Previously on "Quantico"...

Jeremy Miller.

Apparently, my scenarios were so accurate, they recruited me to come up with new ones.

No one suspects you're a double agent?


Every asset you develop at The Farm is critical for us.

Elliot's father, you may have heard of him.

Sir Laurence Bishop.

Your father-in-law is a very... powerful man.

It's good to see you, Pip.

You did this to me!

Alex, we were wrong. There is no AIC.

Come on. We got to get out of here.

Hey, wait! Wait! Stop!

We failed... because we aligned ourselves with the wrong people.


No! No, no, no!

[Helicopter blades whirring]

[Police sirens wailing]

You have to stay here, sir.

[Indistinct talking]

He gonna be okay?

Well, I hope so, you know.

She was his wife, wand you didn't know about her?

When'd you last talk to him?

When I left The Farm.

Why? What about you and Dayana?

Not since she got me kicked out.

Have you seen her?

No one here will tell me anything.


I haven't seen Alex, either.

And who can confirm your reason for being at the G20?

Seriously? How about DDO Matthew Keyes?

Or, I don't know, try calling the former President of the United States!

Yeah. Write that down.

I apologize, Mr. Booth.

Your story's just been corroborated.

By who?

Someone who needs to speak with you immediately.

Alex: Ryan.

Alex, what the hell's going on here?

So, Dayana didn't come out of the perimeter, nor did Will.

Lydia: Six hours ago, I retrieved the hard drives that the group you call the AIC were after at the summit.

I hid them.

Rather than risk getting caught and letting them fall into the wrong hands.

I believe Dayana stayed behind to find those drives and took Will to decrypt them so she could finish the AIC mission.


Look, Dayana's had her dark moments, but the AIC?

She told me herself.

When the terrorists were interrogating us, Dayana told me they were looking for her.

She begged me to protect her, so I did.

We need to get back inside right now.

Who's coming with me?

No one.

Look around you.

I count at least 2,000 of New York's finest, along with the FBI.

Let them finish this.

The public thinks this crisis is over.

If we send the NYPD and the FBI in on a manhunt, people will notice, and then... the panic and the chaos will start all over again.

We need a small, tactical team that will escape notice, people who understand what's going on.

Let's get those drives.

Shelby: Where are the reports from the primary hostage interviews?

Every single person coming out of that zone is a suspect.

You should've just let me walk in.

I'm still in charge.

Not anymore. Here is Shelby. Let's go.

What are you doing here?

You need to arrest her. Me, too.

[Sighs] You have questions.

We have answers.

♪ ♪

Did we just get a man killed?


We didn't even know who he was.

We knew he was up to something, that he'd been spying on us at The Farm for months.

Ryan said that whoever the AIC are, what Lydia is doing has nothing to do with it.

It's just black ops.

Who do we go to about this?

N-No one. I...

I'd call the police, let them figure it out.


You have to stop thinking like an FBI agent.

All we did was open the door, a door that was set up to kill anyone who opened it.

Now, whatever it's about, or whether my daughter is or is not a part of it, it's a real threat, and that explosion just proved it.

So, we just go to The Farm like nothing happened?

Yes, wait for the next move.

And something tells me, it's coming... fast.

♪ You'll be knocked wout, come around ♪
♪ Shot down, shattered on the stony ground ♪
♪ Yeah, take it from me ♪
♪ It's how it'll be ♪
♪ Your dreams will come true, fall through ♪
♪ Screw you, batter you to black and blue ♪
♪ Yeah, take it from me ♪


♪ It's how it'll be ♪
♪ Love's gonna leave you broken ♪


♪ Time's gonna work you over ♪

Philip, where were you? It's noon there.

Charlotte had a meeting with Trudeau, so we're in Ottawa.

Last trip before she can't travel with the kids.

You sound terrible.

Yeah, well...

I am terrible.

I got everything the NSA has on your father-in-law, and aside from driving his only son to suicide, he's spotless.

