01x17 - Silkworms y Silencio

Man: Falling for the yellow queen, huh?

She's beautiful.

Beauty's expensive. Ask my wife.

Neck-lift cost me both arms and a leg.

How much?

For the GTO? 45 grand.

45 grand, huh? Mm-hmm.

Well, see, here's the thing...

I used to work for the city as a medical examiner.

I just resigned.

So you're unemployed?

No. Actually, I just opened up my own lab.

I'm a private pathologist now.

Yeah, but I spent almost everything, even my Bar Mitzvah money.

The point is, I'm changing the face of justice in this city.

Miami is never gonna be the same.

Turn your silver head to 3:00.

Any chance you'll cut me a break on the price?



$35,000, shake and a hug to seal the deal.

37 large, shake, no hug.

36 grand, and you're definitely getting the real thing.


Ohh! [Chuckles]

Mazel tov.

Uh, yeah.

[Shop Boyz' "Party Like a Rockstar" plays]

♪ Yeah ♪
♪ Yeah ♪

[Tires screeching]

♪ Party like a rock ♪
♪ Party like a rock star ♪
♪ Party like a rock ♪
♪ Party like a rock star ♪
♪ Party like a rock star ♪
♪ T-Totally, dude ♪
♪ I'm on a money-makin' mission, but I party like a rock star ♪
♪ Flyin' down 20 lookin' good in my hot car ♪
♪ You know dem... be at my show, grabbin' where my chain ♪
♪ Tryin' to grab and hold my pants ♪
♪ But these... won't let my thing go ♪
♪ I do like I do 'cause you know da... be tryin' dat ♪
♪ Oh, don't you know I... with fine dimes ♪
♪ That look like Pamela ♪
♪ They fine and they hot, bro ♪
♪ When I'm in the spot, bro... ♪

I could get used to this.

Get used to this?

♪ Party like a rock, party like a rock star ♪

What if I was still here when you got home?

Rosewood: I mean, real... Ah, okay.

I mean, that'd be like four nights in a row, right?

Well, do you want to wake up alone tomorrow or the way we woke up today?

[Engine shuts off, keypad beeps]

Well, now that you put it like that...

[Chuckles] Exactly.

And I am going to cook for you and the ladies in your life, especially your mother.

Uh, I'm sorry.

You said what? You're gonna cook?

Look [Sighs] we got off on the wrong foot, so I was just thinking that we have her and Pippy and TMI over to your place and I make my famous roasted chicken.

So, you want to cook at my place.


You know, that... Hey, that's... a great idea.


I got to run right now, but can I... can I call you back?


[Keypad beeps]

Will you stop listening to my personal phone calls, please?

You pulled in to my hearing space.

No, I pulled in to this space.

You were over there.


I didn't know your doctor girlfriend moved in.

Just my girlfriend, and she didn't move in.

And can we change the subject, please?


Fan belts in the GTO are a mess.

Belts are fine.

No. Your belts are slipping.

Belts are buckled.

Seat belts buckle. Fan belts slip.

And yours are... say it with me...


They're slipping, though.

Why can't you just say "slip"?

No, they're... they...

Rosie, remind me again who tagged you in on this case.

I don't always need to be tagged in to a case.

[Indistinct conversations]

Rosie, when Anita tags you in, you're supposed to fly like my next husband.

Traffic and Villa slowed me down.

Anita, why are you here?

All the coroners are busy with other bodies, so I'm covering.

Plus, I'm only a hop, skip, and a Rosie away from here.


Can I help with anything?

Warren, let's just let them do their job, okay?

Sir, can you move, please?

They're very busy.

[Police radio chatter]

Anita: Oh, that ring is my jam.

I wish I could ask her where she bought it.


Oh, my bad.

Our victim is 31 years old, blunt-force head trauma.

Not sure what the killer used as of yet.

Fibers in the mouth.

Mail and neighbors confirm the deceased is Maria De La Vina.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Maria De La Vina?

Maria. M-M... I-I know Maria.

You know her how?

Well, I don't... I don't know her know her.

She plays Karissa Reyes on the telenovela "Pasion en Silencio," a former seamstress from Tijuana searching for her birth father, only to discover he was killed by Colombian drug dealers, forcing her into witness protection where she faked her own death so she could run away with Enrique Baja.

My mother watched the soap since I was a kid, okay?

And you've been watching since you were an adult.


Mind if I paint a picture?

Is it gonna be of you wearing nothing but that smile?


And I'm gonna need a partner. I'll sign up.

Well, I think it's best if you observe and take notes.


This appears to be a robbery.

Villa: Yeah. Drawers are opened.

Everything is tossed.

