01x08 - Need to Know

(bell tolling)

He's in a meeting, Madam Secretary.

If you could just wait...

I'll let him know you're here.

We need to talk.

In private.


All right, we'll pick this up later.

What the hell are you doing?

My sentiments exactly.

The NSA reactivated Henry.

That's hardly my concern.

I know that you know.

The directive came from this office.

Otherwise, I certainly wouldn't be bringing this to you.

I'm the Secretary of State.

How long did you think you could keep this from me?

You didn't need to know.

Says who?

The president.

POTUS signed off on this?

Henry said you'd be okay with this.

My husband is a public figure.

Yes, I heard about the Arm Candy Top Ten list.

It's impressive.

I'm sorry they slighted you, Russell.

But here's the problem.

If it leaks... there isn't a diplomat in the world who will trust me.

I raised the same point with the president.


What do you want me to say?

He decided it was worth the risk.

If it's any consolation, we're expecting it to be a short-term op.

Just... one and done.

If I'm not mistaken, you have an appointment with the, uh, Prime Minister of Macedonia?


This isn't finished.

(classical music playing under indistinct conversation)


Is that you?

Doctor McCord.

It's been far too long.

It has. What, it's been... what, since, uh, Jerusalem.

Yes, I was literally on the road to Damascus, and you, uh, presented a very fine paper on the Council of Lyon.

Oh, you're too kind. Thank you.

I heard you took an appointment at GW.


I heard that your wife took an appointment as Secretary of State.

Yes, she did.

It's a big change.

I'm sure she's thriving.


You know what I remember is that chess set that you bought in Jerusalem in the souk in the old city?

Yes, the-the-the Nishapur set.

Yes! It was so beautiful.

Tell me something.

Do you still have my first edition copy of The Book on Adler?

Uh... I'm not sure.

Uh, well, listen... if you can't find it, you at least owe me a game of chess.


Care for an appetizer?


Frankly, I'm surprised to see you at an-an archaeology event.

I thought you were much more at home in the realm of, uh, pure theology.

It's for a book I'm writing on St. Francis.

It's, uh, giving me a deeper context.

If you'll excuse me, Henry, but I have to speak with the dean.

Au revoir!

Auf wiedersehen.

Blake, have you seen Daisy's ring?

Ooh, yes, and judging by the size, so did a few astronauts.

Morning, boss.

Elizabeth: Morning.

All right, Daisy, let me see.


That is some serious carbon!

Congratulations, really.

Thank you, Madam Secretary.

Prime Minister Diacov ready?

In the conference room.


Nadine: Here's the latest digest on Moldova.

The separatists have launched a new offensive against Diacov and his government.

Another day, another democracy in peril.

What's the situation on the ground?

Not good.

The separatist leader, General Kolba, is particularly ruthless.

He's the one with the tweets, if you'll remember...

I'm aware.

He's also the one killing innocent Moldovians in the name of... restoring the Russian Empire.


Blake: That, too.

Listen, is our other guest ready?

What other guest?

Good man.

Diacov: My people have fought like heroes, Madam Secretary, but...

Kolba's men have the latest equipment from Moscow, including MI-24 attack helicopters.

We need American support to level the playing field.

We believe in the rule of law, Mr. Diacov.

That's why we oppose any act of aggression against a legitimate government.

That is very kind, Madam Secretary.

But when I say "support," I mean weapons.

We're working on that.

The Foreign Relations Committee meets next week.

Forgive me, but I have no faith in committees.

One of the many reasons I fought to free my country from the Soviet Union.

I understand your frustration there.

But these things do take time.

That's why I'd like for you to meet someone.

This is Jim.

He's an old colleague of mine.

Prime Minister.

How do you do?

You are CIA?

Not anymore. The secretary saw fit to bring me over to State.

We ran a number of operations together.

Including carpools.

Plenty of those.

Jim specializes in counterinsurgency tactics.

He's gonna help you build a strategy to contain Kolba.

And you can start by securing your own government against enemy subversion.

With your permission, I'd like to send him back to Moldova with you.

Is that wise?

Kolba has spies everywhere.

If your man is discovered, he may be in danger.

I assure you no one will know my real identity.

Not even your own staff.

Elizabeth: I forgot to mention Jim's also an ethnic Moldovan.

So, what do you say, Prime Minister?

I say... welcome aboard.

Shirt, please.

I think you should buy me dinner first.

You must get that all the time.


Have you worn a wire before?