Yeah, we both know that isn't true.

No, no, no, no, no. Except it is true.

The shipping manifests you got me, the records from the Port of Caracas that I stole from the consulate?

He was up to something, all right.

The wiretaps show that he was exporting something illegal.

Only it wasn't contraband. It was people.


Yeah, so we go after that. It's not legal to keep...

Oh, yeah, and you want to stop whole boatloads of people from finding safe haven, all because of what he did to one man eight years ago?

You know, I want revenge for what happened.

It's all I've ever wanted, but this just doesn't feel like revenge anymore.

It just feels selfish.

Your kids will be fine.

They have a great man for a grandfather.

And what about you?

♪ Bounce back, wheeling down a bumpy road ♪

I'll see you soon, Pip.

♪ We will patch it up, we'll work it out ♪


What happened to you last night?

When we were at the NSA, Lydia had you do something.

It's classified.

Yeah, well, where it led to wasn't.

A squat one town over. Someone's been surveying us.

Or maybe that's what she wanted us to believe, and she said what she said to throw us off the track.

There is no AIC, Alex.

I don't know what you found, but this investigation's over.

Miranda ordered me to wrap it up here.

Wrap it up?

What do you mean "wrap it up"?

They gave me a couple of days.

Keyes doesn't want anyone to suspect the FBI was here, undercover this whole time.

Look, Ryan, this place that we found, I don't who's behind it, but something's going on.

We can't leave right now.

Well, you don't have to. You're not FBI.

But they are.

Keyes: Well, good afternoon.

I know you're not used to anyone but Owen leading class, but this is a week I always teach.

With that, meet Jonathan Lyons...

Yale graduate, champion rower, and one of the best recruits to ever walk these halls.

His first assignment was his dream assignment...

Moscow Station.

It was also his last.

Mr. Lyons was working an asset in the Ministry of Defense.

That asset turned out to be a dangle... a trap.

FSB arrested him with compromising material and promptly sent him home PNG... persona non Grata.

Mr. Lyons is no longer welcome in the Russian Federation, and due to the public nature of his exposure, unable to serve anywhere but a desk at the Agency.

Jonathan was lucky.

He was green, and he had nothing to lose except his career.

But for more experienced operatives, exposure can cost you your freedom, it can cost your assets their lives, and as we've learned the hard way, once set in motion, it can rarely be stopped.

McKinnon: Mr. Hall?

Now, back in the old days...

Can I help you?

I'm Special Agent Jane McKinnon.

This is my partner, Will Kelaher.


Your recruits' identities are safe.

We're both cleared to be here.

We promise it won't interfere with your instruction.

We're investigating the nearby death of a man last night.

His remains were found in the aftermath of an explosion in an abandoned building.

I'm happy to help. So, what does this have to do with me?

The body is one of your former recruits.

Do you recognize this man?

♪ ♪

Alex, she lied to you, kicked your ass, and left you for dead, and that's just today.

Not to mention what she did to you at The Farm.

I've worked with Lydia the past six months.

She's been trustworthy to me.

No offense, but weren't you Liam O'Connor's best friend?

Hey, we don't have to trust her, and I definitely don't.

We just have to make sure that those drives don't fall into the wrong hands.

Oh, I never, ever thought I'd be wearing one of these.

It looks good on you.

Blue really brings out the panic in your eyes.

The grid's back on.

Makes it easier for the FBI to make their sweeps, which reminds me, just because we now blend in with the FBI, doesn't mean we should cross paths with them.

Oh, Lord, I hope this is the end and not the sequel.

Alex: Come on. Let's go.

♪ ♪

We have to act fast.

The bank, the library, the Federal Reserve and the Exchange will all have the capabilities to upload the drives.

Four targets?

We need to split up for time's sake.

Alex and I will take the library and the Reserve.

You three take the bank and the Exchange.


Keep your comms open.


