01x04 - Vandals and Vitamins

♪ I'd lend a hand ♪
♪ but they stuck in a fist-and-gun position ♪
♪ we run our brand ♪
♪ where destruction's the number-one commitment ♪
♪ it's all a joke ♪
♪ between mom contractions and coffin fittings ♪
♪ so we disappear in the smoke like m-m-magicians ♪

[Sirens wail]

♪ No hocus pocus, you simple suckers been served a notice ♪

Officer: Miami PD! Get down from there now!

♪ Top of the morning, my fist to your face is folgers ♪

Hold it!


[Camera shutters clicking]

♪ rock this hotness ♪
♪ show me you on this ♪
♪ 'cause if you're not, then somebody else is ♪
♪ better get this straight... ♪

Guys, back up. Back up.

Hey, hey. Get back, man.

♪ If you want to get down, you gon' have to get loud ♪

Stevie, couple too many of them mojitos?

Go on in, guys.

[Camera shutters clicking]

Woman: Oh, my God!

Anybody know CPR?

Reporter: Steven Stavros, son of real-estate magnate Alexis Stavros, died last night at the Brood nightclub in South Beach.

Some suspect a drug overdose, although we're still awaiting official confirmation on the cause of death.

Nonetheless, a very sad and tragic time for one of Miami's most prominent families.

The guests will be here any minute.


Won't be much of a surprise if she shows up before they do.

Well, you have to call Mom and stall her.


[Knock on door]

Oh, never mind. Here we go.

Guess it's time to get the party started.



Uh, yeah, that's my line.

Not anymore it's not.

See, I don't like surprises, and I told my colleagues at Fillmore High that I like retirement parties even less.

They want to drone on about my accomplishments?

Save it for the funeral parlor.

That's the only place I can't stop it.

Is there a law against surprise parties?

'Cause we got 40 people coming to this thing.

You might need more than one policeman.

Actually, I won't need any.

You see, I happened to be cleaning out my office and realized how few cards and flowers I'd gotten from the faculty.


Because they were saving it for the party.

So I told them it's canceled.

Okay, but that doesn't expla...

Wait a minute. Wait a minute.

Wow. Hold on. Got to be kidding.

She didn't do this, did she?

Just, uh, set up anywhere you like...

Those are tear-away pants.

... Pump up the music...

And get out of that uniform.

What is... what is this?

Y'all uncomfortable yet?

Because that's how you almost made me feel.

My retirement, my rules.

Now, if you'd like me to take you to lunch, I'll be downstairs.

[Dance music playing]


It's gonna be like this 24/7 now, okay?

You thought she was all over us before she retired?

No! No, my man. Nope, nope. You got to go.

Oh, you gonna come up out?

Ah, you got to be up out.

You do realize the party's not really happening?

Time to go. Time to go. Take all your stuff.

Just gonna just keep... sorry.



Stevie here snorts his way into ya-ya town and goes down in front of, what, 100 people in that club?

Who do you think's got to mop up the mess?

Cap, this doesn't fall on you.

His dad may seem like Mr. Generosity when he's building hospitals and buying congressmen, but you know what happened to that guy on the zoning board who tried to block his last skyscraper?

Neither does anybody else.

You read the M.E. report?

Yeah. It doesn't even come close to adding up.

M.E. is saying heart attack, but they found a blood problem that wasn't on his medical records.

Old man Stavros wants to bury his child, shut down the tabloid circus.

And if I'm the one that keeps it open?

What's that?

Patrol division thought we'd get a kick out of this, and they were right.



We get that talented son of a bitch to do another autopsy on Stevie today.


And then you're flying solo on any follow-up.

What? Why Rosie? And why me?

I don't want no leaks dribbling out of this building.

Rosie doesn't even work for the department, and you...

Who you gonna gossip with?

No one in the bullpen even likes you.

Feldheim doesn't mind me.

This meeting never happened.

Get him going on the body today.


[Indistinct conversations]

♪ You know I'm gonna teach you how to swim ♪

I'm gonna find whoever did this.

Mom, look, it's probably some innocent kids, okay?

We have an autopsy to do.

Three businesses in full view of the crime scene.

Can we just let it go? Please?


Yo, bro, she has no job, nothing to do.

Let her sink her teeth into this so she doesn't sink them into us.

I'm just saying.

He died in what should've been his prime, but I'm surprised he made it to 39.

Coronary disease and left ventricular hypertrophy from the cocaine abuse, liver dysfunction from binge drinking.