Ah, but the laptop is still on the coffee table.

This is a staged robbery.

Yes. Good, good, good.

And this bouquet of flowers?

Ah, gloriosas... very rare.

2 dozen at 10 bucks a stem.

Oh, so, you also know your flowers.

I'm a girl. Girls love flowers.

Oh, wow.

Did you just admit that you're a girl?

I'm a woman.

Oh, gosh.

Let's see. 1982 Chateau Lafite... pricy.

Okay, so the stage was set for the special evening.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Hand, please. Thank you.

So, perhaps the first "I love you" or maybe even, "Will you marry me?"


So, everything was perfect.

Jealous, party of one.

He had never seen someone so beautiful.

She felt the same way.

[Exhales sharply]

Hey, Villa, okay, look, you got to relax, okay?

The... The victim at this stage was relaxed.

Relax. Act like you're into it.

Okay. Okay.

All right?

Pow. There you go, girl.

And then something happened.

He said the wrong thing.

Or she didn't say the right thing.

Well, it's too soon to know that, but what I do know is there was a struggle.

She struck first.

The blood under the left fingernails only...

She scratched him.

Ah. Bruising on the back of her right hand.

She... She slapped him, too. Right.

Then he choked her.

She was still able to scream.

But the fibers on the roof of her mouth...

They were from fabric.

[Camera shutter clicks]

He gagged her...


And then struck her in the back of the head.

And then the... the residue in Maria's hair is wax.

See, matching candles, one on each side, but one is missing.

The killer struck her, strangled her, then left with the murder weapon.

We need to find...

Antonio Espada.

He's the star of "Pasion en Silencio."

He plays Jose Chavez, the heir to the tequila empire built by his father.

He and Maria have been an item on- and off-screen for the last year.

I told you. My mom loves the show.


Mm. Wow.

Julia: Ah, Detective Villa.

[Bell rings] We spoke on the phone.

Julia Delgado, writer and producer of "Pasion en Silencio."

Right. Julia, uh, I'd like to introduce you to Dr...

Dr. Rosewood. We also spoke.

Thank you so much for your kind words.

Maria was such a big part of our TV family.

What you said... it... it really put things into perspective.

That's why I do what I do.

We haven't told everyone about Maria, including Antonio, so I just thought it might be better he heard it from you.

All right.

[Man and woman arguing in Spanish]


[Laughs] Fantastic!

Melissa, that's exactly what I'm looking for... authenticity.


My partner in...

Don't say "crime."

Don't say...

Yes, crime.

You being weird today?

Uh, weird? No.

[Chuckles] Are you doing that thing where you refuse to acknowledge our special, muse-like bond, me the bread, you the mantequilla, me the peanut butter, you the jalea, me the [speaking Spanish]...

Antonio, please.

[Exhales sharply]

We need to speak in private.

[Dramatic music playing]

Maria... dead?

This can't be.

Antonio, we know you were at Maria's place last night.

And you have contusions inside your mouth on both sides.

One from the slap you just took from Melissa Pena in rehearsal.

And the other from Maria last night.

What are you two suggesting?

The scent my partner picked up on you just now...

Is a popular musk called Seducir.

It was found all over Maria's body.

Time for you to take off your shirt, Antonio.

Silkworms y Silencio

Antonio, I should probably have someone else question you.

I'm a big fan of "Pasion en Silencio"...enorme.

"General Hospital"... My first wife got me sucked in.

Sonny Corinthos... now, that was a great character...

Gangster, no drugs, nice to hookers.

You seen the show?

No, I've never seen that show.

Well, why do you say it like that?

Like what?

Like... Like I'm somebody's jerk.

I don't think soap actors get enough credit.

The range of emotions you have to play is crazy.


I say this all the time.

In that one episode, um, a couple years ago, "El Amor De Roca," where you reunited with your long-lost friend only to be left at the altar by that raging bitch Olivia Flores... oh!

An amazing high followed by emotional heartbreak, and you pulled it off.

It was an exhausting roller coaster.

And at the very end of the scene, when... when that single tear fell from your eye [smooches]...


Not unlike those tears you made back at the stage, right?


Those were real.

Those were for Maria.

No, I know they were for Maria because you killed her, didn't you?

She's got him rattled now.

[Cellphone vibrating]

Yeah. I'm rattled, too.

My new girlfriend...

She's cooking for my mother at my place.

And she's cooking roasted chicken. Okay.

Mmm. Well...

But no yams.

Donna Rosewood must have yams with her roasted chicken.

[Cellphone vibrating]

And now she wants a key to my place.

Sounds like you and this broad are moving in together.

No, no, we're definitely not moving in.