The list of charges against the Citizen's Liberation Front, which includes both of you, is... why don't we start with arson, assault, conspiracy to defraud the government, possession of a biological weapon, extortion, homicide in the first and second degree.

Oh, right, and treason.

I was told these people wanted to do good.

They did.

Miranda knew this was coming.

She asked me to be her eyes and ears on the inside, just in case things got out of control.

But neither of us could predict the Citizen's Liberation Front would turn radical and so much blood would be spilled.

Since there is no precedent for two decorated agents taking up arms against their own country, I'm gonna have to make a few phone calls to figure out what the procedure is.

Now, when an operative dies, we add a star to Langley's Wall of Honor.

And currently, that wall has 117 stars.

That's 117 Agency employees who died doing their duty.

Now, to keep you off that wall, and to keep me from appearing at your loved ones' front door, we ask all operatives to put together an EAP, or emergency action plan.

This is a course of action for how to get out alive if you're exposed.

Now, when you're exposed, you have to find a way to communicate with your assets quickly and discreetly via dead drop.

It begins with a signal.

When the asset collects the drop, it's important for them to signal back.

Even in this digital age, don't discount the importance of good, old-fashioned spycraft.

And whatever you do, don't get caught!

Ms. Mampasi, we're from the FBI, and we're asking a couple of questions about a former recruit here... Jeremy Miller?


I never met him.

I-I knew him one day, but we barely talked.

He died? How?

Keyes: Now, sometimes you can't even risk contact with your assets.

Every drop, every signal may be compromised.

In that case, there's only one option...

Salt the earth.

Burn it all down.

By all means, cover your ass.


♪ Now, late at night, when I want you ♪
♪ I just close my eyes, and I pray ♪
♪ Late at night when I need you ♪
♪ I just stop ♪
♪ To me I say ♪
♪ Danger ♪

So, um... Jeremy Miller. How's that even possible?

And what does that have to do with Lydia or the AIC?

Nothing has anything to do with Lydia.

You know, everything she said checks out.

She's running a sanctioned training program.

If she ever finds out what I really thought about her...

No, wait. This can't be a coincidence.

A former recruit was spying on us.

There's got to be a reason.

I don't know what he's doing, Alex.

I just know I'm done, and I'm done talking to you about it.

♪ ...when I need you, I just stop ♪

Jeremy and I barely talked.

We had a couple of conversations, but I didn't really know him.

He knew a lot about you.

That was actually really, really good.

I used to use that at the Bureau all the time.

Classic pivot...

Turns a questioning into an interrogation.

You'd be really good at The Farm.

You guys get all the cool toys.

Yeah, but you get all the forensic evidence.

What you have in this file....

Why was Jeremy in that place, and why was he spying on us?

We ask the questions, Ms. Parrish.

You answer them.

Even the best have to prepare for the worst, and that's what you're going to be doing next...

Preparing a will.

It's a requirement of all recruits before they become operatives.

In order to go out and live in your new world, you have to prepare to die.

Have them on my desk by the morning.

[Cellphone vibrates]


Ottawa is only 90 minutes by plane.

I can pop down.

Tell the CIA I want to check on my exchange student while I'm nearby.

Yeah, so, Pip told you I was leaving.

Pip told me you want to.

But I'm not pulling you.

We need information, and you're our man on the ground.

No, no, no, no, no. I've got everything we need.

You only have six weeks left of training.

What's going to happen in six weeks?

So... [Sighs]

That's that, then, is it?

Yes. It is.

[Cellphone beeps]

We don't believe any of the recruits were connected to Miller.

It's not a leap that he turned obsessed after getting cut by you.

The explosion last night... seems a case of suicide by paranoia.

That's a relief.

I wish it were.

Do you recognize this?

It's a digital tap...


We retrieved it from a data junction at Soong Technologies this afternoon.

Otherwise known as the National Security Agency.

Miller was accessing their data from his laptop, and we traced it back to the NSA.

Been to the NSA lately?

