02x07 - The Demon Had a Spell

[Razor buzzing]

♪ Well, apart from the things I've took ♪
♪ nothing got stolen, babe, and look ♪
♪ you can love me foolishly ♪
♪ love me foolish-like ♪
♪ well, I wake in the morning and dress ♪
♪ hang a charm of gold around my neck ♪
♪ and I sip from my silver cup ♪
♪ and I sing these words for good luck ♪
♪ I sing love me foolishly ♪
♪ love me foolish-like ♪
♪ and love me foolishly ♪
♪ love me foolish-like ♪

Chapas, you piece of sh1t. Are you out?

f*ck. Call me, man. Call me.



Mom, what are you doing?

I'm making myself breakfast.

You cannot make me smell bacon.

[Sighs] Give me a break.

You give me a break.

I'm f*cking starving, and that's the number-one f*cking smell.

Yeah, well, I can eat what I want, Jay.

Not all of us are anorexic.

[Breathes deeply]

I'm good. I'm good.

Yeah, I don't even like bacon.

f*ck bacon.

I like water.

I'm gonna go to the gym. I'll be back later.

I'll be home late.

You doing a double?

As usual.

If you want me to talk to Jamal about your schedule, let me know.

I can handle it.

Thank you.

Do me a favor. Keep this between us, okay?

I don't want the guys knowing.

Why, are you embarrassed?


Good. Me, too.

Believe it or not, Chapas was a lot more f*cked up than I was.


That makes sense.

What were you guys even doing, anyway?

His friends had a card game.

How'd you do?

I broke even.

Guess that's better than losing, huh?

How many times do we drive drunk?

Every time we go out?

Could've happened one of a million times.

Could've happened to you.

No, it couldn't.


Bad guy.

See you in a couple.


Excuse me?

Excuse me.

Are you trying to leave without saying goodbye to your big brother and mentor?

You slept late.

I did, indeed. It's what keeps me young.

I'm sorry I'm not gonna be there.

But you know I got to keep clean.

And a three-hour car ride with Alvey, man...

Will drive a man to f*cking eat.

It's all good.

You look like a ferret.

I feel like a whupped dog.

Listen, I'm sorry about Laura.

Easy come, easy go.

Next one up.

Kill it.

Call me the moment his head hits the canvas.

I've got all your stuff.

Great. You have I.V. bags?



Hey, kill this guy.

Oh, Fresno in the house.

There you go.

Show this man he should not be f*cking with a professional, right?

All right.

What am I doing today?

Joe Daddy's got the game plan.

All you got to do is work hard.

All right, let's go, Keith.

Keith: Good luck, brother.


Go see Ryan.

You know he murdered someone.


No, I don't understand.

I have an appointment with Dr. Bennett day after tomorrow.


I'm sorry to hear that.

Okay, w... what about today?

I don't even know him.

Okay, so tomorrow at 4:00 with some guy I've never met.

Sounds great.


You all right?


Juan said you needed me?

How are things with your dad?

He's all set.

The nurse is bringing him up tomorrow.


I'm gonna get you a list of questions.

I don't want that.

Well, it'll be easier.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

No, I want this to be honest.

Just not... no bullshit.

Okay, well, you know what this interview's about, right?


It's got to seem like you and your dad are getting along, that he's forgiven you.

That's what the sponsors want to see.

You think my dad's gonna do scripted answers?

Well, do you know what he's gonna say?

No, no, I don't, but, you know, things have been better with us.

I was gonna tell you that I'm not gonna be here tomorrow, but now I'm concerned.

Where are you gonna be?

A doctor's appointment.

Maybe we should push the interview.

No, it's a one-shot deal with my dad.

Let's, um...

Let's just do it.

It's... gonna be fine, honestly.

It's... don't even worry about it.

f*cking f*ck.

Piece of sh1t.

Piece of f*cking sh1t.

Sh... Shelby?



Shelby: What?

Um, why do we have these f*cking scales from the '70s, huh?

I... I don't know.

It's f*cking inaccurate.

What the f*ck?

No, it's not. I weighed myself yesterday.

It needs to be recalibrated, okay?

No, it doesn't.

Can you call somebody, please, Shelby, and just have them f*cking recalibrate it?

I don't know why you're fighting me on this right now.

Because it doesn't need to be recalibrated.

10-pound weight weighs exactly 10 pounds.

Just weigh more than you thought you did?

[Indistinct conversations]


Hi. Checking in?

Yeah, it should be under Kulina.


