01x10 - Collateral Damage

Newswoman: Heavy fighting continues today in Northern Iraq, as Kurdish Peshmerga try to dislodge fighters from the so-called Islamic State, or ISIS, from areas around the oil-rich city of Kirkuk.

Newsman: A delegation from the newly created government of Iraq has arrived in the Capitol.

They'll be meeting with Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord before moving on to the White House to appeal for more help in their fight against the insurgent Sunni Islamist group ISIS.

Newswoman: Their request comes against the backdrop of insurgent gains in the Anbar Province, the scene of some of the heaviest fighting during the U.S.'s ten-year engagement in Iraq.

Marines took heavy losses in two separate battles to wrest control of Fallujah from Sunni insurgents in 2004, but now the city is effectively ruled by ISIS.

(starts engine)

Newsman: President Dalton is reportedly weighing whether to redeploy U.S. troops in what the administration insists...



(turns off radio)


The Serious Mom face.


So, uh... be honest, how worried should I be about ISIS?

You let me worry about ISIS.

You worry about getting your dad up at 7:00.

He's got a flight to catch.

All right, fine.

Keep your walls up.

What are you talking about?

We talk about stuff all the time.

What are you doing today?

Work, obviously.

Oh. Right.

So, do they have a, um, a dress code there, or is it...



(laughs) Okay, okay, I will let it go, because you have a really big day with the Iraqis, but... just for the sake of world peace, can you please promise me that you'll be a little bit less passive-aggressive when you talk to them?

That outfit just doesn't say "front of the house” to me.

There... all aggressive, no passive.

Mom, I know what I'm doing. I mean...

I know.

You look very cute.

Thank you.

Just a little casual.



Good morning, ma'am.

Normally, I'm the first one in, but this is the... fifth day in a row you've gotten here before me.

Just prepping my remarks for the Iraqi delegation.

Isn't that mostly a photo op?

Is there something wrong with what Matt worked up?

Can I help you with something, Nadine?

I know you've been getting here early to investigate Secretary Marsh.

There was very little about him that I didn't know, so... maybe I could help you.

All right.

Why, on the last day of his life, did he change his itinerary and fly to Venezuela?

He said he had family business to tend to.

Could that have been a cover for something else?

Maybe something about his plans to run for president?

Maybe he was meeting with future donors or fundr... (sighs)

Oh, Nadine, I'm...

I'm really sorry.

You're certain he was planning to run?



I don't know why he went to Venezuela, other than what he told me... which was probably a lie.

And I'm certainly a fool, so...

...I suppose I can't help you after all.

Excuse me.

Every six months, there's a protocol breakfast for the new Foreign Service officers...


...where they learn the food etiquette of their new postings.


Seems like a solid use of taxpayer dollars.

Come on, let's hurry up.

Like if you find yourself in Denmark and you're served ymer, you shouldn't complain that it tastes like sour milk.

What's ymer?

Sour milk. The point is, you should be prepared to eat your ymer like a native.

Oh? How's that?

On kammerjunker, obviously.


Look, just forget about the ymer.

You're the one who keeps bringing it up the ymer.

What we're here for, my good man, are the Chinese pork dumplings.

I can't...

They're pretty much the best in the world.

So be cool and act like you're in the Foreign Service, okay?

Wait... why aren't you eating dumplings?

They're not all gone, are they?

God, I told you to walk faster!

I've had no coffee.

Okay, actually, Win is getting them for me.


Win, as in Win your fiancé?

Yes, and he wants to meet you.

Yes, and that's not going to happen.

Wait, wait, you guys talk about me?

Oh, my gosh.

Chinese dumpling drama.

So... bye-bye.

Save me some dumplings.

Look, he doesn't know anything about us, so just relax.

Absolutely... just on a different floor.

Hey, it is really crazy in there.


Never get between government workers and free food.

Babe, this is Matt.

Oh! The famous Matt.

Win Barrington.

Nice to meet you.

I know, I know, I look like a walking stereotype.


Medical marijuana lobbyist with the munchies.


(forced chuckle)

Win: Daisy's told me so much about you.

Has she?