First time.

I thought you were gonna tape something to my chest.

We haven't done that since the '80s.

It's wet.

I was sweating.

Shouldn't be a problem.

We'll be in touch.

Commentator: And finally, I want to give a shout out to Sergei Kolba.

This rouge general, double thumbs-up guy and prostitute employer took a break from his military campaign to tweet about how much he lusts after the legs of Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord. What was the occasion?

Well, apparently Secretary McCord recently visited Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Diacov and separatist leader Kolba got jealous.

So, he retaliated the way all visionary leaders do.

By throwing a sexist tantrum on the Internet.

I like your walking sticks, lady...

Elizabeth: Hi, baby.

Off, please?

I'm making stir-fry.

It's oily vegetables.

Meatless Mondays. I'm giving it a try.

Well, good.

(quietly): Whoo...

(quietly): We ordered a double sausage pizza, if you want to wait.

(quietly): Yes, please.


How was your day?

Oh, you know, just shaping the minds of tomorrow's leaders.

(both chuckle)

Are you wearing cologne?


(gasps) What's her name?


Alison: Madison.

He's going to ask her to go to the mall with him.

You hate shopping.

The National Mall.

There's a concert.

You hate concerts.

Yeah, but I like her.

Does she like you back?

I-I don't, I don't know.

I think so.

You don't sound very confident.

Okay, well, personally, I didn't think I'd have a shot at anyone above, like, a six, but all my friends think she's at least a seven and a half.

We're using numerals? Really?

What? They're efficient.


Well, then you might want to ease up on the scent.

It's up at about 11.


What did I tell you?

You told me nothing.

You hit that so hard.

You stink.

You know what?

I don't think I like this Madison girl.

What? Come on, you don't know anything about her.

I... I know that he thinks that she's out of his league, which means she's probably aloof.

A little dismissive. She's probably just leading him on, you know, just or the atten...

Oh, come on.

Oh, you know what, she is gonna crush him like a bug.

Hey, stop. He can handle himself.

I think maybe I should just go talk to him.

Oh, no, I don't think so. When I was his age, I would rather die than get romantic advice from my mother.

Okay, I get it.

I get it. I get that.

So... other than shaping the minds of tomorrow's "leaders"... what really happened today?

I can't talk about it.




How about you?


Can I say I'll be glad when this is over?

You can.

Sometimes I just, I miss being a professor.

You know, my biggest worry was whether or not a... a student was cutting seminar.

And now I spend my days doing things that I can't discuss with you and... and most nights sitting up wondering whether or not my predecessor, Vincent Marsh, was killed.

Are you gonna bring that up at the spy reunion?

I haven't really decided. I mean, those dinners are supposed to be light and fun.

Murder and conspiracy are anything but light and fun.

Hey... um... are you tired?


You are?


No, I'm not. Why?

Got any ideas?

Yeah, I'm working on a few.

Are you?






"Marine hypoxia is a whale of a problem"?

It's just a little leavening.

Uh, fish are dying, it's a depressing subject.

Uh, "It's maritime to see change"?

Uh... "we can't flounder on this issue..."

I'll fix it.

Madam Secretary, I want to talk about Kolba.

Oh, here we go. What about him?

Daisy wants to release a statement condemning the general.

Well, he said vile, despicable things about you.

(scoffing chuckle)

He's hardly the first.

No, but he's by far the worst.

A sample of his tweets.

"She calls me a criminal, but it's a crime to hide those gorgeous legs. #WearAMiniskirt."

(quiet snort)

"She's a soft woman who loves hard positions."


"I have better ideas of how she could interfere in my affairs."

Matt: Okay, look, you can't engage with a guy like Kolba.

It's like throwing water on a gremlin.

Daisy: But our silence looks like weakness.

We can't let him control the narrative.

I agree with Matt.

If I engage with Kolba, the narrative is that a man accused of war crimes forced the secretary of state to treat him as an equal.

Keep him in the doghouse, where he belongs.

Thanks for that.

You're welcome.

Vlad Diacov's flight went off radar over Moldovan airspace.

What do you mean?

The prime minister's plane has disappeared.

Jim is missing and feared dead along with everyone else on board.

Our working theory is the plane was shot down.

Do we have any evidence?

Not yet, but it was near the border of rebel airspace.

And Kolba?

He denies all involvement.

Well, no surprise there.

I want hourly updates.

And will you get me a meeting with the head of the NTSB?

Yes, ma'am. Um, and...

