01x07 - Passage

I'm going with Germany.

It's not the World Cup. You can't pick Germany.

For the surprise factor.

Surprising what a bad choice it is?

The first official trip of the Secretary of State is loaded with political content.

The world doesn't know her yet.

This decision speaks to who she is, what she stands for.


And if she chooses Germany, it looks like she stands for techno and schnitzel.

Right. She's fun.

Okay, the secretary is not... "fun."

Turkey is looking like the front-runner.

(groans) Turkey?

Turkey's actually...

It's neither here nor there.

It's not fully Europe, not really Asia.

It's the tofurkey of the Western world.

Which is ironic, given that it's Turkey.

Well, my money's on Egypt. It's edgy, it's progressive.

It's the gateway for modern Middle Eastern diplomacy.

I beg you... let me do the writing.

You know, I nominated Brazil.

Seventh largest economy.

They just won the Olympic bid.

Not to mention they...

Not to mention their first-class beaches.

(both laugh)

Why do you even care about beaches?

You're ditching us for Nantucket.

It's a family wedding.

Boyfriend's family wedding.

Which is at least one step removed.

Bridesmaid, which makes it a family obligation.

Boyfriend's family obligation.

Would you two like to be alone?

No. Why would we?

It's a healthy professional debate.

Oh, good.

Okay. I've read your proposals.

I was up all night making a pro and con spreadsheet.

And I nearly flipped a coin. Drum-roll, anyone?

(electronic drum-roll playing)

(drum-roll stops)

We're going to Turkey.


Excellent choice, Madam Secretary.

Blake: I won the bet, guys.

Turkey... Pay up, now.

Thank you. Thank you.

Thank you.

That was outrageous.

I know.

Can you believe what a suck-up Scott is?

I mean, he's a junior speechwriter.

He should be read and not heard.

I'm talking about you.

Sparring with me like that in front of the staff.

You sparred back.

Things with Win are serious!

I'm in his sister's wedding!

That changes the whole dynamic.

And no one can ever know about our past or it would ruin my life.

By our past, are you referring to last week?

It's over.

It never happened.

If you care about me at all, you'll get with the program.

It's a replica of the set that Lady Bird Johnson had commissioned for the White House.

It's the perfect gift.

President Kozlu loves his tea.

As much as he loves Michael Jordan?


Madam Secretary, your lunch date.

Ooh! Quick, quick, quick... what says, "Let's make world peace"?

Tiffany tea set or signed Jordan basketball?

Do you want to impress the Turkish president or play house?

Basketball it is.

Very good.






Just think... in two weeks, we can be doing this at the Hagia Sophia.

Unless, of course, it's illegal to make out in a former mosque, in which...

Oh, yeah, about that.

Oh, no. What?

My publisher called. They're moving up the release date on my book.

You can't come.

If I'm gonna meet this new deadline, I've got to stay and write.

The whole point of this first big trip was that it was gonna be a family educational vacation.

And everybody's going.

Not Stevie!

Well, Stevie has to work.

Well, I have to work.

You can't write on the trip?

You can write on the...

I'm sorry, I got to stay.

Nadine: Ma'am, the White House called.

You've been summoned to Camp David.

Motorcade's waiting outside.

Oh, fine.

The leader of the free world trumps lunch?

Sorry. (laughs)

It's okay. You go to work.

I see what you did there.

I did.

Hey. So, uh, what did she pick?

I'm drafting remarks for the gift exchange.

Well, there's a problem. I've just come from the diplomatic passport office, and your paperwork's been held back.


Something about a bench warrant from a speeding ticket outside of Las Vegas.

Oh, I took care of that.

It was a misunderstanding.

It was Jay's bachelor party. I wasn't even driving...

Please stop talking before I hear something I can't forget.

The point is your passport won't be ready in time.

So... you won't be going to Turkey.


It's the diplomatic passport office.

I mean, doesn't the Secretary of State, like, own them?

Don't worry.

She'll be in good hands.

Scott's gonna cover for you.

Scott? The new kid?

