01x08 - Bloodhunt and Beats

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. I want you to forget everything you know or what you think you know. What you're about to see rarely happens in public, but I can assure you, it will change all of your lives forever. So I want you guys to put your hands together for my little sister, the sometimes chatty but always incomparable Pippy Rosewood.

What? Oh!

You're supposed to be singing.

I'm good. I'm good.

She is good!

I already picked a song.

Nope. You got to go.

I already picked it. Oh, Rosie, I'm gonna kill you.

Give it up for my sister, y'all. My sister.

Someone is going to die tonight, ladies and gentlemen.

Someone is going to die.

["Misty blue" plays]

♪ Ohh ♪
♪ It's been ♪
♪ Such a long, long time ♪
♪ Looked like I'd get you off of my mind ♪
♪ But I can't ♪
♪ Just the thought of you ♪
♪ Turns my whole world ♪
♪ Misty blue ♪
♪ Oh, honey ♪

[Breathing heavily]

Pippy: ♪ just the mention of your name ♪
♪ Turns the flicker ♪

Did you think we were done talking?!

[Both grunting]

♪ To a flame ♪
♪ Listen to me good, baby ♪


♪ I think of the things we used to do ♪
♪ And my whole world turns misty blue ♪

[Cheers and applause]

[Butters laughs]

Let me tell you, that wasn't the last time I saw your cap in a pair of ladies' fishnets.


Oh, hey, Ira, did you tell them about the McCall liquor store stakeout?

No, he did not. But I'm good.

All right, get this.

We're on a stakeout, me and this guy.

Middle of July... hot as two rats commiserating in a sock.

A.C. in the car... Gabatz.

And Ira here is a sweater.

I mean, I've seen this guy schvitz in a snowstorm.

Captain, you rang?

Give me a second.

So after Butters sucks down his sixth iced-coffee thing, he's got to go.

But we're in the thick, so he's got to improvise.

Two hours later, I go take a sip of my coffee...

And he says, "this Joe tastes like asparagus."

[Both laughing]

The freaking cupholders so close together in the dark, who could tell?

That'll bond ya.


I'm not sure that's bonding.

I mean, a game of tennis, that's... that's bonding.

So, Captain, you, uh... You called me in?

Yeah, Rosie, I want you to meet a legend.

The best homicide detective this house has ever known.

My old partner, my mentor, and a seriously crappy poker player, Floyd Butters.

Yeah, I got out of the murder game 12 years ago.

I'm a bounty hunter now.

Hours are still long enough to make your hair fall out, but I work for myself, not the man.

Well, it's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Butters.

Butters here had been tracking a thief... Marlan Guzman.

Guy skips bail three times.

But as of last night, it's a whole different story.

Now he's connected to the murder of Tex Bridgewater, another bounty hunter, Floyd's biggest Nemesis.

Hey, hey, there's a bounty hunters code...

We are all brethren, and now a brother is dead at the hands of a very dangerous man.

This guy... best thief I've ever encountered.

He can get past any security system.

He just slips in and out, like every lady in my life.

Been tracking him for weeks. Near impossible... near.

Which is why you're gonna be working closely with Butters on this to bring this guy in.

Cap, that's not totally necessary.

Look, I can just look over his notes.

Villa, this is your chance to glom from the master.

Butters here has square-danced twice in towns you never even been to.

I'm not much of a square dancer.

But... but I-i am.

Actually, I can really do my thing.

We got to hang out sometime.

But, Cap, I'm still not sure why you called me in.

Because this is what Bridgewater looked like when we found him.

Gators got to him.

I'm not gonna lie... I got a thing about gators.

Something that happened to me as a kid.

Those creatures, they freak me out.

It's the leather skin, the prehistoric tail, the way they look at me.

They're the devil.

I'm in. Send him to my lab.

And I'm sure you're working on some sort of discount on this thing, because, you know...

It's not a whole body.

Villa: No. No, no, no. This can't happen.

We got to work with that loco that Hornstock thinks is Elvis?