Gee, I guess the appletini fell far from the tree.

Well, he may have lost his way, but he's still somebody's baby.

With a little more time, he could've turned his life around.

[Door opens]

Can this lab keep a secret, or what?


Yeah. Yeah.

Can we also just savor the moment?

Secrets mean intimacy, a circle of trust.

There's no circle.

And for the record, I didn't tag you into this. Cap did.

So, uh, you want to tell me if this was a natural death?

Well, the heart gave out after years of abuse, which is why the M.E. stopped there, but...

I found traces of an antibiotic, sulfa, which caused the blood problem that you flagged, hemolytic anemia.

Mediterranean genes made him vulnerable to it.

We also found traces of camphor, and that is a chemical that shredded his red blood cells even more.

When your vascular system's already shot, that's gonna kill you within days.

So Stavros developed a blood problem and was then exposed to the exact chemical that would kill him?

Well, if it's not foul play, it's the mother of all coincidences.

How can a person be exposed to camphor?

Mothballs, insect repellent, but unless the guy was crouching in a box of sweaters...

Or chugging cans of bug spray, he got it from an acupuncturist.

It's in the ointment that they use.

Tell me what you got.

Stavros saw an acupuncturist last week... first time ever.

I love this whole machine.

What are the odds a guy takes an antibiotic, gets a blood problem, then gets a first-time rubdown with the chemical that makes that problem lethal?

Telling you, I've got to see the acupuncturist, find out who sent Steve Stavros there to get stuck.

Yeah, I told you to keep it on the DL, right?

You run around town, you're gonna make a lot of noise.

I got old man Stavros calling me personally, asking me when he can bury his child.

Just tell him we can't rush this.

What's the worst that'll happen?

We traumatize a powerful dynasty, create a mountain of bad press, end up third and fourth man on a two-man sanitation truck.

And you are?

Donna Rosewood.

Now, I hate to impose, but two of my son's billboards have been desecrated.

Mrs. Rosewood, hi. I'm...

Detective Villa, yes.

You're the one that's been partnering up with my Beaumont.


No, we don't... partner up.


Hornstock: As you know, we work in Homicide.

So you really ought to have this conversation...

My Beaumont helps you put away murderers.

Now, I'd like a list of surveillance video, traffic cameras of the relevant intersections, please... no judge is gonna issue a warrant for a couple hundred clams in damage.

Now, she's got a case to close, I got a division to run, and the desk officer's that way.

I'm not going anywhere.

Rosewood: So, my buddy weighs 500 pounds.

He was eating a cheeseburger.

Ugh, no.

I said, "I thought you were into fitness."

He said, "I'm fittin' to put this in my mouth," talking about the cheeseburger.


Hey, namaste!

Some flavonoid-rich green tea to ease you into the world of eastern medicine?

Eva here can work a few key acupoints, enhance your body's life-force energy, and I don't mind waiting.

Eva here sticks people with pins.

Not a ton of medical nuance there, which means I got this.

Go wait on the curb.

Eva has no clue who sent Stavros here.

She does know he was having issues with his heart doctor... stopped seeing him for good before coming here.

Which means there's plenty of time to fix your flow before we grill that cardiologist.

Is there an acupoint for jamming yourself into people's business uninvited?

Our heart doc should be here in a minute.

His office said he's training for a triathlon, and station seven here is where he ditches his bike and rocks the marathon leg of the race.

Well, maybe you can rock a seashell collection while I...

Quiz him on hemolytic anemia?

That's what I thought.

Excuse me.

Dr. Foster?


Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. How you doing?

Hey, you're the guy on the billboards.


And you're the woman who ought to be.

This is my associate, Detective Villa.

I don't have time to talk.

I'm training for an ironman.

It's about Steven Stavros.

He was telling people he dropped you as his doctor before he died.

Yeah, I wish he had.

Yeah, Stevie... he was a junky, a glutton.

Treated his body like a trash can and expected me to clean up the messes.

I did... more often than I care to admit.

I'm sure you don't mean to disrespect a patient of yours that died, right?

[Chuckling] I'm sure I do.

I mean, no offense, but your "patients" tend to be on slabs, right?

They don't turn into whining, little babies.

Look, I can see how it might be pretty annoying when a patient...

Has a doctor who plays God?

God? [Sniffles]

Yeah, not a big fan of fiction.

So forgive me for dismissing yours.


Do you believe in sloppy doctors?

