the abrasions not present at the time of death suddenly appear.

It's fascinating.

And guess what I discovered on Mr. Page's chest just moments ago.

No guesses?

Your prints.

You were performing CPR to save him, not kill him.

Well, that's weird.

I pictured applause when I was rehearsing that speech in the car.

I got to go to the bathroom.

Pinch it. That's all you got?

Are you on drugs?

Are you high?

Lady, I don't do drugs.

Oh, I'm your lady now?

You think we're tight like that?

I'm not your lady or your friend.

Let's get...

Villa, Villa, Villa.

What? Too harsh? What do I have to do?

You need a hug?

Come here, I'll be your mommy, make you a ham-and-cheese sandwich.

Crust? No crust? How do you like it?

Villa, can I talk to you for a second?

Just, please, can I just get two minutes with him?

Fine. Two minutes. Two minutes.

[footsteps depart]

So, I understand you attended Fillmore.

That's my mother's school.

She was your principal.



Does she remember me?

Of course she doesn't. Nobody does.

'Cause I'm invisible.

Mm. That's interesting... because I can see you.

You're a stubborn, frustrated kid who's about to throw his entire life away and confess to a murder he didn't even commit.

I just wanted to see what it was like... to live like that for one night, just a night.

But it doesn't matter.

This is where I was headed anyway, these four walls.

Got nothing to offer nobody.

It's that painting at the mansion, the seaside of Italy. You Drew this?

Italy? Huh.

Just knew it was the most beautiful thing I ever seen.

Stared at it all night.

Write your name on the bottom of this.

What? Why?

Yeah, just write your name, your full name... your first and your last.

Come on. Write.

Look, this is how the world should see your name, okay, on a beautiful piece of art that you created, not on some confession for murder.


You don't know me.

Man, you think because, a million years ago, you was also a 21-year-old black kid that you and I are the same?

You're a rich doctor, and your mom's the principal of a school.

That isn't my life. It's nothing close.

You're 100% right.

My life isn't your life.

But if you think for half a second that my life hasn't been filled with obstacles, setbacks, and risks, you're wrong.

See that? Take a look.

Yeah, take a good long look.

Let's just say I'm a huge fan of life... and not just my own.

Right now you're at a huge fork in the road.

You got a big decision to make.

Now, I can help you, but you're gonna have to tell me exactly what happened in that house.

So, what's it gonna be?

You want me to help you?

Okay, guys, so tox is clear.

I'm kind of great at what I do, but I can't invent something that I can't see.

Okay, well, see this... bit his cheek and his tongue.

If I fell 18 feet onto a table, I'd bite my tongue, too?

Yeah, or it happened from a seizure before, which caused the fall.

Well, what about the struggle with Dante on the landing?

Why don't we take Dante out of the picture?

Assume for the moment that there is no murderer.

What does that look like?

A guy stumbling around like he's drunk, knocking over statues and lamps.

Except there was no alcohol in his system.

Mm. Acting drunk, but no alcohol.

TMI, black-light my world.

[switch clicks, electricity buzzing]

If we're having a séance, I want to contact "Dickie" Van Patten.

Oh, trippy. What is that?

It's fluorescein... Acid Yellow 73.

It's an additive dye found in antifreeze.

You can't see it in the kidney with the naked eye.

He wasn't drunk. He was poisoned.


The light... shut the door.

It's the caffeine. I'm a shell of a man.

Every inch of my skin hurts.

Need you to come down to the cells with me.


Didn't realize it then, but he was suffering from similar symptoms... glassy eyes, dizziness...

Thought he was on drugs.

...frequent urination.

I got frequent urination. Am I poisoned, too?

There's protocol.

Couldn't we send a nurse to look at him tomorrow?

Well, if he was poisoned, there may not be a tomorrow.

Let's get him to the hospital.

Dr. Wei: You are a very lucky young man.

Couple more hours of these fluids, and you'll be feeling a whole lot better.

Good work identifying the poison, Dr. Rosewood.

Are you this patient's internist?

No, I'm his pathologist. And thank you. I work hard.

All right, before we start kissing Rosie's ass, I'm not sure what this proves.

Well, you better pucker up because it proves that you need to move on to another suspect.

Dante didn't do it.

Why? Because he was poisoned?

He did the poisoning.

Kid had that crap all over, splashing around, gets on his mitts.

Maybe he licks his fingers or something.

Here we go again.

I got this. He would've had to have ingested a minimum of seven ounces to be in this type of shape.

We could measure the ethylene glycol in his blood, but we'd have to send it out to the lab, and the fast turnaround for that is 12 hours.

And if Rosewood is right, then that's another 12 hours the killer has on us.

