01x19 - Sudden Death & Shades Deep

Previously on "Rosewood"...

This is Mitchie Mendelson. He's a private pathologist, too.

Nothing personal, but we're using Mitchie on this one.

You choosing to work with this guy over me?

Rosie, I am allowed to see other pathologists.

I'm just not a very good roommate.

Forgive me. I tried.

You know, it's not living with you I mind.

It's your never being around.

You're very talented.

You need a real lab, like Magic City.

Come work for me.

You, me, Enrique's, one hour.

Yes, okay, I'll see you there.

Adios. (smooches)

(speaks Spanish) (cellphone thuds)

Ay. I have to go.

I have a date with my daughter.

♪ Hot tub, back from the club ♪
♪ Sipping that gin, goin' rub, dub, dub ♪
♪ Damn, girl, that suit so hot ♪


I think I just found the girl of my dreams.

I'm gonna go talk to her.

Dude, you don't even know her.

Aren't you feeling, I don't know, nervous?

Come on, man, you know I don't sweat it.

'Cause I'm feeling... speedy dry.

♪ Feelin' dry ♪


♪ Feelin' dry ♪

Feelin'? No, no, no, no, no.

Hell, no.

♪ Fix that ♪
♪ Twist that ♪
♪ Baby, tonight's the night I let you know ♪
♪ Baby, tonight I'll be ♪
♪ The best you've ever had ♪
♪ Best you've ever had ♪
♪ I don't wanna brag ♪
♪ But I'll be ♪
♪ The best you've ever had ♪ (knock on door)

Oh, no, Mom, this is not the best time.

Any minute now...

Erica is not coming.

So, how did you know Erica was coming?

Well, you know it's no secret that she and I got off on the wrong foot.

She reached out, invited me to happy hour.

And let me guess... that was also the wrong foot, too.


Nothing happy about that hour.

Uh-huh. So, why did you...

Did you go to happy hour with Erica when she was supposed to be here on this date where I cooked a lot of food, I have the music playing.

What... What... (knock on door)


Okay, so the two of you...

Had a great time, and our feet are just fine.



And turns out you're not the only person we have in common.

Janie Sims, one of my favorite former students, graduated from medical school with Erica.

Oh, yeah, I remember Janie.

Oh, actually, she was a year behind me.

Okay, this is cool, but Erica... has been on call for the last three days.

(sighing) Oh.

Okay, I know when I'm not welcome.

At least most of the time I do, so have a great evening, you two.

I had fun.

(chuckles) The wrong foot.

Mm. That's funny.

Mm-hmm. You know you're gonna get it, right?

Get what? (chuckles)

You know you gonna get it.



Great, Ma.

What did you do now?

(Outkast's "B.O.B." plays)

Rosewood: Mmm.

Morning, Doctor.

Morning. What is all of this?


Well... mwah!...

You're not the only one who can set a romantic scene.

So, why don't you hang back, keep your hands to yourself for now...

All to myself.

And take in my skills.

I like the sound of that.

It's an interesting choice of song, though, for your musical backdrop, I have to say.

Yeah, well, it got me through many an all-nighter in med school.

Who needs caffeine when you got ♪ Bombs over Baghdad ♪

Oh, true, true, true. (chuckles)

Speaking of which, you said you were, like, a...

A year ahead of Janie Sims in med school, right?

Mm-hmm, that's right.

But you started your residency in '06.

That was the same year as Janie.

I remember it 'cause she came by the house for dinner.

Are we, uh, going somewhere with this pop quiz, Doctor?

No. No, no, no, no, no.

No, no. Nah, it's just kind of interesting.

Taking a year off in between your med school and residency is, um...

Rare? Not the norm?

So, what were you doing with your life?


Oh, Rosie.

(utensil clacks)

Do you want to talk about the past... or taste the present?

Definitely... the present.

(both chuckle)

(cellphone vibrating)


Go ahead, answer it.

Hey, Villa.

(music continues)


♪ Power music, electric revival ♪
♪ Power music, electric revival ♪

She even ironed my sheets.

Every time my mother does something she knows I'm not gonna like, she disappears.

I mean, last time was two days.

So, in 48 hours, you know her secret.

Just wait it out.

Just wait it out?

That's all you got?

Do me a favor, hop back in the GTO, then hop out minus the vibe you're wearing.

I'm not wearing a vibe.

Either you're wearing a vibe or the vibe is wearing you, and that's worse.

Okay, Erica took a year off after med school, and she wouldn't tell me why.

Just completely avoided the question.


