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01x16 - Dead Drops & Disentanglement
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Previously on "Rosewood"...

Hey, what took you so long?

Here's your screwdriver, minus the screw.


The first time I met Annalise, she was kickboxing.

Yeah, and she was so focused, she wouldn't even look at me.

But I was looking at her.

You know, it was that... that face that was perhaps the most alarmingly beautiful face that I have ever seen.

I should... I'll see you in the morning, Rosie.

[Upbeat Cuban music plays]


Hi, mama. [Speaks Spanish]

Mira, mi Amor. Perfect timing.

Come here, I want you to meet some of my friends over here.

Mira, look at that gorgeous papasote over there in the red shirt... Look at those muscles.

He's a masseuse, mamita, and he's a great listener.

And the things that he can do with his hands...


And the one to his right, he's an investor, okay?

And he's fluent in multiple languages.

The most important one... Dinero.

So you blend the three of them, and you have a guy who's a great listener, who's funny, and loaded.

I call it my build-a-boo. Ha!

Really, ma?

Come on.

Mira, I haven't done anything with any of them, okay?

I am going to live vicariously through you.

So, chop, chop. I want you to mingle.

[Speaks Spanish]

You're at least annoyed by now.

What's wrong with you?

Is this about that guy, that mini-me guy, that little Rosie?

What's his name?

Mike, Mike. No, this isn't about Mike.

Oh, perate. Look at me.

Is this about the real Rosie?

Did something happen between you two?

Huh? Coconut beach?

I saw the robe in your bathroom.

Nothing happened, okay?

Yeah, but I know that face.

It almost did, right?

So you know what?

Then it's time to pursue or pump the brakes, okay?

Pursue or pump the brakes.

Pursue or pump the brakes.

[Speaks Spanish]

I got it. I got it, mom.

Okay, okay. Pursue or pump.


Rosie, what are you [Chuckles] what are you doing here?

Well, you know, I heard your music from across the bridge.

I just figured I'd do a pop-by.

I'm sorry, what was that?

Why pop by?

I don't know, apparently my invite to this little shindig got kicked to my spam.

. It was spur-of-the-moment.


Oh, yeah, I could tell that, because I see the food, the music, and the overwhelming number of Adam's apples.

Yeah, it feels pretty planned to me.

You know what else feels planned?

What's that?

The real reason for this pop-by.

You came here to critique my decorating skills, suggesting I move a few things, hide a few things.

Yeah, but I have to say, honestly, I like what you're doing with the place.

You're coming along. You have paint on the walls.

You pulled up the carpet, got a new couch.

You've actually done a lot without me.


[Speaking Spanish]

Is that my chocolate kiss?

[Speaking Spanish] Good to see you.

Hi! Good to see you, too.

[Speaking Spanish]

Papi, are you hungry?

I have some ropa vieja, I have arroz con pollo.

I can fix you something.

Rosie can't stay. He has plans.

I do?

New shoes, new shirt, new blazer.

Feels like plans to me.

Well, a gentleman can never turn down arroz con pollo.

Okay, come on.

Well, we can make it to go.

To go.

To go. [Speaking Spanish]

[Birds chirp]




I need to call my dad.

Rosewood: Where do you think you're going?

To replenish. I need food, drink.

I need a break.

Okay, how long are we talking?

You need to relax.

I'm just getting started.

Mm-hmm. [Doorbell rings]

Ugh. I forgot to tell her.


Yeah, it's my mother.

Wha... your mother stops by unannounced?

No, that's my thing.

Her visits always have a purpose.


Hey, mom.

Good morning, my love. Ugh.

Goodness, it was slim pickings today.

I got the last bottle.

Yeah, you know what, I'm taking a break from the tea.

I meant to tell you that yesterday.

It's my bad.

Why? It's your favorite.

Because it's loaded with caffeine and more than likely the reason for the overexerted nature of Rosie's heart.

Mom, this is Erica. Erica, this is my mother.



Every Tuesday morning, I go to the farmer's market, and I pick up langum black tea, because the polyphenols work wonders for Beaumont's heart.

