02x02 - Perfect Day

So you're having lawyers ambush me?

You're making plans for the custody of his children without including him.

Natalie, I'm their father!

You don't get to disappear for a decade, then come back and have an opinion about what's best for those girls. So I'm taking you to court and I'm having your legal rights as their father revoked.

You don't get a vote.

I live around the corner.

I have an extra room which I rent out.

This is the place?

If you need a cheaper place to live, it's a nice place.

It was really only a few times but we have a son and he is almost 7 years old.

I'm going to my sister's with Abby. Pack your things. Just go.

Nic, Nic, Nic...


Who'd think a bunch of hairless bitches complaining about dying could actually be uplifting?

(chuckle) That feeling of being completely powerless you were talking about; there's a freedom in that if you can find it.

I... decided not to go this summer.

Like, to any of your classes?

Mom's gonna freak!

Yeah, so don't tell her!

She says I need to learn self-reliance.

Hi, can I have an application, please?

She wants to know that you'll be able to take care of yourself if you need to.

She's made these plans for who's supposed to take care of us if she dies... but I don't like them.

Could I come live with you?

(anxious breathing)

Are you alright?

That was a side effect... from medication I'm taking...

That means it's working!


(kids' laughter on video)


(more laughter)

Found them!

Oh, those! Those are Granny Rose's.

You realize I was not offered a single ounce of that woman's jewelry?

Take it up with Mom!

You coming this afternoon?

Yeah, I guess. You already moved in?

I acted fast.

Are you gonna bring the kids?

What's all the fuss about this housewarming?

You move, like, every year.

I kind of signed a longer lease this time.

I hope, for a better deal on the rent?


Your lawyer called me...

Yeah, she's filing court proceedings against David.

We need to document his behaviour with the kids.

She said "Every detail I could "think of from when he wasn't there for them."

Now how hard should that be?

Look, if you're not up to doing anything, I totally get it, but if you wanna get your mind off of this mess with David, there will be alcohol!

(whispering): Which I can't drink!

Right, OK.

Well, hopefully, I'll see you later.



(chuckle) Ohhh...


(snickering): Nothing.

You OK?

Yeah... yeah, it's just the dizzy, it's good.

Really, it is.

It passes right away and it means the drug is doing something.

That's good!

Hey, are you studying, today?

Yeah, soon.

Why, did you... need something?

No... but I thought, maybe if you wanna take a break... we could just walk down to Sherbrooke, get some ice cream.

Maybe later?


Has it ever occurred to you that he needs his freedom?


No microchip, no phone number; what am I supposed to do?

The flyer's almost done.

That's great! Why don't we hit the town and put these up? That'll be fun!

Will it? Even though you're secretly hoping nobody claims him? (little chuckle)

Anyway, I can't. Theo's coming over this morning.


Since you're not in therapy anymore, I thought...

I've been figuring out my own ways to deal with that.

Well anyway... if you change your mind, it's there.

OK, Mom.




You, um... didn't hear me knock!

Let's just pretend that didn't happen.

Yeah, way ahead of you.

(little chuckle)

Have you looked outside today?

No, why?

Because it's gorgeous out.

And I was thinking about getting my bike from the garage and going for a ride up the mountain. Wanna come?

I would but I have a few resumes to drop off.

We can drop them off on the way out!

It's just... if a manager wants to meet me and apparently, that happens sometimes, it's... not gonna look great if my mom comes in with me, so...

OK. Hey, I'm really proud of how seriously you're taking this.

Thanks. But we can do the bike ride thing some other time.

Definitely. (quiet little laugh)

So I struck out with all three of them.

But it's great you're feeling so good.

Yeah, I am.

(organ music playing)

(big breath)

So I just want to do something normal today!

So you called me instead.

(little chuckle)

And I'm glad you did.

Except you asked me to meet you here, for some reason.

It's how I'm using my time.

Try to keep an open mind.

Me and Lance go back.

Met at Katacombs doing lines in the men's room!

I know I'm supposed to stand up here and say I miss him, and I do, sort of... but the truth is: Lance was a douchebag!

Did she just say "douchebag"?

Yes, she did.

Lance made me laugh.

So you slept with him too?

Uh, no, I did not!



...he was still the bright, dark light of my life.

How did you know this guy?

Never met him.

So it means...

Are we crashing this funeral?

(whispered): Open mind.


(indistinct talking)

You're early.