Jimmy Ionesco's wife is here.

She's in the SVTC room.

How much does she know?


All right.


Just tell me.

I know it's not good.

Your husband went missing in the line of duty.

So, he was on a mission.


He told me he was at a training session in Dallas.

I had a feeling he was lying, but I thought all this covert stuff was over when he came to the State Department.

What else do you know?

I can tell you that the mission is top secret and of great importance.

It always is.

We're doing everything we can to find him.

Until then, I'm going to ask you to keep this information confidential.

Yeah, I know; I know the drill.

Can I stay here until you have more information?

Claire, I don't know how long it's gonna be.

I don't care.

All right.

If you need anything, you just ask.

I need my husband back.

♪ ♪

(keypad buttons beeping)

(a tone sounds, then a latch clicks)

You're late.

All this cloak-and-dagger stuff takes time.

You're the one who refuses to meet in public.

That's because the last time we met in public, my 20-year-old daughter decided we were having an affair.

That was regrettable.

What's more regrettable is that you failed at your primary objective.

You didn't secure an invitation to his house.

Couldn't push it.

He was already suspicious that I was there.

You let him end the conversation.

I took it as far as I could. It's my call, right?

I appreciate your caution, but this really can't wait.

That's Klaus in Aleppo, August of this year.

The man he's with...

Abu Khinjar.

Henry: Butcher of the Euphrates.

He's personally executed over a dozen American citizens.


Klaus has been laundering Khinjar's money through his conservancy for years.

But now that he's in the United States, we think his focus may be shifting.

He's planning an attack?

When the Syrians agreed to destroy their chemical weapons program, some of that stockpile went missing.

Specifically, several canisters of sarin gas.

And you think he brought it here.

His code name came up in chatter, but the details are sketchy.

It's crucial to get ears inside his residence.

The good news is... you confirmed that he still has the chess set.

We made an exact copy based on the photos you took for us in Jerusalem.

Does this look right?

I think so.


Let's hope you get a chance to use it.

Thousands of lives could be at stake.

The Gaggle wants a statement on the plane.

Hold them off.

I can't. It's not every day that a head of state goes missing; they want answers.

Fine, Matt can draft something, but be careful.

Jim's presence on the plane is still classified.

So you want us to downplay our reaction.

Exactly, but not too much.

So we need to express concern without seeming too concerned.


Jay: Have we ruled anything out?

It was obviously a missile strike.

What else could it be?

A fire could have knocked out the electronics, that would explain the transponders turning off.

The MH370 theory?

I don't buy it.

Daisy: Sometimes things just go wrong.

Doesn't mean that it's anyone's fault.

It's always somebody's fault. Somewhere along the line, a person makes a really bad decision.

I'm sorry, are we still talking about the plane?

Both: Yes, we're talking about the plane.

Nadine: Enough. Please.

The secretary is in there right now with the chairman of the NTSB, so we'll probably know something soon.

Until then, I'd like you all to quit speculating and do your jobs.

It wasn't shot down.

NATO analysis is confirming there were no missile launches in the vicinity of Diacov's plane.

What about a midair bombing?

No, the baggage was screened at Andrews.

And there's no sign of wreckage.

Not yet.

The last transponder ping was over extremely rugged terrain, so it could be a while before we spot something.

All right, let's get more surveillance drones in the area.

I want to close this grid as fast as possible.

Yes, Madam Secretary.

Mr. Chairman, before you go...

I saw the report on Secretary Marsh's plane crash.

You ruled it an accident.

That's right.

The aircraft suffered a catastrophic failure of a screw, uh, controlling the rudder.

We call that an FSCAP...

Flight safety critical aircraft part... I know.

Yes, ma'am.

The pilot had no chance to recover.

Was the ground crew ever polygraphed?

I'm sorry, what are you suggesting?

Just answer the question.

No, Madam Secretary.

That isn't protocol.

Great. Thank you.

They said I could find you here.


What brings you to my neck of the woods?

I regret to say that I could not find your Kierkegaard, so I thought that you might accept this manuscript instead.

Ibn Sina... Avicenna, as the Latins called him.

I love his thought experiment "Floating Man."

Centuries ahead of Descartes.


I received your e-mail. I'm sorry to say I cannot come to lunch.

Um, however, I'm having a little gathering tonight at my home. If you are not otherwise engaged, perhaps you would like to attend?

I would be honored.


How does a plane that size just disappear?

