01x09 - Fashionistas and Fasciitiss

♪ The drinks go down and smoke goes up ♪
♪ I feel myself got to let go ♪
♪ My cares get lost up in that crowd ♪
♪ That go up, up and away yo ♪
♪ We live till we die ♪
♪ Live till we die ♪
♪ Live till we die ♪
♪ Slow down the lights ♪
♪ Eyes open wide ♪
♪ We live till we die ♪
♪ Live till we die ♪
♪ Live till we die ♪
♪ Live till we die ♪
♪ Live till we die ♪
♪ Live till we die ♪

The limo was a little much.

Wow, one, you look amazing.

Two, the gto, top down, not great for perfectly styled hair.

That does not apply to me.

Three, the Rosewoods send limos for ladies.

Gentlemen's code, especially on a date.

This isn't a date.

Technically, it's a date.

Technically, I don't do dates.

This is a favor for a friend.

If you look like that in Miami, you do dates.

And by the way, I like that.

Like what?

Well, the way word "friend" just rolls so easily off your tongue these days.

No, really, because first you recognize our friendship, then you reconcile with your mother.

Mm, "reconcile" is a strong word.

Either way, you are making progress.

[Dance music playing]

Hey, ladies, good to see you.

Hey, we'll catch up later.


It's a tingling in your hands.

Annoying as hell.

What, me or the neuropathy? Don't answer that.

It's probably a pinched nerve.

You need to relax and savor this experience.

I'm savoring, trust me.

I mean, look, I've got the hair and my shoes rocking.

Looks great. I even got my nails done, okay?

Yeah. That's some serious savoring I've got going on.

I should actually make sure that security guard does not need my help.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Villa, he's got it covered, okay?

All of this... Take a look, see all of this?

It's a work-free zone tonight.

Seriously, Rosie, why not choose a real date?

Someone who could truly appreciate all of this with you?

You want to be like that, then fine, okay.

I got a mysterious invitation from one of the designers.

Now, it's a woman who I'm sure is lovely, but I never met.

And given my recent situation with women from my past, I figured...

You're not sure who's gonna walk into your life.

See how we finish each other's sentences like that?

That's special. It really makes me feel good.

See, this friendship thing is getting...

So I'm not here for pleasure. I'm here for protection.

Woman: Champagne?

Why can't it be both?

Pippy: Cheers.


You ordered a bottle of Dom?

[Laughing] We cannot afford that.

Oh, yes, we can.

Now that you've accepted an offer on your condo, we're not paying two mortgages anymore.

Right, you know what...

And I got you something.

You got me something. [Chuckles]


What's wrong?

Oh, no, you thought that was jewelry.

[Laughs] Just forget it. Just forget the stupid key.

I love the key.

No, it's not the gift.

Um, I just... I kind of... had second thoughts on selling my place.

I'm sorry. Uh...

Champagne is already making me hear things that I really wish I didn't just hear.

What did you say?

I-I get that you're mad.


Tara, why would I be mad, hmm?

We've been engaged an entire year, and someone is clearly sending me the message that their feet are getting cold.

That is not it.

Can you just please hear me out?

No, I cannot.

I can only imagine what you're gonna say next, but I cannot imagine sitting here one more second.

You... You can't just...

So you enjoy your night and your amazing condo.


[Ellie Goulding's "On My Mind" plays]

♪ Now I always hear, always hear them talking ♪
♪ Talking about a girl, about a girl with my name ♪
♪ Saying that I hurt you, but I still don't get it ♪
♪ You didn't love me, no, not really ♪
♪ Wait, I could have really liked you ♪
♪ I'll bet, I'll bet that's why I keep thinking 'bout you ♪
♪ It's a shame ♪
♪ You said I was good, so I poured it down ♪
♪ So I poured it down ♪
♪ Now I don't understand it ♪
♪ You don't mess with love, you mess with the truth ♪
♪ And my heart don't understand it ♪

[Applause, camera shutters clicking]

[Cheers and applause]

Dr. Rosewood.

Please, call me Rosie.

Hi, I'm Angela York, one of Tressamo's founding designers.

Congratulations. I have to say, this is pretty impressive stuff.

Thank you.

All the credit goes to our lead designer, Gigi Gaston, who's requested your presence.

♪ So I poured it down ♪

Well, I'd love to be present.

Let's do it.

Oh, I'm so sorry.

Uh, the invitation actually only extends to Dr. Rosewood.

Uh, Angela, I'm sorry.

A gentleman never leaves his date behind.

I'm sure I'll survive on my own, and it's not a date.

