01x03 - The Part That Decides My Fate

My office will be in touch about a biopsy appointment.

[If you love me, you will drive straight] to choir practice. You won't say a word to Dad.

After having a long conversation about, you know, where we are as a couple...

Simon and I decided to fight routine by being honest with each other.

So much for honesty, Sarah...

Simon: [Only you. Without Sarah.]

Most of our friends are more Tom's friends.

So I guess I'm... I'm kind of lost.

If I ask you out to dinner, promise you won't beat me up?

My principal hunted me down.

He's here for Mom.


Oh, sh1t... Andrew. We had a date.

I completely forgot.

I don't want to put any pressure on you, but I have to ask: want to try again?


(laughing and chatter)

(music: Lacrimosa by Mozart)

(music swells)

(music continues)

Hey, man?

That's 24, 25.



(music stops)


I have something important to tell you.

They're probably just talking about me.

I don't know about that. I saw the way he looked at her.

Since when can Emma read vibes?

Since forever.

Well, don't even worry about how they look at you, OK?

You just put yourself out there and you will be fine.

Think she'll stay over?

Mom's an adult. She'll sleep with whoever she wants.

Yes, but knowing Natalie, I'm sure she's going to come right home.

How am I supposed to trust my educational custodian if he's getting it on with my Mom?

Not everything is a giant conspiracy.

He's a man, she's a woman. It happens.

(bell ringing)

No way!

(laughing): Romulus!


(whispering): They don't know yet. Her biopsy's tomorrow. (normal): Where's your luggage?

Oh, it's in the cab. And speaking of which, do you have any cash? I owe the guy, like, 40 bucks.


(muttering): Let me see...

I'll run it out.

OK. Tell him to just leave my luggage on the curb.

Long time no presents.

Yeah... hey.

Wow, Jesus! You've grown up.

Settle down.

We video chat, like, once a month.

Yeah, but in person.

You look exactly like her.

Mom's hair is a little different.

Oh, no kidding. I meant Grandma.

Shut up. Why are you here?

Well, it's... it's been too long.

Where's Natalie?

On a date.

Living life to the fullest.

(theme music)


But don't ever ask me to do that again, please?

I thought you looked good.

I did not look good. Don't even lie to me. You can't.

We must be about 20 years older than anybody else here, huh?


One day you're them and the next day you're us.

And tomorrow we'll be 70.

So my daughter?

Yes, business at hand.

The psychologist can see Romy next Thursday.

Hmm... I hope our date isn't just another thing they have to work through.

How have they handled it in the past?

They've barely had to.

I haven't exactly had the time.

What's your daughter's name?

My lovely Camille.


So you just jumped on a plane?

When you don't have a day job, you can do that kind of thing.

Get day jobs... every one of you.

Well, I'm hoping to transfer to architecture school.

I don't have a clue what I want to do with my life.

I'd like to be a dictator. Maybe of a developing country.

Follow your dreams.

Janine: Hello! We're here!

Gerald: Hey!

How come the front door is unlocked?

Hi, everyone. Hi!

Hi, Grandma.

Hi, Dad.


I just got off the plane, I swear.

(guitar music)


Maggie: Who wants a drink?

Yes, please.

I do.


Janine: I want to see how things are going with you...

So thank you.

Well, thank you.

I had a really good time.

...You just have to practice. And what about you in school?

♪ The grace is dancin' circles ♪
♪ We watch them from the stairs ♪
♪ They are so into each other ♪
♪ Weave patterns in the air ♪
♪ They asked you to join ♪
♪ But you couldn't get your legs going ♪
♪ Well you never were a dancer ♪
♪ Never had much flare ♪

Emma: ...happening.

There's nothing in school.

How's the painting going?

Uh... depends on the day, but it's fine. It's good.

Can we see anything online?

When I get a gallery show. Soon, I hope.

Why don't you get a gallery in the Mile End? It's got to be less competitive.

Probably, yeah. Everything is harder in LA.

How do you make money?

Uh, recently, I managed to get some private commissions.

That seems like something you might have mentioned.

Well, you raised a humble boy, Mother.

And Tom?

Yes, Mother, Tom makes a living. I'm lucky that way.

Gerald: She was just asking how he was.


What are you guys looking at?

Maggie: Yeah, what are you guys looking at?


Oh... looks like we're not alone.

Oh, Jesus.

Um, you better go.

Well, I was taught to walk the girl to the door and look the father right in the eyes... or in this case, the whole family, apparently.

You don't understand. They will destroy you.

Really? Now this is showing up in Romy's first therapy session. You realize that, right?