I don't know, but we're clutching at straws here.

We could expand the search area.

Oh, that could take weeks.

Diacov said that Kolba's got spies everywhere.

We need to reach out to the Moldovans, take a hard look at everyone who was onboard.

You really think it was an inside job?

I at least think we need to rule it out.

You guys shouldn't have waited.

We aren't hungry.

Not anymore.

You dropped a bombshell.

Yeah, I know.

But it's been weighing on me.

I think I was right to tell you.

Secretary Marsh was murdered.

I'm sorry, do you have any idea how crazy that sounds?

Isabelle, I know exactly how it sounds.

But I think George was telling the truth George was unhinged.

He was acting out at Langley, having...

He was struggling, Bess.

Yeah, he never...

We all saw that.

He never adjusted to life as an analyst.

I know.

But George's car accident doesn't add up.

George was meticulous. He planned everything.

Do you really think that he would kill himself by spontaneously driving into a telephone pole?

(Isabelle sighs)

I agree.

What? You do?

It never made sense, the way George died.

Where's the evidence?

I don't know. That's why I'm asking for your help.

Why didn't you go straight to Munsey?

Because George said Marsh's plane crash was arranged by someone inside the company.

For all I know, it could be him.

So you told us instead.

You're the only ones I can trust.

There are only two outcomes here.

(phone buzzes)

Either we're crazy conspiracy theorists, or you're right and you just put our lives in danger.

It's okay.

No, it's really not. She has no idea _ what she's getting us into.

Elizabeth: I gotta go.

I know it's a lot to ask.

If you're not interested, this conversation never took place.

(indistinct conversations)

(conversing in Arabic)

(both men laugh)

Your friend speaks like a native, did you know?

I had a feeling.

Benefits of childhood in Tunis.

My parents were diplomats... but Henry knows all about living with diplomats.

Don't you?

All too well.

I admire your wife, Dr. McCord.

She speaks Arabic, too.

Has she taught you anything?

Just the curse words.


Klaus, can you point me towards the restroom?

End of hallway, straight ahead.

Excuse me.

It's too heavy, he'll notice.

Sarah (over earpiece): Does it look identical?


Your call.


I saw it when I was walking by, and...

I couldn't resist.

I don't suppose there's any way that I could take this off your hands?

Perhaps you can play for it, after the guests have gone?

I think we're looking at a hijacking.

Two months ago, the copilot of Prime Minister Diacov's flight visited the Crimea.

Not your typical holiday spot.

Turkish intelligence has evidence that he took a meeting with General Kolba.

And we're just learning this now?

Our relationships with the Turks isn't what it used to be.

I had to practice a little diplomacy of my own.

We think the copilot killed the captain, turned off the transponders and then took over the plane.

That's a great theory, but do you have any proof?

20 minutes ago, one of our satellites found this at an ex-Soviet air base in rebel territory.

There's no doubt about it... the markings are an exact match for Diacov's plane.

(timer ticking)


Please, don't hold back on my account.

No, no, it's not that.

My wife expected me home an hour ago.

(clears throat)

What would you say to a draw?

But... (laughs)

...you have the advantage.

And you have a wicked endgame.

Honestly, I would rather save my energy for the drive home.

Very well, I accept.

(taps timer, ticking stops)

But the chess set belongs to you.

Oh, come on.

It has to be a real victory.

I insist.

Klaus, come on. Seriously.

It's a noble gesture, but I can't.


You Americans are a proud breed.

It's our fatal flaw.

Munsey: We have confirmation.

It's the missing plane.

Is General Kolba at the airfield?

His base of operations is a few miles away, but he makes regular visits.

That's a brilliant plan.

Eliminate your rival while avoiding international scorn.

Your guy must've been a fly in the ointment.

What's his cover?

He's a speechwriter, but that's not gonna hold for long.

Kolba might already know.

But we don't know what he does know.

That's why we have to act fast.

Nadine, will you check on Claire for me?

What should I tell her?

As little as possible.

Shall I brief the staff?

No. I want to keep the circle tight.

Jim's life may depend on it.


(door slides open)


Sorry to wake you.

Is he dead?

Uh, well, we don't know.

We do have some more information, but we can't verify his status yet.

Uh, I'm sorry.

I thought I'd be more prepared for this.

I understand.

It's one thing to believe in sacrifice; it's another thing to live with it.

I just...

I just don't know how much more of this I can take.


You have every reason to hope.

