02x08 - Destruction as Creation

So, when one of the kids has an achievement to celebrate, I let them pick a dinner, and Romy's choice is to have you over at the house tonight.

Really? I'll, uh, I'll make it work.

Maybe I should move home for a while.

Oh, Caleb, no.

I don't want you doing that because you think it's what I want. I'd rather see you choose yourself.

Who does the laundry, who cooks...

Apparently immigration's idea of a viable marriage is from 1960.

Margaret Lawson and Raza Ali?

That's us.

Getting busted in front of that girl from work was probably embarrassing, but you can't hide forever, OK?

More than embarrassing.

We started out as friends, and and then I started to feel something more.

And was it you or Raza who first wanted more?


How'd it go?

It's weird.

It went well, really.


Oliver, how can you possibly think there's a show?

There's no show and there will never be a show!

You know I wanted to come.

He's not coming.

He said he tried his best to get here.

Why are you doing this?

Because you have to.

Because you have something to say, and this is the only way you can say it.

It's Oliver.

He's bipolar.

So will you talk to him? As a doctor?

[siren blaring]

[soft music]

Even if he could go back there, he shouldn't be alone right now.

I've missed you.

Me too.

Maybe you could come live with me for a little while.

We could be roommates again.

Well, he could always stay in Caleb's room.

Maybe he should level out before being around the girls.


I'm not saying he's dangerous, but he's definitely not himself.

And be a third wheel in your s*x den?

No thanks.

Who says we're sleeping together?


Oliver... are you OK?

I realize that didn't look good, but the direction I was taking with my work did not feel right, so...

You could've gotten hurt.

Yeah, but I didn't.

Yeah, but you could've.

But I didn't. Mags, I'm OK.

For the record, I'm still not on drugs.

Yeah, we handled that badly.

We did, and... we're sorry.

It's OK.

We've moved on.

Yeah, back to me.

You obviously have something to say, so let's hear it.

For... a few reasons... well, actually, for a lot of reasons...

We've known you your whole life and we've watched you go through all of these... uh, ups and downs and...

We think you might be wrestling with something on the spectrum of... bipolar disorder.

You talking about mania?


Technically, what my doctor calls it is hypomania, but that's not what this is.

You've seen someone about this?

The classification is bipolar II. I'm on top of it.

How long have you known?


I take meds sometimes, when I need to.

You don't think you might need to now?


Guys, what happened tonight wasn't about that.

OK, well, you can understand how we might see that a bit differently, right?

I just needed a clean slate.

For your art, yeah, maybe, but your place is unlivable.

Yeah, the fire got a little bigger than planned.

You don't know what I do. You don't know.

Some things need to be torn apart before they can be put back together.

OK, this doctor that you were seeing, maybe now is a good time to check in, just in case.

No, she's in LA.

We could find you someone, We'll get you back on your meds, buddy.

No, Matthew, that is not necessary, OK?

I don't like the way the meds make me feel.

OK, Oliver.


The fire made sense, alright? I'm sorry that it scared you guys, but it needed to happen.

OK, look, um... it's been a long night.

Oliver can sleep here and we'll worry about the damage in the morning, OK?

I'm staying too.

So am I.


Hi, Natalie.


Norah, I wasn't expecting to see you this morning.

Nice to see you, Natalie.

If I'd known we were doing bloodwork, I would've fasted.

I thought I was just coming in to talk about increasing my dose.

You are.

Like we discussed, if you kept responding to the drugs, then doubling your dosage would be an option, and you are still responding.

That's good.

How would you say the side effects have been?

Nausea and dizziness come and go, but it's been manageable.


However, some of your bloodwork is showing signs of what we call neutropenia.

It's a lower count of a type of white blood cell, important for fighting infection.

And that's not good.

It's not great.

But also not uncommon.

At least not given the nature of the drug you're taking.

But I'm concerned that it might put you at a greater risk of dangerous infection going forward.

Are you saying I shouldn't increase my dose?

I'm only flagging a risk. It could be very hard on your body, and it's my responsibility to ask if that risk is justified.