Don't worry, boss.

You know, it's highly unlikely that someone with a criminal record is a licensed MD.

Mitchie, what are you doing here?

Better yet, how?

Well, it's my first day on the job, so I figured I'd, uh, hop on the old police scanner and find some cases for my new boss man.

Okay, look, I know you're eager to come to work, but this is how this works.

I bring in the cases, you hang at the lab. Okay?

Scanners are illegal.

Which our good friend Detective Villa will overlook, right?

His friend, not yours.


Cool, all right.

I'll see you guys back at MCL... Magic City Lab.

Could be a fun shorthand. Think about it.

(sighs) (camera shutter clicking)

(police radio chatter)

Villa: Can you tell me what happened?

People in the next studio over said they heard loud noises late last night.

Was there some kind of altercation?

Izzy was here alone making demos.

He plays every instrument.

Loud noise is how he made a living.

I found him when I came into work.

Did he have any health issues?

Who, Izzy? No.

He treated his body like a temple.

This place looks pretty tricked out.

Yeah, Izzy wanted the best of everything when it came to his passion.

Every bell, every whistle.

Would we know any of your music?


♪ Feelin' dry ♪
♪ Feelin' dry-y-y ♪

That's the Speedy Dry commercial.

Great. I'll be humming that for the next three days.

That's what we want.

We make, uh, jingles for radio and TV.

I handle the production side.

And, uh, Izzy wrote the music, I sang.

It's how we fell in love.

We were in a group called, uh, Shades Deep.

Wait, Shades Deep?

Oh, you guys were huge here in Miami.

My sister was a big fan.


I just can't believe he's gone.


It's just not fair. I'm gonna...

Excuse me.

We've got no prints, no signs of anyone else entering the studio.

Well, the body was clean, which could mean it was natural causes.

But if an altercation went down here, we could be looking at a homicide.

Walter, I want a list of anyone in Izzy's world that may have had a reason to harm him.

Wait. Do you think that he was...

Until we know exactly what happened, everything's on the table.

I didn't want to say this in front of Daphne, but their old band member, Sylvester Maines, he and Izzy had a love/hate thing, mostly hate.

He's basically banned from coming around anymore.

Thank you.


Expedite an autopsy on Izzy.

We need a cause of death to see if we're looking at a murder investigation. All right.

♪ Am I getting you right? ♪
♪ Are you thinking what I am? ♪
♪ When we under the lights and ♪

Shades Deep was really, really good.

Yeah, this song is my jam.

Really? Your jam?


All right, well, follow my lead then.

♪ Tripping on whe-e-re you are ♪
♪ Tearin' this thing apa-a-a-rt ♪

(vocalizing poorly)


No. No.

This... This... This is not your jam.

No, but it could be.



I just want to say thank you again, not just for, you know, the job, but for the opportunity to work in this incredible place with you guys.

I'm gonna find a way to repay you.

Do me a favor.

Anything. You name it.

Relax. (doorbell buzzes, camera shutter clicks)

Tmi: I got it.

Whoa! Do we all get one of these?

Contents of food found in Izzy's studio.

Any takers?

Crime scene food is my jam.

Shades Deep broke up right when they were on the verge of making it big.

Pippy: Yeah, without any warning.

Like, fans had all sorts of conspiracy theories.

Uh, is Illuminati still on the table?

'Cause that's usually my go-to.

Villa: Well, the breakup could be connected.

Maybe Izzy was at fault.

Bandmate held a grudge, took him out, but that still doesn't answer why now?

Well, found a contusion on Izzy's arm, probably from a fight.

Brownish-yellow says it's three days old.

Ah, but yellowish-brown says two days old.

Well, I got brownish-yellow. How'd you get yellowish-brown?

I took a picture, I analyzed the pixels, created a color histogram...

2 1/2, so I was rounding down.

I actually was rounding up.

(scoffs) Come on. (laughs)

I'm still working on our signature bro shake, so...

Bruises didn't kill our victim. Did you find anything else?

Both of Izzy's eyeballs were abnormally firm to the touch.

Yeah, when we cut them open to find the vitreous humor, we found that the eye jelly was coagulated.

Well, keep me posted. I'm off to talk to Sylvester.

Oh, I can go with you.

Maybe he got in a fight with Izzy.

Well, don't you still have a cause of death to find?

Mitchie can help there.


Did he just leave me the keys to the MCL castle?



(mid-tempo guitar playing)

That's him.

Sylvester Maines.

Is it just me, or is he really good?


Do you mind?

What? I'm eating a sandwich.

