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01x08 - The Gentle Slope
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[Telephone ringing]

[Indistinct conversations]

[Baby crying]

[Tone sounds]

Next. 77.

May I help you?

How are you doing?

Wonderful. May I help you?

Um, yeah.

I just need to get this owner address for this license plate right here.

You need to fill out a request for record information.

You'll get a reply by mail in three weeks.

Three weeks?

Probably longer.

Oh, boy. I was hoping for today.

There's nothing I can do about that, sir.

Next. 78.

Next. 78.

[Tone sounds]

Um, wait. Hold on one second. I'm sorry. Just a second.

Can we... can we share a human moment here?

That's what we strive for.

I'm Jay. What's your name?


Jennifer. That is a beautiful name.



I, uh...

I run a faith-based dogrescue service in Venice.

Didn't realize I was dealing with a pastor.

Well, not a pastor. I'm... I'm just a Deacon.

Sadly, um, we had an incident.

One of our dogs... uh, Hinoki... she got hit by this very car.

Now, I want to believe that these good people of God, they probably didn't even know that they squashed her.

Or maybe they did, and they were scared, and they fled.

It's not my place to judge, but what's really important... the real miracle here is that Hinoki survived.

Oh, happy to hear it.

Yeah, well, she's not quite out of the woods just yet, Jennifer.

No, ma'am, now, she's got these two busted-up legs that need surgery, and we're talking 5,000 bucks, each leg.

And I-I don't have that kind of money.

You're just a simple Deacon.


But what I'm thinking is, if I can find these people, I am sure they're gonna want to make a donation.

What do you say?

Help me... Help Hinoki.

Jennifer, please.

All right, that's just enough bullshit to make me smile today.

But fill out the form so I can put it on file.

Hey, no problemo.

And Hinoki thanks you.

What can I say? Hinoki needs her legs.

Indeed. May peace be with you.

Mm-hmm. Next.





[Inhales deeply]

Yeah, bitch.

[Sighs] I can't do it.

I-I'm gonna pinch my finger. You do it.

Jay: No problem.

So, you just push right here so that you depress the bullet, right?

And you squeeze it down just like that.

You see?


Hey, you taught me how to read.

I can teach you how to do this.

Now, this is the safety right here, all right?

So, it's on here. Off.

So it's protected now.





You got it?


Not so complicated.

It's really heavy.

I don't think I'm gonna be able to pull the trigger.

Well, you don't pull the trigger.

You squeeze it.

I'll take you both to the firing range.

Then you can get used to them.

[Shell drops]

[Gasps] I thought the safety was on!

Don't worry about it.

[Gun clatters]



[Breathes deeply]

[Chuckles nervously]

This is the safety.

The red dot means it's on.


That means it's off.





Black or gray?

Black will be better on-camera.

Black it is.

Mm, Jay's not coming, by the way.

Does Garo know?


Well, that's better.

The less he says, the better off he is.

Nate's coming.

You guys are talking again?

He texted me. So, apparently, we are.

Be good to have the press see him, see he's healthy.

Keeps him in the conversation.

What are you gonna tell him happened to your face?

I'm gonna say I got a little mouthy and you shut me up.

[Chuckles] What about Ryan's face?

Battle scars. Navy St. way.

Me and Ryan are fine.

Like I said, he was drunk. We talked about it.


We needed a few days to cool down, but he's fine.

He's... he's fine.

I was thinking maybe I'd ask Christina to have dinner tonight, talk about this divorce, get it over with.

I think that's a good idea.


I got to go. Garo's picking us up.



[Door opens]

[Bowl clatters]

[Black Manila's "June '95" plays]

[Indistinct conversations]

♪ Remember all the good time ♪
♪ like a dirty, red flower ♪
♪ run before the sun dries ♪
♪ and don't take a shower ♪
♪ don't get down ♪


♪ 'Cause the sun will come around ♪

I'm ready whenever.

Waiting on Garo. Come on in.

♪ Don't get down put that on. ♪

We're going with black.


Reads better on-camera, evidently.

I feel like sh1t.

Eh. You were drunk.

f*cking embarrassing, man.

It wasn't your finest hour. So what?

I'm gonna pay for all the damage.

No, don't worry about it.

Like I said, you were drunk.

It's not like I haven't been drunk a few times, right?

Listen, I said some things that...

Hey, man, I got it. We're cool.

