01x10 - Aortic Atresia and Art Installations

Stop right there!

Drop your weapon!

Okay, um... happy! happy! happy.

Happy sailboat.

Broken neck. It's a broken neck.

Wings. Smile wings.

Neck flaps.

Happy neck!

No, no, necktie. Neck brace. Neck brace.

Why are you helping? That's not your team.

Say the word. Say the word.

Sounds like...

Sounds like...

Sounds like pills.

Pill. Pill, pill.

You're running out of time.

Sounds like pills. Stills.

Uh, gills! Gills!

"Happy Gilmore"! "Happy Gilmore"!

That's a good one! Good one!

"Happy gilmore"!



Suck it! Suck it!

Suck it.

Villa, you're up here. I need you to kick it down to about right here.

Why you talk so much trash?

She talks a lot of trash.

I want to switch teams, please.

No, you're not...

You're not switching teams.

Rosie, you see this, right?

I had to drag her here against her will.

That is not true.

I just said I don't love game night.

Okay, well, you dominate game night, so...

Damn right I do!

You know, maybe we should switch teams.

No one is switching teams.

You're up again.

Okay, all right, hey, I'm about to class this joint up.

"Happy Gilmore"?

Who gets... who gets "Happy Gilmore"?

"Hater" Gilmore over there.

Lovely ladies. Good to see you.


Hey, Skylar.

Good to see you again.

Everybody, I want you to meet Skylar, Trista, and Yvette.

These are my new friends from Sunset Fashion Week.

Hi, everyone.

Tequila shots?

Hello. Turn up.

Turn up. Turn up.

Hey, Neil.

Anyone but the one in green is mine, so, go for it.

What do you think?

You are a man among men.

Thank you.


Son, please tell me that you are not on a date with all three of these women right now.

Mom, relax, okay?

Skylar's the one with me.

The other two are potential dates for Neil.

Neil? The coroner?

Yeah, well, you know, he's a good guy, he's a fan of mine, and he needs a wingman.

He needs more than a wingman, let me tell you, and that Skylar is just passing through.

No, you don't know that.

Hello! Oh! Whoo! Hey!

All right! Passing through, you're right.

All right, we out, player.


Wait, wait, come on. I can't get a redemption on that?

Come on.

Redemption? Mercy is more like it.

Charades is not your game, my man.

You're right, you're right.

No, but for real, Annalise's birthday's coming up.

You got any, uh, gift ideas?

Uh... Let me think about it.

I'll let you know.

Gotcha. Thanks, man.

No problem. Mama D.

Night, baby.

All right.

See you soon.

Yes, ma'am.

Goodnight, sweetheart.



Love you.



My God, the look on your face when you play charades.

It's funny, right? Get out.

That's how funny it is to me.

Peace out.

Not giving me a chance to get it back.

You guys are running scared.

All right.

How's that? Another drink.

Yeah, sounds good.

Hey! What's up?

What's going on? You guys enjoying my man Neil here?

So, hi.

You're here.

And we're good. Are we?

I mean, I might've been...

My reaction to what happened.

Have you ever tried to not call yourself a bitch and realize...

There's no other word that fits?

At least once a week.

So, I started a new thing with a doctor.


I mean, one of Rosie's friends.

Yeah, it's weird, I guess.

I don't know.

Because it's Rosie's friend or because it's a new thing?

Because I still haven't let go.

The last couple of weeks, I found myself listening to this old message Eddie left for me.

It's him singing Happy Birthday to me, just butchering it.

I mean he's adding new words.

It's so ridiculous.

It makes me laugh every time I hear it, and I just...

I can't bring myself to hit delete.

You should see yourself when you're telling that story.

It's the same look you had when you were talking about the new man in your life.

Glowing. You know what, don't delete the message.

See where this thing is going with this new person.

Follow your instincts.

Speaking of instincts, maybe it's not my place to say this, but...


I think we should just focus on you right now.

Rosie! Help him!