Kolba's headquarters are a few miles outside of the airfield, but our HUMINT source indicates Diacov and Jimmy Ionesco are captured and being held in the control tower at the north end of the base.

Are they still alive?


What was Kolba thinking?

He was thinking that he was gonna get away with it.

He nearly did.

I assume you want to pursue some kind of... back channel negotiation?

No. We don't have time for that.

I support the military option.

At this point, we still have the element of surprise.

Kolba doesn't know we found the plane.

Admiral Parker?

I take your point, Madam Secretary, but the situation is not optimal.

We can send a team of SEALs in a specially equipped C-130.

If they fly low and under the cover of darkness, we can have 'em on the ground in eight hours.

The problem is what happens next.

That control tower is heavily guarded.

We're talking dozens of veteran troops, gun emplacements, and the latest Russian hardware.

What's the estimate on casualties?

Parker: With the element of surprise, zero to five.

But without it, I think there's a strong chance we lose more guys than we save.

Kolba drives a Rolls, right?

A white Phantom.

And a couple of SUVs for his, uh, bodyguards.

I led an op, back in the '90s, in Sarajevo, called Operation Broken Kingdom.

Munsey: It was a...

Deception play... the Serb commander drove a Jaguar.

Right, a '71 E-Type.

It was the only one within a 100-mile radius.

The man and the car were synonymous.

Like Kolba and his Phantom.

Exactly. C-Can you fit a-a Rolls-Royce inside a Hercules?


So what if we impersonate Kolba, drive right up to the tower?

We'd be inside before they'd know what happened.

That's a bold idea, but I can already think of one obvious flaw.

Which is?

Kolba's routine is unpredictable, and he visits the base frequently.

If he's there at the same time as our guys...

They'll know we're coming.

I guess that settles that.

Uh, actually, Admiral, I may have a plan for that, too.

If it doesn't work, I can hold my nose and try and negotiate.

I feel like we're not in the loop.

I feel like we're at the bottom of a deep, dark loophole.

Again with the puns.

Uh, it's called coping. Why don't you try it sometime?

We need to talk to Kolba.

Talk to him? Yesterday you wanted to condemn him.

Well, we've searched everywhere except in Kolba's territory.

We need his help finding that plane.

We're talking about a guy who's up to his neck in torture, abduction, and murder.

Well, I believe in engagement.

Yeah, no kidding.

I'm serious.

The whole point of diplomacy is to negotiate.

We draw the line at terrorists.

Well, Blake agrees with me.

Don't you, Blake?

Blake wishes he had earplugs.

The bug is active.

So that's it?

As far as we're concerned.

You still need me.

The White House was very clear about the parameters of this operation.

It's over.

Do you know what sarin gas does to a person's body?

My kids go to school just a few miles from here.

If I can help, there's no way I'm gonna sit on the sideline.

Staying in contact puts your life at risk.

If he finds the bug, he'll know it was you.

Do you think I don't know that?

Risks change.

My commitment doesn't.

We'll see what the president says.

But if we do go forward, I need to remind you that the Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 forbids you from sharing that involvement with anyone who isn't cleared, including your wife.

Do you want my help?

No, I'm good.

'Cause "expiration" is not spelled like that.

Daisy: Uh, any word?

She's on with the admiral right now.

What's the deal, Blake?

You know what I know.

What do you know?

I know that you are violating my personal space.

Elizabeth: Blake?


Can you get me General Kolba on the line?


Ma'am... may I point out that the Secretary of State is explicitly forbidden from negotiating with unrecognized states?

Well, there's a first for everything.

Get me Kolba.

Let me know when we're connected.

Are you kidding me?

I can't believe she caved.

It's the right move.

Excuse me. I'm about to place a very important phone call to a misogynist warlord.

So if you two could take this conversation somewhere else, that'd be great.

Thank you.

I have General Kolba on video chat.

What, was he out of minutes on his phone?

It was the first thing that worked. Do you want me to cancel it or...

No, um... patch the feed in here.


(clears throat)

Madam Secretary.

What an unexpected pleasure.

General, it's time we had a talk.

By all means.

We have so much to discuss.

But where are your beautiful legs?

They're under the table, where they're going to stay.

I'll cut to the chase.

I need your help to find this plane.

(speaking Romanian)

(speaking Romanian)

I would love to help you, but your government supports the criminals in Chisinau.

Well, that position may be open to change.

So I'm hoping, as equal partners, we can find a peaceful way forward.