Oh, yeah.



Jay: Obviously, Prime Minister Arif will be immediately to your right, but...

...Hasan, defense minister, already hates that a Sunni is Prime Minister, when the Shia have three times the population.

So he'll be damned if he's going to be tucked away to the right of Arif while the new oil minister, Barakat, who's a Kurd, is on my left.

Am I right?

Now you're just messing with me.

But the Kurds are the only really reliably pro-Western contingent.

Yeah. Not to mention the most effective fighters against ISIS.

So there's a case to be made for Barakat to be in the second most prestigious spot, on your left.

Well, good thing they haven't all been on a plane for 15 hours together.

Otherwise, they might be edgy or something.

I mean, if these guys can't even manage a photograph, I don't know how they're going to form an integrated army against ISIS.

Well, the fact that they all traveled here together is a great sign, and the picture will send an important signal of unity.

If their new government doesn't collapse when someone makes bunny ears.

Ma'am, your daughter's here.

I see that.


Well, they're probably downstairs, so I will send them up.



You on break or something?

Okay, you were right.

Let's get that over with.

You're going back to college?

Not funny.


About my shirt.

My manager told me that I had to change.

He even used the words "too casual".

So if you want to gloat, just get it over now.

I'm not gloating.

I didn't want to be right.

Okay, well, if I had listened to you, then I wouldn't be here now, asking you for $50.

Fifty dollars?

I can't go all the way back home.

I mean, I would miss more than half of my shift.

And all of my front of house clothes are dirty.

I don't know if I have the cash.

I-I just didn't plan ahead.

What about your credit card?

I think we can call this an emergency.

It's maxed out.

Your emergency credit card is maxed out?


Did I sleep through some emergencies along the way?

Can you not?

I have a right to ask where our money has gone.


Okay, pl...


The Iraqi delegation has arrived.

Thank you.

Please don't give me that look.

I cannot put a foot right with you.

It's exhausting to live with.

You want me to move out?

No. God...

Can we do this later? Please?

Or not at all, maybe?

I mean, if you want to... we-we don't have to.

I don't want to.

I love you.

We're good?



And her she is now. Secretary McCord.

Um... wh-where can I get a blouse near here for $50?

(laughs) I don't think you can.

Although the gift shop downstairs sells T-shirts that say "State of Confusion.”

God, I'm running out of time.

I am so gonna get fired.

Well, uh...

I have an extra... like, a dressier blouse that I keep in a stash for your mom.

Maybe that'll work?

Yeah. Okay, thanks.

I guess I just groveled for nothing.

Well, it's good training for a career in Washington.

Well, yeah. Not interested.

Smart girl.

Matt: "Win.”

What kind of stupid name is...

(knocking on glass)

Win: Hey, Matty.



Daisy's not here.


She's probably down in the press room.

I didn't actually come here today to speak to her.

Because you came for the dumplings?

I came to speak to you.


Why is, um, why's that?

Well, it's about Daisy.

Well, you and Daisy.

(chuckles nervously)

May I?

Blake: All right.

How about this one?

A little too Dolly Madison.

Waiters can't be choosers.

I'm a hostess.

Oh. Not for long, if you don't get going.

All right, you're gonna wear this one.



Oh, I wish you were my assistant.

I don't.

Blake, any calls about the Meat Market?

The... I'm sorry?

Today is the first day of a week-long period where the department matches its Foreign Service officers with their postings abroad.

Yeah, I'm aware of that.

I just wasn't aware that we called it "The Meat Market.”

Every year, a few officers are unhappy with their postings and they call up here to complain.

Shouldn't that be a Bureau of Human Resources problem?

Human Resources, in their habitual defensive crouch, tends to lead these unhappy officers to believe there is wiggle room when it comes to their postings, but there is not.

Well, no one's complained yet, so... maybe they're still busy eating their ymer.

(forced chuckle)

Have anyone who calls about a difficult posting come up here.

I'll deal with them myself.


Prime Minister Arif.

(translating to Arabic)

Minister Hasan.

Minister Barakat.

It is a hopeful sign for your proud nation and the rest of the world that you've traveled here together.