'Cause someone gave or recommended sulfa to Stavros.

Someone also sent Stavros to an acupuncturist.

Someone also probably sent him to his grave.

I don't know what you're talking about, okay?

But I don't need an undertaker second-guessing my judgment.

I'm sorry. Excuse me. You said... you said what?

I wouldn't move too fast, big guy.

That pattern of distension right there on you neck?

That's pulmonary hypertension.

Oh, okay. You know what?

I got 99 cardiac issues, and that ain't one of them.

That wasn't a guess.

You're gonna think I'm crazy, but, you know, something in my gut tells me that guy killed Stavros.

Why? Because he talked smack about a patient?

No, because he thinks his job is to hate them and not heal them, and that's a stain on our profession.

If I'm right, my job... my oath... says I got to stop him.

[Engine revs]

Oh, gross.

Okay, I think Rosie's seen "Magic Mike" a few too many times... which I haven't seen.

I'm testing myself for pulmonary hypertension.

Nothing magic about it.

There are one or two doctors in Miami who aren't you.

I'm not doing surgery.

I can put gel on my own chest just fine.

What I can't do is figure out how that heart doc got Stavros to take sulfa then see an acupuncturist.

You think his own doctor killed him.

I do.

A doctor who'd take a life, one he's sworn to save, that's the lowest criminal of all.

Plus, he caught my pulmonary hypertension before I did, which means this guy's really good.

T, what are you looking at?

Um, I didn't...

What's going on? What's this?

"Dearest Beaumont, after we broke up and you were such a gentleman, that meant a lot to me.

I got... pregnant."

"I decided to have the child.

I knew it was the last thing you wanted, so I made the tough decision to not tell you.

He's now an early teen... "

A teen.

"... and a dead ringer for his handsome dad.

When he saw your billboards, he put two and two together.

In fact, he got mad and started defacing them."


Uh, "I want you know I put a stop to it.

I'm sorry for everything.

We wish you love and happiness, even from outside our lives."

Whoever it is, they want to stay outside.

No signature, no address.

All right, bro, do you need some time to...

Know it's a scam? I don't.

No, don't. Don't. Wait.

Doesn't this mean that your little fishies can swim?

And, like, not to be selfish, that's really big news if Pippy and I want to borrow some...

Ugh. Unh-unh. Unh-unh.

Nobody ever said they want to borrow...

... To, you know, baste.

... his little fishies.

No one's getting my little fishies.

Rosewood: W... what are you talking about? And you know what?

I call a permanent moratorium on the phrase "little fishies."

Whoever marked up those billboards is somebody's baby, too.

Don't be all in denial before ev...

You know what?

Comb through those autopsy results.

I want a smoking gun.

You can have one of those if you want.

No, I just want to pick out the green ones and toss them in...

Never mind.

I don't know.

It's just something my husband used to do.


We would sit down to watch a movie.

He's got his candy.

Never eat the greens.

Weird superstition of his.

Annoyed me when he was alive.

I miss it like crazy now that he's gone.

Do you want to talk about that?

You know, I know why none of the other cops like me.

I... I ignore them most of the time.

I mean, it's not like I'm trying to be a bitch.

I just... I don't want to do this.

You spend enough time around people, questions get asked, I end up talking about things I don't want to talk about.

That's it.

Well, you're talking about them to me.

Yeah, you're different.


Because you know I do like you?

Please. Come on.

You like me because you're paid to like me.

You're right.

Seeing the worst in people and building a wall around yourself... that's the way to win the popularity contest.

[Knock on door]

Come in.

No, no. Brittany was nice.

Tell her I... tell her I'll give her a call, all right?

Dr. Foster, thanks for making the time to see me.

I didn't. I was hoping you'd leave.

Oh, okay.

This seems to be the only way to make sure that happens.

Well, when you want to see the best, what's 90 minutes, you know?


Not long enough to get you to leave.

[Chuckling] Aw, that's a good one.

You know, you were right about my pulmonary hypertension.

And from three feet away, that's impressive.

I'm sure you can tell a dead man's dead from even further away than that.

Another one! [Chuckles]

You know, you were right, man.

You got a lot of them.

Sildenafil... 40 milligrams 3 times a day.

Try not to forget that on your way out the door.

The tour's over?

Not until you see the exit.


[Both laugh]

You know, your receptionist, Sadie... she already showed me around the place.

Yeah, she showed me the patient room, the break room, she even showed me where you keep the coffee.