But-but he's my deputy.

And he's a kid.

Nothing to be done.

Turkey will miss you.

(two gunshots)



If only you'd be that quick on the draw for tax cuts.



Glad you could make it.

You know my friend Ted Graham.

Oh, don't put her on the spot.

Why would she remember?

We met briefly at the inauguration.

I do remember.

You had the expensive seats.


I'll get right to it, Bess.

I know I signed off on Turkey for your first trip, but, uh, tell me, did you consider India?

Yes. It was a strong candidate.


But I decided to give Prime Minister Saigal more time in office.

See if he's still barking anti-Americanisms when he's not running as India's great nationalist hope.

Yeah, but you see, that's the reason to go.

If you get in early, you establish a rapport.

Ted here is, uh, an early adopter when it comes to India.

Well, my company Hepanza Chemical has a couple of garment dye factories in Uttar Pradesh.

So, you must be thrilled by Prime Minister Saigal's vow to ramp up India's native manufacturing.

Dalton: Ventures like Hepanza are crucial to U.S. economic stake in India.

Right now, they're under fire.

That's where you come in.

Ted: Because a visit from you, especially on your maiden diplomatic voyage, emphasizing a balanced and a fair partnership...

Well, it'd go a long way to reassure Saigal that the U.S. is a friend to work with, not some big brother to outdo.

Of course, it's up to you.

Of course, sir.

Orange blouse... yea or nay?

Well, in India, saffron is an auspicious color.

At least according to Daisy's cultural color protocol psychology packet.

Still unclear.


I could use some auspiciousness.

How do you feel about the president rerouting your trip?

I serve at the pleasure.

I've chosen to feel fine about it.

We're going to the Taj Mahal, right? I assumed yes, but you never said, so...

We're going to the Taj Mahal.


Yes! This makes the whole disruption of my former life worth it.

Glad I finally came through.

What about you, buddy? Have you packed yet?

Uh, I have an extra battery if that's what you mean.

That's good.

Yeah, that way this whole cultural experience won't be lost on you. He's...

Please come, Henry.

You can write in my office.

On my plane.

Did I mention that I have an office?

On my plane?

Believe me, if I thought I could spare one minute away from the archives, I would so come.

But I'm gonna be researching 24-7, I'll be surrounded by these smelly parchments, (laughs) imitating the monks I'm writing about.

Don't worry. I'll make sure he's groomed by the time you get back.

Does this make my complexion look weird?


Like you have liver disease.

Trust your own color wheel.

That's true. It's gotten me this far.

Declan? Hi!

Can you cover for me?

I overslept. I know.

I was hanging out really late last night with my mom.

Uh, because she, she left for India this morning.

Um, yeah, because she travels for a living.

Can we just do the back-story later?

Can you just tell the manager I'm in the bathroom?

Okay, I-I'm almost there.


(phone dings)

Excuse me. That's my daughter.


Hey! Where you going?

Stevie, stop!

Hey. I didn't expect to see you just then. I thought you'd be at work.

Yeah, I could say the same for you.

Who's that woman?


She's a former grad student of mine.

I needed some help with the chapter I'm doing on cenobitic tradition, and I called her.

She's doing her dissertation on it at Catholic U.

A grad student?

One who I'm being incredibly rude to right now.

We were in the middle of a highly charged discussion on transubstantiation.

Come meet her... if you want to.

No, I'm already late for work.

Just don't get fired, please.

Your mother will blame me.




I'll see you tonight?


Ted: And so, it's only fitting that I share the honor of christening Hepanza Chemical's newest plant with Secretary Elizabeth McCord and the Minister of External Affairs...

Chondita Samant.

Thank you, ladies.

Elizabeth: Thank you, Ted.

Minister Samant.

As we bear witness to this plant, this feat of Indo-American cooperation, we hope it will be the delta of a renewed friendship...

Remind me when it became our job to do a Hepanza infomercial?

It's our job to execute the president's foreign policy, whether we like it or not.

The plant visit was his idea.

