01x22 - Badges & Bombshells

Previously on Rosewood What are you... doing there?

What are you doing? Oh, my God.

Mitchie, this is just another one of your awkward, poorly executed mistakes.

(lowered voice) I think I'm having one of those "can't read the moment" moments.

Yeah? You going somewhere?

We are. Someday, right?

You think Erica is that one for you?

You gotta go for it.

I don't think we're gonna work anymore.

She's an amazing woman.

Wish it were me.

(elevator bell dings)

(button clicking rapidly)

(police radio chatter)

(feedback) I want to thank everyone who made tonight's East Miami Police-Person's Ball possible.

First, Officer Newman for his mixes.

(cheers and applause)

And a special shout-out goes to Beaumont Rosewood Jr.

For his sizable donation, helping making tonight possible.

It's good to see some of the dough we pay Magic City Lab flow back into this department.

You know I'm worth every penny, right?

You are, brother. You are.

That you are.

Normally public speaking makes me nervous.

Not tonight. Why?

Because tonight, I'm raising a glass to the bravest, most loyal men and women in Miami.

I'll take two to the chest for anyone here.

Well, anyone except Feldheim. (laughter)

Keep it on the Miami tip. You know what I like.

Anything but Pitbull. Cheers.


Cheers, cheers, cheers.



Hey, so, I know it's been like 21-ish days since the lip graze, but I'm definitely still feeling some shade from Pippy.

Okay, one more time... It's fine.

I told her it was my fault, and we're focused on the wedding.

Right, the wedding. The wedding's in two weeks, right?


So it's exciting.


Come on, babe. It's time to tear it up.

Yeah. Get after it.


Unh-unh, Rosie.

I've seen your moves, all of them, too many times.

Well, what if I told you I've learned a few new moves?

Since when?

Well, since Erica and I ended things.

I had a few weeks to hone my skills.

Honed, huh?

That's right. Ho-o-o-ne my skills.

♪ "Te amo" ♪
♪ I told her I'm not gonna run away, but let me go ♪
♪ My soul is awry ♪
♪ And without asking why ♪

Where did you learn how to do that?

Don't you worry about it.

♪ Wish somebody would tell me what she said ♪
♪ Don't it mean "I love you"? ♪
♪ I think it means "I love you" ♪

Man: Whoo!

♪ Don't it mean "I love you"? ♪
♪ Listen, we can dance ♪
♪ But you got to watch your hands ♪
♪ Watch me all night, I move under the light ♪

Woman: Yeah!

♪ Because I understand ♪

Told you I honed my skills.

Is that all you got?

♪ And I'm not afraid ♪

Woman 2: Whoo, Whoo!

♪ To feel the love, but I don't feel that way ♪
♪ Then she said, "Te amo" ♪
♪ Wish somebody would tell me what she said ♪
♪ Don't it mean "I love you"?

♪ I love you ♪
♪ Te amo, Te amo ♪

Rosie? Rosie?

You want to get together this weekend?


My place?

Your place.

Hey, Villa. We have a situation.

(indistinct conversations, camera shutter clicking)

Man: Do the whole bridge. Let's move it!

You're free Saturday?

I can be.

Come by at 8:00?

I like 8:00.

All right, so, our guys found C-4... lots.

I mean, I almost stepped on a molar back there.

You think it was a professional job?

Maybe. It's too soon to tell.

Oh, my God, is that a...

Tail pipe next to a leg? Yeah, it is.

All right, so, how long to piece this together? (horn honks)

My reinforcements are arriving now.

(vehicle doors open, close)

I want every bit of tissue, every milliliter of fluids.

Anything and everything that was human that was in, on, or near that car when it blew up, we need to bag it, tag it, bring it home.

We're not gonna waste the first 48 hours figuring out which pieces go where.

We're gonna solve this case. You ready?

All right? Let's do it.

Good morning.




Donna Rosewood's not the humming type unless something's going very, very well.

Well, a new man would explain those long phone calls during her lunch hour.

Y'all need to stop.


She didn't deny it.


He got a name?

Excuse me?

His name is Gerald. He's from Daytona.

That is all you're gonna get.

Oh, we're not letting you off that easy.

