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01x06 - Policies and Ponies
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Previously on "Rosewood"...

Thank you for not giving up on me weeks ago.

You two must have a really good laugh at my expense.

Okay, Villa, you know I would never, ever do anything to hurt you like that.

I'm the idiot that let some death-obsessed, self-absorbed child worm his way into my life.

My bad.

I think it's safe to say that our relationship has just run its course.

Hornstock: This better be good, Villa.

I need a solid eight to keep this looking sharp.

I couldn't even dress myself.

I'm sorry, Cap, but this is a bit of a tricky situation.

No, trying to play paddle ball three sheets to the wind is a tricky situation.

This is horrible.

I'm standing in front of a rest stop at the crack of dawn.

The germs have germs in places like this.

Villa: Again, I apologize, but we didn't want to tell you this over the phone.


The hell's going on?

You already said you're sorry more times in the last two minutes than you have in the last two months.

Who is it?

Who's under that sheet?


I know you're upset, but listen.

The only way we're gonna get through this is if, you know, we do this together, because right now, this mess is so big, so deep, and so tall, we can't pick it up.

There's no way at all. [Chuckles]

That's Dr. Seuss. Are you smiling?

Hope you're smiling, because that was my intention was for you to smile, so... Okay, all right.

Give me a call, okay? [Clears throat]

Hey. Hey. Hey, buddy. What's going on?

What's up?

I know you get a little bit prickly when I "overspend" on new toys for the lab, and I will totally admit... have I had misses? Yes, I have.

The cotton candy machine.

I don't want to talk about it, but this one, I promise you, it's really undeniable.


All right, what's the problem?

Kat's not calling you back still?

No, this is my new cooking app.

Palate pal.


Yeah, you know, thinking about doing a little spinach, artichoke, mushroom lasagna tonight.

Okay, so, you don't want to tell us.

That's cool. Baby, hit it.

Okay, so this is a new state-of-the-art 3-d printer.

Do you see it?

It works with A.B.S. plastic, nylon, titanium, steel, and wax.

So, I'm gonna give you a minute to let all that excellence really, really sink in.

Has it sunk?

[Doorbell rings]

Excuse me.

Rare Captain Hornstock drop by.

Color me intrigued.

There's a body in transit. It's my ex-wife.

No. Caitlin?


Oh, no. Roseann.

No, it's Janice.

She's dead. Someone killed her.

Wow. Okay. Sorry to hear that.

Look, you know I left my marriage with nothing but thrombosis, night terrors, and a touch of the ibs.

But this is Janice we're talking about here.

I used to be in love with this woman.

Cared for her. She for me.

Now, Rosie, I need to know who did this.

Look, Cap, I'll be happy to help you, okay, but isn't this gonna get messy with... with you being the lead on the investigation?

Let me worry about that garbage.

I'm gonna need you and Villa on this 24/7.

I can't have Max's overworked little digits involved in this.

This is too important to me.

Ok, look, um...

The whole Villa thing's also kind of tricky.


Is there something going on?


You got my back here or what?

Yeah, I got your back.

I figured an in-person move might be better.

My little friend here is a bamboo palm.

She's a natural deterrent to certain toxins.

Water and love is all she needs.

I was ignoring your messages until this morning when I finally listened to all six.

I loved Dr. Seuss.

Reminds me of being a kid, you know?

Yeah, I'm right there with you. I love him.

Now you come in here with this plant, and I just have to keep it well watered and all the toxins will just disappear.

Exactly. Yeah.

Thank you. I'll keep it close by.


Villa, wait. Hold on, Villa.

For all the times you haven't listened to me, Rosie, listen now.

Don't follow me.

Sure, but you have to make this workable in the next 10 to 15.

What? Why are you here?

Hornstock wants me working his ex-wife's case.


What the hell?

Can't you see I'm trying to get centered here?

I don't understand why we have to farm this case out to Rosewood.

Max is an incredibly capable M.E.

Max is incredibly capable of staying out of this one.

I need the best. Rosie's in. Period.

You don't know him like I do.

What are you revealing to me here?

That you guys did the thing with the thing?

The what with the thing?

Horizontal refreshment, slap and tickle.

Two people sans clothing?

Cap, no. Absolutely 100% no.

Listen, I'll work with anyone else on this case.


Oh, look who's asking for a partner.

Looks like the therapy's finally paying off.

Therapy is not paying off.

Villa, I got a dead ex-wife lying on a table.

