01x01 - Set Yourself on Fire

(Footsteps, panting) f*ck it.

f*ck it, f*ck it, f*ck it.

(Muttering quietly) (Panting)

(Traffic din)

(Music on boombox)

(Street din)

(Engine starts)

Whoa, whoa, hey, m*therf*cker!

f*ck you, man!

No, f*ck you.

(Doors click)


Come on, man.

Are you kidding me?

What are you, tough guys?

(Fight din)

(Grunts, thuds)

(Gun clatters)

(Distorted rock music)

What's up, kid?

Hey Val.

How's it going, Coach?

You know what I say, man.

Choke 'em if they can't take a punch, right?

(Gym din)

No, no, no. See? See what just happened?

m*therf*cker, that's why you lost. Get that up.

Guys, those chairs? Fellas, I need that cage.

Need the cage. (Unclear)

Whiskey Joe, my man! Don't drop that right.

(Gym din)

(Smooching dog)

I want this everywhere.

Skinny guys, fat guys, happy guys, sad guys.

Any guy you see, just... (Bangs on door) big smile on your face, hand them one of the fliers, girls too, okay?

Got it.

Shelby? Shelby?

You remember the pitch?


Great. Let's hear it.

I mean, not verbatim, but...

Okay, just watch me.

Hi. I'm Lisa, what's your name?

I'm Trent.

Trent, wow, what a cool name.



You work out, right?

I mess around.

We should work out sometime together.

You think we should?

Yeah, I do.

Have you heard of this gym?

Navy Street MMA? It's in Venice, it's run by this guy, Alvey Kulina. You've probably heard of him.

He's a legendary fighter.

Wow, Alvey sounds like a bad-ass.

He is.

There's Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai and classes all day long.

Hmm. Are there women like you here?

Place is crawling with them.

Oh, Jesus Christ, you're killing me.

That's it. That's how easy it is.

We're going to be rich, ladies.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the f*ck is that?


That's not... that's not the photo. That's not the photo.

That's the photo, you're pretty, I promise, and I love you. But that's the flyer.

Alright, ladies, everywhere, split them up anyway you want.

Take a file. Take a box.

(Water tinkling)

Mr. Wheeler?

You want to give me a minute?

Number one, you will not own, use or have in your possession a firearm or any other object considered a weapon by the State of California.

Is that understood?

Yes, sir.

Number two, as a condition of your parole, you will be completing an inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation program at Ocean Dunes recovery.

Yes, sir.

So if I come down there, you going to be where you're supposed to be?

Yes, sir.

'Cause if you f*ck up, you drink a beer, don't show up for work, any kind of hiccup, I will lock your ass right back up.

You got a wife?

I guess four years is... a long time to wait.

We weren't married.


Goodness gracious.

What a mess you made.

Yeah, just throw your shirt over on the copier.

God almighty, you look like an Iron Maiden poster.

(Clicks, beeps)

I used to love them.

Turn for me.

(Clicks, beeps)

Okay, we got it.

Shoulder, wrist, shoulder, wrist, watch your hips.

Where is he? That's it.

No, don't have it. Don't have it.

Come on. Breathe, relax, relax.

No. Get back, get your weight back.

Get your weight back!


Breathe and relax. (Unclear)

Stop, stop, stop. Stop and relax.

Show him what I'm talking about, please.

Watch him. It's easy, you're close, look, watch what he does. Watch this.

Yo, Daddy, show him.

He throws his leg over, look where his left hand goes.

Control the elbow, boom.

See what I'm saying?


Flow, flow, flow.

Come on. Is that your f*cking mouthguard?

Oh sh1t. Sorry. Sorry.

I want you to shoot on him, alright? Make him work.

(Grunts, thuds)

Now relax, relax, relax! That's it.

Elbow, elbow, elbow. There it is, there it is.



Nice, that's it. See what I'm saying?

That's what Walker can't beat.

How you feeling?

Feel pretty good.

f*cking great, man.

Yeah. Stand-up's never been better, the ground game's solid. Your cardio was in.

Where's the weight?

A little heavy.

How heavy?

One... seventy... 172.

All right, well, keep the water loading up, no sodium, cut the carbs.