They do.

Which I applaud, but we're shifting to pomegranate juice.

It's packed with antioxidants, reduces arterial plaque, and has healthy vascular effects on blood flow to the heart.


Cardiologist. Rosie's.

She's your cardiologist?

Yeah, and... And I was gonna...

Your mother didn't know?

No, no, but I was...

Well, I-I need to get ready for work.

It's so lovely to meet you.

You're sleeping with her?

What are you thinking about?

Not only is that wildly unprofessional, but really...

Mom, mom, mom.

I appreciate the concern.

Need you to stay in your lane.

[Cellphone buzzes] I-I do.

I'm sorry.

In my lane?

What is that supposed to mean?

Yeah, it's Rosie.

No problem. I'm on my way.

Listen [Sighs] I have to go.

I love you.

Stay in your lane.

[Police radio chatter]



You okay?

I'm a little freaked out, but I'll be fine.


We'll be around if you need anything.


Take a walk.

That was rude.

You're in the middle of nowhere on a school day with some kid in skinny jeans, but I'm the one that's rude?

It's spring break, dad.

Maybe if I heard from you a little bit more often, you would have known that.

Every time I call you, you text me back, which I hate.

"LOL," "IDK."

I mean, who can crack all these codes?

Cap, we need you over here!

You stay where you are.

What do you got?

Victim's name is Darrin Barber.

Lack of blood spatter on trunk of the car suggests Barber was dead before he hit.

Maybe he suffered from a mid-air heart attack?

Hey, is that Sophie?

It's a long story.

[Sighs] Skydiving.

Here we go.

Just you, gravity, and the arresting view of the landscape.

You know, I've always wanted to do it, just could never carve out the time to. You?

I prefer this view of the landscape.

Rosie, what are you doing here?

What, can't a man just pop by and feel appreciated for it?

Is this about me giving you the boot from my party?

No. Okay, yes, it is.

It wasn't personal.

It was very personal.

Rosie. Thanks again for the second set of eyes.

See... did you hear that? No, did you hear that?

I heard.


That's the sweet sound of appreciation. Try it.

Neil, my m... Hey.

I see you're rocking the wingtips I bought you.

[chuckles] Stylish but also comfortable.

Like walking on pillows.

Let's see what we got here.

See, the lack of blood spatter suggests the victim was dead before he hit the car.

This diagonal crease in the ear lobe is a common sign of coronary artery disease.

So, heart attack, right? I was just saying that.

No, no, Neil, Neil, Neil.

You got to crawl in those wingtips before you can walk, all right?

Now, just watch and learn.

I'm about to do this very dangerous demonstration.

Just watch.

Okay, everybody, back it up.

Back... hey, back it up.

Captain, back it up, please. Back it up. Back it up.

To the side. Back.

Man: False alarm.

Okay, everybody, bring it back in.

Go ahead and bring it back in.

Nice work, sensei.

Well, most of these backpacks are equipped with a trigger that ensures that the chute deploys at a certain altitude, no matter what.

So, what, you suggesting foul play?

I'm not ruling it out.

Let me check this out, Neil.


You okay, Rosie?

If I were you two, I'd look to see who else was on that plane our victim jumped out of.

What, are you doing cameos now?

Get back here. We're not done.

Sorry, cap. I'm all booked up.

But you drove all the way out here.

To check on Neil. He's going a good job.

You're in capable hands.

That scar looks familiar.

[Engine starts]

Dead Drops & Disentanglement

Oh, ladies.


Mom, I bought you a chai latte.

No, thank you.

It's from Benny's. You never turn down Benny's.

I do now.

May I ask why?

Well, because it's just loaded with caffeine.


I'll take that.

Nice peace offering.

Okay, it's not a p...

Okay, perhaps it is a peace offering.

You know, me personally, I think it's kind of genius.

Erica is your girl and your cardiologist?

She's a twofer.

Actually, no, she's a one-fer.

She's my cardiologist.

All the other stuff we have to feel out.

Your cardiologist in your bed, morning after.

One plus one equals twofer.