I'm sure you're gonna be leaving immediately.

No, no, me? I'll be fine.

I'll just... ooh, I'll flirt with the greasehead at 3:00.

I love a guy that wears a blazer with no shirt.

Villa, I'm gonna need you to put your sarcasm on ice, and don't arrest anyone.

Go backstage, make a Rosie connection with Gigi.

I'll be waiting right here or at home.


Sarcasm. Ice.

Backstage, go.

[Camera shutter clicks]

[Dance music playing]


You did a great job. I really loved you.


Oh, please, come in.


Oh. Mm. Wow.

It is so good to see you.

I'm sorry, but have... have we met?

I'm sure I would have remembered, but...

Well, it has been a while.

The last time we saw each other, I had a mouth full of braces and a very bad case of acne.

[Chuckles] Wait a minute, no.

Little Georgeanne? You had the braces and the overbite and the pony.

Oh! [Laughs] Yeah.

But the braces have gone the way of Georgeanne.

Okay, all right.

Just call me Gigi now.

Gigi Gaston, wow. You know what?

Your new clothing line, amazing.

And I hear your company's about to blow up.

Well, it's not too shabby for a girl from the mean streets of overtown, right?

Well, the mean streets of overtown obviously couldn't keep a woman with your talents down.

Overbite Gaston.

[Laughing] Stop. [Laughs]

No, I'm telling you, no.

I always knew that you'd be something special.

You're amazing...

And still so generous with your words.

Thank you.

You know, Rosie, I asked you here for a reason.


You know, I'm flattered and all that, but...

Rosie, I need your help.

I think someone is trying to kill me.

Fashionistas and Fasciitiss

The blisters are caused by a bacterium.

We won't know how serious it is until we run some tests.

When did you first notice it?

A few days ago.

Any other symptoms?

My sinuses have been acting up, but that's not unusual.

Went to the doctor, he set me up with some antibiotics and cortison cream.

You said something about someone trying to kill you?

Normally, I wouldn't be concerned.

Then these arrived.

Okay, we got to get you to a hospital and bring the police in to investigate these letters.

Rosie, I came to you because you're a doctor, but also because you're someone I remember as being trustworthy.

I was hoping that as a pathologist, you have police relationships that can help me keep this under the radar.

I'm a big fan of privacy, but this...

My partners and I have leveraged everything to make Tressamo a success.

And after all the in-fighting and drama, we are finally about to break through.

You know Skyline Boutiques, right?

Oh, yeah, they make the best silk ties and pocket squares.


We're about to sign a major deal with them.

I'm still not hearing a good reason not to go with the police with these letters and get you to a hospital.

We had to convince Skyline that we're a serious fashion house, ready to take the next step.

If we do anything to bring bad press our way, the deal is dead.

I can keep this on the d.L., but you're gonna have to do exactly what I say.

Ooh, this worries me.

A lot of effort went into these letters.

And a lot went into your look tonight.

That dress is fantastic.

Hey, I'm sorry I ruined your date.

Villa doesn't date.

Oh, if you look like that in Miami, you date.

That's what I said. See?

How do you two know each other?

From school.

Rosie's not one to brag, but he protected me from this clique of bullies.


Do you have any idea who sent you these letters?

In this business, I feel like I make an enemy before my first cup of coffee.

Designers who are jealous of my success, suppliers who want bigger percentages, a few disgruntled former employees.

You have partners, right?

Yes, Chuy and Angela.

But we're like family.

Dysfunctional, sure, but still family.

Now, Chuy's got some bad habits, but he's extremely savvy when it comes to business.

What kind of bad habits?

All kinds, but he does the job.

It was his idea to start our perfume line.


You expecting someone?

Only the sharpest medical mind I know.

[Door opens]

Besides me, of course.


Rosie rose, you call, I come running.

Mike, whoa, look at the tux. That's normally not your style, is it?

Yeah, this is yours.

I mean, literally, this is... this is yours.

Yeah, th-that is my tux.

Yes, I had it tailored to fit. How do I look?

You had my tux tailored to fit you.

[Laughs] You know the deal, man.

You leave it at my house, it's fair game.

Well, I tell you.

I just came from this fundraising thing at the hospital, so...

A tux and flip-flops. There's gonna be a slight pinch.

That's a look that can catch on in Miami. Ow.

Yeah, those wing tips were killing me.

I like your fashion sense.

Well, good, 'cause I'm a fashion designer.

Gigi Gaston.

Oh, okay, I'm Dr. Mike Boyce.

And that's Detective Villa.

Mike is a gifted infectious-disease doctor.

