02x05 - Scanxiety

This could really slow your disease considerably, but we don't know if it will.

I want to fight for us.

I would do anything 'cause I want this marriage. I want, I want you.

I love you. Just... just talk to me.

[birds chirping]

I'll never be able to do this with you.

Did we overdo it?

Today was incredible.

Whatever feelings I have about what Dad did or didn't do, those belong to me.

This is about the girls, OK?

They could end up having to live with him.

Their father?!

He's our father!

I'm sorry.

Can't do anything for you, OK?

I don't want you to.

I have to learn to do things for myself.

I get that I didn't ace this, but I really want this job.

You work here as punishment?

You have a better excuse?

I was offered a modeling job actually, but I didn't want to subject myself to that kind of scrutiny.

I'm kind of a mess. I'm drinking again.

I hate being at home.

So we're not married-married; it's more of an arrangement really.

I needed a place to live; he wants to be able to stay and work in the country.

And here I am trying to step up, and nobody wants my opinion.

That's probably because you do things like whimsically marry strangers.

You are ruining your chances for real happiness, my girl.

I am happy, Mom.

Love. I mean, couples marry for love, don't they?

I grew up in that house, OK?

I heard you two yelling at each other.

You've got a cat?!

Mom found him. His name's Jude.

Ah, Saint Jude, patron saint of lost causes.

[guitar music]

[phone ringing]

Hey, would somebody please get that?

[phone ringing]

[phone still ringing]

Are we just ignoring this?

It only ever rings if it's a telemarketer.

How is every single piece from the wrong game?

[phone ringing]

[soft guitar and piano music]

All these games are better with four.

[soft guitar and piano music]

So, umm, you know, Grandpa's back is all better now, so I won't be living at his house anymore.

Look how high my tower is!

Abby, honey, you need to listen.

I also, uh...

I won't be coming back to live with you and Mommy, anymore.


I have a new apartment. I'm-I'm... gonna be living there.

And you'll stay there too a few nights a week, OK?

And you'll have a really great bedroom, and you'll get all new toys, so... [chuckling]

Just, um, just like Erika's family.

You remember how her mom and dad have different houses?

You're getting divorced?

Uh, well... Hmm...

For now, it's called separated but...

Both of us love you so much.

And that is not gonna change, OK?

[softly]: OK.

[cat meowing]

Hey there.

Hey, that's OK.

Ooh, it's OK.

Hey, what are you playing?

Uh, I've decided on cards.


[to the cat]: It's OK.

Should we come with you tomorrow?

To get your results?

No, that's OK. It's just another scan.

But it's your first one since you started the drug trial.

That's very sweet of you, but... you've got work, Em.

And didn't you just sign up for that after school art program?

[phone ringing]

Aw, not that thing again.

Who was it before?

I don't know.

You didn't answer?!

My doctors call me on that sometimes.



[Jude meowing]

Oh, hi. Yeah.

Oh. OK.

Um... Look, I'm-I'm sorry, but how can I be sure of it?


Yeah, that's it.

No, I... I will.

OK! Ha!

OK, I'll see you tomorrow.



That was Jude's owner.

[Jude meowing]

[Natalie sighing]

[sadly]: Described the mark on his belly and everything.

So, the cat's going home.


[Jude purring]


His owner says that he is an explorer, and sometimes, he disappears for weeks.

And here I thought I was saving you.

[theme music]

[inaudible talking]

[inaudible talking]

[siren blaring]

You could have just sent a link.

Then, we wouldn't be standing here together talking about it.

It's a little about tactile over digital; it just gives a work permission to be felt.


This is interesting.

Thank you.


I have made acquisitions through to the New Year.

Great! Yeah, my January's wide open.

You're clearly accessing something worthwhile, and I'm glad we've connected again, but truly?


I feel like your... absorbative approach to this installation isn't quite right for our particular space.


Yes, exactly.

That's exactly how it's meant to feel.

Let's keep in touch.

You know, who knows, down the road...

No, those are for you.

OK. Bye.

I mean, I wouldn't throw it up on Airbnb or anything, but...

Raz, come on, it's-it's gross and like, barely livable.

For you and me, but...

I mean, Oliver's clearly been focusing on painting, and artists, who knows?

[amused sigh] I've seen Pollock.

OK, say something is up; what do you think it could be?

I guess, when we were younger, he would go through these phases where he'd disappear or get into trouble.