Let the hallowed waters of the Ganges do the same for us so both our nations can become...

"partners in profits," to borrow Ted's phrase.

Oof. Can we give it back?

That's straight out of Hepanza's press kit.

She fought it, but his PR team insisted.

It's the only compromise, but the rest, it's all her.

By which you mean all you.

Gentlemen, every news outlet on Earth has a camera trained on you hoping to catch an errant phrase or awkward back rub.

So, please, for the sake of the secretary, I humbly request that you shut it.

Thank you.

Great job, Madam Secretary.


You think Minister Samant is warming up to me yet?


What is that?

Is that a smile?

Or a smirk?

It's a little of both.

It's a smirkle.

Look, I need you to hear what I'm saying right now.


I leave for Nantucket tomorrow.

When I get back it's over... I'm serious.

I got it.

Listen to me. Seriously.

You are not and never have been a candidate for my affection.

Long term, you're not someone I could ever be with.

I'm in love with Win.

You're serious?

Which is why I keep using that word.

Okay, you want to get serious?

Why are you with "Winthrop" anyway?

Because... he's smart.

Smart. Mm.

Well read, articulate.

Good with people.

Motivated, ambitious.

He's a lobbyist for weed.

Alternative health care.

He believes in what he does.

And he believes in what I do.

He respects me.

He's rooting for me.

We have a future together.

Who you trying to convince?

No one.

I'm just making it clear.


Oh, crap.

Hey, hey, hey, don't dismiss me.

No, no, no, look, look.

M-Sec's mystery daughter.

Oh, crap.


Okay, um...

You leave first, and I'll figure a way out the back.

We can't just leave her, I mean, clearly she's wasted.


Not to mention underage.

Okay, okay.

Let me lay out a few scenarios here.

One... we take her home now and deliver to daddy this portrait of a daughter as a young drunk, and reveal to the one person who shares a pillow with the secretary that we were out alone.

Or two, we leave, none of that happens.

And let some Daily Caller blogger find her?

If it hits the Web, I'm the one on the phone with The Daily Show, begging them not to open with it.

It's none of our business.

Isn't it?

She can take care of herself.

Okay, um...

I'll leave first.

I advise you to do the same.


(clears throat)

Hi, Stevie.

I'm Daisy.

We met a long time ago.

Um, I work for your mom.

Can you get me another Long Island?

Trust me, you don't want that.

Coffee, black.

(low chatter)

Your cabinet told the Hindustan Free Press that my Hepanza speech was nothing more than foreign carpetbagging.

Their words, but I don't disagree.

Is that a fight?

Well, in this heat, I'm surprised we're not all coming to blows.

Scott: Maybe it's not a fight.

Maybe it's... a lively debate.

It's probably about your speech.

For real?

It's not a fight.

So you also believe that the average Indian derives no benefit from foreign investment?

You mean other than higher wages to spend on American goods?

No, I'm talking about an emergent middle class, with, yes, spending power, but also with time to invest in literacy, education, innovation, all the things that make India the democratic partner America sought out.

You are as described.

"As wrongheaded as she is blonde-headed"?


Got quite the wordsmiths over at the Hindustan Free Press.


I like passionate.



See?! See, I told you.

It wasn't a fight.

Well, not yet.

How are you both not sweating?

I'll be right back.


Uh, Alison.

I'm Sanjay.


How do you know my name?

Well, I pay attention.

Which is how I know you have beautiful eyes.

Have you ever seen a peacock?

Several roam the grounds.

Shall we take a walk?

Okay, just so you know, she went nuts on the garlic naan.

I'd love a walk.

You are the worst.


That is so good.

So, you want to talk about it?

The sandwich?

Why you're getting drunk in a bar alone.


(softly): Because...

Because he's a cheater.

That sucks.

But you're young.

You'll find somebody else.

My dad.

He's a cheating cheater who cheats.

And then lies about cheating.


Um, I saw him having lunch yesterday with some... skank, she was barely older than me.

Wait, wait, hang on.

It might not have been what it looked like.