We welcome you to the United States.

(speaking Arabic)

"Thank you so much for your gracious words.”

Insh'Allah, we will welcome you to a peaceful Iraq one day very soon.

I look forward to it.

If you could please direct your attention to the camera?

You have never been to Iraq before, Madam Secretary?

No, I haven't.

Mike Hirst. Welcome to The Sandbox.

Oh, thanks, Mike.

They speak highly of you at Langley.

Yeah, the brass is big on you, too.

Best analyst they got.

A real killer, they say.

Well, I don't know about that.

Yeah, neither do I...

'cause out here, we are real killers.

And quite frankly, I don't know what I'm gonna do with another desk jockey from Langley.

Depends on how badly you want Safeer Al-Jamil, I guess.

Son of a bitch has blown up half of Baghdad, so yeah, I want him.

And, look, while I appreciate your new intel, I'm gonna tell you something...

That's right, Mike... my new intel.

I've been tracking Safeer for two years now, so when we bring him in, based on my intel, Langley wants me to interrogate him.

We clear about that?

Yes, sir.

A real killer.


Get away from the windows!

Fred? What's going on?

We've got an active shooter situation, ma'am.


We're in a lockdown.

All we know is, he's armed and he's outside. Until we know it's safe...

What about Stevie?

We've got her, ma'am.

She's safe.

Alice Millevoi?

Um, yes?

Do you know who I am?

You're the secretary's chief of staff.

So you know how busy I am. Let's cut to the chase.

Your assignment to Portugal has been cancelled, and you've been reassigned to Angola.

What? I...

You are the only person available with the experience and language skills required, so there is no room for appeal.

But I've looked at your file, and you are well-prepared to handle this post.

I'm sorry, but the decision is final.

So if you'll excuse me, I have other matters to tend to.

Sorry, ma'am, but I'm a bit confused.

I was assured...

We all have our disappointments, Ms. Millevoi.

Thank you for your service, and good luck in Angola.

Active shooter situation, ma'am. We're in a lockdown.

What? Well, I need to get to the secretary.

She's being secured, ma'am. But until the threat is resolved, everyone is required to shelter in place.


(indistinct chatter)


Elizabeth: Gentlemen, I know this is unusual, (translating) but not to worry. This is a secure building; the windows are bulletproof.

They're asking that we remain here until the threat is lifted.


It will give us a better chance to get to know one another.


(scoffs, speaking Iraqi)

Elizabeth: Gentlemen... you must be exhausted from your travels. Can I... invite you to have something to drink?

Uh, we have some water, tea, fruit juice...

He says...

I agree.

But I don't keep anything stronger in the office.


You speak Arabic?

Not as well as you speak English, I'm afraid.

Come, please.

Barakat: Of course she speaks Arabic.

Everyone knows that.

Madam Secretary, please excuse the prime minister's translator.

My translator has more manners, but he is downstairs with the rest of my entourage.

My apologies, Madam Secretary.

Please, come.

(indistinct radio chatter)

Of course I'm not making it up.

You didn't like my shirt, so I came to my mom's office.

And now there's a guy with a gun outside.

You don't sound very afraid...

Well, I'm sorry that I don't sound more nervous, Dave.

Can you find someone to fill in for you?

(sighs) Okay, yeah.

I'll call... I'll call Meghan, and-and I'll... ask if she can cover for me.

All right. Thank you.

(hangs up)


If my mom had just saved the lecture and just given me the stupid 50 bucks, I might actually be at work already.

Or you might be some nut job's hostage.

Well, arguably, I'm kind of my mom's hostage, so...

I can think of worse people to be held hostage by.

Again, a deranged gunman comes to mind.


Look, not my business but... she's not trying to be on your case.

I think she just wants you to... find your thing.

Wait, she talks to you about me?



I was really worried. I'm so glad you are still here.

Yeah, yeah.

My flagrant irresponsibility might have saved my life.

Oh, come on.

I hate that we left in a fight. You know I adore you, right?


Do me a favor, Mm-hmm. call your dad and your brother and your sister.

Tell 'em that we're fine...

Already left word.