I'm just... I'm worried about him, OK?


[cute musical ringtone]



Hello, Mom!

Ah! She answers... It's a miracle.

I-I was just wondering if you were going with Natalie to her appointment.

Uhh, no. No, she didn't ask.

Uh, what about work?

I have the day off.

Oh. Hmm, listen, is Raza there?

Yes. Why?

I'd like to speak to him.

What could you possibly need to say to him?

Margaret, will you put him on the phone or won't you?

My mother would like to speak to you.

Hi, Mrs. Lawson.

Yes, I am. I, uh...

Uhhh... Yeah, that's fine.

Yeah, that sounds nice.


What was that all about?

I invited you both to lunch.

Oh! OK, well, in that case, I politely decline.

Now, it's too late. Raza's already accepted.

Mom, no. Wait, why do you want to do this?

Would you please just come?

I'm making you rhubarb pie.


Wonderful! I'll see you both at 1. Bye!

[laughing]: I mean, what was I supposed to say?

No, obviously.

They really make you wait all the way to 5 even though they already know?

Well, they don't give bad news over the phone.

Oh, come on.

Don't do that.

Other than the occasional side effect, you've been feeling good, right?


There has to be a reason for that.

The waiting is torture...

[Natalie sighing] ...but I have loaded myself up with errands to keep me busy for the day.

Natalie Lawson, is that for Caleb?


Freezes well.

And sustenance trumps space.

Where are things with David?

Well, he's finally stopped pushing.

And he's actually giving me some time to get my head around things.


[cell phone beeping]

Hi. Yeah, I'll be right out.

Are you sure I can't drive you?

They sent a car.

I've already paid for it.

[Natalie exhaling]

Thanks for waiting with me this morning.

Right back at ya. Ha!

Do you really think you'll be able to part with the cat?


[soft guitar music]

Are you sure I shouldn't stick around?

Just help you make it through the day.

It is so good you are doing this.

Will you let me know the minute you get your results?

Are they... are they gonna let me keep my phone in rehab?


Aww! Come on!




Don't forget Abby's clubs.

That's alright.

[woman chuckling]


Pick up.

She loves it when you take her to the course.

I will be out of here soon.

It's fine.

She's at camp this afternoon, and, uh, Daphne's mom... [clearing her throat]

...offered to take the girls to dinner and a movie so...

I know we don't know her that well, but Abby really wanted to go.

So Daphne's mom, wasn't she the one that had a stripper at her kid's birthday party?

[both laughing]

It was a belly dancer.


Remember? The princess from Aladdin?

Yeah, for her day job, maybe, but...


It's gonna be OK.

Anyway, it's probably a good way to take her mind off all this.

As soon as the "For Sale" sign went up, half the street wanted to know why.

It's not too late to change your mind, you know?

I-I meant if you and Abby, if you want to stay in the house.

I know.

We could all use the fresh start.

[engine roaring outside]


We thought maybe you were dead.

[Caleb snickers.] Thanks for caring enough to call 911.

A lot of work.

It's nuts what you can sleep through.

We should maybe see someone about that.

No sharpie souvenirs this time.


[distant siren]

Is that...? Your mom came by, told us not to wake you.

You told her I was asleep?

At noon on a Monday?

No, man, she was cool. She just wanted to make sure you're covering all the food groups. It's adorable actually.

Shut up.


You want some?

[Caleb clearing his throat]

Knock yourself out.

[church bell tolling]

[church bell tolling]

So what happens when you graduate, Raza?

Are there many jobs here in your field?

Maggie: Mom, of course, there are.

So, uh, must have been quite a cultural divide between Montreal and your village.

Oh, my God! Dad, he's from Islamabad, a city of like, six million people.

More like two million people.

I'm sorry, Raza.

That-that came out wrong.

You think?

Raza: It's not a problem.

And yes, things are different here, but, uh, food and family seem to be a universal concept, so...

So, do you have brothers and sisters?

Yes. Two of each.

Five nieces and nephews, so far.

And your parents?

Both still working and extremely opinionated about the lives of their children.

I didn't tell him to say that.

Raza: Aw, you played soccer!

Janine: Isn't she beautiful?

She was fast as hell too.

You should have seen her.

No, I played too as a kid.

Janine: Oh, so you have that in common!

We do.

Uh, uh, can I see an album?

Janine: Of course! Ha!