(as Donna) Bring Mr. Thing over for Sunday dinner.

I want to meet this man.

I do not sound like that.

(normal voice) Was that good? I think that was good, right?

Exactly like that.

Good job.

Villa: Hey.




So... what have you got?

Rosewood: There was only one victim in the car when the bomb went off.

Pippy: DNA and bones suggest a male, Hispanic, around 30 or so.

He photographs very well.

I found this embedded in one of his kidneys.

Villa: "Ward Pharma."

So, let's go see who didn't show up for work today.

His liver had microscopical damage from a drug-induced hepatotoxicity.

You think someone drugged him?

Maybe. We can't seem to I.D. the agent.

Didn't cause liver failure. Could have stopped the heart, though.

And all the blast injuries are post-mortem.

I think someone stopped his heart before the explosion.

Talk about overkill.

So, if our victim was already dead, why would someone blow him up?

So, we are still on for this weekend, right?


Andre Ward. I'm Detective Villa.

This is Dr. Rosewood. We have some questions for you.

Well, you're gonna have to be quick.

I got to get Sebastian here back to the Vatican before the Pope knows I stole him.

This guy.

He works for you, yes?

Uh, Joe Campos. Yeah. He's okay?

No, actually, he isn't. He was murdered last night.

You're kidding.

We're not.

What can you tell us about Joe?

Well, I'm, uh, stunned.

He was junior counsel. He was a new hire.

He practically banged down my door last fall begging to work for me.

We'll need a list of active cases.

Maggie, send in Carla Reid.

She's my V.P. of Legal.

You got a nice place here.

Yeah, my father pushed me into real estate.

Took the money I made there and started this company.

$2 billion a year later says the old man was wrong.

But if anyone wants to come after my company, they use lawyers.

I'm sorry about Joe, but I doubt that his death had anything to do with his work.

Yeah. Yeah, well, stop wasting my time, Ryuu.

We're not flying to Haneda to negotiate.

Tokyo's being a bitch. What is it?

Joe Campos is dead.

Well, that explains the empty desk.

Try not to be so upset about it.

Ms. Reid, I'm Dr. Rose...

I don't care how. That's your job.

Just make it happen.

When did you last see Joe Campos?

Last week.

Look, we've got dozens of lawyers.

I barely knew the guy.

I'm gonna need a list of his cases.

You handle everybody like that?

Only when I'm provoked.

I'll keep that in mind.

Listen, I'm throwing an office party here tomorrow.

I'd love it if you could join me, Detective...


And... I already have plans.

Pen ink. Stick and poke. It's definitely a prison tattoo.

And judging from the dermis, I'd say over 10 years old.

So, bro, no more Erica, and now you and Villa are getting, uh, hot and heavy all on the dance floor.



Oh, come on. Mom's not talking. Now you're being cagey.

Somebody needs to tell Pippy something.

Okay, Villa and I have plans Saturday at 8:00.

And it's definitely a date night. Don't make me spell it out for you.

Yeah, you guys have plans all the time. Are you sure it's a date?

It's not like this is your first big hang.

Hmm, that's true, and this isn't any woman we're talking about, so are you ordering in, are you making dinner?

Mitchie: Yeah, is this a movie night, or is this like a slow-convo- over-candlelight sitch?

We actually didn't discuss details. Trust me, get more Intel.

I mean, you do not want to misread those signals.

Okay, I'm not taking any dating advice from a guy who sings his owl to sleep, so...

Is that true?

I told you that in confidence.

(cellphone rings)

Hey, Villa.

Villa: Joe Campos grew up in Miami.

He got kicked around the foster system, but graduated Tulane, top of his class, then came straight home.

Any criminal record?

No, this was a kid fighting for a better life. Why?

'Cause I'm looking at a prison tattoo on his left shoulder.

Only way a guy with no criminal record has a prison tattoo is if he was put away as a juvenile.

Which means his records are sealed.

Unless we can find the judge who put him away.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, I remember him.

Scrawny kid from Little Havana.

Got caught selling fake I.D.s.

Probably trying to get in with the cool kids.

Well, Joe did all right.

He became a lawyer at a huge pharmaceutical company.

Wow. Good for him.

