01x05 - Eat Your Own Cooking

[Drumroll, applause]

Alvey: A lot of fighters choose nicknames...

"The Crippler."

"The Nightmare." "Rumble."

Most of them are f*cking stupid.

I fought a guy once called himself the "The f*ck Stick."

That's a cock.



Marnix "The f*ck Stick" Jansen. He was a Dutch fellow.

He had a problem with the translation.

He was a very good fighter, though.

[Baby cries]

I was "King" Kulina.

I hated that name.

My father made me take it to honor him.

Fucker had cancer. What was I gonna do?


Said we had royal blood.

Liked the way the two "Ks" sounded together. "King" Kulina.

It was a bit grandiose.

That was my old man.

That fucker truly believed that we were blessed with royal blood, that it was special from God, it was better than yours.

[Door opens, closes]

I'm talking about guy who was too f*cking mean and lazy to ever have a f*cking job.

I wanted to murder this m*therf*cker.

And I had a plan when I was a kid.

I didn't do it...

'Cause of my mother.

Sweet woman.


I guess she fell in love with him before he unzipped his asshole and the real guy came out.




Let's not make this about him.

[Audience boos]

This is about what you two gentleman did to my son.


You think you're gonna make me live with something, m*therf*cker?

You think I don't have enough sh1t?

[Man coughs]

Lower your head, please.

[Audience murmurs, applause]


And bow to the king.

[Bell dings]


[Toilet flushes]


[Toilet flushes]


[Breathing heavily]

[Cellphone buzzing]

Do not.

[Vibrating continues]

[Both moaning]



[Breathing heavily]


[Sighs, chuckles]


That was nice.

You're pretty good when you're paying attention.

You're hard to ignore.

[Cellphone buzzes]

Go ahead.

I'm starving.

You want to get some breakfast?

Uh, I can't.

That was my brother.

Is everything okay?


Yeah, I just got to get home.


You're supposed to give me a condescending kiss on the cheek.


[Liquid splashes]

Lisa: You need to hop in the shower.

We're gonna be late for breakfast with my dad.

What is...

Hide the gun from me.


What's going on?


A couple of nights, or days, before Nate got attacked, I was on my run.

I got jumped by a couple of Mexican dudes.

I was on the path. I bumped into them.

It was no big deal, but we got into it good.

Couple nights ago, Nate tells me that after these guys beat the sh1t out of him, they said to him, "tell your pops we said, 'what's up?'"

I told the police. They couldn't make a connection.

I should... I should've pressed.

I don't f*cking understand.

Why didn't Nate say something to us sooner?

I don't know.

Maybe he didn't want me to make it worse, Lisa.

I mean, he knows I'm not a rational man.

Neither is his brother.

So, does Jay know?


And he won't know until I tell him.


10 years ago, I would have f*cking lit these guys up.

I would have chopped them to pieces.

How's that for growth?

You need sleep.

I'm gonna tell my dad we can't make it.

No, no. We'll go, we'll go, we'll go, we'll go, we'll go.

No, I would love to cancel on him.

He's your father.

In a few years, he's gonna be dead, and you're gonna feel terrible, so we'll go.

We'll make him pick up the tab.

Keith: I'm gonna go back inside now.

Ryan: Go ahead, man.

Are you coming, too?

In a little bit.

Yeah, actually, I'm just gonna stay out here.

There's a nice breeze, and everybody else is out here.

Your parents coming?


Why not?

'Cause they're angry with me, Keith.


I did some bad things.

Gosh, I know, but I know you.

My mom never stayed mad at me, ever.

Not for nothing.

'Cause you're a good guy, Keith.

Just got to stay away from they avocados, son.

Way past that now.

The funny thing about that is is that it wasn't even about the avocados.

That's just what I got caught for.

I mean, my pen1s touched so many fruits that day.

Where's Lisa? Is Lisa coming?

I don't think so, Keith.

What about the fitness guy, the one who calls you on your phone?



I don't think his coming, either.

Keith, stop asking, man. You're depressing the sh1t out of me.