Okay, cocksuckers. Your driver is here.

Look at this. Two grown men... not a car between you.

That's depressing sh1t, man.

What the f*ck happened to you guys?

Look at your f*cking face.


f*ck. You look worse.

That's how we train here, man.

With bare f*cking knuckles?

What the f*ck is going on in this place?

Hey, hey. Your language is atrocious, you know that?

Come on. We have to go pick up Nate.

Nate? He's not even on the card.

You can't do me a favor?


You can't do me a fav... is everything money with you?

Jesus. You're so cheap. Come on. Did you get the posters?

I'm... yes, I got the posters. Look at... we're doing press.

Look at his face!

Come on. Come on. He's fine.

He has a... he's fine. He's fine.

Come on. It's a... it's a fight.

♪ Yeah ♪

[dog barking in distance]

All right, man.

[Indistinct conversation]

[Engine turns over]

[Muffled music playing]

[Horn chirps]

[Knock on door]

Nate, your dad's here.

Nate: Coming.



What happened to you?

Oh, training. You know.

Nate's coming.

Listen, I wanted to talk to you.

I-I was thinking about what you said, and you're right.

We, uh... we should get this over with.


Hey. We're gonna go with the black ones.

Yeah, mine are dirty.

All of them?


All right, come on. Get in the car.

See ya.

So, dinner?

I don't know. I was thinking more like coffee.

Coffee? That's fine.

No. Dinner's better.

Whatever you want. Let me know.


Kate: So... It sounds like you're in a bit of a mess.

Lisa: Maybe, maybe not.

I just kind of wanted to pick your brain.

Well, if you were a client, I'd start with some questions.

They're gonna make you feel kind of stupid.

I can handle it.

How much money do you have in the gym?

Over the years? Probably about $40,000.

And you've kept an accounting of this, right? Receipts...

It was kind of piecemeal.

Nothing's in your name?


Any sense of what Alvey's ex is expecting in the divorce?

f*ck. I really don't know. She...

Maybe everything, maybe nothing. She's all over the place.

Well, there are two options here.

Three, really.

One, Alvey makes a preemptive cash offer, enough to make her go away... everything stays the same.

We don't... Have enough to do that.

Okay, two, Alvey signs the gym over to you before the divorce... make it your asset, not his.

That seems like I'm trying to take something from him.

Maybe you should.

It's not like that.

It gets like that, Lis.

Trust me. You need to be protected.

And what's this third option?

You do nothing. She gets half the gym.

Then you sue Alvey to get your money back.

You move on. You know?


Hey, Lis, this is not a unique circumstance, okay?

I see this all the time with my female clients.

Women fold themselves into a man's life until they're at the mercy of his whims.

These are smart women, but it still happens.

♪ Why you looking at me ♪

[exhaling sharply]

♪ With downcast eyes? ♪
♪ Am I not good enough? ♪

You like what you see?

f*ck yeah. [Chuckles]

These are curls for the girls, lady.

What happened?

They got into it.

That's all I know. Apparently, it was nothing.

That's a manager.


[Sighs] Thanks for getting me out of Garo.

Yeah, well, who knows what would come out of your mouth?


[Exhales sharply] I don't have time for press.

I got to work.

That's right.

How are you doing?


I know it's f*cked up having my mom around.

Oh, God, Jay. We don't have to talk about that.

I know. But I know it is.

♪ Say we're gonna make it ♪
♪ say we're gonna make it ♪
♪ say we're gonna make it tonight ♪
♪ I really want to... ♪

Okay, next question.

And, remember, your questions don't start with "I."

State your name and your publication.

Yes? Blond hair.

Seth: Uh, Alvey, I-I was wondering if...

Okay, my friend, listen to me.

You have to state your name and your publication.

What's your name? Where are you from?

Seth Macklens, editor-in-chief of Splitlip.Net.

What's been the biggest challenge shaping Ryan's comeback, insofar as training or, you know... uh, what's something that you didn't anticipate?

Talk about that.

Uh, that's a good question.

What I didn't anticipate. Let's see. Well, we, uh...

I couldn't anticipate him coming back so fast.

You know, he's been away for a bit, and you never know how much a fighter has left in his tank.

But after about a week, Ryan, uh... Ryan showed us.

He's probably the best athlete I've ever worked with.

Then I just have a follow-up for Ryan.