Yeah, uh... traffic was light.

Well, Abby's at the neighbours.

They have a trampoline.

They'll bring her back soon.

Should I wait in the car or...?

No, of course not, come on in.

How are you?

We're fine.

Your sister at home?

She's driving the boys to camp.

Don't tell me she's already put you to work doing groceries.

Oh, you won't believe this, I stopped by the house, this morning, they're tearing up all the base boards on the main floor. I think Brent is using the wrong plans or something.

No, I asked him to do that.

What, you did?


I've decided to replace all the trim and crown moulding.

Did he give you a price on that or...?

Four thousand.


No, it's good! It's a good idea.



Have you seen my keys?

(SMS alert)

You're waiting for a ride?

Actually, I'm driving.

Seriously? People let you drive them in that trashcan you call a car?

It's a job! OK? I'm saving good money.

Uh, Mom wanted you to drive us to Maggie's this afternoon.

You're gonna blow that off?

The Jazz Festival's on.

I can make like 200 bucks if I drive all day.

Is that what you're doing when you're out pretending to study?

What are you doing when you're pretending to look for work?

OK, I actually already submitted like 50 resumes.

Although... Dad invited me to lunch today.

I didn't know you two were talking.

We're not.

He found my Instagram and messaged me.

You're gonna go?

You don't think I should?

I think you should do what you want.

Just... keep your expectations low.

So, you're really not driving us to Maggie's?

Because I promised Mom we would meet her there.

And she seemed kinda needy this morning.

I'll pay you!

With what?

(with a tiny chuckle): You're down four life.


Fourth village...

There's my karma.


Romy? Um... your cards.

This is... is mean but... Brain Raider.

I just destroyed your best chance at damage!

That's a problem for you!

I already have enough problems already, OK?

Actual real world problems.

Like making cat memes?

Why did you invite me here if you don't wanna play?

You invited yourself.

You know, forget this.

I said:

I don't want to!

Come on! Come on, you love La Ronde! You and me, kiddo! Come on!


All set?

Just been a little wrinkle here.

Oh yeah? What's wrong?

Just Abby was thinking that maybe, uh, I guess, the three of us could... go together?

Sweetie... very nice of you to invite me but...

I've got plans today.

And your father was very excited to take you himself.

Come on, come on!

Um... what if he takes you to the Biodôme instead?

I'm not gonna go if you're not coming.

Um, you know what? You guys decide.


Hey, look, it was her idea, OK? I swear.

Look, maybe we could... we could all go.


What? What? What?


What am I supposed to tell her?

Figure it out.

Abigail, come on, let's go.

Come on, anywhere you want!

I only wanna go if Mommy comes too.

OK, fine. Fine. You know what?

Uh, I will spend the day alone.

You satisfied?

(door slamming)

Your father's just a little grumpy today.

It's OK.

You asshole.

OK, so I, uh, I made fresh Serrano salsa.

Fair warning: it is hot. You OK with that?

Good, OK. I'll be right back.

Why did you ask me here?

Well, to get to know my daughter a little.

Why did you come?

I was curious, I guess.

OK, so we both want the same thing: to know each other a little.

Mom obviously doesn't want that.

Yeah, uh, your mom let you know what's going on between us?

Not really. I know you guys are fighting over Romy and me.

Yeah and I'm really sorry that you're in the middle of it all, and I know your mom just wants what's best for you, like, I get that but...

Emma, I think that you are, you know, old enough to make up your mind about me.

Trying to be the dad I never had!

(snickering): Ouch! Wow! OK!

You, uh... you guys are tough!

You know, you and your sister. I like that.

(pouring): Old enough to make up my own mind, right?

Alright, so, tell me, what are your, uh... what are your plans for the summer?

Get a job.

Really? That's too bad.

You got the rest of your life to be miserable. Summer's for fun!

You have a... Do you know what you're gonna do?

Haven't had any luck finding anything.

I would even go for fast food at this point.

Hm! You know, I could probably finagle something for you.


Mm-hm. You, uh... you could be my researcher.

And research what?

We could find something.

You know, you could make your own hours...

I'm pretty sure I got some grant money lying around, so... you know, I could look into it if you're... if you're interested.



I mean, I need to think about it first so...

Yeah, sure. No, you just let me know.

(whispered): Hey, there.

Not so fast!

Oh, Tia, no!

It's why we came, come on.

So that's your idea of using your time?