So, that's why you here?

For the tender, slow-roasted tri-tip?

So you can dip it in your au jus?


Take it to go.

Get out.

Sylvester Maines, East Miami P.D.

Sylvester, wherever your happy place is, I suggest that you get there before things get real for you.

We're looking into the death of Izzy Clateman.

Wait, Izzy's dead?

No. What happened to him?

We're not sure yet, but we suspect there may have been foul play.

Wait, why you looking at me like that?

You think I had something to do with killing Izzy?

Calm down. Calm down.

Izzy split up Shades Deep, made a fortune in jingles while you're here hustling for beer money.

Who the hell you think you are, lady?

Whoa, whoa, Sylvester, come on, now.

Happy place... get there. Send us a postcard.

Man, I'm not about to stand here and let you accuse me of killing Izzy.

Wait, hold on. We're not done here yet.

No, actually, lady, we are.

(grunts) (handcuffs click)

In case you missed it, things just got real.

S01E19 Sudden Death & Shades Deep Look, Izzy was my friend.

I wouldn't hurt him, let alone kill him.

That's crazy.

Do you remember playing a gig at a dump called The Miami Moose two days ago?

I mean, it's okay if you don't, because the manager sent this over to me.

(indistinct arguing)

Hold on, this is my favorite part.

(inhales sharply) Ouch.

Mind if I share something with you?

You got a new lady in your life.

How'd you guess that?

That's not your usual style. Look at you.

You have a half-Windsor knot that's perfectly proportioned to your neck size.

Must've been tied by someone else because your go-to is a four-in-hand that is tied so badly that I'm guessing you probably just leave them pre-tied on your closet floor.

What do you mean my neck size?

And what's wrong with pre-tying a tie?

I'm a man on the go.

Yeah, but I see something else, too, Cap.

You're happy.

(sighs) Man, she's fiery.

(laughs) She's like a splash of Tabasco on a turkey melt.

I mean, she's got me doing new things.

Oh, I get it, I get it. I'm happy for you.

It's Daisie Villa.

Whoa! What?

Villa: You want to sucker punch someone, aim for the face, not the wall, and that's, what, four people holding you back?

You really lost it, didn't you?

So, let's try this again.

Why'd you attack Izzy?

I tried to get Izzy to come to a show for months.

I invited him on stage to sing an old Shades Deep tune with me.

He said no, you got pissed, and used your mike stand like a baseball bat.

I didn't kill Izzy.

Yeah, he broke up the group, but he didn't say why, so we didn't ask.

And you were happy to let him walk away?

No, I was mad as hell, but we like family.

And you don't stay mad at family.

You damn sure don't kill them.

I'm sorry for getting you involved, telling you first.

No, no, it doesn't matter because the gap between me knowing and Villa knowing is actually so small that you can't even measure it in geological time.

Izzy was the star. I mean, he had it.

But people like that are a pain in the ass.

You get no argument from me on that one.

Do you have an alibi?

Sunshine Retirement Home.

I do tunes for the old people there.

One of them had the nerve to get an attitude with me and gonna tell me I need to sing some Barry Manilow.

I'm like, "I could do Barry White or Chuck Berry."

You know, any of the Barrys.

But Manilow? Come on, man.

Well, then, what do I tell Villa?

"I hope you don't mind, but I'm doing the slip and tango with your ma"?

No can do.

Yes, can do.

But you got to use different words.

Secrets like this, they don't stay secrets for long.

You got to get out in front of the 8-ball.

I don't even have Daisie for backup.

She won't answer none of my calls.

She went AWOL.

I just wish she would talk to me.


Yeah, I know what you mean.

Oh, Cap, opportunity knocks.

Here's your chance to confess, chance to get it off your chest.

All right, enough already. I got it.

What am I, a child?

You sure you got it?

Yeah, I got it.

I think Sylvester's in desperate need of anger management, but I don't think he's our killer.

Hey, Villa, listen.

I, uh...

You got this.

Thanks, Cap.

You know, hovering won't make the toxicology report come in faster.

I just love me some toxicology.


Yeah, yeah.

It's where I got my start...

The stepping stone to the big leagues to help me pay for med school, so talk to me, Pipp.

What's your end game?

Toxicology's your end game, which is...

Well, so, it's great.

Words just kind of bypass your brain on the way to your mouth, don't they?

It's been that way since I was a kid, yeah.

Hey. Look who's...

Hey, Rosie. How's it going?

(Fax machine whirs) Oh, look at that.

Just in time, too.

The results are in.

What do we got?