Butters? He seems pretty affable.

He seems certifiable to me.

You don't know these old-school homicide guys.

You going on a cruise?

Motel termite thing. Long story.

I called around. Hotel sitch is tight.

Some crafts convention.

Okay, this is what's gonna happen.

You're gonna come stay at my place just until you find a permanent spot.

You want to guess what I'm gonna say next?

"Absolutely, Rosie, I would love to."

[Imitates buzzer] Thanks for playing.

Feldheim, show him what he didn't win.

Have you been in my apartment? You have been to my...

Look, don't get me bragging on my guest room, okay?

I got 1,500 thread count on my pima cotton sheets.





1,500% no.


So, what's with them?

Those two? That's a new thing.

Still feeling each other out.

[Sighs] How am I supposed to fit in with that?

I haven't worked with anyone since you.

Between us and these walls, I'm nervous.


I need a win.

Then let's win this thing.

[Salsa music plays, man speaking Spanish]

[Speaks Spanish]

[Men singing in Spanish]

[Door closes]

[Speaking Spanish]

Oh, my God, you scared me.

I almost lit my chichitas on fire!

Hi, ma.

Wow. Look at you, Annalise Rocio, looking all tough with your gun and your placa.

You look like a cop.

I am a cop, ma.

I need a favor.

Can I leave some of my stuff here?

Maybe stay for a night, two tops?

Hotels are booked.

All your things?

Don't you have, like, a storage unit or something?

What the hell. It could be fun, right?

[Gasps] I tell you what.

Why don't we go dancing tonight?

No. I don't want to dance.

Yes! Let's go dancing!

Now, I know you know how to do this because I taught you.

I don't want to.


Vamos. Come on, let me see those hips move.

Stop it. No. My hips are fine just the way they are.

Come on.

Mami, stop it.


Come on. I'm an amazing wing-woman, baby.


I know you're not there emotionally, but, you know, it couldn't hurt you to have a friend or two.

Maybe 10.

Stop it.

You can't act like a mom for even one second, can you?

I mean, I'm sure you've seen one on TV, in the movies.

But you can't even pretend.


Was I pretending when I put food on the table?

Was it pretend when I helped you with your homework?

Oh, was I pretending when I used to read that book that you loved all the time, either?

"La nina con..."

"La chica con un zapato rojo."

Yeah, "the girl with the one red shoe."


You read, but you always complained.

Because you were always interrupting me every two seconds, asking me a question about the story.

Always in my ear. "Mami, que?"

Because that's what kids do, ma! They ask questions.

No, mira. Aren't you hungry?

I got to... I got to go. I'm... I have a case.

Come on.

No, I'm not hungry.


My daughter, so importante.

I'm proud of you, mija.

Thanks for the...


I'm not gonna lie.

This one's... this one's gonna be tough for me.

Rosewood: Well, the less we have to go on, the more we have to make of what's there.

Someone grab me the M.E. notes, please?

Oh, I got it.

I got it.

Pip, I have to say that you sounded absolutely amazing last night.

Aw, shucks, bro. Thank you.

It's pretty big of you, considering I threatened to kill you.

Guess mom was right, forcing you on that train to audition for Juilliard.


Who, you? You auditioned for Juilliard?

Yeah, she sure did. And Juilliard said yes.

Pippy Rosewood said no.

What? You got into Juilliard and you didn't go?

Oh, girl, that place will take anybody.

Everybody as in you, Mandy Patinkin, and Val Kilmer.

Let's just focus on Mr. Bridgewater's thoracic cavity.

Mrs. Guzman?


I went back to my name after the divorce.

I wish my ex-wives would do that, but no.

They all want to be Hornstocks.

Except Janice.


She's the one that brought the high heat.

She's also the one that got...

May she rest in peace.

I'm sorry, Ms. Franks. I appreciate you coming in.

I have to ask if your husband has tried to contact you in the last 48 hours.

You're kidding me, right?

[Scoffs] See that girl sitting out there waiting for me?