Well, thank you.

Thank you.


(all): Oh...

You should come away from the window, kids. Just let her be.


No, really!


(small laugh)

Thank you for coming.

You know it.

Oh, God.


So Natalie kissed a boy. It happened, you saw it, it's over. Questions? Snide comments?

Out now or never.

Anyone? Anyone but her?

Oliver seemed nervous.

Don't bother asking him why. Waste of your time.


It was fine when he was 14, but as an adult, you get out what you put in.

Even with family.

You know he came here for Natalie. You have to give him that.

Just promise me you're not going to get into it with him.

I want him to stay longer than just a couple of days.

Fine, fine.

Thank you.

(Oliver's voice, indistinct)

She was like, I was doing it myself. That's a camera.

(indistinct conversation)


We're blowing it out the window. Have some.

(scoffing): I can't loll about having a huffy-puffy. I have children.

(stifled laughter)


First of all, nobody calls it that.

And secondly, aren't you going to be getting a prescription for the stuff soon?




Are you in pain?

Not at all.

I just want to take her in my arms and cry.

Well, she doesn't need that.

She needs our love, sweetie.

She needs us to be there for her.

She doesn't need us to fall apart all around her.

(engine starting)

Sounds like a kids' puppet. "Boys and girls, it's Ms. Natalie and her pet wolf, Huffy-Puffy!"

I'll laughy and I'll puffy and I'll blow... the principal in his car.



Did you tell him?


He wants to see me again.

Will you do that?

If that biopsy confirms the scan, I maybe have a year.

How am I supposed to use that time?

What is happening?

Is that pot?!

(throat clearing)

Uh, where's your sister?

In bed.

Caleb's at Ariel's.

I thought they broke up.

No, not yet.


Emma, the pot's mine.

We totally peer-pressured your Mom into doing it.

Let's go.


When you were a little girl, you would never let me leave your room at night.

You'd draw letters on my back until I got tired.

And Romy?

She'd fall asleep, she'd cling onto me.

I'd have to pry her off.

We were both afraid of the dark for way too long.

Then one night I went to lie down with you and you kicked me out.

Not like that.

No, but you said you were fine and I didn't need to stay anymore.

(phone chimes)


Is that a boy or a girl?

Mom, he's just a friend from Tri.

(birds chirping)



Did you stay over at Ariel's last night?

We fell asleep watching a movie; we woke up, it was 2.

Text me next time?

You look tired. Hope you didn't stay up worrying.

No, just a restless night.

Here, have some toast.

You're not eating?

I already ate.

Are you two OK? You seem kind of hot and cold lately.

Can't all be on the making- out-on-the-first-date stage.

Hey, clear the table.

Hey, Romy! Hurry up! We're going.

Did you and Mr. Wallace talk about me on your date?

We did.

What's he going to do about the math test I failed?

The math test you intentionally failed?


Don't whatever me, Romy.

"Whatever" is the reason we're in this mess.


There is an adolescent psychologist he would like you to see.

Mom, not again!

That was different, OK? That was your psycho-educational assessment.

I don't care. I'm still not going.

Rome... Mr. Wallace is just trying to help.

Yeah... himself. Into your pants.




You cried out.

Did I?

What were you dreaming about?

Um... I don't know. I never remember my dreams.

You called out Tom's name.

I guess I miss him.

After a day? Cute.

Hey, it's really great that you can be there for Natalie this afternoon.

Yeah, your boss won't let you go, huh?

I'm at her beck and call.

This job... it pays the bills, but do you like it?

Does it matter?

It is your life.

(phone chime) _

Who is he?

Basically, one half of this couple that I almost had a one-night thing with.

Basically, each of them is in love. _

With each other?

And me, apparently.

The coffee's on. Help yourself.


It made me feel much better to do that.

Destruction is creation.

Will you tell Kevin?

I think he's in Syria.

I don't want Kevin worrying about anything except keeping his plane in the air until his next furlough.

Right. Sorry.

As if the 90 seconds Jim lasted every 2 weeks was that great for me.

But you don't see me running off with some young whore, do you?

Hey! Well, now you can!

What about you? Tell me about your date.

He's sweet. It was a good distraction for what I have to do today.

Will you see him again?

(phone ringing)

(sighing): The paper.

You owe a column?

Yeah. End of day tomorrow.

I've usually checked in by now.

You've got much more important things to worry about.

Except, right now, I feel fine and the kids need to see me strong and I can't exactly lie in bed the whole time.

Unless you're lying in bed with Andrew.

(laughing softly)

(cars passing)

(distant church bell chimes)

Big job?

