01x13 - Ballistics & BFFs

Rosewood: 1014.

Conducting an investigation.





Suspicious persons.

Beautiful day out, isn't it, Mr. Safran?

Yeah. [Clears throat]

All right, can you open wide?

[Muffled] Is this gonna hurt?

No. Don't worry.




[Groans] You'll be fine.

Dr. Willing is gonna be right in.


Hello, Robert.

Hiya, Gus.

Morning. [Groans]

Check on Ms. Cole in 4.

She still needs a floss and a brush.

288. [Chuckles]

Lewd conduct.

You hear herb shapiro bought an 80-footer?

Herb? Yeah.

Tried to talk him out of it.

Two best days in a yacht owner's life are the day he buys it and the day he throws himself overboard.


[Laughs] I'm kidding.

The day you sell that money pit.

Oh. Yep.

You try to learn from other people's mistakes, but you know Herb.


All right. Let's see what we got here.

Breathe. You won't feel a thing.


Just relax, Bob.


Okay. Uh...

There we go.

Behind you.

Just relax. It's okay.



Bob, it's okay.

What the hell is behind you?

Bob. Bob, just relax.

Bob. Cindy, can you get in here?!

Behind you!




You ready for this?

You can only prepare so much.

Let's catch the bad guy.

Gus Willing, DDS. I'm working a dead dentist?

There's two things you should know about the late Dr. Willing.

This guy had clients like the Forbes list.

We're talking billion-dollar overbites.

Two, he went by Dr. Dust.

Sounds like a deejay, not a man with 400k worth of tonik in the trunk of his Rolls-Royce?

Yeah, what do you know about tonik?

It's some sort of party drug, like, flakka, molly, bath salts.

I swear, they're getting these names from a Martha Stewart catalog.

So Willing used his access to anesthetics to design his own uppers.

That explains the rolls.

Yeah, but the guy only sold to the Thurston Howells of the world.

Bal Harbour, Palm Acres.

You know, this stuff never hit a street that didn't have gates in the driveway.

Oh, come on. This is a travesty.

Of all the days.

So that's what kept him off narco's radar.

Well, until his killer hijacked a window-washing platform.

Did we get anything from the witness?

Bob Safran.

I'm giving you first crack at him.

This guy owns half the office space in Miami.

Play nice.

Well, it depends what type of appointment he had with the doctor.

I mean, do we think Willing's business was a cover?

No, no, he's a legit dentist.

I guess he liked teeth.

Hey, when does Russ get in?

Uh, the transfer from Flagler went through this morning, so we're on his clock.

Speak of the devil.

Welcome to the show, Detective.

You remember this one. [Laughs]


Hey, stranger.

It's been a while since the academy.

Sure has.

Good morning.

Thank you.

"Police procedure and enforcement"?

Villa's giving you homework now?

No, I assigned it to myself.

Being a better partner means you never stop learning.

Who's on the docket?

Gus Willing.

EMPD sent him over.

Initial autopsy... inconclusive.



Max normally brings his a-game.

How bad is it?

Take a look.

Villa: You don't remember any details about the window cleaner?

Height? Hair color? Body type?

Well, in his defense, body type can change.

I mean, I saw you go from string bean to G.I. Jane in how many weeks?

I was hopped up on nitrous waiting on a root canal that I still need.

Forgive me if I was ignoring the help.

Detective Hame here correctly identified 20 suspects in under 30 seconds at the academy, and you can't tell us one detail from a man you watched for five minutes?

Pardon detective Villa here.

She missed a class on civilian conduct.

However, I do have a dentist for you.

He's in Wynwood. He's top-notch.

I'd be careful with that one.

I've seen Detective Hame open beer bottles with his teeth.

Hmm. Look at me now.

Oh, and it was 30 in 20 seconds. Police academy record.

Until I beat it.

Well, I'll always have the live fire drill.

Oh, and the first responder exam.

Oh, and the obstacle course.

I still don't know how you beat me on the climbing wall.

Answer? These haunches.

Oh, you're going with haunches?

It was that or getaway sticks.

Should I step outside so you two can have a moment?

You want to tell us what you saw, or should I bring in a rollaway?

I don't have any plans tonight. Slumber party?

She's actually not kidding about that.

She once spent 16 hours straight in a car without leaving on a stakeout.

Granted, I lasted 20...

Wow. That blind confidence.

You and Rosie could go toe-to-toe.

Who's Rosie?

A pathologist.


Never mind.


[Lock disengages]

♪ I'm trying to fight this feeling ♪


Got some q's for you.