In 45 seconds, Internal Affairs is gonna come in here and take over this case.

It's every cop's worst nightmare come true.

So you and Rosie are gonna have to figure out what's broken in your relationship and keep it together until Janice's ashes are spread on the Vegas strip.


Cap, just do me a solid.

Captain Hornstock.

I'm Agent Foito with Internal Affairs.

Can we speak for a moment?

Do we understand each other, Detective?

[Door closes]

Captain Hornstock, I know how traumatic this must be for you.

I just need a few minutes of your time to ask some questions.

Of course.

Proper procedure. Fire when ready.

I was hoping we could take a trip to my office to cross the "T's," dot the "I's."

Proper procedure.

There's no way I'm letting you parade me through I.A.D. like I'm some kind of schmo when I can tell you whatever you want right now.

You want to talk to me?

I got a room in my own house down the hall.

I wish I had something to tell you.

But the truth is, uh, Janice hadn't talked to me in a long time.

You know, I mean, we had a peaceful split, but she was two wives ago.

And where were you on Saturday between 8:00 A.M. and 10:00 P.M.?

I was enjoying your typical married weekend running from place to place like I'm somebody's jerk.

You know, seven offspring keep me moving every free moment I got.

I love the little sons of bitches, even Rico, my youngest.

Okay, is this gonna be weird or are we cool if we just keep to our sides?

Totally cool.

By all means, come right into my personal space.

Maybe we can snuggle up next to the speaker.

Okay, okay.

I guess we'll go with the "keep it to the sides" plan.


It's a little-known fact that relationships are healthiest when friends engage in disagreements on a regular basis.

So, actually, this is great for our...

Do not say "future."

Okay, but at least hear my side of the Kat story before you...

[speaker volume increases]

Watching this TV show about weird obsessions.

You seen it?

Blew my mind.

Anyway, I went to bed around 8:00.

I like to wake up early every Sunday morning and go fishing. You know, keeps me calm.

There's just something about the water hitting the side of the boat.

It's hypnotic.

You fish?

Let me take a wild guess.

You want to run my gun for ballistics, see if it matches the bullet found at the crime scene.

Look. Are you ready to talk?

He's lying.

Okay, so you gonna tell me more or you just gonna go out on the mystery tip? [Sighs]

Two seconds before that agent walked into his office, Hornstock's stress level was through the roof.

Then he's in there talking about fishing and watching TV.

Ira Hornstock doesn't do small talk.

So, that's it?

You're gonna throw the man under the bus because he has an airtight alibi that you don't like?

I know that man better than anyone.

His story was rehearsed, and you only plan what you're gonna say if you're hiding something.

Okay, I'm gonna tell you what I think, and I'm gonna warn you, it's not gonna go down smooth.

You're projecting your feelings about me onto him, and that type of attitude's gonna put him away for life.

Oh, why do you always do that?

Everything I say, you have to believe the opposite.

It's like a sickness.

Well, that's why they call me Rosie half-full.

Nobody calls you that.

They should.

What do you think happened to her?

Hmm. She was shot point blank.

Thank you. I meant in her life.

You know, I always think about who the person was before they ended up here.

Like, who did she like, what foods did she eat?

Okay, I'm gonna guess that she liked pancakes, a little Al Green, and scrapbooking.

Well, if I had to guess, I'd say she's horrible at making pancakes, she probably sang badly to Al Green, and her scrapbooking caused Hornstock to kill her.

That was dark.

It's probably what Internal Affairs is thinking, so it's up to us to use science to prove otherwise.

Why is it always the spouse in these situations?

Something about that piece of paper that ruins things.

Hey, you know me and your sister are getting married, right?

Yeah, and that you're officiating.

Could you leave that little gem out of your speech?

I offered to do it, and I still will if it'll keep your brother's crazy at bay.

Okay, come on. I'm not talking about you guys.

You guys are an amazing pair.

Like treble and bass, brie and chardonnay.

Stop talking.

I can barely hear you inside of that hole you just dug.

[Chuckles] I'm just saying not everyone hits the lottery like mom and dad.

Married since college, still having weekly date nights.

And then you guys will eventually be holding hands in an old age home.

Everyone walks their own path, son.

You should know that better than anyone.

Trust me, I do.

I know where this is coming from.

Someone is still stinging from their lover's spat.

Have you called Kat to try to work this out?

Uh, try six times.

I liked her. Didn't you like her?


Excuse me. Excuse me, hello, everyone.

I'm still here. I can hear everything you're saying.