Thanks, Blake. Okay.

I have to head back in. You're good?


You just... hang tight, okay?

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Is that my blouse?

Looks good.

Well, this is just fantastic.

Win: So, Matt... on a scale of one to ten, how much do you love Daisy?



That's a complicated question.

Ooh, wait, before you start...

Okay, shoot.

I'm sorry, what's happening?

Oh, I-I'm sorry, man.

Uh, her birthday's coming up.

I'm gonna surprise her with a video.

You know, all her best friends and colleagues telling her how great she is.

I totally thought I told you that already.

Hmm, sorry, crispy brain.

(laughing): That's right.

What did you think was happening?

No idea.

I mean, uh, this whole situation has-has got me jumpy, you know?

Deranged gunman outside, trapped in enclosed space...

Just try to relax.

It's all gonna be fine.

That-that's easy for you to say.

My heart's racing, my mouth's all dry.

You know, I'll tell you the truth... when I get this nervous, I usually smoke a cigarette.

I know, I know, I know.

It's a bad habit, super gross... sue me.

Well, I don't have any cigarettes, but I do have some gum, if you want.

Yeah, okay.



It's a real love-fest in here.

Stay the course, Jay, stay the course.

You have been to Iraq.

Down! Get down on the ground!


Get down!

Do not move and you will not be harmed!

(man groaning)

I wasn't sure until I heard you speak Arabic.

My cousin Safeer Al-Jamil was dragged away by coalition forces.

And you were there.

I was there, too.

And that was the last time I saw Safeer alive.

I've always had trouble with a particular passage from one of my favorite Arabic poems.

But I think I have a copy of the book in my office.

Would you mind?

Well, I would hate for your career to be ruined by one reckless moment.

I am going to tell you this one time.

I was never in Iraq.

Do you understand?

And while I do know who your cousin was, as to what happened to him...

Elizabeth: Safeer, you should have stayed in London.

Instead of killing your own people, you could be getting your degree in engineering, thinking about settling down with that girl... what's her name? Fiona.

Oh, yeah.

I know everything about you.

Which is why you're gonna tell me when and where the next truck-bomb is set to go off, so more innocent Muslims don't have to die...

I honestly don't know.

Now, if anybody asks, you helped me translate a particularly thorny passage of the Qasida, by Al-Buhturi.

But we will never speak of this again, do you understand?

Sorry, Mom?


I just talked to Dad.

I just wanted to let you know, I-I told him what's going on.

Yeah, yeah. No, no, that's great.



All right, baby, I'll check in with you later.


The stand off with police and a gunman outside the State Department continues.

No shots have been fired, but the gunman is allegedly protesting a state visit by Iraq's newly-elected leaders, with secretary of state Eli...

Okay, I'm just gonna say it... this reassignment is unfair.

That's your concern right now?


Oh, you want to talk gunmen?

I was held up in Afghanistan in 2003.

I barely made it out alive.

Yes, and I see you received a commendation for it.

And did you also see that they had to medevac me out of Sierra Leone?

I have worked here for nearly 30 years.

I have done my time in hardship posts, and I am very good at my job.

Don't you think I deserve Portugal?

The needs of this department and of this nation supersede any personal desires, and the department needs you in Angola.

You're the only one available with the necessary experience.

You know what, Miss Tolliver?

They didn't reassign me to Angola because of my skills.

They reassigned me because I'm a woman, and because I'm single.

You're gonna love this.

The new prime minister's men back in Iraq have arrested the previous oil minister for corruption.

So, his first official act is gonna be to put a Shiite on trial?


You see? You see, he waits until he is far from home because he knows he has broken his promise!

Gentlemen, gentlemen. _


If we could just calm...

How long until the next call to prayer?

Too long.

So, in, um, these chats that you have about me... what do you talk about?

What a disappointment I am?

Well, that's my position; she defends you.


Um, yeah, it's, uh, it's weird, you know, you drop out of school, and suddenly people start seeing you really differently.


It's like, I-I tried...

I was thinking about selling my eggs.

The clinic wouldn't take them.

They only wanted college grads.

It's like even my eggs are devalued.