Stay in your lane.

Don't want you to demean yourself in mine.


Thanks for him, by the way.

Beta blockers are in Izzy's system.

Let's see. Uh, heart appears normal.

Could indicate an arrhythmia or early hypertension.

Maybe he took them for nerves.

Or he was poisoned.

With beta blockers?

That's an odd choice.

Not if you wanted to make it look like natural causes.

But it wasn't enough to kill him.

Unless it was.

A new drug enters the system in any dosage...

The human body could react negatively.

The heart gets a medication it doesn't need.

And down goes Frazier.

Mosie is in sync, right?

(cellphone vibrates)

Hey, Villa.

I think Izzy was poisoned.

Villa: And I might have someone with a motive.

Jimmy Amiel.

Former manager of Shades Deep and founder of the jingle house Izzy was contracted to.

Izzy was suing him.

Claims Amiel strong-armed him into an unfair contract.

Case was worth millions.

Text me the address. I'll meet you there.


Before I go meet Villa, I'm gonna drop off Izzy's file and the samples to Erica.

Oh, well, you know who's got your back?

I... we... uh, we do.

I mean, uh, I can take them over there for you.

I'll let Erica know.


(knock on door)

Come in!

Those them?


And you're him.

Mitchie Mendelson. "M" and "M."

Thank you.

Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm just a little...

I'm still a little star struck.

'Cause the article that you wrote in the Southeast Journal of Medicine on diagnosing myocardial ischemia post-mortem...

Remember that one?

So, you and Rosie, that's like two powerhouses coming together, you know?

Richie and Ross, Captain & Tennille, Ja Rule and Ashanti.

I need to work on these tests.

Yeah, right, and I should call Rosie 'cause he likes to know where I am, what I'm doing, you know what I mean?

Keep up to date.

You know, no secrets in the lab.

Liber apertus is what we've been...

That's what we've been kind of jamming on.

It's Latin for, um, "open book."

So, in that, is there anything you want me to write down for you in that book?

I can... I got you. It's no trouble.

Ma, just tell me. I'm not gonna be mad.

No, I don't pinky swear.

Because I'm not 12.

I got to go.

Her secret doesn't have to be bad.

If it weren't bad, she wouldn't need to keep it a secret.

Sometimes secrets can be a good thing.

In what universe?

This one. Surprise parties.

Remind me to tell you about my 18th birthday.

Pregnancies in the first trimester.

Remind me to tell you about her 18th birthday.

Let's just jump to the end. What's your point?

Well, her secret may be shocking at first, but if you keep an open mind, it can be good.

Ooh, you should tell yourself that on a loop because we both know this is about Erica's secret.

I think we know two different things because this is not about Erica's secret.

You're a man who solves mysteries for a living.

Tell me you're not wondering what Erica's hiding.

Jimmy: Uh-huh.

No, it's a fabric softener, and they wrote me a funeral march.

I want young, I want upbeat.

Yeah, well, no one softens fabrics when they're catatonic. (slams phone)

Mr. Amiel, we're here to talk about Izzy Clateman.

He died last night under suspicious circumstances.

Try a dollop of that.

How does it make you feel?

Like a baby? Like a naughty masseuse?

How loyal are you to your current lotion?

More loyal than you are to the biggest jingle writer to ever work for your company.

You don't seem upset that Izzy's dead.

I've been with that kid since he was collecting pennies with Shades Deep.

The Izzy I knew wouldn't want me shedding a tear.


So I'm not.

You sure it isn't because Izzy was suing you for screwing him over in his contract with you?


Yeah, positive.

But if you have any doubts, you can go talk to my lawyer.

Or better yet, you can talk to him from behind bars after I arrest you for obstruction.

Look, I didn't screw Izzy over, and it wasn't about the money.

He just wanted more... creative freedom, whatever that means.

Call it artistic differences.

Would it hurt you to try the lotion?

Well, artistic differences can get heated.

Maybe even heated enough to poison him?

Why would I kill my cash cow?

I mean, eventually, we would've settled and then Izzy and I would just go back to printing money.

When did you last see Izzy?

Weeks ago.

If you want to start barking up the right tree, go talk to Sylvester.

He never really did forgive Izzy for breaking up Shades Deep.

Well, we actually did talk to Sylvester, and he's come to terms with Izzy leaving the band.

Sylvester just had no idea why he left.

Izzy left because he found out something Sylvester was hiding.

It's a secret that cost me a lot of money.

What secret?

(knock on door)

I told you I have an alibi already.

We know you do.

But does she?