Why aren't you helping him?!

Rosie, help! Look, he's hurt!

Please, you have to help him!

Dr. Rosewood, the gentleman you administered medical attention to several months back is filing a civil suit against you in the coming days.

As your lawyer, I'm suggesting you collect affidavits from as many colleagues as you can and prepare to settle.

In the words of Teddy Roosevelt, it is only through labor and painful efforts, by grim energy and resolute courage that we move on to better things.

By better things, I mean chief ewing is stepping down from the department at the end of the week.

Do I have an emotionally charged speech that lays out how great this man was during his 20 years as chief?

No. I don't.

He's out, hopefully I'm in.

Back to the pen.

Cap, you really think you have a shot at the chief job?

As of this minute, 1,000% no.

But Hornstocks a known to overcome insurmountable odds.

But didn't you have relations with Chief Ewing's wife?

Yeah, there was some overlap while I was between marriages.

Cap, that is not good.

She's like a hanukkah candle.

Burn eight nights that woman.

That type of talk needs to stop.

I think we're needed in the M.E.'s office.

Must've forgot to text me.

Or they don't need you.

You're not needed.

What? Everybody needs me!

What do you got?

Ray Rosales.

Died yesterday.

Suspected heart attack.

But look at the body.

Lower rib cage, hips...

Check the hips!

Neil, you're a coroner.

Why are you yapping in our face?

Shouldn't you be driving around town picking up a stiff?

Yeah, where's Max?

Getting coffee.

He lets me follow my body sometimes, and this one's crazy!

Look here. When somebody dies, blood rushes to the lower back and causes purple bruising.

I see none of that.

Furthermore, when Max made an incision in the body, we discovered there was something missing...

His blood and his heart.

The guy has no blood?

Yeah, how was his heart removed?

No clue, but there are no external incisions, period, end of story.

Yeah, I hate to say it, but we need Rosewood on this one.

And me too. I stick with this body until we solve this case.

Neil. I want you to slather up some glue on your nursing shoes, stick anywhere you want that's not near that body.

Come on!

Not another word.

This is an interesting-looking spot.

Oh, my God, I have so many memories here.

For real?

My family used to come here every Friday.

You know what, maybe we should just go to another spot.


What? We just...

Como estas, mi Amor?

Hi. This is great!

It's not great, ma.


This is...

Please, I know who this is.

Gorgeous, smart, fancy doctor.

Oh, my goodness, the way you go on about him, mija.

Totally makes sense.

Rosie, it is such a pleasure to finally meet you.

My daughter...

Actually, my name My name is Mike.

I'm... I'm Villa's other doctor friend.

Oh, my God.

That's okay.

Ay, dios ma­o.

Mija, let me make it up to you.

I can buy you some lunch.

Let's sit down.

No. It's fine.

Ay, it was so nice to meet you, anyway.

Good to meet you.

Okay, mi Amor.

All right. I'm...


Take care.




Well, it's okay.

Really, it is.

Duty calls.

Ray Rosales, 28 years old, three tours in Iraq, recipient of the purple heart.

We have a real hero on this table.

Rosie spent 45 minutes...

On the phone with his father.

I know, sweetie.

I was standing right behind you.

Then you both should know the man is devastated and desperate for answers.

We need to find them.

Based on the intra-oral abrasions, I believe his heart was removed through the esophagus.

Um, not possible.

Well, it could be if you made a customized instrument to extract it.

Stomach contents?

Basically empty. Why?

Because there was a fortune cookie found in the victim's jacket pocket.

Maybe he didn't eat at the restaurant.

Maybe he just had some tea.

And grabbed a cookie.

I do it all the time.

But I know it's wrong.

"A man with no heart is due a fresh start."

"Unleash your mind or a third you shall find."

Let me see that.

I'll run a search for other murders matching this M.O.

Some of these letters dried darker than the others.

Pip, run DNA on this ASAP.

This isn't ink.

It's blood.