Your daughter. I did.

She's 15.

I've been signing that jackass's name to birthday cards since she was 6.

I hear you.

But in times of crisis, people reach out.

These are the same questions those idiot bounty hunters asked me when they knocked on my door.

Idiot. See, I get lumped in.

I was nothing but pleasant, and I brought... I brought sweet rolls.

Well, Bridgewater's dead, and the most important thing is we're on land, nowhere near a gator.

Loretta: You want my opinion?

I'm sure my ex-husband did kill that man.

No way someone was gonna take him to jail alive.

He's not a fan of being in one place for more than 10 minutes, let alone decades.

Do me a favor, Detective.

Find him, make him suffer, and then make him rot in a cell for the rest of his pathetic life.

Thank you for coming in, Ms. Franks.

We'll be in touch.

I think you're looking at wife number four.

I am on wife number four.

[Indistinct conversations]

What you reading?

A book.

That's a dope bookmark.

Yeah, my dad gave it to me. I lost the medal part.

He got it for being in the Gulf War.

My brother, Marcos, is serving right now.

We both have something to be proud of.


My name is Detective Villa, but you can call me Annalise.

And my number is on there if you ever need someone to talk to.

Or if your dad tries to contact you.

You know...

I was about your age when my dad left home, so I have a good idea of what you're feeling.

Beatrice, honey? We have to go.


Pip, answers on that blood?

Almost there. I...

I'm sorry, who gets into Juilliard, doesn't go?

Ladies, focus.

Tmi, get me the medial tissue results, please.


Who... who does that?


Uh, I just want to thank you for launching what will now be something I have to answer to for God knows how long.

Maybe that's a good thing.

You want my thoughts on all this?

[Chuckles] No.

But I do want your thoughts on this.

That is Bridgewater's blood, okay?


But the sample that you gave me had a different blood type mixed in it, so that's weird.

That's not even the weirdest part.

Bloodhunt and Beats

It's not Bridgewater's blood. It's Guzman's.

He got injured during the shooting.

So that puts him at the scene.

You ready for a twist?

I'm pretty sure Guzman's still here in Miami.

Well, that would make you psychic.

See, Guzman suffered a rare disorder...

Acquired Von Willebrand Disease.

It's a form of hemophilia, which means the blood is so thin, it doesn't clot like a healthy person's.

Based on the last five locations I tracked him to, he was getting his ducks in a row to leave town last night.

Why would he stick around?

Because even a large loss of blood from a minor laceration could slow him to a crawl.

Based on last night's bleeding, he's getting dizzy and weak right now.

If he doesn't get ahold of a plasma transfusion soon, he could die.

We have to track which blood banks have had pickups in the last 24 hours.

So our manhunt just turned into a blood hunt.

It was that bad, huh? You went to see your mother?

I just know that face... That parental-angst face where your whole childhood is being rerun at a thousand miles an hour.

Pippy gets it sometimes.

Put it this way... It wasn't a page out of the Rosewood family storybook, all hugs and love.

Anna, come on, now. You know my family drama.

It gets a little messy.

But listen, listen, you've had a lot of loss, but you also have something that's still here, right?

The Villas have their own story.

It's up to you to write in your own hugs.

I'm not a writer or a hugger.

Well, spending time with me, you'll be living the hug life!

That was terrible.

Yeah, it was bad, wasn't it?

Look at this, right? Almost like I planned it.

You see, Rosie, you and I are one and the same.

You got your billboards. I got my bus bench.

Just a couple of local legends with a palate for fast cars, fine food, and ladies of the night.

Uh, yeah, that'd be a no for me on the ladies of the night.


Yeah, no.

I'm the only one who has to pay to play.

Well, I came up dry at that blood bank you sent me to.

Group nap?

You ever ease up with the cracks?

Hey, I've seen some darkness on my watch.

Humor helps cut it, you know?

You keep things all bottled up, hate to check in on you in 10 years.

It won't be pretty.

Thanks for the advice.

[Indistinct conversations]

Let's hit up the receptionist.