He's also an overachiever who spent three months in Liberia during the ebola crisis saving lives.

And then he made a few quick stops in Syria and Lebanon?

Yes, I like to go where I'm needed.

I mean, Rosie would do the same thing, except they won't let him drive that pineapple-colored car that you're driving.

[Laughter] Oh.

This is coming from a man who pushes himself around Miami in a dime-a-dozen tank.

Okay, I'll have you know that that D-110 tank is a military-grade ride that you, my brother, will be wishing you had when the next hurricane hits.

2.5 diesel, santana gear box, 110 defender, not a dime-a-dozen. I'm a fan.

As am I.

I'm Mike.



All right, it's good to meet you.

Mike, Mike, focus, focus. That's not why I called you.


Okay, why did you call me?

Attempted murder.

Attempted mur... Wow, okay.

Well, whose life is in danger?

That would be me.

Well, how can I help?

Gigi, where are your partners right now?

Uh, Angela's in the house we all share, and Chuy's on a flight to Milan to open our flagship boutique.


Rosie, keep me updated on what you guys find.

And uh, thanks for jumping in to help us on this one.

Right. My pleasure.

My pleasure.

♪ Let the music take your mind, ooh ♪
♪ Just release, and you will find ♪
♪ You're gonna fly away ♪
♪ Glad you're going my way ♪
♪ I love it when we're cruising together ♪

Oh, yes, I know it's changing.

I know. I... uh...

Please tell me my eyes aren't seeing this.

♪ Music was made for love ♪

Did I not teach you how to knock?

♪ I love it when we're cruisin' together ♪

It's late, and I should be going.

Sam, you really... You don't have to leave.

Yes, he does.

I'll text you.

Dad has only been gone two seconds, and already, Stella's getting her groove back?

Young lady, you and I need to have a serious talk about boundaries and respect.

Now, please have a seat because this is...


Baby, what's wrong?


Right there, see?

That inflammation in the back of your throat, that's what concerns me.

It's not looking like it's sinus-related.

Yeah. Rosie's right.

There's a bacteria in your system, and it was most likely administered orally.

So, I'm gonna need you to sit tight.

It'll only take a minute for this biopsy.


See, each blister displays a different level of agitation.

Which suggests she was exposed repeatedly over a span of time.

You know, I have to say, it seemed like you and Detective Villa had a moment there.

Well, actually, we... we get that a lot.

Oh, I was talking to Dr. Mike.

Oh, for real?

Y-y-you felt that, too?

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yes.

I know moments, and it didn't really look like a moment to me.

Oh, then, you don't know what you were looking at, brother.

Yeah, well, we need to be looking at this over here, anyway.

I see gram positive cocci in chains.

Hey, Mike, come take a look at this.

What is it?

Is it bad?

Uh, it seems you've been infected by a rare flesh-eating bacterium called streptococcus pyogenes.

The antibiotics that you were taking for your sinuses slowed the bacteria down, but it didn't kill it.

So left untreated...

It can be lethal, so I'm sorry, Gigi.

But you're gonna have to go to a hospital, and you're gonna have to go right now.

Chuy Mendez, multiple arrests for drug possession.

The other partner, Angela York, is clean.

If something happens to Gigi, all of her ownership shares fall to them, and with their new Skyline deal...

Oh, the fancy place with the fun threads.

The fun threads?

Yeah, you know, lingerie, good-time nighties.


There's a reason I been married four times, Villa.

Look, the Skyline deal is gonna make them multi-millionaires.

Hey, guys.

Hey, where's Gigi?

At the hospital with Mike.

Who's Mike?

A gifted infectious-disease doctor.

What? He is.

Gigi's been systematically infected over the last two weeks by someone who's had repeated access to her.

All right, so suss out the partners.

Chuy's out of town, so start with Angela.

I'll expedite a search warrant.

No, no need for the warrant. Gigi and I go way back.

She already gave me a key and the okay to go into the house they work out of.

Keep me posted, then.

Gifted doc...

Okay, so what, you want to stop by a-and pick up Mike on the way?

No, we can roll by the hospital, maybe can, you know, ride shotgun in his tank?

What do you think?

We need to bag and tag every cinching needle we find and test them.

Maybe we can have Mike fast-track test on them.

Mike? What we need Mike for?

Pippy does all my microbiology testing.

It's just a-a thought.

You're the one who brought him in on the case.

Well, I brought him in to treat Gigi.

You been thinking a lot about him.

You got a thing for my boy?

Nobody has a thing for anybody, except for maybe Gigi.