(rapid beeping)


Move! Move! Move!

Get upstairs. Bravo team.

I insist on public recognition for my government.

That's not feasible.

I can ease travel restrictions for you and your entourage, but then, I want something in return.

He's dead.

Prime Minister Diacov's dead.

I also want immunity from the International Criminal Court.

That's a complex process that involves third parties.

I'm sure a minx like you can make it work.



What's your name?

You certainly aren't shy about making demands.

I am never shy around a beautiful woman.

But if you fail to comply, little lady, you will be sorry.

I have tricks up my sleeve like you cannot imagine.

Gosh, General, you seem to be terribly busy.

I'll call back another time.

(enraged shout)


The new prime minister was sworn in an hour ago.

She's taking public credit for the operation.

I hear Kolba's forces are in retreat.

More like collapsing.

After we took out his air force, the majority of his men deserted.

Yeah, our Russian friends can't be happy about that.

They're fuming, but they know they don't have a leg to stand on.

Oh, please. Enough talk about legs.

Russell... was that a joke?

It was in the neighborhood.

What's the status on Jimmy Ionesco?

His plane touches down tomorrow afternoon.

Good. President would like to meet him.

You bet.

Soon as he's reunited with his family.

That was a great play you made with the general.

What gave you the idea?

I'd tell you... but you don't need to know.

Reporter: The mourners gathered by the thousands at the Nativity...

Nadine: They're late again.

Are you surprised?

...paying tribute to Prime Minister Vlad Diacov.

I'm getting married.

I need you to respect that.

And I respect you too much to respect that.

You're too good for that guy.

You've never even met him.

His name is Win, for crying out loud.

You really want to be the mother of Winthrop the Third?

The fourth, actually, and, yes, I do.

I don't believe you.

What? Let's get started.

Nadine: Blake, would you excuse us, please?

Oh, thank God.

Your personal lives are your own affair, but they become my business when they interfere with the operation of this office.

I'm tempted to make you spend the rest of the afternoon stamping passports, but since I believe in taking the high road, I'll let you come with me.

Ah-ah! Are those soccer cleats?

Yeah. I just got them.

Let me rephrase.

Are those soccer cleats inside the house...


...on the floors we just had refinished?




Hey. Madison said yes.


Alison: You're kidding.

Who has two thumbs and is a total player?

Oh, that's great.

Yeah, well, here's the thing: Madison has this friend, Eve, and I can tell she's super jealous.

Eve is like an eight and a half, and she's... she is super hot, so I think... I think I might ask her out instead.

You want to take this one?

Yeah, I got it.

Jason, give me a hand with the garbage, would you?




This is not looking so good.

Yes, it is. It's supposed... to be black.



Oh, my God!

(muttering) Okay, I'm done.

Take out. Take out.

I'm ordering out.

All right, pal, we got to talk about girls.

Again? Yeah, I know how it works, Dad.

No, not that talk...

We got to talk about respecting girls.

I respect girls.

Dude, you're grading them like sides of beef.

How would you feel if somebody talked that way about Alison or Stevie?

I don't know.

Okay, look... you're a savvy guy.

I'm not surprised Madison likes you.

But if you want girls to love you... and someday, you're gonna be in love... then, you got be a little more than clever; you got to be respectful.

You got it?


All right, I'll, um...

I'll take Madison to the concert.

Good, and listen, don't feel like you have to make too many jokes.

When she talks, just listen.

What, does that actually work?

Ask your mother.


Henry: I'm proud of you, you know.

Elizabeth: What for?

Well, for saving Moldova and humiliating Kolba.

What makes you think I had anything to do with that?

Oh, come on, I can read signs.

I got tradecraft.


Hey about that... is it over?

Is what over?

(mutters) The NSA thing.

Yes. It's over.

Thank God.

I was afraid maybe you liked it.


I was glad I could help, but... it's not for me.

(phone buzzing)



I haven't slept after what you told me.

Oh, I know the feeling.

All right, you're still mad at me.

Of course I am.

Well, Juliet believes me.

Juliet has two kids in preschool.

I think she wants to see them grow up.

You know I'm right.

George is dead, Bess.

We don't want to be next.

Then I'll do it alone.

It's not that simple.

It was postmarked the day he died.

George sent you this?

He owed me for a valet a couple months back.

Look at this.

What does that mean?

I don't even know if he wrote it.

But I think maybe he wanted me to help you.

What are you saying?

Juliet's out, but I'm in.