02x01 - Stay Positive

It's stage four renal cell carcinoma. Our first job will be to control the disease to buy you time.

My cancer's back.

My kids are gonna need you.

You realize that down the road to formalize this, we may need to talk to David.

You think that he deserves a voice in what happens to them after I die?

I'm looking for David. Crowley.


girl: He's my father.

woman: That's it? You're here for good?

Since being evicted, I have unburdened myself of everything except this painting.

The way Tom set you up, we better be splitting the rent.

Natalie: There's a lot of pressure placed on the dying. I didn't know this until I actively started doing that.

And you want to write about this every week?

And honestly, I don't know how else to make sense of it.

Your sister says I need to hear the truth.

We have a son. And he's almost 7 years old.

woman: That patient of yours? The waitress?

man: Waitress, yeah.

I'm going to my sister with Abby. Pack your things!

Just go! No!

You can't take the girls in with this hanging over your marriage, ok?

She didn't wanna know!

I don't want to speak to you ever again.

A local research team reached out to me.

They're studying the effects of a drug that's been shown to be effective in slowing and in some cases, stopping the progression of certain cancers.

There are those who receive our drug alongside their Sunitinib and...

Those that take a placebo.

Right. But it's blind, so you won't know.

Forget every word I've ever written because today, I start again.

[wind blowing]

man: What's your name?


man: So, Natalie, you're sure you want to do this?

She's not gonna do it.

I think she is.

There's literally no way she steps over that ledge.

Natalie, it's now or never.


[female singer vocalizing] Whooooo!


Go, Mom.

Don't let go.

You're crazy!

[seagull squawking]

[girls laughing]

That was amazing!

What were you thinking?

Ah, I wasn't.

You weren't afraid?

I told myself the ground didn't exist.


So you lied to yourself.

[cell dinging]



Does that make you feel anything?

I don't feel anything yet.

Then, how do you know that's the trial drug you're getting and not the placebo?



[theme music]



She's awake!

She is.

But why?

Because you're supposed to treat your job search like it's the job itself.

Or it because your parents forced you to get a summer job and now you're gloriously paying that forward.

[chuckling] What, you don't want to work a till in a grocery store? I got a boyfriend out of the deal, the butcher's assistant.

Ok. I don't think I want to hear the rest of that.

Is your sister awake?

And monopolizing the bathroom.


You can't be late on your first day.

[blender noise]

Point is it taught me self-reliance.

The job or the boyfriend?


You can save money... use it for your class trip to France.

Are we planning that far ahead?

Yeah, we should. But you have to pay half.

[dog barking]

Good morning!

Where are you just getting in from?

Out. Some bars.

Really? What kind of bars stay open till now?

The fun ones probably.

Some of the guys are back from school, so we were just hanging.

Don't you have class today?

Don't you?

[cell ringing and buzzing]

Dad's phoning.

[Natalie sighs]

I'll call him back later.

[musical ringtone]

He's calling me too.


I guess he's looking for you.


Have a good day!

[door opening]

[door closing]

He won't agree to her plans.

It's not like Mom has any better options.

Hi, Romy. It's David, your dad. Can you ask your mother to call me, please?

No, she can't.

I think he just wants to know us.

[door opening]

[door closing]

So you're having fun sleeping over at Auntie Elizabeth's?

Can we have a pool too?

A what? Come on, are you excited about camp?

Yes, but my helmet hurts my head.

Well, tell your mom she needs a flathead screwdriver, ok?

She can widen it, but she needs the flathead.

Daddy says you have a flat head.

Abby, Abby, Abby, you tell her I didn't say that, ok?

Tell her.

Abby: ok.

Here's Grandpa.

Hi, sweetie.

Does your back feel better?


I'm making you a card.

Thank you!

Hey, sweetie, we have to go.

Mommy says

I have to go, Grandpa.


Have a great day, sweetie.

Ok. Go get ready, ok?


Hey, Nic.

Teach kids to ride bikes at these specialized camps now. In my day, you pushed me onto traffic, you told me to steer.

I don't like lying to my granddaughter about why you've been here all week.

Dad, we had to move out of the house. With the construction in there, it was unlivable.


You did hurt your back leaning under the hood of a car.

Your son happens to be a physician.

My back will get better soon.

And hopefully, I'll be with my family again soon so...