Can we go back inside now?


Do you want to do a puzzle? I got one with humpback whales.

No, thanks.

Cool. We'll just take a nap or something.

You can read your book, and I'll watch.

Jay: Look at you, you little scamp.

Where were you, huh?

Don't worry about it.

Don't worry about it?

Did somebody take a little trip to the boom-boom room?

Is that where you were? Where you in the boom-boom room?

Was it the therapist?

Did you take your clothes off and have a little game of wrestle?

Her name is Tatiana.



I am proud of you.

My little baby boy.

I always hoped you'd meet a good doctor.

I did. I'm so damn proud of you.

Having s*x, growing up.



I need your help this afternoon.

You got to look after mom for a bit.

Are you f*cking kidding me? No way, dude.

Dude, help me out just for a couple hours, dude.

I got to train 'cause I got a fight tomorrow night.

[Imitates explosion]

You f*cking with me?

Lisa hooked me up with Bucky DeMarco.

It's a shit-sandwich of a deal on three-days' notice for no money, but it's a start.


That's really fast, dude.

You... I mean, can you make weight?

I don't have to worry about that.

I'm fighting up a class.

That's a bad idea.

Nate, it's a terrible idea, but I believe in myself.

How's your hand?

My hand?

My hand feels fine. I got two.

Okay, is dad cornering you?

f*ck no, dude. I'm unaffiliated.

I got Mac in my corner. f*ck that. I'll do it.

Dude, I need you to be here to look after mom.

Help me out.

[Imitates dog howling]

All right.

All right. Now, look.

You have this whole house to yourself.

Mom is locked up. Nobody's gonna be here.

This castle is yours, so you feel free to luxuriate and maybe take your pants down and m*st*rb*t* in the parlor room if you're so inclined.

f*ck off, Jay. Go train.

Nothing for me. I'll just take the check.

Oh, let me get this one.

No, sir. No, sir.

Please. I’ll charge it to the room.

Thank you, dad. Thank you.

I-I was just saying we don't get to see enough of you.

Oh, it think, uh, Lisa sees about as much of me as she wants to.


Well, what else should I think? You never call.

You don't call me, either.

[Exhales sharply]

Hell, I guess I could do a little better.

Um, Lisa's mother used to handle all the phone calls and fill me in later, give me a blow-by-blow of Lisa's life...

The boys and the switching majors and the bouncing around careers.


Let's not do this.

I just miss talking to you, is all.

That's all I'm saying.

I just want to know how you guys are doing.

How's the gym?

The gym is good. We're hanging in there.

Oh. Lisa, you still, uh, doing the books?

Oh, she does a hell of a lot more than the books.

She keeps the place running, keeps the lights on.

There is no gym without Lisa.

Ah. Well, you guys look like you're working hard.

You look like a corpse. [Chuckles]


No, he's right, he's right.

I-I actually haven't... I haven't been sleeping.

Oh, well, that's not good. You got to manage your stress.

I mean, guys our age, we're swimming in open water.

Anything could take you down...

Your heart, your brain.

Your own body's actively trying to kill you.

Dad, do you have to be so morbid?

Oh, I'm sorry.

I just... We're having a good time.

Uh, we have the photographers coming to the gym, so we should probably take off.

I'll walk you out.

It's too bad you're not sticking around a little bit longer, Ron.

Well, actually, uh, I just had something cancel.

You two free for dinner tomorrow?

Alvey's son has a fight tomorrow night, so, sorry.

Oh, oh, that's too bad.

You know what?

I'm... I'm... I'm... I'm not gonna go to the fight.

I'd love to have dinner with you, Ron.

You sure?


It'll be fun. Get out a bit, we have a few drinks.

What do you think?

It's... it's a deal.

I'll... I'll send a car to the gym?

I'll be waiting.

Okay, man.

All right.

Wear a suit.


[Chuckling] Yeah.

[Rap music playing in distance]


[Exhales deeply]

What's wrong, Keith?

[Voice breaking] Nothing.