My operations here are strictly confidential.

You may have told your recruits the NSA didn't know what they were doing there... but we know you called and told them.

Erasing your recruits' personal information.

But you lied.

You didn't tell them what you were really doing.

We have the evidence.

It's only a matter of time before we connect this to you.

Oh, and your daughter, she taught this lesson with you, didn't she?

This isn't going to end well... for either of you.

Talk now or talk later.

Which is it going to be?

No sign of her at the Reserve, Alex.

We're heading to the Exchange.

Nothing at the bank. We're headed south.

Keep an eye on the streets.


When we get through this...

If we get through it.

...the world will finally know you and my dad were right all along.

Of course, that's a great comfort to me because I just lost my career, most of my friends, my fiancé, your dad's freedom, and people died.

But, no, I should feel happy because I was right.

You should feel vindicated.

The group you never gave up believing in actually existed all along.

Maybe you'll finally live up to that hero title you were trying to get at the CIA.

And my father, maybe they'll pardon him.


Or you could have had him pardoned any time you wanted by just coming forward and admitting that he took the fall for you.


Ryan, we found them.

Public library... We're going in.

[Knock on door]



I'm looking for Alex.

Oh, Keyes has them all writing their wills.

It's morbid, so they all went to the bar to get pissed.

But not you?

No, MI6 already has my will.




You've got a look on your face of a man who's just accepted he's about to die.

I think my time here may be coming to an end.



Yeah, I think mine might be nearly done, too.


I spent years... hoping to make a man pay for the pain he caused, never once considering that he might have felt pain himself and learned from it.


It was easier for me to believe my daughter was a traitor than to just look at... how irreparable our relationship had become.

Do you know what, Owen?

My will... has one page.

I have nobody in my life to leave anything to.

I mean, I don't even have anything to leave.

I mean, if you weren't talking to me right now, would I even exist?

Hmm? Don't think so.

But you still have your daughter.

Where you going?

Everyone's in the bar but me.

If I want a crack at some sort of human connection, I'm not gonna get it shut in the house by myself, am I?


And neither are you.

No, I'm not.

So, how many drinks does it take to face your own mortality?


I'll tell you when I get there.

You know, I don't even know what they really want from us.

Well, I think they just want us to face the reality of what this is, like, we could die at any moment.

Well, then, this exercise was definitely dreamt up by Americans.


You know what I realized?

All of us here are single.

Do you think they did that on purpose?

I think it helps to have people who are single.

They have more focus.

Yeah, so they can take in information clearly.


You know, when I was younger... the generals, they would isolate us from our families and turn us against them so that we would feel like we had no one else but them.

And it's not so far off, what they're asking us to do here...

Die for our country.

Wouldn't you want to?

You're damn straight I would.

Oh, it looks like we all had the same idea.

An Irish wake before we plan our funeral.

The jukebox is on me tonight.

Oh, I do not think there's a song that's appropriate for this.

Well, Willie Nelson and Leonard Cohen beg to differ.

[Laughs] All right. Good to know.

I will go first.

All right.

Hey, did you speak to Lydia about Jeremy Miller?

Yes, and she had no idea about him.

The prevailing theory is that, he followed the tap that I put in and hijacked the feed.

Okay, they think that he is obsessed over being cut out of The Farm and that he was planning something big.

Maybe even going after all of us.

Thank you.

So... his death may have been a good thing, if something like that can be.

She told you all of that?

The FBI wouldn't tell me anything.

That's because you're not FBI anymore.

And I might not be, either.

Lydia asked me to stay.


A-Are you going to?

I don't know. Do you not want me to?

Of course I want you to.

Wow. I knew it.

Party's over. Let me get my drink.


Hello, Sebastian.

I thought maybe we could, uh... grab a drink together, clear the air.

I'm feeling like I could use some friends tonight.

Yeah, so you can destroy them later?


Sir Laurence Bishop.

Yeah. What about him?

You're going after him because of what he did.