Right? We don't get a pound, we're in California.

You don't make weight, I cut your f*cking balls off, you hear me?

What the f*ck's going on?

Hey, hey!

What, is the ice cream man here? Get back to work!

Get back to work!

(Background din)

Cool him down, shadow box.

When'd you get out?


I'm at a halfway house.

Did you f*ck that up yet?

No, man. It's different now. I'm not...

I'm not causing problems.

What the f*ck are you doing here, man?

(Gym din)

Come on, come in my office. Tell me where your head's at.

Is that Nate in the cage?

Yeah, man.

He's just finishing up camp.

He's on a Long Beach part. Here, he's fighting Walker.


USC snuffing him out.


If he beats Walker, he looks good doing it, he's a serious conversation at 155, serious.

How's Jay doing anyway?

Don't even ask me about Jay. I'm missing a computer, if that tells you anything.

Is he fighting at all?

Nah, nah.

He hasn't fought in a couple of years.

I heard he was tearing up. What happened?

He kept pulling out of fights.

Made me look like an asshole.


Is he getting f*cked up?

Yeah, you know Jay. He's getting f*cked up, he f*cks things up.

He steals sh1t. He's a fuck-up, you know.

I had to 86 his ass out of the gym 'cause I don't want him poisoning Nate's camp, not with a fight like this coming up.

You know, I don't want to f*cking talk about Jay.

What about you? Huh?

You show up here after 5-1/2 years, you look good.

You in shape, you want to fight?

No, no, I'm not...

I'm not even thinking about that right now.

Why not?

I mean, four years off, you're still young. No wear and tear on the body.

Yeah, it's more about, like what I can handle, you know, emotionally. I'm just...

Oh. kind of easing back into things. Yeah, just...

I got ya, I got ya.

One step at a time, you know.

No, no. Say no more, I understand.

Yeah, but honestly, Alvey, I was hoping maybe I could help out around here, you know? Coach the guys up.

Whatever you need.

You know, the truth of it is, Ryan, I'm kind of sucking wind through my asshole.

That's fine. I'll do it for free, man, just help out, fit in wherever.

For free?

Yeah, whatever you need.

I don't know. I mean, maybe you... maybe help me with Nate's camp.

That'd be good for him, a couple days, and then we can talk after.



Yeah, a couple days, man. I'll tune him up.


Be like old times, only better.




Good, I'm glad you're okay.

Thank you.



Oh, you know what?

I've got a bunch of sh1t I want to show you, actually.

I was going to throw this sh1t away, but instead I moved it around 15 times.

Hey Nate, where's your Dad?

By the storage thing.

Lisa, Wheeler's here.

(Gym din)

I don't throw anything away. I've become my mother.

You'll sh1t your pants when you see this.

Huh? Is that a lifetime ago?

Oh god.

Look how big you were.

Can I see you in my office?

Hi, Lisa.

Can I see you in my office, please?

Give me a call, yeah?


Nate, you rollin' out?


You're a big ass 155.

I'm 172 right now.

Fight in three days?


It's going to be a nasty cut. You think you can do it?

Either that, or my dad's going to kill me.

You know how crazy he is.

Nah, you'll be alright, man. I cut 20 pounds every time I fight.

Two gallons of water a day, help with the hunger. Yeah, good, good.

So, your dad said you had a good camp.

Feel ready?

Yeah, yeah for sure.

Oh yeah.

What about you?

You moving back now or what?

Maybe, I don't know.

My left could use a little work.

Yeah, your dad and I are talking, we're going to work something out.

Don't worry, I'll get you tuned up.

Yeah, that'd be awesome.

This is me right here.


(Traffic din)

(Bus squeals)

It's not that bad. I've got reading material.


Hey, give Jay a shout.

Yeah, I will. Be safe, man.

♪ Skills, I got skills ♪
♪ I got skills to make it to your doorway ♪
♪ Skills, I got skills ♪
♪ I got skills to make it to your doorway ♪
♪ Look at me, look at me ♪
♪ And tell me if you've ever seen me before ♪
♪ You know sometimes I'm just too much... ♪

Hey man, what's up, dog?

♪... To see that you're oh so there ♪
♪ I have these dreams about our past and future ♪

What's up?