My husband was like Joe.

Got into trouble young trying to prove himself, but, close calls with the law made him turn things around.

Ah, boy, I wish I heard more stories like that one.

Well, we think Joe might have gotten caught back up with his old crew since he recently moved back home.

Well, if you're looking for a candidate for bad influence, my money's on Louie Van Winkle.

Louie Van Winkle?

Most folks call him Louie Runsalot 'cause he's always running from the cops.

That guy's been in and out of these courts his whole life.

Any idea where we can find him?


So, turns out Joe called Louie three times in the hour before he died.

Oh, hello.

Like the color.

Had no idea the antique business was booming.


Yeah, definitely running that VIN before we leave.

(crowd cheering)

Now, also before we leave, how about we...

I don't know... Talk about Saturday?

(chuckles) I don't know.

Maybe we can hang... pizza and a movie. - Oh, yeah.

Okay, okay. What kind?

Maybe... something chill?

Something quiet.


Bring the b*st*rd. Bring the dice back here.

Hey! EMPD. - Bring it back here. You know what I'm saying?

We're here looking for Louie.

Louie Van Winkle.

Ah, man, that ain't my name.

Okay, so, is... is that car actually yours?

Yeah, it is, but it's in my mom's name 'cause my credit's not so great.

Just have some questions about the death of Joe Campos.

Joe is dead?

Oh, you're here 'cause I'm a suspect.

Ah, just because I've done well for myself, you show up like I did a crime.

I'm an entrepreneur!

Whoa. Hold on, Runsalot.

How about you give those getaway sticks a break?


Buddy, no whistling at the urinal.

It's kind of a rule.

You haven't always been so good at following the rules.

Have you, Ira?

Who the hell are you?

Doesn't matter, but here's an address that does.

2242 Oriole Lane.

Heard about a little incident there that got swept under the rug when you were a rookie.

What are you talking about?

You need to make the Joe Campos investigation go away, you understand?

And don't even think about having me arrested.

If my people don't see me walk out in five minutes, everyone's gonna know what you did.

Are you threatening me?

No, Captain.

I'm just saying.

It's time for you and I to negotiate.

I didn't know Joe that well.

When you met him in juvie, what were you in there for?

Grand theft auto, possession, impersonating an officer, counterfeiting some credit cards.

All right, what weren't you in for?

Girl, I live my life moment to moment, and I enjoy myself, and I think that other people should, too.

Come on, Louie.

We know Joe called you three times before he died and he was killed 10 blocks from here.

How many times I got to tell you I don't get my hands dirty like that?

Maybe you don't, but I think he does.

What, old Beefcake?

No, man.

Beefcake didn't kill nobody. Please.

He's in church every Sunday. He's my alibi, too.

Spent all last night playing sudoku and helping me get my monitor blinged up.

Are those... Are those diamonds?

I got to rock this thing for six months, so I made it my own.

Is life one big joke to you?

See, we know about all those times Joe bailed your ass out of jail.

It wasn't because you deserved it.

It was because Joe was a good man who never gave up on his friends.

Last night, somebody blew that good man into pieces, okay?

I found Joe's hand 100 feet away from his lung!

Took me four hours to put his skull back together.

I wouldn't kill him.

I do crazy stuff, yeah, but Joe was, like, the closest thing I ever had to a brother.

Being put away as kids, man, that bonds you.

Y'all wouldn't understand.

Oh, I understand.

I believe you're really upset about that.

But why am I also sensing guilt?

Joe always had my back.

People knew that.

Maybe someone I pissed off couldn't get to me, so they got to him.

What do you got on the Campos case?

Louie did business with a lot of bad guys.

Just trying to figure out which one might have wanted Joe dead.

All right. Keep me informed.

Cap, you okay?


Detective Villa. This came for you.

"Saw this in London.

Think you'd look stunning in it.

Join me tomorrow. Yours, Andre Ward."

(clicks tongue)

Classy. The guy left his digits, too.

What is it with men trying to dress women?

I'm not a doll. Burn it.

Why? Because of your date with Rosie?

What? It's not a date.

I mean, it is a date, but wh... Who?

Come on. We all saw the dance.

Cat's out of the bag on that one.