Janice and I moved fast like that.

I mean, may she rest in peace.

I mean, it started out with the toothbrush, then underwears in my drawer.

I freakin' blink, and I'm smashing a freakin' glass underneath a chuppah and exchanging vows.

I'm not gonna be headed towards a chuppah.

And who eats roasted chicken without yams?

You want details? Okay.

I come over, and she looks bellisima, gorgeous, with the nightie and the strappy things on the legs.

Uh, uh, n-not those details, please.

And [chuckles] I know that's a lie.

She wasn't wearing any of that.

Trust me. I remember.

Sure, you do.

Tell me if this sounds familiar.

You set the stage for a special night with Maria.

Your credit card shows a $15,000 charge at a swanky jewelry store.

You were gonna propose, but you had a change of heart.

She attacks you. Then you lose your cool.

Next thing you know, she's dead.

[Exhales sharply]

I didn't lay a finger on her.

[Woman shouting in Spanish]

That might be my mother out there.

No, it's not.

[Telephone rings]

It's mine.

[Shouting in Spanish]

Mira, my daughter works here!

What's wrong with you? I have a right to come in here.

I understand, ma'am, but I can't...

Antonio is innocent.


Hey. What are you doing here? I got this.

I have to see you on TV dragging Antonio away like an animal?

He's accused of murder.

No, no, no. No. I know this man.

He is not a killer.


You know a character he plays on TV.

This is real life. Do I really have to explain this to you?

Daisie, Daisie, Daisie, sorry to say this, but Antonio does have scratches on his chest and on his back.

No, no, no. Mira.

Chocalate Caliente, listen to me.

Of course he did.

This is a passionate man.

Un stallion-ito like Antonio? Come on.

When doesn't he have the love marks?

Can you machos not relate?

Yeah, I get what you're saying.

Yeah, no, yeah, we do, definitely.

Okay. Oh, well?

Come on. Time to go.

No! No, no, listen to me. I met this man.

I met him at a soap-opera convention last summer.

He's gonna remember me, nina.

[Gasps] Did you...


Did you and Antonio...

Oh, my God, no!

Not yet.

I mean, listen to me.

I'm just saying this man is a gem [smooches] okay?

I know it in mi corazon.

All right, Villa, you finish up with Antonio.

Hot Chocolate, you put eyes on Maria.

And, Daisie, let me walk you out.

Ay. Okay. Thank you, papi.

Such a gentleman, just like Antonio.

- Lindo.


Mira, nina, you got the wrong guy!

I'm telling you, loca.

[Sighs, chuckles] I tell her like that because she...

I'm the loca?

Rosewood: Look, Pipp, it's not gonna be a big deal.

Uh, yeah. War is a big deal, okay?

And that's what's gonna happen when your doctor-boo hosts dinner for our mother.

Everybody's gonna get caught all in the line of fire.

Pipp, Pipp, you're being dramatic.

By the way, congrats on Erica moving in with you, Rosie.

It's fast, but it's awesome.

No. She's not moving in.

Denial. [Chuckles]

Is not what you're experiencing.

Okay. Sorry.


Look... [Chuckles]

Your mother has been over there talking in hushed tones, okay?


Now, you know what hushed tones means, right?

Your mother is talking to your Uncle Reggie about his thyroid operation.

He's doing fine, by the way.

Good, good.

And if you're wondering, I am very excited about this dinner.

I'm even more excited about the fact that I don't have to cook.

So [chuckles] what's, uh... What's Erica preparing?

Um, she's, uh... She's making roasted chicken.

Roasted chicken.


I love roasted chicken.

Roasted chicken is one of my favorites.

The key, of course, is to pack the bird dry and don't over-season it, but I'm sure she already knows that.

And when you pair it with yams, there's nothing better.

Um, see, th-that's the thing... She... She's not making yams.

[Chuckles] You got to have yams, son.

No, no, no. No yams.

Roasted chicken, yams.


Well, I mean... Well, look, I mean, if you want the yams, why don't you make the yams?

I would love to!

I am so looking forward to this dinner, son.


You're doing body transfers now?

No. There were some details on the body that I didn't want to say over the phone.

[Door opens] Really?

No. I could have said it over the phone.

But I needed to see the Rosie cave in the flesh.

You do realize I have never been invited to your lab...

[Door closes] or to your house or to a local hotel room before, right?

You're welcome anytime at my lab.

Mm-hmm. [Tablet beeps]

Why don't you throw Anita a bone when you figure out what those fibers are in Maria's mouth?

I'm curious.

Okay. Okay. Once I have it, I'll...

Just throw me the bone.