And yes, we have spoken. I sent her flowers.

But for the record, I didn't do anything wrong.

It's just a messy coincidence. That's it.

So, if it's okay with you guys, maybe we can show Janice here some respect and start on her exam.


Great. Okay, X-ray the cranium.

Measure and image the target injuries, please.

[Doorbell buzzes]

Let me guess, mom. Guys with badges?

Cheap suits, well groomed.

Ladies, that's Internal Affairs.

They've come to take this body.

Policies and Ponies

Photograph the body, grab peripheral blood, grab urine for toxicology, X-ray for projectiles.

I want the full menu.

Mom, can you please let these fine gentlemen in and throw them the great aunt Alice treatment?

All: May she rest.

Come on in.

I'm Agent Foito. This is Malcute.

Dr. Rosewood will be right up.

Would you gentlemen like something to eat?

[Camera shutter clicking]

Let's go, ladies. Let's go.

Lemon ginseng.

Keeps the brain on point and the body nice and warm.

As my sweet aunt Alice used to say... rest her soul... an empty stomach yields no fruit.

Uh, what does that mean?

It means that you are just going to sit here and enjoy it.



Uh, you're very kind, but, uh, we're in a bit of a rush.

I need Dr. Rosewood to sign these transfer papers and for someone to let the county examiners in to take possession of the body.

Oh, I can sign these. I'm the office administrator.

Oh, dear. I need a pen, though.



Here you go.

Thank you.

[Doorbell buzzing]

We need to finish this right now. Let's go.

All done. Thank you.

I notice you are not wearing a ring.

[Doorbell buzzes]

Now, I don't mean to be presumptuous, but if you're open to the idea, my dental hygienist is a lovely girl.

I'm actually okay, but, uh, thank you for thinking of me.

[Door opens, closes]

Is everything all right down there?

Yes. Fantastic. Sorry.

It's a heavy door. I'm a tiny lady.

I'm gonna head down and make sure that everything is happening the way it's supposed to.

Oh, I do apologize for Dr. Rosewood, but I do know that he's just taking extra-special care in prepping that body for transport.

I learned from the best, mom.

Please forgive my mother. She's a consummate host.

So, I assume you gentlemen have a warrant?

Okay. She's all yours.

Think I'm gonna go back to my old ways.

Maybe I don't live as long, but I live happy.

I'm in love with my vices.

In... love with them.

Do I got to guess why you're looking at me that way?

Or maybe you could just use words.

I watched you in that interrogation.

I know you, and I know you weren't telling I.A.D. the truth.

I'm worried.

I know you would never do anything to harm Janice, but you're hiding something.

If I seemed off, maybe it's because the woman I used to love is lying dead in a bag right now.

It's a lot for a guy to take in.

[Cellphone ringing, buzzing]


[Cellphone beeps]

Cap, look, you can trust me. You know that.

And I've been doing some digging into Janice's personal affairs, and she's clean... no enemies, no nothing.

So, please, I want to help you, but you have to tell me what's going on, okay?

Don't keep me in the dark on this.

[Telephone rings]


Hey, cap. Internal Affairs took the body.

But don't worry. We got what we needed.

Hey, can I talk to Villa?

Feldheim told me she's in your office.

It's Rosewood.

Anything he wants to say to me, he can put into an e-mail and send to someone else.

Did you hear that?

Just tell her the thing that we talked about... I think she was right.

He said you were right about that thing about the thing.

Okay, just tell him that...

Do I look like your secretary?


Cap's alibi... you were right, okay?

So I'm gonna swing by, pick you up, we're gonna check out a new lead.

We can do a drive-and-patch on the way.

Patch things up while we drive?

No, thank you. What's the address?


Tox screens are done on Janice.

Let me guess... antihistamine was in her system.

That is the best guess I've ever heard, because that is exactly right.

Why do you even need us? Don't answer that.

I will.

We make sure he doesn't make a mess of this lab or his life.

Pipp, is there something that you want to say to me?


You're talking about doing drive-and-patches with Villa when you should be doing a kneel-and-grovel with Kat.

Mnh, no, no. Kat and I are fine.



I've barely heard you mention the woman's name since she mysteriously ended things.

And come on. Flowers?

You could put in more effort than that.

Like I told mom, we're in a good place.

Okay. Let's say I buy that.

Why don't you just tell me what you did to Villa?

Because you don't just patch over nothing.