I know.

So, today I checked.

He's supposedly writing this book.

Researching 24-7.

Which is the whole reason that he couldn't go to India.

But I asked around, and he hasn't been in the archives in weeks.

(laughs): The lady at the front desk even said, "Hey, tell him we miss him around here."

And now you know.

The McCord family business.

Hey, how's it going?

My kingdom for a cheeseburger.

All right, where's your sister?

She went off with some strange guy.

Excuse me?

He was her age.

His dad's one of the Indian officials.

Where'd they go?

To look at peacocks.

Yeah, classic Indian pickup line.

I guess.



What's that?

(rattling stops)

It's just... just a tremor.


(loud rumbling)

(people screaming)

(glass shattering)

Fred: Madam Secretary.

You stay with Jason. I've got to go get Alison.

I can't let you do that, ma'am.

She's out there.

This way, ma'am, this way, ma'am.

Fred, I'd like to go back out there.



You're doing your job, I appreciate that.

Four DS agents are searching for her now.

Yeah, okay.

Please stay...

We don't know what it's like out there.

We're still getting aftershocks.

This is a command, I want...

We will find Alison.

Ma'am, please.

Ma'am, I spoke to the consul.

It's a 7.3 quake.

How many dead?

I heard a report that a hospital and a school collapsed.

Could be as much as a thousand there.

Mom. Look.


Man: The 7.3 earthquake struck just after 8:00 p.m.

Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord was already in India...

Daisy: Thank God she's all right.

I know.

Is it wrong that I'm glad my passport got held up?

No, I'd feel the same way.

I'm sorry you have to miss your wedding.

It's okay.

The official death toll...

Win understood. of the quake at this hour is over 1,000.

But these are early numbers.

The kid's sure he's cheating on her?

That wasn't just something she said?

Because, you know, people do all kinds of crazy things under the influence of tequila.

I stuffed her with grilled cheese, she made a lot of sense.


So, I should tell the secretary, right?

And be the woman who told her boss about the other woman?

That makes you the other other woman.

That's the worst woman of all.

That woman's so bad, she's not even in a country song.

Okay, that's not helpful.

You asked.

So, what happened to the kid?

Did you leave her in the bar?

No, I put her in a cab.

...a problem in the poorest rural areas of India, even in the best of times.

She should be on now.

Oh, oh.

Matt: Hey.

Daisy: It's good to see you, Madam Secretary.

Good morning.

It is morning there, right?

Sort of lost track of time.

You've been busy.

We managed to get the kids on a flight home, and it's been nonstop since then.

Well, we saw you on TV with USAID

and the India NDMA overseeing the survivor search.

The scale of loss is...

There's still so much to be done.

Well, the images of you and Foreign Minister Samant at the field hospital in Jundip are very powerful.

Chondita's been relentless.

DOD's transferring troops from Afghanistan to aid in the relief effort like you asked.

And OFDA and USAID are in touch with the Embassy in New Delhi to provide greater regional support.

Good, good.

And if it isn't already done, activate an RMT in DC.


And, Matt, all communications from State need to include donation information.

I-I'm looking at a press release right here, there's nothing.

Well, Scott usually handles that.

Well, Scott's busy; I'm asking you to do it.

Well, there is a little silver lining to all of this.

Every major news outlet has coverage of you moving sandbags, helping with the survivor search.

From a communications standpoint, the trip's a huge success.

I didn't mean that to sound opportunistic.

How did you mean it to sound?

So, I'm getting on a plane tonight.

I'll be far more effective in DC.

In the meantime, I'll whip up an exit address.

Scott's already on it.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Scott's on it.


Henry: Hey, look what I've got!


Ah! I can't believe I mean this, but I am so happy to see you losers.

(grunting happily)

You hungry?


Voila, Les enfants.

Fluffernutters and curly fries.

Ooh, finally some normal food.

How can you care about food?

Ah, here we go.


Sanjay's house was crushed.

He lost everything.

It's horrible.

15 hours on the plane, can't get enough.