[Clears throat] [Normal voice] Nothing.

I just don't want you to leave.

I'm coming back, man. Just like every other day.

Can I come?

We've already been through this, buddy.

[Inhales deeply]

[Voice breaking] Yeah, I know we've been through this, but... It's family day, and everybody has stuff to do except for me.

What are you talking about, man?

Look at this badass puzzle. Come on.

It's not fun to do by myself.



What are you talking about?

All right?

Just wanted to do it with you.

Okay, all right, man.

We'll, uh... we'll hit it when I get back, and then, uh, we'll finish it up together.

But, dude, you got to start it, because I suck at these.

So if you don't start it, keither, we're never gonna finish, all right?

Okay, I'll set the edges, and then when you get back, we'll do the middle together.

I'm gonna save you the orca 'cause you're a killer.

Nick: Alvey, fighting is a metaphor for life.

Oh, come on, dude.

That's a f*cking boring clichè.

It's true. But you know what?

In all seriousness, you know it's the not the fight game.

It's the selling tickets game.

And for that, we got to tell your story.

I've been burned by fuckers like you.

You know I'm not gonna do that, man.

You know I'm not gonna do that.

We do this, I want full approval.

I got to clear it with Ryan first.

And when you shoot him, don't get too close to him 'cause he gets testy when he trains.

Fly on the wall.

All right.

Not even gonna know I'm there. Let me get a picture of you.

No, no.

Oh, come on.

No, I'm very well-documented here.

It's your story. We start with you. Let's go.

Wait. This side.

[Camera shutter clicks]

Was that so hard?

One shot?

Yeah, that's it.

There you go.

Oh, yeah.

I'm a handsome son of a bitch, huh?


So, what's the deal?

I just grab my ankles for the camera so that Ryan looks like the f*cking man?

Not at all.

He's here to shoot the gym, not just Ryan.

Sure he is.

Hey, Jay, it's up to you.

It's your career, but if the camera's pointing at you, I'd give him something to shoot.

That's what I'm doing.

[Cage door closes]

Alvey: Don't f*ck around.

My guy looks better than your guy.

They're going half speed. Don't get excited, sister.

You talk to Jay yet?

Not yet.

When you gonna do that?

After his fight.

Easy. Hey, hey, whoa, whoa, easy!


Let him go, let him go. Let him go!

Jay: You got that? You got it?


[Laughs] f*ck you.

Jesus Christ. Dude, don't shoot that.

Get out. Jay, come here.

Jay: He gave me his back.

Yeah. I said "half speed."

"Half speed." How come you're not throwing your right hand?

What do you mean?

Let me see it.


Let me see your f*cking hand.

[Sighs, sniffs]

It's fine.

I'm... [winces]

Yeah, it's not fine.

Go put it in ice.

No problem.

Your f*cking fighter's got a busted hand.

Lisa: Hey, in my office. I want to talk to you.

I'm calling Bucky, and we're pulling out of this fight.

No, no.

When did this happen?

It happened a couple days ago sparring.

I already spoke to Mac, and he's gonna give me something to get through this.

You're already fighting at welterweight.

I'm not sending you in there one-handed.


I fought way f*cking worse.

And it might shock you to believe, Lisa, but I don't have health insurance, so I'm gonna say I hurt my hand in the fight, and Bucky's insurance is gonna cover it.

That's actually not a bad idea.

This f*cking weigh-in is in a few hours.

I don't want to f*ck around anymore.

You try and pull me out of this thing, I'm going anyway.

[Cellphone buzzes]

[Car crashing on television]

[Video game pauses]

- [Game resumes]

Watch it!

[Pounding on door]


Hold it.

[Pounding continues]

[Doorknob rattling]

Christina: Is anybody out there?

[Pounding on door]

Who's out there?

Is anybody out here?

I got to get out of here, please.

[Doorknob rattles]

Help me.

Let me out of here.

[Instinctively over P.A.]

[Knock on door]

Hey, Michael.

Michael: What you doing, buddy?


Whales and dolphins.