Well, it's a long story... one that I really don't have the time to tell you right now since I'm already late saving the captain from a lifetime behind bars.

With Villa?

Oh, that's a with-Villa look.

Okay, so go get back in her good graces, 'cause she gets us work.

Okay. Wow. Really, huh? Really?

This is a prime spot.

You know how many people I had to fend off to keep this spot free for you?


Ah, it's the spirit of the gesture that counts.

Now, come on now.

You know last night you were dreaming about a spot like that.

So now I know Kat told you about the dream I had.

[Scoffs] Very nice.

Wait. What do you mean?

You had... you had a dream about me?

Well, that's no big deal.

It's normal to dream about people you work with, even though it's never happened to me.

I mean, I hear it's normal-ish.

Hey, there was this one time, right?

So I'm running on the beach, I'm running towards myself, and I jump into my own arms.

What do you think that means?

Can we please move on?

You said I was right about cap's alibi. So?

So I found a mixture of sand, polymer oils, plastics, and a little bit of equus ferus caballus on the bottom of Janice's shoe... horse manure.

During the interrogation, cap never once mentioned coming to the track.

He's here on the third Saturday of every month.

That's the day that Janice died, for those of you keeping score.

Guy can't help himself. He's a walking vice.

Just because he was here doesn't mean she was.

That's true, but Pippy also found antihistamine in Janice's system.

Back when they were married, she used to make him place bets here because she was allergic to horses.

Had to be something pretty important to get her to come here that day.

Mm, thank you for the show-and-tell, but I'm gonna handle the actual police work myself.

Is the track always this crowded?

It is on Saturdays.

How the hell are we gonna find him?

Try box 113.

Trust me.

[Keyboard clacking]

How the hell did you know that?

Two years ago on Christmas Eve, Hornstock called me looking for a ride.

He had been imbibing.

When I showed up, I had to watch the man lose every race he put his money on for three straight hours.


You two alone on Christmas Eve? That's depressing.

Is it?

Because from where I'm standing, I was there for a friend.

And no matter what happens, I always will be, 'cause that's how I operate.

You have no idea what friends are for.

Villa, can I talk to you for a sec, please?


Can I please talk to you?


Come on.

Listen, we have to talk this out.

Now, if you want to wait until this case is over with, I can roll with that.

You make the rules on this one, all right?

But this, right now, what we're doing is... is like a virus, and it's eating away at what was once a healthy, fruitful relationship.

So, now, what do you want to do?

Rosie, whatever it is you want to say about our situation, write it down, and we'll talk when the case is over.



That's Janice. [Exhales sharply]

What is he saying?

He's saying that, "how could you come to my favorite place like this?"

How could you tell with...

Wow. You read lips, too?

Well, these babies aren't gonna last forever, so I got to be ready.

Now he's saying something about the horse running Janice over.

No, I mean... no, he's saying... I can't...

I mean, he's talking so fast, I can't even really...

I'm gonna need that tape.

Damn you.

[Sighs] Big Teddy Roosevelt... ass-kicking police commissioner, anti-corruption crusader, ornithologist.

Lost a lot before he won.

I can relate.

Although, this is shaping up to be a pretty big loss for me.

This is the part where you say, "Ira, you're crazy. Rosie's got this under control."

We went out to the track.


I knew you guys would find out about that eventually, but you got to believe me... nothing happened.

Yeah, well, unfortunately, it's up to I.A.D. to decide that now.

Villa turned over the tape to them.

Good girl.

Did you not just hear what I said?

They have evidence that you were with your ex-wife on the day that she died.

Villa is only following the code I taught her, okay?

I would have done the same thing.

And Janice... she was always showing up, asking for money.

Usually, I could brush her off with a phone call, but his time, she was relentless.

And you got to understand.

I would rather kill her than give her my hard-earned...

That's not what I meant.

So you never saw her at all after she left that track?

No. I swear. I never mentioned it because I figured if I mentioned the fight, I.A.D. wouldn't be looking for the real killer.

And I was hoping, with your expertise, we would've had this figured out already.

Captain Ira Hornstock, you're under arrest for the murder of Janice Notarelly.

Guys, I can explain the video.

We're beyond that video. Way beyond.

Ballistics came back on your weapon.

The bullet that killed your ex-wife came from your gun.

Are you sure this printed right?

I'd bet $9,425 plus free shipping that it did.

Tell me that's not how much this thing costs.

Okay, I won't tell you that's how much this thing costs.

Now, see, this wound is wrong.

Look at the right parietal bone.