Do you not care about what we just went through?

I do care, but it's over.

It's over for you.


Honey, it's gonna be okay.

No, it's not, and you don't know that.

Nice work defusing that situation.

Just trying to calm her down.

Shouldn't you be at the archives?

That librarian is really...

Stevie, cut it out.

Cutting it out.

(cell phone buzzing)


Oh, good. I'm glad I caught you.

Everything okay?

Check your inbox.

Yeah, the kids are...

Uh... well, they're a little shaken, but they're fine.

Um, listen, I wanted to talk to you.

There's something that... you should know.

Is it about your work?

Well, it's related.

Blake: Madam Secretary...

Nadine: The Hepanza plant we visited?

The quake caused a crack in a tank that was holding a severely toxic, highly flammable chemical called aniline.

Henry, I think I need to call you back.

Is that okay?

Yeah, don't worry.

The leak ignited, causing a blast.

Blake: 4,000 dead and counting.

Elizabeth: All right.

Elizabeth: What is the latest with the fire? Is it contained?

Not even close.

Why is that possible?

It's been burning for 15 hours straight.

The aniline burns so hot that the cleanup crew can't get to the leak source.

Of course aniline's alternate use had to be jet fuel.

Millions of gallons of this toxic stuff is spilling into the Ganges.

Blake: Do you know how many people use that river every day to cook and bathe?

How many are downstream? Could we evacuate?

Try moving that many people on a Tuesday, let alone after an earthquake.

If we don't tamp down the fire, and plug the leak, hundreds of thousands of people risk exposure and death.

We have to get the Hotshots in there right away.

...explosion, the Ganges continues to burn out of control.

What about Hepanza's tank?

Do we know why it failed?

Well, here's the thing: It didn't.

Hepanza was compliant with Indian Ministry of Industrial Protocol standards requiring tanks to sustain magnitude 7.0 quakes.

Which does no one any good when a 7.3 hits.

Blake: MIP standards are lower than America's.

Elizabeth: And cheaper to implement, which is exactly why Hepanza was in India in the first place.

So Hepanza isn't liable, nor is the Indian government.

Let's focus on getting the fire under control.

We can finger-point later.


Madam Secretary, if I can interrupt for a minute.

News anchor: Here's U.S. Secretary of State, Elizabeth McCord, just hours before the quake that would cause the deadly spill and the Ganges to burn.

We hope it will be the delta of a renewed friendship, as strong and sacred as the Ganges River on whose banks it stands.

They've been playing those two clips on loop all morning.

Water is burning, Madam Secretary.

And your name is linked to it.

The options of this couldn't be worse.

Options? Seriously?

I'm sorry, it's my job to tell you that.

I know I've already said it...

I am so sorry about the Ganges metaphor in the speech.

Nice work with that.

Daisy: I read Nadine's proposal.

Do we really think gas fire fighters can contain a chemical fire?

The Texas Hotshots were on call during the Kuwaiti oil fires and the Deepwater Horizon.

They are the best firefighters in the world.

All right, well, we really can't afford another PR mishap.

Elizabeth: Daisy, while I appreciate that it's your job to tell me about the PR fallout, it is my job to put it in order of importance.

And right now, we can't leave a renewed ally twisting in the wind.

Nadine, get the embassy and the USAID in Delhi prepared to receive the Hotshots.

Yes, ma'am.

Blake, get me Minister Samant.

I want to download her personally.


Lastly, I need a statement outlining State's response to the containment efforts.

Got it.

I'm on it.

I got it.

I got it.

I got it.

Oh, for Pete's sake!

Work together.

You're right.

Come on.

But the Hotshots are in the air.

And I'm afraid that once they land, we will be forced to turn them back.

But why?

I don't understand.

We are willing to accept U.S. containment aid, but Hepanza must apologize for this disaster first.

The United States, like India, is a democracy.

I can't force liability on a private company.

Then perhaps you can persuade them to take it on themselves.

We were in India together just a day ago.

We watched USAID work with India's NDMA with great success after the quake.