First, please tell me you haven't soured on Puccini.

I love this, but...



I was just about to take a snack break, and this chocolate goodness gets delivered to my doorstep.

Anita Eubanks.

Shouldn't you be roaming the Italian countryside tasting the fruits of 3,000 years of culinary mastery?

I was.

Until my caramel macchiato spent our entire honeymoon getting all mixed up with some chai hooker latte.

Oh, sorry about that.

Although it looks like I won't have any trouble getting my caffeine fix, huh?

Mmm, well, back on the late shift.

I'm sure Max will appreciate the extra set of eyes.

Have you seen him?


I'm in the sunshine these days.

So if you need a biopsy on a subdural cyst or a delightful dinner date, call Anita.

These hands are gonna be on all the bodies from here on out.

I'm sure they will. Max.

Max quit.

Something about that last body caused a meltdown.

Cap, what happened to Max?

Max. It's not ringing any bells.

Oh, you mean the freckled head case who flipped out in the middle of an autopsy, pulled a Jerry Maguire, but no one left with him?

That Max?

Something must have happened.

Yeah, the ginger snapped, which forced me to send you a case that I needed to keep internal.

So get me an autopsy, none of the extra flavor.

Well, the extra flavor is why you called me.

Listen, there's a lot of red tape on this, and Anita's rusty.

That's why you got the call.

Who's in with Villa?

Don't worry about it. Just stick to the body.

But I...

I'll call you if I need you.

We'll be in touch.

Russ: Have a good day.

What was that?

How'd it go?

Safran saw nothing, knows nothing.

You sure that guy owns half of Miami?

Yeah, I'm sure.

[Door closes]

Hi... Rosie.


Beaumont Rosewood.

Yeah, that's me.

Annalise tells me that you're the man with all of the answers.

Well, I mean, she didn't actually tell me that, but any man with the confidence to pull that off...

And you are...?

This is Russell Hame. We went to the academy together.

Oh, the academy.

There's no need for a recap.

Rosewood, body, autopsy.

How about Rosewood, chill for a sec, then autopsy?

I like it your way better.

Hey, listen, Russ, I'm glad you can do a drop and catch with Villa.

That's a drop by and catch up.

Uh, it's actually, uh, drop by and stick around.

I'm Annalise's new partner.

Ballistics & BFFs

Oh, my gosh. Ow.

Before you say anything [Laughs]

Um, we got what you asked us to pick up.

But because you know we've had zero time to plan our wedding, you know, Cassie knew about this great shop down on Lincoln.

Well, great is a little bit of an exaggeration, I think.

No, come on. It was on point.

I mean, do you know how hard it is to find tablecloths in cyan?

Yes, no, I do.

I do know the struggle for properly accented place settings is real, and I support reuniting with old friends.

But I am struggling with how all of that took four hours.

'Cause when the credit card comes out, everything else becomes a blur.


Blame the plastic.

The business card or personal card?


What's the holdup on that autopsy report?

I need it before I talk to Willing's wife.

And I need a few more minutes to get started.

So I take it Russ is already back at the old precinct?

He's parking.

And I thought you wanted me to have a partner.

I do.

I just wasn't expecting someone like him, like...


Phew. Rosie.


I'm digging the workspace, my man.

This must have cost some serious bread.


Now I see why you charge so much, huh?

Oh, it's fist bump.

Well, you know, it pays to be the best, Russ, you know, and I don't want to shortchange my talents.

Yeah. Look out for number one.

And, you know, you have to support and aid your partners, you know?

Teamwork makes...

Rosie talk a lot.

Text me as soon as you have something.

Hey, wait. Is it too early to call shotgun?

Rosie, I need you to stay here and finish the autopsy.

We have the field covered. Please.

Rosie. Ladies.

Hi. Bye. Fist bump.

All right.

TMI: Wow.

Is it just me or are we really into Villa's new partner?

Oh, it's just me. Okay, cool.

Well, getting a newspaper delivered in the chest cavity is a first for me.

Rosewood: Based on Max's report, cause of death is a bullet through the heart.

Which is missing.

And there's no exit wound.

But the chest x-rays were negative.

I'm guessing Max panicked at the report, started slicing up organs looking for the bullet.

Hence the missing heart.

And no liver, kidneys.

Oh, he left the duodenum, though.

The poor little guy.

Poor little guy Max or the duodenum?

So, seriously, why the newspaper?

Well, he pulled out so much viscera that there was no structural support in the body.

Or he got frustrated with the crossword.