Aortic Atresia and Art Installations

Okay, I got it. Thanks.

Feldheim said the m.O. Was a match to another victim...

John Lavin.

Murdered in Tallahassee two months ago.

The guy was found drained of blood and missing his lungs.

Well, if it helps, I think I may have found some of John's missing blood, so yay.

The red ink, I ran it through the system.

It belongs to a Caucasian male, brown hair, hazel eyes.

Could that be our guy?

That's the exact match.

Look, the two cases are connected.

We're dealing with a serial killer.

There's gonna be another murder.

This case just got more complicated.

The feds have tagged in.

Turns out they've already been working the Lavin murder.


They'll be here any minute.

Maybe we could use extra help.

Rosie, the last thing we need is those smug S.O.B.s with their fancy suits, piercing eyes, and full heads of hair stepping on our toes.

I hate them so much.

Tara Izikoff.

Oh, boy.

Do you two know each other?

Heath Casablanca, FBI.

As in... TMI's ex-fiance Heath?

I prefer Special Agent Casablanca.

He doesn't seem that special to me.

I don't know.

I'm Detective Villa.

I'm in charge of this case.

It's my pleasure.

Our case. We've been on this since Tallahassee.

I'd love to get a look at all those files, if I could.

Help us get on the same page.

Well, we're looking for an introverted, sexually frustrated and confused man, probably a medical professional.

Says you.

Says the best profiler in the FBI.


It's true. He's quite good.


What? He is.


We got it. It sucks.

Well, I'm sorry.

Captain, do whatever you want.

But you will report to me and you will not step on our toes.

Hey, I'll step wherever the hell I want.

Think we're all getting a little too close to each other right now.

Just a little bit.

Good luck, captain.

Tara, nice to see you again.

So nice running into you.

Best to your mom.

My opinion... those guys are a distraction.

Let's just stay together, stay focused, let the FBI do their thing, we do ours.

They're shirts, we're skins.

Everyone's shirts, cap.

No skins.

Villa, get Manny Brickman on the horn.

I want a full write-up on this killer ASAP.

Hey, come on, captain.

I'm sure Manny's still bouncing around the rubber room.

This guy trots down Arthur Avenue in his birthday suit one time.

One time.

Get me another profiler now!

Now, he says.

If you ask me, this killer is a narcissist.

Mom, this eavesdropping is becoming a problem.

Well, you're the one who's built a lab with no walls.

Words echo in here.

Mrs. Rosewood...

Call me Donna. I insist.

Donna... I've got an in-house profiler reviewing the case, so...


I was just gonna give you my two cents for free.

Years in the public school system, I've encountered every personality you can imagine.

Faculty, parents, students.

I know people.

Mom, speak your piece.

This killer is someone who pays incredible attention to detail, speaks in symbols, and is taunting us to discover their work.

This is confidence in spades.

Dare I say talented?

Psychotic, absolutely.

Do you know what I see?

A creative mind.

An intelligent creative mind.

Anyway, I think I'll just, uh, go back to my little office where, uh, I can hear everything.

Stop eavesdropping, mom.

Build some walls, son.

33 hours and 2 minutes.

What is that?

The birthday countdown.

Since we're waiting for the DNA results, I thought we could talk gifts.

No. No gifts.

Yes gifts. People are asking.

Who's asking?

Okay, I'm asking, but I represent the people.

What do you say to a spa day?

What do you think?


I want a stranger to rub me down and then soak my bones in a community hot tub.

You want a stranger to jump your b... okay, listen.

You just tell me what you want.

Alone time. That's what I want.

Well, that's gonna be kind of tough to get with Mike hanging around.

I assume you guys already have birthday plans?

We're supposed to go to the Keys for the weekend.

The Keys? Wow, let's jump right into the fast lane, huh?

That's not usually Mike's style.

Or mine, but it's not gonna happen if we're still looking for this psycho.

Yeah, well, unfortunately, it's not shaping up to be much of an ideal celebration week for either of us.