Look, Dad, I got up at 6 a.m., cut the grass, made you coffee.

Happy to be useful.

Ok. Just don't wait for me for dinner, ok?

[door opening and closing]

Oh! Oh, oh, ok! Huh, sorry.

Bear with me, Raza.

♪ Soon, she's coming home soon ♪
♪ Soon, she's coming soon ♪
♪ Soon, she's coming home ♪

Technically, it still qualifies as caffeine.

I don't normally work mornings.

Keys to your place.

But I need the money because the brother I've housed for months has decided to blow fat stacks on himself instead of splitting the rent with me like he promised.


♪ Soon, she's coming home soon ♪

Look, I know you're less than thrilled with this studio I bought.

Oh, gee, you can sense that?

You're good.

At least, you're down with you pulling more shifts.

So I can afford rent?

No, the whole reason I like this job is because I can do it and still have a life.

Then move some place cheaper.

Your lease is up anyway.

I noticed you haven't invited me to move in with you.

It's not personal. I need this new space to paint, to immerse myself in my work.

You know I'd never let you go homeless.

I know.

Always Mom and Dad where the cost is only emotional.

Yeah. First, kill me now.

Second, Matthew's already there, and he already wants to kill me, so...


Look at this!

[people chattering]

They put me in the main section?

Online views were high. I guess the whole health angle resonated.

[both laughing]

It's been great for you. Not the cancer part.

Well, I guess I finally got a deadline big enough to motivate me.

Now, imagine how productive this section would be if all my writers were told they were dying. I felt like that last part maybe took it one step too far.

Hmm... just one.

Hmm! Greg, thanks for being behind me in all this.

Are you still getting lots of emails from readers?

Mm-mmh. More since I mentioned the drug trial.

I guess everybody wants someone to root for.

That drug company should be paying you.

There's something in it for me, too. Feels good connecting to people in the same boat.

[cell phone ringing]


Yeah, she found me, she's right here.

Ok, I'll tell her.

Apparently, a lawyer on behalf of a Mr. David Crowley has been calling the desk looking for you.

Everything alright?


[classical music playing]

It's incredible in the country this summer.

Pool finished?

Built a water-slide. Kids love it.

Well, I'm looking forward to showing you my cannonball.

[men chuckling]

Sorry you can't make it out.


[machine beeping]

Sorry. What?

Nicole told Ally.

Uh... Sorry, told her what?

That you guys need to be in the city that weekend.

Yeah. Right, right, right.


She didn't tell you?

Uh, you know what? She probably did.


You need to listen.

I know this because Vera, our marriage coach, has charged me $6200 to reiterate this one and single point.

The communication fails in a marriage?

You need to start speaking to each oth...

Do you think you can close up without leaving any instruments inside?

I gotta go check on a post-op.


[phone ringing]

Thank you.


Scott, this is Natalie and that's Maggie.

Do you represent Ms. Lawson?

She's my sister.

Thank you for coming in.

So you're having lawyers ambush me?

Mr. Crowley's parental rights are being infringed.

You're making plans for the custody of your children without including him.

Oh, I included him.

You're referring to this document you sent two weeks ago appointing your brother Matthew and his wife Nicole the testamentary guardians of Romy and Emma?

Which he refused to sign.

So you're ignoring me?

Ms. Lawson, my client has rights as a parent.

You cannot make unilateral decisions on this subject.

He has a vote.

Look, Natalie, I flew halfway around the world to be here, and my family, they're still back home.

Do we all get a vote?

Because mine's for you to go home and join them.

Have you heard about the drug trial? Because...

You know, I read it, yeah, in her columns. I think that's...

I think that's wonderful news.

Is that why you're not asking me to sign off on your plans any more? Because this drug might work?

[Natalie chuckling]

And here you are ready to bury me.

No, Natalie, no.

That's-that's-that's not what this is.

I'm happy. I'm happy for you. There's new options for you.

That's-that's great, but I also...

I also know you, and I know there needs to be arrangements made for the girls.

They need to be in place.

And there are.

And what?

Living with Matthew, you think, is what they want?

Of course it is! It's... it's the best option for them.

He is already renovating his home to make more room for them.

Oh, I get it.

He's a provider. Good stable family.

So, are we agreed?

I have your vote?

Mr. Crowley has certain requests.


David, what does that mean?