Well, then it's a good thing that I'm here.

I can tell you in less than five minutes.

Well, this looks a little different than I remember from my brief OB/GYN rotation in med school, but okay.

All right, this gel's gonna be a little cold, okay, buddy?

Nurse, can you do the honors, please?

Hey, uh, you got a cup of joe anywhere?

Uh, no.

Don't be a dick. I'll pay for it.

It's... it's really not appropriate.

What are we looking at?

All right, see those white specks?

Those are calcium-oxalate crystals.

They form in the kidneys within the tubular epithelial cells, leading to widespread necrosis.

English, please.

That this patient 100% ingested a potentially lethal dosage of antifreeze.

Oh, 100%.

Well, what are you still doing standing here?

Get out there, find me a new suspect.

Thank you.

Mm. Nah, don't thank me.

Your back's gonna be a little sticky... used way too much gel.

[high-pitched ringing]

[muffled, indistinct conversations]



You okay?

Yeah. Yeah.

You need help?

No, no, I'm good.

I just, um... just needed air 'cause, you know, I hate hospitals.

No irony there.

I'm glad you're okay. That makes one of us.

I'm back to square one on this thing.

Uh, well, you know, I may have an idea where to start.

Let me guess.

Whatever it is, you're coming with.


Can I bring a friend?

Rosie: I want you to tell Detective Villa and I exactly what you did that night.

I looked in the fridge for something to eat, but it was all too healthy for me... broccoli, kale, and stuff. I hate that.

Yeah, that stuff's good for you, but we'll work on that.

So, you didn't eat or drink anything at all?

I just had some juice.


Show me which juice.

The apple juice?

Okay. I'm gonna need everything in this fridge taken to my lab for testing.

Dante, did you use this slider?

The lock is intact, but the tumbler has been manipulated.

So you weren't out back at all?

I thought about it because the window was open, and I smelled all these amazing flowers and plants...

Crazy smells like cherries and root beer.


Smell like this?


Yeah, it smells like root beer, right?

Bearded irises, yes.

How could you possibly know that?

Because I'm a man and I know my flowers.

This one has cherry undertones.

Yeah, it does.

I know, right?

'Cause I like the cherry. It's like it's...

It's like I'm on another planet.

Because it's, like, purple, right, and it smells like cherries.

Like, you would think this one would smell like cherry.

I can't...

But it's root beer.

It makes you hungry.

You know I'm saying?

Somebody slipped back here, maybe from the sprinklers being on.

Well, that's not a print from a gardener's boot.

No, that's Italian.

Looks like Gabbana or maybe Bermani.

What? I know my shoes... shoes and flowers.

So whoever that print belongs to is probably the guy that broke in through the kitchen slider.

[sniffs] Mm. DDVP... it's an insect pesticide, some pretty nasty stuff.

Has a sweet odor, but it can cause serious damage.

You know, why don't you two write a poem about it or something while I run...



Nobody. Clear. They're gone.

Those bullets were meant for you.


What didn't you tell me?

Uh, well, in the eighth grade, when you gave Stacey Shnepper and I money for art supplies for a school project, we actually went to the Aventura Mall and bought bras.

Do you think I'm playing with you?

Do you think I'm playing? Oh!

I have been carrying that lie around for years!

Oh! That feels good.

There's something going on with your brother's health, and you and he are hiding it from me.

Come clean, and tell me what is going on.

No family secrets. Spill it!

Mom, I don't know what's going on with Rosie, and even if I did, I wouldn't tell you.

Look, it doesn't matter how mad you get or how much you demand to be included.

It doesn't work like that... not with him, anyway.

Neither of us can shout his pain away.

So, at the end of the day, you just have to trust the son that you raised to take care of himself the way he sees best.


[sighs] Rosewood, how did you find me?

When are you gonna realize that I'm a man with some connections?

But guess what.

Everything in that fridge had been poisoned.

The killer wasn't taking any chances.

No matter what Albert Page came home and ate, he was covered.

Albert's phone records show no call to the cops.

He wasn't surprised to see his car missing when he landed.


When did you learn to work your way around the undercarriage of a Lamborghini?

I failed home ec.

Are you gonna answer my question?

Maybe he knew the person who took it.

And that person is probably the guy who tried to take out Dante.

And it may have something to do with the fact that this is not a Lamborghini... at least not all of it.

There are so many fake parts on this thing, you might as well call it an Oldsmobile.

You know who we need to talk to, right?

Are you gonna be gentle?

Joo Joo, my man.

[both laugh]

Thanks for taking the time.

Mm-hmm. Where's Hornstock with my check?

It's going down in a minute.