What happened? The sun didn't glisten off the ocean this morning?

This morning.

No, I'm being sued.

What happened?

A couple months back, I helped a guy who had a severe biking accident.

The problem is I took 25 milligrams of aldol for my equilibrium.

My mind was fine, but the meds slowed down my speech, make me sound like I'm intoxicated.

So the city's suing you?

Well, the guy that I helped developed a staph infection and he blames it on me.

I know it was the hospital, but no one's asking me.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Actually, yeah, you can.

Listen, I need an affidavit on my behalf.

And so...

Rosewood, turn around.

Oh, my God.

Someone hacked our system.

Are you kidding me with this?

Oh, come on.

This is a message from the killer.

Now that the hotel's been swept, we need to inspect this place top to bottom.

So, how are we gonna do this?

Side by side?

The meet-in-the-middle move?

So, hypothetically speaking, if it was your birthday this week, which, I know, it's your birthday, would you want something like that on your desk?

We're in the middle of a murder investigation.

Distractions help balance the nerves.

My nerves are fine.

No, my nerves are fine.

Your nerves are frayed.

I'm trying to do a solid for a friend, okay? Mike was asking.

He really asked you for help?

That's sweet.

You see how the whole demeanor changed?

I also asked you what you wanted, remember?

Yeah, when was that exactly?


Well, if you're wondering, I would rather have that vase than this blob, or whatever it is.

Villa, get the techs in here.

Think inside the box.

This is not art.

This is a human brain.

The killer left a number on the artwork.

Oh, now you call me?

Hmm? Oh, because I was already in the damn parking lot.

The killer left your number on the newest body part.

That's odd, no?

Well, obviously someone from your department is messing with me.

Yeah, like we got time to bust your balls.


It's etched in the thing.

You guys mind keeping it down over there?

It's kind of distracting.

Unless you have something!

Oh, I have something.

Come take a look.

Our killer drained the body of all of its blood, injecting the major arteries with acrylic, which hardened all the small arteries surrounding the brain, leaving us this masterpiece.

How did he get it out of the tissue?

Likely bathed it in some acid wash.

And the acid dissolved all the tissue.

But the acrylic remained.

Which means this guy got his Ph. D in psycho.

Oh, no, he's definitely smart.

The name of the piece is "Tender Mother," and the Latin translation for that is...

Pia mater.


And it's also the name of the delicate, innermost membrane of the brain.

How do we know that's a real brain?

Arteriovenous malformation.

See, all these pruned vessels means that the victim underwent a gamma knife surgery to correct it.

There's only one hospital in Miami that performs this type of surgery.

So it shouldn't be too hard to...

I.D. our latest victim.


Well, you have my number, uh...

Call me when you, uh, get the victim's name.

You're welcome.

Sibling code number one.

Always have each other's backs.

What's going on?

Well, Pippy's eyes just landed on some bills from a law firm.

Now, I just went there personally, so you know it's about to get real.

What's going on?

I'm being sued.

But it's a frivolous case, so I didn't want to burden the family with it.

How much are they asking for?

Because I know most of your money is tied up into this lab.

So just talk to me.

I mean, I don't have much in the bank, but you know damn well that Pippy...

Stashes after she cashes.

Yes, we know.

And can we stop with the third person?

And yes, I do have the money, but it's already out in the world that I self-prescribe.

In court documents.

This would be strike number two, and in the medical world, I'm likely to lose my license.

Nope, you will not lose anything because this right here, this is our house.

Nobody's taking this from us.

I like the confidence, but we don't know that for sure.

I know that you're the best pathologist in Miami.

I know that you've helped countless numbers of victims find justice and their families find peace.

The time and effort you put into each case, you know?

I mean, no scar unchecked, no stone unturned.

That's the reason I know we'll be able to beat this garbage lawsuit.

That's what it is... Garbage.

Because I know they have no real thing going on.

What's happening?

This is a new tattoo.