No, that's not...

He has a wife, a daughter. He has grandchildren.

You're going to destroy them?

They already lost Elliot.

You're gonna make them lose him, too?

That's not what I'm doing.

I sent Keyes an e-mail, told him what I found.

You're not gonna get what you want this time.

Thank you, Sebastian.


Thank you very much.

James! Shots. Dozens.

Wow. You seem happy. I haven't seen that in a while.

Yeah, well, I came here with good intentions.

And like all good intentions, they went up in smoke.

So, I'd like to drink to forget I ever had them.

Oh, come on. Enough of your sulking.

Can we get through this together? Thank you.

Alex, come on!

Dictate me your will, please.



All right, well, then, let's play quarters.

If you can't get them in a glass, you read your will out loud.

Hell, no!

Fine, boring! Let's make a deal.

Two shots each, everyone does them, and then you read out loud.

No? Whoa, whoa, whoa. I-Is it too much for you, is it?

Why? Why? W-We read, we share, we learn about each other.

That's all we have, isn't it?

Well... Well, aside from the lies in between us.


Good. More shots of your mediocre liquor, sir.

I'll be back.

Hey, I'm out with everyone right now.

I'm not supposed to be calling you or even talking to you, but I thought that you deserved to know.

The FBI just got word.

Owen is going to take the fall for placing an illegal tap at the NSA.

[Sighs deeply] That's a federal crime.

They're putting together a plea deal now.

Take care of yourself.

Stay out of it for your own good.

I know you don't like advice, Alex, but, please, take it.

Harry: Well, the reason I've assembled all of you here today is, if we're talking about exposure and the end of our lives, well, I would like to expose myself.

And I'd like to go first by saying, Hello, I'm Harry Doyle. I'm officer rank two. I'm MI6.

I'm part of, what they call, a pilot program, where one of me comes here, one of you goes there, et cetera, et cetera.

Wait. Wait. You are MI6?

Oh, catch up, love. I'm only just getting started.


Shut up, Alabama.

You're gonna be next.

Okay, yeah, so... I'm undercover at The Farm, but oh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

There's a twist, because I'm not just training alongside you.

No, no, no, no, no.

The British government wants to know about each and every one of you.

Your history, your weak points, your stressors.

So you can be of help to them in the future.

So, please, drink up, because Her Majesty's paying for it now, so you can all pay for it in the future.

You know, they'll be coming to get me soon, so... I'm gonna say [Glasses clink] goodbye, goodnight, and God bless to those of you who thinks that matters.

We're all gonna die alone, mostly, probably, by our own hand, having never found the justice we were seeking, having never found any real human connection with anyone, set to live out the rest of our lives in solitary confinement!

[Glasses clink]

Your country thanks you for your service.

[Door slams]

The disposal needs to be repaired.


Oh, and the trees need to be trimmed before they touch the house.

Rats get in when the branches touch the house.


Oh. [Sighs]

The window in the laundry room...

I'm not going to be living here after training's done.

It'll be someone else's house, someone else's job.

You want to let me pretend just... a minute longer?

I want to talk.

I'm talking.

About home repairs for a house neither of us owns or will be living in?





You're probably never going to forgive me.

I'm certainly never gonna forgive myself.

I'm not sure what happened.

The FBI went on a fishing expedition.

I just want to know why you're willingly walking into their net.

You have a career ahead of you... a life.

I want to do right by you for once, just once.

I was never there for you, never.

I still assumed I could make up for missing your childhood... later, always later, that I could... I could get to know you when you were an adult.

Never realizing I was supposed to help make you into an adult.

And here you are... perfect.

[Scoffs, sobs]

[Chuckles] Absolutely perfect, [Voice breaking] and I had nothing to do with it.

You know, I thought I was on the right road and making things better with you, and then I just screwed it up further.

No, Dad.

And I j... I just...

Once you're on the other side of this...

I hope we can...

We can.

We will.

