02x07 - Joyride

I wanted you to see a small piece I've been working on.

They want photo documentation before they schedule our interview, so I'm going through our wedding photos.

Well, we have consummated the marriage.

Several times, in fact.

Why did she call her friend over here?

Because that's not my mom.

And this isn't even my house, so...

Trust me, she will be. There will be consequences.

Why do I have to leave already?

Honestly, you know what? This is news to me.

Since when do you not love camp?

What is this place?

It's a collective.

We take freelance gigs to support products we actually care about.

You sure it's cool if I crash here until I get my own place?

Yeah, man, no problem.

You are all hypocrites!

Here we go. Here we go. Here we go.

Hey! At least my mess hasn't caused collateral damage to multiple families.

He has admitted his mistakes, OK, and now he's here we're here to help you.

Were you planning on moving back here?

For my son and his mother it's home, so I'd have to see what they want.

Would you be able to deal with that? Because this only works if you're behind it. Those girls are pretty loyal to you.

So what's going on with you and Kate?

I'm hoping that her and I could use the time to...

fix things.

[loud electronic dance music]

Alright, man.

Reinforcement. Good man. Good man. Put it down.

I got everything you asked for.

Just need it cash, OK?

Come with me.

[woman whooping]

What's your drink?

It's better for the work if the buzz is natural.

Who does the laundry, who cooks, who balances the chequebook? Is that still a thing?

Apparently, immigration's idea of a viable marriage is from 1960.

You know, my mom should do the interview for me.

Are they really gonna have us in separate rooms?

Yes, to compare our answers.

"Who initiated your romantic relationship?"

both: You.

Come on!

You asked me to shack up after, like, two minutes of knowing me.

I needed a roommate.

And when I said I couldn't afford it...

Let's just say we both fell in love together and maybe you don't mention the part about needing a place to live, huh?


Oh, OK, here: "What's your wife's favourite TV show?"

I don't think she's capable of sitting still long enough to actually watch anything.

And bam, you're deported.

That's not funny, come on!

Look, I just... We need this to go well.

Come on, it's gonna be fine. We got this.

And we don't wanna seem too rehearsed, right?



I actually almost forgot.

Should've thought of this earlier, since we're selling the whole package.

This better be fake.

It's just quartz. You're worth it, sweetheart.

I, uh... I actually thought of you when I saw it.

It's nice. Thanks.

Well, we should probably get some sleep.

Yup. Big day tomorrow.

Good night.

Good night.

Last day of summer school.

How does it feel?

Like there's two whole weeks of summer left. Yay.

Why don't I finish work early? We could hang out.

I can entertain myself, I don't need a playdate.

I hope you know that I'm super proud of you for finishing without complaining and for doing it really well.


Dinner's your choice tonight.

You don't have to do that.

You deserve it.

Whatever you want, I'll make it happen.


Em? Aren't we carpooling?

You go ahead.

I'm calling in sick.

No, no, no. You know the rule.

Grounded from life, not from work.

It's a service business.

Isn't there also some rule about infecting innocent customers?

It's a stomach thing.

OK, getting busted in front of that girl from work was probably embarrassing, but you can't hide forever.

More than embarrassing.

If she's really a friend...

OK, stop, please God.

You win.

I've made my choice.

Hi, this is a message for Alexis. It's Oliver Lawson.

Um, my new piece is taking a bit of a turn.

I think I'm gonna need a third wall when we show it, preferably not the wall opposite of the exit.

But anyway, we can figure it out. Just a heads-up.

Uhh. I'll see you later this morning. Bye.

Want me to get rid of these deadbeats so you can focus?

Nah, it's cool.

They can take their time. I got a meeting this morning anyway.

So you'll be back tonight?


So... this is really happening.

The first school you ever worked at wants you back and you're actually thinking of taking the job?

Well, I think it's a great opportunity.

For you.

Hey. You know, if they want me in their faculty, they're gonna want you too.

I mean, who are we kidding? I'm sure they'll want you more.

I already have a job.

Just move back to Montreal with me, please. Let's just... try again and let's just make this work.

[cell phone chirping]



Nice to hear from you.

Is now an okay time to talk?

Yeah. Yeah no, sure, what's up?

Well, I was wondering... No, in fact,

Romy was wondering...

