01x21 - The Kill List

Lilly and Miles, carrots and broccoli.

How great is that?

Brocky's yucky, daddy.


No, no, no. Brocky's awesome.

Where are the hot dogs?

That is a great question, Lily.

Where is the...


...the hot dog?


How did you make that happen?

Oh, no. What about you, Miles?

Is there something there?

When did your ears get so hungry?


How'd you do that?

Come on. Hey...


Lily: Let's eat.

Aiden: Let's eat.

What do we have to do first?



(kids talking over each other)

Come on. Who's gonna say the blessing?

I will!

Okay, let's go.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we pray for this... food. (laughs)


Amen. Amen.

Aiden: Amen, let's eat.

Miles: Amen, let's eat!

(conversation continues indistinctly)

Woman: What about your old CIA friend you mentioned last week?

I believe we're calling her Jane.

Elizabeth: Nothing's changed.

There's a negotiation to bring her into custody that's ongoing, so...

Oh, you want to know how I feel about it.


Mmm. Only six sessions in, I'm already a broken record... and a cliché.

Shouldn't we be talking about my PTSD triggers?

Mostly, overwhelming loss.

I think I mentioned that we started at the Company the same week.

Over 20 years ago.

She's family.

Or was.

I just can't believe I missed it.

You mean her betrayal?

My job is to understand people.

Judge what they're capable of.

My old job.

Part of it.

So you let yourself down?

And my country.

Have you thought about what you would say to Jane if you had the chance?

Oh, yes.

We have had many imaginary conversations that go on for hours.


Mostly about... why.

Why she did it.

"It" being classified.


She didn't just betray me and her country.

She hurt... one of our friends.


That-that's the... the part that I just can't reconcile with.


Can I ask you something?


Is Russell Jackson a crier?


I mean, I know he is.

He is, right?

That gnarly exterior.

Then he comes in here and just...

(laughing): ...loses it.

Just get me the loan docs by tomorrow, and we'll be good to go.

Act natural, Mr. Humphrey.

I need to get back to work.

Woman: Have you had any contact with your ex-wife in the last two months?


Do you have any knowledge of her whereabouts?


Do you know anyone who might have knowledge of her whereabouts?

No. Come on, I tell you the same thing every week.

Nothing's changed.

What the hell is going on?

I'll ask the questions, Mr. Humphrey.

It's our little girl's birthday tomorrow.

What am I supposed to tell her about her mom?

That's not my concern.

But I'll remind you that if you ever tell anyone about our meetings, you'll face ten years in federal prison under Title 18, Section...

Can you at least tell me, is she in danger or trouble...?

Thank you for your time, Mr. Humphrey.

This is beyond mortifying.

Come on. Mom doesn't want to completely miss out on your driver's education, Noodle.

What he said.

News flash: There isn't going to be a motorcade on my driving test.

Well, it's D.C. You never know.

Not a big deal.

Yeah, until someone tweets a photo of me motorcading.

You cannot just have a fighter pilot teaching you how to drive.

(phone ringing)

Our life is so weird.

And yet we make it work.

Get in the car, will you?


Yeah. Okay.

Wipe that smirk off your face.

I have to go in.

Country first.

Drive safe.

Is everything okay?

I don't know.

The president wants me in the Situation Room.

We'll see.

You be safe.

I'll try.

Wish me luck.

Change of plans, Matt.

Elizabeth: Russell, what's going on?

We found Juliet.

She agreed to a deal?


NSA got a ping on her location.


She was masking her IP address, but she stayed online long enough for us to break the firewall.

That doesn't sound like her.

I know.

We got lucky.

One of the servers she was using crashed.

When it rebooted, we got a jump on her.

Even so...

Well, everyone's got a weak spot.

In Juliet's case, it's her kids.

She was hacking the Webcam in her husband's kitchen.

Where is she?

Tindouf Province in southwestern Algeria.

Near the border with Mauritania.

Elizabeth: How remote are we talking?

She's in a small structure on the base of a mountain.

There's nothing else for miles.

Meaning we can't get close without blowing operational integrity.


AFRICOM can have an armed drone in place in five hours.

Armed? What...?

Did I miss something here?