You're a good person.

You risk everything for your country, and I hope I can live up to your example.


[Sighs deeply]

Is Harry gone?

I don't know, and I don't care.

Yes, you do.

[Clears throat]

Thought you left already.

Uh, no. No.

First I needed to sober up, uh... remember what I'd done and pack my meager belongings.

What you said last night...

You were right.

I didn't get what I wanted.

But nobody does. I mean, you don't, right?

No, we both have that in common.

There is no justice for me.

Just like there is no freedom for you.

I'm sorry if, uh...

[Sighs] what I did, uh... hurt you.

You think you hurt me? No, no. You didn't hurt me.

You helped me.

Sebastian, you gave me the way out I needed.

Now I'm going to give you what you need.

And what's that?

I forgive you.

♪ ♪

Alex: Owen?

Owen, you don't have to do this.

Walk away, Alex.

Owen, I'm so sorry. I just...

Stop talking.

It's not something you could apologize for.

McKinnon: I'm sorry, sir.

[Breathes heavily]

You never belonged here. I knew that from day one.

The biggest mistake I ever made at The Farm was letting you stay.

You have one hour... to pack your bags.

Okay, since you're not gonna talk, I can't just sit here.

I'll have them take you into custody.


I'm not Liam.

I'm not a traitor.

Jeremy Miller found me a month after he faked his death.

He told me that I wasn't wrong about the group that we had been looking for, that they existed, and they were more dangerous than we thought.

They recruited him after he was cut from The Farm for the same reasons that the CIA wanted him...

His scenarios.

He politely declined.

Then, they tried to take him out.

He went to the only people who could help him...

The instructors at The Farm.

Angie Reynolds and Jason Bowling, the remaining instructors at The Farm, told him that they knew of this group, that they themselves had formed a group to fight them.

It was full of operatives from the Agency.

They call themselves... the Citizen's Liberation Front.

They didn't know who the bad guys were or exactly what they were planning.

They just had to be ready in case.

They needed help from the FBI...

Someone who would be sure that we wouldn't get in the way of what they might need to do to bring this group down.

So they came to me.

Elaine Todd... the First Lady...

It became clear that she was a part of it.

We heard through back channels that she had called most of the members of the AIC to be present at the summit.

We knew that whatever they were planning had to do with those drives, and we had to stop it.

So... we mobilized.

Movement, ground floor.

I didn't know... that they were going to kill her.

I thought they would create the hostage situation, identify the parties involved, and disappear... amongst the hostages like they had never been there at all.

It wasn't supposed to go down like that.

This is not how we wanted it to end.


Dayana, don't move.

What are you doing here?


I'm on your side.

Where's Lydia? Is she with you?

She's looking for you.

Now, where are the drives? And where is Will?

Did something happen to him?

I'm right here.

Thank God, you're alive.

Dayana needed my help to destroy these.

You can't just smash a hard drive like this.

Wait, what?

You want to destroy them?

Don't you?

But Lydia said...

Lydia is my boss...

Special ops, okay?

She told me to hide here with the drives two hours ago and save Will in the tunnel.

[Suppressed gunshots]




[Breathing heavily]

♪ ♪




Unh, unh, unh.

Don't move.

It's done.

[Casing closes]

I had a feeling it was you.

All this time...

I knew you were AIC.

I was not.

And I'm still not.

I'm a CIA operative defending this country.

After all the violence today, the infighting in our own government, the fact that our very own First Lady was plotting against her country...

But there's a chance here to use what they wanted for a greater good, to burn down the corruption that is eating away at this country and give us the fresh start we need.

I won't let you.

It's already started.

The contents have been uploaded.

So if you want to fight, let's fight.

You can't stop what's coming.

[Both grunting]

♪ ♪

[Grunting continues]

No, no, no, no, no!

She's right, I couldn't stop it.


You're too late.

The future of this country is about to change.


Alex, there are still more drives in here.

One is more than enough.