We have asked the hospital's tumour board to weigh in.

OK, so what happens if they feel the risk is too high?

Then our recommendation would be for you to stay at your current levels, in partial remission.


You told me taking an aggressive approach is... well, is my best chance of beating this.

It still might be.

But for now, the best thing we can do is wait for the board.

Huh. So I'm putting my life in the hands of a bunch of strangers?

Let's see what they say, then we can make a plan.




You're a day late for dinner.

I know.

I came to apologize to everyone for standing them up.

So apologize, then.

Well, can I do that inside?

Mom's not here.

What about your sister?

If Romy wants to speak to you, you'll know.


Uh, she left this, or at least I think she did.

I've never seen it before.

Alright, Emma.


Are you gonna tell me what game we're playing?

Morning. Do you have a route you want to take or should I use the GPS?

Turn off the engine, sir.

What? Why?

Taxi Bureau? Wait...

You're carrying passengers for hire without a permit. That's a $500 fine.

You can get out of the vehicle. We'll be seizing that too.

Can't I just pay the fine?

Look, I really need this car.

If what you need it for is to continue operating an unlicensed taxi, you need to find another job. Impound fee is another $650.

Take your belongings. Tow truck's on its way.


Well, hello.

Yes, it was a crazy night.

Please, no details.

No, it's not what you think.

No judgement from me.

You're not even a little bit curious?

Well, just drop me a text next time so I know you're OK.

[children playing]


Is this your passive aggressive way of telling me you're moving out?

We've been imposing long enough.

Have you ever lived on your own before?

Well, I had that roommate who flaked out on me in third year, remember?


You're almost as tall as your daddy!

That's my brother Julian.


I'm making him a present.

Did you meet Julian yet?

Do you want to meet him?

Maybe he'll like Minecraft.

Somehow I thought she'd be more anxious than this.

That's called projecting.

It just occurred to me you won't be able to make the case that the fire wasn't deliberate.

Why would I do that? It was deliberate.

Yeah, but the electrical's fried. So's the plumbing.

Not that the studio had much of either to begin with.

Point is that the insurance is not gonna cover the damage, Oliver.

Well, I got a line of credit.

How did an artist with no income get a line of credit?

Well, there's equity in the studio, and um...


Dad guaranteed it.

Dad co-signed the loan?

He needs to know he's on the hook for this.

I think so, yeah.

Is anyone hurt?

Everybody's fine.

But Oliver...

I mean, no one knew this after all this time?


But he knew.

And he decided to keep it from us.

Maybe he felt he had no better option.

Or maybe he just wasn't thinking clearly.

Or maybe he was and he decided to make the rest of us feel like we were the problem.

What problem? What are you talking about?

I just needed his help with something. It doesn't matter now.

His help with what?

I don't want you to be mad.

OK, well, now I have to know.


I asked Oliver if I could live with him.

Live with him?

You know, only if I needed to.

Why didn't you talk to me about this?

Because I knew you wouldn't like it.

And he said no?

He said he didn't want to.

Hey, hey! Rome!


Maybe he was just trying to protect you.


[loud rap music]

I'm trying to sleep.


Well, it's kind of impossible with this rock opera going on!

You realize it's noon?

Yeah, well, I work nights!

Thought you were off entertaining strangers last night.

If you're mad that I didn't come home, why don't you just say so?

Why would I be mad?

Also, you're the one who stormed out here.

Just keep it down!

[volume turns down]

Have one while they're still warm.

Busy day in the garage, Dad?

Eh, the usual.

Mom, do you have, uh...do you have choir today?

Boys, please. What's going on here?

Come on, you two. Showing up suddenly in the middle of the day?

Well, first of all, I'm OK.

What happened?

Mom, just let him talk, please.

There was a fire at my studio.

Fire? What kind of fire?

It got a little bit out of hand, but nobody got hurt.

An electrical fire?

Uh, no, not exactly. I was just trying to take care of something.

Oh, so you were trying to repair something?