I know how this looks.

But it's complicated.

No, no, I think I got it.

Izzy left Shades Deep because you cheated on him.

He takes you back, goes into business with you, you cheat on him again, and he turns up dead.

That's not how it happened.

Really? Which part did I get wrong?

I never cheated on Izzy.

But you did hook up with Sylvester.


I didn't cheat on Izzy because he knew about Sylvester.

I loved them both.

And you expect me to believe that Izzy was just okay with that?

Yes! He and Sylvester both were.

Okay, I know it's weird, but it... it worked for us.

We were a family, and we didn't care what shape it took.

But you did care about the money.

I mean, in your love triangle, the guy with the most dough turned up dead, and now all that money goes to you.

Burn it.

If you think my love for Izzy had anything to do with money...


Have you ever been around someone like Izzy?

A true genius.

He was an artist who seemed to have the world revolve around him.

Being with Izzy, that's exactly what it felt like.

Tell me you've got something.

I had Erica double check all the cardiovascular images that we obtained.

Turns out Izzy had a heart arrhythmia.

It's an issue that doesn't present at autopsy.

Why didn't anyone mention it to us?

It was a recent diagnosis.

I think Izzy wanted to keep it to himself.

Probably didn't want people treating him differently.

Listen, guess what he's taking for it.

Beta blockers.

He wasn't being poisoned.

He was treating a heart condition.

I'm gonna go tell my captain that I just spent a decent amount of Miami dollars for no reason.

Care to join me?

I think that's a pass. Good luck.

(cellphone rings)

What do you want, Mitchie?

I did something.

Is it a crime?


Then we're done here.

I overheard you and Rosie talking about Erica and the year that she took off after med school, which is nuts.

It's crazy. I mean, no one would do that, you know?

Watching your student loans swell like a hematoma while you hike the Inca trail.

It's insanity.

Slow down, or better yet, hang up.

So, I could tell that Erica's secret bugged Rosie, and I owe him a lot for giving me this job, so I-I called some... some Cornell buddies, and they called their buddies, and long story short, I know what Erica did that year.

Don't say another word.

(cellphone vibrates)

Mitchie, that wasn't an invitation to text me what Erica did.

I just wish I hadn't done this.

I-I didn't... I had to tell someone, and since you and Rosie are friends, you know...

What do I do?

Go back in time and undo it, starting with telling me about it.

But don't you think Rosie should know?

Rosie and Erica can handle this themselves without people meddling in their business.

Yeah, I know. You're right.

So, scale of 1 to 10, how bad is this?

(cellphone beeps, thuds)

That's a 10.

(celery crunches)

(breathes deeply)

You're real quiet.

You're real loud.

So, what did Erica do in this year off?

No, I'm already a snoop. Okay?

I can't add "gossip" to that list.

This is between Rosie and Erica.

Yes, I know. They're grown, and this is their business.

But if you found out something that I should know...

Yes, but how do I know if it's something that you should know if I'm not supposed to know it, right?

What is a secret if it's not a secret?

(gasps) Did you feel that?

It just got way more complicated in here.

Not really.

Mother's privilege trumps the whole secret thing.

Mother's privilege.

You just made that up.

Mitchie, spill now.

Okay, I'm sorry, Mrs. Rosewood.

I can't. I can't tell you.

Rosewood: How long you think those eggs been sitting there?

If I had to guess, since I was in pigtails and braces.


(Shades Deep's "Does She Love" plays)

Man: Local music legend Izzy Clateman was found dead in his studio yesterday morning.

There is no word from authorities about a cause of death.

Clateman will be remembered at a memorial at the Tribute Nightclub this weekend.

Izzy Clateman first came to prominence...

Izzy's case, not our finest hour.


I blame my mom and her secret.

I blame myself for being bothered by something I shouldn't be bothered by.

Whatever the Erica thing is, I'm sure you'll work it out.

Or you can just ask her.

No, I'm gonna respect her privacy.

I'll wait it out.

Waiting is not your thing.


Give me some evidence.

Let's see, in the car, the station, the outside of a crime scene, all the places you refuse to wait when I tell you to.

All right, there's evidence.


Just ask Erica.

You know, no.

I think I'll take a page out of your book.

You're waiting for your mother to tell you something, and I think she's gonna tell you, by the way.

Or not.

I could be sitting around longer than those eggs before she tells me.

His eyes were firm.

What? Izzy.

The body was trying to tell me something.

And until you figure it out, we've got a whole lot of nothing.

(cellphones chime)

Well, this is something.