Well, red's my go-to color, but I'll rock any color you want, Rosie.

[Tablet beeps]


Maria was wearing lipstick.

Mm-hmm. ***sexy strappy thing.

I'm sorry, Anita. I got to go.

I'll give you a lift in my coupe.

That's okay. I'll take the GTO. Thanks.

I parked next to an empty spot.

No. You parked next to the GTO.

Well, unless you're using that new invisible paint, I parked next to a whole lot of no GTO.

[Telephone ringing, indistinct conversations]

Okay, everybody, gather 'round. Gather 'round.

We have an all-hands-on-deck situation.

Please, everybody.

Okay, one... I think Antonio is innocent.

Two... somebody stole my yellow queen.

Okay, you're way up here.

I'm gonna need you to bring it down to here.

And I'm gonna need you not to do my thing with the hands and the levels. Okay? Thank you.

Cap, all I'm asking for is a city-wide APB.

Look, we'll assign an officer to the GTO, but first, tell us what you got on Maria.

Okay, Sizzling Red lipstick...

It was on Maria when we found her, but it was not on her wine glass.

Why? Because she applied it after she and Antonio drank the Chateau Lafite.

Well, that doesn't mean he didn't kill her.

Okay, but I also saw an impression of a garter belt on her leg in one of the crime-scene photos.

It was part of the whole sexy outfit that he said that she was wearing when he was with her.

So Antonio was telling the truth.

Maria fought with him with the sexy lingerie and then changed into the white dress and the red lipstick after he left.

And on her way out the door, she is greeted by the actual murderer.

[Claps hands] I agree.

[Speaking Spanish] Antonio is innocent!

Ma, shouldn't you be at work?

Ay. Please, papi, I am so sorry about your car.

I'm gonna keep my eyes open.

Thank you. Thank you.

Of course.

Ma, seriously, go have your fun somewhere else.

Ay, please.

It's so much more enjoyable here instead of having to fill out those 1040EZs.

I'm an accountant! Ohh.

Happy to do your taxes if it means I get to hang out around here more often.

Maybe I could give you a call. [Gasps]

No one is calling my mom.

Villa, look, seriously, we have to find a new suspect.

I don't think Antonio did it.

Fine. We'll go talk to him again.

Mira. Let me go with you... loosen up Antonio's lips in more ways than one.

Not appropriate. Go to work.

Oh, Cap... the future of the yellow queen lies in your hands.

Rosie, look at me.

I got you, okay?

We're gonna get that car back.

There's no chance we get that car back.

I'm starting to think you get pleasure out of interrogating me. [Chuckles]

That's not limited to you, papo.

My list of suspects is one person long.

And for your own good, try making it longer.

Anyone jealous of you and Maria?


Over the years, I had many relations with costars and some of the crew and sisters and mothers of some of the cast and crew.

That sounds like a lot of broken hearts, which could lead to a lot of jealousy when it comes time to settle down.

Antonio, I'm also curious about the writer we met... Julia.

Curious? Why? We just work together.

Oh, come on.

I saw the way you looked at her... and the way she looked at you.

Pretty... Pretty intense.

Julia and I have never had relations.

10 years of pure chemistry...

She, the sun, I, the moon, drawn together like magnets, our hearts never able to find the same rhythm.

The fear of risking our partnership by crossing that line into the passion we both felt in our minds, our spirits, our loins, was just too strong.

Can either of you relate to what I'm describing?



You saw your relationship like that, but maybe Julia decided she wanted more, and Maria was in the way.

Sit tight, Antonio.

We're gonna pay a visit to your moon.

Uh, Villa. Villa.

Actually, he was the moon, and she was the sun.

Okay, whatever.

We're gonna have to go chat with Julia.

Well, then you should have just said that.

I mean, paying a visit to his moon was kind of weird for everyone.

[Indistinct conversations]


What is your problem?

I get claustrophobic in hooded cars.

Well, get used to it.

There's a good chance your yellow queen has already been chopped for parts.

I'm gonna forget you said that.

Okay, the plan is to get Julia talking about her and Antonio.

Villa, I don't get the suspicion.

Rosie, love makes sane people crazy, okay?

Did you hear Antonio describe his thing with Julia?

Well, I have to admit, it does kind of sound like...

A murder suspect.

I am telling you, Antonio es un tesoro, a heart of gold.

He's... He's not a killer.

Is he being released?

Soon, but Antonio gave us a list of suspects.

Do any of these seem like candidates for Maria's killer?

Why is my name on here? I added you.

When I hear "special" partnership, I get suspicious.

Well, when I hear "special" partnership, I think "special."

I haven't slept with Antonio if that's what you're insinuating.