♪ What we've done, where we've been and how it was you ♪

Not f*cking now, man! Shut the f*cking door, please!

You're in my room, Jay.


Well, this is f*cking embarrassing.

The damage is done, Nate. Five more minutes, five.

Shut the door, please?

Shut the f*cking door, please, please?

What are you making?


Like a vitamin shake or something?

You're so good.


How come you don't talk?

I do talk.

You don't.

You just work out and drink those f*cking smoothies and eat f*cking celery and don't talk to anyone.

You know, I think that you should have some more fun.

Hey, party's over!

Everybody out out out out! Andale, andale, mamacita! Come on, come on, babe, get the f*ck out of this house.

Jesus Christ. Ow!

Let's burn some meat, huh? Nate?

What you got there, pal?

Walker's got heavy hands, man.


Well, that's all he's got. Gentlemen, let's go.

I'm telling you, that's a highlight reel, so you're not going to see all the times he gets his f*cking ass whipped.



You gotta unplug, Nate.

Unwind, don't spin out, you know what I'm saying?

Sit down. You're gonna f*cking smash this kid, Nate.

You got this. Clint's a little bitch.

He's won seven in a row.

Against f*cking nobody, Nate, f*cking nobody!

You're going to do tremendous f*cking damage to this young man.

You're going to drag him to the f*cking deep end and you're going to wait until he crawls up like a bag of f*cking monkey bitch, trembling, whimpering monkey bitch.


Or you can just punch him in the f*cking face, 'cause he hates that.

That's how I beat him.

That was three years ago, Jay.

I know, but it's the same m*therf*cker, bro.

It's the same m*therf*cker.


This was in the fence.

You said you paid the rent.

I did, he's tripping.

We're a few hundred short. Don't worry about it.

What happened to the money from my last fight?

It's gone.

Where did it go?

Rent, bills, and supplements, you know?

sh1t is expensive, Nate.



Hey, don't I always f*cking take care of you?



You ever want anything? I don't recall us ever sleeping on the f*cking beach, do I? No.

All you need to do right now...

Thank you, my friend.


You need to focus on this fight.

That is the only thing your mind needs to be on right now.



You wanna spar, bro?

Dad doesn't want you in the gym.

Minor problemo, senor.

Keep your f*cking balls off my chicken, please.

Fine, fine, yeah, I feel f*cking guilty, okay?

You were engaged to the guy, he goes to prison, and I steal you away, I'm a snake.

Stole me?

What am I, a f*cking bicycle?

That's not what I meant.

But that's what happened.

Alright, I don't know how many times I need to beat this into your brain, but I didn't leave him for you, I left him for me.

I mean, he uses people, Alvey.

The second you got him to the UFC he dumped your ass for Greg Jackson.

Ok, that was a long time ago. You're not smoking those.

That was a long time ago, and he knows he messed up.


He doesn't care about anybody.

Don't light that.

You don't know him like I do.

I know he's a superstar, I know he's a superstar...

Alvey. and I know he's 28 and I know he's got a lot of fight in him.

That I know.

I can't even believe we're having this conversation.

Baby, do you trust me?


'Cause I trust you.



Now, we are hanging on by a very thin thread financially, you tell me that every day, ok?

I know. I know.

So guys like Ryan don't come around every day.

I can't let him go.

You know this. If I want to stay relevant, I need a superstar in my camp.

He's a superstar.

How do you even know if he wants to fight again?

(Stilted) "Behaviours that precede an addict's relapse follow the standard patterns of isolating oneself.

Those patterns include isolating oneself from others, refusing to talk about one's own feelings, and doubting one's ability to stay obstinate."

Abstinent, you dumb m*therf*cker.

You read next, Michael.

I wouldn't get too cocky.

Keep going, Keith.

"Becoming overwhelmed by ordinary problems," and the last one is, "outbursts of anger."

Okay, let's take a break.

15 minutes, guys.

Jesus f*ck.

This f*cking guy. (Laughs)


Hey, yo!

I heard you were like a fighter or some sh1t.

Is that true?

No, man. That was a long time ago.

Must've been.

Because now... You don't look like sh1t.

I'm gonna head back inside.

I got 100 bucks says I hit harder than you.