And for that we are very grateful.

So why can't that partnership continue?

Why-why is this spill any different?

The earthquake was an act of God.

But a chemical spill at the hands of an American corporation?

To Prime Minister Saigal, it feels like a sign, punishment for opening the door wider to foreign investment.

Hepanza adhered to MIP standards, sanctioned by the Indian government.

Saigal has branded himself.

India's great nationalist.

For him to accept help from the American government for an industrial disaster at an American plant tarnishes that image.

So pride wins over compassion and millions of Indians pay?

It's an emotional response from a new, untested reactionary and his cabinet of cronies.

Yourself included?

The apology stipulation was my idea.

It was the best I could do to help my people.

I'm not in a position to give you that.

Then I am not in a position to accept American aid.

That is where we are.

I'm sorry.

Ted: Absolutely not.

I will not apologize.

Hepanza did nothing wrong.

It's out of the question.

India can't make a U.S. company genuflect on command.

Then consider a compromise.

Look, the Hotshots are India's best hope at stopping the fire and plugging this leak.

Ted: Yeah, and who's on it in the meantime? Us.

Hepanza has set up clinics, we've set up a victims' relief fund, we've done everything possible to mitigate this leak.

Well, not everything.

Do you know what my lawyers would do to me if I accepted liability?

And that would be a cakewalk compared to my shareholders' reaction.

Then give me something to bring back to Saigal.

Hepanza did nothing wrong.

The tank was up to Indian standards.

Elevating the metal grade to U.S. standards would have cost you $200,000.

That's a drop in the bucket for a corporation that took in $2 billion last year alone.

Madam Secretary, my job as...

Mr. President, you convinced me of the importance of an Indo-American partnership.

Let's not let this overshadow our gains.

That's precisely why India and Hepanza have to sort this out alone.


I guess we should have let Saigal cool off post-election after all.

For the record, I thought Turkey was a great idea.


I need you to talk to Scott.

All right.

But I'm a little troubled that my head communicator can't.

Oh, I have.

But he insists on taking the lead with India.

Kid thinks he's been touched by some divine and inspired right.

Just because I had a passport issue.

Do you really think that the lead diplomat for the United States of America can't handle the Diplomatic Passport Office?

I used it as an opportunity to test out Scott.

He's hungrier, Matt. I mean, admit it, your heart's not really in this job.


Come on, you've been clocking the exit since I started.

I know you revised your résumé.

Okay, yeah, but that was because, uh, because you were gonna fire everybody.

No, it's not that. I...

I saw your work for Marsh.

I know what you're capable of.

But lately?

You're not serious about the work.

I am.

I don't see it.

It's not that I think Scott's a genius.

He's green. I'd have to guide him, bring him along.

But, boy, he's all in.

It's not your talent I'm questioning.

It's your level of commitment.

Are you a serious person?

Because I only have time for people who are.

(talking over each other)

Ma'am... could Hepanza temporarily hire the Hotshots?

Just... slip them in as employees?

If I thought I could get Ted Graham to do anything, we wouldn't be here.

Let's keep thinking on it.

Can I take the conversation in a different direction?

Please, be my guest.

We're past salvaging this.

What we can save is your standing.

We need to spin the Hepanza visit.


I stood with Ted Graham hours before the blast.

No amount of spin is going to ever change that.

The president's office forced you.

I sanctioned it.

Well, at least we can hope to make up for your part in it, I mean...

No, the only way to make up for my part in this is to find a solution.

My image can wait.

You know what?

Let's take a break.

We'll meet back here in an hour.

I don't mean to speak out of turn, but I just got called out for doing my job back there.

I was looking for a little bit more than simple press manipulation.

I know you don't love dealing with the media, but they're a reality.

If I didn't do my job, the press would define you, leaving you with zero political capital.

You're right.

Anything else?

Uh, there is one more thing.

I only bring it up because it might become an issue.

It's about your husband.

I have a source... a very close one... who tells me he's having an affair.

Now, maybe he isn't.