Cap, he's just coming over.

Really, it's... It's not a big deal.

Trust me... It's a big deal.

(elevator bell dings)

So, you sure you want your officiant saying anything he wants?

Just speak from your heart.

But don't let that heart of yours ramble, bro, because I've waited long enough to marry my baby, okay?

Speaking of, I finished writing my vows today.

Oh, you did? I did, too.





Hey, Rosie, so, you know how our guy had guac and moo shu pork in his stomach?

Well, I mean, Chinese and Mexican together...

That's like Disneyland for me, so I looked it up.

Turns out there's a place near Miami that serves both.



"Baja Meow"? It's almost an hour outside Miami.

I'm pretty sure it's called Baja (meowing)

That must be some damn good food for him to drive that far to get it.

There are a lot of words to describe this menu.

"Good" is definitely not one of them.

The only reason to drive out there is if you're meeting someone and you want to make sure no one else sees you.

I'll find out who Joe met.

You guys find out what drug stopped his heart.

The manager would only come in to talk if we ordered delivery.

You want the kung pao carne asada or the moo goo gai pan quesadilla?

Some things do not go together.

So, Cap and my mom might join us for dinner this weekend.

They didn't have plans.

Wait. What?

Yeah, and Feldheim's a TBD.

You invited Feldheim?

He probably won't make it.

His aunt's getting a colonoscopy, so... you know.


Why am I here? I got to get back.

Do you remember this guy coming in yesterday?

Oh, yeah.

Couldn't wait for them to go.


Was he with a loud white male, early 30s, blinged-out ankle monitor?

Try a woman.

Asian-looking, pantsuit, on her phone the whole time.

Annoying as hell.

This one?

That's her.

Carla said she hadn't seen Joe in a week and she barely knew him.

She lied.

We need to find out why.

I've called nine times in the last nine hours.

Detective Villa... Two L's, one badge, lots of questions for your boss.

This Carla Reid hooker is too busy to take my calls?

I'm pretty sure she's not a hooker.

She should be, dodging my calls.

But when we were at Ward's office, she was making love to her phone.

And she definitely wasn't making love to her phone.

I don't have enough evidence to pull a search warrant on her.

Well, what you do have is an invite to Ward's company party, which means Carla will be there.

And you know what else you have? I can be your plus one!

I don't have a plus one.

Plus one! Oh, yes, and you do now.

So, what you can do is, you can put on that dress that Ward sent your way so we can be on our way.

I'm not putting on this dress.

I'm putting on this dress, but I won't like it.

Plus one!

(elevator bell dings)

(breathes deeply) Whoo.

This party's no joke.

Well, neither is the one you're hosting Saturday night.

Is the whole block coming now, or...

Rosie, relax.

No, I'm just saying. I mean, are you ordering pizza?

What are you doing?

No, I'm making pizza.

Mm! Okay.

From scratch.

It's my dad's recipe.

Sounds like a special pizza.

My mom gets it every year on her birthday.

Hornstock when he made captain.


Wow. (chuckles)

You know, maybe I should make something else.

What? Why?

It's what I made for him, you know, on our last night together.

That man ate like a king, crashed hard, slept like a baby.

He slept like a baby. Really?

Well... it wasn't just the food.

(elevator bell dings) Then what was it?

Married-people stuff.

So you're saying that you and he...

Yes, we did adult things, and now you've made it weird.

Hey, I have a cool idea. Let's find Carla.

(indistinct conversations)

(cellphone rings)

Hey, Mitchie, talk to me.

Did you I.D. the drug?

Interesting. Good job.

Hey, wait, Mitch.

Um, I need you to look into something for me.

Yeah, but it stays between us, okay?

Ward: If I could have everyone's attention, please.

First of all, thank you all for joining me.

I have some exciting news.

I am proud to report the FDA has just approved a trial of our latest drug, Sonapin.


Mitchie I.D.'d the drug that killed Joe...


Never heard of it.


Zocanyl never made it out of trials, which is why it was so hard to identify.

And guess which company financed the trials.

Ward Pharmaceuticals.


So, enjoy yourselves. You earned it.

(cheers and applause)

You know, if Carla was involved in Joe's death, Ward could be connected.