The entrance wound is .38 inches wide.

Internal Affairs said she was killed with Hornstock's .45.

It doesn't add up.

Call your little printer buddies, and tell them get this thing out of here.

[Skull thuds]

Taking up valuable workspace.

First of all, I moved a stack of Omni magazines from the '80s to make room for it, and, second, the machine isn't wrong.

If we had the real skull here for comparison, you'd see that.

You know she's right, Rosie. My baby doesn't lie.

It's true. I mean, sometimes it's a curse.

But in this case, it's my gift to you.

I guess we're gonna have to massage our way into the county M.E.'s office.

Why? Are you feeling too cool to ask Max to let us in?

No, I don't want to involve him with Internal Affairs sniffing around like that.

It'll ruin his reputation.

He lives with four iguanas and a parrot named orion, so I think he bid adieu to his reputation a long time ago.

Rosie, just call Villa.

Whatever you did, say sorry and fix it.

Yeah, well, I wish it was that simple.

Kat was Villa's psychiatrist.

Damn, bro.

Oh, you need to warn us before you drop a bomb like that.

Well, nothing I say seems to make a difference to Villa even though, technically, I didn't do anything wrong.

That's because she shared incredibly intimate details with Kat, laid herself bare to someone, only to find out that you... also laid yourself bare to her.

You feel me?

This is gonna take some time and finesse.

[Mid-tempo music playing]

[Clicks tongue] Sorry.

Unless you're having one at the far end of the bar, you need to leave.

Quote... "Villa needs her space right now."

Pippy said that.

And I agree.

You spoke to your sister about our situation?

Well, I had to.

I can't talk to you about it till after the case is over, remember?

I do. So why are you here?

Oh, Hornstock is still in a bind.

I'm trying to clear his name.

You still want that, too, right?

What do you think I've been doing ever since we left the track?

Avoiding me.

Yeah, and trying to come up with another explanation for what happened.

But I've talked to Janice's neighbors, friends.

I got nothing.


Well, you'll be happy to know that I've got something that sheds a good light on our embattled friend.

It better be more than a muscle spasm on Hornstock's left bicep.

We need answers, facts, black-and-white information.

Well, you know I see everything through shiny, bright colors, right?

It helps me paint the canvas of someone's...

Okay, you know what? Put a pin in that for right now.

Here's the deal.

Hornstock hired me on this case. Not very smart if he did it.

He had to know I would catch him.

And he knows you can't resist seeing the good in people.

Probably figured he could manipulate you.

You know what else he knows?

He knows you dropped that surveillance tape off to the Internal Affairs like a hot potato.

That's not fair.

Turning him in was very difficult, but it's my my job.


Just like the autopsy is mine... every last detail.

But my gut tells me that Hornstock didn't do it.

And I know yours does, too.

So it's up to us to crack this thing, all of our personal issues aside.

This is a man's life that we're talking about.

So if there's a chance that he didn't do it, don't you want to be sure?

So you got Max to give you the code, huh?

[Keypad beeping] And which one of his many hobbies did he wax poetic?


20 minutes on the phone going on about something called a sapphic...

No, sapho longwings. They're some real beauties.

It was a "happy hanukkah" gift.

Flew that baby all the way in from Belize.

Oh, well, if you're so tight with the guy, then why did I have to... oh, I get it.

This is just another excuse to talk about the Kat thing.

No, no.

We're not doing that till the case is over with.

Unless you want to discuss it right now.



I'm always amazed at how little this place has changed since I did my time here.

You used to work for the county?


Back in '06 with my father.

Just after you transferred to New York.

We just missed each other.

Once I realized what a bureaucratic nightmare this place was, I bounced.

You mean, once you realized you could make more money on your own?



Everything just like I left it.

Oh, would you hurry?

Agent Foito is on his way.

Would you mind giving me the room, please?

I don't want to be rude, but the negative energy between us is distracting.


See that look on your face? Also distracting.

You have 10 minutes.

Thank you.

Dad, you're gonna want to see this.

[Door closes]

Ah. Detective Villa.

What are you still doing roaming the halls this late at night?

I should ask you the same question.

Uh, Max left me some paperwork on his desk.

You need a code to get in.

He left me that, too.

[Keypad beeping]

[Lock disengages]

Everything all right, Detective?

Can I be honest with you?

Weird, but okay.

I've been thinking about you and what you do.

I got to say, I've been flirting with this idea of a slight career change.

Feeling a bit lost these days.