What it means is that I-I want to be in their lives again, properly.

And I want access rights, and I want to know that you're not gonna stop me from doing this.

And I definitely don't want your brother telling me when and when I can't see my own kids.

So we're horse trading?

And you're actually using what's happening to me as a bargaining chip?

No, it's not what I'm doing.

Look, I know that you're upset, and I can even understand why, but, Natalie, I'm their father.

[Natalie scoffs.]

There are things that I could say about how you behaved around them during the short period of time you deigned to be their father.

That's not... I didn't come here to compare notes about the stupid things we did when we were younger.

You almost let Caleb drown in the bath.

The door jammed because we were living in that dump of a married-students residence, and it was all that we could afford.

You forgot Emma in a fast food restaurant!

For 5 minutes! She was asleep in her stroller.

I think you're just... I think you're being petty.

And you didn't want Romy.

Ok, now that's that's not... that's not fair.

What I wanted, what I really wanted was for us to focus on our marriage, which, you know, was failing, Natalie.

You wanted me to have an abortion.

I said that 14 years ago. 14 years ago I said that.

Natalie, oh my God, I can't... The second I saw her face, I-I loved her.

And disappearing from her life is your way of proving that?

It was...

It's more complicated than that, Natalie. I think, I mean, you know that. I...

Your children grew up without a father because you chose another family over us.

I was alone. I did... I did my best, but that, that formed them.

And now what? You think you can just come back and let them get attached to you so you can abandon them again, except this time, I might not even be here to pick up the pieces?

This is...

Ms. Lawson, I'm sorry to be so blunt, but it's important for you to understand what's at stake if you don't work with us.

Without David's consent to your custody plans, should your treatment not prove effective, legally, your kids could go to him.

Scott. Scott.

He means after I die.


That's great, David.

It's been really great seeing you again.


Doesn't caffeine aggravate stress?

Didn't say it was stress, Mom; I said it was a headache.

Well, have your lunch and have a little nap.

Mom, this mayo expired three months ago.

Those dates are never exact.

By a day or two.

But come on, three months?

If you don't want your sandwich, there's chicken in the fridge. Help yourself.

He'll eat what you made or he won't eat anything at all.

I'll be in my room.

[door closing]

Fine. Fine.

I realize I'm putting you out here.

You don't tell us what's going on, come and go at all hours.

Your father and I are here to help.

We just need to understand the plan.


Postpone this work you're doing on your house, move back home and get yourself together.

Mom, I promised Natalie I'd have things ready for the girls.

She'll understand.

I can work things out with Nicole while she's staying with her sister, Dad.

How? She barely even speaks to you.

She just needs more time.

You fathered this child, you have a responsibility to him.

Mom, I know.

I don't.

This woman chose to have the baby.

I think the arrangements you had in place before were just fine.

Are you suggesting that he send the boy money and pretend he doesn't exist?

I don't see how Nicole can forgive him if he still has them in his life.

I don't know how she can if he doesn't.

Well, that went poorly.

[Maggie sighs.]

Haven't you put her through enough?

You know, I worshipped you two.

When you guys eloped, I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

I remember that. You were 15.

You wanted to live with us.

Now, I wish that she never met you.

I know. I loved her.

I can, uh, I can promise you that she doesn't... she doesn't regret it either.

Did you, did you hear her in there?

I heard her, but I think she would relive it all over again if it meant she got to have those kids, Maggie.

Why are you telling me this?

I don't know.

I don't know, maybe, uh, maybe because it's true.

I'll see you around, Maggie.

Maggie: Will you do what he wants?

Do I have a choice? He'd get custody.

He doesn't know what's going on with Matthew and Nicole.

No and he can't. He will use that.

This is my fault.

No, Matthew deserves some of the blame.

Maybe there's something I can do to help fix things.

No, you can't.

I'll do anything.

You know that, right?

Yeah, I know.

But there's nothing you can do. Thanks for being here.


It's, it's just... It's David.

You know, I get that you don't trust him with the kids.

You think I should?

No. No, I don't.

I just... I-I think if you're just doing this to punish him, maybe there's better use of your time, right?

Algebraic equation with multiple variables.

To solve it, how do we limit those variables to one?


Can I go to the washroom?


[door closing]


Emma: We're drifting. My hands are at 10 and 2, and we're still drifting to the left.