[Cellphone buzzing]

Hey, Neil, what's up?

I've noticed bruising on the victim's knuckles from sometime in the last 48 hours, indicating he was recently in a fight.

You mind meeting me at my lab?

Actually, Neil, it's kind of crazy around here today.

This is my first case as an M.E.

I already messed up at the crime scene, blurting out "heart attack" when I wasn't certain.

I have to crush this case...

Crush it, like, hit the balls way out of the courts.

Okay, no more sports analogies.

Never again. Please, I won't keep you long.

All right, I'll be right there.

[Clears throat]

Just finished my witness statement.

Have a seat, Soph.

Come on, sit down.

So, listen, about earlier...

You know how I can get.

My heart's thinking one thing, my mouth another.

It's all good, dad. [Chuckles]

Okay, so you're graduating high school in a few weeks.

I mean, that is a big deal.

So come on, fill me in on the colleges.

You got a favorite?


I think I'll just take the summer to veg out, maybe look into a retail gig while sorting out some other stuff.

Okay, community college, trade school, whatever.

As long as you're pressing towards that degree, you're golden.

It's the ultimate trump card.

And creating your own app is a pretty sweet trump card, too.

And even sweeter...

It doesn't require a college degree.

Let me guess...

This nugget of advice came courtesy of Booby?

Brody. The two of us, actually.

Well, he doesn't have a say in the matter.

You're going to college, period.

That's not your call.

Me dad. You kid. My call.


Everything okay, Cap?

Never better. Can't you tell?

What's the latest?

It was only the victim and the pilot on the plane.

I'm on my way to talk to him.

I mean, look at her.

Dollars to doughnuts, she's on the phone with Binky.

It's... it's Brody.

She can't see past that kid.

Now he's got her head gassed up with all kinds of nonsense.

Cap, she wants you to chase her down.

I don't think so.

Trust me.

I pulled that stunt plenty of times when I wanted my dad's attention.

Don't make the same mistake he did.



I got upset back there, okay?

So, I was hoping that you would hang here for a little bit.

Maybe me and you, we could figure things out.

And good news for you is, I took a chill pill.

Pretty sure no one's saying "chill pill" anymore, dad.

Fair enough. So come on.

What do you say?

Darrin's body is a road map of scars and abrasions.

Yeah, most of them coming from the protuberant surfaces...

Shoulders, elbows, hips.

You get a chance to run the blood?

I did, but our lab is backed up, so I'm still waiting to process it.

Give me a sample.

Pippy can turn those around pretty fast.

Rosie, any chance I can squeeze one more favor out of you?

Barber's dad will be here any second to I.D. the body.

This is my first consult. I am so nervous.

Yeah, the first one's always the hardest.

Don't even worry about it. I got you.


Mr. Barber.

I'm Dr. Rosewood.

Take your time.


It's okay to touch your son.


Darrin was only 5 months when he was born.

Small enough to fit inside my palm.

I was always at his surgeries, in the recovery room.

I know what it's like as a dad, but I never knew how he felt, what he was thinking.

He was thinking you were always there for him.

And for that, he'll always be grateful, because... He was never alone.

And it was your armor of hope that kept him going.

How do you know?

Because I have a father and I also was born premature.

Your son and I actually suffer from the same heart condition.


What happened to him?

I don't know yet, Mr. Barber.

But I promise you, I will get you the answer that you need.

I'll give you a moment.

Toxin labs, A.S.A.P.

All right, which case? Caminiti?





Oh, so it's okay if you pop by?

You sent an urgent text. Not a pop-by.

You know, while I'm here, we're gonna set some parameters.

Yeah, well, you know I don't do parameters.

Well, you do now.

Where is this coming from?

Church and state, Rosie.

More work, less fun.

Do you know who you're talking to?

Yes, but I'm serious.

Okay, so let me get this straight.

You are boxing me out because I like to pop by.

That's part of it.

But then you just pop by.

No, I stopped in because you...

Do you need me here for anything work-related or not?

Yes, evidence, evidence.

I need everything you have on Darrin Barber.

Oh, oh, so now you're in.