Is it just me or does this whole apartment still smell like paint?

This is amazing.

Complete with dress-up station.

I used to make these for the girls.

She's gonna love this.

Well, at least one room is coming together.

Still no word on your furniture?

Did you phone again?

You know, I have half a mind to call that kids' store back.

At least, they deliver on time. Maybe I can order the race-car bed for myself. Haha!

Ooh, careful.

You won't want to give that up when yours gets here.

Put it in the extra room for... for Julian.

He's gonna come stay with you?

Yeah, hopefully, at some point.

Beatrice thinks he's ready, so...

I can't wait to meet him.


I can always sublet, right?

If it even comes to that.

[cat meowing]

[Natalie clicking her tongue]

And please don't tell me that cat's coming with you to the doctor's later on because... Haha!

No. He's going home now.

And also...

[Jude meowing]

...he didn't offer.


The girls did though.


I told them not to worry.

But you do know they're gonna worry anyway, right?

Look, I don't know, but maybe it's better for all of you to at least be together.

Support if the news is bad.

I can't have that happen in front of them.

Hey, just let me know if you want me there, OK?

'Cause I can reschedule the furniture guys.

Thanks, brother.


[Jude meowing]

[alternative-rock music playing]


Why do you come in here every day?

Can you be doing what you're doing from your playpen?

You said I could come and work.

Well, this is a hive mind.

[indistinct song playing]

Told me not to talk to anyone.

Well, I think the time has come.

No, not them. Not yet.

That's still incubating.

Remember what I told you? We take freelance jobs to support the work we actually care about.

Well, these are the freelance gigs that aren't worth our time.

Go for it, my child.

Go for it and level up.

[device dinging]

You're pimping me out to work for Internet strangers?

I'm giving you exactly what you asked for: autonomy. Oh!

And, uh, our cut's 20% so...

[indie rock music]

[electronic music playing]

Are you finding everything OK?

I guess.

Can I help you put some looks together maybe?


We have those in black, and I think they would look great on you.

Taupe is my black.

Hey, is everyone who shops here such a raging bitch?

Yep, pretty much.

How do you not lose your filter, like, every day?

There are ways to keep things interesting.

[cell phone buzzing]

Cover for me.

I'm not allowed to use my phone on the floor.

Caleb: The floor? Of what?

I'm at work. What's up?

That's what I want to know.

Mom dropped chili off at Rob's this morning.


And chili's never just chili with Mom. What's going on?


Her drug-trial results? Yeah, she gets those today.


She never told me.

I guess you never asked.

You'll let me know when she hears?

Why don't you stop being an a-hole and call her yourself.

[electronic music playing]

Emma will be happy to put this through for you.

I'm glad you could find everything you wanted.

And I'm glad you have a 30-day return policy.


Can I go?

Emma: Have an amazing day.

[fast beeping]


Natalie, hi.

Uh, your results, did you get them?

I would... No. Not 'til later today.

[Natalie sighing] Wow! Packing up the whole place.

Yeah. Open house this weekend.

I'm supposed to purge all the clutter, but not so much that it looks like nobody's living here.

Are you still staying with your sister?

Until we sell.

Uh, did you want to come in?

Uhh, no. I...

You know you're still one of the family, right?

OK. Thank you for saying that.

Oh, I didn't mean to upset you.

No, you didn't.

It's just I've been trying to get Matthew to admit it's over, and, uh, hearing someone else say it.

Hey, what's going on?

OK, umm, you're both in my will as guardians of the girls.

Did you want to take me out?


I mean, no, that's not why I'm here. I...

I need to ask you something.

Given everything that he is dealing with, mother to mother, do you think Matthew is still capable of taking the girls?


[soft piano music]

Well, I think he could never say no to you.

[musical ringtone]


Hello, this is Natalie.




Yeah, OK, I'll...

I'll be right there.


[cat meowing]

Hey. [tongue clicking]

I know we're late...

[Jude meowing]

...but I'm really gonna need you for this next one.

[soft piano music]

Would you prefer the red?

Actually, uh, I'm, I'm not much of a drinker.

Except when you are.

That's cultural?


You know, I'll have some more.

You mentioned both your parents still work.

Yes. Mom is an administrator at a hospital, and Dad provides policy analysis for the Finance Ministry.

So you're following in your father's footsteps with your own studies.

Yes, something like that.

Well, I'm looking forward to meeting them.