Get into it, Admiral.

Yes, sir, Mr. President.

Bess, I'm putting Juliet on the kill list.

The attorney general signed off half an hour ago.

What happened to negotiations?

If-if we bring her in alive, she could have intel.

And if she slips away, we might never get a chance like this again.

Given her location, there are too many ways she can get tipped off that we're coming if we send in the cavalry.

She's been stalling.

That e-mail she sent you, claiming she wanted to come in, was obviously a ploy to distract us while she got ensconced in a non-extradition country.

What about how it'll play?

Executing an American citizen abroad without due process?

She's a traitor and helped murder the Secretary of State.

The A.G. says it's a slam dunk.

Could look like a cover-up.

Could look like justice.

Russell's being a good soldier.

20 minutes ago, he made the same argument you just made.

All our intelligence assessments are unanimous that Juliet is the last of the coup conspirators.

There's strong evidence that she's still conspiring with opposition elements in Iran, which means she arguably poses a clear and present danger to American lives.

We have a real shot at taking her out.

We're going to take it.

I know there could be blowback, but this is about national security.

President Shiraz will be here to sign the nuclear treaty in two days.

I'd like to put this behind us before I stand next to him in the East Room.

In that case, you'll need me to pave the way with Algeria.

You send in a drone without their blessing, they'll probably shoot it down.

DOD can handle the Algerians.

Or spook them.

Let the state department handle this.

Velvet glove.

Bess... it's okay for you to sit this one out.

Not necessary, Mr. President.

We're talking about you participating in the execution of your friend.

Are you sure you're okay with that?


Excuse me.

Pick him up.


All right.

Good game.

Good game.

Good game, man. Good game.


Hey, Henry.

Looking good out there.

Hey, Aiden.

Oh, man, we've missed you.

Haven't had a lot of free time lately.


Listen, you got a minute?

Of course.

The kids set a spot at dinner every night for her.

And then when I tuck Lily in, she hugs the air and kisses her mom good night.

Now, every child psychologist says you have to tell kids the truth, but I don't even know what that is.

I'm so sorry, Aiden.

I could go to jail for talking to you, but I don't know what to do.

Has Elizabeth said anything about Juliet?

Come on, man, you know better than that.

You know, I was hoping that maybe you could ask her.

I would go to her directly, but I think they're following me and bugging my phones.

Well, okay. I-I can't promise I'll get anywhere, but...

Sorry to be a burden, man, but I don't know how much longer I can take this.

Come on. Come on, man, it's not a burden.

Listen, we're having Lily's sixth birthday party tomorrow at the house.

We'd love for you guys to come by.

She loves your kids.

It'd mean a lot to us.

A lot to us, too.

I'll wrangle everybody.

All right.

You know, uh, for the longest time, I thought she must've been having an affair.

After our anniversary dinner last year, she went out to get milk.

And I was so paranoid, I did the craziest thing.

I left the kids home alone, asleep, and followed her.

Caught her making a call from the pay phone at the 7-Eleven on H.

That's not very CIA.

Yeah. Why not use the secure line at the house?

You know, I never told the FBI because I didn't want it to get out, for the kids to know.

But now, whatever she's into must be even worse.

(elevator bell dings)

Hey, Blake.


Where are we on the Algerians?

Uh, Ambassador Kateb is about an hour out, en route from Baltimore.

Jay, dry cleaner miss a spot?

Sorry, this was the cleanest one in my closet, ma'am.

Been there.

How is little cutie pie Chloe baby?

Already got me wrapped around her tiny fingers.

As it should be.

And I'm her favorite spit-up target, so...

Oh, that's for sure, but I'm guessing that's not what you were angling to talk to me about.

President Shiraz's visit is in a couple of days.

Yes, so I heard.

All's going smoothly, except today we found out that an Iranian man named Izad Ahmadi is gonna be stoned to death in Isfahan Province on the same day as the treaty signing.

What's the crime?

Being gay in Iran.

Officially, they've had a moratorium on stonings since 2002; unofficially, local tribal councils have continued the practice.

They're turning a blind eye and gonna let it happen.

The timing can't be a coincidence.

Nadine: The hard-liners in Tehran are sending a message to their base, ma'am.