No, I, uh...

I burned my work.

You started the fire yourself?


In your own house?


You lit your paintings on fire when you worked so hard at them?

I know. I... can't explain it in a way you'd understand.


We thought it was important that you knew this because... some of the aftershock will affect you.

Because I guaranteed the line of credit.

Is that what your brother's trying to tell me?

I am in deep on that, and with the studio not in great shape, then...

For Christ's sake, when are you gonna stop with this kind of crap?!

Gerald, please.


I stick my neck out for him, and what does he do?

He lights his equity on fire, and because why? Because he doesn't like one of the pictures he painted?

That's not why this happened.

Then explain it!

I can't!

Sweetheart, don't... don't...

Mom, Mom, let him go.

[door slamming]

There's something else you both need to hear.

[whistle blowing]

Looks like you requested the deferral.

We sent the paperwork to your mailing address. It was never returned to us.

But I didn't go to any of the classes.

Which is why your transcript shows four incompletes for the courses you paid for.

It does?

It will.

Uh... what about the money?

Without a proper deferral, we couldn't hold back the tuition.

You're saying I paid for classes that I never went to, and now I have nothing but a ruined transcript to show for it?

If there were extenuating circumstances, you could petition to retake the courses, but you're going to have to provide a solid explanation.

For why I'm doing everything I can to mess up my own life?

Look, I just need the cash.

I'm sorry, that's not an option.


Gerald: I remember when he was younger, he used to have all these nightmares.

I knew something was wrong.

Why didn't we see it?

He wouldn't let us in.

God knows we tried.

Oh, by being angry and hurt, that is how we tried.


He was our baby and we didn't help him.

No. No, we all missed this.

Even he didn't know about it for a long time.

We let him down.

Thanks for meeting. I know this is the middle of your work day.

It's OK. I was surprised to hear from you.

Well, Abby's been mentioning Julian.

Yeah, he has been mentioning her as well.

He has?

You should know we've always been planning on easing them into it before getting them together.

I'm glad.

OK. Good.

So, to help with that, I've been thinking of some of my own ways of easing into it.

You know, moving on, dealing with it.


So, I know that Julian is welcome at Matthew's anytime, and I'm assuming that you're comfortable with him being there when Abby is too, but for now, I'd feel more comfortable if Abby wasn't at your house without either me or Matthew around.

Are you worried some harm will come to her?

What? Of course not.

I don't know how else to take it.

Julian can go anywhere with anyone, but not Abby?

I'm just trying to make this work.

Are you?

Or are you trying to control us in order to protect you?

You do know how hard this is for me.

For all of us.

You say you're ready to move past how it all began, but you're obviously not.

You come offering acceptance, but it's only on your terms.

And I matter less, because I'll always be the woman who slept with your husband, and I have made peace with that, but I don't want that for my son.

[soft indie rock]

OK, somebody's ignoring their diet, but have 45 minutes of happiness.

You think this is gonna take me 45 minutes?

Is it really just cool for you to drink at the job?

Is it really just cool for you to never do your job?

I'm trying.

And I've only missed one deadline.

Are you blocked?

No, it's not that I can't think of what to say, it's more that I'm just done with hearing myself say it.

So no, not blocked, more...


Mm! Mm-hmm.

A peace offering.


For what?

Um, having the stereo above a 6?

Can we talk for a second?

My sister's here.

Yeah, I'm not some groveling boyfriend you can banish to the couch.


Are you gonna tell me what's going on with you?

I don't think we should sleep together anymore.

[Natalie laughs.]


You could've just said so. It's fine.

OK, good, well, I'm glad we're on the same page, then.


Sure. OK.

Do not look at me like that.

Obviously I was sleeping with him.

OK, which is not entirely unpredictable, but may I be so bold as to ask: why did you stop?


I like him.

[Natalie laughs.]

I'm sorry, it's not funny, but...

OK, well, what are you gonna do about it?

OK, so do you like him, or do you like him, like him?

I don't... I don't do this! This isn't me!