(chuckling): No, it's an oil change.

I came to see Mom, is she not in the house?

No, she's at church. Choir had a funeral today.

How's business?

It's fine. Nothing has changed.


I'll come back later, then.

Oliver? Call your mother.

Dad, I just said I'll come back later.

I mean call her more often.

And answer when she calls you.

She knows when you screen her. It's rude.

To say what? The same things that I always say?

If that's what she wants to hear.

Alright, Dad.

I'll tell your mother you came by.

Yeah, you do that.

This idiot opens fire on the whole team. Everyone on Vent went ballistic, so I take out the rocket launcher...

Boom. Game over.

You do know that as the host you can kick him from your group so that you don't waste ammo, right?

You play Call?

No, but I have an older brother.

You should start.

Seems like you got some rage to unleash.



What the hell?

What are you doing?

What's it look like?

Come on, before you get caught. Romy, come on.

(distant children laughing)

(girls giggling)

(melancholy piano)

We don't normally allow guests.

Oh, he's my little brother, in from California.

My oncologist said you might make an exception.

Promise not to faint.

You haven't taken anything that might thin your blood?

No. And I have no allergies.

You may feel a slight burning.

12 times 12. (laugh)

Uh... 144.

Alright. Warm up’s over, kid.

144 times 28.



4032 times... 5.

Uh... 20160?

Times 12?

Oh, that's nasty.

(machine beeping)


Natalie? Try to hold still.


241 920 divided by...



10 000...

900... and 96.

You are going to hear a noise.



I'm not sure if the pain meds have worked.

Do you know if the pain meds have worked? I hope the pain meds have worked.

It's done. Don't move just yet.

Holy Rain Man, by the way.


My mother cried when I told her I was going into journalism.

I'll send this to the lab and Dr. Basra will see you in about a week.


Sit still for a while. I'll come to you very soon.

Thank you, Doctor.

Two times two.



Thank you.

Thanks, by the way. That was amazing.

What is wrong with you?

Romy, seriously. Why'd you do that?

Mom's boyfriend wants to send me to a psychologist, OK?

Because you fail tests on purpose.

One test.

And you think that justifies vandalizing his car?

Yes, I do.

I think you should listen to him. Maybe you should go see this guy.

Yeah, well, you'd think that. You're normal.

Hanging in there, Ms. Lawson?

Yeah... I don't think you gave me enough pain meds.

Roll over on your side, please.

Do you two know each other?

Um, we met only moments earlier.


My little brother used to be an asshole.


He graffitied public property, did ecstasy, ran away when he was 17 and made our parents very worried.

But now he's nice and he paints.

You two would make a cute couple.

Um, well, I doubt my wife would like that.

Oh, excuse me for a second.

(PA dings)

I think that's a text. Is it from Andrew?

[...Taylor to Dr. Farber.]

No, that's just a page on the PA.

(sighing): Too bad.

I like him.

Did I ever tell you your eyes are super brown?

They're kind of more green.


What colour are Tom's eyes?


Did you two break up?


So you can rest here a little bit longer and then we'll send you home.

So what do you think, Mr. Married Doctor?

Any chance I'll get good news?

I hope you do.

Great. I'll talk to you again at 5 o'clock. Thanks.


(quietly): Property size...

(indistinct muttering)


I was filing disclosure and I found this email.

It wasn't referenced in any of the affidavits and I know this because I retyped them so many times.

It's a privileged communication, which means I can't use it.

I know you haven't been able to prove your client's case, but I mean doesn't this...

I don't have time to explain the rules of evidence to you.

Now, stop whatever else you're doing and turn these changes around.

Maggie! I need this 10 minutes ago.


Where... Maggie!


I can't believe you're serious!

Are you sure your parents won't care?

They own the unit.

It's not like I'm paying rent.

We'd split all the bills.

What about your Mom, though?

Think she'll be upset?

Maybe it'll be easier for her, not having to keep track of me.

Are you going to eat that?

I had a late breakfast.

We should get a dog.

Marnie said she saw Oliver on Sherbrooke this morning.

Yeah, he's in for a visit.

Any special occasion?

No, he just came to say hello.

How is he, Janine?

Well, he seems fine, not that he gave me too much in the way of detail.

Did he bring his friend?

Tom, Pearl.

His boyfriend's name is Tom.

Let's go! Come on, we're late.

Sorry I'm late!

You missed the main event.

Drugs from the after party are still wearing off, though.

And the balloons?

Too much?

I'm going to get some tea. You want something?

No, I'm good. I'm good, thanks.