Izzy dies from mysterious circumstances in his studio, and two days later, his former manager hangs himself?

Yeah, that can't be a coincidence.

I believe now more than ever Izzy's death was no accident.

But why would Amiel kill himself?


I mean, I can't explain it yet, but I think he killed Izzy or he knows something about how he died.

But to prove that, we need to find...

The cause of death. I'm working on it.


Unread text Amiel received a couple hours ago.

It reads, "Hey, man, I'm here. Let's do this."

Guess who it's from.


Hello. (gasps)

Well, what a lovely surprise.

Is it happy hour already?

(laughs) I wish. I wish.

Rosie needed a full cardiac gene panel for Izzy, so I called in a favor.

Here are the results.

I'm sure you've noticed that my son really cares about you.


He's all in.

Then am I misreading your expression?

Because it looks like you don't think Rosie being all in is a good thing.

We're alike, you and I.

You hold back.

Don't like feeling vulnerable because you feel that everyone needs you to be strong, but here's the thing, Erica.


Beaumont needs you to be both.

You see, there's gonna come a time when his health will take its toll.

When the pressure in his legs or the ringing in his ears, the pain in his chest gets to be so unbearable, he can't even get out of bed.

He won't like feeling vulnerable with you.

He won't let you see him at his worst if you are not willing to do the same.


I get it now.

That year off from med school has really become a thing, huh?

Thanks for the advice, but everyone isn't an open book.

We Rosewoods take care of each other.

That extends to the people that we are welcoming into our family.


Yes, I was in Amiel's office.


He said he wanted to talk some business, so...

I went in there, and I saw him hanging, so I ran.

You want to explain that?

Do you really need to know why I ran?


Oh, come on.

Don't... Don't... Don't look at me like that, okay?

I know what you're gonna ask, and the answer's no.

I didn't tell Villa yet.

I spoke to Daisie. She don't want to tell.

This is between madre and hijita.

Okay, who am I to get in the middle?

Fine, I'm in the middle of a rock and a bigger rock.

But what if...

Villa is not just another cop to me, okay?

She's more than my protégé.

She's someone I trust with my life.

And that's a very short list.

What if she can't take what I've done?

The idea of losing her, no way.

I can't take the risk.

You're right.

You're right.

I got to take the risk.

Villa deserves better than this. We have to tell her.

And that's what I'm gonna tell Daisie.

And if she don't want to do it, well, then, you know what?

I'm not the hombre for her.


I needed this talk.

Villa: Sylvester, there's one thing that bothers me.

Amiel had no real contact with you since his Shades Deep days.

Why did he reach out to you?

Izzy spoke to Amiel to try to give me a shot at the jingle game.

I know it sound like it don't make sense.

Yes, me and Izzy had beef, but like I said before, we was like family.

Me and Izzy had lunch last Tuesday.

He brought Amiel with him.

I even gave him one of my demos.

Wait. Amiel saw Izzy last week?

(door opens, closes)

Amiel lied about seeing Izzy.

That's because he had something to hide.

Where are you going?

People lie, bodies don't.

If Amiel was involved in Izzy's murder, I'll find it in the autopsy.



What? You're looking at me.

Rosewood: Ion channels, potassium delayed rectifier currents, intracellular calcium cycling, Long QT syndrome.

Wait. Hold up. We need to check Izzy's inner ear.

Okay, well, to do that, we need to cut open his mastoid bone, which is hard as a rock, so we're gonna need a drill with 75,000 RPM, at least 120 PSI.

(drill whirring)

Or... Or, you know, the drill that you already have.

The hair cells in Izzy's ears are completely shorn off.

So, if I put on my Rosie hat, looks like we're dealing with a case of...

Sudden sound!

Sorry, was that yours?

You were trying to lay it up, and I took it to the hole.

Our victim died from an intense onslaught of sound, loud enough to coagulate his eyes, damage the hair cells in his ears, and to...

Stop his heart. Sorry, I did it again.

So you're saying Izzy died from rocking out too hard to Van Halen?

Not the intensity of the sound, but the suddenness.

And according to this gene panel, he had an LQT2 variation, triggering his arrhythmia, which stopped his heart.

Wait a minute.

Amiel was hanging at least an hour before we arrived, but there's no bruises on the ligature mark.

The only way that's possible is if he was...

Dead before he hung himself.

Which is clearly impossible.

Jimmy Amiel's death wasn't a suicide.

He was murdered.

Suicide was staged.

By who?

By whoever wanted to make sure Amiel kept his mouth shut about what really happened to Izzy.