Oh, yeah, oh, I'm in.

You sure you're okay being in?

Why wouldn't I be?

Look, Rosie, it's no mystery that you and Darrin have some similarities.

Okay, yes. That's even more reason for me to be in, so I'm in.

Talk to me. What you got?

Okay, I spoke to the pilot.

Turns out Darrin's girlfriend was supposed to jump, too, but never showed up.

Her name's Mia Barnes.

She and Darrin were arrested a few years ago...

Disturbing the peace.

Apparently things got violent.

I think we should go talk to her.

You said "we," like you and me.

Wait, what does that fall under... church or state?

Mia: Darrin was the people's champ.

A philanthropist and an all-around great guy.

And yet you two caught a charge for disturbing the peace.

Rumor is, things got a little testy.

Look, a few years ago, Darrin sold his fleet of restaurants and decided to travel around the world and live out his bucket list.

And you were upset that he was leaving?

Yes. He was basically putting our relationship on pause.

So I-I yelled at him, and he yelled back, and an overzealous neighbor called the cops.

That's... That's all it was.

What prompted Darrin's shift to this bucket-list life?

With all his medical issues, being poked and prodded his entire life, he probably felt like he owed it to himself, didn't he?


The more extreme, the better.

Uh, base-jumping.

Waterfall kayaking.

Bungee-jumping over alligator pits.

Our time together was reduced to a few months out of the year.

I would have gladly taken more, but, um, [voice breaking] Being that he was living on borrowed time, Darrin [Chuckling] had... He had commitment issues.

Why didn't you go sky-diving today?

I witnessed an accident on the freeway.

It was... It was pretty nasty.

So I-I stuck around and I gave a report.

We'll have to verify that.

Thank you very much.

[Clears throat, gasps]

Oh, one more thing.

Would... would Darrin ever commit suicide?



Suicide. Yeah, that's a nice touch.

The man kayaks waterfalls.

Is it impressive and quite possibly a mild turn-on?


But it's also a cry for something else.

The only thing Darrin knew was the moment.

That's where he lived. That's where he got his mail.

That's some powerful stuff.

Okay, so take it off of extreme sports and put it on acute kidney failure.

Acute kidney failure?

Check your e-mail. Pippy sent the tox on Darrin.

High levels of urea and...


All he needed was a kidney transplant or staying on top of his dialysis treatments, and that would have kept him going for decades.

Wait, wait, wait. You have that?

No, not yet.

But, like a hurricane, there are warnings.

And warnings breed preparation.


[Object rattles, thuds]

[Plastic wrapper rustles]

Hey, Soph.

You want one?

It was your favorite growing up as a kid.

It's got that stuff in the middle: Nougat.


What's so funny?

This meme Brody sent me.

Where are you going? I know what a meme is.

What the hell's a meme?

Meme... It's an Internet thing.

Those pictures you...

You know what, I don't care.

Apps, memes... none of that screams higher education.

Cap, she's 17. She'll get there.

Sophie had to grow up quick when things went sideways between me and her mom.

She was like a third parent to my twin boys.

It's her turn to be a kid again.


Eat those noodle thingies, sleep all day, study when only necessary.

I mean, that's what college is about, right?

All right, what do you got?

Mia Barnes' alibi checked out.

All right, so we're back to squadoosh?

Do we even know there's foul play yet?

There's still no cause of death, but Rosie's on it.

My gut's telling me something's off, and until we know for sure, one way or another, I have to keep digging.

So, regarding Sophie, I'll talk to her.

Villa: So, Brody's idea of a romantic getaway is in the middle of nowhere?

Really, Soph? Come on.

I mean, who still does that?

Actually, that was my idea.

Old school, you know?

Look, Soph, I get it. I get it.

When you're around him, your... your butterflies kick into overdrive.


Sweaty palms.

The more you feel them, the more you lose your focus.

To the point where it's no longer about you.

Are we talking about me or you?

What? Me? W-why would you think...

[cellphone rings]

Oh, h-hang on a second.

What do you want?

Arnold chiari malformation.

Arnold who?