We've had close calls, but [sighs] we've always kept it professional.

I'm surprised you don't understand, given your current situation.

My situation?

He looks like that and you look like this, and neither of you has ever thought about crossing the line?

You first.

This investigation is not about us.

Yeah. No. Antonio mentioned that you're shielding him from certain people.


We got a handful of restraining orders.

The fans heard a rumor that Antonio might be getting married to Maria soon.

Maybe one of them took her off the market.

I'd start with those people.

Any of these stalkers still contact Antonio?

Letters, e-mails, gifts?

Villa: Jamie Herrera.

Or should I say "Jaime"?

I wasn't expecting a man.

Isn't it true there's a restraining order out on you for stalking Antonio?

Man: I'll be back in 45 minutes...



Everyone out the way!



Hey, man, what's going on?

Woman: Stop!

Ohh! Ugh!

Who is this dude?

How cool was that, huh? [Scoffs]

It wasn't that cool.

I actually thought it was real cool.

[Handcuffs clicking]

I don't see it right here. It's not on the computer.

Hey, Cap, before you grill Jaime, I am dying for an update on the GTO.

Sharavino's on it.

Sharavino? Didn't he retire like six months ago?

Yes, he did. The guy's 70 years old.

If he stops moving, he dies.

The search for your car is actually keeping him alive.

Sharavino is actually not on it, is he?

No, he's not.

Jaime is prepped and ready.

Uh, Sharavino just called to say he still has no leads on the GTO.

Yeah. Is that right, Villa?

Well, it's too late 'cause Cap already told me it wasn't happening.

Wow. I mean, don't you guys just care at all about this?



Things are not looking good, Jaime.

You violated a restraining order.

And we found some nasty letters you wrote Maria.

I can explain.

I-I met Antonio at a fan mixer thing, and we kind of hit it off.

And then Maria got jealous.

Maria got jealous of you?

Are you telling me that, uh...

That Antonio swung it through the thicket and between the trees?


You know, that he shot the cans, worked the flippers?

I'm sorry. I don't know what...

That he liked men and women both.

Oh, no.

Let me ask you a question.

I have a bad feeling about this interrogation.

Yeah, me too.

I didn't look like this when we first met.

I looked... [Cellphone dings]

Like this.

Now, where are you?

That's me.


Right there.

Well, all I see is this gorgeous lady with a bunch of out-of-focus guys.

I mean, where are you?

I'm the gorgeous lady.

That's you?

Antonio knew I was a man and was amazing to me.

He... He wasn't into it, but he understood.

We were friends.

And then Maria got a hold of him, convinced him that I was... weird.

Soon there was a restraining order, and I was upset, angry.

And so I wrote some nasty letters to her.

Okay. I'm sorry.

I'm... I'm... I'm... I'm really sorry, but I'm pointing to that gal right there.

Yeah. That's me.

That's you?

That's me.

I-I kept sending flowers to Antonio in hopes of talking to him again.

I'm his biggest fan, and it broke my heart that he thought I was a stalker.

You have an alibi for Friday night?

Yeah. I-I was a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding that night.

Got any proof?

Oh, come on! That's you?!

That's me, papi.

That man is the most stunning woman I have ever seen.

If Jaime is clear, we have nothing.

Well, I'll finish my autopsy on Maria, run more tests.

I'll get us a new lead, all right?

Pippy: Bad news.

Uh, I-I've got all the symptoms of strep.

Uh, my throat is like... Ugh.

It's on fire. It's...

Oh, poor thing.

You're not getting out of the dinner with Erica.


Why aren't you trying to get out of the dinner with Erica?


You really like this one.

Well, I'm pretty good at making people forget about all the things that are wrong with me.

And Erica is pretty great at making me forget about all the things that are wrong with me.

I feel you, bro.


Can you pull up the crime-scene photos of Maria's anterior neck, please?

[Tablet beeping]

Okay, put them side by side.

[Tablet beeping]

The strangulation marks have faded slightly.

Could be decomposition.

Unless the marks aren't just from strangulation.

Maybe the killer had something on his hands that caused an allergic reaction.

Hours after death, that redness would fade.

You're thinking we identify what was on the killer's hand.

So, I-I-I'm still running the... the fibers from Maria's mouth through the gamut, but in the meantime, jackpot...

It wasn't just Antonio's DNA under Maria's nails.

We got another hit.

I like the sound of that.

Well, you are going to love the sound of the name that matches the DNA.

[Door opens] Do you want to know what it is?

So, Maria got in a fight with a certain someone that morning.

And we have a DNA match of a certain someone.

And I just sent you a video of a certain someone.