I think we're dealing with a case of embolus.

It's rare, but if a bullet hits the heart at the right velocity, it gets sucked into the circulatory system.

Then if it gets lodged behind a bone, it's tough to see in an X-ray.


That means we have to dissect this entire body.

Which is why... I asked you to bring this.

A gentleman by the name of Alexander Graham Bell invented this little thing called the telephone.

And he also invented...

That little overpriced doodad for sad, little beachcombers.

There you go.

And this doodad is also called a metal detector.

If there's a bullet in his body, the metal detector will help find it.

Hence why he's lying on plastic egg crates.

There will be no magnetic interference.

[Doorbell buzzes]

[Door opens]

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Cap, Cap, Cap.

Look at me.

Oh, no, you're displaying signs of a myocardial infarction.

All right, say it again, but less Rosewood-ish.

You're showing a signs of a heart attack.

May I touch your abdomen?

No. You may not. My ticker's fine.

This is the right amount of sweat for someone about to step on a freaking mine field.

That's not a right amount of sweat for anybody.

So let me tell you something. I can run some tests.

It's just nerves.

You know, a Joe dies in liberty city, no one cares.


And the powers to be say I got to meet the whole neighborhood.

Hornstock: You say the wrong thing, you just don't get fired, you get ruined.

Okay? And the worst part...

I can't tell them about the doctor's drug dealings because it's an ongoing investigation.

I need something to feed these yuppie piranhas.

Where are we with the autopsy?

Oh, boy.

Max really did a number on old Dr. Willing.

I knew there was something off about the beady-eyed leprechaun.

Yeah, Max had been under a lot of pressure lately.

We all have our off days.

Now, there's something very off about Villa's new partner.

Rosie, I told you.

Let Villa do her thing with Russ.

What I need from you is anything on the shooter.

Okay, so far, all I have are two window-washers who literally went out to lunch and a schmuck who uses "summer" as verb.

Well, our killer fired a single shot and then fled, which tells me it's not a professional hit.

And the hardened arteries in our victim's face tells me that Dr. Willing was getting high off his own supply.

Mrs. Willing, did your husband have any associates, business partners?

Anyone who'd want to hurt him?


Gus is a dentist.

Did he have any side businesses you were aware of?

Abnormal spending habits?

This home would be a dream house for Shaq.

On a dentist's salary?

He's really good at his job.

I don't know why anyone would want to hurt him.

People love Gus.

I wonder why.

Well, what's that supposed to mean?

You've never questioned any of it?

The fancy cars, the vacation home in Malta?

I mean, I'm pretty sure he upgraded your ring.


Look, Mrs. Willing, we're not after your husband, okay?

We're after his killer.

But we need to know everything Gus was involved in.

Ladies and gentlemen, the East Miami Police Department...

Have you tried power posing?

Stand with your arms akimbo.

Feel that flood of positive energy.

[Inhales, exhales]

You can't be in the public school system for 26 years and not know how to calm a case of nerves.

Okay, thanks.

If I decide to run for student body president, I'll give you a call.

[Sighs] You know what?

I don't think Mandy knew about her husband's drug business.

I think she was completely clueless.

Or just a really great liar.

I mean, you're really buying that "everybody loves Gus" line?

A man does not live in Palm Acres without enemies.

Okay, the eye roll I was expecting, but the smile?

That's a new color on you. I'm not sure how to read that.

Oh, you read now?

[Laughs] Here I was thinking we'd have nothing to talk about.

Oh, well, we could talk about that pathologist.

What's the story there?

It's nothing.

He helped me on a few cases.

Don't... Don't worry about Rosie.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I didn't say I was worried.

Intimidated... Slightly.

I mean, the man is a specimen.

I understand why you'd want to look at that all day instead of this, but...


Look, it may have been fun, but I'm glad I have a real cop as a partner.


Well, since Mandy was a bust, you want to do some good, old-fashioned cop work?

Knock on some doors?


All right. You take evens.

[Exhales sharply]

[Baby cries] Will you stay in the house, Paula?

I'm trying to speak to the police.

He's not police.

Rosie, what are you doing?

Questioning witnesses.

Mr. Peters has information on our victim.

So you were saying.

His dog dumped on my yard for years, and he never picked it up.

Mr. Peters, thank you.

If you have any relevant information, please call us on our tip line.

Come on.

Oh, I have more information.

[Baby screaming]

I'm trying to...

He said he had more information.

I have been very clear.

You are in charge of the autopsy, not the investigation.

You want a bullet? I found you a bullet, okay?