When you describe it that way, it really comes alive.

Well, in fact, I was looking for the non-dairy creamer, and I found this... sulfa.

And it turns out that sulfa is the same pill that helped kill Stavros.

And the same pill that no cardiologist has a reason to have on hand.

The tour's alive and kicking, ain't it?

I keep lots of things.

Hey, I'm sure you do... secrets, mostly.

And I'm gonna find those, too.

I'm just getting started.

[Pill bottle rattles]

[Elevator bell dings]

Rosie, I got something.

Hey, can we do personal then professional?

Can we do professional then stop?

Oh, okay, look, you brought me into your circle of trust, so I'm gonna trust you.

Except I didn't bring you into any shape of trust, so...

Rosie, is this...

100% fake. Has to be.

Right, because your sperm would be too busy holding open doors and, uh, serving green tea to impregnate anybody.

Oh, that's hilarious.

You know, you should do open mike night at the Laugh Riot House 'cause you're a riot.

I can't stop laughing. It's so funny.

I'm busting a gut.

Okay, you know what?

I'd kill it at any room, and you'd be a big part of my act.

Okay, so can you just do me a solid and get forensic analysis on that letter, please?

Maybe the prankster's in the police database or something.

If you can't do it...

No, no.

It's a long shot, but I got it.

No, if you can't do it...

You're gonna help me?

You say that like I've got some great, big wall around me.

You're right. That's my bad. You do.

[Inhales deeply]

Okay, well, inside this circle of trust, we found a business card in Stavros' wallet for a personal-injury lawyer.

He might've been looking to sue Foster for malpractice.

Ah, see? I told you he was the killer.

I did not say he was a killer.

I didn't say you said it.

That's why I said, "I told you he was the killer."

I also went down to his office, okay?

And I found out that he keeps sulfa there.

Now, that's a drug that no cardiologist would ever...

Wait. You found sulfa in his office?

Actually, I brought a bottle, made him think it was his, but same thing.

Okay, so all we have is a business card and our own bottle of sulfa.

I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking this looks weak, okay?


But based on his hatred for his patients, there's no way that's Stavros is his first victim or his last.

Foster was nowhere near Stevie when he died.

You don't even have anything halfway admissible.

Plus, Mr. Stavros wants this behind him yesterday.

And, oh, yeah, you're banging on cans all over town when this is supposed to be on the QT!

We're trying to find the guy that killed Stavros' son.

That involves talking to people.

And if Stavros is so blind and vindictive, then...

Not blind. Just angry.

Mr. Stavros, such a pleasure to have you in our building.

I built it, Ira.

No need to drool over it.

So my long-time family cardiologist tells me he's being harassed, stalked in his own office, when my wife and I want to wrap this up and bury our boy this weekend.

Mr. Stavros, Dr. Foster has a great reason for trying to shut this investigation down.

Your son may have been looking to sue him.

For what?

For years of self-abuse?

For taking every drug he can put into his system?

When does this end?!

Steven was a mess.


But he was still...

Your little boy.

Do you have children?

Like having a heart outside your body.

Feels like both of mine are going into the ground.

Hornstock: My apologies.

We're just making sure we're crossing our T's, dotting our I's, and you have your son back tomorrow at the very latest.

And may I express our conso...

Ira, don't make this any tougher than it already is.


You're playing into Foster's hands.

No, we bury that body, we lose any evidence that we'll have while our case is still...

What case?

You got a day. Knock yourselves out.

No, literally, go knock yourselves out.

You faked Foster out with the sulfa, he boxed us out by calling Daddy Stavros.

As much as I want those threads wrapped around Foster's neck, Cap was clear.

No more harassing...

Mm, no, actually, what Cap said was we got one more day.

Okay, it's cool. I get it.

If you don't want to go with me on this one, it's cool.

Go with you where?

Chips didn't fall our way, so time to be gracious.

I don't do gracious, and with this doctor, I don't think you do, either.



Enjoy your day, Villa.

Tell me you got a good plan.

Oh, I'm just a really good sport.

Nice work. He looks better every day.

By your standards, I guess he is.

You surprised I took you up on your invite, came by?

Well, you shut down the case, parried my pill-bottle move.

Why not take a victory lap?

I wanted to see you say you're sorry for treating my office like a... satellite morgue.

Doctor to doctor, you got it.

"Doctor to doctor?"


Who are you helping with your formaldehyde and your hacksaws?

I get answers.

I get the truth.

Would you drop the comic-book bravado for a minute?