Have you talked to your father, and will he be attending the fight?

H-how is that relevant to this fight?

It has incredible relevance. Ryan put him in a wheelchair.

All right. You know what?

We want to know.

Go back to your parents' basement, You f*cking jerk-off. Get out of here.

Know all these things about him.

Okay, listen. Let's keep the questions on the fights.

Fans want to know.

Shut up.

You had your chance. Be quiet. Please.

Let's go.

Who let this f*cking guy in?

Okay, okay. Next question.


You got... you got the reaction you were obviously looking for.


Hi. I'm calling to have a ring appraised.

Um, I don't know. About...

2 carats?


And will you buy it, too?

Alvey: Uh, Ryan and me... yeah, we have a long history.

I, uh... I found him right out of college.

He was working at a consulting firm.

He was going to work with a tie on, the... the whole deal.

Ryan: Oh, yeah, 9:00-to-5:00 worker bee. Uh...

I knew from the beginning that wasn't gonna last long for me.

So... It's, uh...

To me, I just love to compete, you know?

I just... I love to compete.

A lot of guys are physically gifted, but, uh...

He's got what I call "the rage."

You know, that's... that's what attracted me to Ryan.

No, I don't think that I fight from an angry place.

No. I mean... It's not personal.

You know, I-I think all the great fighters do.

You know, Rynders is a nice kid.

When the fight's over, I'll pick him up...

Give him a hug, it's... it's done.

But, no, I don't... I don't fight from a place of rage. No.

Ryan? Well, I mean, he pretty much sets the tone for the gym.

I think a guy like this comes around once in a decade.

Truly, and, uh...

I mean, I'm blessed to have him in my camp.

No, I haven't spoken to Greg Jackson in a while...

Not since I got out.

To me, it was a good chapter, that, you know...

Greg taught me a lot, but, uh...

Alvey and... and Navy St... you know, it's...

That's my home. That's where I'm gonna be.

[Siren wails in distance]

You're gonna burn, blue Jay.

I can't fight pale, mom.

You have no choice. You got my skin.

Yeah, thanks.


Are you laughing at me?

You're just funny.

And a total 180 from your dad.

I couldn't even talk to him before a fight... after a fight, too, depending on how it went.

Yeah, well, we're different in that way.

In between fights... That's another story.

Yeah, well, just don't suck-start a shotgun.


You never heard that?

What did you say?

Wait, you don't know this? Your dad got arrested.

I thought you knew.

I have not heard this story, no.

Oh, well...

It was after a fight, and he lost.

[Breathes deeply]

Ohh, we were both getting stoned back then and being stupid.

And he got it into his head that I was messing around, which I wasn't... I was pregnant with you.

He was really just upset about the fight, I think.

And we started arguing.

And his eyes just went blank, like glass lowered in front of his eyes.

And he pushed the couch in front of the door, and he grabbed this shotgun he had, and he kept sticking it in his mouth.

"I'm gonna suck-start this shotgun.

I'm gonna suck-start this shotgun," he just kept saying.

And, anyway, I called the police.

And, eventually, they calmed him down.

It took like six hours or something.

God damn. I did not know that.

Yep. They put him on a psych hold and everything.


Nothing in life is worth torturing yourself over.

I don't care what it is.

By the way, your dad and I are gonna have dinner tonight.


[Indistinct conversation]

Look at you with a beer.


Talk to the press?

Yeah, a few people.

Yeah, they want to know when I'll be back.

You didn't give them a date?


All right, keep it vague.


We good, you and me?




How's things at home?

They're fine.

"They're fine."

[Both chuckle]

Is your mother behaving?

Mm-hmm. Yeah, she's... she's doing good.


Yeah, she's... Fixing stuff with the house and...

Yeah, it looks... it looks good.

We're cleaning more.

Woman's touch, bring you out of squalor.


Okay, boys, I have love to make this evening.

So if you want a ride, grab Mr. milk and cookies.

Let's get the f*ck out of here.

My son. My son doesn't need to hear that.

Come on. Come on.

[Door creaks]


You look great, mom.


Thank you. [Chuckles]

So, um, where are you going?

I don't know. Some place your dad picked.

Does this bother you...

That I'm going to dinner with him?

[Exhales deeply]

Don't worry. I'll bring the gun.

I mean, is this really the time to be dealing with this?

Mom, I mean, you just got clean.