I mean, she's had a crush on you since high school.

That was a long time ago.

If you ask me, she's still carrying a torch.

No, she needs me. There's no torch.

She wants you.

Hot, burning torch.

The wine is still cold.

Someone was just here.




Police, hands in the air, now!

Stay right there, Chuy!

You know her?

Angela York.

She's an old friend's business partner and housemate.

You note the froth?

Classic sign of drowning.

I'm gonna call Hornstock, see if I can get the okay to have her sent to my lab.

A friend of yours is a friend of mine, Rosie.

I'll personally deliver her to your lab.

Thanks, Neil. I appreciate it.

Yeah, you know, I'll talk to you when you're sober.

Go, take him. [Sighs]

Chuy's bombed, too drunk to interrogate.

Claims he was partying the last two days, that's why he missed his plane to Milan.

Yeah, well, his partner's dead.

Yeah, and the other one's in the hospital.

It's looking pretty bad for him.

We'll hit him harder at the station after he's dried out.

Who you calling?

Mike, giving him a heads up we're coming to give Gigi the bad news.

So, you guys exchanged numbers?

With the doctor working on the case, yes.

The last time I checked, I was the doctor working on the case.

Is that... Th-that's funny?

I went to med school, too.

You know, me?

[Tea kettle whistling]

Who sent you flowers? Oh, my God.

They're from old boy from last night.

[Scoffs] He was just here 10 hours ago.

Maybe you should tell him that being thirsty is unattractive.

They're not from Sam, and there's nothing wrong with a man showing his appreciation for a woman by sending her flowers.

No, Doug is just a new friend, so...

Wait, Doug?

Who is Doug? Mom!

Exactly how many new friends do you have?

And don't let Rosie see those flowers.

Best not show those lillies.

You've got the wrong person.

Evidence says otherwise.

Easy, Gigi. Your vitals just spiked.

I don't care!

[Voice breaking] Rosie, this is not why I came to you!

Can you guys give us a minute, please?

Listen, I know this is a lot to digest.

Whoa, wait. No, no, what are you doing? What are you doing?

I need to get out of here.

Chuy needs an attorney, and funeral arrangements need to be made.

Gigi, we need you to stay here until we know the new treatment is working.

Just be patient.


Mike: The tingling's in your right arm?

Villa: Yes, it drives me crazy.

Yeah, I can relate.

Years of mountain climbing, parasailing, extreme sports.

Mike: Kind of my thing.

[Inhales sharply]Yeah, see, that pinched nerve, it's not in...

Her neck, no, it's not. It's likely from the...

Median nerve, which runs through your arm. Probably caused by...

Firing a weapon or fending off potential suitors.


Remember, I mentioned it to you back at the fashion show?

It doesn't ring a bell.


How's Gigi?

She's just adjusting to the news.

Rosewood: Got to keep an eye on her.

She's trying to get out of here, go help a friend, you know.



Gigi. Got to keep an eye on Gigi.

Yes, Gigi, of course.

I am on it, and I will let you know if her condition changes.

You, young lady, need to keep that arm elevated and try to find a pro to massage those nerve endings.




You're smiling.

I always smile.

No, you don't always smile.

You smiling is like a solar eclipse.

Yeah, it's rare and noteworthy.

Oh, well, maybe that's only when you're around.

Your business partners aren't faring too well, Chuy.

Them out of the way, you stand to be a very rich man.

How long are we gonna go over the same thing?

You ever see "Godfather" 1 and 2 back to back?

A long freakin' time.

So, talk to me, fashion king.

Wait, do you need to change into your confession clothes or something?


Don't worry about what I'm wearing, okay?

This is nice, okay?


Here's something that'll wipe that grin off your hipster face.

The needles we found at the house tested positive for the same bacteria that put Gigi in the hospital.

She had a habit of putting them in her mouth, so you contaminated them.

You don't know what you're talking about, Mano.

Well, enlighten me, Mano.

Is this your stationery and handwriting?

Didn't know you can go to jail for writing a thank-you note too late.

You the etiquette police?

No, you're going to jail because this note was written on 40-pound, uncoated, linen-grade strathmore, the same stationery used to write these little beauties.

Hear that?

You ready to put pen to fancy paper and write out your confession?

There's no scratches on Chuy's body.

You drag a woman into a pool and drown her, there's usually some sign of struggle on the perp.

Well, unless you try...

Unless she was already unconscious when she went in.


You know, Mike's only a phone call away if you want a massage.

Would you stop it?

No, I'm just saying. What?

No, you're being weird because I'm curious about the guy you brought in to help with the case.