But it doesn't tell me much without the murder weapon.

Look, I'm just trying to help you out with the case and do my thing.

Russ is a cop. You are a pathologist.


This isn't your thing anymore. It's his.

You're treating me like a scalpel, okay?

It's a useful tool, but you and I both know that I'm a Swiss army knife.

I can do it all...

Baby scissors here, a mini screwdriver there.

Things that are all very useful in a lab, okay?

A corkscrew won't make an armed suspect drop his weapon.

Well, it depends on the suspect.

And, look, you know what?

I know you love the friction, okay?

But you got to dial that back a little bit...

I'm talking maybe to, like, a five...

Because I'm actually starting to think that you don't want my help on this case.

I don't! Okay? Friction is your thing.

Russ and I have a different thing.

It's smooth. Like massage oil.

But are you sure about him?

Because anyone who smiles that much is either me or they're hiding something.

And I've met me. He's no me.

Has he told you why he got transferred?

No, he didn't.

And I didn't ask, okay?

Some people need change, like I did.

Russ and I were in the trenches together.

We have a bond that you wouldn't understand.

And this isn't a negotiation.

Hey, hey, hey. What is going on out here?

I could hear you guys inside another house, which, by the way, is a beautiful mid-century modern.

I think you would love it, Rosie.

Oh, would I love it, Russ?

Rosie just made a wrong turn, okay?

We're done here.

Read my mind, partner.

Read my... Wow. Wow.

Not even a full day, and you guys are already communicating telepathically.

That's int... I got to get that for the 'gram.

Rosie. There you go. Look at that. Look at that.

Look at that.

You know, I got to preserve the memories.

You never know how long it's gonna last.

So what should I do?

Hashtack Superteam?

Bye, Rosie.

You got a nice car here, Russ.

Guess you're the man with all the answers, huh?

EMPD must pay more than I remember.

I inherited some money when my old man passed away, and I always liked the viper.

Yeah, of course you do.

Whoa, Villa.

Are you gonna leave with him in this?

[Car door closes]

It can't touch the GTO.

Oh, it can. In every way.

And I don't have to worry about it breaking down at any moment.

[Engine starts]

[Engine revs]

Oh, Rum-Rosie. Ooze on in here.

My girl at the Flagler M.E. says you've been poking around.

I told her I was jealous.

That's more than she told me.

Not a single officer would open their mouth about Russ Hame.

Couldn't even find his former partner.

You're looking for Detective Garrett.

And I have the info you need.

Rosie, you may have friends, but Anita has a fan club.

You have a contact number?

I have his autopsy.


He was shot dead in the line of duty... hmm...

Four months ago.

Was there any evidence of foul play?

Was Russ with him?


I refuse to talk smack about my girl's work.

There's a code.

But I did see some discrepancies.

Like what?


I've thrown you sugar before.

And christmastime is around the corner.

Anita, it's March.

Well, time flies.

So you treat this folder like it's mistletoe and slide under the manila.

Okay, will a hug do?

Rosie knows how to close.

All right, bring it in.



Okay. Oh, uh...

Hands above the waist.

All right.

Ladies and gentlemen, the East Miami Police Department has made the Willing investigation its zenithal priority.

We have assigned a pre-eminent what are you talking about?

We are diligently engaged to apprehend the butcher who so ruthlessly took the life of Dr. Willing.

As this investigation is ongoing...

Man: Oh, come on, man.

Regrettably, I can't give any details on the case at this time.

Are they targeting doctors?

Will you please hold your questions till I'm finished?

But tell us something. An innocent man is dead.

Well, maybe he wasn't so innocent.

How dare you.

You didn't know him.

People, people. Emotions are high.

It's important that we just...

Gus was a pillar to the community.

Yes, yes.

No further questions.

You're gonna end it just like that?!

You have to answer our questions!

[Indistinct chatter]

[Both laugh]

You know Conway joined the marines?



Talking about failing upwards.

That man bombed his field exam twice.

How does Willing not tell his wife?


That double life can't be easy.

Good, old Annalise...

Always trying to get the gold star.

Can we just enjoy ourselves for a minute and not talk case?

Well, it's been 15 minutes, and I recall you loving gold stars.

Prefer platinum.

Woman: There you go.

Thank you.

Oh, slow down. Slow down. I got this.

I got this. I got this.

No, you don't.

And we got to talk about that.

I don't trust the banks, okay?

They destroyed my 401(K).

You could look under my mattress sometime.

Pass. I'm paying.


Once you sink your teeth into a decision, there's no prying you off.