Yes, they are.

Just because we're dealing with the West doesn't mean we're going soft.

The optics won't be good.

Especially for Mr. Ahmadi.


I should get back.

There's more. Human Rights Campaign is planning a protest outside the White House during the signing ceremony.


Nadine, let's back-channel with the Iranians.

See if we can get them to at least postpone the execution.

And why don't you sit down with HRC and assure them that we are doing everything we can to stop the stoning.

See if you can get them to back off the protest.

Poor Aiden.

Well, we both know the person Juliet was calling from that pay phone had to have been Andrew Munsey.

The night of their anniversary, huh?


I'm gonna have the FBI pull the records from that phone just to be sure.

What should we do about Lily's party?

We go! Definitely go!

I mean, I want to give her a hug.

A real one.

I wish we could tell Aiden something.

You might be able to tell him something tonight.

(cell phone ringing)

Speaking of which.

I got to go convince the Algerians to let us blow up Juliet, so...


I think it's safe to say we've officially gone through the looking glass.

And it's definitely not half full.

You gonna be okay?

Not even close.

Drone strikes often cause civilian casualties, Madam Secretary.

True. But this one won't, Mr. Ambassador.

The structure is in a remote region of Tindouf Province.

We have clear signals intelligence.

There could be civilians in the structure.

I highly doubt this target would allow that.

Who is the target?

An American.

Of extremely high value to us.

Show me your intelligence.

There's nothing to show.

It's a ping on a server.

We don't need any more than that.

Physical proof is superfluous.

We're happy to cooperate, Madam Secretary.

But we want to do just that.

"Cooperate." No drone strike.

How is that cooperating?

We have an elite anti-terrorist unit.

We could join in a ground operation with your Navy SEALs.

That way, we confirm that this person really is where you say before shedding any blood on our soil.

That could compromise operational integrity.

The target could get away.

I have already discussed this with President Hamidou.

He has given me very strict parameters.

This is the best we can offer.

We can have the operation on the ground, ready to go in 24 hours.


How could you possibly agree to that?

It was the best I could do.

It's Algeria, for God's sake!

You could've taken out your wallet and done better.

Practice and theory are two very different things.

We're the United States.

We practice whatever the hell we want.

Not if we want the Algerians' cooperation against Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

This isn't about some pissant terrorist group.

You threw it.

You undermined national security and betrayed the president's express wishes 'cause of your personal relationship with the target!

Is that what he thinks?

Why do you think he's not here?!

I was worried he'd fire you on the spot.

Which wouldn't play too well sharing the front page with the Shiraz treaty signing.

Probably a good call.

Maybe I didn't go the extra mile, Russell.

But I am definitely not gonna sit here and let you accuse me of insubordination.

You're in dangerous territory here.

We do whatever it takes to deliver the president his objectives.

And that includes the extra mile and every mile in between.

So you either get on board and you stay there... or you get the hell out of the way.

President was right about you, Russell.

Fighting for an objective you don't even believe in, and still hitting below the belt?

You are a good soldier.

We all serve at the pleasure.

This damn operation better go off without a hitch.

They better end up writing songs about it in the Algerian hinterlands.

Henry: After you risked your life by going to Iran?

That guy's got a lot of nerve.

What do you have to do to earn his trust?


Pretty sure Russell hits the trust reset button every morning.

Besides, I can't say he's completely wrong.

And the president's right, you know?

Juliet's a highly trained operative gone rogue.

Who knows what else she's capable of?

Drone strike is a good call.

Wait, hang on. Wait... hold on.

What are you saying?

You don't think you pushed the Algerians hard enough for the drone strike?

I don't know.

Maybe not. I...

I honestly don't know.

But I'm... I'm not impartial.

You don't want Juliet to die.

Does that make me a traitor?


Makes you human.

Nadine: I reiterate that this is coming directly from Secretary McCord, who is speaking for the president.

It would mean a great deal to both of them if you could exert your authority and postpone the execution of Mr. Ahmadi until... uh, if-if you... until at least...

I'll let the secretary know.

So much for a postponement, huh?

Shiraz's office is hiding behind their legal system.

Matt: If you can even call it that.