It's a structural defect in the cerebellum.

Darrin has it.

He was more than likely attacked.

The bruised knuckles and swollen jaw were in self-defense.

Now, having that condition might have advanced something internally.

Like what?

I'm not sure yet. I'm still figuring it out.

As opposed to coming by, I just figured I'd call.

How noble of you, and appropriate.

Unless you want me to pop by.

I do not want you to pop by.

[Pops top]

I mean, are you sure? It's easy to pop by.

It's not a problem.

I'm positive. Bye!



Butterflies? Sweaty palms?

You totally want him to pop by.

You don't know what you're talking about, Soph.


Just got a hit on Darrin Barber's credit card.

What? When?

Three times in the past hour.

I'm not a cop and all, but it's weird that a dead guy's still buying stuff, right?

So the perp charges a crock pot, six dozen roses, and a flatscreen TV?

All bought within a six-block radius.

Now, the store owners are sending over surveillance footage to help us I.D. a suspect.

I vote we keep the card open.

No need to flag it just yet.

Good call. Now we just sit and wait.

How'd it go with Sophie?

We're getting there, Cap.

Yeah. Real piece of work, that one.


What, are you saying I'm a real piece of work?

I'm a real piece of work.

His poor family.

How are you?

Never been better.

'Cause if you're not all right...

You'd be the first to know.


Okay, son.

No, seriously. I would tell you, then Pip.

I'm only doing this for Neil, mom.



Are we good?

We are always good, son.

[Indistinct conversations]

Erica: Come in.

Miss Rosewood. Hello.

Dr. Kincaid.

Did I catch you at a bad time?

Absolutely not. Have a seat.

I'll stand, thank you. I won't be long.

If you don't mind me asking, what are your intentions with my son?

Uh, you mean tonight or in general?


I did some research, and you have done exemplary work over the years.

Frankly, Beaumont's the healthiest he's been in...

In quite a while.

Thank you.

But what happens when things fall apart with you two?

Miss Rosewood, whatever is going on between Rosie and me is between us.

You mean all of us, right?

Because this will affect his medical treatment.

If you two keep blurring the lines, yes, then this ends badly.

My son loses a girlfriend, but more importantly, he loses his cardiologist.

Look, this isn't personal, Dr. Kincaid.

I would have no problem with you dating my son if you happened to work, what, as a barista.

But the point is that my son has finally found what he believes to be the right cardiologist, and I don't want him to lose that because the two of you seem to have a problem keeping your hormones in check.

I get that you're coming from a place of love and fear for Rosie.

More love than fear, my dear, but go on.

So I'm going to say this as nicely as I can.

Your son is a grown man.

And I'd appreciate you staying out of our business.

Have a good day.

[Door closes]


Where's TMI?

Uh, needed a minute. So I sent her on a snack run.

A minute?

Well, when pip needs a minute, I know what that means.

First things first.

Uh, I ran an ESR, a CBC, a lipid profile, and countless other tests in an effort to flag anything.

Flag what? Pip, what's going on?

Pip, I am sorry.

I didn't think that this case and seeing Darrin's body would upset you.

And clearly I was wrong. But here's the thing, okay?

You don't have to worry.

Because aside from the similarities, I'm not him.

I know that.

In my head.

My heart, completely different story.

Pip, it's okay.

I'm okay.


Lovely to see you, but why re you here?

Dad said I had to be. [Chuckles]

Actually, he made a request.

You're the one who chose to stay.

When I was a rookie, there was this bank heist in progress.

My lone job was to secure the perimeter, which I did, arresting the suspect.

My one mistake... I didn't properly pat him down, resulting in a standoff.

Thankfully, your dad did me a solid and defused the situation.

His words to me afterwards...

"you put our squad in harm's way one more time, you'll be out on your ass, never to be seen again!"

Kind of a dick thing to say.

Actually, those words scared me in a good way.

Forced me to focus.

Which helped me rise to detective so fast, he's the reason why I'm even here.

Talk to your dad, Soph.

Give him a reason to buy into why college isn't for you, but make it count.