You know, many... many hands make light work.

Well, it has been while since I've done one of these.


I do them... I do them all the time.


You know, I almost feel like maybe this goes right...


[Laughing] Oh, sh1t.


[Rock music playing]


[Camera shutter clicking]

Okay, okay, okay.

Come on.

[Camera shutter clicking]

Little space, please.

[Clicking continues]

A little bit of space, please, man.

[Clicking continues]

Move back, please!

Please, I'm working! Please, man. Please.

[Clicking continues]

f*ck, man.




You don't think you're getting out of this office dressed like this.

Oh, I am. I am.

Come on. Don't mess me up.

I have to get all the way the f*ck across town for the weigh-in.

Always pushing me away.


Would you let Ryan fight with a busted hand?



But... but... but Ryan and Jay are two different guys.

Jay... He's used to adversity.

His whole f*cking life is adversity.

You should close your eyes after Ryan leaves.

You okay?

You mean my dad?


Same sh1t.

You know, I don't know him very well, but he seems... Off.

It's 'cause the whole world doesn't revolve around him anymore.

He just wants to remind me how I veered off-course.

You do not have to go to dinner with him, by the way.

No, no, no.

You're gonna be with Jay. I have nothing to do.

I feel sorry for the dude.

It's one night. It's no big deal.

Well, you are much nicer than I am.

Yeah. [Smooches] Oh, stay.

[Chuckling] Come on.

Come here, you little...

[Cellphone buzzing]

You're buzzing.

You're making me vibrate.

Oh, I'm gonna take this outside.

Who is it?

It's the detective.

I like those shoes.

[Rock music playing]


[Indistinct singing]

[Camera shutter clicking]

Are you f*cking kidding me, dude?

Are you f*cking kidding me?!

What did I f*cking tell you?

I'm trying to be a f*cking nice guy!


Get the f*ck away from me!

I told you to stay the f*ck off of me!

Stop it right now!

Stop it! Stop it, stop it, stop it!

Do you have something to say, m*therf*cker?!

What are you gonna do? Stop.


Don't you ever f*cking put your hands on me.

I swear to God, don't you ever put a f*cking finger on me, m*therf*cker.

Okay, calm down, all right?

I want everybody to look at the luckiest f*cking man on the planet right now.

All right. What are you doing?

I'm trying to f*cking work out, and I tried to ask him f*cking nicely!

Why is this f*cking dick even here?

'Cause it's good for the gym.

And you just happen to be here.

♪ I'm going down ♪
♪ everybody's going down ♪

Now pick up his f*cking camera.

[Indistinct singing]


[Indistinct rapping]


Stop saying sorry, Keith.

You sound like a f*cking pussy, man.

Hey, Keith, why didn't you start the puzzle?

I did.

You couldn't find any f*cking pieces that fit at all?

I found a lot of them, but Michael came in and messed up everything.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Michael came in here?

Yeah, he came in, broke it all up, and then left.

You know Michael.

Did you do anything, Keith?

Didn't f*cking say anything. Just sat there.

We said stuff.

I said something.

Keith, have you ever had s*x before?

Like, not fruit.

Anybody can f*ck fruit, okay?

Have you ever f*cked a woman?


Do you ever want to f*ck a woman in your life, Keith?


Because if you do, you need some f*cking confidence, okay?

Grow some f*cking balls. You know what I'm saying?

Be a f*cking taker, okay?

You got to f*cking grab it, all right?

You got to throw your f*cking dick on the table every once in a while.

Ryan, that got me in trouble.

Oh, my God. f*ck, Keith.

It's a f*cking... It's a saying, man.






Do you know what I did the other day?


I f*cked a lady in a bar bathroom, dude.

Hot, older.

Nice lady.

Didn't know her. Don't remember her name.

Just f*cking rammed her.

f*cking up against the wall, man.

Against the f*cking door, dude.

So, really good s*x?

It was f*cking awesome, Keith.

It was f*cking awesome. She was f*cking screaming.