I rest my case.

All right. Hey.


So, you plus a really big case equals us staying here this weekend, so I decided to bring the celebration to you.

Well, I like what I see.

Well, not more than I like what I see.

Oh, want to argue with me right now?

Only with my lips.

Hey! Rosie.

Impeccable timing, as always.

You know I never miss a picnic.

What's happening?

What's up?


So, see you're still going to my spot.

Your s... Roberto's is my spot.

Come on, you know I introduced you to Roberto.

Skipped a one-hour wait in line, got the personal escort from Roberto through the kitchen.

You remember that?

I was going through the kitchen long before I was going through the kitchen with you.

We'll talk about it later, okay?

I'm here for Neil.

Well, Neil's not here to see you.

He called in sick.

Neil is sick?

Those two things don't go together.

Hasn't taken a sick day in a year and a half.

I'll call him at home.

You maybe want to tell me what you found?

I mean, it is my case.

Well, our victim has a new tattoo.

Might be something, could be nothing.

Who knows?

Neil laid eyes on him first.

You guys can go back to your... to your tea date.

I-it's lunch.

It's a lunch date.

Don't make this weird.

All right, where were we?


Hold on a second. Rosie.

You know I love Neil, but you have to admit he's...


I was gonna say "odd," but sure.

I mean, would you also peg him as...

Sexually frustrated?

Yes, I would.

Sounds a lot like the FBI profile.

All I'm hearing is hunch plus hunch equals Neil.

Rosie, the guy's obsessed with you.

But he tried everything he could not to have Max transfer the body to your lab.

You know that's weird.

Who more than him would be interested in dead bodies?

Who else would have access to the E.M.P.D.

To hack their computers?

Villa, Neil is a sweet man and a great coroner.

Oh, my God.

Garage of horrors.

It's perfectly normal.

Neil's a man of science.

What... is this?

Medical research.

I have those, too.

Great, so then do you have an idea of what we're looking for?

Our victim had a fresh tattoo on his arm.

When we spoke, his father mentioned they were about to go scuba diving.

Getting a new tattoo before going into the saltwater?

Yeah, which is something you definitely don't do before the ink is dry.

Take a look.

Parrot on a palm tree.

If Neil's our guy, he probably...

Drew the tattoo.


At first glance, I thought it was just coconuts under a palm.

It's a heart.

It's a human heart.

Think the tattoo's a match with a location.

Parrot street.

Palm Avenue.

The YMCA's on the corner.

Hi, Neil.

Do me a favor and slide that bag over right now.

W-why? What's up?

Neil, tell me you didn't just come from the YMCA.

I-I know this looks bad.

It's the heart.

I don't want to hear it, Neil.

You had the heart, you had the tattoo design.

We ran your credit card.

You stayed in Quincy, Florida, at the time Johnny Lavin was killed in Tallahassee.

That's a 35-minute drive.

Last time I checked, two plus two equals murder.

No I was just trying to figure out what the tattoo meant.

I sketched it from memory.

Why would I go to the YMCA and retrieve the heart if I was the one that hid it?

Because you knew we were close to figuring it out.

Move it before we find it, period.

I didn't kill anyone.

My plan was to examine the heart and turn it over.

I just did what Rosie would do.

You have this infatuation with me and Rosie.

This is becoming a big problem.

Uh, w-w-what I do and what you do is nothing alike.

Big problem.

Things are about to get weird between these two.

No, it's already weird.

I just wanted to be the hero for once.

Like Rosewood.

I passed all my exams.

I'm gonna be an M.E.

Who better to model myself after than the... Michael Jordan of pathologists?

The Michael... I mean, I like Beethoven, but... Wow.

Michael's a great artist, too.

You feel my breath on your guilty face?


Maybe it'll warm up that big brain of yours, get the truth flowing.

Tell us why you went to Quincy, because right now, all I'm hearing is excuses.

And you're going away for murder.

You know what happens to guys like you on the inside?