It's more like a "we kill whoever we want whenever we want" system.

If I put out the standard boilerplate condemning them, it could interfere with the treaty signing.

Well, we still have another day.

Let's keep our options open.

Mmm, Jay?

Brent Rosen from the Human Rights Campaign is here for you.

Without a postponement, I don't have much to get them to stop the protest.

Well, when all else fails, charm offensive.

Jay: Brent.

Thanks for coming in on the weekend.

You're welcome.

We're not canceling the protest, Jay.

Did I ask you to?


Your people told my people that's what this meeting's about.

How about we make it about everything this administration has done for gay rights in the U.S. and around the world?

You don't get extra points for doing the right thing.

The Iranian government is about to let a man be executed because he's gay.

And your boss and President Dalton are gonna shake hands with the monster who's allowing it... at the White House, no less... then treat him to a fancy lunch.

I agree. The optics are terrible.

This isn't about optics!

It's about Izad Ahmadi's life and the millions of gay people in Iran and around the world.


But there's a bigger picture.

We can't achieve all of our goals with Iran overnight.

And this deal could prevent us from going to war to stop their nuclear program.

Think how many lives we'll save if we can do that.

That's not what our protest is about.

We know Dalton's gonna sign that deal no matter what.

You just don't want us tarnishing your victory lap.

Could you at least move the protest to the mall, the Lincoln Memorial?

Anywhere but in the president's backyard?

I can help you fast-track permits.

There you go with the optics again.

In the meantime, we will keep pushing to postpone Ahmadi's execution.

Oh, man, you are just so callous, and you don't even realize it.


Trying to postpone it?

For political reasons?

Why not trying to stop it?

Has that even crossed your mind?

Look, I hate it just as much as you do, but it's Iran's affair. We don't get a vote.

How can you even say that with a straight face?

There are plenty of levers you could pull, but you're just choosing not to because you don't want to rock the boat before the signing!

It's not my call.

So now you're hiding behind your job description?

You're giving quite the clinic on evasion.

But you know what the worst part is?

Somewhere in Tehran, there is a guy just like you.

Some political operative who loves the idea of executing a gay man on the day of the treaty signing.

For the optics.

And you know what, Jay?

You're no better than him.

Why do we have to go to a six-year-old's birthday party anyway?


Because it's Uncle Aiden, Aunt Juliet and the kids.

Yeah, dude, as I recall, it was about your sixth birthday when they gave you Mr. Koala.

That's right.

Which you were obsessed with until last year, I think?


Okay. Okay, fine, fine.

But Juliet's not even gonna be there.

All the more reason to go.

Lily and Miles love you guys.

Yeah, but where is Juliet?

And why is she missing Lily's birthday?


She's CIA! Use your brain!



Noodle? Whoa!

(gasps) Really?

Oh, you got to be kidding me.

You're really gonna let Ensign Clueless fly the Enterprise?

She's got to learn sometime.

Yeah, with us as crash dummies?

Oh, come on, Mom's private army's surrounding us.

Uh, listen, driving Okay. with a motorcade is trickier than flying solo, so...

Oh, great!

I'm just saying.

(children clamoring)

(all cheering)

At least she looks really happy.

I'm glad we're here.

Me, too.

Hi, Lily Bean. Happy birthday.

Thanks, Aunt Bess!

Oh, you're so big!

Oh, my God! You're heavy!

Did you make a good wish?

Yeah, and I know it'll come true.

Well, that's great.

Want to know why?


Because I prayed to see Mommy in church last week, and I saw her in the glass with the angels.

Mommy had a golden halo.


Well, you are her little angel.

Oh, happy birthday, baby.

Go get some cake. My...

Hey, Bess.

Hey, Aiden.

Aiden: I can't tell you how much

I appreciate you guys coming.

Oh, hey, it's our pleasure, buddy.

I don't know anything about Juliet.


Well, you know why the FBI's been questioning me?

I don't.

W-Well, can you talk to anyone?


At the Company?


I mean, if you find out anything...

Of course.

But you know the Company.



Lily and Miles could not be more adorable.



Thanks again for being here.

Oh, yeah.


When-when did Jason get so big?