I don't have 100 bucks.

Then I guess you better win.

I tell you what. I'll even let you go first.


Man: Yeah, he pissed this little baby off.


Any time, motherf...



That's what I'm talking about, that's what I'm talking about!



Better be worth that f*cking... there you go.

Choke on that sh1t. That's it.

Yeah. sh1t!


Damn, Hollis, that was too rough!

f*ck my ass.

You're getting f*cking weird.


Look who I found!

Hector Cardio... I want to see where he's at.

Yeah, I'll show him some things that'll keep the bumper's hands off him.

I want you to...

I wanted to give you this.

"The Screwtape Letters"?

It's not what it sounds like, "Screwtape."

It's about an old demon.

It's a romance novel?

No, listen to me. It's about an old demon, his name is Screwtape, who writes these letters to this young up-and-coming demon, tries to teach him how to morally tempt people away from God.

I know it sounds kooky, but it's... it does it in a funny way. It's good... just read it.

Trust me, trust me.

Alvey, I'm not a big Christian.

Yeah, I'm not a Christian, I'm a heathen, dude.

I got the book from an old whore in a bar in St Pedro. Thank you.

Anyway, I'm not preaching to you, man.

It's just good to know you're fighting sometimes, know what I mean?

Read it, don't read it, just it'll help you calm down.

That and lexapro. You should put it in the water.

You know how to read, right?

Nah, not really.

Oh, man, this can't be good. What's up?

Okay, try not to freak out. They're just messing around.

Son of a bitch.

Hey, hey! Shut the goddamn door!

What the f*ck are you doing? Are you out of your f*cking minds?

Are you out of your f*cking minds? Are you out of your minds?

We're training, pops.

Get out of the f*cking cage.

Get out of the cage! You could've cut him!

But I didn't cut him, so why don't you chill the f*ck out?

Chill the f*ck out? Why don't I f*cking chill the f*ck out?

Get out, get out.

Everybody go home, gym's closed today.

He's getting a little nasty in his old age.

You, get out of that f*cking cage.

Jay, I'm warning you, just get out of here, okay?


Get your head out of your ass.

f*cking Jay.


It's hilarious.

You... you and Alvey, how long has it been going on?

Two years.

Are you f*cking kidding me, showing up here?

I'm not trying to start anything. I'm sincerely happy for you guys.

I love Alvey.

So do I.

I can see that.

You know what, you guys... seem like a really good team.

Look, I don't know what he promised you, but we can't afford to pay you anything.

That's fine.

So what are you gonna do, you gonna get a real job?

Yes, I am.

Doing what?

I don't know yet, Lisa, I'm still travelling on the f*cking buzz.

I should go check on them.

Alvey will call you when he calms down.

Oh, and Ryan?

Don't f*ck with my life.

♪ There are ways to mess with my heart ♪
♪ There are ways to mess with my heart ♪
♪ Just one look, one life ♪
♪ Can make my world feel alive ♪
♪ There are days when nothing feels right ♪

That's for you.

God bless.

♪ There are days when nothing feels right ♪
♪ And one look, one life ♪
♪ Can make the world feel alright ♪

(Muffled voice) Go away!

No! Come on.

Seriously, please.





Jay, stop!

Put the f*cking gun down!

What the f*ck is wrong with you?

He was f*cking funny, Nate.

Funny! He was looking at me funny!

I was just putting him out of his misery!

Bang! (Choking)

I'm going to Dad's.

Nate, come on!

You're such a f*cking idiot.

Baby, come over here.


I gotta pee.


Nate... Nate, Nate...

(Sirens wailing)

You ready?

This too shall pass.

Tuck 'em in.

Tuck the sweats in, tuck the sweats in. Socks over the sweats.

(Voice fading under rock music)

Fight time, fight time.