Why does a doctor turn against his own patients?

When an individual such as... this wastes his body and then discovers that he's mortal but yet still decides to rail against a life-saving master, who turned on who?

So Stavros threatened to question the great master, and he was gonna do it in court for all to see.

[Door opens]

And that's why you iced him.

I think my house call's just about done.

If I stay any longer, I'm gonna have to charge you.

That's cool. I'll expense it.

What is this? An ambush?

You can go, but you'll miss the offer of a lifetime.

See, we know Stavros was gonna sue you.

I just talked to his lawyer.

And we also have M.E. reports on every patient you lost in the past few years.

We talked to their families.

Bingo. Patient number two was gonna sue.

Thomas Moran.

Died just in time to keep you out of court.

Sometimes heart patients die.

Sometimes they were gonna sue.


[Imitates explosion]

Strange that they never get to go the distance.

Yeah, and guess what?

I'm gonna comb through this report tonight, and tomorrow, I'll have Moran's full autopsy records.

And then we'll see if it was a natural death.

You have until morning to make a plea agreement.

May I suggest "guilty"?

[Door opens]

Let myself in.

I know where you hide the key.

Yes, and look, my home is your home.

That key's for emergencies, but I'm in the middle of something big.

Surveillance video of the kid that's been marking up your billboards.

Captain Hornstock gave me a list of the surveillance cameras at the relevant intersections, and then I schmoozed up the guys at the liquor store across the street.

Mom, I need you to stop this.

I have some work I have to do.

Well, I am taking care of my boy.

Why would I want to stop this?

[Keyboard clacking]

All right.

Look at that, please.

Can you read that?

Now, just so you know, that's a fake.

What if this isn't a fake?

That means there's a child out there with one parent who is acting out against you.

One pare... we don't even know if there are any parents.

Hell, we don't even know if there's a child, okay?

I know what this is about.

What this is about is you actually manning up and taking responsibility for this.

Because if this is real, this is your fault.

Okay, so i... i... i... it's my fault that an ex didn't tell me that she was pregnant.

That's my fault, right?

If you didn't cultivate this anti-commitment, gather-no-moss baloney, or if any of your exes had met your mother, for starters, maybe one of them would've given you the heads up before they went off and had your babies.

If my mother didn't treat her grown son like he was 10 years old, maybe he wouldn't have to tell her bluntly to drop it.


So that you can pretend that this is not real?

You want to know what's real?

I don't even know how long I'm gonna be here.

Yes, you are going to die.

So am I.

So is everyone else.

But has it ever occurred to you... that that is the reason we have children in the first place?

Rosewood: There's... something I need to tell you.

I might have a son.

And he might be really angry with me.

♪ Empty bottles and broken dreams ♪

Something I was trying to ignore.

I was trying to... deny it, but... once I get a break from this case, I'm just gonna handle it and I'm gonna handle it head on.

I can't even say who the ex might be or how much baggage is associated with it.

I got to meet with all these exes, get to the bottom of this.

Yeah, well... maybe this is something... we can do together.

♪ You don't know what's good for you tonight ♪

There's a bunch of exes from around that time.

Pippy, she's... she's shaving down the list of contenders, and...

I'm not gonna judge you based on all of these exes because I'm here now.

Yes, you are.

Thomas Moran, 46, our second death from the Foster docket.


Villa: If we find something funny in his autopsy, it doesn't matter if Foster makes a plea deal.

We can turn not one but two families against their friendly heart doctor.

Well, speaking of friendly, uh, do you have any leads on which ex-friendly of Rosie's sent that letter?

No, it came up empty. I mean, do you know?

Okay, I know that face, and that's a "mind your own fish tank" face.

No, no, no, no, no. We got it.

Moran had years of heart trouble from hemochromatosis.

Rosewood: He also had mega doses of vitamin "C" in his body when he died.

Hemochromatosis is a dangerous iron overload.

Vitamin "C" makes the body absorb more iron, which makes your heart fail, which makes you dead.

A clear pattern.


See, Foster knew their medical weaknesses inside out.

That way, he was able to exploit them slowly and distantly by just casually offering them sulfa, suggesting acupunctures or vitamin "C."

[Cellphone chimes]

The deaths are so expected, no M.E. even looks for foul play.

T... turn on Channel 12.

Moran family's talking to the press.

Dr. Foster got me my triple bypass, saved my life.

Now he's being smeared, and my son's autopsy is being dug through like a dumpster...