You will be standing just behind President Dalton, next to the Iranian Foreign Minister Rahimi, who will be on your right, uh, here.

When the presidents move from their podiums to the treaty table, you and Minister Rahimi will fold in just behind them.

So I think I might have a solution to our Iran problem.


I'm sorry, I-I was supposed to be in this meeting, wasn't I?

Baby up all night, Jay?

Amazingly, no.

She slept like a... Ba-baby...

Sorry, uh...

I was working all night, though.

And it turns out that Mr. Ahmadi has a cousin in Michigan who's willing to take him in.

That's nice.

It is, because it also turns out that Jordan has an Iranian national on their death row for spying that the Iranians are desperate to get back.

That is really nice.

Now we need an inducement for Jordan.

Already talked to His Majesty's judicial council.

A few F-16s and a player to be named later, deal sails through.

Then all that's left is for the Iranians to sign off.

Which still may prove difficult given Iran's motivation here.


Regardless, ingenious work; really, inspired.

Thanks. I had a little inspiration.

I hear that happens about one percent of the time.

Or something.

Even less in D.C.

All right, now go do the perspiration part.

You have my full backing.

Thank you, ma'am, but do you mind if I just...

I'm starving.

Okay, where were we?

Folding. I was folding back in.

Ma'am, you're needed in the Situation Room.

Uh, ma'am, it's five hours to the signing.

Um... it's gonna...

I think I'm... and then I-I...

We got it.

Mr. Jackson told me to tell you they're going in, ma'am.

Thank you.

What happened?

Juliet Humphrey played us.

It was all an elaborate setup.

The assault team found a pint of congealed blood on the floor.

A solar-powered laptop and blood stained clothing.

Prelim testing says it's hers.

She knew we'd get the computer server ping.

She wanted us to do a drone strike.

That's why she chose the location.

She was counting on it... so we'd find her DNA and assume she was dead.

Interpol scoured every possible exit point from Northern and Western Africa.

Turns out she was at an airport in Nouakchott, Mauritania, a week and a half ago.

Then the trail goes cold.

What's the evidence?

Airport security photo.

She's here in D.C.

How do you know?

Lily: Mommy had a golden halo.

Trust me, I know.

(doorbell rings)

I'll get it.

Aiden: Don't open the door for strangers, honey.

I know, Daddy. Who is it?

Aiden Humphrey, FBI!

What the hell is this?

I didn't open, Daddy, I swear.

I know, sweetie. It's okay.

All right, I'm gonna talk to this woman.

You go upstairs, play with your brother, all right?

You can't just do this.

What the hell is going on?

You're in danger.

What do you mean? From what?

I can't go into the nature of the threat, but we will be guarding you and your children 24-7, here and wherever you go.

You said I'd never see you again.

I have one more job for you.

(clears throat) FBI Director Hendricks, ma'am.

Hi. How are you?

Have you wrapped up the family?

Yes, Madam Secretary, and put out an APB and BOLO on Miss Humphrey.

If she's still in the metro D.C. area, we'll find her.

(chuckles) I wouldn't be so sure.

No offense.

I know Juliet Humphrey.

Copy that, but you can rest assured... the Bureau is working in conjunction with the NCTC and the Secret Service.

Now, whatever she's up to, the Iran treaty ceremony won't be affected.

Anything on the pay phone call?

Uh, there was only one call made from the pay phone in question in the time frame that you gave us.

She called a burner phone.

(sighs) So that's a dead end.

Actually, we caught a break.

That same burner was used to call another burner phone that was seized in a drug bust two days later.

The owner of that phone is serving ten to 15 in Cumberland.

So is he willing to give up his burner buddy?

DOJ is making him an offer as we speak.

Excellent. You keep me informed, okay?

Yes, ma'am.

Thank you.

Uh, Jay would like a word, ma'am.

(sighs) Bad news?

The Iranians flatly rejected the prisoner swap.

I thought they really want their spy back.

They do, but not as much as they want to kill Mr. Ahmadi.

Well, you did everything you could.

Did I?

Due respect, this isn't horseshoes, ma'am.

Izad Ahmadi is going to suffer, unimaginably.

Yes, he will.