Butters: Wait. I got to get a read on her.

I know who she is!

From the midwest... salt of the earth but low self-esteem.

Probably went to junior college.

There's this club-foot bit I do where I limp around like an old sack who just lost his dog.

She'll eat it up.

Or I can just do this.

Detective Villa, East Miami P.D.

Any chance you've seen this man in the past few hours?

Yeah, that's one of the new drivers for Miami Red Cross.

Wait a minute. He's a driver, not a patient?

The guy who normally does the A.M. pickup called to say he was on his way, but then this new driver showed up.

You just missed him.

Which way did he go?

Just around the corner.

Thank you.

Junior college, yes?

Yes. Canyon Central... Des Moines!

Told ya! Told ya!

Stay here.

FYI, I'm licensed to carry, as well.

So is Miranda Lambert.

It doesn't mean she gets to run point on my case.

Are you hurt? Emotionally.

Tell... Tell us what happened.

One minute, I'm getting my deliveries together, and the next, I feel a .45 pressed against my neck.


Hell, yeah, it was.

That's Bridgewater's gun.

I found something.

That's my shirt.

Guzman dumped this when he grabbed the plasma.

This blood is from Guzman's injury.

I see traces of tissue devitalization and some pus mixed in.

Man, you're good.

Does that mean it's been infected?

Well, he more than likely he brushed up against something in the swamp.

He needs to get to a hospital, okay?

The sooner he gets medical attention, the sooner he's gone.

I'll have Hornstock set up a police presence at all the local hospitals.

I'll head back to magic city.

This blood can give us a time line to his injury.

Ma, if my bags are that big of a deal, I'll take them to my storage unit.

But I'm not gonna stay on the phone talking about them for one more second, or I'll smash this phone into a wall.

Hornstock: You're late.

I'm sorry.

Everything all good, Villa?

What do we got? Where are we with Guzman?

There's something hinky about Guzman's connection to this murder.

Hinky as in his blood is all over the vic's body.

I can see that.

Now, I know I'm dealing with a body that's been mauled beyond recognition, but based on Bridgewater's wound and the prelim results on Guzman's neck, there's something about this that feels disconnected.

He pulled a gun on an innocent driver.

That's to preserve a life, not take one.


Someone's in the ducts.

[Indistinct talking]

The hell are you doing, Rosie?

Butters: Uh, Rosie.

Hunter with a heart.


Hunter with a heart. My tag line.

Oh. Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, I got inspired on the John.

I'm a hunter with a heart.

I'm a tough bounty hunter, but I have a heart, meaning that I'm sensitive to others' needs.


Hey! Secure the whole perimeter now.

It was Guzman.

Well, if it's Guzman, he's long gone, trust me.

He's that good.

How the hell you know it's Guzman?

Certain places in China, doctors didn't have the resources to diagnose hemophilia, right?

So instead, what they would do is they would place a drop of blood on a sided piece of glass that slanted to see how far it traveled.

Now, healthy blood like ours, yours and mine, it stops about right here.

This blood is so thin, it stops here.

This is crazy.

A statewide hunt on Guzman's head, and he steps foot in a police station?

I'm as flummoxed as you are.

I doubt that.

From the Guzman whisperer.

You've been tracking him for three weeks.

We've been tracking him for three hours.

What aren't you telling us?

All right, back off.

No, no, no.

It starts with the face, Butters, and yours is telling me you're hiding something.

Missy, I don't know what you're implying, but I do know you don't want any of the Hot Butter.

That's my nickname for the heat I bring when you ignite my dark side.

Maybe that should be your tag line.

Let's be clear.

He may be your guy, Cap, but he's not mine.

I don't know... The way I see it, we don't have to track Guzman.

He's tracking us.

Okay, but I am just saying, passing on Juilliard...

Kind of a funky thing not to share, hmm?

I did not go, so there was nothing to share.

Tee, come on.

Why don't you make a list of everything you didn't do?

No, I-I don't want to make a list.