So, you admit that you're interested?

Um, curious, not interested.

Well, "interested" means "curious."

Not in my book.

Well, my book is a thesaurus, which means I'm right, and you're...


[Door opens]

I need both of you to be brutally honest with me.

Is there something wrong with what I'm wearing?

Gigi: Who's in charge?

What the hell?

I want to talk to whoever's in charge.

What the hell's going on?!

Where's Detective Villa?

Why is she out of the hospital?

Easy, easy, she's stable, and I actually brought her here so I can monitor her.

I can't keep her anywhere against her will.

You need to release Chuy now.

We were about to buy Angela out of the company and let her go.

He has no motive to kill her.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, lady, but he wanted you both dead.

Well, I want to talk to him. Where is he?

Well, he's on his way to a jail cell, being booked for murder.




Man: Got a runner!

[Indistinct shouting]



Chuy, I have to ask because it happens to me a lot.

What goes through an idiot's mind just before he runs away from a cop inside a precinct full of other cops?

I'm not an idiot, okay?

I know how things look.

I just needed to get out of here and figure things out.

So, let's figure things out, okay?

We pulled a fingerprint off one of the wine glasses that belongs to you, but the print we pulled off the second glass is a mystery.

Who else was at the house with you?

See that look on Chuy's face?

This is where Villa breaks him.

She's gifted in this department.

She's gifted in a lot of departments.


He's developing a thing for Villa.

Mikey, you're consulting on a case here.

Behave accordingly.

Yeah, yeah, of course. Of course.

Real quick, hypothetically speaking.

All right, let's say me and Villa, we go camping.

Is she the rough it out type like me, or is she like the glamping type, like old boy over here?

So, you got jokes? That's what this is?

You got jokes?

I'm just saying.

You know, you should be happy I showed up to that campsite with more than a Swiss army knife.

You would have stayed wet and hungry.

I had a friend over, all right, a guy.

Gigi doesn't know about us.

Why would Gigi care who you date?

Normally, she wouldn't, but I was with Ian.

Who's Ian?

Ian Hunter. Rival designer.

Gigi hates him, even had him kicked out of the fashion show yesterday.

Why the bad blood?

There was this huge bake-off, right, with Gigi's designs going up against Ian's.

Big department-store deal.

Gigi won.

Ever since then, the vibe between them has been nasty.

So, you take Gigi and Angela out and clear the way for you and Ian to be the fashion kings of Miami.

No, it's not like that.

So, what is it like?

Look... I'm a good designer, but Gigi is transcendent.

Without her, I'm just another scrub in the fashion district, squeaking out a living.

Ian's got to be setting me up.

Look, it's the only thing that makes sense.

He must have stolen my stationery and sent those death threats.

So, where is Ian now?

I don't know. I-I passed out.

When I woke up, he was gone, and you and that gorgeous guy were in my backyard.

An APB on Ian Hunter, ASAP, please.


Oh. Hey.

I used to be just like you 10 years ago.

A few pounds lighter, between wife number one and two.

I used to have a way with the ladies.

Yeah? I mean, yeah.

There was this one summer, I was dating so many different women, I'd pen their name on my wrist just so I knew which dame I was on a date with.


Guys like you and me have no business dating a woman like Villa.

Sliding her into your rotation isn't gonna fly.

You hear me?

Cap, Cap.

Hey, Rosie.

Mike's not like that.

Yeah, I'm not like that.

Yeah, what's he like?

Well, you know, he loves women, but he's not a dog.

Love women, not a dog.

And he's a rare breed of doctor.

I mean, if a call comes in right now and they need an extra set of hands for some overflow refugees in Europe...

I would be on the first plane to turkey.

You vouch for him?

He's all right.

No, do you vouch for this guy?

You vouch for me?

Do you vouch for me?

Yeah, every day of the week, twice on Sundays.

See? Twice on Sundays.


Lucky me.

Yeah, take that.

I got that for you, high in protein.

[Clears throat]

Wow, that's a lot of heat for a guy that hasn't even asked a girl out yet.

Well, you know, he's just a little overprotective of Villa.

You think?

So, uh, [Clears throat] What about you?

What? No, I mean, come on.

You know, it's none of my business, you know?


She's a grown woman, capable of making her own decisions.

Okay, here we go.

Here we go?

Look, hey, let me tell you something.

[Chuckles] You go ahead and do your thing, okay?

That's it, do your thing.

Okay. I'm good.

All right. I'ma do my thing.

Rosie, I'm waiting on the APB for Ian to come through.

I just...



How did you know I was here?