Well, you've always had the capacity for it, you've just never opened yourself up to the possibility before.

Well, now that I have, I don't understand why anyone ever would. This is terrible.

Oh, Mags... you're in love with him.

Yes, that's what I've been saying!

But he has no idea.

And you're worried he doesn't feel the same way? Hm.

Well, you're never gonna know for sure until you tell him.

Yeah, but if I tell him that I love him, then... it could ruin our marriage.

Hm. Well, maybe some things need to be torn apart before they can be put back together.

OK. I'll see you on the other side, then.

What? Now?

The place is dead.

Cover for me until Zoe gets here.

Maggie! Maggie, no!


[laughing and talking]

Are they posting those?

Harvesting likes. You wanna throw in on it?

It's fine if you don't want to.

No, it's cool. I want to.

Who with?


I mean...

[whooping] Oh yeah, ladies, keep it going!


[music playing]



What is this?

I work here.

You work here? How...

How can you work here? You're a kid.

Hey, Romy, consults are free, so try to close this one, huh?

Excuse me?

This is not a client. This is my stalker.

You have six followers on Instagram. I don't really think you have a stalker.

Yeah, no, you're right about that. I'm her father.

Estranged father.

Nice to meet you.

I'm sorry, who are you exactly?

He's kind of my boss.

More like reluctant mentor.

You realize she's thirteen?

I tried to explain it to her, OK, labour laws, etc., but she's here on a strictly voluntary basis.

Oh, I see. So that should make me feel better about my kid working around a bunch of strange men.

And woman.

Romy, I...

Why are you being like this?

I'm sorry, but what did you expect me to say when I found you here?

I don't know, you're proud that I did something for myself?

Does your mother know about this? I didn't think so.

Let's go, Romy.


Why do you suddenly care how I'm spending my time?

Romy, I don't know, maybe... maybe you should go.

Thanks for ruining this for me.

Do not let me find out she's coming back here.

Give her a reason not to.

Take your time, because I don't know how to make anything on that list.


You ever heard of that restaurant, the one where you eat in the dark and you let them choose for you?

[cell phone ringing]

That sounds kind of liberating.

Excuse me.

Norah, hi.

Natalie, I'm calling to tell you that the board met this afternoon. The consensus was, given the risks, that we not proceed with the increased dosage at this time.


What did the doctors say who think I should do it?

They felt that, because you're technically non-curative, we could try prescribing something to counteract the negative effects of the drug.


It's a classification, that's all.

Whereas the doctors weighing in against the increase are thinking about maximizing the quality of life that you do have.

Which is where you stand.


Not wanting to see you risk the extraordinary progress you have made.

Norah, I'm in partial remission.

Some of the tumours are shrinking, but others aren't.

True, but based on what we're seeing, there's good reason to believe you can maintain like you are now for some time.

Until they all start growing again.

And no one knows how long that will be.

I signed up this trial because I want to beat this.

Natalie, you're not thinking of going against the board?

Do people do that?

You're the patient.

You're still a candidate for the trial.

It's your call.

But you don't advise it.

No. I'm sorry, but I don't.

What will it be?

Uh, excuse me?

What am I having?

You shouldn't ask me.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

That makes two of us.


So come on. I'm putting myself in your hands.

Why would you do something like that?

Because if I don't start flirting with the lovely bartender, what are the chances she'll agree to go to dinner with me later?

Thank you.

But, um...

Well, I'm not even a bartender.

You're going away?

Up north.

What is it with you and camping?

I'm not camping this time.

I'm going to help with flood relief.

Way north of Val-d'Or.


Come on, Emma, it's called volunteering, OK?

I need to feel useful somehow.

You can feel useful here.

People there need help, and things at home are fine.

I liked it better when Mom's scrutiny was split three ways.

What am I gonna tell Mom?

The truth. And also not to worry, because there might not be a cell signal up there.

I'm not the new Caleb.

Lucky you.