She's finishing summer school today and...

Did you know she's been at summer school?

I did not, no.

OK, well, she has and she did really well, so when one of the kids has an achievement to celebrate, I let them pick a dinner, and Romy's choice, of all things, is to have you over at the house tonight to have supper with us.

6:30? Really?

Is that a yes?

I'll, uh, I'll make it work.

David, I really didn't think you'd be the one to make things weird.

[chuckling]: No, no, I'm not.

Um, thank you. Thank you for this. I'll see you tonight.


I wasn't sure if you'd actually go through with inviting him.

He can't wait.

And you?

If it's important to you to have him here, it's not about me.

OK, so that was Natalie and she wants me to come over for dinner tonight.

And eat with the whole family?

It seems so.

You've only been here a month or 2 and she's already inviting you to dinner. What kind of charm offensive are you on?

No charm offensive, just honest contrition.

Got any of that left?

Look, I know this is gonna be a hard sell, getting you to move back here with me, but...

I'm ready. I'm ready to give it my best shot.

I really wanna make this work, Kate.

Nicole Breen.


Joel Rosen.

Joel! How are you?

I'm good. Yeah, I'm fine.

It's been...

Since your residency, I think.

You look exactly the same.

So do you.

Except in your case that's actually true.

How's Matthew?

He's... good.

We're separated.

Divorced 4 years myself. But it's fine, we stayed friends.


So what are you doing here?

I teach.

And you're...?

I am brushing up on my HR training, 'cause so much of it's changed since I last worked.

Thinking about pledging a sorority?

Yeah, I may have to, just to keep up.

Hey, uh, I was gonna grab some tea across the street.

Yeah, I have time.



That way?

This way.

[phone chirping]

[phone chirping]

We don't even live together as it is.

That wasn't something I was party to, and certainly something I'd like to change.

Why, though? When we do see each other, all we do is fight.

Well, you know, at least it isn't boring, right?

It never was.

You'd better not be saying you miss the challenge of me.

I'm saying that I miss you.

You have a unique way of showing it.

I tried to come home, my keys didn't work.

You banished me to a hotel room and stopped taking my calls.

Yeah, because the last time you left town, you managed to turn a 2-day speaking engagement into a 2-month consulting gig.

Because they offered me a stupid amount of money. How could I say no to that?

Easy: by wanting to be with us more.

I get it. I work too much, I understand that, but it's not like you're some stranger to putting your work first.

When you admit to one of your own flaws, you don't have to dig into mine too.

And yeah, my career's important to me, but... I come home every night.

Yeah, that's 'cause your keys work.

Look, you know what? This job that they've offered me up here, it's lecturing to undergrads. It would keep me around, it would keep me grounded.

It would be great for Jesse to have that, you know, and I think also for us.

Okay, so you're finally ready to be around more, but just for someone else's family.

Okay, please, don't do that. That's not true.

David, don't lie to me, come on! You wanting to move back here is for Natalie, admit it. It's not for us.

That's not true, Kate.

Margaret Lawson and Raza Ali?


That's us.

We'll begin with Mr. Ali first. Come with me, sir.

♪ We all fall down ♪
♪ That's the last time ♪
♪ That I will stand ♪

Reach up... towards the sky...

Breathe in. Backwards...

And breathe out.

Reach towards the horizon.

And stretch out to the position of the warrior.

Towards the horizon again... and up again.

To the other side.

Stretch out... and to the horizon again.

I'm Department Chair now. I can't just walk away from that.

They're gonna appoint someone else, Kate.

I worked really hard to get where I am, and it amazes me that you would ask me to give that up for an emotional obligation that's not even mine.

I get it, it's my emotional obligation, but you know what? Can't part of your obligation be to me?

Are you saying I owe you?

Well, I mean, I did move to Buenos Aires in the first place for ya.

Right? I mean, I was the spousal hire. You wanted to get out of Montreal and I was okay with that.

Oh, were you? Because you dealt with that choice by basically withdrawing from our marriage.

You know, I just feel... it's like I'm living in some kind of purgatory, Kate.

You know, I hate myself for running away from my kids here, and because of that, I'm pulling away from you guys.

I don't know, so maybe that's why.

Maybe that's why I've been on the outside with everything and everybody these last few years.