But I did want to have lunch with you.

But since you already got yours, I guess I'll go to boingo burger and get a double char and cheese fries.

And I'm not eating my feelings. I am just peckish.

Hi. Bye.

Can I talk to you for a second, please?

Have a seat.

Why are you so formal?

I... okay.

This is an 8.9 on the "awkward sibling interaction" scale.

[Sighs] Let me see.

I've been thinking long and hard about this.

Pip, you're fired.

I just left and got a salad.

You don't think that I see you when you think no one is watching?

You're using those beakers like microphones.

Nobody... I mean, once or...

Are you telling me that you don't even think about what it would have been like?

Juilliard, New York, bright lights, big city?

Always. I mean, come on, yeah.

But I was a different person back then. Come on. You know me.

I wasn't trying to listen to anybody or hear anything anybody had to say, especially some music teachers.

Or maybe you were scared.

Listen, the point is...


This place is holding you back.

I'm holding you back.

You should pursue your singing.

Okay, all of this, all this that surrounds you, it's... it's my dream.

It's not yours.

And I know why you're sticking around.

It's me.

You're worried about me, about my health.

What I want you to know is I'm gonna be fine...

Without you here.

Pip? Look at me.

It's time for you to bet on yourself.

You're a hard woman to track down.

Yet you always find me.

Well, I figured you'd be burning the midnight oil, so I brought you some seriously potent cafecito.

I ran a check on Guzman's most recent robbery.

Cross-referenced that with the homeowner's insurance claim.

Damn, wow, that's good. Thank you.

Guzman stole a bunch of expensive stuff...

Art, jewelry.

But get this... Two days ago, surveillance at a high-end memorabilia shop caught him selling a baseball card for almost 200k.

200k for a baseball card?

Think. If... if you were robbed and had something worth that kind of money, why wouldn't you claim it?

[Cellphone buzzes]

Are you kidding me? Again?

Let me see.


Some sort of code or riddle... Probably from Guzman.

His way of screwing with us.

So he's showing up at precincts, doing impersonations as the Riddler, all while he's sitting on enough money from a baseball card to go to another continent.

Unless he doesn't have the money.

Which got me thinking... what if he hid the money at the swamp but then it turns into a crime scene?

Then he had to wait for things to quiet down.

Which is now.

Which is now.

We got to get there.

Let's go.

♪ When I walk with you, I'm stronger than before ♪
♪ I think I liked you from the start ♪
♪ That's why I love you now ♪
♪ Idiot notice, that's the judgment days ♪

[Speaking indistinctly]

♪ no worry, see me sittin' by your side always ♪
♪ Hate with my love, and I see right through ♪
♪ Get another dutchie, and I'm gonna tell you a secret ♪
♪ It's not a secret no more ♪
♪ Together we make superpower super force ♪
♪ You're my brother, you're my friend ♪
♪ And I'm-a right, I'm-a right here for you ♪

So, how'd you find the crime scene in the dark?

Rosie, when a man gets eaten by an alligator, you don't usually forget where that was.

The man or the alligator?

[Breathing heavily]

From Guzman's shirt?

Worth a shot.

The money's gone.


Guzman got here first.

[Rustling, branches snapping]

Don't move.

Is that Guzman?

When you hear a noise, you say nothing!

What? You just said something. I can say something.


You shush!

Rosie, just stay right there.


One, Mississippi, two, Mississippi, three...

[Man grunts, thudding]

Stay down, Butters!

I knew it! I knew you played us!

Shut up!

Let him talk.

What, so we can hear about brethren and bounty-hunter code?

It's a bunch of crap.


You knew about the money all along, and you just needed our help to get to it.

Villa, you're wrong.


Son of a... Cap, what the hell are you doing here?

Where did you come from?

You know I almost shot you, thinking you were a gator?

You know, those freaks, you shoot them in the head, they grow another one?

Not even close to being true, captain.

Butters found out about the money. He asked me to come.


Did it ever occur to you, Villa, that you and I are a lot alike?