Well, a little bald birdie told me that this is where you hang out when you're in a holding pattern, so...


A little bald, black birdie.

Mm. [Chuckles]

[Gasps] Is this a souvenir from your takedown?

I've had worse.


What, like a knife fight, bullet wounds?

Is this really what you want to talk about?

Bruises and scars?

Yeah. I mean, every scar has a story.

Right, like this one right here, whoa, this is a crazy story.

I mean, I'm actually lucky that I'm sitting here next to you today.

I think this is the moment where you actually tell the story.

Well, actually, the story's too long.

Plus, it's best told over dinner.


I mean, I was thinking like a bonfire, north beach, cold beer, I could snorkel out, catch us some lobster.

Oh, so you're actually gonna swim out and catch them, too?

Oh, yeah, I can swim, girl.

Th-that's how I get down.


Am I trying too hard to impress you?

No, no, you think so?

[Laughs] Guilty. Guilty as charged.

I figure, leave it all out in the field, right, especially if I get the answer that I want.

I mean, I get that it's probably weird, given your relationship with Rosie.

Hold on, did you guys have a conversation about me?

I mean, he's my boy. He's my best friend.

[Cellphone rings]

Excuse me.


Detective Villa.

Okay, I'm on my way.

I'm sorry, I got to... I got to go.

Yeah, yeah. So, this whole beach lobster thing, is that a pass, or...

I didn't say that.

Oh, okay.


Donna: Hey!

Why didn't you tell me Mike was in town helping with this case?

I love Mike.

I haven't had a chance.

Yeah, well, where is he? I'm overdue for my hug.

I don't know. If I had to guess, he's with Villa.

Ooh, do I detect a tone?

No, no, no, there's no tone.

I heard a tone. I invented the tone.

What, are they not getting along?

Actually, quite the opposite.

Ooh, and how do you feel about that?

[Laughs] How do I feel?

I feel fine, okay? And there's no tone.

One more time, how do you feel about that?

Okay, I'm an adult.

I need you to stay out of my personal business, just like I stay out of your personal business.

You got personal business.


What is it? What...

Scans and x-rays, please.


Rosewood: Water in the lungs confirms my preliminary conclusion that she drowned.

But this hemorrhaging in the brain, TMI, did you get the...

Yep, right side of her head, a contusion the size of an orange and subdural hematoma with a midline shift and secondary herniation.


I also found an abrasion on her right arm two inches long.

Pippy, where are we with the toxicology?

Uh, results are coming shortly.

There's too much tension.

It's too quiet. That worries me. What's up?

You always are complaining that we talk too much, and now that we are all business, that's a problem?

Yes, there is a problem. Let's air it out. I'll mediate.

Uh, no, thank you.

That's not necessary.

Just change the subject.

I walked in on our mom having an evening with a man last night.

An evening? See, I knew something was up.

Where'd this run-in happen?

Oh, at the house.

At the house?

The one we grew up in, yeah.

She went on a date with a guy, brought him home, and he was young, too!

He's not that young. He just has a baby face.

How would you know that? You weren't there.

Well, I may or may not have helped your mom set up her Tinder account.

You put mom on a hook-up site?

Hold up, no, no, combining the words "mom" and "hook-up" in the same sentence needs to stop.

[Computer beeping] We're gonna deal with this later.

Pippy, what was Angela's body temp when she was pulled from the pool?


Which is really high. Was the pool heated?

Who heats a pool to 100-plus degrees in Miami?

Rosewood: Nobody. Run a throat culture, stat.

[Cellphone beeps]

She's right over there.

[Cellphone rings]

[Cellphone beeps] Make it fast, Rosie.

Angela was sick at the time of her death, infected by the same bacterium as Gigi.

We're checking now to see if the same needles were the cause.

You ready?

I hear a crowd. Where are you?

Backstage at a fashion event, tracking down Ian Hunter.

So, you're at a fashion event without me.

Okay, so, that's how it is?

I mean, I brought you as a date to my event, and I even sent a limo for you.

It wasn't a date.


Oh, okay, yeah, whatever. I'll be there in 20.

Minutes? Save yourself the trouble.

This thing is going down right now.

Thing, what thing? I-I want in on that thing.

Ian Hunter?

Hey, we just want to talk to you.

He's got a gun!


Let me go, and I won't hurt anyone!

I didn't kill anyone!

I got this.

No, I got this. You got the last one.

Everything is gonna be all right, honey.



Make sure she's all right!

[Sighs] Shouldn't I still be in the hospital?

Don't worry about that.