Guy who matches the description of our perp just walked into a sporting-goods store not too far from here.

We have to call the store and tell them to stall him.

[Keys rattle]

What? What, I get nougat on me or something?

Don't forget to call Rosie!

What? I'm not sure what that even is, but please stop doing it.

Sweaty palms!

[Tires squeal]

Rosewood: I like the pull-up. It's kind of sexy.

What are you doing here?

Well, according to Sophie, you were looking for me.

[Sighs] I did not say that.

Apparently you didn't have to.

Rosie, just stay at this post.

Noted. I'm on the outside. You're on the inside.

[Tires screech]

Yeah, no, couldn't be more separate than that.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Police! Everybody down!

[Indistinct shouting]

Man: Hey!

[Horn honking]


Guess you didn't get him, huh?

Is that the best you have to offer?

Well, I offered to help, but...


Not following.

Try offering that.


And so we're not good.

She called.

See, I-I don't get it.

You're always on me about settling down and starting a family, and now that I have someone with potential, you throw a flag.

Your health is my priority.

And I'm gonna be fine.

Best you've been in years.

But what happens when you get bored with Dr. Kincaid?

This could be different.

This could be dangerous.

I'm gonna be fine.


What have you got on the perp?

Name is Jay Stottlemyre.

Homeless with a couple of priors for assault.

No new purchases?

Radio silence the past hour.

Did you check the card for pending transactions?

Sometimes there's a 12-to 24-hour hold when you charge something for delivery.

Where would he deliver it to? He's homeless.

Steal a card, buy something, then have it sent to the person who you stole it from's address.

Then pick it up before they come home.

I'll have Vernon look into that.

Nice work, Soph!

Where'd you learn about that scam?

I have my ways.

No, no, I'm serious, Soph.

Let's talk about it over pizza tonight.



Wow, that's our old spot.

Some really nice pies.

The best. So it's on?

Yeah, of course it's on.

I just checked the pending transactions on Darrin's card.

A shipment of coats in all sizes is being shipped to his home tonight.

The charge was made yesterday.

Well, theft is one thing, but connecting him to murder?

Whiplash injury.

When a man in Darrin's condition suffers a blow to the face, it can trigger internal bleeding.

But Darrin was attacked 48 hours ago.

Well, it doesn't matter.

Over that time, the weight of the blood builds pressure on the cervical spine.

Now, considering Darrin arched his back hopping out of that plane, it's quite possible he put too much pressure on his brainstem, resulting in his death.

So, this is a murder.


"Maybes" are no good for me, Rosie.

I mean, is there a "certainly" in that back pocket of yours, perhaps an "absolutely"?

Ah, at this point, it's the best I can do, Cap.

Well, then we need to set up a stakeout near Darrin's house.


At the very least, we get him for fraud and identity theft.

Is Rosie tagging along?

If he's not, he is. We both know this.

A stakeout... nice.

I'll bring the cooler, snacks, and easy listening.


Who you like? Barbra Streisand?

Are we still on for tonight, dad?

Actually, I got to tag along with these guys for the stakeout.

But... Great assist.

Okay? You're free to go.

I'll call you later to reschedule.

You really brought food.

Yeah, I did.

Repurposed bento box.

It's spacious, eco-friendly, and Villa-approved.

What does that mean?

Well, it's got compartments.

You got the church over here, and you have the state over there.

That way, the ginger broccoli doesn't touch the chicken yakiniku.

And in this scenario, you have to be the yakiniku.

I am not the yakiniku.

I don't like the word, so you got to be the yakiniku.

Delivery truck just pulled up.


What the hell are you doing here?

I used this bluejack app to hack into your phone and find you.

It took me like two seconds.

You did what?

You know what, save it for later.

Go home now.

No. Not until you talk to me.

Sophie, I'm on the job.

You're the one who asked me to stay, but when I want to talk, you want to run.

What's up with that?

Get in the back, head down.


That thing you mentioned earlier...

Chiari malformation?

Will you have that at some point, too?


My turn.

What's the real reason behind this whole parameters thing?

I already told you.