Uh-huh. 'Bout time this department showed me the respect I deserve.

Hey, been their ear to the street for how long with nary a "thank you, Joo Joo" or "hey, good job, Joo Joo"?

At a certain point, a player got to be paid.


Now, you have any idea what kind of numbers Hornblower's working?

Uh, it better be commensurate with my talents, or Scrumptious here, my accountant, is gonna have to get irregular on his ass.

Okay, all right. Step in here for a minute.

[breathes deeply]

Hello, Joo Joo.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Capital hell no.

I'm not getting a check, am I?

No, but you could be getting something better.

What's that?

The satisfaction of helping someone.

[laughs] That's a joke, right?

Nah. You better have a check cut and ready with all the proper deductions and whatnot.

That's Scrumptious, his accountant.

Okay, enough, enough, enough.

Listen up, Joo Joo.

If I wanted to get ahold of a less-than-authentic Lambo or the like here in Miami, who would I go to?

I wouldn't know nothing about that.

Joo Joo only deals in quality merch.

Everything I have... is on the legit.

Take a look at this.

Tell me what you see.



I see the side-view mirror of a 2015 Ferrari 458 Speciale.

Ha. Yeah.

This is from my whip... parked downstairs!

Double parked.

I told you, she's crazy.

Well, you might want to start talking.

I don't know what you want.

I got Feldheim downstairs with a crowbar.

I can start bringing up your car piece by piece.

I'm being "one hundy." I don't know.

A name, or I could keep going.

Joo Joo, this case involves a really talented kid that just got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, all right?

We're just trying to help him out.

Do it for the kids.

Feldheim, do you think the front bumper would fit in the elevator?

Look, man! Uh, you know Joo Joo's got a nephew.

Uh, he's not talented or anything, but he's my sister's kid with my bro-in-law, we think.

Uh, Ellis. Delroy Ellis. That's his name.

Delroy Ellis. Found him.

Turns out Auto-Theft Division has been tracking him for months.

He's been selling counterfeit cars to half of Miami.

I'm pretty sure he's our guy.

I should have a warrant within two hours to bring him in.

Bring him in?

Wouldn't you rather prove it now, have a smoking gun?

Of course I would, but I got to start with the warrant.

Man: All right. I'll see you later.

Okay, sweetie pie.

Sweetie what? That's right...

I'm gonna see you when I get home, babycakes.

Who are you calling babyca...

[dial tone]

[cellphone beeps]

Hey, what up, brother?

Aw, sorry about that. That was the missus.

She doesn't know I'm here.

Beaumont Rosewood. You can call me Rosie.

Delroy Ellis. You can call me "Del."

Del, I like that. Del.

And don't worry.

We got lots of guys in here whose wives aren't fans.

But, hell, you're married... you're not dead.

Am I right?

Not yet anyway.

[both laugh]

Still got a pulse.

I like you, Rosie.

I like you, Del, and I like those shoes, too.

Hey, these babies are Bermanis, huh?

Let me see. Oh, that's exactly what I thought they were.

Look at that.

Check it. Can you feel it?

You like these? See? See how I do that?

Yeah, yeah.


Okay, okay.

You're a sharp brother, Del.

Italian car, Italian shoes.

Oh, okay, so you match the shoes with the car.


Like a boss.


You look good in a Lamborghini, baby.

It suits you.


Yeah, you want to take it for a spin?


Come on. What you here for?

[engine revving]



Feel that?

I felt that.

Uh-huh. Vibrates the boys, am I right?

[chuckling] Ah, you're right.

I know I'm right.

[cellphone vibrating]

[cellphone beeps]


[cellphone vibrates]


[cellphone vibrates]


So, what line of work you in, Rosie?

You strike me as a smart cat.

What the... what the hell is that?

Just proof that you killed Albert Page.

Oh, and me? I'm a pathologist.

That's a mixture of butylcholine iodide.

The fact that it just turned red means that you recently stepped in the pesticide DDVP... same pesticide that was in Albert Page's yard the night you broke in.


[cellphone vibrates]

[engine revs]

Chris Bosh?


Wow. It is such an honor to meet you.


Thank you.

You look shorter in person.


I'm kidding.

Is this your ride?

Yeah, that's one of them.

Mm. Nice taste.

Wow, Ferrari 430.

What's under there, 454 horsepower, 4.7 V-8?

Somebody knows their cars.

Yeah, this is gonna sound silly, but do you think I could just sit in it?

I've never been in one before.

Uh, no, yeah, that is kind of silly.



Oh, my God, this feels amazing.

Do you think I can borrow it?

Um, yeah, no, but if you need an autographed Jersey...