So... you've been punishing yourself for failing Natalie by failing me too?

Well, not deliberately. Subconsciously, maybe.

I don't know, it's a theory.

We lived here before and it didn't work.

That was a long time ago.

But what's changed?

I don't know why you think it'll be easier this time, going back and forth between two families.

I'm not saying it's gonna be easier, I just don't understand why it has to be one or the other, Kate!

I could hear you guys arguing from a mile away.

I can't believe this.

Alexis! Wait up!

Oliver, why are you doing this to me?

Doing what? I don't understand.

Did you not get my message this morning?

I got it.

You're the one not getting the message.

Is something wrong? Did you call me?

If this is some kind of game you're playing, it isn't charming and it isn't cute.

I'm running out of ways to tell you this, but you are scaring me.

And the next step is me calling the police.

The police? What are you...

I'm just trying to get us on the same page for the show.

Oliver, how can you possibly think there's a show?

There's no show, there's never been a show and there will never be a show! So please, just... leave me alone.

OK, I'm sorry.

Who gets up first in the morning?

I focus better on my studies if I get up early, so...

He's very quiet, though. Very considerate.

What about the cooking?

Who does that?

Well, it's hard to say, because the delivery guy kind of acts as a buffer.

You know, sometimes they add the tip to your total?

If you don't watch out for that, you end up way over-tipping.

And the housework?

Maggie is surprisingly fastidious about cleanliness.

Vacuuming is like meditation for me.

He does the laundry, though. He's really weird about folding.

What about family?

How do you get along with your in-laws?

Big, warm family, the Lawsons.

Very involved.

Completely accepting. So supportive.

I mean, they welcomed him with open arms.

And your husband's side? They feel the same way about you?

I haven't had the pleasure of meeting them yet, but soon, hopefully.

So we're just trying to get to the bottom of how this happened.

Kicked out for peeing?


Your mother wants to know what you were thinking.

Well, he obviously wasn't.

From off the roof?!

Or whether there's some sort of explanation.

On a counsellor! You're lucky they didn't call the police!

It was just a dumb prank. I didn't know anyone was even down there.


Yeah, I didn't think so.

Boys and peeing from stupid places.

Why does that never cease to amuse you?

Yeah, it's kind of a gender-wide inside joke.

Yeah, and you... you let him go wherever he wanted.

What, when he was a toddler?

You're blaming this...

Really, you're blaming me?

Guys, I'm sorry, OK?

I'm sorry.

We paid $3,000 to send you to that camp so you could urinate on a stranger.

But I told you I didn't want to go in the first place.

Yeah, well, this doesn't solve that. Alright?

Now there are consequences.

Yeah, on which continent and with which parent?

What about your family in Pakistan?

What about them?

Can you depend on them for financial support?

I'm well educated. I won't need to.

Even if it takes a while to get on your feet?

Excuse me, but...

How is this relevant to the nature of my marriage?

I noticed from the pictures you sent that they weren't at your wedding.

They don't exactly live next door.

They weren't interested in flying over?

Do they not have the financial means?

They do fine.

So they're not supportive.

Or maybe they don't know.

It's both, you know?

They definitely wouldn't understand.

That you want to stay here... or is it your relationship with Maggie they wouldn't understand?

This just...

It just isn't the life they want for me.

But Maggie... she's worth it.

You must feel very strongly for her to... risk your relationship with your family.

I mean, you've seen her, right?

Marriage takes more than physical attraction.

Of course it does. But when you know, you just... know.

[rock music playing]


Sure you wanna read that?

It's not funny.

You're actually gonna take some internet troll to heart?

What's the point of doing this if no one understands?

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach right now?

Get used to it.

'Cause for every 99 people that don't get you, maybe one will.


So you should probably ask yourself: why are you doing this?

Because you have to. Because you have something to say and this is the only way you can say it.

Therefore I submit to you this.

All that matters is what you think.

And... maybe the one or two other people out there whose opinion you actually care about.

Do you have a joint bank account?

Maybe one day, when we have something to put in it.

And have you and your husband talked kids at all?

Maybe one day, when we have something to put them in.

He's a student and you're a bartender.

Yeah, I know, it could take a while.

And you don't mind the idea of being unsettled like that?

Kids means settled?

I'm talking about having a plan.