[Tablet beeping]

You should memorize your lines.

Eres una perra celosa! Vengativa!

You know what? You're right.

I have been trying to kill you because you're bad for Antonio.



You know what? You're right.

I have been trying to kill you because you're bad for Antonio.

[Cellphone beeps]

Anything you want to say?

I meant kill her off the show, not actually kill her.


That video... it makes it look worse than what it was.

No, I think it got worse when you paid Maria a visit.

Julia, I got your DNA under Maria's nails.

You want to explain that?

After that, she grabbed my hair and she scratched my head.

And you did what?

I put her in a wristlock, swept her legs, and made it crystal-clear that she was never to lay a hand on me again.

But I didn't kill her.

Ay, how cool is this?

I get to play policía con El Capitán!

Daisie, Daisie...


We're not playing anything.

You keep coming by.

This is my way of showing you how good your daughter is at what she does so you stop popping by.

Do you understand?

Come on, Stocky. Am I really that distracting?

[Chuckles] Don't answer that.


So, mira. This is like a movie, right?

Oh, my gosh, they really can't see us?

At all?

At all.

Mamita, I get it.

Antonio is a prize, yeah?

And you knew a proposal was coming, didn't you?

Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if you helped him pick out the ring.

Did you... Did you secretly wish that ring was for you?

Come on. Tell the truth.

And as fate would have it, Antonio couldn't go through with it, but you didn't know that.

He leaves Maria's.

Then you stop by, maybe to clear the air.

Then things took a turn, and before you know it, Maria lashes out at you again.

But this time, you put her in a chokehold, and you take a scarf, just like this one.

And you jam it in her mouth to shut her up.

Ooh, look at my baby girl turn the heat up on that perra!

And after all the women that came and went in his life, the idea of one of these bitches finally winning the big prize?


Not if you could help it.

What Antonio and I have is unique, exhilarating, passionate, frustrating, confusing, scary.

It's... everything that you could feel towards someone else, and the irony is that it's so amazing, you don't want to lose it from your life, so you don't do anything.

That's what me and Antonio have been for the last decade.

You get it?

No, I don't get it.

I think you do.

She gets it.

Of course she gets it.

You know what I'm getting, Julia?

A warrant to search your house.

Go ahead.

You know, I would do many things for Antonio, and I'd probably even give my life for him, but I would never take a life for him.

[Telephone rings, indistinct conversations]

Mira. Mama, incredible, okay?

Four stars, mamita.

Ma, again?

Cap, what is she doing here?

Look, I had my reasons.

She's leaving now, right?

Well, if I must go...

Yeah, must go. [Scoffs]

Well, men in blue, I love you!

[Smooches] Adios.

Bombyx mori.

Yay! I love Bombyx mori.

Ha! Not funny.

It's a silkworm. They make silk.

That's what was in Maria's mouth.

The killer gagged her with something made of silk.

It could be a million things.

Yes, it could, but silk carries DNA.

See, we can trace the exact profile of the garment, where it was made, who sold it.

Possibly who bought it.

Just a moment, please.

We're releasing him early.

Oh, great, and my mom's back.

You're kidding me.

Did I leave my keys?

Why are you questioning Julia?

Because she's a suspect.

She didn't kill Maria. I know it.

And I know that you didn't do it, either.


[Dramatic music playing]

This tragedy with Maria made me realize something.

Me, too.

I'm not scared anymore.

Me neither.

Well, I am. What the hell's going on here?

I... [Stammers]

And for all the moments we missed.

Just because I...

Yeah, and I was always, you know, usually romancing a new, beautiful...


Never again.

Never again.

[Chair rattles]

Boom, baby! Rosie, they found your wheels.


Told you, man.

[Telephone ringing]

Do you know Julia tried to compare you and me to her and Antonio?

What? Really?



We are not like them.

No, we're not.

We know what we are.

Of course we know.

Two professionals who simply do their jobs and call it a day.

And that's not what we are.

That's exactly what we are.

No, no, what we do and how we do it has its own vibe, Villa.

It's a special partnership.

You're making us sound like them.

No, not like them... Like us.

Unicos. That's "unique" in Spanish.

Yeah, I know what it means in Spanish.

And, no, we're not únicos.

I'm saying we're muy, muy únicos.

We tell things to each other that we wouldn't share with just anyone.

Because you're always around.

Put someone around me as much as you are, and guess what... I share.

Oh, is... is that right?


So, you'd have the same thing with, say, Feldheim that you have with me?

Not Feldheim, but lots of other people.

Yeah. Same thing Okay, same thing... únicos.

[Sighs] You know what?

I can't wait to get you back in your own car.