Look, I'm just, uh, roaming around the halls late at night, so I don't know.

Maybe we could hang, talk about Internal Affairs and whatnot?

What is it you want to know?

I am so intrigued by I.A.D... the rule keepers of the rule keepers.


It's... exciting.

Uh, I guess I never really, uh, thought about it that way.

Well, you should. With me.

I know a great Cuban place that stays open late.

They make the best mojitos.

I love mojitos.

Me, too.

I think we both know this wouldn't be a good idea.

I mean, we could... but maybe when this investigation is over, if you're still interested.

You know where to find me.

You know, that was a pretty great flirtation clinic you just put on.

Now, could I give you a tip or two? Sure.

But once you hit your stride...

I get it.

And I got it.

This bullet was pulled from evidence.

Now, it's from a .45, but it's not the bullet that killed Janice.

The entrance wound on our 3-d-printed skull back at the lab presented incorrect.

Now, I thought it was a printer error.

It was not.


So her wound was too small to come from Hornstock's gun.

Janice was killed with a .38.

Someone planted the slug at the crime scene.

And you know that how?

Because our fluorescence test shows that the chlorophyll's all over this bullet, which has to come from some type of a living organism, not some piece of plywood on some rest-stop wall.

You mean like a tree?

Yeah. It's weird, right?

I think I know where the killer got that bullet.

[Door opens]

Rosewood: Thanks for delaying Internal Affairs back at the lab.

You had my back. I appreciate that, Villa.

I did it for Hornstock.

Okay. And, listen, I get it.

You're not ready to work things out yet.

And I can understand that. I'll be patient.

Know why? 'Cause it's worth it.

It's really worth it.

Whoa. Is that a smile?

[Sighs] Back in the day, this is where Hornstock taught me how to shoot.

He was the only detective that showed me any respect as a rookie.

Everyone else had it in their heads that they had to beat us down, but not him.

I don't know why. I never did anything special.

He just... He just took me under his wing.

I always knew he'd be captain, too.

He really knew how to work with the politics, scratch the right backs.

Hey, Villa, if I give you a boost, you think you could reach up there?

You're boosting me again?

Well, you could try to boost me.

Why does anyone have to be boosted?

Every murder case needs a boost... a boost of morale or a boost in the caboose.

Okay, can you reach that?

All right. Ready?

All right. Ready on three.

One, two...


Yep, this is where that bullet came from.

From the looks of this place, it was only a matter of time.

It was only a matter of time before this psychopath snapped.

Rosewood: Actually, I disagree.

I mean, if you look really closely, this place was like his sanctuary... place he came to just be himself.

I hope you called us out here to tell us more than your philosophy on Hornstock's life.

A man who likes to get to the point.

That's good.

Because speaking of points, the point of the bullet that passed through Janice's skull was pulled from that tree right over there.

Chlorophyll was all over it.

Villa: This is where Hornstock always comes to shoot.

He hates the range.

Too social.

His mind was focused out here.

A talented marksman.

Our theory...

Our theory... is that someone who knew cap very well knew he shot out here and set him up to take the fall for Janice's murder.

We're probably looking for someone who knew both him and his wife.

I've already alerted my precinct to start combing through Janice's phone records and bank statements.

Captain Hornstock is innocent.

You two rehearse that before we showed up?

No. That's just our natural chemistry.

Villa: Shouldn't Hornstock have been released by now?

You know it takes two avocado trees to grow a viable crop?

That's a scientific fact. [Sighs]

You know I didn't know that.

A bonded pair of trees, one propping up the other.

They bear incredible fruit. [Sighs]

No, I'm serious. No, ser... we... we did a great job today.

I'm really happy with it. Seriously.

And... me without you, and this whole thing falls apart Hornstock lands in prison.

And you and I both know he wouldn't last five minutes on the inside.

I don't know.

He does like dark, quiet spaces.

Yeah, that's true. [Chuckles]

Maybe we should just leave him in there for the rest of the night.

What do you think?

Give him a good night's sleep before he has to go home.


[Sighs] Listen, Villa.

I'm sorry about this whole situation with Kat.

I can only imagine what you were going through, I mean, with the surprise and the anger.

But I think I have a plan that will benefit everybody.

Okay, so listen.

You start up your sessions again with someone you have a connection with.

And if it's not Kat, it's another therapist.

Then, after a while, you know, when the time is right, maybe I reach back out to Kat, see if the magic's worth fighting for.

Then it's a win/win.