We know you sent the threatening letters to Gigi.

Yeah, I sent the letters, but I didn't kill anyone.

An innocent man doesn't pull a gun and take a hostage!

Look, I knew you guys would try and use the letters against me, and I panicked, all right?

The only reason I sent the letters was because I wanted to rattle Gigi and throw her off her game.


No, no, I think you wanted to destroy her for taking over that fancy Skyline deal away from you.

I bet you sit up at night, pissed that Tressamo's about to roll in the cash while you're stuck peddling your merchandise at the Opa Locka flea market.

The Opa what?

Opa Locka flea market.

I'm confused, are you saying "locka" or "locker"?

Locka, locka, like lock you up the rest of your days for murder, you get it now?

And your weapon of choice, streptococcus pyrogenics...

Where'd you get it?

What did you call it?

You really want to do this again?

No, I-it's streptococcus pyogenes.

We use that and e. Coli in the perfume-making process.

So, you admit to working with the exact stuff that infected Gigi.

I want a lawyer.

Rosie, I think we're gonna nail Ian.

He had access to the bacteria that's used in...

Perfume, yeah, I know.

Of course you do.

Yeah, here's the thing.

Pippy called, said Angela's throat culture came back negative.

Which means?

Which means that Angela and Gigi were not infected in the same manner.

I'm flying back to the lab to revisit the body, see if I can figure out how that bacteria got in there.

Hey, why don't you meet me?

No, I got to go do my own thing.

I got to look for a murder weapon in a perfume lab.

Everything okay with you and Mike?

Uh, yeah, why wouldn't it be okay with Mike?

I don't know.

I thought it might be awkward.

He asked you out, you shoot him down, you know.

I didn't shoot him down.

I-I'm sorry, the top's down in the gto.

I thought you said you didn't shoot him down.

Yeah, I didn't. I said maybe.

Maybe? Wow, okay.

All right, well, that's another step in the progress continuum.

But, you know, you're not really a maybe kind of girl.

If you want to say yes, I mean, just go ahead and say yes.

I... no, I got to go.

Why are you hiding out in my office?

'Cause I don't want to be down there looking at little miss matchmaker.

I thought we were on the same page, you know?

Moving forward.

TMI is holding back.

I mean, whether it's selling her place, setting a wedding date.

TMI is always holding back.

You've got to give that girl some time, Pippy.

Time, mom? Really, like, time?

It's been over two years.

Two years where she hasn't seen or heard from her family.

What does that have to do with anything?


She chose to love you and lost her family.

Mom, TMI insists that she's fine with the way things are with her family.


Would everything be all right if you lost us?


Okay, so then, why doesn't she just come and talk to me to tell me how she really feels?

Because she's trying to protect you from the fact that loving you is causing her pain.

You've just got to give her a little bit more time, baby, to get on the same page as you.

She'll get there.

Pip, I'm gonna need you to run...

It's okay, it's okay, I can run the test.

Pippy's a hothead.

She's gonna calm down when all of this is...

No, she has every right to be mad at me.

Hell, I'm mad at me.

Ooh, Rosie, there's a high concentration of catalase negative and gram-positive bacteria in the sample.

I just got back from the perfume lab.

Guess who was the only person to visit the lab recently?

I don't need to guess. I know who the killer is.

Shouldn't you guys be, like, rushing out to go arrest the killer?

The killer is here.

Angela's the killer?

Villa: Gigi and Chuy were carrying Angela as dead weight for years.

Just when they were about to take things to another level...

They decided to buy Angela out, cut her loose.

But Angela figured out they were planning on ditching her, so she tried to get rid of them first.

By killing gig and framing Chuy...

Angela knew of Gigi's habit of sticking needles in her mouth.

So, she contaminated Gigi's pin cushion with the bacteria that she stole from the perfume.

And accidentally infected herself with the substance through a scratch in her arm.

Angela probably didn't even know she was sick until it was too late and the symptoms kicked in.

High fever, delirium, loss of motor skills.

Did I miss something?

No, I think you hit it all.

I also found a large contusion on her head.

Which suggests Angela fell, hit her head, landed in the pool.

Where she drowned and met her eventual fate.

You two share the same brain or something?

[Cellphones vibrate]

It's Gigi.

Rosewood: She's back in the hospital.

Well, get out of here.

What happened?

Chuy found her passed out at home.

Blood pressure's 70 systolic.

Open up the fluids. 10 mcgs per kg dopamine.

She's going into warm shock.

'Crit is 20.

Mike: 2 units of pack cells.

Nurse: Blood pressure's still dropping.