[Maggie coughing]

[Maggie clearing her throat]



Hey, hey.

I'm sorry, were you not done?

Why is this so upsetting to you?

Because you're treating him like he's really my husband.

Isn't he?

I never asked for you to pretend this marriage was real.

When in fact that's exactly what you asked me to do.

No, I asked you to accept this for what it is: a means to an end!

Unless Immigration calls.

Maggie, you asked me to live a lie; I'm just trying to find a way to believe in it.

Well, if that's what it takes for you to get behind my choices, to twist them into fiction, then please stop trying.

I'm sorry.


If she won't act her age, then what am I supposed to do?

Gerald: Well, picking fights isn't going to help.

Janine: Is it too much to ask for a little support from you?


[dog barking] [rock music]

♪ All I see ♪
♪ Is worse for me ♪
♪ Caught in a lie ♪

[rock song stuttering]

[rock song stopped]

Janine: Don't walk away from me when I'm speaking to you.

Gerald: I got work to do.

We're not gonna...

Look. At least, I don't stifle everything that's interesting about her!

Janine: You let her get away with too much!

Gerald: Look. [Gerald sighs.]

Everything I do is wrong.

Everything everyone does is wrong.

What are we doing?

This marriage isn't working, and you know it.

Well, you're not gonna escape that easily.

We can't go on like this.


We made a vow.

Now, you may not believe this anymore, but we are setting an example, at least until Maggie grows up and leaves, and then you can do whatever you want.


You having second thoughts?

I mean, since when is marriage supposed to be easy, right?

[indistinct song playing]

[indistinct conversations]

man: Yeah, it's a sound business strategy right there.

woman: I have it on me.

man: It's a labyrinth here.

woman: Oh, absolutely.

man: Yeah, it'd be great.

Hey, Natalie.

You came.

Yeah. Thanks for calling.

Oh, Tia made a list, and you're on it.

[Natalie sighing] When did she take a turn?

Couple of days ago.

But this is what she wanted, huh?

More party than vigil.

[Jude meowing]

Most people brought booze, but, uh, you brought a pet?

Yeah, I didn't think I should leave him in the car. It's OK?

Yeah, yeah, it's fine.

The more, the merrier.

So, what are you having?

I'm... Pff! I don't know, sparkling water?


One of her main directives for this gathering was for everybody to stay nicely toasted.

Whatever you're pouring then.

Bourbon it is.


[muffled music still playing in the background]

[birds chirping]

[kiss] Look who I found.

I'll leave you.

Feel free not to stay here. She can be asleep for hours.

I'll just say hello.




[discordant music notes]

Aren't you like, 11?

I'm 13.

I've written songs that are older than you.

Songs that people have actually heard of?

Hey, kid, if I want to be insulted by a moppet, there's a whole other Craigslist thread that I would have posted on.

Wait. Wait!

For your poster, I listened to your song Space Fables.

Is that...?

A unicorn being sucked into a black hole.

20 now and 20 when it's done?

[music playing in background]

What about this?

Ooh, yes, definitely!

But do I really want to be confused with someone who actually shops here?

Didn't you hear? We have a 30-day return policy.

[amused sigh]

Ooh! This totally fits with the aesthetic of my parents' new pool furniture.

How long 'til I get an invite?

Girls, get up here.

Who wants to tell me what happened earlier?

No one?

Fine. You can both go home then.

Are we fired?

Don't you need some kind of proof?

Call it a good hunch.

This is your first and final warning.

No way, go home?

We've only done half our shift.

And some would say you barely did that.


Emma, when I gave you this job, you said you would be who I needed you to be; is this what you meant?


I've been looking for you.


Are you honestly just hiding here while I sort it out with your parents?

That was...

Horrible? Yeah.

Thanks to you.

Do you wanna...?

Yes. Now, please.

Janine: We have to hand wash the good china.

Yeah. I know, I know.

[distant train siren]


Aww... Haha!


It's ridiculous.

I mean, she could have done a lot worse for herself.


Yeah, I like him too.


Let's do it.


[Gerald sighing]

♪ We won't leave for now ♪
♪ But we'll make it ♪
♪ I'll show you how ♪

[Beep! Beep!]