You ever held another man's pocket?

Okay, fine.

I met someone online.

She really got me and all my peccadilloes, and...

After a few months, I convinced her to meet with me.

And I drove up to Quincy where she lived...

But when I got there, she...

Was a he.

Oh! Curve ball.

I was catfished by a bored 67-year-old man from Curacao.

Think about how embarrassing this is for me.

Why would I make this up?

I am telling you I was nowhere around when the new victim was killed.

I was with a girl I met at Rosewood's, a model.


Like she gets paid for her looks?

So, you what? Talked all night?

Hey, Trista. Hey, this is Rosie.

Yeah, quick question.


We... did the thing.

But, uh, in... In the morning, I just, uh, I kind of just wanted her to leave.

You wanted her to leave?

All right, sit still while I check your alibi, Casanova.

There's no way that kid did the fornication with a model.

Actually, he did.

I just got off the phone with Trista, and it went down.

I got a serial killer on the loose, the city's on edge, people are scared, and we got nothing.

Now, that's on me.

We need to start digging deeper.

And what... what are you...

What are you talking about, it went down?

Kid hit a triple?

Oh, it was a grand slam.


We know that all the victims were killed 72 hours after they were taken.

And we know that our killer already has another victim.

From the fortune cookie.

So we run a missing person's report in Miami-dade for anyone who went missing in the last 72 hours.

Maybe we can save them before their time runs out.

Okay, good work, Villa.

Run with it.

You dropping by to steal some more of my thunder?

That Roberto's incident was not cool, man.

You saw me trying to impress Villa. Come on.

Outside the police station, I saw a band-aid on your upper arm.

Flu shot in the summer?

I assume if we rolled up your other sleeve, I'd see a second shot.

My guess is one's a tetanus shot and one's yellow fever.

You're going out the country, aren't you?

Yeah. I'm going to Kenya.

Doctorwithout borders. Why?

And w-were you planning on telling Villa, or are you just gonna keep stringing her along?

Okay, first off, I'm not stringing anybody along.

Oh, really? Okay.

So I guess we all just, you know, go out of town with somebody for the weekend that we plan to ditch, right?

You need to step back a-and... and reassess before this relationship takes a turn that I never saw coming.

No, no, I don't need to reassess anything, okay?

She is still getting over the loss of her husband.

The person that needs to step back, that would be you!

Rosie, relax.

You're not even this protective with Pippy.

I am protective of every single woman in my life.

What about Kat?

You don't seem too concerned with her right about now.

We done?

No, mom, I'm not brooding, okay?

It's just this little thing with Mike, and it'll work itself out.

I didn't want to talk about it.

You called me.

Heath, give up already.

Okay, just let me call you back.

Look, I know what I have is good.

Like, I snagged your super, super hot sister.

We can stop right there.

But heath just won't leave me alone.

Like, we're chasing a serial killer here, and he keeps texting me about getting a cup of coffee.

W-w-w-where are you going?

Got a hit on the missing persons.

Rosie, you sure about this?

Yep. Your search found two missing persons...

Jennifer Lee and Roger Jones.

Turns out Roger had a defibrillator implanted two months ago.

The latest model alerts a nearby hospital any time it delivers a shock to prevent sudden cardiac arrest.

Now, mount sinai received an alert a few hours ago from Roger's heart device.

Can I help you? Okay.

They sent out an ambulance, but didn't find anyone.

This is the location.


You stay in that location.

This location?

Stop right there!

Drop your weapon!

It's over.

It's not the killer. It's Roger.

Roger's in bad shape.

He has no clue who abducted him.

I'll question him more about the...

Shh! Shh!

Charades is...

Not my game.

Yes, I know, okay? Look.

Shine your flashlight on that.

Was this made from the phonebook?

"Call me."

I think our killer's name and number's gonna be on the sculpture.

I think...

My God.

What is this place?


Ray Rosales was dishonorably discharged from the army.

He never actually received a purple heart.