Trust me.

So what happens now?


[Door closes]

The Islamic Front... just took credit for the G20 attack.

They take credit for everything.

You don't get it.

What happened today had nothing to do with the FBI, the CIA, or you.

It was simply a terrorist attack by a cell of the Islamic Front.

That is the official narrative.

What does that mean?

It means they're covering it up.

We're free?


♪ ♪


♪ It's such a beautiful world ♪
♪ So why do I feel so down? ♪

You should have it. You should have it.


I can't keep it.

I won't know what to do with it.

And... what would it mean?

It means... that we loved each other for a while.

♪ And all the people that love me ♪
♪ They never know if I'm up ♪

How's... How's your shoulder?

Oh, they said I'll only ever really feel it in the cold.

How's your...

I'm fine.


'Cause I didn't know what else to ask you anyway.


This whole thing, it's been so, um...

You could have escaped.

When those trucks blew, you were close to the perimeter.

You didn't have stay.

Of course I had to stay.

Why? To save a bunch of people who didn't believe you, who didn't see what you had seen coming?

No one can see what's coming.

Yeah, but all that time after you left The Farm, when you wouldn't let go, you just kept pushing, researching, even after I told you it was crazy over and over again.

Haven't you learned yet?


I don't listen to anyone... for better or for worse.

You know I'm here.

I'm not going anywhere.

I know.

But maybe drifting apart was right for us.

Well, like you asking for this ring back.

I was just trying to reach you, shake you out of your paranoia that turned out to be horribly prophetic.

You know, maybe if our lives weren't so tangled up, if we spend some time part and figure out how to be in the same place, wake up together, tell each other the truth.


I would like that.


So we'll see.

I'll call you when I call you.

And I'll answer when you do.


♪ ...hardened heart is beating still ♪

Okay, I've got to go.

Yeah, I have a meeting at Langley.

I have an interview.


I will always love you.

♪ ...hardened heart is beating still ♪
♪ I drove it to the point of madness ♪
♪ Just to feel something ♪

Why are we here?

You know my feelings about Claire Haas.

It's Madam President.

And I told you, she's not who you think she is.


At least not anymore.

I don't know about you, but this feels like being called to the principal's office.

Are you sure they didn't say what this was about?


I'm done with the mind games, Shelby.

The last thing I need is another surprise that just...


This can't keep happening.

I didn't know you would be here.

I was summoned.

So was I.


Do any of you know what this is for?

I think we're about to find out.

♪ ♪

Good afternoon.

I'm glad you could all make it.

It's not like we had a choice.

The entire G20 summit was premised on the world's intelligence organizations coming together to share their secrets once and for all and to stand down their spying.

Which is why they turned over their drives.

Those drives contain something far more valuable than the information on them.

They contain patterns, years of behavior from each member country, and America's got out.

These patterns give a road-map to how a country reacts to any event.

With this information, an enemy can create an attack so perfect that the people won't know it's happening until it's too late.

Anybody wanting to attack America just got a huge windfall if they know where to look.

I'm forming a select team to fight it.

A covert joint-task force.

To figure out who's coming for us and to find this information before they use it against us.

The AIC is the hand of a much larger body.

The people behind them know the information is out there.

We can tell when they've accessed it, just not by whom.

Your job will be to monitor it, find out who's responsible, and to respond accordingly.

You will have access to whatever resources and Intel you'll need.

Those of you employed by your respective government agencies will stay as such, and the rest of you will be private contractors.

Nihmah: I tried to stop them... but I failed.

Why am I here?

Maybe this is your redemption.

And for the rest of us, a way to remind us of how easy it is to become what you're hunting.

So believe me when I say that what we're asking you to do is next to impossible.

This team will be taking down people who think they're untouchable, organizations who believe that justice doesn't apply to them.

But we chose you for a reason.

We believe that you, and you alone, can stop them.

♪ ♪


So, who's in charge?

Who do we report to?

My son.