She's going into arrest. You need to double the dopamine.

We got this, Rosie. [Flatline]


All right, go, go, go!

Come on.



No pulse. Starting CPR.

One, two, three.

One, two, three.

One amp of epi.

No, five amps of epi!

Five's gonna kill her.

We got this, Rosie.

Actually, no, you don't got this.

One amp is not gonna be enough to bring her back.

One, two, three.

All right, fine. Five, five, do it.

If I give her five, she'll code.

She's already coding, give her five, I said!

Do it.

One, two, three.

Hold compression.


I got a pulse.

[Monitor beeping]

Welcome back.

What happened?

Your body rejected one of the antibiotics, which caused you to go into shock, but you're getting help.

Thank you.

I'd like to take all the credit, but Mike had a little bit to do with it. [Laughs]

Not just for this, Rosie.

What are you talking about?

Come on, you know.

For sticking up for me back in the day, when that kid used to pick on me, made fun of how big I was, the braces.

Greg Finneran.

Mm. [Chuckles]

You beat him up pretty good.

Yeah, well, I tried to negotiate with that fool, but he wanted to use his fists, so I used mine.

You know, I went looking for you to thank you, but you weren't at school.

I assumed you'd gotten suspended for fighting, but... that wasn't it, was it?

No, I was in the hospital.

Had some heart complications.

But you came back stronger.

Yes, I did, and you will, too.

Yo, Rosie, hold up.

Look, I know things got a little hectic in ICU, so...

Yeah, my bad.

I probably shouldn't have stuck my nose in there like that.

No, no, no, no. Your instincts are always spot-on, and today, I mean, you helped save Gigi's life, so...

Well, I may have pushed, but ultimately, it was your call.

Well, I got to say, being in the trenches with you today took me back.

Took you back to the old days, right?

[Laughs] Yes, man.

Med school.

Getting screamed on by Dr. Frankenstein.

Oh, he made my first year a living hell.

[Laughs] I know he did.

I hear the old man's still terrorizing the interns at John Hopkins.

Crazy, he was tough.

He was terrible.

But we still did our thing, right?

Time of my life.

All right, man.

All right, good job.

Yes, sir.


[Inhales deeply]

Do this, okay.


Man: You've reached the Izikoff residence. Leave a message, and we'll call you right back.

Mom, dad. It's me.

Tara. Obviously.

Um, I'm calling to let you know that I'm selling my place and I'm moving in with Pippy.

I'm getting married.

Pippy and I are getting married.

It's... been a while since we've talked, over two years.

[Voice breaking] I'd really love to hear from you, but I accept that that probably won't ever happen.

I mean, I'm trying to accept that, I just...

I just wish it didn't have to be this way.

I miss you both.


[Cellphone beeps]


Well, at least one of my children remembers how to knock.

Well, stop craning your neck, for goodness sake.

Come on in, I'm alone.


These are for you.

Oh, proteas.

You remembered I love proteas.

Actually, it was Pippy who remembered. [Chuckles]

She actually picked them out.

Ah, I see.

Suppose she also told you that I was on a date the other night.

Yeah, she might have mentioned that.

She thinks that I shouldn't be...

How did she so elegantly put it?...

Be getting my groove on so soon after things with your father.

Well, let me tell you something.

For the record, that never happened.


Is it going to happen until I'm ready for that.

No, no, I-I'm good. [Chuckles]

No more worries.

[Chuckles] I'm good.

This has got to be so weird for the both of you, and, baby, I'm so sorry. Baby...

Listen, you do not have to explain yourself to us, okay?

Whatever makes you happy, Pippy and I support you 100%.

No matter what.

Where is Pippy?

How come she's not here to tell me this in person?

Oh, she and TMI are on a date.

Yeah, trying to make sure they're both on the...

The same page.

Exactly, which is why you're all mine tonight.

Just me and you.

I am taking you out, anywhere you want to go.

You did not just say any... Did you say anywhere?

Let me think about it.

Yeah, I said anywhere you want to go.

Baby, baby, baby.

Brother, brother, brother.

Your mama is gonna spend your money tonight.

That's what I wanted to do. Where we going?

I'm not dressed, though.

That's okay. You want to go buy something?

I said anywhere. Hey.

Where's my son? Who kidnapped my boy and...

[laughs] You know I love you.

And where did... What did you do with him?


[Alice Russell's "Twin Peaks" plays]


♪ Here am I sleepwalking in the night ♪
♪ Take what's yours ♪
♪ Just leave me be ♪


♪ You make me chase you ♪
♪ Yes, something is wrong ♪