It helps to get used to it.

But that's not where you are right now, OK.

Let's do something else, something that works for you.

Hey, why don't you come be my date at a housewarming party?

That's your choice?!

Ah, I promised my sister.

It won't be as weird as this, but at least, we'll be among the living!

(little chuckle from Tia)


(birds chirping)

Come, I'll show you around.

Well, this is interesting!

There's two bedrooms down here.

Oh, and which one is yours?

This one and, yes, I sleep alone.

That's not what I meant.

Here, I brought you something.

(hesitating): It's adorable!

(song playing in the background)

Thank you so much!

You're welcome!

Hey, I'm just gonna check on the food.

She hates it.

She doesn't.

Which one's her roommate?

How should I know? No one tells me anything.

Another one?

Hey, how's the new place you bought?

My work's taking off in all new directions because of it.

How's things at home?

Fine. Fine.

You know what fine stands for? Feeling insecure, numb and empty.

Can I change my answer to good?

You've been man of the house for a long time.

When I was your age, I was a selfish, self-involved mess.

Hey, you want some booze in that?

Nope! Completely off it these days.

(knocking loudly)

What are you doing here?

But you invited the whole family?

Matthew, I thought we weren't ever speaking again.

Look, I got locked out of Mom and Dad's; they said I could come by and pick up the key.

Unless you'd rather I wander the streets aimlessly...



What are we even doing here?

Good question.

Great party, huh?




Locked out of the house.

(clinking on glass)

Thanks for coming, everyone. Uh... just a quick bit of info and then, you can all get back to it. Um... for those who don't know, this is Raza Ali. This is his fantastic apartment and he was nice enough to let me move in!

Welcome. Thank you all for being here.

And, uh... we got married this morning, at City Hall!

(laughing): To Raz, my husband!

(Maggie chuckling)

(Matthew laughing)

OK look, before you all lose it, we're not actually married-married; it's more of an arrangement, really.

I needed a place to live, he wants to be able to stay and work in the country. We thought we'd tell you all at once so we don't have to have this conversation, like, 20 times, right?

Obviously, this is something of a, um, you know, sensitive legal matter, which is why Chantalle here is taking pictures to document everything so it looks, you know, legit! Oh, yeah!

So, relax, enjoy, and if anyone asks: we're in love! To us!

(crowd cheers)

(Maggie chuckling)

Thank you!


What's going on?

Well, apparently, Maggie just married that guy.

Uh... when?

This morning.

You know, this might not be as bad as you think.

I mean, the choices people make, the regular, everyday-life stuff that appears normal; those choices usually end in misery, so... if you look at it THAT way, maybe a choice that appears extremely abnormal is a safer bet.

(indistinct song playing in the background)

What in God's name are you talking about?

Oliver: They look good together.

(Janine sighs.)

Why, thank you, Oliver.

My worries are literally melting away.

Gerald: How long have you known my daughter?

We've been acquainted a few months now, but platonically. We've met at the bar where she works.

You're an illegal immigrant?

No. But my student visa expires this year.

Why do you have to do all this now?

Because if I wait until I graduate, it might look suspicious.

Don't you think it already looks suspicious?


I won't say anything.

Thank you.

How can you afford all this?

My parents helped me buy it as an investment instead of wasting money on rent.

Where are you from?


Don't you wanna settle there?

I'm happy here. There's more opportunity for me.

What do your parents think about your phony marriage?

(chuckling): Good question!

Um, they're not quite as accepting as your family seems to be.

Yeah, well, to your face, anyways.

Don't mess with my daughter.


(indistinct conversations)

Want some?

Since when do you drink wine?

Since today, in fact. My father gave me some.

You saw David today?

When he invited me over for lunch.

Does your mother know you did that?

He offered me a job too!

Yeah? Doing what?

He said he'd pay me to be his researcher.

Hey, Emma, if I were you, I wouldn't take that job.

Well, you're not me.


(He slams down the bottle.)

Wow, thanks.

(indistinct conversations)


Romy: Did you think about what I asked you?

Do you realize I don't cook?

Then, we'll order pizza every night.

I'm terrible with homework; I wouldn't be any good with yours.

No problem, I just won't do it.

Can we stay up late watching old kung-fu movies?

Only on school nights.


Does that mean yes?

Means we can explore it.

Could you bring this up with Mom?

Because I think she'll actually listen if it comes from you.


Let me guess...