Yeah, divide and conquer.

I'll throw that bitch some heat.

You grill Ward.

Her name is Carla, okay?

Now, you flirt and chat with Ward, and I'll talk to Carla.

Why can't I talk to Carla?

You know why you can't talk to Carla.

I don't say "wow" too often.

But... wow.

I would have come over sooner, but you were with Carla.

Carla and I are not dating.

Our relationship is strictly professional.

Make hers a double.

(chuckles) Thank you, but no.

Oh, trust me... You're gonna need it.

Dr. Rosewood, I...

Lied about seeing Joe before he was murdered?

We know.

So, why does a man go from real-estate developer to creating a successful pharmaceutical company?

Buying properties doesn't change the world.

What we do here, what we provide changes lives every day.

So, you and the doctor...

No. Strictly... professional.


Well, if you'll excuse me, Carla and I have to make the rounds.


A drug trial from your company a few years back.

Any idea who would have access to something like that?

Why do you ask?

Because that's what stopped Joe's heart before he was blown up.

It's difficult to track a drug that never hit the market.

Smart way to kill someone, but I don't understand why you blew him up.

I don't know. It wasn't me.

Then who?

Joe didn't tell me that.

What did Joe tell you?

That it goes back to his days in juvie.

He said it was all tied to some judge.

You remember the judge's name?

He didn't say.

Babe. What are you doing?

It's been like an hour.

Patience, my dear. (sighs)

Such a surprise for you.



I'll see you in a couple of days.

A couple days?

I'm going on a road trip to Daytona to, uh, meet my friend Gerald.


Pippy: Love you.


Bye. (laughs)


So, I know this goes against the whole superstition of not showing the bride's dress before the wedding, but we're both brides, so superstition can suck it.

What do you think? Hmm?

Wow. Do you love it?


Wow. Look at you.

You are perfect.


What am I doing? This is my fault.

(chuckling) I don't know what's wrong with me.

Okay. (chuckles nervously)

What's... What's going on here?

You know, I lied.

I haven't... I haven't written my vows.

I haven't even started yet.

That's okay. You have time.


Is this about Mitchie?

No, of course not. We've been over that.

It's just, like...

Pipp, I'm lost.

I'm... I'm... I'm... I'm confused.

Confused about what?

Because if it's not Mitchie, then it's something, so just tell me what it is.

I mean, if you're having cold feet, then say that.

No, you don't understand.

Okay, then help me understand, Tara, because I'm standing here in my wedding dress.

What is it?

When I first came out, you know, I lost everything.

I lost my family and my friends and the person who I thought I was.

And then I found you, and... and all I wanted was to disappear in your world and to be yours and to be a part of this family.

And I come in here every day, and you are this, like, amazing person that I'm so in awe of, but it's like... I only know who I am when I'm with you.

That's not true.

Tara, when I look at you, I see this beautiful woman who is smart and strong.

All I see is a girl who's scared and who doesn't know who she is.

So she's just clinging to somebody that does.

I don't... I don't...

(clears throat)

I don't believe this because you're the one who wanted to push the wedding up.

I... was afraid to lose you.


But what?


Is that it?

It's just over?

Couldn't get a read on Ward.

It's okay.

Remember Judge Walters, the guy who put Joe away?

Yeah. What's he got to do with anything?

Well, I think he and Ward were in business together.

Carla told me Joe was looking into a judge.

Remember how Ward got his start in real estate?

Well, I had Feldheim look through everything Joe ever owned.

Guess what was on the list... Correctional facilities.

Three in Miami. Now think about it.

Joe got three years for making fake I.D.s.

The punishment doesn't fit the crime.


I think our judge was giving out harsh sentences to keep these jails full.

And Ward was paying him to do it. (scoffs)

Then I doubt we'll get any more answers here.

Carla said Joe had a flash drive with him at their meeting...

Everything he dug up to prove his case.

Where is it?

She doesn't know.

He got cold feet and never gave it to her.

Carla has a daughter at home.

Joe was scared he was dragging them into danger.

Said he was gonna give it to someone he trusted.

Wait a second.

Rosie, where was Joe 10 blocks away from when he died?