Now, why do you think she would f*ck a guy like me, some piece of sh1t on the fringe?

Don't talk like that.

You're not on the fringe.

You got tattoos, and you have... You're handsome.


She should f*ck you.

That's really... Okay, thanks, Keith.

But the reason that she...

The reason that she f*cked me is because...

Because I f*cking pushed the action, man.

I threw my f*cking dick on the table with total f*cking confidence, man.

That's what you got to do.

[Claps hands]

You get it?


Throw your dick on the table.


Then I take the dick.


[Inhales, exhales deeply]

[Inhales, exhales deeply]

f*ck, yeah!

Ow, sh1t.

Jesus, Keith. Oh, my God.

That hurt.

How'd it go?

She was banging on the door for a little while, but she stopped.

I guess she fell asleep.

Thanks for staying here.

It's gonna be over soon.

Yeah, well, then what?

f*ck. I don't know.

One day at a time, Nate.

Hey, man, how'd the weigh-in go?

Oh, same sh1t.

He's a big f*cking dude, though.

Yeah? How's your hand feeling?

Mac's gonna come by tomorrow.

He's gonna see if he can give me anything.

[Bottle cap clinks]



Why don't you sleep in my bed tonight?

Nah, I'm good. I got the couch.

You got a big fight tomorrow. You got to get some rest.

Yeah. I do have a big fight tomorrow.



Thank you.

It's all good.

Hey, if you, uh... If you jerk off in my sheets, I swear to God I'll kill you.

Bring it, 'cause I'm jerking.

Alvey: He had the gun. He started it.

Fatso jumped in later.

What happens now?

Gaines: I need Nate to come in, I need him to I.D. these guys, and he's got to be willing to testify if it goes that far.

All right, I'll talk to him.

And here's the other thing.

They're gonna try and intimidate you, so if anybody shows up at your gym, shows up at your house...

I got a gun. It's legal, registered.

[Chuckles] They got more.

Call us.

Don't try and handle this thing yourself.

Alvey, why didn't you mention this from the beginning?

I don't know.

I don't know.

Mac: Yeah, you might have a slight fracture.

It's gonna hurt like f*ck.

Yeah? I can tell. I-I can tell.

You know how I can tell, Mac? 'Cause it hurts like f*ck.

Ooh, fight Jay is snippy.

Can you shoot it with f*cking cortisone or something?

It's too late for that.

I can give you some toradol for the inflammation, some marcaine for the pain.

You'll be able to make a fist, but it's gonna show up in a drug test.

Well, there's not gonna be a drug test because it's an "eat sh1t f*cking dick Bucky" card.

Drug test.

I'm gonna take a piss and get out of here.

Lucky if we have a f*cking ref.

Nate: Hey, Jay.

Oh, hey, dude, piss outside.

What? I'm not a f*cking animal. I'm gonna go in the house.

Dude, piss in the bush. We're already outside.

Nobody's going inside.

That's bizarre.

Dude, not in front of the f*cking house, Mac.

Goddamn it, you said a bush. I don't know what bush.

Don't be a f*cking animal.

Come on.

Hey, hey, look at me. Hey, focus up, all right?

Everything's good here. I got mom. It's all taken care of.

You're gonna have a great fight, all right?

[Locker door closes]

What's up, movie star?


Not bad, right? Not bad.

Where you going?

Going to meet Lisa's old man.


An evening with Ron.


Why would you do that to yourself?

Moment of weakness.


Have any advice?


What do I know? The guy never warmed up to me.

I heard you got into it with the photographer.

Yeah, man. I'm sorry.

It was... It's my bad.

You okay?

Yeah, I'm good. Just... just grinding.



Listen, it won't happen again, Alvey.

Don't apologize.

I'll make sure he works around you.

He's a pain in the ass.


I got to get the hell out of here.

[Locker door closes]


Yes, sir.

Wish me luck.

Good luck.

Thank you.

All right. See you, coach.

All right, pop.

[Air horn blows]


I need him in that cage in five f*cking minutes!

f*ck! Jesus Christ.