♪ If my head reaches for denial ♪
♪ Should I leave everything behind ♪
♪ New ideas make me smile ♪
♪ Then the cold creeps back inside ♪
♪ I could try to let it pass by ♪
♪ Make you know that it's all right ♪
♪ Just tell me we'll find ♪
♪ Another way to fly ♪

Oliver? What is this?


I just wanted you to see a small piece of what I've been working on.

Where's the installation that was here?

It's perfectly intact.

Look, you didn't think that your space was the right venue for my work. I disagree.


Just give me one second.

One second to feel what I'm doing?

Get this out of here right now or I'll have security remove it, and you.


♪ We won't leave for now ♪

[audible breathing from Tia]

Why do you not have a drink in your hand?

[amused sigh] I'm nursing it.

Nurse faster.

I accept nothing less than complete inebriation.

Did you get your news?

[amused exclamation] No, let's not talk about me.

Oh, let's.

Does it look like my life is a major conversation starter right now?


Did you just meow?



Hi. This is Jude.

Hmm! He's not mine.

And I'm supposed to take him back today, but...

...I can't.

Are you telling me that you've abducted this cat?

He's kind of showed up, but right when I needed to hope.

Don't you have enough dependants to worry about?

Well, at least, the cat, I can't traumatize.

And all the plans have fallen through for the rest of them.

My results are sitting there, waiting for me, so there's not a whole lot hope can do for me at this point.

Tell me about it.

[softly]: Hey.

You managed to get through all this on your own terms.

When it happens to me...

In 50 years.

In 50 years...

...I hope I can be half as strong as you.

I'm not ready.


Hey, good, you're awake.

There's a whole lineup of people who, uh, wanna have a drink with you.

You've still got half a glass.

I'll see you soon.

Look, if it makes you feel better, I haven't even told my parents about us, OK?

Good for you.

They think I'm moving back after I graduate.

So, is that what this whole not-drinking thing was about with my mom?

What do you care if she thinks you're a good Muslim?

I care about this arrangement working, OK, but if I'm gonna be in the middle of all of this...

But you put yourself there.

Fine! Maybe you can draw me some kind of map, because I don't know what I'm supposed to do when the phone rings.

If it's mine, don't answer.



Romy: Hi.

Hey. Thought you guys might be hungry or need to take your minds off, uh, what we're all waiting for.

Yeah, I got a little peckish on the way over, but...

Pineapple? Seriously?


Emma, I know you're upset with me. Are you gonna let me off the hook here?

Come on, come on. Emma, hold on, hold on!


woman on PA system: ...a patient needs you on the fourth floor.

[small sigh]



Have you seen him yet?

No, he's running late We could stay out here if you want.

[Natalie snickers.]

[Natalie sighs.] [Natalie mouthing silently]

Your blood work brought back very interesting results.

Your key markers are where I want them to be, your blood pressure has improved, and the MRI shows a decrease in tumour diameter.


Given how many tumours we're dealing with, it is important to remain cautious, but we are seeing a range of decreases from under 1cm in some cases to 4 or even 5 in others.

OK. What are you saying?

Hmm, all I'm saying, according to the data at my disposal, only 11% of our trials' participants exhibit this level of a response this quickly. Hmm...

Well, no, it's more like 9 actually.

This is good news?

Yes, Natalie, very good.

What I'm telling you is that you're in partial remission.


[small sigh]

And obviously, we will continue to re image and monitor your progress going forwards.

Do you have any questions?

Yeah, um, yeah, just one.

Does this mean that if I continue to progress...

...I can beat this?

I can't make any promises, but if the rate of regression does continue, it is possible.

♪ Nothing you say ♪
♪ Will ever be wrong ♪
♪ 'Cause it just feels good ♪
♪ Being in your arms ♪
♪ And I'm running with you ♪
♪ As fast as I can ♪
♪ Singing to myself ♪
♪ I wanna hold your hand ♪
♪ And we're going ♪
♪ Downtown ♪
♪ 'Cause we feel like ♪
♪ Running around ♪
♪ Is it really this fun ♪
♪ When you're around my mind ♪
♪ Is it really this cool ♪
♪ To be in your life ♪
♪ There's one thing I'll do ♪
♪ If it ever goes wrong ♪
♪ I'll write you into all of my songs ♪
♪ And if suddenly I die ♪
♪ I hope they will say ♪
♪ That he was obsessed ♪
♪ And it was OK ♪
♪ 'Cause we're going ♪
♪ Downtown ♪
♪ And we feel like running around ♪♪