♪ On my fragile skin ♪
♪ Insecurities I've had are creeping within ♪
♪ Now I'm 20 miles outside ♪
♪ Of the place that you live ♪
♪ And I need one more chance now ♪
♪ That time's running thin ♪
♪ I'm losing when I am not playing no games now ♪
♪ Would you take me back ♪
♪ When I've gambled my pay ♪
♪ And I've got no direction without her little fingers ♪
♪ Barbed wire, razor wire ♪
♪ Nothing keeps me from her ♪
♪ And if I had no boots ♪
♪ I'd trek through the mud ♪
♪ While mosquitoes are racing ♪
♪ To draw the first blood ♪
♪ If you're running away ♪
♪ Then I'm looking for you ♪
♪ And if you've lost your way ♪
♪ I'm seeing you through ♪
♪ Oh, if you're running away ♪
♪ I'm looking for you ♪
♪ And if you've lost your way ♪
♪ I'm seeing you through ♪


Stand him up, stand him up.

Got you. I got you.

All right, all right, cold towel!

I'm good.

Short breath in, long breath out.

Short breath in.

Breathe, breathe. Listen to me, breathe.

Breathe, short in.


(Traffic din)


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the weigh-ins here at the Long Beach Fight!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the scale, Mr. Clint Walker!

(Cheers and applause)

And Mr. Walker weighs in at 154.5 pounds!

(Cheers and applause)

And his opponent, ladies and gentlemen, now coming to the scales, here is Nate Kulina!

(Cheers and applause)

(Camera shutter clicking)

(Cheers and applause)

And Mr. Kulina weighs in at...

(Cheers and applause)

Right on the money, ladies and gentlemen, 155 pounds!

(Cheers and applause)

Let's give it up one more time for these two warriors, Clint Walker and Nate Kulina!

(Cheers and applause)

(Camera shutter clicking)

Didn't flinch, f*ck him.

We'll see you tomorrow night, ladies and gentlemen!

Don't miss this one!


Thanks, Lisa.

Eat up.

I'm going to go take a shower.

Mm. (Smooch)



What's the matter? You nervous?



What if I lose?

You're not going to lose.

What if I do?

What if he catches me while I'm gassed?

Anything could happen. Then what?

Then nothing.

You're going to kill this guy, trust me.



Come on.

Listen to me...



Leave it, leave it, leave it, leave it. Leave it and calm down.

Leave it alone!

You should let Jay train again.


That what this is about, your brother?

Yes, that's what this is about!

It's better when he's there. It's better for him and it's better for me.

Forget about Jay, he made his choice. Put my dish down.

Listen to me, get your f*cking head straight because you got a fight to think about. Forget about your brother.

Can't you just talk to him?! Just talk to him!


He's your own son and you can't even f*cking talk to him. You're a...

Get out of my face! Are you out of your mind?!

Get out of my f*cking sight.

You want to be a tough guy? You want to be a tough guy, huh?

You have no f*cking idea what a tough guy is.

(Footsteps) Get out! You break my dish, get out!

Go, you animal.

Get out, before she comes down, get out of here.





My f*cking dishes.

(Munching) f*ck him.

(Muttering) (Munching)



Cover your titties! Here I come!

Oh, he's alone! Perfect!


There's my beautiful pet, come here.

(Talking over each other)

You love this. You love this.

How'd you get in here?

Door was wide open.


Rise and shine.

How's that sunlight?

Oh my God...

What time is it?

Early. Let's eat.

What are you going to get for me?


We're going to get.

Come on.

My choice, you're paying.

Wheeler: Get the f*ck up.

Come on, convict, help me up.



Oh yeah!

Daddy like!

(Beach din)

What is it with you and your dad?

He's a f*cking hypocrite!

I mean, nobody put more sh1t up his nose than my old man.

He'd eat the asshole out of a f*cking mule if he thought it was going to get him high.

In fact, right now he's coming at Nate and he's like, I'm going to take care of you, I'm your dad. Okay, bullshit.

Where the f*ck have you been? I've been looking after him since I was 15 years old.

Yeah, he's made some mistakes, but at least he's trying now, right?

That's what's so funny.

Now we've got his pills and his shrink, and he's walking around, preaching, telling everybody what to do.

Course he doesn't make any apologies for my mom or f*cking anything.

No disrespect, man, your mom's strung out; that's not your dad's fault.

Because he f*cked with her head, man.

Alright, disappearing with other bitches?

Treating her like sh1t?

Dude, I watched it happen. She wasn't always like that.

She wasn't like that when we were kids. (Beach din)

Boy, I don't know why you're defending him.