We have each other.

How did things start off between the two of you?

Raz would come into the bar where I work to work on his thesis, and I would make it my mission to distract him.

So you started out as friends. And when did that change?

Um... huh.

I guess...

I mean, it's like I never have to explain myself to him.

You know?

We started out as friends and... and then I started to feel something more.

I mean, that's normal, right?

And was it you or Raza who first wanted more?


And Raza?

He feels the same way?

[laughing] He better.





Uh, Abby, your mom's here.

Hello, sweetie.

Hi, Mom.

Can I bring my rainbow loom home?

Took a trip to the dollar store here.

Um, well, how about you leave them here and you'll have a special toy at Daddy's place, okay?

How'd it go today?

Well, I definitely need a new laptop, 'cause mine's older than my classmates.

So you know the ages of your classmates' laptops?

Oh no, no, they're too young for laptops.

They do everything on their phones now.

I did see one familiar face.

Joel Rosen.

Med school Joel?

Yeah, he teaches clinical psychology now.

Yeah, I know. I heard that he went back for his master's after he dropped out.



[laughing] What?

Did he try hitting on you?

Well, maybe just a little.

I'm not... I'm...

I'm not trying to dissuade you from going out with the guy, but it is so often the least stable among us who are drawn to careers in mental health, so...



Yeah, what was his deal again?

I remember he had a difficult time.

He's bipolar.

Mm. Uh, Abby? Sweetie, come on, let's go.

[footsteps approaching]

Hey. Something wrong?

No, um...

I'm just glad to hear he got on top of it. Joel.


Hey. See you in a couple days.



Bye, Daddy.


both: Bye.

[groaning softly]


This is Maggie.

I'm never going to listen to this, so... deal with it.[i]




Hey, bitch.

What are you doing?

You're avoiding me.

I totally thought you were mad.

Because you lied about your entire life? Is Emma even your real name?

Yeah. And yeah.

Well, I was kinda mad, but it was also kind of hilarious.

I'm sorry, okay?

Don't care.

I'm giving you a free pass on that whole catfish situation.


You're obviously a mess, but... I can work with that.

They caught me using it and took it away and I was supposed to go get it before we left, but... it's not here and it's not with my other stuff.

You were specifically told no screens at camp.

That's it for your phone.

We're not going back?!

We're already an hour away from this place Jesse That's not fair!

I think it's the definition of fair.

We just finished talking about consequences.

Mom, come on! I only brought it so we could stay in touch!

Well, he did save his own money to help pay for that phone.

He should've thought of that before he broke the rules, though, right?

Well, yeah, but technically the rules were no usage, so... he followed the rules by surrendering it.

Yeah, Dad. Other kids had theirs taken away too.

Seriously, Kate? Wow.

It's all up to you, David.

You know, just turn around, or don't. It's really your choice.

[i]That was intense.


How did it go?

It's weird.

Weird bad or weird good?

Good, I guess.

Yeah, we probably shouldn't talk about it here.

It went well, really.




Yeah, I'd like to report a robbery.


My sound system, my money, um...

Okay, tell me your name and address, sir.

Hello, sir?

You know what, no. Forget it.

It doesn't matter.

So, are you pleased with yourself? You made your point.

Living here would be hard and we both know that.

Except that you also made my point, Kate.

You do want me back.

I never said that.

Why else would you make me choose?

Hm? Look, I get it.

You're a mother, you're protecting your own family, especially from Natalie, the woman that I loved once, look and if... if I'm gonna be completely honest, I'm always gonna love on some level, and I don't fault you for being bothered by that. It's... it's just that if I'm gonna come back, if we are gonna be partners, you gotta understand, my emotional obligation to these kids is yours too, Kate.

Can you take the wheel?


Take the wheel so I can call my daughter and apologize for missing her dinner.

When did you guys see each other last?

[phone chirping]

Couple weeks? Couple years?

Don't tell me you need directions.

You're not coming.

Natalie, I'm sorry.

I really thought I'd be able to make it. I had to get Jesse at his camp and...

So, it only took you an extra 2 months, but you graduated.

Yeah, says the university dropout.

I'll be lapping you any day now.

Natalie: What are your plans for this fall?

I don't know. Why?

Well, I don't know, you still have some deferral credits at Concordia; are you planning on using them?