That's not a compliment. [Chuckles]

Thank you.


So, you gonna tell me why you brought me here?

I'm guessing it wasn't the Eggs Benedict.

What, do I need a reason to kick it with my own partner?

I mean...

Oh, okay. All right.

Look, it's just...

It just usually doesn't come this easy.

You know, you and me, it just makes me wonder the things we could accomplish if we put our minds together.

Solving our cases?

[Laughs] No.

You know how star athletes get endorsements...

How they get paid to be the best, and they get paid even more because they are the best?

What I'm wondering is...

Does that only have to happen with ballers?

Are you looking to endorse your own pepper spray?


How'd your old partner like that pitch?

You don't know.

Know what?

Rosewood: Detective Scott Garrett.

Former partner of Russell Hame.

What about the dentist?

You know, the murder case we're working?

Still waiting on DNA tests from the window-washing platform.

Please tell me this isn't about you and Villa.

I hope not.

Russ: We got a tip on a suspect, this Tito Calderon.

This banger out of the Faulkner projects.

And, you know, we thought we had him, and before we knew it, it just...

Two, three shooters just opened up on us.

I don't even have time to draw.

Garrett gets chewed up really quickly, but the vest... The vest protected him.

I tried to lay down some cover fire, and I just take one in the shooting hand.

Garrett saw it.

He tried to make a move, and he took one in the knee.

Somehow he's still standing, so I try to get close to him.

And he takes one in the throat and goes down.

I just keep doing that thing where I keep running it through my head, just think of what I could have done differently, and...

Man, I know I...

I felt the same way when I lost Eddie.

It was like...

I was a million miles from my body.


I remember when you met him.

You had that glow. [Chuckles]

You always knew how to read me.

Still do.

We're really doing this without a body?

Seeing how he was cremated four months ago, that would be a yes.

Now, notice the stippling around the edges of the neck wound.

It's a through-and-through.

So Garrett wasn't standing up when he was shot through the throat.


The kill shot came when the victim was already on the ground.

The bullet hit the floor, then ricocheted back up through the neck, creating a shored exit wound.

It looks like an entry wound.

But it's both... entry and exit.


How did Flagler miss that?

Russell Hame lied on his police report.

Maybe they didn't want to challenge the golden boy.

You think Russ executed his partner?

The only thing I know for sure is that I'm worried about Villa.

You're worried about me?

Because from where I'm standing, you're the one I should be worried about.

You're investigating my partner?

Villa, you can't trust him.

No, I can't trust you, Rosie.

Villa: You don't listen unless it's what you want to hear.

You think because we solved a few crimes that you can walk all over my life?


You've taken this "being in the field" thing too far.

I mean, you've almost gotten me killed more times than I can count.

You led a serial killer to my mom's house.

You know, I've realized what's wrong with you, Rosie.

It's not your heart.

It's your brain.

You're sick in the head, and you want everyone else sick with you!

You know? You, me... we're done.


We need to talk right now.

Cap, I can't do this.

V, you're the reason why I brought that cop killer to my department.

Don't get cold feet on me now.

It's Rosie. He keeps nosing around.

He has detective Garrett's file, the autopsy that tipped Flagler.

Look, you say what you got to say to nosey Rosie to get him off the scent, okay?

I can't have him involved.

There are multi departments, multi precincts.

This is bigger than us.

You didn't see his face. It was like...

It was like I kicked a puppy and then told him Santa doesn't exist.

Well, pardon me if I don't care how Rosie feels.

Russ Hame trusts you and only you.

That's why we're running this sting and not Flagler.

Buckle down, get him to confess about killing his partner, and then you and Rosie can kiss and make up when this is all over.

[Gun cocks]


What if I told you that I had to, uh...

I'd tell you to hold it.

Okay, well, studies show that holding your, you know, your...

I'm sorry, I'm just gonna say it... pee can lead to gout and kidney failure and... and bladder cancer and...

Okay, you can move now.

Thank you.

Rosie, if you don't want to talk about what happened, that's fine.

But this is excessive, even for you.

I feel like I'm at a rave. [Beatboxing]

When have you been to a rave? We have not been to a rave.

This is too low.

See, there should be a bullet hole right around here somewhere.

See, the bullet from Garrett's leg wound was never found, right?

With all this lead in the walls, CSI just assumed that it was in there somewhere.

But they ignored this shot in the ballistics report.

Because it didn't match Hame's account of the ambush?

And this bullet is a different caliber than the shooter's.

.32 steel jacket.