And check the toilet. He's probably still dumping.

Your guy's here, right?

Yeah, he's taping up.

Andale, homeboy. Let's go, go, go, go.

Jesus Christ. What is that?

It's the insurance form.




Hey, it's $700 tonight.

No f*cking money orders six months from now.

Yes, cash at the end of the fight.

Don't make me hunt you down, Bucky.

I don't date white girls.

[Door opens, closes]

All right, just breathe.

Come on.

What the f*ck, you guys?

Look, this is gonna help, but you can't really throw it.

How's it feel?

Oh, it feels tremendous, Lisa.

Ron: Mm.

They don't tell you that, um, when your retire, everybody disappears.

[Both chuckle]

Unless you join some club or get into some bullshit hobby or something.

And then, if you want friends, you got to find some group of enthusiasts for birds or stamps or whatever the hell you're trying to get interested in.

You see, that's my biggest f*cking fear right there.

Yeah, well, mine, too.

But I'm living it.


Never retire, Alvey.

No. It's death.

'Course, I didn't know any of that.

I mean, the only reason I gave up the company was because I wanted to spend more time with Lisa's mother.

You know, travel, do stuff together.

We, uh... we started to take up golf.


Sorry about that, Ron.

You know, that... That's a f*cking tragedy.

It's a f*cking tragedy, yeah. Eight years.

It never gets any easier.

Your daughter talks about her mother all the time.

I wish I could have met her.

You know, she says she feels her every day.

Her mother still guides her.


I don't know what the hell she'd think of you.



She would have loved me. She'd loved me.

Yeah, right.


Well, I'm not ready to go to sleep.

Mm. Two more?

No, let's mix it up. I'll call for the car.

Oh. I'll get the check.


I got to watch you.


[Tap on door]

[Clears throat]

[Pound on door]

[Pounding on door]

Nate, is that you?

No, Nate! No! No!

You got to... Nate, you got to take me to a doctor.

You got to take me to a doctor.

Nate. Nate. Nate.

Announcer: Coming to the cage, Jay Kulina!

[Rock music playing]

[Scattered cheers, applause]

[Crowd murmuring, booing]

Good? Put your arms out.

I'm gonna check you over, please.

Mouthpiece good? Let's see your hands.

All right, sir. Up into the cage.

[Crowd cheering, booing]

And now, ladies and gentleman...

Hey, it's me.

Uh, just checking in.

Y-your dad wants to have a nightcap.

I-I don't know what time I'm gonna be home, so I just, uh, wanted to give you a heads up.

Kind of at his mercy.

Tell Jay I said "good luck," okay?

All right, bye.

[Door opens, tone sounds]

Ron: Hey, Alvey!

Alvey: Hey!


Got it?


Oh, you got the good stuff.

Yeah, here's looking at you.

Yeah. Salud.



Right here.

Put these down your pants.

I can't look at tits without a drink in my hand.

It's too uncomfortable.

Here you go. Here we go.

Here we go!

[Car door shuts]

[Crowd cheering]

Lisa: Get up, Jay! Get up! Fight!

Mac: Get out of it! Jay, come on!

Come on, Jay!

Come on!

[Crowd cheering]

Stand up! Stand up!

Get up, get up, Jay!

Cover up, Jay!

Referee: You got to show me something!

You have to show me something, or I'm gonna have to stop it.

We got to call this.

No, no.

Come on, Jay!

Get up!

[Crowd cheers]

Hang in there!

Come on, Jay! Hang in there!

Hang in there, Jay!

[Crowd cheering]

[Air horn blows]

[Cheers and applause]

Come on.


I think he might have got that round, Mac.

Lisa wants to call this fight.

No f*cking way. He knows my f*cking hand...

f*ck your hand. Forget it. Listen.

He's comfortable in his mount.

No, sh1t, Mac.

Well, do something about it.

♪ Don't throw it ♪
♪ let me see you pop it ♪

So, we made those res...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

Those renovations... Renovations.


We put the locker rooms, and we put the sauna.