(clears throat)

I'm sorry, you tried to sell your what?


I-It was a low moment.

I just wanted to find a way of making money that didn't involve wearing a white blouse and seating people.

Just don't tell my mom.


Yeah, I don't think that'll be a problem.

Daisy is a hard worker, and very dependable.

She's really kind... to the cafeteria workers.

She's... like, "Hey, Penny, how's it going?

Javier, qué pasa?”

Because she's... she's, like, really tough on the outside, but on the inside...

On the inside, she's just... she's so... so tender.


What was I talking about?

(laughing): Dude, you're feeling it already?

Feeling what?

Oh, my God, you gave me pot gum?!

(laughing): Yes.

Dude, study after study proves marijuana's efficacy in treating anxiety.

Uh, you should thank me.

(laughing): I didn't even know pot gum was a thing.

(both laugh)

The video... the vid...

(laughing): If I get caught, I'm so screwed.

Hey, just something to calm you down, man.

Had to... had to calm you down, man.

Oh, you were acting so guilty, so weird.

You were all, mm, being so straight. It was...



What are you talking about?

Wait a minute.

Did you, uh...?

I mean... did you hook...?

Did you hook up with Daisy or something?

(snickering and guffawing)

She never would never.

She would never.

Ah, she... ah, she would.

Ah, she...


Wait a minute. Did you?

Elizabeth: You went back on your word!

You assured everyone there would be no reprisals, and now, you are issuing arrest warrants?!

(speaking Arabic)

"For too long, the Shia have been oppressing the Sunni.

"And now we are back in power, and now, it is our turn"

Until when?

(speaking Arabic)

There are three times as many Shia as Sunni.

They have the backing of the Iranians. Your government will fall and your people will be slaughtered by ISIS.


Is that what you want?

You know what he's saying, Madam Secretary, so now it is your turn to listen to me.

The arrests will continue, and the U.S. will do nothing to stop them, because if you interfere in any way, I will tell everyone about your past in Iraq, starting with your daughter.

Do you honestly think anyone would believe you?

Do you want to take that chance?

(Arif continues speaking in Arabic)

The gunman's name is Mark Ferguson, 20 years old.

His brother's a war hero... two tours in Iraq, KIA in 2008.

Parents say, after his brother passed away, he fell into a depression, never pulled out of it.

Oh, poor kid.

He's been off his meds and homeless the last six months.

FBI negotiators say that, as far as they can tell, he's here to protest what he sees as a slippery slope back to engagement in Iraq.

At this point, I don't disagree with him.

Any chance he'll just give up?

Well, he's still talking, which is good.

But he claims he has grenades.

Which is not.

All right, keep me posted.

Yes, ma'am.

How did it go with Arif?

He's got a lifetime of grievances, finally the chance to do something about 'em.

Their country is on fire, and all those guys can think of is settling old scores, so, I say, screw it.

Let's back the Kurds and contain this cancer as best we can.

No, we can't just stand back and let it collapse into chaos again.

They have lost too much, and so have we.

We can't want it more than they do, ma'am.


What are you gonna do in there?

Get them to take some responsibility and take some ourselves.

Where are you going?

To talk to my daughter.



And you ended things how long ago?

A couple months.

So, like, weeks before I proposed.

It's fantastic.

Look, man... it's super messed up, you know?


...have at it.

Open your eyes, man.

I'm not gonna hit you.

Why not?

Because what good's that gonna do?

The greatest woman you're ever gonna meet in your entire life cheated on you with me, and what... you're gonna just let it go?


Yeah, that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

I'm gonna walk out of this building and away from the both of you, and... begin the extremely difficult process of trying to move on.

Because what choice do I have?

You never had to fight for one thing in your life, have you?

Good-looking rich guy, everybody's pal.

What-what? You cannot be serious right now.

One Westport princess after another, right?

You even make weed look waspy!

For your information, smart guy, marijuana happens to be both good business and good policy!

Oh, my God! Would you shut up?!



My ear!

My hand!

What the hell was that?!


Look, you...

If she were my girl, and she cheated on me...



I swear to God...