It's enough to ricochet off concrete.

So you think whoever shot our Vic in the throat also hit him in the leg?

Yes, I do.

And this low angle means that...

The shot came from across the hall, right where Russ Hame was standing.

[Dramatic music plays]

[Knocks on door] Come in.

You were hard to miss in the crowd.

First time being stalked.

I can't say I liked it all that much.

I'm sorry. I was just trying to help.

I know that I can take it a little far sometimes.

Like with your son?

Nothing is too far for family, and the way Beaumont talks about you, you practically are.

Look, my job is to help everyone who walks through those lab doors, even a police captain who won't admit that he needs help.

You know, the funny thing is I wanted to be the guy speaking to the people, like Teddy Roosevelt, a big shot.

Then I pull a Max in front of the most powerful people in Miami.

I see greatness in you, Ira Hornstock.

You're a leader of men.

And yet, there is something about that place that makes you behave like a freshman on the first day of class.

I've stared down the barrel of a .44 Magnum held by a birthday clown.

Now, there's more to that story.

But I wasn't scared.

I never said you were scared.


My father walked the same beat for 15 years.

Pulled every favor he could to get me into this fancy prep school.

When I introduced myself to the class, they asked me why did I talk so funny?

They just laughed at me.

And you don't think as a black woman that I didn't walk into many school board meetings made to feel inferior?

We all have those moments where we want to fit in, change who we are.

What makes you Ira Hornstock is knowing who you are.


No, I swear. I was just going in for a hug.

I swear that was not a pass.

[Door opens]

Hey, Cap. I'm looking for...


Nah, everything's good. It's great.


What are you doing here?


Captain Hornstock had some... some public speaking questions, and I came by to help.

But I think I have done as much as I can do right now.

Your secret is safe with me.

Which one?

Bye-bye, honey.

You still here?

Well, actually, I was looking for Detective Villa.

No, no, what you need to do is get me the autopsy on Willing and stay far away from my precinct.

Now, I've given you a long leash, Rosie.

It's time I go with the harness.

Head of the table's all you, Joo-Joo.

Okay, you know what, I forgive you for all of the hurtful things you said to me back at the lab, but questioning my C.I. without me?

That... that's low.

That's like a knife right in the rhomboid.

[Clears throat]

In the back.

It's like a knife in the back.


Joo-Joo belongs to no man.

Okay. I kind of belong to Rosie.

Rosie, you're not a cop. Okay? You don't have C.I.s.

Oh, I don't have C.I.s?

You really shouldn't be here. No.

Yeah, not that we don't appreciate you dropping by...

Listen, this is Armani.

I can understand why Annalise would want to keep you around.

Okay, I got playoff tickets to the heat games.


But you got to promise if I'm ever in trouble, you got my back.


Swear it.


Cross the heart.

Cross the heart.

Pinky to seal the deal?

Sealing the deal.


Y'all want to find who clocked the dentist?

You've got to look into who would want to muscle into his territory.

We need names.

You assume I know drug dealers.

Uh, you do.

Yeah. But she's profiling.


There's new dealer on the scene.


Like a white-trash lil' Wayne, minus the rhymes, plus the crazy.

I heard he's making moves.

He's got this spot he calls "the playground."

Which you'll be getting us into and you will be staying far from.

You think the fuss can just walk up into Nova's playground?

I got to make calls, introductions.

I doubt you could even pronounce the password.

You walk in there, I can't promise you walk out.

[Clears throat]

[Engine shuts off]

[Indistinct conversations]

[Conversation stops]

I felt more welcome when we crashed Lieutenant Finch's wedding.

Yeah, at least there only some of the guests were armed.


You got the password?

How does this work?

We're here to see your boss.

It's a real nice place, though.

So I take it you're Nova?


The popo shindiggin'.

Grab yourself a seat, yo.

Lady cop, ride my pony.

No, I'd prefer to stand. [Chuckles]

I'd prefer to know why you finessin' me at my own trap.

You shone, lady cop?

[Sniffs] That toot?

I be Mr. clean.

I got like 30% on that.

We're not here for the drugs.

Though, it does make you a piece of human excrement.

We're here for the murder of Gus Willing.

You may know him as Dr. Dust?


I didn't cap the doc.

But I ain't hatin' on who did.

Okay, listen, we heard you wanted to muscle in on his territory, so...

The only crime is wearing that outfit.


Hey, hey, hey. Whoa.

Hey! Settle! Easy!

Hey, hey, hey! Easy!

He's not a threat.




I like the cornrows. They're working for you.