Well, the wait is over, Villa.

[Singsong voice] The wait is over.

[Car door opens]

[Car door closes]

See that? See?

Just a crowd of people probably standing around, soaking up the beauty of the queen.

All right, everybody, back up. Back up.

She misses me. I miss her.

Let me get a gander.

What is that?

Get back.

[Crowd murmuring] Back.

Oh, my God.


Initial diagnosis based on the marks left on the body is she was set on fire.

But it appears it went out, so then they likely doused the car in an accelerant.

That's when she combusted.


Yeah. [Imitates explosion]

Blew up.

No, I know what "combusted" means. I'm just...

I'm just saying it because I'm in shock.


Let's see.

Villa, is this my '69 or not?

Well, evidence of a dual exhaust, notch-back front bench seat, hideaway headlights.

Yep, this was your '69 GTO, Rosie.

I'm sorry.

[Exhales sharply]

She didn't deserve to go out like this.

I don't even know who would...

Man: Yeah? Yeah.

I play like one, too!

Wait... Wait a minute.

[Metal rattles]

This is a round-knob shift. My was a "T" handle.

You're messing with me, Villa. This is not my car.

Me? No.

Okay, you know what? Honest mistake.

Now that I take another look, this is a...

This is a '71 LeMans, TH350, three-speed, automatic tranny.

[Chuckles] This is not your car.

Villa, Villa, this is not funny. That's not cool.

You need to lighten up over this whole thing.

No, how am I gonna lighten up, Villa?

The car takes me back to my great grandfather, Rufus Rosewood.

He was a gifted welder who took pride in what he did.

And for 30 years, it was... His torch was the glue that held all Pontiacs together.

The '69 was the last model he worked on before he died.


Rosie, I'm... I'm so sorry. I didn't know that story.

You don't have to know the story, Villa... because it's pure fiction.

Payback is muy dulce.

That means "sweet" in Spanish.

Yeah, I know what it means.

Yeah. Okay, fine, fine.

[Chuckles] Well-played.

I mean, you should know my attachment to my car, anyway, right?

We have, like, this special chemistry.

I know her, she knows me, and this is not her, okay?

Hold up. I think I got something.

What if Maria didn't know her killer as well as we thought?

[Knocking on door]

Hello, Maria.

Stop smiling like that.


Because you're supposed to be playing the role of a stranger or at least someone Maria didn't know well.

How do you know he didn't smile like that?

He didn't smile like you.

Like what?

Like this. "Hi, Maria."

That's not how I smile.

And you know what? That's...

I'm gonna do the recreation this time.

Look, I just don't apprec...

Follow my lead.

Maria's wine glass was set here by the door.

Why? She wasn't comfortable with her visitor.

Natural instinct is to have both hands free just in case.

But the killer gained entrance with a kind gesture... mail.

Maria opened all of her mail from last Monday except for one piece.

The killer had it.


So, he shows up to return it, she lets her guard down, lets him in.

But then things start to get a little weird, so she backs up into this table.

Why? Weapon... letter opener.

But he gets to her fast.

Come on, Rosie. Get here fast.

Okay, I wasn't sure what you were talking about.

He pins Maria to the wall.

Look. Her ring left a mark.

A-Am I doing the pinning?

You... Yeah, you're pinning.

Okay. All right, cool.

Then he tries to convince her that she wants this.

You want this.

Come on, Rosie. Sell it. You got to sell it.

Okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.


Um... you want this.

Wow. That was really creepy.

Wait. Creepy? I...

[Stammers] Okay.

Then he tried to kiss her.

He didn't look at her like that. What...


Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

There you go.

She rejects him one final time, and he snapped...


Went for a chokehold.

Yes. And this is when our two reenactments come together.

He gagged Maria, grabbed the candle, struck her in the head, and strangled her.

You guys are back.

Awesome sauce.

Can I help you with something?

How's it going, Gabriel?

I just had a chat with your neighbor Warren.

He had some interesting things to say about your friendship with Maria.

Stealing someone's mail is not my idea of friendship, but...

Warren's best friend is a bonsai tree.

He... He urinates in the common area, so...

I was locked out of my place, dick.


[Door closes] I'm sorry. Where were we?

Um, we were right at my love for the perfect pocket square.

And from here, it looks like yours is a Bermani, right?

Hey, Rosie, didn't the DNA of the silk fibers in Maria's mouth trace back to the Bermani brand?

Yep. Right back to the brand.

And we also found Eugenol on Maria's neck.

I know my lotions. I bet you didn't know Maria was allergic.

And Warren said your bathroom is stocked with the stuff.

How would he even know that?

He didn't, but you just confirmed it.