I am not gearing up for some big fight.

I-I'm not gonna spiral. This is part of the process.

I've got to get my life back together and be free.

Hey, you can't keep me in a jar, right?

I'll be back later tonight.

You want?

Yes, please.

Gracias, muchacha.

[Glasses clink]

I'll text you when I'm done.

[Gate opens, closes]

[Engine turns over]

Hey, it's me.

[Indistinct conversations]


I started without you.

You sure did.

You look, uh... you look nice.

Thank you.

You want a drink?


Nah, I think I'm gonna have... have water.

Well, then, we should have just had coffee.

Come on. Have a drink.

This doesn't have to be miserable.

I'll have a drink.


f*ck yeah.

I-I told Alvey I would pay for any damage.

And, um...

I wanted to call you.


You know? But I-I thought that would just make it worse.

I mean, I don't know what Alvey told you, but that was about a lot of things... my dad, all the sh1t with Keith, you know, the f*cking grind of training.

And... and, I mean, you know me. Bottle up and...

[Smacks hand] Explode.

I just don't want you to think this has anything to do with you.

[Soft music plays]

Does it suck seeing you with Alvey?

Yes. I hate it.

But I can live with it, 'cause, you know...

I have to. [Chuckles]

But there's not gonna be any more problems.

This whole f*cking place is a problem.

So, what are you doing here?

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Quick, easy, no lawyers.

Just literally go to a website and download the forms.

Oh, come on. Alvey, I'm not setting you up.

There's nothing up my sleeve. This is not a trick.

Right, we're gonna be the first clean break in the history of divorce.

That's not us, Christina.

We haven't done a goddamn thing the right way. You know that.

You're looking for a fight, Alvey, and I don't want one.

You don't trust anything unless you strangle it down to the ground.

I got other things I need to look out for.

You mean Lisa?


Can we get two more ones here?

No, no. I'm... just one. I'm good.

I got more to say. You want to hear it dry?


I mean, like... like, for all I know, this thing is f*cking fake.

It's real. I had it appraised today.

What's it worth?

About $26,000.

I paid way more than that.

That's what they said.

I was gonna sell it.

Well, f*ck, I mean, you've had it for almost six years.

Why sell it now?

There's a lot of stuff going on around here, and it'd be nice to have some cash on hand for an emergency.

Then you should sell it.

I tried.

It just... it felt really f*cked up, and I wasn't expecting that.

Christina: So, what's the deal there?

Is she, like, um, your partner in the gym or something?

No, she's not my partner.

No, she's got an interest.

But, you know, it's fucked-up and messy, like everything in my life.

She must be special.

You never even let me have a credit card.

May I ask you where you've been...

Stashing it? [Chuckles]

It's, um, in a safe in my office.

Alvey doesn't know about it.

Christina: Mm-hmm. That's what drove me crazy about you.

You're like a cyborg.

We'd go out and get hammered I mean, beyond hammered, like, demolished.

You would sleep for two hours and then go to the gym.

Well, it f*cking hurt, believe me, but I... what was I gonna do? I needed to make money, right?

Yeah. I'd be in bed until...

I had you and two babies.

And I'd be bed until dinner, and you'd be out sprinting up mountains.


Jay's like that... wired.

Yeah. Like my mother.

You know, the woman never sleeps.

[Chuckles] How is she?

She's the same.

Yeah. I mean, I haven't seen her in a bit.

How are you?

Me? I'm...

I'm good, good.

You're still getting punched in the face.

Yeah, well, you know, it's my f*cking life.

I love it.

[Dog barking in distance]

[Indistinct shouting in distance]


[Indistinct shouting]

Oh, where you going?

I'm going to the gym.

Little cardio, start cutting weight for the fight.

But right now?

Yeah. I'm wired.

[Siren wailing in distance]

[Door opens]

See ya.

[Door closes]


Hey, it's Nate.

Yeah, not much. I'm... I'm, uh...

Just... just at the house.

You should come over.

Yeah, right now.

I'm glad you're doing well. I am.


But are you, uh... are you gonna get into a program and do this the right way?

I mean, you can't do this by yourself, Christina.

You need help. I know a lot of guys that went through this.

Yeah. Thank you.

I'm just... I-I... if you're serious about it, let me make some phone calls.

Thank you, Alvey.

This conversation never goes anywhere good.

Let's just not have it. But thank you.