I would f*ck his ass up, stealing my girl while I'm in jail. (Talking over each other)

Dude, shut the f*ck up. No man, that's on me.

Hey, I put myself in prison, nobody else.

Okay, still, you know.

It's f*cked up.

Lisa is dope, dude.

You got no idea how small your world can become.

I like my world.

(Beach din)

Look at my world.

I do whatever I want and whoever I want, whenever I want.

My world's the sh1t, bro.

When's the last time you fought?

Jay: I don't know.

Over a year is what your dad said.


So what? Who gives a sh1t?

Listen, you don't f*cking do anything else. Dude, the one thing that you're f*cking good at is fighting and that's...

You're not even doing that.

At a certain point, you're just a broke m*therf*cker with some faded tattoos.

(Beach din)

Who f*cked the fun out of you there in prison, huh? Juanito?



Wheeler: Shut the f*ck up.


You're angry, man, I f*cking get it.

Don't set yourself on fire like I did.

I should be so lucky, okay? At least you got paid.

Yeah, and now I live in a sh1t box with a roommate who's on probation for rubbing his dick on the avocados at Albertson's.



With a f*cking curfew.

I can't even go to Nate's fight.

You're going to f*cking be there.

You're going to the fight.

It's not about Nate, and he knows that.

It is about f*cking Nate, man, he's the one fighting.

(Groaning) Oh boy.





This is our fight, this is our fight. Easy, one.

Bring that elbow back. Boom.

Boom. Chin down.

(Unclear). Now double it up.

(Thumping) One, two.

One, two. Relax.

Come on, breathe.




Come on, keep moving.

f*cking good, kid.

(Clapping) Show the right and step out.

Good. Good.

Prove it, man, sweat.




Back leg, stay on the back leg. There you go.

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Long Beach, California!

This is the main event of the evening.

(Cheers and applause)

And now, ladies and gentlemen, let's bring our first fighter to the cage. Here is Clint Walker!

(Audience cheers and applause)

(Crowd din)

And his opponent now coming to the cage, ladies and gentlemen, Nate Kulina!

(Audience cheers and applause)

Come on, Nate, you got this!

Bring it in, bring it in, bring it in.

Listen, we've been through a lot of sh1t, right?

But we're a f*cking family, nobody can f*cking change that.

You're my boys, I love you. Now go f*cking cave his face in.

(Audience cheers and applause)


Keep it clean, be professional, alright?

Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, the fighters are in the house.

So I just have one question for you: are you ready for a war?!

(Cheers and applause)

Alright, gentlemen, been over the rules already.

Protect yourself at all times, obey my commands at all times.

Touch gloves now for one. At the sound of the bell, come on out and handle your business. Let's go.

Nate, Nate, you set the pace! You set the pace, right?

You go out there and let your hands go.

Ice and relax! Ice and relax!

You ready to fight? You ready to fight?

Let's go!

(Cheers and applause)

(Fight din)

Hands up!

(Fight din)


Get out of there! Get out of there! Nate! Tie him up!

Tie him up, Nate!

(Cheers and applause)

Tie him up!

(Fight din)

Man: Got to move around! You got to defend yourself!

Knees, knees, knees, knees!

Man: You got to move around!

You got to show me something or I'm going to stop it, man!

You got to defend yourself, Nate!

(Fight din)

(Crowd din)

Check. Angle out.

Kick it. Heads up. Heads up. Angle out.

Knees. Knees.



(Fight din)

Get out of there. Get out of there!

Chin down. Chin down. Short top. Short top.

(Crowd din)

Chin down.

Breathe. Breathe.

(Horn blares)

(Cheers and applause)

(Upbeat rock music)

Hey, it's his round. It's his round.

Listen to this, he just showed you everything he has, right?

He's got nothing else. You took it all.

You took it all. I need you to relax though.

I don't want you to fight his fight, I want you to fight your fight.

So just breathe and relax.

I want you to angle out, throw your hands, and angle out again.

Hey, let your fists start flying.

Hit him in the f*ckin' face.

Shut the f*ck up. Look at me.

Stay cool. Stay relaxed. Game play.

Let's go.

Seconds out. Mouth piece in. Mouth piece.