We know you killed Maria.

And we have a theory why.

Classic rejection.

The woman just wasn't into you.

You admired her from afar, waiting for the perfect time to ask her out.

You heard the blowup go down with Antonio, and you made your move.

But something made you snap.

Care to share why?

Guess not. I got this, Villa.

Rosie, move!


Is this what you did to Maria?


Wait for it. Three, two... one.

This right here is what I call a power nap.

Might want to get your cuffs out.

He's gonna be up in about 90 seconds.

Full confession.

Turns out Maria barely recognized Gabriel.

Two years of saying hello to her in the halls.

He was basically invisible to her.

That's why he snapped.

Nice teamwork.

It does make the dream work.

Yeah. You know what we need?

We need one of those, like, special handshakes to congratulate each other after we solve a case.

How about a fast exchange without words?

Oh, you want to do it telepathic?

Okay. All right.

[Police radio chatter]

You get what I just sent?

Ah, you did. That's incredible. Incredible.

You get what I sent to you?

Does it have something to do with me leaving you alone?

Yeah, yeah, I got that, yeah.

We got the yellow queen.

Cap, now, if you're playing with me...

I'm not playing. Fleming P.D. picked up this [Speaks indistinctly] about an hour ago.

He was on the side of the road, fixing the fan belts on the GTO.

Fan belts.

Lil' Ronnie.

What's up, Rosie?

Wait. You know this guy?

Yeah. He's been firing up my red eye every morning.


The... The barista at the coffee shop across from the lab.

Ronnie, tell me this is some huge mix-up.

It's not a mix-up, but I can explain.

Got time for a tale?

[Telephones ringing]

[Indistinct conversations]

Rosie going to hit this guy?

No. He's gonna hug the guy.

Are we watching the same thing?

Wait for it.

Three, two, one.

[Engine idling]

Do I look like you, Rosie?

Yeah, yeah, a little bit!

[Gearshift grinds] Just a little bit.

[Tires squealing]

That's the clutch! No, no, that's not like me!

So, you loaned your car to the guy that stole your car.

Well, Ronnie saved up all of his money to buy the perfect ring for the perfect girl.

But he drives a 1999 Saturn.

Oh. So he needed the perfect car to pop the question.

You really do love that thing, huh?

Well, the '69 GTO is a flawed work of art.

Yes, it's plagued with mechanical issues, and, as you know, it's considered a lemon by most car enthusiasts.

Had to be the '69.

We understand each other.

Rosie, I was wrong.

I've said things to you that I wouldn't share with just anyone.

So I guess... maybe we are more of a unique whatever.

Anyway, I feel like...

I feel like, if I needed you for anything, you'd be there for me.

Well, contrary to popular belief, I wouldn't take a bullet for just anyone.

But I wouldn't hesitate to take one for you...

'cause we're much more than just partners.

We're... friends.


Yeah. Friends.

[Horn honks]

Oh, there's my ride.

Erica is cooking for my mother tonight, so wish me luck.

Luck. [Chuckles]

Good luck with that.


Are you ready?

Let's do it.

All right. [Seat belt clicks]


[Dramatic music playing]

Cuando yo era niño mi madre murió.

Mi corazón nunca ha sanado, hasta ahora, en este preciso momento que te miro a los ojos.

Oh, my God.

Yes, exactly, and isn't this the part where they kiss and go crazy?

Julia: Antonio! [Music slows, stops]

What are you doing?

I'm rehearsing with this amazing new actress.

I don't know who that woman is.

It's my mother.

Antonio, I'm so sorry.

When you invited me down to set, I told my mom she could come.

No need to apologize.

She's a unique woman. I mean...

[Chuckles] the pleasure is mine.

[Both laugh]

Thank you.

Of course.

Detective Villa, I wanted to thank you in person for catching Maria's killer.

I'll be forever grateful.

Ay, papi.

You are v...

[Speaking Spanish] You're so welcome.

You are so, so welcome.

So, please stay as long as you want...

Okay... and watch us tape the show.

[Speaking Spanish] Thank you. Gracias.

[Soft R&B music playing]

Isn't she gorgeous?

Chicken looks good, too.


I hope that bird is as succulent as it looks.

Mmm. I hope those yams are as sweet as they smell.

Not too sweet. It's all about the balance.

It is, isn't it?

If that chicken isn't succulent...

Oh, all hell will break loose.

Oh, the aroma that is just filling the room...

It's the cinnamon in the yams.


There's tension in the room.

This is a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Am I right?

On that note, shall we?

I'll say grace if that's okay.

Yes. Grace. Go ahead.

Thank you, Erica.


Dear Lord...