No, for the boys' sake.

And you can't show up and... and disappear again.

You know? These... these... these kids are fragile.

Yeah, I wonder where they get that from.

Oh, I'm fragile? Me?

No, I'm fragile.

You just break things.



Do you have everything you need here?




I lied. Yeah, Alvey and I were fighting about you.

I can train anywhere. I can... I can...

I mean, Alvey's f*cking great. Yeah, Alvey's great.

Alvey's great. Alvey's great.

But I can train anywhere, any gym, any f*cking coach anywhere, right?

Maybe I don't even want to fight anymore.

I don't give a sh1t about any of this, okay?

Okay, listen, I know that you're lonely, 'cause you just got out of prison, and it's easy to reach for me, but this fantasy that you have in your head...

About you and me... it's not real.

Listen to yourself.

What are you doing here? What was this?

What was this?


Huh? Why did you come to my parents' with me?

'Cause I felt sorry for you.

It's pity. It's not love.

I f*cking hate you for making me say that.

I'm just asking you for the truth.

I'm not trying to f*ck with you.

I'm not pushing you. I'm just saying, just tell me...

You want the truth?

Yeah, just tell me the truth.

I was 24 years old, and it was fun until it wasn't.

It died.

And I was sad for a really long time, and then it faded.

Sorry if that's not what you want to hear.

No, hey. Lisa, Lisa, Lisa.

I love you.

I never stopped, not one single minute of one unending f*cking day in that cell.

And now that I'm here, I love you even more.



[Soft music plays]

Hey, how old is this thing?

I don't know. My brother got it at a thrift shop.

Oh. I never even used one before.

Do you have any records?

No, just... just some old-timey sh1t.



You know, I'm actually surprised that you called me.


Why? Because I'm here all the time, and you barely ever say anything to me.

Yeah, well, I was always training.

It's different now.


That was nice.

[Indistinct conversations]

This is me.

What is this?


[Laughs] Somebody spent some money.

I can't have one thing?

I-I financed it. The payments are almost nothing.

It's f*cking hot.

Maybe I should ask for it in the divorce.

You should get something. I owe you that.

What are you gonna give me, Alvey?

[Chuckles] Money?

I don't want money. It makes me numb.

What are you gonna give me?

[Sun and the Wolf's "Oh My Lord" plays]

♪ Come unto me at once ♪
♪ I feel a stir in the air ♪
♪ her breath so sick, so sweet ♪
♪ give back the cold, black stare ♪
♪ Oh, my lord ♪
♪ I don't want you to stay here ♪
♪ Oh, my lord ♪
♪ I don't need you to come here ♪
♪ Oh, my lord ♪
♪ I don't want you to stay here ♪
♪ Oh, my lord ♪
♪ I don't need you to come ♪
♪ give her the roll of the dice ♪
♪ Snake eyes once but not twice ♪
♪ Well, can't you take this as a warning? ♪
♪ Never too late to turn back ♪
♪ oh, my lord ♪
♪ I don't want you to stay here ♪
♪ Oh, my lord ♪
♪ I don't need you to come here ♪
♪ Oh, my lord ♪
♪ I don't want you to stay here ♪
♪ Oh, my lord ♪
♪ I don't need to come ♪


♪ Whoa, mama ♪

Hi! I'm home!

Oh, my God! Oh!

[Laughing] Oh, I'm sorry.


sh1t. Who are you?

I'm Nate's mother.

Who are you?

This is Casey.

Well, how do you guys know each other?

Uh, through friends.

Well, you're a very beautiful girl, Casey.

Where are you from?

Um, Glendale.


What are you guys drinking?

Rum and cokes.

Would you make me one?


Her, too.

So, you guys do this a lot?


[Clears throat] Do what?

Have s*x. You and Nate screw around a lot?

Uh, no.

♪ Whoa, mama ♪

So, it's just tonight?

I guess. I mean... He called me.

Uh, no offense, but I really don't want to talk about this.


Because you're his mom.


[Dog barking in distance]

May I give you a piece of advice?


I love my son more than anything.

But don't f*ck to feel special.

I don't.

Oh, I-I know. I know.

Right now, you f*ck to feel good.

And then you f*ck to feel special.

And then you f*ck to feel anything at all.

Yeah, before you know it, that's all you're good for.

I mean, men are like that.

They'll use you for one thing or another...