(whispered): The worst!

(Natalie laughs.)

Photo, please.

(Natalie chuckles.)

So, congratulations!

And you all thought it would never happen for me.

(Natalie laughs.)

Something borrowed, huh?

Yeah, deep down, I'm an old-fashioned girl.

OK, well, I'm not even gonna ask whether or not you thought this through.

Well, you can because I have!


The place is really nice.

Yes, and free.

Ohhh, that's the arrangement?

For three years or until he gets his citizenship.

OK... and it's really... not about s*x?

No, not at all.

OK, first, I was gonna rent a room from him, then we got to know each other and we realized that, you know, our needs were compatible.

So instead of doing something reasonable, like finding an actual roommate or, I don't know, working harder to make ends meet, my little sister, she marries a stranger.

Yes, it's a transaction.

It's a sham. And a lie.

Yeah, it's a lie; it was never meant to be anything else.

Are those my mother's earrings?

She would be appalled. Give them to me.

Mom, stop!

You may as well be dancing on her grave.

You know what?

Fine. Here.

You are ruining your chances for real happiness, my girl.

I am happy, Mom. This is happy for me.

Well, what about love? Couples marry for love, don't they?

Maybe sometimes. But look how well that turned out for Natalie!


You can leave me out of this, thank you.

OK. Matthew then. Or you and Dad!

What is that supposed to mean?

I grew up in that house, OK?

I heard you two yelling at each other.

We had our disagreements.

But when it's real, it is worth fighting for.


Hey... you had to know this was gonna upset her.

She has to let me live my life.

(Natalie chuckles.)

Chantalle: Do you wanna do the family photo?

(Natalie chuckles.)



Family photo! (clapping)



You know this is a fake wedding photo, Mom?


OK, let's do this.

Let's do it!

Caleb? Oh! Caleb!

Oh, come on! Come on!

Big smiles!



(upbeat pop song playing)

some: Yay!

Oliver: Everybody's here!

Chantalle: Um, shouldn't the groom be in this?

Yes, uh... Hubby!


You need to be in this.

Raza: You all look so amazing. This is great.

OK, everybody smile!



Ready to go?

Yeah, I think we've seen the best of this. (little chuckle)

Come on, I'll take you home.

No way, we're not finished.


We're not?

I just wanna go.

(Janine sighs.)

Just take me home.

You woke up this morning wanting to make the most of your day.

We've been to a funeral and a wedding, and neither of them were what you needed.

Think of something for you, something you wanted to do but never did. Come on, be creative.

(loud knocking and sighing)

(more loud knocking)


What the hell's wrong with you?

Nice to see you too, Matt.


So, uh, you're serving wine to my niece?

Emma? Yeah. We had lunch.

Yeah, she's 16.

She's my daughter.

Well, that's how you treat your own kid? Underage drinking?

"Play for her affection" job offers?


Point taken.

Well... OK!

Good then.

Good! Come in for a drink.

(long breath out)

My parents used to bring us here when we were kids.

I'd have to look after my sister which was impossible.

She'd run around not listening to anyone.

Sounds like that hasn't changed!


Sometimes you need to get a little crazy to make life work.

If you say so.

I was so in love with Jill, I married her brother.

You did not!

It was years ago.

And where we grew up, I never dreamed I could have her.

So I got as close as I could.

Of course, it all unraveled.

Her brother forgave us, thank God, but... in the middle of all the chaos, I found her.


I married my ex-husband on our fifth date!

(Natalie chuckles.) And I was already pregnant.

You must have been pretty swept up!

Yeah. Swept up, passionate...

Look what that got me!

Chaos creates, chaos destroys.


My mother fought through hers: my dad!

Somehow, they made it work.


Dave and I brought the kids here once, when things were really bad. I just...

I remember watching these people.

A sight I'd never seen before.

It's as if they were walking on water.

Come on.


I mean, you know what she's doing, right?

She's dragging me to court to take away my rights as a father!

I know, I know!

Look, if you think I'm gonna say a word against my sister here...

Look, I know, I get it.

But you know, this... this thing with Emma, I just want her to know that I mean well.

But obviously, I have no idea how to reach them.

And uh... no, no... you want me to...

...help you learn how to talk to your own kids?

Don't they see you as some sort of father figure? I mean, you are supposed to be "the one", right?

I mean, Natalie needs you to be.

But you won't sign off on that, so...