I meant I'm gonna have to borrow it now...

Detective Annalise Villa, Miami P.D.

[engine turns over]

[engine revving]

See, here's what I think happened, Del.

I think you sold Albert Page a bad Lambo, he threatened to expose you, he goes on a trip, you break in, you poison everything edible.

That was pretty ingenious, too, using the antifreeze.

Guess that's a car salesman's poison of choice, huh?

And it's also really difficult to detect in an autopsy.

But what you didn't realize was Dante Harrell was also in that house and he might've seen something.

So you tracked us down, and you took shots at him.

Well, Rosie... that's a very entertaining story.

I thought so.

[engine revving]

You choose to confront me on this now, when I'm sitting behind the wheel of a car that goes over 180 miles per hour... like this.

[engine revving]


But you almost killed a really talented kid and one of my new favorite people on this planet, so nailing you to this crime in this car right now, it doesn't get any better than this.

I feel alive.

[horns honking]

[tires screeching]

Hands up, Delroy! Now!

Hola, mami.

I'll be out in four hours.

Yeah, enjoy those cuffs, "papo."

You know, that's some pretty good driving, not your average 10-and-2 work.

I'm impressed.

Mm. Thanks. I try.

You know, I was gonna say we make good partners, but I'll just say good... teamwork?

Can we go with that? Too much?

Rosie, I owe you an apology.

Those things I said to you about what you couldn't do, I shouldn't have.

That wasn't right of me.

Well, don't apologize. Everything you said was true.

The list of things that I can't do is a mile long.

But what you don't get is the list of things that I can do... it's a mile longer.

And it's my job to never forget that.

Do you want to grab a slice of pie?

I don't know why, but I feel like capping this day off with an obscenely large piece of key-lime.

[chuckles] Oh, wait. I...

Forget it. I...

I don't know what I was thinking.

No, no, no.

No, that was weird.

No, no, no, it wasn't weird.

Well, actually, it... it was weird.

Yeah, I mean, the whole key-lime-pie thing.

It's an odd choice.

It's actually probably seventh on my list.

No, I got to pick up Dante.

I'm taking him to a family dinner.

What, are you adopting him? He's a little big.

[chuckles] Wait a minute.

You should come.

I have stuff to do.

Right, right, I'm sorry. I forgot.

Got to get back to the motel, watch the paint dry.

Very important stuff... I get it.

Go to your dinner, Rosie.

Another time.


8:00 P.M.?

Hey, hey.

Donna: There you are.

[door closes]

Hello, Ms. Rosewood. I'm Dante Harrell.

There's no need. I know who you are.

You do?

The name didn't ring a bell, but that face sure does.

In fact, I have an image of you.

You tell me if I'm right.

You used to wear a green Miami Dolphins jacket that was just a little bit too snug.

How did you...


That was my favorite jacket.

I also remember the day near the end of the school year that you got into a fistfight with Jarrod Harrison.

That kid was a punk.

Yes, he was.

He spray-painted over a mural that you'd created outside the doors of the east gym.

Ms. Rosewood, my grams taught me to never show up to other people's homes without something.

[paper rustles]

This is for you.

I signed it at the bottom.

[paper rustles]

[mid-tempo music plays]

That's beautiful.

Thank you.

Are you hungry?

Come on. Sit down at the table.

I serve while it's hot.

Speaking of hot...


Girls, this is my new good friend, Dante Harrell.

How you doing, Dante?


Thank you for that.

That boy's been down a rough road.


I know you're going through something right now.

I just have some choices I have to make, and it's okay.

I just want to say that... if you want to tell me, you can.

If you don't, I trust you.

Enough said.


It's my ears or my legs.

I've gone through every scenario, I've run every test.

It's only a matter of time.

I can slow it down, but it's gonna happen... and a lot sooner than I thought.

You are not alone in this.

Know that.

I do.

You bring a stranger into my home, and you just let him wander around unattended?

I do not want him painting a mural in my den.


♪ If your blood won't flow ♪
♪ If it's all dried out ♪
♪ If your pain won't go ♪
♪ If your mind's in doubt ♪
♪ Let me know ♪
♪ The bitter feels better with yo-o-u ♪

Okay, Dr. Crawford... here I go.

I can't sleep.

I mean, this is not a new revelation, but laying here awake, I realized...

I have nobody in the world to call to tell them that.

So I'm calling you. How crazy is that?

I'm... surrounded by noise... at work, in the street, and from the other rooms in this motel.

The noise just [sighs] never stops.

And yet...

I feel...

I just feel so alone.

I'm not sure how I feel about doctors in general, but maybe I can start by thinking of you as a friend.

I could really use one of those right now.