If you let them.

I mean...

[Laughs] Nate knew I'd be home.

There's a reason he wanted me to see that.

[Nate clears throat]

[Chuckling] Ooh! Yow! That's strong.

[Inhales sharply]

I would really love to smoke some pot.

If we're gonna have a party, let's have a party.

[Siren wails in distance]

[Lighter clicks]

♪ I can ease your pain ♪
♪ and make you feel better again ♪
♪ Take your blues away ♪
♪ but I'll be your only friend ♪
♪ well, our love's so desperate ♪
♪ And I feel so weak ♪
♪ can't hold conversation ♪
♪ 'cause I can hardly speak ♪
♪ saying "no way" to everything ♪
♪ Well, it affects my soul ♪
♪ you see my problem ♪
♪ instead of control ♪
♪ I can ease your pain ♪
♪ and make you feel better again ♪
♪ Take your blues away ♪
♪ but I'll be your only friend ♪
♪ I can ease your pain ♪
♪ and make you feel better again ♪
♪ Take your blues away ♪

[Keys jingle]


How did it go?


Yeah, it went good. I, uh...

Mm. Let me just settle for a second.



You don't have anything to worry about.

Not good enough.

Well, I mean, she doesn't want anything, and I think we're just gonna get a mediator.

That's not good enough, Alvey.

I don't know what else to say.

She doesn't want any money. We're gonna get a divorce.

She doesn't want anything to do with the gym.

So it couldn't... it couldn't be any easier.

What? She's my wife.

I mean, the marriage ended a long time ago.

Why do you have a f*cking problem with this?

I don't know. Maybe because you just felt the need to tell me that she's your wife.

Oh, f*cking come on.

You know, every f*cking thing.

Every f*cking thing I try to do, every time I come in the house, I got to get sh1t for this, right?

You know what? I sat in the driveway for 20 minutes.

You know why? I looked inside here.

I could feel how heavy the air was, all right?

You don't want to f*cking trust me to take care of this myself, that's fine.

But I don't have to tell you every single f*cking thought I have in my head.

Do you understand what I'm telling you?

I do. I get it.

Look, I'm... I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I am. I'm sorry.

I didn't mean... I had a couple of drinks.

I'm a little stressed.

I saw a lawyer today.

W-why would you do that?

To protect myself.


What did the lawyer tell you to do?

She said that, um, you should sign over the deed to the gym to me until your divorce is final.



Yeah, I didn't think that would fly.

You know what you could do?

You could tell your little lawyer friend that, in a million years, I wouldn't sign my gym over to you or anybody else, for that matter.

Do you understand me?

No, I get it.


You don't trust me.

I trust you. Although, I don't know why I should trust you.

You're going to lawyers behind my back.

Oh, abso-fucking-lutely. Because you don't protect me.

Protect you? What the f*ck does that mean? What... what is this about? You want your money back, sweetheart?

I'll get you your money back.

My money back?


How about you just look out for me?

For once, Alvey.

I f*cking bleed for this gym, and you do nothing for me?

Noth... I do nothing?

You don't give a sh1t for me.

If you leave me, I end up with f*cking nothing.

You're gonna be fine. You know what? I don't want... one person I don't worry about, Lis, is you.

You'll be fine no matter what.

What does that mean?

Your eyes go in two different directions, dancing at two weddings at one time.

You think I don't see that?

Oh, Alvey, you're sick.


You've got a problem.

Right. You think I don't see what's...

No. No. f*ck you.

Ever since you went to hang out with his parents?

Oh, my God!

Right? The way you look at him. No?

Are you serious?

And then he's challenging me in my gym?

In my gym?

Yeah, he's challenging you because you're a f*cking asshole!

You're a piece of sh1t! You're a f*cking asshole!

[Glass shatters]


You gonna hit me?

Go ahead.

Just f*cking don't.

No, no, no. Alvey, hit me.


Hit me. What can you do that's worse than f*cking taking everything that I f*cking love?!

Go ahead, hit me!

Come on. Come on. Keep it up.

Keep it up. Does it make you feel good? Yeah.

You piece of sh1t.

"You piece of sh1t." You know what?

I'm a piece of sh1t. You're a f*cking hustler.

That's what you are. You're a f*cking hustler.

- Alvey, you need help.

Yeah, I need help.


[Door slams]


[Exhales sharply]

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