So, Izzy was murdered.

It's a strong possibility, and if so... he didn't do it alone.

Rosewood: You helped crack the case. I can get you either one of those replica deputy badges or a romantic dinner anywhere you want to go.

I'll take a rain check.

On the badge or the dinners?

Have you seen those badges?

Both, actually.

You were so bothered that I took that year off after medical school that you told your mom?

And then she goes and asks me about it?

I-I didn't tell my mother anything.

Well, she knows.

Look, I just need some space, okay?

I'll talk to you later.

Just got off the phone with Erica.

My guess is you know what I'm about to ask you.

Mitchie: I told her.

I overheard you talking about Erica and how she wouldn't tell you about this mysterious year of her life.

You seemed worried, so I thought if I hit up some medical connections and... and told you it was nothing, it might ease your mind, and then, uh...

I got your mom involved.

Well, for the record, that's never a good way to ease my mind.

I just wanted to pay you back for this job, which you're about to fire me from.

Before I met you, I was living out of the same van where I cut apart bodies.

Now, I'm still living in the van, but the bodies are gone, which is way better.

What you guys have is really great.

I mean, it's really, really special.

You're like a family, although you...

You actually... You are a family.

I'm gonna stop talking now.

Actually, one more quick thing if it saves my un-savable job...


I'm not gonna fire you.

But that doesn't mean that I'm not extremely disappointed.

I was just looking out for you.

It's not that you look out for me.

It's how you look out for me.

So, what's the big break I had to rush over here for?

Amiel didn't commit suicide. He was murdered.

By who, I don't know yet.

You okay?

Mitchie went behind my back and found out about Erica's year off.

Then he tagged my mother in.

Don't be mad.

He told you, too?

Forcibly and against my will.

I was gonna tell you, but I...

I should hear it from Erica.

Exactly. Cut out the middle man.

I believe the person involved should hear it from the source.

Are you sure?


Hi, guys.

Uh, we're doing a little take-out action.

Rosie, Pippy said that you dig the Moo Goo Gai Pan.

I just wanted to double check because I've made enough mistakes for the year, so let me just...



(beeping stops)

Sorry. Wrong button.

What do you got?

Like I said on the phone, only the equipment's left.

You didn't want to keep the business going?

You still have a contract with the jingle house.

Uh, had a contract.

You think they want me without Izzy?

Could you do me a favor?

I mean, this case... Peeking into your world, I mean, making jingles, it's so exciting.

Can you just hop into the booth and let me just, you know, throw you a track?

It would allow me to taste the dream.

In Izzy's honor.

Sure. Whatever.

Although I can't, you know, sing a lick.

It's not gonna be much of an honor.

Hey, I appreciate you, Walt.

Hey, can you queue up a song for us real quick?

Yeah, sure.


So, if I want to communicate and talk with him, which... which button would I hit?

Right there.

And is there a lock button?

Right underneath.


(door locks)

Wow, and it's all here, too. Look at that.

You got the drums, the bass, the pianos, the horns, and the vocals.

So, now, Deon, if you were...

If you were here the night that Izzy was in the booth and you wanted to bring up a track, would you slide this one up right here?

Yeah, nice and steady.

Nice and steady? Okay.

(mid-tempo music plays)

Oh, that's it.

That's it.

Oh, yeah, that's... That's a nice, little groove.

Izzy, he was talented. He was gifted, wasn't he?

He was gifted, all right.

Mm. Rosie, boost that bass.

Little bass?


Should we get a little bass? Okay, let's get a little bass.

(bass intensifies)

Um, hey, careful with those.

Little more.


(volume increasing)

Okay, guys, that's enough.

What? No, no, it's not. Oh, come on.

I didn't even bring in the vocals.

(indistinct singing)

I'm about to drop some lyrical fire.

♪ Shout loud ♪
♪ If I could go back ♪
♪ If I could go back ♪
♪ I want to get this right ♪
♪ Laying down another track ♪

Wait, stop!

Don't... Don't do that.

♪ Try it one more time ♪
♪ You got me thinking now ♪ Okay.

♪ Go back, go back ♪

Okay, turn it down.

♪ Ohh ♪

Turn it down! I'm not kidding!

♪ Oh, oh ♪
♪ Go back, go back ♪
♪ Ooh ♪
♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

(volume decreases)

♪ Go back... ♪

(panting) What the hell was that?

To show you what it was like for Izzy the night you killed him.

Izzy was my partner and my friend.

Why would I kill him?

Izzy was writing new songs for Shades Deep.