Because of the pop-bys, Villa?

Really? Come on, now.

You know the pop-bys, they're the foundation of our relationship.

At the precinct, at the gym, at your house.

But it's only a one-way pop-by, because I don't do pop-bys.

Oh, you don't do pop-bys.

Okay, so the charity event a few months back, and what about my morning run?

Two times versus an epidemic.

Wow. Really? An epidemic?

Oh-ho, wow, okay.

You know what, it doesn't matter, okay?

Because for the last 10 months, it hasn't been a problem.

Why now?

Ira: You know, if this is about your tuition, I got it covered.

I've been socking away money since you're knee-high.

[Sophie scoffs]

Are we still talking about this?

You know what, Soph? I get it.

I tell you to do something, and you do the opposite.

It's a subtle way of giving me the finger.

Actually, you don't get it.

Well, what I do get are instincts.

And they're telling me that what you're doing right now is running away.

And you know what?

The more I think about it, the mistakes I made as a dad, I'd run away from me, too.

Dad, I'm not running.

I'm living my life.

And every time I try to talk to you about it, we end up fighting!

Like with Brody.

If you [Sighs] just acted normal about it, you would totally like him.

I'm normal about things.

Okay, I do not like him.

Why? Because he's smart and he has an awesome job?

You know he works for the credit-card company to pay his way through college?

In fact, he's the one who told me about the scam.

Yeah, of course he did.

That job of his is a gateway to the life of hacking.

Hey, I'm sorry, s... Soph, I'm sorry.

Hey. Where are you going?

It's because of the hotel in Coconut Beach, isn't it?

What about the hotel?

You know, the hotel, the hotel.

The things. The moment.

No things. No moment.

Villa, they were real things, real moments.

So keep it real, all right?

It was all make-believe, Rosie.

Until it wasn't, Villa.

You're so delusional.

Just... Just go ahead and say it.

Say what?

Say that that's the reason.

[Door opens, closes] [Sighs]

Sophie, what are you doing here?

My dad is such an ass.

She's also a fan of the pop-by.

Scooch over.



Another pop-by. It's contagious.

Whoa, see that?

He's here and on the move.

Hold it right there! Stay down!


I like this stakeout stuff.

Can we do it again?

Hey, I really need to get going.

The homeless shelter closes in an hour.

Villa: There's plenty shelter here.

Open floor plan.

En-suite bathroom in the middle of the cell.

Bars within walking distance.

I didn't kill Darrin.

Jay, you are staring down the barrel of a life sentence.

That's a lot of time braiding hair.

So the quicker you stop the dance, the quicker we can help you.

Just here to observe, Rosie.

Sophie, you need to hang by the door for a quick exit in case your dad comes in.

Yeah, right, like he would notice.

He's so weird.

You know I know your dad very well.

And my two cents?

Stay on him. He's worth it.

Villa: Did you or did you not rob him in the last 48 hours?

I did. But I didn't kill him.

Ira: You ever heard of whiplash injury?

Because that jab you gave Darrin on the jaw knocked around a few other things, leading him to go night-night.

Here's where you get it wrong.

Not more than 15 seconds after taking his wallet, dude returned, spun me around and hit me with a two-piece combo to the face.

Yeah, well, you're the one with the credit card, so you obviously bounced back.

He gave me the credit card.

This guy.

I'm serious. And not just his credit card.

I mean, he walked me to the ATM, took out $500 in cash, and handed it to me.

Naturally, I was like, "why you doing this?"

His response?

"Just pay it forward."

Wow. Not even I would do that.

No, I think you would.

And Annalise would eat that up.

What was that moment between you two?

I overheard you guys talking about it before I got into the car.

It doesn't matter.

Oh, it matters.

A lot.

My two cents...

Make a new moment.

Ira: This guy just comes strolling around, picks you, decides to give you money like... like you're this big lottery winner?

Did anybody witness this?

Look, I know this is crazy and...


Don't ATMs have surveillance cams?

Yeah, they do.

Please check the one on Mayfield and 4th.

Yeah, but this is what doesn't add up.