Yo, I was in a dream state!

What the hell do you want?

We're here to search your place.

Woman, please! Man, I need my REMs.

Hey, thanks for helping us out, Louie.

How you been? You good?

No! No, not really.

I think I might have to file myself a complaint.

Yo, relax, relax.

We just think Joe might have stashed something here before he was murdered.

Any idea where he might stash something?

Brother-man, how would I know?

Where do you hide your stash?

Ah, there's no stash to hide.

Yeah, and I'm wondering why you have a lock on this treasure chest.

I lost the key. Scout's honor.

Yeah, well, Scout's a liar. I see the key around your neck.

Man, this is the key to my other hiding place!

Key's taped under.

Yeah, you know how many people try to steal my anklet?

Boom. Found it.

Yo, hold up. What do I get in exchange for that thing?

Your freedom. (gunshots)

You got seven or eight more clips hidden somewhere?

Yeah, where would I hide them?

I told you this stupid dress was a bad idea.

I like the dress. (gunfire)

I only have one shot left.

All right, we got to give him something else to fire at so you can get a clean shot.

(gunshot) We can't dangle Louie.

Dangle Louie for what?! Shut up!

No, but we can dangle me.

I'm not dangling you.

Now, come on. 30 seconds of silence tells him we don't have any more ammo left... (gunshot) which means you and I are out of time.

I'm gonna run, I'm gonna dive behind that lotus.

And when he fires at me, you take him down.

(gunshots) Rosie, what if he hits you?

He's not gonna hit me.

Nothing's keeping me away from my date with you tomorrow night.

No, I can't risk it.

So it is a date?

Damn right it is.


Just me and you?

Just me and you.


What if I miss?

You won't.

(gunfire) Aah!


Cap, I've been waiting all night to go at this guy.

Me too, Cap. Turn us loose.

Look, no one's talking to him yet.

Come on! I can break him.

Get him to admit he's working for Ward and the judge.

Take them all down.

You go in there now, and we get nothing.

We don't know that.

Actually, Rosie, I do.

That guy in there, he's a fixer... a professional killer loyal to the powerful people who employ him.

Until our techies can crack the code on the flash drive and deliver us a smoking gun, we'll get nothing from him.

Villa, go home, shower. Rosie, go anywhere but here.

(slurred) Big bro.

What's up?!

Get my message?

Yes, yes, I got your message.

All right.

I'm sorry, Pipp.

Don't be.

You know, these things happen.

I mean, you jump on YouTube, Bam!

People getting dropped like bad habits left and right.

Maybe TMI just needed some time to clear her head.

Rosie... it's over.

Girl done gone and changed her mind.

The saddest part is, I can't come here anymore and do what I do.

I can't work with her, Rosie.

I love you, Pipp.

Okay? You're family.

And you're also the best at what you do.

She is, too... which is why I won't make you choose.

I quit.


Check it out. (speaks Spanish)

Mira, Mira. What is that?


This is a love basket.

(chuckling) Okay? Come on.

It's been a long time coming with you and Real-Rosie.

This is just weird.

Okay, Mira.

Candelas for mood lighting.

Chocolate-covered cherries. Need I say más?

And a mix CD.

Enrique Iglesias from start to finish.


Wow, thank you, Ma.

This is... In your own crazy way... this is actually really sweet.

I hoped for this day, mija.

Prayed for it.

That you would be yourself again, happy and full of life like you used to be.

The way you were before.

You know who else is happy for you?


You know why?

'Cause he knew your heart and how much you had to give.

And he's in peace, nena, because he knows that your life didn't end with his...

(voice breaking) and that finally you are moving on with someone who's worthy of you.

Just Enrique Iglesias?

(speaks Spanish)

I love you. Come here.

Talk to me, Goose. That's... That's the new file you wanted, yeah?

Yep. Cool. Oh, and don't worry -

No one here knows that I had it sent over.

Good, good.

So, who is this guy? Is he connected to Joe Campos?

No, just a friend of a friend.

Okay, well, the blood samples are on their way.

Okay, run a liquid chromatography.

Flag any abnormalities, anything undetected.

All right. Are we suspecting something wrong?

No, it's probably nothing.