Maybe I'll just keep driving.


He's not coming.

[sighing] No.

Look, he said he tried his best to get here.

Did he really?

Well, screw him.

Rome, we can still have fun.

Is it okay if I eat later?

Screw who? Oh.

Hey, sit down, join us for supper.

I'm still not feeling well.

Thanks for forcing me to go to work today, by the way.

Fine. If you're still feeling bad tomorrow, you can call in.

How about I just quit instead?

Uh, you better not!


Why can't I just stay home for a couple of weeks?

I'm grounded anyway!

What is so awful that suddenly you can't go back?

I just don't like it there!

What happened between you and your friend?


You just have a couple more weeks of summer to stick this out so why throw it all away over nothing?

You don't understand.

So talk to me, okay?

Help me understand.

They want me to be someone I'm not.

Emma, if you do quit, you're gonna have to repay me the money that I invested in your work clothes.

Then what was the point of taking the job in the first place? I'll barely break even.

In this family, we follow through with our commitments.

Fine. Keep pushing me away, then.

What? That's not what I'm doing.

That's what it feels like.

He left me this strange message, and then when I called back, he didn't answer.

I don't know why it took some random encounter for me to make this connection, but the way this guy Joel was back in school... it's Oliver.

There's a spectrum, but you have to admit, given this context, his behaviour... it's manic.

It's awful, how we treated him. I mean, we accused him of being an addict.

Just... too many awful things were said that day.

So will you talk to him? As a doctor?

I... just think maybe you should.


I realize sometimes I have a hard time... not being judgmental.

We'll do it together.

[dog barking]

You don't have to stay here. You can go hang out with your friends.

I'm cool with hanging here a while. Dinner smells good.

Ha! Thanks!

She'll be okay, Mom. Romy.

She's tough. She'll find a way to roll with this like she always does.

I know.

There was an economics course that I was thinking about taking.

This fall. In case I end up going to business school.

Are you even interested in that?

If I do that, maybe I should move home for a while.

Ugh! Caleb, no! I mean... of course, you're welcome here always. This is your home, but... no.

I don't want you doing that just because you think it's what I want.

You've got your whole life, okay?

The choices we make, they define us.

I'd rather see you choose yourself.

And anyways, you're right. Romy's tough.


See you soon?

Yep. Bye, Dad.

Love you, buddy.

Say hi to your folks.

I'm not moving back here.

So what? What happens to us, Kate?

I do love you, David.

Come home.

[phone ringing]


So, tell me what happened. I shouldn't have hung up before.

Well, Jesse got kicked out of camp and I had to drive up there. He's not... he's not doing well with any of this.


You know how much I wanted to come tonight.

We've been here, in this exact same place. You choosing them, me being angry, living my life like that.

Natalie, I know. I know that. [sigh]

I'm sorry.

I don't need you to be sorry.

You need me to do better, and I know that I can.

Maybe you can do better, but David, what I need... has nothing to do with you.

♪ Devolving temptations ♪
♪ Break the bond we've built ♪

[dog barking]


[doorbell ringing repeatedly]

♪ Rooted in impatience ♪
♪ Keep the blood we've spilt ♪

♪ In jars to display it ♪
♪ For our distorted sights ♪
♪ Actively ignoring ♪
♪ The parts we didn't like ♪

♪ I can't see this through to the end ♪
♪ Too many breaches to defend ♪

♪ Even if this could be worked out ♪
♪ Our words would never have much clout ♪
♪ We were all alone then ♪
♪ Because we acted the same ♪

Hey! We can't figure out this differential equation.

You took advanced calculus, didn't you?

Yeah, but I was never very good at it.

♪ How we dwelt there ♪
♪ How we wept ♪

♪ Over truth that we can't accept ♪

♪ I can't see this through to the end ♪
♪ Too many breaches to defend ♪
♪ Even if this could be worked out ♪
♪ Our words would never have much clout ♪

♪ And the ghost keeps calling ♪
♪ So you're driving down the road ♪
♪ And you're not going back ♪
♪ Try to think of something ♪

[fire crackling]

♪ That will make you want to go ♪
♪ Because you're not going back ♪

What happened?

It needed to become something else.

♪ So you're driving down the road ♪
♪ And you're not going back ♪