Yeah, which is nothing personal.

I mean, obviously you're a man who's got his life together and I'm just trying to, you know, reach my kids again, so... Listen, I just... I just need to know that...

That I'm gonna... let you if they're living with me?


(chair creaking)

Why would I agree to that?

I don't know. Just hoping somebody here would have an open mind, you know, and see that all I wanna do is-is be a father, to my own children, Matthew.

Toss it if you want.

We can hang it up if you want!

It doesn't really match the décor.

I wouldn't know.

Really? This place is pretty coordinated.

You had a designer?

She was a friend.

Ah. I have to be at work.

Fine, I'll finish up here.

You sure?


Uh, did you want me to carry you over the threshold?

I think that's supposed to be in, not out.


I'll see you later?


Matthew: Must have been hard starting over.

Yeah. I left a bit of a mess, that's for sure.

My little girl, she's 7; even a night or two away from her, I mean, it's brutal.

So you travel for work?

Ah... Sometimes, you know, uh, conferences, consultations, that sort of thing.

Yeah, yeah. Well, you just make sure you come home at the end of those trips 'cause that's... that's what counts.

It's already affecting her, I think, but...

Yeah. Kids, you know, they find consistency.

Yeah, it's like I'm away a lot, but, uh... yeah, my, uh, my son and I, we're... we're good.



What about your wife?

Well, why me?


That's another story, you know.

Come on, what kind? What kind of story?

Uh, well, last time I came home, she'd changed the locks on my door so...

So hey, yeah. Hahaha!


Is, uh...

So is that why you're, you're here then?

Well, like I said, I'm here for the kids.

You know what, it's one thing using me to get to them...


But you're using them...

What? What? For what?

I don't know!

You tell me!

You-you wanna, you wanna seem like the good guy?

Matthew. Matthew, listen, I...

Listen, I'm just, I'm just, I'm just telling the truth, being honest.

OK, then admit it. Admit it.

Admit it then. 'Cause I see it! You're just here 'cause you want to feel better about failing.


That's why you're here.

Watch, watch yourself.

No, you watch yourself!

What kind of asshole abandons his own family?!

What kind of asshole toys with my sister's kids like they're what... they're some kind of consolation prize for you?


Ah! Jesus!


Ah! Jesus, what the hell?!

More than one asshole here, Matthew.

(Matthew gasping) Ugh!

It can't be done.

(Natalie laughing)

If we drown together, how poetic would that be?



We got this!

♪♪ Like the song when it goes ♪


(Natalie laughing)


♪ Just to roam up ♪
♪ To the pond ♪

Look at you. Aaah!


How do we stand? We never asked them how to stand.

We did, they said: "Just get up."

♪ Never know a way to stop ♪

Easy for them to say.


Yay! (laughter)


♪ Isn't all the mission ♪
♪ Everything I've done ♪
♪ Caught up in that world again ♪
♪ When can I glow back ♪
♪ I want to throw back ♪
♪ When can I glow back ♪♪

(breathing out sharply three times)

(breathing in)

(breathing out sharply four times)

You look like you're giving yourself the Heimlich Maneuver.

Your sister let me in.

They're exercises.

My mom's making me do them to alleviate anxiety.

Since when do you do what your mom wants?

Call it penance.

Apology accepted.

I wasn't talking about you.

Well, I'm forgiving you anyway.

You're way too nice for your own good.

If you think card games are too childish, let's do something else.

Like what?

I don't know. What do adults do?


No thanks.

Maybe your mom has some medical marijuana lying around?

She's not on chemo.

We could kiss.

Actually, I-I should, I should probably go.


I owe you a Brain Raider.

Cool. (both chuckling)

Have you seen the pharmaceuticals?

Literally right in front of you.

How was your, uh, day with Dad?

Fine. Sort of.

(cat meowing)

What did he try to buy you with?

Fish tacos. How do you know he tried to buy me?

(cat meowing)

It's what he does.

(cat meowing)

Aw, shut that cat up.

(cat meowing)

(door closing)

What did you do that for?

You told me to shut him up!

Yeah, I meant to care for him.

Mom's gonna freak!

Cat! Kitty!

His name's Jude.


Where'd you go, buddy?

He went over the gate.


Great job!


Natalie: Thank you for today.

Tia: Thank you.



Just... just give me a minute, OK?


Did you overdo it?

Today was incredible.