Yeah, it does that. You have to correct for it.

Why is the engine making this noise?

You're afraid to switch gears.

Well, I am being cautious!

Also, your left turn signal's been on for 5 minutes.

Can you just teach me and not just enjoy yourself as I fail?

Can I do both?


Ok, look. Unlike you, I didn't hone my driving skills on thousands of hours of Grand Theft Auto.

Ok, wrong pedal!

[tires screeching]

[indistinct song on radio]

[Caleb chuckling]


You've earned this.

Shouldn't you be in class right now?

I decided not to go this summer.

Like, to any of your classes? Officially?

Officially, they let me defer.

Isn't this what people who drop out say?

What happened to getting into architecture?

I don't want to do that anymore.

Mom's gonna freak.

I mean, she's riding me about getting a summer job, and, like, you're literally throwing away everything you've worked for.

Yeah, so don't tell her until I can figure out a way of doing it without upsetting her.

You know what's that about, right?

You getting a job?

She says I need to learn self-reliance.

She wants to know that you'll be able to take care of yourself if you need to.

But instead of facing that, you're ignoring it?

Isn't that what you're doing by dropping out of school?

I'm enjoying my freedom 'til I can figure out what's next.


Want me to drive?


You know, it's been a rough few weeks.

Thanks for letting me come by.

I'm sorry about your marriage.


I didn't want you to go through that.

Look, what you said before that I could only be in Julian's life if everyone knows the truth; what if I want that now?

What about Nicole?

Is she open to having a relationship with him?

Well, would you be open to, I don't know, all of us, I guess, being a family?

I'm willing to try.

Thank you.

But not if your wife can only see him as some kind of signifier of your betrayal. Because I can't have you turn your back on him down the road just to save your marriage No, no, I would never do that.

Why should I believe you?

I-I-I blew up my entire life to get this far.

Matthew, the truth only came out by accident.

Ok. ok, look.

He's gonna know eventually, right?

I mean, the longer this is kept from him, the angrier he's gonna be.

You're not gonna turn this on me.

No, no, no. I'm the one that failed everyone, and I'm the one that needs to make things right.

All I'm asking, please, let me make things right here.

Just let me be a father to my son.


boy: Uncle Matthew!


Uh-oh! Uh-oh!

Uh-oh! Oh-oh! Ugh! Oh! Ah!

Hey, baby.

How was camp?


Yeah? Did you guys go swimming today?


So many people who read my column are going through the same thing.

Like, here's this woman from Ohio, and she's just trying to help her husband, and I thought if I passed her number onto you, you could put them on whatever list you keep that...

Natalie, I can't take that.

Hey, they're willing to travel. I mean, they'll pay anything. Look, there are so many others too.

Some of them already found me.

Um, come on in.


I read your column, and the thing is we were hoping that you wouldn't include our drug trial in any future columns that you write.

You want me to stop?

Look, this is a business, I totally get it, but it's not like I'm writing anything negative and these people, they need help.

There's a reason we don't advertise.

Space is limited, we...

I know, but...

Look, writing about this, it really helps me, it's a great outlet.

Natalie, this is an experimental drug.

Even if you experience positive results, most of your readers wouldn't be candidates for it.

You're selling false hope.

[Natalie sighs]

I don't even know if I'm getting the drug or the placebo.

Well, you're allowed to stay hopeful.

Because I have been feeling great, and I've been so happy about that, but the truth is if I was actually getting the drug, I'd be feeling side effects, right?

Still no dizziness or nausea?

I felt something this morning, but I think it was rage against my ex-husband.

[Natalie sighing]

And you're not gonna tell me, are you?

Why, I can't. I, I don't know.


It's awful having no control.

You can always withdraw if the constraints of the trial aren't tolerable for you.

So my choices are continue to lie to myself or go back to living in fear.


[song playing in background]

Hey, here you go.

Thank you.

You know, I have never asked what it is you're writing. I've had to listen to the plots of too many screenplays; kind of a professional hazard among my laptop customers.

Uh, I'm writing a thesis for my doctorate in Political economy.

It's a romantic comedy.

Where does that get you?

I haven't decided, but I have somehow managed to stretch a four-year degree into seven.

[laughing softly]


I live around the corner.



Sorry, I just heard how creepy that sounded.

I meant, that's why I'm always here.