Take a guess.

It did not occur to you.

You know what?

Maybe we're both just good detectives.

I trained Hornstock. He trained you.

I thought we were both on the same side.

Really? Is that right?

Then why have you been M.I.A. since Guzman crawled his way into the squad?

Maybe he's bleeding.

I sent a flurry of texts to your phone.

"Meet me at the swamp. 911, 911!"

Are you kidding me? Those messages were from you?

Yeah, I know, I've got a... I've got a flip phone.

You know, my daughter's been after me to upgrade.

It's got these little tiny buttons.

All right, go ahead... laugh.

You try tracing one of these babies.

I got to pee.


Hey, whatever stick you got on Butters, you're making a bad read.

Cap, I get it.

You... you've got some nostalgic love affair going on with him, funny stories.

That what you think this is?

Fun and games?

Let me show you something.

Cap, let's go full pants.

I know about the one you took to the thigh.

Yeah, but you don't know about the two Butters took to the chest for me.

That's why he jumped out of the game.

I owe my life to that man.

He's as solid as they come.

False alarm, thanks to a finicky prostate.

Hey, good news. I found traces of blood.

It's fresh. It's Guzman's.

The bad news is that was the last thing that was keeping him in town.

At this point, he's probably at Rick's Steakhouse in Rochester, sipping on a frosty pilsner, waxing poetic with Sylvie, the milf waitress with the deep eyes and the cleav for days.

Heck, that's what I'd do if I had 200k.

I think there's one more stop he needs to make.

I haven't seen my proctologist in 18 months.

Hey, I told you. You got to stay on top of that.

I got to stay on top of that.


Sorry. I just came to get my bag.

But if I'm interrupting...

No, just finishing up Bridgewater, so...

Oh, you were right.

The arterial thin sections showed atherosclerotic precursor lesions.

You know that new paper-based method for iodometric testing of oxidized LDL is pretty sweet, so..

Yeah, yeah, yeah. True dat. True dat.


Your voice, it's transcendent.

Oh, gosh.

Really, like, you know, you have a talent that I don't have.

I sing okay or all right, decent.

Well, okay, I'm pretty good. But...

You really have the most beautiful voice that I've ever heard.

And it scares me.

Why would that scare you?

Because it's something that comes from your core, and people should hear it, not just me.

Oh, my gosh.

If that means going to New York to pursue it, then I'm right there beside you on that plane.

Not the middle seat. You know I like the aisle.

But I'm there.

And we'll make it happen.

I'll get a job at a sperm bank if I have to.

And we'll get a tiny place, okay?

A fourth-floor walk-up.

We'll have roaches.

We'll name them. We will not kill them.

We will make up fake backstories for them.

And it will be perfect.

But at some point when all your wildest dreams become reality, even with us squished next to each other on the tiny futon bed, it's like, I will be here, and you'll definitely be there, somewhere over there in your head, having outgrown me, and then there'll be some girl, and then there's gonna be another girl.

Before you know it, we're not gonna be us anymore.

That's what I thought about all day.


You're my first girl.

Ooh! What's going on with my face?


Oh, don't forget to give Rosie the report without inserting the hemo-dermal index panels, okay?


Um... I won't forget.

We're lone wolves, you and I.

Well, I know you two, but you're new.

I'm Dr. Beaumont Rosewood.

Listen, Ms. Franks, sorry to show up here so late.

But we have reason to believe that Marlan may be taking off for good, and we also have good reason to believe that he may come here first.

You know, for a doctor, you're not very smart.

Ms. Franks, Loretta, you know, it's not just about you.

Hey, we gave it a shot.

My gut told me he'd be here.

I was wrong.

I'm sorry.

Look, you're... You're a good detective.

You were just following your cop instincts.

No, I think it was human instincts.

I was the prettiest, you know.

Ma, go to sleep.

Like a movie star.

That's what they used to say to me...

Everybody in the neighborhood.

I could have had anyone, you know.


But your father, oh, he was so charming.

Very charming, I'll give you that.