I'm the worst, not being here sooner.

Theresa needed me.

Hey, it's OK. I'm getting out of here in a minute.

Anyways, so, I quit.

I went and got some balloons and a new dress and then I came here.

You quit your job?

(whispering): You know... just thinking about everything that you're going through right now, it just... made me realize that life is too short.


I know what's happening to me scares you.

But you can't let every step of this spiral you into some kind of personal crisis.

It's too much pressure on me.

It's going to be OK.

Maybe she'll take you back.

(cell ringing)


Thanks again for last night.

Andrew: [I'm passing by] on my way home, wanted to know if you wanted to say hello.

You're out front now?

[Well, I will be in two minutes.]


You still there?


I'll be right down.

What are you doing?

Saving your flowers from dying.

Let me pay you...

Danielle, no.

You don't have to.

Did your Mom send you over here?

Not Mom. Jim.

He asked me to make sure you had help with this.

Trust me, don't take his money.

Next thing you know, he'll ask you to put your career on hold and 20 years will go by.

If you don't mind, I need the coin.

I'm moving in with Ariel and every little bit will help.

Does your mother know about this?

Not yet.

Think she'll care?

It's not like your home life is oppressive.

No... but Ariel really wants to.

I think it's time.

Well, call it a house-warming.

(man): In the eyes of the foolish, they seem to have died and their departure is thought to be a disaster.

But they are at peace.

The faithful will abide with him in love, because grace and mercy are upon his holy ones and he watches over his elect.


(all): Amen.

♪ Lacrimosa ♪
♪ Dies illa ♪
♪ Qua ♪
♪ Resurget ♪
♪ Ex favilla ♪
♪ Judicandus ♪
♪ Homo ♪
♪ Reus ♪

Thank you.

OK, well, I want to see this.

Thank you! The whole thing.

You don't think I can do it?


I'm going to do it.

Help me understand? This morning, it didn't matter whether you liked it or not.

She didn't respect me.

So you blow things up? Again.

After putting yourself out there to her once.

This is good! I can start over.


I like beginnings.


'Cause endings take work.

OK, I think we should go somewhere and get drunk and forget stuff. OK?

There's this bar on Duluth and I think that...


Didn't we have plans?

Huh. I totally forgot.

So I can see.

Relax. He's my brother.


Turns out I have a date tonight.

Mm... and I'm drinking alone.

On me, though. Here.

And... take that.

Give us... what? Like, an hour?

(giggling) Maybe two.


Never seen you take this route before.

Less steep.

I guess you're taking the easy way too?

You live this way?

Yeah, NDG. You?

My Mom lives in Côte-des-Neiges.


We're not caught again, are we?

You OK?

Is it Romy?

Didn't help, seeing us together.

She's refusing to go to the psychologist.

She's so cynical.

I get scared when I think about her future.

I'm sorry that she saw us.

That was... that was poor planning.

But as clever as Romy is, I bet she knows exactly how to push your buttons, Natalie.

Good to see you.

You too.

What happened here?


I'm a high school principal. Goes with the territory.

Oh. My father owns a garage.

He probably knows somebody who could repaint this, cheap.

That'd be great!

I'll call him.

Are you still at it?

Came in for an oil change.

I've maintained this car for years.

Always rattled.

Gerald, was Oliver here?

He texted me this morning and said he was coming.

Yeah, he was here. He said he'd be back.

What did you say to him?


I didn't say anything.

I asked you to leave him alone.

(piano music)

Good day?

It was decent.

Anything to report?


Romy, I need to talk with you.

OK. I'll go to the shrink.

But only if you promise to come with me.

Of course.

(phone beeping)

(phone ringing)

(man):This extension for Tom Chisolm is no longer active. Press zero to leave a message in our general mailbox. (beep)


What happened to honesty?

What happened to you and your girlfriend "fighting routine" above board?

Well, I guess I just want you for myself.

You gotta go.



(fabric rustling)

Look, don't tell Sarah about this, OK?


Well, congratulations.

(whispering): Thank you.

That's a big step.

Are you OK with it?


Well, you can't live here forever.

Would you even want me to?

Oh, you know I would.

Are you in love with her?



(giggle) Oh, my baby.

(sigh) When?

(laughing): If I don't see you tomorrow...

(laughing): Yeah. Soon.

On the next This Life.

Back to reality?


Love is in the air.

I can't stop thinking about you.

But will it find a way?

Doctor Basra would like you to come in to discuss the results of your biopsy.

An all-new This Life, next Monday at 9:00 on CBC.

I could do my dance for her.