Sau... well, if that's work, sign me up.

I can sit in a sauna all day long.

No, it's not like that.

You got to cut the weight, you got to... Otherwise...

[Both laughs]



I'm telling.

Oh, this whole, uh, arrangement is a little, uh, little murky to me.

Murky? What? What's murky?

Well, I mean, Lisa has put up the cash, right.


It's yours.

You own it outright.

It's ours. No.

She doesn't have a piece of it.


It's our gym. You see it. She runs the gym.

Hey, it's her gym.

Well, uh, what happens if you guys split up, huh?

Splitting up?

It happens. Would she get her money back?

Is she getting remunerated in any way?

You know, you're looking at this the wrong way.

We have an arran... We have an arrangement.

Well, whatever you think. Your... it's your business.

[Rap music playing]

♪ And I'm in here shinin', so she know the boy is on ♪
♪ If you want this money from me... ♪

Deejay: Oh, yeah.

Ladies and gentleman, turn it up next for our very own cinnamon.

♪ Let me see you pop it ♪
♪ go on and show it ♪

[music distorts, muffles]

[Air horn blows]

Lisa: Come on!

Jesus! f*ck!

Come on, Jay! Hang in there.

Cover up! Cover up!


Now, Jay, come on!

Cover it up!

That's it. Come out!

No, no, no, no, no!

Come on!

Cover it up!

Yes! Yes! Nice!

That's it, Jay!

[Crowd cheering]


Hold on to him! You got him!

[Indistinct shouting]

Referee: Stop! Stop! Stop!

That's it! That's it!

It's over! It's over!

[Rock music plays]

[Cheers and applause]

I'm f*cking proud of you!

You okay?

Can you get my money? Just get my money.

Just get my money.

[Cheering continues]

Deejay: Once again, boys, welcome to the Green Club.

Now let's hear a big round of applause, get those hands together, for the beautiful miss Mercedes.

Ron: Trying to understand the rules here!

If I can't put my hand on a woman's breasts here...


Ron! Ron! Ron!

Oh, sh1t! Now everybody's looking at me.

I'm just trying to figure out the rules of this place.

This doesn't make any f*cking sense!

Put your pants on.



[Siren wails in distance]

Get in the car.

Hey, Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron, Ron.


What are you doing, Ron?

Come on, let's get out of here.

Y-you're not a good choice for my daughter.

How would you know that?

I'm her father.

You're too old.

She is walking up a mountain, and you are sliding down the other side.

She needs somebody her own age.

What's gonna happen when she wants to have children?

She doesn't want to have kids.

Oh, bullshit.

Every woman wants to have children.

I'm telling you we talked about it, and she doesn't want to have kids.

She wouldn't say because you're a bully!

I'm a what?

You're so goddamned inflamed about anything.

What do you know about me? You don't know me, Ron.

You don't know your f*cking own daughter.

You... you... you got your own f*cking version of the whole world.

My ver... you think this sh1t is my version?

Yeah, I do.

My version is f*cked.

I gave that up a long time ago.

But I know what my wife, her mother would want, and it's not you.

Is it true you got a wife floating around here?


Still got an old, used-up wife floating around?

You want another one now?

You know what?

We had a good night.

You drank too much. Now it's time to go home.

This is my car.

Get a cab.

[Sirens wailing in distance]

[Indistinct talking]

What the f*ck?

Lisa: Hey, Bucky.

Hey-y, Lisa.


There's my tire.

I was just looking for you.



'Cause to me, it kind of looks like you're trying to skate out of here without paying our fighter.

No, no, no. I'm right here. I'm right here.

Well, that's good, um, 'cause it's $700, and then you get you wheel back.

Okay, look, the gate kind of sucked tonight.

It was really disappointing, but Jay was amazing.

And, uh, you're a f*cking c**t.

Come on, you got f*cking grizzly Adams here f*cking shaking me down?

Come on, Bucky.

There it is.

Oh, and, uh, my fighter busted his hand, so we're gonna be filing an insurance claim.

This is your tire.