There was this...

This dance club where we met.

And he came over to me.

And he was wearing this badass suit, and his hair was all slicked back.


He was the most handsome man I ever saw.

And we walked around the streets till, like, 4:00 in the morning.


And he knocked on the back door of this bakery, and... and they knew him.

They let us in.

We were eating these little guava pastelitos.

And our first kiss.


He had to have me all to himself.

Imagine that.

So he made all these promises.

Oh, and then you came along.

So he made more promises.

But you know what? He lied.


You know, I don't have to listen to this.

He stole my life.

No, he didn't steal your life.


You stole your life, because you sit here in your bitterness.


I swear, Marcos is the lucky one.

What is that supposed to mean?

You think it's just coincidence that my brother signs up for his third tour overseas?

He's escaping this... You, this, all of this.

Why do you hate me so much, Annalise?

I don't hate you, ma.


And you worship your father.

I'm the one who's here with you, me!

Not him!

He walked away without even saying goodbye.

No, he said goodbye. He wrote me a letter.

I still have it. You want to see it?

I'll show you.

He said goodbye.

And I'll see him again.

I will.


Another lie.


Time is 4:00 A.M.

Autopsy on Tex Bridgewater resumes.

Rock sliver, likely mica, found in skull.

Plus water found in the right middle lobe of lung.

Suggests the victim was alive when attacked by the alligator but unconscious from blunt-force trauma.

Dr. Rosewood?


I need your help.

Have to admit, I'm impressed that you broke in.

Getting into the police department was a breeze compared to this.


I didn't kill Bridgewater.


No. Look, I don't know what happened out there on that swamp.

But I do know that Bridgewater wanted me dead.

He found out about the money.

He thought, what's a $50,000 bounty if he could just eliminate me and take $200,000?

So you pay a visit to the air ducts in the east Miami P.D.

In the midst of a manhunt for your head?

It was a risk I was willing to take.

I was gonna turn myself in, you know, do the time for the B&E, but not go away for life for a murder I did not commit.


I had to see what I was up against.

See if there was anyone that I could trust.

And when I was up there in that ceiling, I overheard your theory about my innocence.

Finally, someone who might believe.

You're the only one that can clear me.

[Doorbell buzzes]

Expecting someone?

[Laughs] Candygram!

No, nobody.


Your work?

Yep. Yeah.

You make sure you fix that before you leave.


You know, there's a lot of places in this town to get a cafecito.

Not at this hour.

I-I couldn't sleep.

I didn't feel like staring at four walls alone right now.

Works for me.

Villa, listen, you should know that...

Are you kidding me?

Put your hands where I can see them!

Villa, relax. He comes in peace.

He is the lead suspect in a murder case.

You show your face here instead of tying things up with the kid?

Look, if there's one thing I know, it's that Beatrice is better off without me.

Guzman: I've broken her heart a million times.

At a certain point, I figured it's just better if I disappear.

Then she'll never expect me to show up again.

That's not true. She won't move on.

She will always be that little girl by the window, waiting for you to come back.

The... the baseball card, where'd you get it?

My old man.

You didn't steal it?


I've been holding on to it this whole time with the hopes of giving it to Bea for her college fund.

Why now, then?

Look, I know the jig is up.

I'm about to do a stint inside.

So I went to grab it.

That's when Bridgewater found me.

He's telling the truth... based on the absence of the burn marks and the low-velocity pattern on his tissue injury, that wasn't a gunshot from point-blank range.

It came from across the marsh.

From a different gun.

We're going back to the swamp, and you're coming with.

Turn around.


This is about the distance and the direction that bullet came from.

Stay right there.

Rosie, I think you're right.

That was there?

That was mine.


What is it?

Guzman, I know who shot you.

Villa: Hi, Beatrice.

We just want to clear up a couple things.

Do you remember the bookmark you were using when I met you, the purple one?

Did you lose part of it recently?

Maybe at the swamp?

Start talking!

So, Mr. Bridgewater shows up at your house.