That's probably why our killer took his heart.

Here's another one. Marty White.

Money manager by day, con man by night.

Who's Marty White?

Think that brain in my lab belongs to him.

"The only vice that cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy.

The repentance of a hypocrite is hypocrisy itself."

That's one hell of a way to leave a manifesto.

Casablanca, you always show up after we do the heavy lifting.

Now the real work begins.

Our sketch artist is in transit.

Well, tell your artist to flip a bitch and head home.

Dev Fagan's my go-to sketch man.

Top notch with a pad and a pencil.

Well, no offense to Dev, but our girl Dina Katz is considered the best in the country.

Are you saying your lady draws better than my guy?

Well, I guess we'll find out.

Roger, we're just your emotional support.

Anything you need, we'll be right here.

Roger, did you ever get a good look at the person who abducted you?


I-I mean...

It was glimpses.

Uh... I'm... I'm sorry.

I don't... I don't think I'm gonna be able to help you guys, all right?

This was a mistake.

No, Roger, Roger.

It's okay.

It's okay.

Listen, I know what it's like to feel with every ounce of your being that you've taken your last breath.

A part of us dies in those depths.

And life afterwards... can feel numb.

But you're gonna make it back from this.

I promise you that.

I hope you're right.

His eyes.

I remember his eyes.


And... and... and... and he had... and he had moles.

And he had one... one...

He had four moles.

You okay?

Um, serial killer.

My first one.

Makes me nervous is all.

Well, I've seen your talents.

Dev, look at me.

You got this.

Dev does not got this.

Cap, come on.

You never back the wrong horse.

He'll come through.

You know, my old man worked 22 years for the hoboken P.D. in New Jersey.

Just six months away from the big promotion to chief.

March 15, 1989, he gives me his usual bear hug...

Messes my hair...

I had some at the time.

Gets in his lemans, and a minute later, I just... I hear a honk.


I look through the window... and I see his head laying on the horn.

I knew he was gone.

Just... six months away.

I want this chief job for me.

But I also want it for him.

Dev, I knew you had it.

Well done.

Your guy's good, captain.

Your lady's top notch, too.

What's the matter? You gonna grab a cup of Joe or what?

Something about this isn't sitting right with me.

You think maybe he was in on it?

I think we need to dig deeper.

Find out everything we can about this guy.

Expedite a warrant and get over to his house now.

My God. Is that your girlfriend ringtone?

You know she's not my girlfriend anymore.

Just forgot to change the ringtone back to the basic.

Well, aren't you gonna answer it?

What I have to say to Kat requires more time than I can give at a crime scene.

Are you gonna actually make the time?

I mean, you owe it to yourselves, right?

Interesting, you think I should... wait a minute.

Have you talked to her?

We started back up with our sessions.

Wait, that's it? Nothing else?

Rosie, get over here!

That face look familiar?

From the sketch.

The sick b*st*rd described his own mask.

Finally figured out how he removed ray Rosales' heart.

This scoped it, this extracted it.

Roger was our killer the whole time.

I-I-I can't believe this is happening.

No, no.

Believe it, Roger.

It's happening.


Going away for murder.

Looks like our instincts were on point.

You're damn right.

Can I borrow everyone for a quick second?

So, I just had coffee with Heath, and it's cool...

He's still terrible.

But it was kind of the greatest closure that I could ever imagine.

Oh, baby, that is so great.


And did you guys know I'm actually a medical sales rep working Miami who just got out of a two-year relationship with a male physical therapist?

Yeah, that's what my mom's been telling people.

With all due respect, because she's your mother and all, that woman is a bitch.


No, it's okay.

You know what, I am actually fine with it.

It really helped clear some things up for me.

Is there anything that you need from us?

Well, I was hoping to take the temperature of the room.

And by the room, I mean you, sweetie.




I want to move up the wedding date.

I'm through with being concerned about what everyone else thinks.

We are happy, right?


So let's just do this.

Are you sure?