♪ I was feeding pigeons in the park one day ♪
♪ It was you, you came over and said hello ♪
♪ I can see it in your eyes there's nothing to say ♪
♪ I can take it easy if you take it slow ♪
♪ Let's go shopping to my favourite shop, shop ♪
♪ Had to tell me you feel really cut, cut ♪
♪ Can't just do what I really want to do ♪

Look, I'm gonna say something and I would appreciate it if you don't say anything back.

I think I'm in love with you.

You're serious?




No, just... don't say anything.

Hey, you!

Romy, look, we need to talk about this.

I said I don't wanna talk to you.

What's going on?

You started this conversation when you broke into my apartment, so come on, let's hear it.

Hello? Can somebody please explain what the hell is happening here?

She's gonna have to hear it from one of us.

Fine. Remember that after-school art program that I said I was in?

Well, it wasn't exactly extracurricular.

It was extra-extracurricular.

Yeah, our daughter has been moonlighting at some design centre downtown all summer with a bunch of creeps.

They're not creeps, they're my friends!

They're at least ten years older than you!


They're creeps.

What? OK, Romy, explain.

We do freelance graphic design gigs so we can work on our own projects on the side.

Wait a minute. Freelance gigs?

I did a poster for a band, a menu for a food truck...

I'm really good! Not that anyone seems to care about that.

I just found out. Believe me, I'm just as shocked as you.

I would never have left you that flyer if I knew you'd be such a dick about it!


What? I wanted to do something for myself!

And lie to me all summer, and put yourself at risk!

You didn't even notice!

Hey, apologize to your mother.

What do you care?


Romy, upstairs now!

Looks much worse in daylight.

You don't have to clean it up alone,

I'm here to help, OK?


I know. Thanks.

Hey, kiddo! Hey!


[meowing angrily]

I'm no film critic, but I think it means something.

She's the cat, David.

Well, good.

I was hoping it wasn't me. She seems so intent on murdering it.

Look, hey, Natalie, look, you are an incredible mother.

And she's thirteen. It's her job to make you doubt that.

Hm! I thought her job was freelance graphic designer.

You're doing the best that you can with this impossible hand that you've been dealt.

No, I refuse to accept that as an excuse. I basically spend all of my time worrying about them and yet still I somehow manage to miss everything?

Maybe this is what she wants.



Us, you know, parenting together.

I don't know.

You want me to leave?


No. I don't know.

Can I at least try to talk to her?





Please don't make it worse.

[train horn]

Matthew told me you'd be here.

Dad, I need help.


Oliver, come home.


Still trying to apologize?

Yeah, something like that.

[music playing on computer]

Thank you.

[knocking lightly] Permission to enter?


[door opening]


Mom's pretty mad.


But, she know she's partly at fault.

We both are.

Doesn't excuse your behaviour.

Can I? Thanks.

You know, I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little impressed.



But as your dad, I gotta make sure that you have the judgement not to put yourself into situations that you can't control.

Because you're not gonna be there to stop me?

Well, not all the time, I can't be.

My other family needs me too.

Are you going away again?

Listen, it will not be like it was.

OK? I'm gonna live in both places.

And if you ever need me, Romy, I'm gonna be here. I promise.


Did you do this?

Can I borrow it?

I will return it, I promise.

My late fees are steep.

I figured.

Maggie, I'm sorry, I have to be honest, but I just don't feel the same way.

Yeah, I mean, I figured.

I mean, it's... it's not that I don't like you, you're a great person...

You know what, you don't need to explain yourself. It's fine.

I never should've said anything.


I'm starving. Are you hungry?

I was gonna order something.

I'll have whatever.

[soft guitar music]

When you're done gazing at yourself, can I brush my teeth?


Are you sure you wanna trust Dad like that?

He's kind of an asshole.

I don't think he is, though.

♪ Lonesome ♪
♪ I'm carried by a broken bloom ♪
♪ Helpless ♪
♪ I'm drifting to the nearest fumes ♪
♪ And I hope I'll get there soon ♪
♪ Won't you ♪
♪ Just rid me of these solitudes ♪
♪ Arrête de faire ton clown ♪