Bold move by Foster. Well, you know what?

As soon as Captain hears this pattern we just found, he'll back us up.

Shame on you, Captain Hornstock.

Or not. [Scoffs]

Show us hard evidence or let our son rest in peace.

[Cellphone chimes]

That's Captain.

Yeah, on mine, too.

Don't pick up. I'm... I'm calling Feldheim.

Feldheim, I need you to...

I know Cap's upset.

I need you to meet me offsite... that coffee spot.

Bring everything we got on Foster, Stavros, or Moran.

Feldheim, stop saying he's upset!

Now I'm upset.

No, not at you.

[Cellphone beeps]


Back to the drawing board.

I'll call you when I got something to draw.

[Door opens]

Don't you have some ex-girlfriends you need to go see?

At some point, but right now I need to just...

Stand here and wait?

Your mind... it is all fuzzy.

You got baby Rosie on the brain.

Listen, I narrowed it down to my top two with my Pip system.

Should take about an hour.

Does Char work at this clinic?

Uh, not exactly.

She founded it.

Hey, Rosie, you okay?


Yeah, no, I'm good. It's, um...

All right.



[Chuckling] Oh, God.


It's, uh... it's been a while.

Yeah, it's been a while.

Hi. I'm Kat Crawford.

I'm Rosie's girlfriend.

Aw, yeah.


Um, the pleasure's all mine.

I'm... I'm sorry.

I know this is awkward with me being here and all.

Not all, no.

Uh, we had our time, and we really...

Yeah, about... about our... our time, I was wondering if you... you know, how are your kids?

You have kids, right?

Rosie, no. Come on.

I've chaired the mayor's health delivery task force for the past six years.

I'm running for the board of county commissioners plus the clinic, you know.

But I did freeze my eggs.

Smart move.

That Nobel Peace prize takes up a lot of time.

So what are you doing here?

I... is everything okay?

I'm a therapist and an MD, too.

And he's good.

Well, MD, I've got to run, but it was great to see you.

Call me.

Or better yet, come volunteer for the campaign, okay?

I... [Chuckles] I got to go, too.

I'm... I'm late for a thing, and...

Oh, whoa. C... come on, Kat.

"A thing"?

You said you weren't gonna judge me on this, okay?

And if you did, this isn't too low a score.

She's an "A" -plus.

Hell, I'd date her.

Oh, okay. Okay.

So she's too good.

That's what the... see?

I knew we shouldn't have done this. You're spooked.

If you were dating women like that 15 years ago and still couldn't commit, the only thing that's changed is the woman who's never gonna be good enough.

Villa: Why are we meeting here?

This will only take a couple minutes.

We don't have time to see your ex-girlfriends right now.

I got Foster's appointment records.

I need you 100% focused on nailing him to the...


Your head's all over the place right now.

You could say that.

Okay, I get it.

Just do this and do it fast, and then you help me catch our killer cardiologist.

So where are you on the whole kid thing?

Think about it?

Uh, do I seem super maternal to you?

Actually, yeah, you seem like you could be.



If you guys want to splash some paint on each other, I can just wait in the car.

I'm married. [Chuckles] And you are?

Rosewood: My associate.

Um... Annalise Villa.

I've been there, honey. It is a fine association.

That's very much not the kind of association he's talking about.

Okay, you know what?

I'm sorry. Um...

Do you have kids?

Three beautiful girls.

That's it?


Spoken like a man who doesn't have one.

I've got a wet palette in there, so...

We got to go.

Some other time.





You're, uh... you're really scared.

No, I'm good.

Rosie, I know what I see, and this real-life stuff that you can't control?

It scares you.

One visit.

If you think I'm seeing another one of your ex-girlfriends...

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Dr. Foster's appointment book.

He has Stavros down for one visit in the last year.

That can't be right.

I saw Stavros' credit-card records.

He paid Foster over six grand in the past year.

Am I crazy, or is that way too much money for one visit?

What are you grinning for?

'Cause I know how I'm gonna nail Dr. Foster.

Villa: Did you know celebrities also go to the beach?

Just like us. Crazy.

You know I'm down here voluntarily at your request, right?

Oh, my bad.

I forgot to mention you're under arrest.

Detective, we both know you don't have a...

Failure to appear for a pair of parking violations.



That's a different Derek Foster.

Oh, that must've been a clerical error.

Anyway, we'll get this straightened out in a few hours max.

Plenty of time for Manny to get here.