Both times we try to detain you, you ran.

I'm a homeless man with a credit card and $500 in cash from a dude I didn't know.

When I saw you guys, I figured I was being set up, so I bounced.

Why use the victim's home address?

It was the only way I could ship in the coats.

They're for the homeless shelter where I live.

Please believe me when I tell you Darrin inspired me.

So the money he gave me, I passed out to as many people as I could, mostly homeless folks like myself.

And the credit-card purchases were for random shelters.

Villa: The murder still falls on Jay.

But with a little finessing, we might be able to bump it down to manslaughter.

If he was murdered at all.

Don't do it, Rosie.


Ira: Look at this through those Rosie-colored lenses.

Well, it's kind of hard not to, cap.

That was a great story.

Well, not every story has a happy ending.

You ever see "Bambi"?


But it's possible it's not even linked to his whiplash injury.

I'm headed back to take a second look.

Hey, you free for a little?



We have that in spades.


And on every level.



And the notion that what we're doing is verboten in some circles.

Most circles, actually.



We're always having fun.

Good, clean fun.


I'm still waiting.

Come feel this.



A tumor?


[Chuckles lightly]

Man of your word.

I can't thank you enough for this.

It's what I do.

I know this may seem strange, but I feel like you're...

I don't know, somehow you and my Darrin are...

You mind if I stay in contact?

Only if I can do the same.

Son, what's going on?

Any one of you afraid of death?

Yeah, I just don't want to be there when it happens.

Like myself...

Darrin was born premature.

He knew that... the music was gonna be dying soon, so he kicked it up to 11.

And good for him.

So, one thing that Darrin cherished the most, his life, was over before he hit the ground.

Succumbing to chemodectoma.

It's when a small tumor on the carotid body packs enough punch that it shuts down your whole heart.

It's possible that one day I will get that tumor.

But... that day... is not today.

My MRI came back negative, so you all know what that means.

You can add a few more years to your annoyance?

See, I've been living most of my life right about here, and I've had some good moments.

Now it's time to kick it up to here.

The more extreme, the better.

So, get ready for Rosie 2.0.

All right, come on, bring it in, bring it in.

Why, I oughta...


Mom? Come on in here. Come on in here.

TMI: Oh.

So, who's ready to go on my first mission with me?

Ira: Look, princess.

Brody will be Brody. Maybe I'll warm up to him.

Maybe I won't. Time will tell.

But your future, what you want to do, what you're passionate about, I want to know about that.

I'm your father.

My job is to support you in whatever you want to do.

I'm joining the police academy.

There's no way in hell that that is happening.

It's happening, dad.

Helping you guys crack that case put it over the top for me.

Sophie, you had a good moment.

This is a different job.

A job that's in my blood.

First grandpa, then you? I'd be third generation.

That's an awesome way for me to honor my heroes.

Maybe I can be a part of the next generation, the one that makes everyone feel like we're the good guys again.

I'm doing it, dad.

With or without your support.

Cap? Everything okay?

I'm her hero.


I come bearing a different kind of gift.

Pomegranate juice.

The key to this particular brand is green globe pomegranates.

Not too tart.

Thank you, but you could have brought this to work tomorrow.

I owe you an apology, son.

When I saw that young man laying on your slab the other day, it just stirred up things I hadn't felt in a very long time.


It's taken you so long to find the right doctor that I was just concerned that if the romance didn't work, how would that affect the medicine?

Well, you'll be happy to know that Erica and I have parted ways.


I thought things were going well.

Well, things are still going well, but just not as my doctor.

I switched over to her mentor, a doctor who comes very highly recommended.

Dad even signed off on him.

You know, I just decided I'm not gonna allow my health issues to dictate my decisions anymore.

From now on, if it feels right, I owe it to myself to see it through.

I got to admit, I'm impressed.

Villa: Props to Darrin.

You weren't the only one who was affected by him.

So, we're good, right?

No more boxes or compartments?

I'm here, aren't I?

Yes, you are.

And it's a moment.

This is not a moment.

I'm telling you, it's a momeeeeent!

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