I'd kill the guy.

Well, the good news is you'll probably get your chance.

Win: It's locked.

I have missed countless Thanksgivings and Christmases with my family because somebody always had to hold down the fort.

Well, that somebody's not going to be me...

I get it.

But you know the department policy is very clear about making these assignments in a fair and unbiased manner...

David Cruz, James Gordon, Lisa Alva... all of them have the necessary experience and the language skills.

They also have spouses and children.

And I'm an unmarried woman in her 50s.

And so, to the State Department, I'm expendable.

I would argue the opposite.

That you're dependable.

That's what I always told myself.

And yet, here we are.

Oh... who am I kidding?

The State Department is... is my life.

Of course I'll go to Angola.

Maybe next year I'll get a post in, in Europe.

There was another truck bomb explosion this morning at the market in Sadr City.

Allahu Akbar.

No, no. No, no.

Not one American was killed.

Want to see who you did kill?

Look at it!

You b*st*rd! Look at what you've done!

You're going to tell me.

When is the next attack going to be?

Where and when?

This is your last chance.

You gotta tell me something.

Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar!

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

We've tried it your way, killer. It's time to step it up.

Do it!

Shut up!

I said shut up!

(Safeer screaming and wailing in pain)


(clears throat) what did "stepping it up” mean?

Stress positions.

Physical abuse.


Uh... I wasn't in the room when they did it.


I knew what was... happening, obviously.

Why are you telling me this?

'Cause I have to.

Well, I really wish you hadn't.

We were at war.

Changes the landscape.

And it forces you to face things you didn't even want to know.

Yeah, like... like the fact that your mother is not the person that you thought she was at all?

Who did you think I was?

I don't know, Mom.

Not a torturer!

(ringtone playing)

Stupid work.



Yes, Dave?

Zaid, I think we should talk.

I think you would be wiser to keep silent.

I think you should stop mourning your cousin Safeer.

You know nothing about him.

No, I know everything about him.

I know where he went to school, who his family was and who he killed.

Your cousin was a mass murderer, and I am glad that I took him off the streets of Baghdad...

You will be glad when I tell Prime Minister Arif...

I don't care who you tell.

Maybe they'll believe you, maybe they won't.

But it won't change U.S. policy in Iraq.

I am not your hostage, do you understand me?

If you want to grieve someone, you should grieve your grandfather Abdul, the scientist who was killed by Saddam.

How do you know about my grandfather?

I told you I know everything about your family.

You come from a long line of great men, who built a great nation that dates back all the way to the Babylonians.

That is your legacy.

So I'm gonna do my part to help that heroic nation.

What you do is up to you.

But whatever you tell the prime minister, be sure to tell him this.

Unless he releases the former oil minister and drops the charges against him, the United States is going to pull our support of the new government and back the Kurds for statehood.

Sorry to interrupt, ma'am.


Tell him what I said.

The gunman's been apprehended.

The SWAT team disarmed him with a flash-bang grenade.

But they shot him in the leg in the takedown.

Mr. Ferguson's being transported to the hospital.

The FBI doesn't think he was actually going to shoot anyone.

He's just a messed-up guy with a lot of issues.

Well, I'm glad no one else got hurt.

Well, we think he was acting alone.

So... I'm gonna lift the lockdown order, effective immediately.

Wait, so that's it? I-I kind of thought we had a Breakfast Club kind of thing going...

I really have to get out of here.

Well, wait, what did your boss say to you?

You had a legitimate reason to be late.

I don't want to talk about it.

Okay, it's gonna be all right, really.

You're gonna get another job. Hey, wait a minute.

Wait a minute, hey, hey, hey... hold up, hold up.

Look... for what it's worth, if I ever did the surrogacy thing, I'd want eggs just like yours.

You got winner eggs, kid.

You know, we spend all this time wondering whether we're good enough to even be around her.

But what if we're better?

Did you ever think about that?

I have to go, but thank you for the shirt.


Thank you again for your patience.

Excuse me.

I don't know what happened, but Arif reversed himself.

Word is, he's dropping the charges.

They're going to the White House tomorrow.

Call the White House.