That's what this is all about? You getting your magic back?

You are so selfish.

Okay, excuse me, I am trying to get you to realize that Kat is a respected doctor who believes in rules like patient confidentiality.


She would never tell me what you guys talked about.


Okay, all right.

So forgive me for trying to behave like an adult and move on in the best way possible for the both of us.

It's not that easy.

Kat was helping me.

We were discussing things I haven't talked about... ever.


And... and I was finally starting to feel good about myself, and... and now that's gone.

Okay, I hear you on that.

But don't forget that Kat and I had something that was great, too, and that's also gone.

Okay. See, I see what this is.

It's... it's... I care about what you lost in this whole mess, but you don't seem to care about what I lost.

So who's the selfish one?

Man, am I glad to see you two back together again.

Yeah. Good to see you.


Really? Where are you going?

I still have a murderer to catch. Cap.

Hey. We have a murderer to catch.

Not you, we.

Someone giving me a freaking ride?

Is there anything Janice didn't collect?

She was all right, Janice.

Condescending, judgmental, mean?


She was all right, Janice.

Well, I guess you guys had an interesting relationship.

But she had that thing, right?

"That thing"?

Yeah, you know, that thing... the thing you always remember her for.

Honestly, as sappy as this may sound, she was always there for me.

And no matter whatever happened, I could count on Janice.

She was my rock.

Yeah, and you know you're a lucky man to have had someone like that in your corner.

Well, that and she brought the high heat in the bedroom.

I'm talking some really sweet chin music.

Okay, talk like that... not okay.

Whoa. Can't believe she kept these.

All my police accomplishments from the time we were together.



This is a good one.

Two numskulls tried to rob a bank.

Not on my watch. I got wounded on the job.


I mean, I got a scar right on my thigh right here.

Bullet grazed me.

Cap, look at me.

Pull your pants up.


Sometimes, words are enough.


What the hell?

Why did she highlight these names?

You remember those guys?

You think they had a potential to...

Kill her? Yeah.

Yeah, why was she interested in these schmohawks?

Weird, right?

Yeah, very.

All right, I'm gonna run these names.

[Breathes heavily]




Hey, is Hornstock with Rosie?

Yeah, but not here.

They got a lead, so... [Sighs]

Wait. Why?

He's not answering his phone.

Oh, well...

You can wait here if you want.

No, just tell them I think I found our guy, and I'm heading over to pay him a visit now.

Okay, just real quick.

You've got to know that my brother wouldn't intentionally hurt somebody he cares about.

I mean, it's not in his DNA.

All I'm saying is, prepare yourself.

He will not give up until he gets his day in court with you.

Trust me, I know.

Between the phone calls, the plant.

A bamboo palm?


It helps clear toxins, but he doesn't give those out very often.

So whatever you guys have, he misses it.

Anyway, all in your business.

[Laughs] Just had to say my piece.

Yeah, no, I get it. You're a good sister.

Yeah, I'm all right. [Chuckles]

It's just when stuff starts to affect our day-to-day, got to step in and try to clean it up.

Pete Heilbron.

This guy's a real piece of work.

Robbed his own parents' liquor store.

I can't wait to see his face when he realizes ol' Ira Hornstock is bringing him in.

Okay, no, no, no. You can't go in there, okay?

You got no gun. You got no badge.

They might recognize you.

[Car door closes]

You could be walking into a firing squad.

Let me go in there, play the lost-guy routine, see if he even still lives there.

All right, you got five minutes.

If you're not back, ol' Ira Hornstock... all right, enough with the "ol' Ira Hornstock."

Five minutes.

I hear you.

What the hell are you doing here?

Dang. Good to see you, too.

Did you miss me? I missed you.

Okay, look, hey, no, Hornstock's in the car, okay?

We went to Janice's house, and we did some digging.

We think she knew this guy.

Oh, well, while you and Hornstock were playing "Cagney & Lacey,"

I was pulling a bullet from a rest-stop wall.

Ballistics came back registered to a Pete Heilbron at this address.

Turns out, Hornstock arrested him back in the day, put him in jail for a 10-stretch.

Really? Really? "Cagney & Lacey"? Really?

Relax. You're Cagney.

I want to be Lacey.

Now get back to the car with Hornstock.

This is too dangerous, okay? I'm calling for backup.

No, no, no, no. You should fall back, too, okay?

Sitting here, you're just waiting for trouble, okay?

And like my man Chuck yeager said, "never wait for trouble."