Unless we play our ace.


Tell Shiraz no nuclear deal unless they release Ahmadi.

Can't threaten to do something unless you're willing to follow it through.

Then let's be willing to follow through.

I appreciate how invested you are in this, but you and I both know that's not gonna happen.

That's Izad Ahmadi... his cousin gave me that, from when he visited him in Tehran last year.

That woman there is his mother.

I get your point, Jay, thank you.

Do you?

'Cause I did a little research on what it's actually like to be stoned to death.

At dawn, Mr. Ahmadi will be wrapped in a shroud, bound with ropes and then buried up to his waist.

With the ground temperature at 50 degrees this time of year, he'll be shivering.

Once immobile, he'll be pummeled with stones the size of tangerines, specially chosen to inflict maximum pain, but not too big, so he won't be knocked out.

His ribs will snap and break into pieces, lacerating his liver and kidneys and liquefying his spleen.

And if he's lucky, his lungs will fill up, and he'll drown in his own blood.

But if not, he could be conscious for up to two hours as his body is pushed to the human limits of agony.

Of course, all of this will be videotaped and uploaded to the local council's Web site.

Are you gonna be able to watch that, knowing we didn't do everything in our power to spare this man?

They stone women for adultery, girls as young as 13.

If you're old enough to marry, you're old enough to get stoned to death.

They torture journalists for writing articles that are critical of the regime.

They arrest dissidents in the middle of the night, line them up and shoot them.

I know precisely what we are dealing with, Jay.

All too well.


Why are we dealing with these people?

How could we?

Because I have to weigh Izad Ahmadi's life against the prospect of a nuclear bomb going off in New York, D.C., Tel Aviv.

Millions of lives.

Th-That's funny... I-I used that same argument with Rosen from HRC just yesterday.

But at what point do we compromise away our soul?

And how do we even know when that happens?

Maybe the hawks are right.

Maybe we can't trust people whose values are so horrifically divergent from ours.

Maybe war is the better option.

Maybe we shouldn't have stopped that coup after all.

You and I can agree to disagree on this one, Jay.

If I didn't like you so much, I'd definitely fire you for that little outburst.


So, you did everything you could.

Horseshoes notwithstanding.

I won't be at the signing ceremony.

That's okay by me.

Those things tend to get pretty crowded anyway.

Thank you, Madam Secretary.

Ma'am, it's time to go to the White House.

Nadine: Madam Secretary.

I have FBI Director Hendricks on the line for you.

He says it's urgent.


Hendricks: DOJ just reached a deal with Mr. Burner Phone.

Guy on the other end of the Juliet Humphrey pay phone call was Brian Curtwell, former Army Ranger.

We believe they crossed paths in Iraq 11 years ago.

Where is he now?

He's a D.C. Metro cop.

Have you picked him up yet?

We literally just got this.

We think he's on duty.


The counter-sniper unit.

Then he could be about to assassinate President Shiraz.

You need to pick him up now.

♪ ♪

(siren wailing)

Lieutenant Curtwell! FBI!


Release your weapon!


Show us your hands!

News anchor: And we just received word that President Najid Shiraz's motorcade is now arriving at the White House.

It's not every day you see a limousine flying an Iranian flag on the streets of America's capitol.

This uneventful journey from Andrews Air Force Base marks the end of a turbulent period in the relationship between the United States and the Islamic Republic.

Within the hour, President Shiraz will enter the East Room to sign a nuclear non-proliferation agreement with President Dalton.

I have to say, it's remarkable that this moment has come to pass.

Dalton: Unbelievable.

FBI wasn't too noisy picking him up, so it shouldn't hit the news before the signing.

Nothing says "Welcome to America, President Shiraz," like the people charged with your protection trying to kill you.

Juliet is still out there.

Unless she has Stinger missiles, I think she's run out of ways to scuttle the signing. Listen, uh... I know you've been trying to stop the stoning in Iran.

We did everything we could, sir.

Thank you for that.

Who knew it would be so hard forging your legacy?

This, uh... this isn't just my legacy, Bess.

It's ours.

That's very nice of you to say, sir. Thank you.

President Shiraz.

Welcome to the United States.