Our techs found half a dozen new tracks on his computer.

He wanted to make some real music, and that meant ending your partnership.

You got pissed, went to Amiel. He could relate.

Izzy was suing Amiel, wanted out of his contract.

Then you two did something childish.

You wanted to mess with Izzy.

So you spiked the sound in the studio.

No biggie. Until it was.

Izzy had an arrhythmia arising from a very rare genetic abnormality, LQT2.

The startling sound disrupted the signal from his brain to his heart.

Completely shut it off.

But you didn't mean to kill Izzy that night.

It was just a prank gone really, really bad.

I was all the way across town.

I-I wasn't even there. You know that.

Right, but you didn't have to be.

You just proved it with that little app on your phone.

Lets you adjust the volume from anywhere.

You could've been miles away.

The studio's wireless network can tell us exactly when you logged on, which in your case was two minutes before he died.

My guess is the guilt over what happened with Izzy got to Amiel.

He was gonna confess.

So you decided to take him out of the picture.

Now Izzy can finally rest.

Hey, Villa. Listen, we need to talk.

I know you've been doing... things with my mom.

Room key from the Motel Clarise.

I've seen two in the last 48 hours.

One was in my house on the floor.

Belonged to my mom.

And the other one belongs to you.

I saw it on your desk after I brought Walter in, so either it's a coincidence...

Look, I...

I've been a wreck over this.

Yeah. I know.

I...I got a taste of what it's like to keep a secret from a friend.

I don't recommend it.

Well, we planned on telling you when Daisie got back.

I'm sorry.

I'm not surprised.

She pulls men into her orbit and eventually crushes them.

It's what she does.

I'm not mad.

I'm worried for you.

Well, maybe this time, things will be different.


Erica. Hi.

You, uh, you just missed him.

If I had a son with Rosie's health issues, I would've done exactly what you did.

You're entrusting me with his care.

It is within your right to make sure that I'm up for the task.

My sister had a liver disease...

Sclerosing cholangitis.

The first time I saw her in the hospital, she... she looked so frail.


It just... broke my heart to see my once-vibrant sister like that.

So, I, uh...

I stayed away and buried myself in med school.

But then she took a turn for the worse and, uh, needed a transplant, so I came home, and I gave her a lobe of my liver.

But it was too late.

She died from the complications.

(inhales deeply)

And I took the year off after to, uh, heal and be with my family.

I'm so sorry.

I lost so much time with my sister because I wasn't strong enough to be there for her.

And everyone says I shouldn't feel guilty.

But I do.

But you're not that woman anymore.


♪ Hey, everybody ♪

Buy you a drink? (chuckles)

It's the least I can do to repay you, you know, for the... the last time I tried to repay you.

The only way you can repay me is the way you should repay me.

Just do the best job you can.

Mosie is in sync.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, Villa.

Here's your drink, sir.

I didn't order this.

It's from us.

So, has Erica told you about her missing year yet?


It turns out she's much more compassionate than I imagined.


Have you heard from your mother?

No, but I figured out her secret on my own.

She's dating Cap.


He told you.

Forcibly and against my will.

So, you just kept that little gem to yourself?

Well, I believe the person involved should hear it straight from the source.

Just following the rule.

That was my rule.

Don't pretend like it was your rule.

Well, I kind of like that rule.


It was hard to keep a secret from you, though.

Same here.

You know what?

Here's to never having to do that again.

I'll drink to that.

Man: Ladies and gentlemen, Shades Deep!


Daphne: Hi. Thank you. (clears throat)

We want to thank you guys for coming out tonight to show some love for Izz.

(cheers and applause)

But before we get started, I hear that we have a diehard Shades Deep fan in the audience tonight who we are eternally grateful to for helping us lay our Izzy to rest.

And we'd love for her to come up on stage and sing this very special song, so please give it up for Pippy Rosewood.

(cheers and applause)

("Does She Love" plays)

♪ I been running all night ♪
♪ Am I getting you right? ♪
♪ Are you thinking what I am? ♪
♪ When we under the lights and ♪
♪ Why you looking away? ♪
♪ Someone running you 'round ♪
♪ Are you thinking what I am? ♪
♪ Or she holdin' you down ♪
♪ I'm tripping on where you are ♪
♪ Tearin' this thing apart ♪
♪ Taking it all too far ♪
♪ Does she love, does she love like I do? ♪
♪ Do you feel, do you feel like I do? ♪
♪ Does she love, does she love like I do? ♪
♪ Like I do ♪
♪ Like I do-o-o-o ♪