Good luck.

Can you help me put it back on?

Oh, I don't know sh1t about cars, brother.

Well, how'd you take it off?

That I do know.

I can't...

[Door closes]


[Bottle cap clinks]


We got to bury those.

They're not right.

You should talk to him.

I don't want to talk to him.

He's struggling.

Doesn't have anyone.

I thought he had you. Wasn't that the whole pitch?

Whatever he's dealing with, I can't help him.

He won't show me anything.

f*cking hates himself.

It's a dark, dark road.

It's a conversation, sweetheart.

Eventually you got to forgive him.

Come here.

Come here.

How did Jay do?

[Sighs] He won.

He won.

Seriously, if that kid can keep his sh1t together, he's gonna be something special.

Well, that is... That's a big if.

You would have been proud of him.


How'd it go with my dad?

[Chuckling] Your dad... Is fun.

Oh, yeah.

He is.


He misses your mother.

So do I.



You okay?


I missed you.


How much?

A lot.

What are you gonna do?


Hi. Oh.

Hey, you're not scheduled today.

I know. Can I talk to you, please?

About what?

Can I talk to you?

About what?

I'm sorry.

I wanted to apologize.


For what?

For not being around, not calling back, for everything.

Yeah, I don't like to get f*cked and dodged.

That doesn't feel good.


Okay, look, you're probably a good guy, Nate.

Or I don't know. Maybe you're not.

Maybe you're just a quiet asshole and it takes a little longer to see it.

Either way, I crossed a line that I never cross, and it's affecting your treatment.

That makes me a bad P.T., and that makes me feel like a stupid girl.

So Diego's gonna handle your treatment from now on.

I didn't mean to disrespect you.

All right, there's... There's just a lot going on, and I... And I can't tell you about it.

That's okay. I believe you. I really hope you figure it out.

I got to work.


[Man speaks indistinctly over P.A.]

Ryan: My family won't talk to me.

I call my mom, and, uh, she just won't call me back.

And it's fine.

You know, I thought I was used to that.

But, um...

Just, uh...

It was just one year.

Like, just one f*cking year, and it just got away from me.

And... I feel like if I could just talk to them, you know...

I don't know, even just my mom, then it would help.

Maybe they're not ready.

Doesn't mean they don't think about you.

You haven't talk to them, have you?

No. It's been years.


I was talking to your mom for a while after, but then it just sort of seemed like, "where is this going?"

Does Alvey know you're here?

Lisa: Yeah.

I wouldn't be here otherwise.

[Can slams]


What are you doing?




Lisa Prince.

Yeah, that's right.

Listen, um, we can all hang out some other time, but Lisa and I were just having a really private, personal conversation.

So maybe I can meet you back in the room?

Is that cool?

Here you go.

Hey, Lisa?


Oh, no.

What the f*ck are you doing, man?

No, no.

What the f*ck are you doing?

I'm good, thank you.

I put my dick on the table.

Okay, p-pull your pants...

She knows what I'm doing.

I get it. Okay. Pull your pants up.

Pull your f*cking pants up, dude. Come on. Keith.

Put my dick on the table.

[Snaps fingers] Keith, you can't do that, man.

You told me to!

Pull your pants up.

You hit Michael, and then you f*cked a girl in the bathroom, and then I'm...

Keith, Keith.

I didn't make up "dick on the table."

You said it! And we... I told you...

Why are you being like this? Why are you...

Jesus, Keith.

This is f*cking B.S.

I am so sorry.


Why can't I do it?!

Come on, let's go.

You did this! You did this!

Keith, we talked about this, man.

Use your f*cking head, dude. What are you doing?

You told me to use my dick.

Just go... Just go back.

There you go, buddy.

It's fine. Not like I haven't seen one before.

I swear to God. Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry.

It's fine.

No, it's not f*cking fine.

This f*cking place, um...


Is, um...

f*cking grinding me.


You know, I was thinking maybe I could call your mom and just see what she says.

Yeah, thank you.



♪ ... when we all pass away ♪