It happens tonight.

Gentlemen... it was an honor having you as my guests.

Although I know it was for a little bit longer than you would have liked.

Um, I-I did want to say something to you before you went to the White House.

(Zaid translating)

I said something earlier today about letting go of the past, and I realized how... arrogant that was.

(Zaid continues)

All of our people still have open wounds and blood on our hands from inflicting those wounds on each other.

Everyone here wants to be a great leader to their people, but in the face of the inhumanity, the indecency of terrorism, things like-like trust and-and competence and decency are greatness.

For the sake of your nation and the rest of the world, Insh'Allah.


Madam Secretary...

Thank you. Very much.

Thank you.

Baby, I'm so sorry.

I got trapped in the press room.

What happened?

Are you okay?

What do you think?

What did you do?

You deserve someone who'd fight for you.

It doesn't have to be me, but it can't be him.


Hi. Nadine is waiting in your office to see you.

Okay. Wh... Stevie's gone?

Yes, Ma'am.

Um, Ma'am... everything okay between you two?

Thanks for looking after her today.

Did you call home, tell everybody you're all right?

Uh, yes, Ma'am.

Friends, family?

Significant other?


Everyone's up to speed.

Just want to make sure that you're taking care of your loved ones as well as you take care of mine.

Oh, uh, before you go, find out what hospital they took Mark Ferguson to.

Yes, Ma'am.

Hey, Nadine.

Missed you today.

I hope your lockdown was less eventful than mine.

I was locked in with a woman named Alice Millevoi who was reassigned to Angola.

She said others could have gone, but they all have families, and she doesn't.

She said that happens a lot.

Which it does, of course.

I think we need to do a better job of making these reassignments fair.

These women are not expendable.

I agree.

Do whatever you have to do.

You have my full support.

Thank you.

Vincent said he was going to leave the State Department at the end of this term.

If he had run for president, I would've had to disappear.


I'm done keeping his secrets.

Well, they do have a way of hitting you where you live.

This is a bank letter he asked me to keep for him.

It's got an account number on it.

And this is a document I'd like you to sign.

It says we're reassigning Alice to Portugal.

She deserves it.


I forgot my keys.

Kind of blows your whole dramatic exit from before.

Hell of a show you put on today, Mahoney.


Yeah, you know, not exactly the grand gesture I would have chosen.

How's Win?

He's officially... my ex-fiancé.


And he's nice, and... handsome... and easygoing... and deeply hurt.

Look, what we did to him...

...what I did to him... was really pretty terrible.

Am I a terrible person?

You're asking the wrong guy, because, um...

I have seen you... at your most terrible, and I am still crazy about you.

For what it's worth...

I-I didn't want to hurt you.



I'm sorry.


Okay, while we wait for the President just a few more shots.

(cameras clicking, whirring)

Okay... thank you.

Yeah, um, I'm leaving, like, right now, so I should be there in 20... 20 minutes?


Cool, thanks.



I gotta go, Mom.

Um, I'm just gonna stay with some friends, clear my head.

But don't worry...

I won't tell anyone.

There was a boy at the market where Safeer's bomb went off, about Jason's age; a girl about Alison's...

The scream that mother made...

...when she I.D.'d the bodies.

15 kids maimed or dead.

To have the guy responsible right in front of you, to feel that rage for justice.

I gave in to that.

I did.

It was still wrong.

Not to mention, against the law.

Technically, it wasn't.


At the time, there were provisions.

Vile... evil, bogus provisions?

Ultimately, that's why I left.


(voice breaking): And then you came home.

You came home and you told us you'd been in Jordan the whole time.

Very happy to just... pick up where you left off.

Coach my soccer team.

That's right.

(sighs) Wow.

This is a lot.

I-I'm sorry.

I... You maybe don't want to... talk about it yet, or maybe you want some time.

I wouldn't hold your breath.

Hey, Stevie?

If you never listen to anything I say again for the rest of your life, please hear this: Everything is more complicated than you think it is right now.

And the only way you come to know that is through experience.

And that's what this whole process of growing up is all about.


I know.

I gotta go do that now.

(door closes)