This morning with your brother, uh...

I have an extra room which I rent out.

I've had other tenants before; you can check my references.


If you need a cheaper place to live, it's a nice space. And, uh, I grew up in a big family, so I'm used to having people around.

Well, it's really sweet, Raza, but I should probably figure out a way to stay where I am.

But thanks.

Uh, that woman seems to want you.


[people chattering]

So what's Roxanne doing this summer?

Uh, counsellor at some camp she used to go to.

[musical ringtone]

Where's Caleb? My bus route's down; I'm stuck at school.

Emma: I don't know. Call him.

I already did. He's not answering.

So call Mom.

She's at the hospital.

Why, is everything ok?

Regular appointments for her drug trial, which you would know about if you paid attention to anything other than yourself.

Real nice. Just use your emergency credit card and take a cab.

[people chattering]

[Romy sighing]

How's your mom?

Fine. Good actually.

That's great.


So do you think you could help me get a job here?

If you took the lifeguard course with me when I asked you to six weeks ago, maybe.


So, they bought these for us.

Really? We shouldn't drink them, should we?

Oh, come on, Nic.

It's a martini, not a marriage proposal.

Going home with some stranger is not what I need right now.

Why not? Maybe after everything that's happened, you get to change what you need.

I know you think I'm boring.

You know, just because I liked being a wife and mother doesn't mean I'm not capable of doing other things.

No, of course.

Like what?

I don't know.

I really don't.

You know, I'm still letting this reno go on...

Building rooms for Emma and Romy.

Could have stopped it, but I didn't.


I don't know.

I needed to get out of that house, and I miss him.

And I hate him and I miss him. And I don't know what to do.

Have you thought about forgiving him?


You're serious? You're the one who outed him; now you're defending him?

No, I-I outed him because of the lying.

But I mean, now the truth is out there.

If the thing keeping you apart is only s*x...

Oh, come on! What's keeping us apart is his massive betrayal.

No, I know, I know. And I know the kid complicates things.

I just... I've never understood why love has to be so proprietary.

Why did you invite me here?

To help me or help him?

I want to help everybody.

You could never help me, Maggie.

Why not?

Because you don't know anything about intimacy.

He broke my heart!

You don't understand what you helped tear apart; how could you possibly help put it back together?

But thank you for trying.

boy: I was going for the ball.

A midfielder is supposed to back off!

And then what happened?

We ran into each other.

The other team scored, and this kid said it was my fault.

So, you hit a player on your own team?


He pushed me first!

Are you both suspended?

Just me. It's total bull.

Hey, listen, we will pull you from soccer if you can't shape up.

Right now, you apologize to that kid.

Yeah. I already did.


Don't give your mother a hard time, ok?

[doorbell ringing]

I should go.

When are you coming home?

I'll see you soon, buddy. All right?

Miss you.


Bye, Dad.


Come in.

[dog barking]

[birds singing]

[soft piano music]

[baby babbling]

Can I help you?

Oh no.

Sorry. It's just I...

I used to live here.

Did you want to come inside?

Oh! No.

Thank you.

[soft piano music]


I'm guessing your mom doesn't know that you came.

I don't, I don't think she's super thrilled that I'm back.

You know. How about you? Is she upset with you for getting me here?

She pretty much never mentions you...

Good or bad.

Thanks, "Mom".

You didn't bother with us for all this time; why do you care now?

Because, because your mom.

You know, I-I-I mean...

I know she's on this drug and that's great, but, uh...

But it might not work, and you think we'll need you.

And even if it did...

[sigh] Listen, Romy, I'm sorry.

For everything, I am. I wish that I could take it all back. I do.

This was my grandma's old house?

Yeah. You don't remember it here.

Pretty much looked like this when I was a kid too.


How come you didn't sell?

Didn't she die a long time ago?

Yeah. I don't, I don't know. For some reason, I can't let it go. But you know, I rent it out sometimes.

Were you planning on moving back here?

You mean, like permanently?

I don't know, I mean, I still teach in Buenos Aires, right, three months of the year so...

For my son and his mother, it's home so I'd have to see what they want, but, you know, I could, I could fly back all the time.

And you could come visit.

[Romy sighs.]

Isn't that what you said the first time you left?

Yeah, but you know, this time, we could follow through, Romy.

You know, I just... It would really help if it came from you.