You care to tell me who Manny, uh, is?


Stavros' rich daddy didn't want him driving around coked out of his mind, so he gave him a car and a driver at all times.

That would be Manny.

I'd say you're losing me here.

Your office recorded just one visit from Stavros in the past year, but he paid you $6,300.

I think he came to your office many times.

I think you kept them off the books because that's when you doled out deadly pills and referrals.

I hear Manny's got a killer memory.


[Cellphone clicks, dials]

You might want to call your lawyer.

Yeah, it's Dr. Foster.

I'm being detained by Detective Villa?

On false charges.

Right, well, it's a good thing I saved your number when you were calling me, begging me for forgiveness.

Dr. Foster, you're free to leave.

Wait, Cap.

Hold up. Just...

He's free to leave.

You want to play the lawsuit game?

Let's start with defamation, harassment, and a demand that she be fired.

Cap, I got Stevie's driver coming here in an hour.

Did Feldheim tell you about the appointment?

I don't care if he saw Foster 50 times a day unless it proves something.

I'm getting there. Just don't shut me down.

You're lucky I can keep you here at all.

I had to personally see the Stavros and Moran families.

"Grovel" is a highly sanitized description of what went down.

Next, I get a visit from the chief.

A little pinochle, some sandies and spritzers on a park bench, fine guesses, both, but it was to ask for evidence.

And being that I got squadoosh, guess whose ass got the big-league chew?

You want to be the chief of police.

I am worried about this case, and you're here playing politics.

Who took you in as a rookie and then took you back when your husband died?


You're damn right I want to be chief, which is why I was worried about the other 80 cases we're ignoring for this one!

Why the past tense, you ask?

Because I already sent two officers to pick up the body from Rosie so the family can bury their son.

You're done.

♪ I got the things I wanted ♪

Two cops just came to lab, tried to collect Stavros' body.

TMI pretended she was a maid.

I had to hide outside on the balcony.

We lose. It's over. [Chuckles]

Weird sensation for you, isn't it?

Oh, yeah, it was so weird because I refuse to feel it.

I don't know.

Maybe the possibility of me having my own kid makes me extra sensitive...

Your vandal.

You helped lock up his father last year.

The letter was a prank.

No kid after all.


My husband and I were trying to get pregnant when he died.

After he passed...

... I waited weeks to take that test.

And when it came back...

... it was negative.

I'm not doing so good at real life, either.


Or the job, which I might not have for long.

No, you're doing just fine at both.

Between us, circle of trust?

Maybe we just need a little medical nuance.

Mr. Rosewood.

Any chance of a free consult from Miami's finest?

You want to see the best, you got to pay.

Come on. Even doctor to doctor?

'Cause my B.P.'s down, got a little bit of a cold.

Might be the sildenafil, which is funny.

Guy who suggested it normally doesn't make mistakes.

I didn't this time, either.

Lower your dosage 20 milligrams, and you'll be fine.

You know, you were right.

I wish I could save lives.

I'd give my left hand if I could, but it shakes so bad, I can't take the risk.

So I avenge lives, like the two you cut short, and I'm almost there.

You know, I got rid of your partner.

It was pretty easy, and I didn't relish it.

You may be a little harder, but I promise you, I'm gonna savor every moment.

Rosie, you look terrible.

Please, drink this. Here.

Now, look, they wanted that body back yesterday.

Plus, you need some rest. With your heart problem, you can't just...

What I need is to find out whatever we missed in Stavros' autopsy.

And no one's taking that body until we find it.

[Door opens]

Aw, no, no, no, Mama.

No, it's not a good time right now.

Beaumont, I don't care if this is right time or not.

Listen to me.

If you have a son, we have got to figure this out.

Bring this boy into our lives.

I'm sorry to... I... I think that maybe you should just come back...

Sweetheart, I love you so much, but really, you must stay on the sidelines with this.

No, you need to stay on the sidelines, okay?

You can't just walk from your job to my life as if...

Go ahead.

I'd like to know what you're suggesting.

You know why people have retirement parties?

So they get the message that it's time to slow down and back off.

Message received.

Foster: I can't believe you came back for more.

Rosewood: I had no choice.

I feel like crap.


I can't believe I got an appointment.

Well, I always make time for my patients in need.

And give a little extra attention to the really annoying ones.

Looking good.

Right where you should be.

Well, I was in need.

You carried out those murders so masterfully, I couldn't even find a shred of evidence...

Until I realized if you can play God, so can I.