So, about your big date-ski with Villa, you got to rock the right threads for a woman like that.

And I mean this in a strictly heterosexual way, but I love you in pastels.

Easter colors... They pop on you, man.

So, you know what I'm thinking?

The... the baby blue blazer.

You know what I'm talking about?

Yes, yes.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

The paisley lining? Yes, yeah.

Should I, should I get one of those?

No, no, you shouldn't. Mnhmnh.

So, Mitchie, everything here is from the bomb site, right?


So, why would a man with a button-down dress shirt and no jacket be wearing cuff links?

Uh, he wouldn't.

This isn't Joe's.

What if this belonged to the man that killed him?

Rosie, get over here.

Turns out the flash drive was the real treasure chest.

Oh, I love treasure.

I came with a gem of my own, but you first.

Okay, so, Joe had a list of what looked like bank account numbers with money transfers attached.

Over 700.

Whose accounts are they... Ward?

That's the thing... They aren't bank accounts.

They're prisoner numbers. Check this out.

Third one down. Look familiar?

That was Joe Campos' prison number when he was in juvie.

And every kid on that list...

Has an amount next to him.

The day Joe went to juvie, the judge who sentenced him received 35 grand.

Millions of dollars paid to Judge Walters over the past decade alone.

We were right.

He was giving kids harsh sentences in exchange for money, and it's still happening today.

This is big. This is big.

Yeah, but not big enough... We have proof of the scam, but no proof that Ward gave the order to murder Joe.

Well, my gem. It's not Joe's.

My guess... It belongs to the man who murdered him.

The man that's in interrogation room one.


No, but he doesn't know that.

I got this.

No. Stay here.

I got this.

(door opens)


How you getting me out of this?

I'm not.

Then I guess we're both going down, huh?

Because as soon as we're done in here, I'm demanding an audience with your chief.

And guess what I'm gonna say.

That 18 years ago, I showed up at a house at 2242 Oriole Lane, looking for a father who put his hands on his 9-year-old son and that I beat him within an inch of his life.

Luckily, my partner kicked in the door before I could kill him.

That my captain called in a few favors to make it all go away.

Come on, Ira.

We both know that's not where the story ends.

Well, today it does.

You want to know where Joe hid the flash drive, so you drugged him, blew him to pieces when he wasn't willing to give it up.

Problem is... you left one thing behind.

Joe must have tore it off your shirt in the struggle.

Great. Good luck proving that.

I don't need luck.

I have Miami's number-one pathologist on the flank.

And guess what he found.

DNA from the skin cells left behind.

That puts you in the car.

We know about the juvie centers.

We know about the judge.

So... let's negotiate.

Ward: I mean, really, at the end of the day, this is what makes us leaders and innovators.

Rosewood: Don't forget criminals.

Dr. Rosewood.

What are you doing here?

Carrying a torch for a much better man than you.

I'm here to finish what Joe Campos started.

Okay, well, it's time for you to leave.

Carla, call security.

I take a lot of medications.

Warfarin for my heart, Sanitol to prevent aneurysms.

Without those, I wouldn't even be here.

It's hard being so vulnerable.

But it's even harder when there are people in this world who take advantage of that vulnerability... people who make a living off the sick, the less fortunate.

Are you done?

You'll know when I'm done.

Every empire starts with the first brick.

Ward, how'd you build yours... On vulnerability?

(door opens) Joe found a connection between you and Judge Walters, but he needed proof.

Then once he got that proof, you tried to use your power to bury your secrets.

Silence one more person you didn't think mattered.

And now guess what.

You're gonna be spending the rest of your life in a place where no one will be able to hear you scream.

Officer: I need you to stand up, sir.

(handcuffs click)

Now I'm done.

♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh ♪
♪ Standing now ♪
♪ Calling all the people here to see the show ♪

After you read this...

♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Calling for my demons now to let me go ♪

.. you're gonna want these.

♪ I need something, give me something wonderful ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ I believe ♪
♪ She won't take me somewhere I'm not supposed to be ♪

Oh, wow. You look great, big bro.

Thank you.

I can smell that cocoa butter cream from over here, but...

Well, you know I have a heavy hand with the cocoa.