Thank you, President Dalton.

I am honored to be here.

Secretary McCord, I believe you've met President Shiraz.


A pleasure to see you again, Madam Secretary.

Especially under more pleasant circumstances.

For some of us.

Yes, well, thank God the coup is behind us, and, uh, we can focus on the future.


Allow me to introduce Foreign Minister Rahimi.

Welcome, Minister Rahimi.

Thank you.

It's very nice to meet you.

A pleasure, Madam Secretary.

I know my predecessor, Minister Javani, held you in high regard.

Well, thank you.

I very much appreciated his forward-thinking views.

It's time, Mr. President.


Let's go make history.

Good afternoon.

And welcome to the dawning of a new day in U.S.-Iran relations.

Thank you.

Very much.

Thank you.

(chanting): Save Izad Ahmadi! Save Izad Ahmadi! Save Izad Ahmadi! Save Izad Ahmadi! Save Izad Ahmadi! Yes! Save Izad Ahmadi! Save Izad Ahmadi...

(sirens wailing)

Lily! Miles!


Don't move!

Protestors: Save Izad Ahmadi! Save Izad Ahmadi! Save Izad Ahmadi! Save Izad Ahmadi! Save Izad Ahmadi! Save Izad Ahmadi... Save Izad Ahmadi! Save Izad Ahmadi! Save Izad Ahmadi...

(quiet, indistinct chatter)


Izad Ahmadi's execution has been carried out, ma'am.

Alison: No U-turn.

Henry: Correct.

Divided highway?

Okay, honey, the right lane is curving into the left lane, so the...

So? That's its problem.

Hey, babe.

You two are a vision.



Studying for the driving test.

Yep. Scintillating.

Oh, I caught that Iran peace deal thingy.

Your hair looked great.

Ha. All about the optics.

Alison: And President Dalton was, like, gushing about you.

It was pretty rad.

It might even help avoid a nuclear war.

That, too.

I love you.

I love you, too.

I'm right here.

Oh... yes.

And look at you.

Old enough to drive.

When did that happen? It's ridiculous.

Here we go.

Which annoying baby story are you about to tell?

You know what? Let's skip the annoying baby story.

Let's... why don't you just come and show off your new, awesome driving skills?

Alison: Now?

I feel like frozen yogurt.

The guys on your detail are gonna like that.

Who said anything about the guys on my detail?

They follow you everywhere you go.

Not tonight. Just you and me, babe.

You'll run interference?

Yeah, uh...

It's about time we hazed the new guy anyway.

Could you give me that, please, and watch the road with your eyes?


Is this, like, breaking the law?

Nah. It's just a little tradecraft.

Time you learned the family business anyway.

Come on.

Henry: Hey, men.

Hey. Whew. Made it back in one piece.

And with fro-yo. Thank you.

Thanks for running interference.

That was... fun.


Oh, uh, by the way, our... our boy Karl is way into fly-fishing.

Like, way into fly-fishing.

So that was an educational hour.


I'm guessing that look isn't because Alison forgot to use her turn signal.

I got the call.

FBI got Juliet.


They want me to interrogate her.

That's brutal.

You can say no.

I have the relationship with her, the training...

Makes perfect sense.

Doesn't make it easy.

But it has to get done.

Psychiatrist: You seem to be struggling with it.

It's just, I've been on this mission for practically the entire time I've had the job.

Landing the nuclear deal with Iran?

Other stuff has come up, but the treaty's been the priority.

Well, you know about everything that happened when I went to Iran.

And now the treaty is signed, and the president couldn't be happier, and... I should be elated.

But you're not.

I haven't said this out loud, not even to Henry.

This is a safe place.

As Secretary of State, I have to make very tough calls, and I don't have the luxury of worrying about how they make me feel.

That's the job.

But a very trusted advisor has recently made me question our relationship with Iran.

I still believe the treaty was the right thing to do, and it'll probably be the first line in my obituary, but...

I'm afraid that when I interrogate my old CIA friend and ask her why she did it, her answer might just make me question if the Iranians can be trusted to hold up their end of the bargain.

And now I can't stop thinking... what if this treaty I fought so hard for, that people close to me died for, is really all a big mistake?