Rosewood, what are you doing here?

See, you forget the power of floor seats on a man like Joo-Joo.

Let's go. Come over here. I want to talk to you.

I've asked nicely. I've asked not-so-nicely.

You want me to lock you up? Is that... is that it?

If it'll get you away from Russ, yes.

You know, you're great at reading other people, Rosie, but you're unable to read yourself.

Okay, let me. You're jealous.

Whatever you think you have on Russ, you don't.

Want to get in business with the supa Nova?

Want to break bread with the Nova-Cain?

Actually, I was wondering if you were real enough to do business with me.

Did he tell you that his last partner died on duty?

Or that he lied in that report?

No, he didn't. Okay?

Is that who you want backing you up?

You need some evidence lost. You need some protection.

You need someone to disappear.

Well, I offer a wide array of services.

Things get heated in a shootout, okay?

No matter how many books you read, you'll never understand, okay?

We misremember, we make the wrong call, but it doesn't make us criminals.

Russ was shot, too.

As a little quid pro quo, take out Mister Flossy for you?

That it?



How about lady cop?

Don't worry about Rosewood. [Chuckles]

The lady cop, though...

She is a problem. [Chuckles]

Come on. Deputy mayor?

He lives down the street from Willing.

He stays on the board. Everyone's a suspect.


What's the deputy mayor doing up there?

Please tell me he's not a suspect.

We're just trying to be thorough, boss.


We didn't want to give anybody a pass because of their title.

Everyone is a suspect. Look at that.

Two days on the job, and he already fits in.

Did you have a nickname at Flagler?

Because I've been noodling.

Trusty Russ. What do you think?

We hit a wall.

We tried Willing's wife, his rivals, and the drugs.

Everything's a dead end.

That's everything from narco.

Willing distributed anonymously. Hid in plain sight.

Even his friends didn't know he was a drug kingpin.

I need you to go to his office and see if we missed anything.

And you can handle Rosie, right?

Now, wait.

You're talking about the hug?

Because I got a lot of stuff on my plate right...

Are we talking about the same thing?


Desouza: Okay, Detective.

Remember to speak in a normal voice and be careful with clothing rubbing up against the Mike.

[Knock on door]


Rosie. Listen, just...

Just listen to me, okay?

I know that bamboo is not gonna fix this, okay?

And I'm not gonna give you the whole Rosewood-Villa highlight reel because I know that you know that this worked better than I even thought it could.

But I respect you enough that I am not gonna pursue something that you don't genuinely want.

But before I move on, I got to hear you say it.

Because I don't believe that you don't miss it.

Rosewood, I need you to let it go.

Because I don't miss it.


So do you want me to just delete these, or...?

I'm sorry. I don't know what to do here.

We always solve the case.

Which is why we shouldn't give up on this.

Come on. If we think that Villa's in danger, we can't quit.

The only thing I can prove is that Russ Hame was negligent and covered his butt in a bad situation.

We don't have a murder weapon, physical evidence, not even a body.

I don't know where my brother is, but can his little, evil twin bring him back?

Okay, maybe there's something else in ballistics.

Russ was shot, too.

TMI, you are beautiful.

You are breathtaking. I'll leave the rest to Pippy.

[Computer beeps]

Let's see.

We were looking at the wrong body.

What is this, besides proof that you need work on your filter game?

Not everything needs to be seen in sepia.

Russ said he was hit in his hand during the shootout.

If that's the case, then why is there a ringed abrasion on the inside of his palm?

That couldn't have happened unless he was holding the gun barrel.

The bullet went out the back of his hand.

He didn't get shot. He shot himself.

I have to warn Villa.

I... I thought this wasn't about Villa.

Okay, people. We get one crack at this.

Villa's gonna walk Hame through the crime scene, get him to talk.

We got Mikes in the sconces and in the surgical lab.

Now, if he decides not to play ball...

[Engine shuts off]

What are we doing?

Did Dr. Willing relocate postmortem?

'Cause I remember cap telling us to check out his office.

And I remember Lieutenant Finch telling us to follow our hunches.

Come on, Annalise. Don't you trust me?

The man drank sake bombs at 40.

And still made lieutenant.

Look, I think Nova knows more than he's letting on, okay?

I can... feel it in my gut.

You mind grabbing my walther for me out of the glove box?

Walther PPK.

Do you also like your Martinis shaken, not stirred?

Come on. You know my tastes are V.S.O.P.

Customized grip.


Steel jacket rounds.


Very nice.

You're not feeling your police-issued?