But I'm thinking maybe it's the right thing to do. For Romy.

Oliver, you're really considering this?

I mean, I love that kid.

I know you do.

It's about stepping up for something, something big.

I've been through this with Natalie already.

She's not gonna like it.

Yeah, I know.

Why is she hanging onto this idea that Matthew can handle the girls now anyway. He's a wreck.

He's a wreck with a job! You know, Romy needs structure, not a struggling artist with no stability.

That's not fair.

I'm working hard, focusing on my career again.

I know you are. And I love her too, but Romy has issues.

And if you take her in, that means her mother has died and we've lost a sister.

Do you really think you're capable of handling that?

♪ Oh ohhhhh ohhh ♪


Let me.

I'm fine, people. Really.


We've lost track of time.

Of course we did.

That was the whole point.

(soft piano music)

Hey, look, I-I'm sorry. I was worried.

When I didn't hear from you... (sobbing)

Let's get you home.




Emma: Jude!

Caleb: Dumb cat!

Hey, don't say that!

Mom loves him, and he's very sweet.

Love didn't make him stick around, did it?

They have instincts, homing instincts, to find somewhere safe.

Our home is safe.

Maybe he doesn't think so.

Or maybe he needed to go anyway.

(Caleb whistling)

Maybe we could just tell Mom that he was already gone when we got home. And blame it on the cat?

He won't know that, Emma.

And because he's a cat.


If she knows we lied, it will only make her more upset.

And she'll know. She always knows.

(Caleb smooches audibly.)

Emma: Juuuuude!

Shh! I think I heard something.



I wonder what it would feel like to live outside.

Romy: You mean, like a troll under a bridge?

Caleb: You'd last as long as the battery on your phone.

Emma: Hmm...


(Caleb whistling)



(cell phone beeping)




(Matthew sighing)

What happened to you?

Can I please talk to my wife?

What happened? Are you OK?

Uh, yeah.

No, I, uh...

Just somebody hit me.

That's... It's not exactly true.

I got into, uh, this kind of a fight.

(sighing): You can't just show up here like this.

Lizzie, do you mind?

It's fine.

Thank you.

Have you been drinking?


Matthew, who hit you?

Doesn't matter.

It doesn't matter 'cause I do want to fight.

I want to fight for us.

I would do anything because I want this marriage. I want, I want you.

I love you.

And I know that you love me. I know somewhere in there, you still love me. I know it.

Ah, just, just... please.

Please, Nic, Nic.

OK, just... just talk to me.

Please just talk to me.




(cat meowing)


(cat meowing)

What are you doing outside?

Hi, little buddy.


♪♪ Ce soir, je Te fais danser ♪

Oh, it's OK. Oh, it's all right.

♪ Je Te jure, je Te fais danser ♪

(door closing)

♪ Je t'ai pas oubliée ♪


Anyone? Hello?

♪ C'est juste Que ça me hante ♪
♪ Que tu me voies étrange ♪
♪ Qu'un jour on Se réveille ♪
♪ Plus jamais pareils ♪
♪ Plus jamais pareils ♪
♪ Plus jamais pareils ♪
♪ Ce soir, je Te fais danser ♪

Let it go! So good!

So good!

♪ Dans Ce monde insensé ♪

David: I love you.

Aaah, what was that?

(David laughing)

(Natalie gasping)

Say that again.

I love you.

You know that.

Natalie: Awww.

You know that?

Natalie: How much?

Emma! Where's my girl?

(Natalie laughing)

♪ Qu'un jour on Se reveille ♪

Natalie: Get him, Caleb! Get him!

♪ Plus jamais pareils ♪
♪ Plus jamais pareils ♪
♪ Plus jamais pareils ♪
♪ Et qu'on Se dévisage ♪
♪ Qu'on Se dévisage ♪
♪ Qu'on Se dévisage ♪
♪ Qu'on Se dévisage ♪
♪ Ce soir, je Te fais danser ♪
♪ Je Te jure, je Te fais danser ♪

Where'd you get this?

She's Judge Susan Reeves, the head of the Corruption Commission.

Have you been talking to the chief?

No, but it's not good.

I am investigating the biggest story of my career.

You think you're in personal danger?

I want to do the story.

Appa, that is such a messed up idea!

You messed up idea.

No, Appa, that is not...

You know!


You what.

Stop doing that.

You stop.

So if I stop...

You show up, I stop.

[Janet screams in frustration]