But he's been seen around town with a younger woman.

If it gets out, it could devastate your policy work.

Daisy, you're pushing a line.

Madam Secretary, it's my job to tell you when...

It's your job to make suggestions based on facts.

Not cast aspersions because of your situation with Matt.

Which is your business.

But it becomes mine when you use your job as a smokescreen to redirect your guilt onto my family.

So cut it out.

(door opens)

(door closes)

(dial tone buzzes)

(phone speed-dialing)

(line ringing)

Henry: Hello, you've reached Henry McCord.

Please leave me a message.


There you are.




No, no, I just...

What's wrong? You all right?

I thought... I thought you were at the archives.

Well, it was crowded and I got hungry, so...

Are you having an affair?

I heard it. I don't believe it.

But I need to hear it from you.

Oh, my God.


Well, you're gonna have to be a lot more convincing.


Have you completely lost your mind?

Okay, that's better.

But what's going on?

You haven't given me pages...

Pages? I can't even get you on the phone.

How am I gonna...

Henry, you've published eight books.

I've seen you in writing mode.

You can't stop talking about it.

You're like, "Yak, yak, yak," you won't even shut up.

I mean, this is different.

This is... this is weird and you're being sneaky.

I don't...


I know this.

You're working for the NSA again.


That's why you're not at the archives!

Well, I...

That's why you're being seen around town with a cute young woman!

She's my handler.

I added "cute."

No, she's...

Is she cute?

...my handler.

Okay. But then why didn't you just tell me?!

I told them it was absurd!

I mean, they let me tell you the last time!


But this mission is so top secret that even the Secretary of State can't know.

You know, I'm not gonna lie to you.

Well, you better not!

Is it that religious scholar again?

Yes, the investigation has ramped up, which merits the higher security clearance...

Can I ask why?

I can tell you why it has to be me.

I'm the only person who can viably walk up to him at academic conferences.

I-I... I gue... I guess you had to say yes.

I can still say no.

Of course you can't.




Uh, I was just headed to you.

What's that?

A speech that should shake up the standoff.

Are there any metaphors?

I'm kind of off metaphors for a while.

Uh, Saigal needs to push around the U.S. before accepting its aid, right?

Unfortunately, yes.

Okay, so forget a Hepanza apology.

Do him one better.

You take the blame for the spill.

You said you felt responsible for being at the plant.

The media's already implying that you are.

Thanks for reminding me.

So, fall on that sword.

It's already sharpened.

What exactly am I apologizing for?

"For visiting the plant without investigating the scope and disparity of U.S. and Indian industrial standards."

"Had I done so, I would have urged both countries to raise their standards for the sake of all their citizens."



But Hepanza still gets to hide behind MIP standards.

Aren't I just pulling India's pants down?

They might not care if they can play your mea culpa ad nauseam.

And if they do?

You take this hit.

You've got people's attention long enough to tell them that India is blocking American aid.

Now they're in the court of public opinion.

With no choice but to demand the Hotshots.

At the very least, it'll disrupt the news cycle.

And it re-frames my visit to the Hepanza plant.

Which doesn't hurt.


I'm on the merry-go-round.

We got to run this by POTUS.

This is a serious swing.

Good work, Matt.

Really. Wow.

Oh, and, uh, that factory speech that Scott wrote, linking you to the spill.

I never vetted it...

No, d-d-don't, don't push it.

Okay, so, CNN India and the BBC are front and center.

I want them to get a good shot of this apology.

Already done.

Oh, and the Hindustan Free Press.

They're in the front row?

Yes, but they're not TV.

Well, it's personal.

Madam Secretary?


Regarding our discussion earlier.

I was unprofessional.

But I have a handle on it now.

It won't happen again.


Because I'm going to need your magic to survive Matt's speech.

You've got it.

Nadine: The Secretary of State.

Elizabeth: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for coming.

I'm here today to take responsibility for the severe chemical spill that has devastated the Ganges and the United States' relationship with India.

That was a hell of a speech, Bess.