Bring 'em way out.

Alright, second round.

You ready to fight? You ready to fight?

Let's go!

(Fight din)

(Crowd din)


(Crowd ohs)


You got it!

Heads up.


(Crowd ohs)

Knees! Knees!

(Fight din)

There it is! Oh yes!

(Crowd din)

10 seconds...

(Yelling unclear)

(Horn blares)

(Crowd cheering)

(Upbeat rock music)

Good. Good. Good. Listen to me. That's your f*ckin' round, right?

We're not going to leave this to the judges.

We're not leaving this to the judges.

You got to knock him the f*ck out.

Give me 5 f*ckin' minutes.

Give me 5 minutes I'll give you a win. I promise you, give me 5 minutes I'll give you a win, alright? You go after it.

Alright come on! f*ck him up!

You want to fight? You want to fight? Let's go!

Second win. Second win.

Come on. Second win.

(Fight din)


(Crowd din)

(Yelling unclear)

Finish him! Finish him! Yes!

What's I f*ckin' tell you? You did it, man.

You did it.


Yeah! Yeah! Woo!

(Crowd chanting indiscernible)


(Phone buzzing)

What a f*cking nightmare.

Better not be over.

Really? Why, you want some of this?

You want some?

No, I'm good actually.

Come on.

I've decided.

You want some.

I'm good.

Really? You going to fight me again? On this?


Come on. Come on.


(Doors click, slam) (Traffic din)

(Engine rumbling)

Hey, baby.


What are you doing?

Will you get in?

I can't right now.

For a second, please?

You're going to get me in trouble.

I'm just asking you to come in for a second.

Please get some food.

I love you, mom (Engine rumbling)

(Fight din)

You look good, not as good as me.

I'm the f*ckin' champ. The champion.

You guys remember that time I beat Clint Walker?

That was special. What the f*ck are you doing?

Work. Work!

Alvey, I'm Alison Castro. This is my partner Paul Blazevich.

How you doing?

We were at the fight last night.

Incredible. Your son's quite the athlete.

Yes, he is. Can I help you guys with something?

We'd love to discuss some business opportunities with you if you're open.

Oh, I don't really deal with investors.

It's not my thing. I run things my way.

It's not for everyone. Thank you.

Understood. But maybe we could help ease the burden.

Uh, you know, when you walk around the mats on the ground over there to the front desk, you'll find a card, Lisa Prince, get her a call.

She'll help you out.

Fantastic. I'll reach out to her.

Here's my card, by the way.

It's so great to meet you, Alvey.

You know, you're such a legend. My dad used to watch all your fights.

Thank you.

Again, congrats on everything.

Nice fight.

Her dad used to watch all your fights.

You know what, you little f*ck. Come on!

Come on, Jay, what the f*ck are you doing? Let's go!

I knew it was bad when...

I got ejected from an in and out burger at noon on a Sunday. Literally walked in an yelled, if you don't want to get f*cked you better freeze 'cause I'll f*ck anything that moves.


You serve at my pleasure.

That was my mentality.

One morning...

I come home... and, uh, I come home still wasted and there's the parents, my sister, my fiancée sitting in my living room.

Right away, I know it's an intervention.

I'm having none of it. I'm... cussing and I'm throwing sh1t trying to leave but my dad... uh... just stepped in my way.

You don't do that to me.


Listen, I spent my first two years in prison trying to kill myself with a... with a... pair of rubber sandals, I mean, anything.

I almost got lucky with a... with a melted down toothbrush but... self destruction is self obsession.

I'm getting pretty f*ckin' sick of myself though.

I've come to change.

Well done, Mr. Kulina.


Good job.

(Bell ringing)

Hey, Champ!

I thought I was going to get to roll later.

I'm taking the day off.

To do what?

Whatever the f*ck I want. Day-o!

Well, tomorrow, tomorrow, I'm going to kick your ass. Hadouken!


Work the bag! Work the bag!

Don't let the bag work you!

(Speaking other language)

(Engine revving)

(Conversation din in other language)



Oh man.

(Speaking other language)

(Tires screeching)

(Engine revving)

(Tires screech)


Tell your dad you suck!


(Engine revs)

(Tires screech)