More than once.

But the other night, he was saying things he never said before.

Like what?

Things he'll do to my dad if he didn't turn himself in.

He stayed outside our house for another hour or so.

I guess he assumed my dad would come home.

I was scared, so...

I went to the closet to get my mom's gun.


And when he left, I followed him to the swamps.

And there they were, fighting.

Look, I did it to protect my dad.

What were you thinking, Beatrice?

All of this for someone who's done nothing for you!

So the bullet missed Bridgewater and grazed your dad.

Bridgewater actually shot himself in the struggle.

It takes a lot to do what you did.

Is dad still going to jail?

For the robbery, yes, but with good behavior...

Can I see him before he goes away?


I'm so sorry.

I didn't mean to hurt you. I panicked.

The money is for you, okay? All of it.

I know that doesn't change anything.

And I know that saying "sorry" doesn't mean anything.

Look, you don't owe me this, but would you consider coming to visit me?

Hey, lone wolf.


Thanks for the win.

Maybe we'll do it again sometime.



Cap, you wanted to see me?

Yeah. Good collar, Villa.

Well, your boy did his share.

That's why they call him the Hot Butter.

Hey. Get in here.

Sit your tuchus in the cushion.

I know you had some stress.

Heard you paid a visit home.

"Home" is a relative word.

Blood is very strong, Villa.

It don't rub out easy.

Cap, you close with your mom?

Me? I mean, we had beef.

She sued me in small-claims court in '92.

She won... good for her.

Try to stay in this.

'Cause one thing I know... That motel ain't home.

[Birds squawking, dogs barking]

"Lucy was tired from the busy day with one red shoe.

She dreamed about the adventures she could have with two red shoes."

The little girl in that story never stops whining about those red shoes, does she?


You wrote the letter.

I hadn't read it since I was 14.

But looking at it now, it's clear those weren't his words.

They were yours.

My heart was broken to pieces.

And I didn't want yours to be, too.

You couldn't protect me from that.

That's the thing, mi Amor.

When you were a little girl, I could.

I could at least try.

And now you're...

You're a grown woman.

And when I heard about Eddie...

Do you know what it's like to... to be a mother and not be able to fix that for your little girl?

You can't prevent it.

I didn't need you to prevent it, ma.

I needed you.

I reached out to you.

I did.

I called you a thousand times after, and you shut me out.

You... you did... you did try.

But now it's my turn.

♪ I'm gonna burn it down ♪
♪ Give it up, give it up ♪


♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
♪ Oh oh oh oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
♪ Save myself now ♪

You're here early.

Yep. And I'm feeling amazing.

Is that right?

Get the prize out of the cereal again?

[Laughs] No, I'm feeling amazing because I thought about Celina Balstrom and Nelson Cortez.

I mean, Vera Leona, Moshe Finkleman...

Those are the people that we...

People that laid on that table and depended on me to help them, to find the answers that solved their murders.

I did that. Me.

So I'm not staying just because I worry about you.

Which I do.

I'm staying for me.

I mean, you were right.

I have been dreaming about being a singer since I was a little girl.

I mean, I dreamed about it nonstop with my eyes open and closed.

But when I was a little girl, this dream did not exist.

This lab didn't exist.

Hell, I didn't even know what a toxicologist was.

And now I am one.

A damn good one.

This is my dream.

Pip, listen, I feel that...

Do you know that I have a fiance who is so crazy about me that she actually thought I was going to leave her for some pixie-rock chick with an Ellen Page haircut?

But what that girl doesn't know is that she'd have to blow up the damn planet to push me away.

Rosie, she's my dream.

And I want all of it.

I want her. I want to help you.

I-I want this lab. I want a little pug.

I want the house with the white picket fence.


And this morning, I feel amazing because I feel like I might actually get it.

Then what are you standing there for?

Get to work.

[Clears throat]

But there's no way you're getting a pug.

Okay, you tripping. You know I'm gonna get me a pug.

You're not getting a pug.

All right, you can get a pug.