Always have. (laughs)


Thanks for letting me crash here.

I promise it'll just be until...

For as long as you need.

♪ You can't take me down (sighs)

♪ You can't take me down Listen, if you want me to stay...

I'll be all right, okay?

And you have your big special date.

♪ You can't break me down (cellphone rings)

Hey, Mitchie.

So, it looks like that nothing turned out to be something.

Toxic levels of vitamin K, likely from an oral dose, unless we can somehow find this guy's body and find an injection point, but natural causes... no way.

The other M.E. missed it.

♪ Can't you see there's more to me than my mistakes? ♪

Run the tox again.

Run it again? Why? I mean...

Run it!

I didn't ask for your opinion.

It's not anything till I say it is, you understand?

Run it.

♪ I believe ♪
♪ She won't take me somewhere I'm not supposed to be ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪
♪ You can't steal the things that God has given me ♪

Hi, Gerald.

♪ No more pain and no more shame and misery ♪
♪ Ba-ba, Ba-buh-buh, Ba-da, Ba-da ♪

Thank you for coming.

♪ You can't break me down ♪

You sure you want to do this?

Well... I'm here, aren't I?

♪ I can see that place of trouble ♪

(knock on door)

♪ And I'm on the verge ♪
♪ For the love of everybody ♪

Rosewood: Wow.

♪ I did something wrong ♪

Villa, I have to tell you something.

I think it can wait.

No, actually, it... it can't.

Actually, it can.

No, no.

Wow. I really misread this thing.

No, no, you didn't misread it.

This is... this is what I've always wanted, but... (Breathes deeply) there's something I have to tell you.

Rosie, what's wrong? Are... Are you okay?

Villa, at high levels, vitamin K turns toxic.

It becomes lethal, and it's very hard to detect in an autopsy.

What are you talking about?

At Ward's party, you said something to me that didn't make sense.

You said that you and Eddie were intimate the night before he died and that he was able to sleep.

Now, what you described, it does not sound like a man who was an hour away from a pulmonary embolism.

So... I didn't think it was gonna be anything, but I had to check.

I reached out to the M.E.'s office in New York and had them pull Eddie's autopsy report.

You did what? I have gone over this 100 times, but the science still comes back the same.

I don't think Eddie died of natural causes.

I believe he was murdered.

I'm sorry. What?


I-I didn't want to believe it, so I re-ran the tox screen, and... just to be sure, and I think...

You think?

Or do you believe?


Just stop talking.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

I feel so stupid.

I-I should have seen this coming.

No, there's no way you could have known that.

No, not that. This. You.

This is what you do, isn't it?

You push people away.

That's not what I'm doing.

You think I missed my own husband's murder?

Rosie, I was there. I was with him all night, just the two of us.

I would have known.

That's not how it works.

Eddie could have received a toxic dose any time within his last 4...

Okay. Okay, just stop. Stop it.

I wouldn't tell you if I wasn't sure.

You wouldn't tell me?!

Oh, so, you go behind my back, start running labs on my dead husband, and I'm, what, on a need-to-know basis?

W-Why are you telling me this now?

'Cause I care about you.

'Cause you deserve to know.

I thought you'd want to know.

This isn't about me.

And it sure as hell isn't about Eddie. This is about you.

You... Let me tell you something.

I've met a lot of screwed-up people, but you, Rosie, Whoo, you're in your own league.

Villa, don't... don't do that.

Do you even know how hard I've fought to... to put my life back together?

But... But that doesn't matter, does it, 'cause you need to be the hero.

You went looking for this. Well, thank you.

Thank you for showing me who you really are before either one of us made a mistake tonight.

I think you should go. I'm not gonna leave you right now.

I'm not gonna leave you. I'm not gonna leave you.

I think you need to leave right now. I... Get out.

Leave. Go. Get out.

Y-You know what? I do owe you a thank you for something, Rosie. Thank you for saving me from you.

I deserve someone who sees me as an equal... who doesn't see me as a broken woman that makes them feel better about themselves. And you've proven time and again that you're not capable of doing that, so if you've never heard me before, hear me now... I need you to get out, and I am not just talking about my house. (voice breaking) I need you to get out of my life.