Absolutely sure.


Oh, don't cry.

I'm not.

Is that hug a yes?


That is a crazy, crazy story.

So, you ready for mine?

Yeah. You go to South Beach, right?

You lay on the beach, roller blade, it's a blast.

I mean, it's usually a blast, but sometimes it's so crowded you can hardly move.

That's why I always party at my place.

Got a killer view of the water.

So, this one day, a guy falls off his bike and he busts his giant head open, but check it out.

A nice doctor stops to help him.

Now, normally you would think this moron would consider himself lucky that a good person stopped to help him, but this guy, who looks just like you, decides to sue.

I'm gonna get out of here.

Sit statue still or my hand finds an even more sensitive spot higher on your thigh.

Your name is Gino Smith.

You filed your first frivolous lawsuit in 2001, and thus began a pattern.

I freaking love breaking patterns.

I am going to shatter yours into a million pieces.

Now, you're probably thinking "this bitch is crazy."

Sweetie, I'm beyond crazy.

I don't give warnings.

I'm a big fan of promises.

Do the right thing.

Or be sure to always look over both shoulders.

Mmm, all right.

That's the kind of drop by I like.

Your birthday, your rules.

Ooh, yes, birthday week rule number one...

Let's go on vacation.



Since the case is over...


I was thinking...

Maybe we can squeak in the Keys over the weekend.


If you're still interested.


You... you all right?

Yeah, no.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I am.

They asked me to participate in...

In doctors without borders again.

And it's everything.

Everything I love about practicing medicine.

I got my immunizations, and my bags are all packed.

But, um I told them that I...

That I changed my mind.

Changed your mind? Why?

Because, um...

I have never met anybody like you ever, so I thought maybe I'd...

I'd stick around and just see where this thing goes.

I know this is a lot to drop on you all of a sudden...

No, no, no, no, it's great.

It's just...


Sorry, I have to...

I just... I have to deal with this case that never seems to end.

I thought you caught the killer.

It's paperwork.


Paperwork. Okay.


Paperwork. Right.

Okay, uh, all right.

Well, then I guess we'll, uh, talk later.

Maybe, uh, dinner tomorrow?

Dinner tomorrow. Yeah.

So, I was thinking that we could get together, talk.

You know? Dinner maybe?

Definitely dinner.

You name the place.

Sooner the better, actually.

How's tomorrow?

Okay. Okay, I like the sound of this.

I have to tell you, I love the...

You love the what?

I-I'm sorry, Kat, I hate to do this, but can I call you back?

Uh... Okay.



I'm cashing in on my rain check.

Which one?

You've only said no to all of my invites.

First invite.

Solve a big case, have a milkshake.


Like it was yesterday.

Come on in.

So, what do you got?

Oh, wow, really?

This is what you bring?

What? What's wrong with it?

What isn't wrong? You know what?

Are you kidding me?

Just relax and watch the master at work.


Mike dropped a bomb tonight.


Yeah, doctors without borders.

He's supposed to leave next week.

But he's not going.


He says he wants to give us a real shot.

Wow. That's, uh...

That's good. I'm happy for you.

Well, that's not the only good news today.

Just got a call, and...

The lawsuit against me has been dropped.

Rosie, that's amazing.

Guess the guy had a change of heart.

Imagine that.

There we go.

Let's see about this milkshake.




Come on, that's transcendent.

And consider it just the first of your two birthday gifts.

Come on, you didn't have to get me anything.

I know I didn't have to.

I wanted to.

But this one, you can't buy it in a store.


Thank you.

Well, you haven't had the gift yet.


Thank you.

For everything.

You've made these past couple months...

My move back home...

Fun, exciting?

Something like that.


Wait right here.

I have something, and can't buy it in stores.


What is it?

We've got a problem.

Rosie, is this a joke?

"Blacklight my world."

It's Latin.

Means "you inspire me."

I think Roger was framed.

Oh, my God.

We have the wrong guy.