Psht. Can't trust EMPD to protect me.

[Glove box closes] Got to look out for number one.

Besides, this baby never misses.

Looks like the party's over.


[Gun cocks]


What are you doing, Russ?

Come on.

This is supposed to be a fresh start, you know?

Just a little something extra for the retirement fund.

That was it.

I mean, it's not like I haven't earned it.

Then you...

Annalise. What happened, huh?

You used to have my back.

You can't shoot me.

I'm not. He is.

If it ain't lady cop.

What you doing, vampin' this neighborhood, girl?

Folks is fixin' to snap this time of night.

You really thought I didn't see what you and Hornstock were planning?

Annalise. [Chuckles]

I read you like a book, just like I always do.

Except I didn't like the ending, so I wrote my own.

Never took you for an author, Russ.

To be honest, I only ever saw you as a dirty cop.

Russ: Rosie, Rosie, Rosie.

You are very good at being where you are not wanted.

Annalise had that part right.

What are you doing here, Rosie? I had this under control.

Rosewood: I followed you from the station, okay?

If you don't want to be followed, you shouldn't be driving in a fancy car.

And I'm sorry, but "under control" is not exactly how I would describe the situation.

I emptied Russ's chamber back in the car.

His gun is unloaded.

Go ahead. Try me. Pull the trigger.

It'll give me a reason to pull mine.

I'll hear a click, you'll hear a bang.


But I doubt you had the chance to empty theirs, huh?


You need others to take out the trash for you?

Russ, you... you've changed.


I have.

And yet, look who came out on top?


You see, Annalise, I realized you can't do everything yourself.

Something Garrett learned right before I pulled the trigger.

Speaking of which, gentlemen, please.

Homey, she got you sauced.

The next time you order hit men, make sure they're not D.E.A...


Wow. I did not see that coming.

Hey, you're good.

You think we only had one con running?

Oh, come on, Russ.

It would have been cleaner at Willing's office, but narco was more than happy to throw us some undercovers.

Especially when they heard we were taking down a cop who killed his own partner.

Okay, wait, wait.

You knew Russ was dirty the whole time, and you didn't tell me?

But you told Joo-Joo.

Yes, Rosie!

I knew from the jump.

That's why I wanted you out of the way.

I gave you my best stuff!

The speech that I gave you... It didn't move you a little bit?

Russ, don't you take another step.

You want me to stop him?

Oh, I got this.

Lower your weapons.

You're not gonna shoot me.

I'm a cop.

Don't make me pull the trigger.

I don't think you will.

It's not in your nature.

[Mouths words]

Trusty Russ.

I can always trust you to make bad decisions.

Hey, here come the bracelets.

Don't flinch.

He flinched.

This gun is freakin' loaded.

What were you thinking?

That I'm a better liar.

I used to close my eyes as a kid and imagine being up here talking to Don Shula, Billy Joel.

The point is, we all want more than what we got.

Gus Willing made dentures.

He capped a tooth or two.

And then he saw green in a little white powder, and when that wasn't enough, he did a little sideways "hi, how you doing?"

With his neighbor's wife, and that got him killed.

Alan Peters, you're under arrest for the murder of Gus Willing.

This is all your fault.

I imagine when you all close your eyes at night, it's just... nothing.

Because all your dreams have already come true.

When I close my eyes now, you know what I see?

Mark Gonzalez shot outside of his house two days ago.

And I'm gonna find his killer because that's what I want...


So you can keep wanting your bigger yachts, your nicer homes, and I'll keep wanting to make these streets safe.

I'm fine with that.

Thank you.


Well done, Ira Hornstock.

I think you found your stump speech.

Come here. [Laughs]

Thank you.

I'm feeling stupid for missing it, you know?

Details is my thing.

Yeah, well, we both a little preoccupied.


The neighbor, though?

I didn't think it would be someone that close.

78% of all murders are crimes of passion.

So, look, all that stuff that you said...

It was part of the sting, right?


Maybe? Oh, you're playing coy.

Well, you should know that forgiveness is the cornerstone of all successful relationships, so we're good.

But the stuff you said about the GTO. Now, that... that hurt.

I'm sorry, Rosie. I love the GTO.

Ohh, now, see, you don't drop the I-bomb unless you mean it.

Okay, I don't... don't hate the GTO.

You know I would have told you if I could.

And in the future, you should know that I always had the situation under control.

Okay, and in the future, you should know that the best way to get me to stay is tell me not to stay.



I just got to hear it, okay?

Our thing... You missed it, right?


[Engine starts]