Oh, that's right.

You don't believe God exists.

So why don't we just say that I'm gonna be playing you.

And I'm gonna start by changing my pathology report.

It's gonna say that Stavros had strychnine in his body.

[Clicks tongue]

But don't you think they'd rush another autopsy right away based on a charge like that?

Yeah, I... I... I... I... I know they will.

You know, which is why I'm gonna inject the body with strychnine, too.


It's a good thing I had the tour.

I was able to stash some down the hall for the cops to find.


Playing Foster's a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

You know, if...

If... you were to take a life, I'm fairly certain you would do it exactly like that... clumsily, inelegantly... nothing like me.


Yes, I killed both of them.

And you're gonna be dead in a few minutes, too.

That raging headache you're feeling?

The sildenafil I gave you was to lower your blood pressure, and I just sprayed some nitrate in your throat... TNG.

It's gonna... it's gonna crash my pressure, and it's gonna kill me.

I mean, who's gonna question a man with your heart problems having a cardiac death?


They're gonna be questioning you anyway.

I never took the sildenafil.

Only captopril to lower my pressure to make you think that I was obeying the great master.

Villa: And now we've got evidence... the deadly drug combo you tried to give Rosie.

You're under arrest for attempted murder and two matching murders.

With your heart problems, captopril... even that's lunacy.

How are you still standing?

Scrubbing you from my profession, showing you the exit for good.

I'd run an ironman to make that happen.

[Sighs] Rosie.

Okay, I need you to go... go get me the I.V. and some pseudoephedrine.

It's two closets down the hall.


I'll be fine.

Just need to raise the pressure.


[Indistinct shouting, camera shutters clicking]

Detective, how can we even thank you?

You've made us proud of this whole department, brought justice for our little boy.


Cap here, he's like a pit bull... gets his jaw on something and never lets go.


[Camera shutters clicking]

Detective! Detective!

What else can you tell us?


Practicing for our epic grudge match?

Nope. No grudges.

I'm gonna empty out a closet in my apartment... a big one.

Found out who wrote that letter.

She called Pippy and fessed up.

It was... it was a more recent ex.

She wanted to have kids, and so I ended the relationship.

She couldn't believe that part of me didn't want that, too, so when my billboards got vandalized...

She used it as an excuse.


Plant the seed in my head and make me think the kid was real as a way of saying it still can be.

You wanted it to be real.

Yeah, I just... I realized 10, 15 years ago that was my window for having a kid.

At this point, the clock is ticking way too fast.

That's just a crazy way to get an ex's attention.

I drove her to it... all of them, probably.

I wouldn't let commitment creep into the window, but now I am in an amazing relationship.

And I won't lose it.

So I'm gonna go ahead and empty out the closet.

It's hers if she wants it.

Between us... circle of trust... she'd be crazy not to.

[ Mid-tempo song playing]

Another one of your special songs?


Not mine.

Now, you know I love that song.

♪ For those of us ♪

Thank you.

♪ Who have ♪

Pippy told me there's no child.

♪ And those of us ♪

That school was... was your life.

And it's, uh... it's a lot to give up overnight.

I should've given you more slack.

Yeah, well, I guess I thought having a grandchild, or even the hunt for one, was... was another chance at something I didn't get right the first time.

As much as anyone can, you... you got that right.

[Inhales deeply]

I don't actually need that, you know, because unless you've changed where you hide the spare one, which... I frankly wouldn't blame you.

This is a key to my lab.

I want you to come work for me part-time as much as you want to.

I don't even know what your role's gonna be, but what I do know is how the police is annoyed with me, they are frightened to death of you.

[Chuckles] So that's got to be useful.

Are you sure about this?


We will not always get along, you know.

But we are always gonna be family.

♪ And those of us ♪

The only family that I'll ever have, so...

I would love having you closer.

♪ Mm-hmm ♪


♪ We can work it out ♪

Well, you know, in fact, your lab is a disorganized mess, and I've been actually dying to get my hands on it.


Okay, Mom, I sa... can you slow down?

Because you're gonna work for me.

Yeah, right. Slow down. Yeah, right.

Like either one of us actually knows how to do that.

Are you... ?

This is your last chance now.

I'm gonna put it on my key ring.

Okay. [Laughs]

Forever. It's on.

Aw, did I miss it?


♪ We got to try to understand ♪
♪ and, women, you can help us, too ♪
♪ we need love from you ♪
♪ love is all we need ♪