No, I mean, hey, listen... the man was fast, but he took the time to speak the truth.

So I guess you did miss me.

[Car door opens, closes]

I have a gun.

You're only weapon's your mouth. What good is that gonna do us?

What the hell are you doing?

I'm getting my game face on.

It's like a boxer before a fight, you know, getting ready for battle.

There's no battle. Just...

No, no, I got to get my mind right and my fists ready.

Put those down. I got this.

Hey, once the fists are up, they're up, okay?

Rosie, get back into the car.

That's a game face... that right there.

You need a boost?


No, I'm talking about a boost in morale.

You did a good job. You got your game face on and everything.

[Door knocker taps]

East Miami PD.

We'd like to ask you a couple of questions.


Maybe next time you'll wait in the car.

No, I can't wait for next time. Let's do this.

[Tires squeal]

Freeze. You're under arrest for the murder of Janice Notarelly.

Cap, really? That's my car.

Not coot. Not cool. This is not cool.

You're gonna tell me why the hell you killed Janice, or we're gonna play a little game called "what happened to all my teeth?"

She owe you money or something?


And all she had to do was pay me the rest of it, and we wouldn't be standing here.

You sure as hell wouldn't be.

What's that supposed to mean, smart guy?

She hired me to kill you.

Turns out I had an insurance policy that Janice was still the beneficiary of.

Tried to have him kill me for the money.

And when she couldn't come up with the cash, he made sure she couldn't rat him out, and he whacked her instead.

And do you know why I forgot?

Because it was for 20 grand.

That's what my life was worth to her.

That's only four freaking zeroes.

Does that mean when she came asking for money at the track, it was to pay this bozo?

Was she gonna make me pay for my own hit?

I mean, am I the problem?

I've been married four times. The last three left me.

Am I poison?

No. No, you are not poison.

People like me and cops like Villa, we don't risk everything for someone who's not worth risking it for.

Villa: You know, he's right.

I never doubted for a second that you were innocent in all of this.

That's why I turned in the tape.

You always taught me that if I followed the code and did good police work, the good guys would prevail.

You're an incredibly important person to a lot of people.

You're just not seeing it.

I don't know how you do it.

Everyone you interact with loves you.

Drives me nuts.

And this from the guy who's had four wives, okay?

And you have seven beautiful kids.

You know exactly what to do.

You just don't want to put in the effort.

Starting right now, we're gonna change this up, okay?

And I'm not talking about your health stuff.

First of all, you need to listen to people better, okay?

If you don't think there's another question to ask, you ask it anyway.

I want you to really connect with people.

It's up to you to change the situation.

[Inhales deeply]

Think I'll give it a shot.

There you go.

Nah. I don't have it in me.

Mmm! Is that peach cobbler I smell?

Just like aunt Alice used to make.


All: May she rest.

You did a great job keeping those agents busy the other day at the lab.

It's almost as if you've forced food and drinks on people before.

Now, I know you're not commenting on my hosting skills.

Never that. Why would I do such a...

Whoa! Dad!

[Chuckling] Hey!

What? What?

[Chuckles] It's good to see you.

Oh, wait, wait. Did the book tour get cancelled?

Can't a man stop home on his way to Atlanta, share a meal with his family?

Yes, he can. Yes, he can.

Well, since you're here, allow me to toot my horn for about two minutes, okay?

And you say you're nothing like me.

Stopped by the old lab today.

Max keeping it together?

Oh, almost as if you just left yesterday.

Ah, good man.

I had to perform an autopsy in under 10 minutes.

Found the smoking gun in five.

You're not even gonna mention that tmi's fancy skull helped tip you off in the first place?


Dad, you have a credit hog on your hands.

MIi: I don't need credit... just an extra week's paid vacation, which is where I go on vacation, and you pay for it.


Grace, please.

Son, I was wondering, did you ever take my advice and reconnect with Kat?

Mm, not yet, but I plan to. I plan to.

You deserve to be happy, son.

That's all I'm gonna say about it.

You okay?


Your father came home because... we need to speak to you about something important.

What's up?

Um... This is...

Okay, your mother... [Clears throat] mother and I decided that...


I'm sorry.

This is much more difficult than it was in the mirror.

We're getting divorced.

We've had 40 incredible years together and 2 amazing children.

We've been blessed.

But lately, we've realized that we're just... we're better friends than we are partners.

We still love each other, but...

We hope that you'll understand and respect our decision.


[Door opens, closes]

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