You know, 'cause your mom, she's, she's, she's not gonna want it.

Yeah, I gotta leave.



Bye, Romy.

Guess what?

I mastered the charcoal grill.

Jeffrey tried to take it with him, but when I have the boys, I use it all the time.

Makes such a big deal about starting the fire. I mean, honestly.


It just tastes better when Daddy makes it.


It's good. It's one person's opinion.



I got it.

This way.

Oh no! Uh-oh!

[Julian laughing]

Oh! Uh-oh!

Oh no!


Come on!

Oh! Ah! Oh! Oh no!

No! No! No!

I know that your mom has spoken to you about the different kinds of families that people have.

Some families have just one mommy, and and some families have a mommy and a daddy.

I don't want you to call me "Uncle" anymore because... I'm your dad, and... you're my boy.

Do you live here now?

No, no. I-I, uh, I live in Montreal. It's a different city, but it's not far and, if it's ok with you, I would really like to start seeing you a lot more.

Should, uh, your father stay for dinner?

He could help us make our own pizza.

I don't want sauce on mine.

Yeah. No. Me neither. Haha!

Thank you.

[doorbell ringing]

Hey. Hi.

Ok, I don't care that you think you've changed.

You don't get to disappear for a decade, then come back and have an opinion about what's best for those girls.

And to use what's happening to me as leverage...

You say I need to include you in their lives or you won't agree to my custody plans.

I say I don't.

So I'm taking you to court and I'm having your legal rights as their father revoked.

You don't get a vote!

[cell ringing and buzzing]



Um, I need you to tell me the truth.


Do you think there's a chance that you could work things out with Nicole?

Yeah, uh, I don't know. I hope so.


If you can't, are you still willing to take Emma and Romy?

Yeah. No, yes, of course, I would.

Thank you.


[Natalie breathing heavily]


[sound of glass shattering]

Because I know if I say this to her, it will only upset her and I don't want to do that anymore.

I don't understand, your mom's doing ok.

What's upsetting her?

You're fixing this place up, right?

Yeah. Just needs to be loved a little.

Uh, I think it needs a bit more than that.

[glass shattering] I mean, I'll pour new concrete and drywall off some rooms.

I can do it all myself.



How many?

[glass shattering]


Romy, what were you talking about? What's upsetting your mother?

She needs to stay positive, and I get that.

Not good enough for you?

I need to live in the real world.

Ok. You know I'm here to help you.

She's, uh, she's made these plans for who's supposed to take care of us if she dies, but I don't like them. So I've considered my options and could I come live with you?

♪ Pick up where you left off ♪
♪ Exhale then go into the night ♪
♪ Take a deep breath now ♪
♪ Look to your right ♪
♪ Go past the lighthouse ♪
♪ Then come back to me ♪

Hi. Can I have an application, please?

♪ Go on in your best shirt ♪
♪ March forward, lay into the wind ♪
♪ Pull your dance shoes on ♪
♪ Hold to the white line ♪
♪ Let the signpost guide you back to me ♪
♪ Get lost in the background ♪
♪ Blend in then creep into the night ♪
♪ Pull the anchors in ♪
♪ Drift out to sea ♪

[cat meowing]

♪ Look to the lighthouse ♪
♪ Then come back to me ♪
♪ Go on with your cares ♪

man: Are you alright?

♪ Clear the air ♪


♪ Then storm into the fray ♪

I think so.

♪ Pick your best man now ♪
♪ Give him the light ♪

Can I call someone for you?

♪ And then come back to me ♪

No, I'm ok.

Actually, I'm good.

You sure?

That was a side effect!

It's-it's for a medication I'm taking.

That means it's working.


Thank you.

♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
♪ Oooh-ooh-ooh ooh-ooh-ooh ♪
♪ Ooh oooooh ♪
♪ Come down from your perch ♪
♪ Set sail and lean into the wind ♪
♪ Burrow deep and down ♪
♪ Wait for the sign ♪
♪ Wait 'til the lifeline pulls you into me ♪

[cat meowing]

♪ Come back to the shoreline ♪
♪ Inhale then bury all the grief ♪
♪ Take a deep breath now ♪
♪ Look to the sideline ♪
♪ I'll be there, then come on home to me ♪
♪ Pick up where you left off ♪
♪ Exhale then go into the night ♪