Ah, throwing yourself, the Indian government and Hepanza under the bus?

I barely felt the wheels pass over me.

Thanks for seeing the potential.

Your blessing was crucial.

The Indians nearly crashed Twitter, demanding the Texas Hotshots.


That would be the work of my press secretary.

So, they let the Hotshots into the spill site. What now?

Fire's under control.

The leak's close to being plugged.

The worst is contained.

And Saigal?

Well, he's already seized on my apology as proof of India's might.

He says that's why he let our aid in.

So, he's having all our best ideas.

And Ted?

Well, as I'm sure you know, Hepanza's stock's been in free fall since the spill.

Your speech snipped the ripcord from their parachute.

His board called an emergency meeting.

Ted resigned shortly after.

In his statement, he admitted that the options of staying on as CEO didn't look good for the company.

Dalton: He always lands on his feet.

Russell's over the moon.

He didn't like me taking anyone's advice over his.

Your words, Mr. President.

Hey. You're up late.

You still texting with Sanjay?

I don't know.

It's like I'm saying all the right things.

It's just, I got to come home to my cozy house.

And he's still suffering in India.

Well... I get it.

It's tough.

Seriously, Dad? That's it?

Well, look, honey, sometimes when terrible things happen, it's enough just to be there and to say you're sorry.

I'm having nightmares.

Because I got to come home.

And that makes me feel guilty.

He's with his family?

They're all okay?


He's home, too.




Your text said it was an emergency.

Wait, did you run all the way here?

No, no, I'm just, I'm just, I'm extremely out of shape.

Is everything okay?

I came home today after the speech of my life and I got super depressed when I realized the only person I had to share it with was Gross Tony.

So, you're here because you hate your roommate?


I can't get a drink tonight.

I'm not here for a drink.

I'm here because until today, I've lived my entire life doing things because they're easy.

School, jobs, girls.

Not you.

You're opinionated.

And strong and you're sharp.

You're so sharp.

I mean, it scares the crap out of me how sharp you are.

And then that scares the crap out of me, which is why I joke.

And I pretend like I'm just messing with you.

When really, I want to be serious about you.

Serious enough to say the most sincere, awkward, weird thing one human can say to another, which is...

What's wrong? Is this not working?

I had a nightmare about this.

Win proposed to me tonight.

I said yes.

Is he here right now?

Oh, God, this is worse than the nightmare.

I'm sorry. I mean, I'm not sorry. I'm happy.

I just... feel bad for you.

No, don't, don't. No. I'll be fine.


Is that something I can ask about or not?

No, it's actually my book.

I was able to get back to it today.

Did they actually move up your deadline?


I'm sorry about that.

Well, now that I sort of know what you're doing, how much can I know about what you're doing?

How much do you want to know?

Not much.

This can work, right?

You and the NSA?

We'll give it a shot.

If it doesn't work, they can find another brilliant religious scholar who's married to someone in the presidential cabinet.


It's the life we signed up for, right?

You're right.

We'll figure it out eventually.

We will, right?


What are we gonna do about Stevie?

That's it, I can't stand the thought of her thinking I would cheat on you.

I know, but now there's something bigger at stake.

I-I've got to go talk to her.

I think she needs to hear it from me.

(footsteps approaching)

Your father is not having an affair.

So, what did he tell you?

She's a grad student, right?

Honestly, Mom, how naive are you?

If you enjoy your privacy as much as you claim, then please respect ours.

Besides, Stevie, if I really thought your dad was cheating, do you think he'd still be breathing?

Let alone living here?

Maybe you're not interpreting things correctly.

I was a CIA analyst.

You're entitled to your judgments.

But not to explanations.

And you're grounded for being 20 and drunk in a bar.

Yes, Daisy told me.

Under great duress by the way.

You can't ground me. I have to work.

Work and home. Two weeks.

This is ridiculous.

I'm an adult.

I guess that's why most adults don't live with their parents.


I'm really glad about Dad.

It was horrible.

I am really sorry you had to go through that.

You're still grounded.