There it is. I have you in a standard room.

Two queen-sized beds for one night.


Just need a picture I.D.

Okay. I have this.

Picture I.D.

Sweetheart, you think I'm trying to con my way into this... lovely establishment?

Does he have an I.D.?

Son, do you have an I.D.?


What happened to your license?

I lost it.

How many keys would you like?

Two, please.

Look at you.

Feeding like an animal.

Stuffing your gullet and blowing it out your ass.

How many sh1ts a day do you take, Mac?

Well, Jay, that depends on the day.

It is astonishing how much time you waste on food, figuring what you want to eat, where you're going to get it, going to get it, finding a place to eat it, cramming it down, then laying around like a fattened hog, too lethargic to be any kind of productive citizen.

Want a bite?

Absolutely not.

Do you have any idea how much extra time I have by not worrying about food?

I mean, I could learn a second language.

I would love to speak Spanish.

Nobody would f*cking see it coming.

Juan and all those f*cking guys talking sh1t about me, I'd be like, "Spanish, Spanish, Spanish."

They'd be like, "oh, f*ck." Be like a f*cking superpower.

Take that burrito outside right now.


Hey! Get out of here!

Take it out.


You're eating your life away.

It's hard to watch.

I'm glad you got out of that f*cking burger joint.

You're better than that.

It didn't suit me.

So, how have you been, Terry?

Good. Busy.

I've been doing these webcams.

Hey, hold on. Don't look.

Hey, girl, your f*cking dog, it's sh1tting everywhere.

Clean it up, or I'll put that mutt to sleep.

Oh, Jesus, I'm only joking.

For Christ's sake... I'm jo... it's a joke.

Just, like, pick up after it, okay?

Go on.



Can't take a joke.

[Door closes]

I get these new girls in every week.

It's legal, too, if you want in.

I'm not a kid anymore. Nobody wants to look at me.

Ah, people like everything.

You could be, like, the filthy stepmom.

[Both laugh]

I don't know, something like that.

I don't know. Jesus Christ. I'm telling you, there is no end to the f*cking appetite out there.


What do you need?

A couple grams.

It's not a favor.

I have cash.

Come on.

Your money's no good here, Chrissy.

Cory: Alvey Kulina.

What an honor. Cory Haverkamp.

I can't believe you're here, man.

Me, either, man.

All right, well...

Ah, don't... don't f*cking do that.

Do your thing.

All right.

Let's have a good time.

All right, cut the music. Cut the music.

Cut the music.

Cut the music!

Cut the...

[Music stops]

What's happening, Fresno? How you doing today?

[Cheers and applause]

Yeah, all right!

We have an incredible main-event card tomorrow night starting at 1:55.

Let's get to the weigh-in.

Give it up for our first guy... Nate Kulina.

[Crowd jeering]

All right.

Looking like...


[Scattered applause]

Now give it up for Tony Vargas!

[Cheers and applause]

They love you, Tony, at 161!


Bro, what the f*ck is that?

Get the f*ck out of here. What the f*ck is that?

Don't put your f*cking hands on me again.

It's a little over.

Are you f*cking kidding me?

It'll be all right.

You set my f*cking guy up, m*therf*cker?

You set my guy up?

It's fine!

You want to f*cking play dirty?

I'm gonna show you how to f*cking play dirty.

It's fine.

I'm gonna f*cking show you...

He's fine!

f*cking pussy. "He's fine"? I'm gonna f*cking show you fine.

Give it up for both fighters, everybody.

Come on.

[Cheers and applause]

Who's excited for tomorrow?

[Cheers and applause]

f*ck yeah!

Oh, yeah.



[Door opens]

I don't feel right about this.

Hey, I'm serious.

Don't be coming around here every day.

You were doing so well.

I won't.

Be careful out there.


Lisa: How bad is it?

Well, as an investment, it's actually pretty smart.

I mean, the numbers are looking good, and there's a demographic inevitability at play here.

We're all getting old. We got to live somewhere.

I mean, maybe he gets 6% return, which is not bad.

But the issue is he did not consult you.

Yeah, well, it's his money.

Well, you are having his child, Lisa.


I hate seeing you like this. You're not happy.

You should be enjoying yourself. You're having a baby.

I'm trying.

I feel like sh1t, I look like sh1t, and I'm completely detached from this.


No, I know. I'm sorry.

I want to want this, and I don't.

I feel like a selfish bitch because I'm not wrapped up in this miracle, but I'm not.

Well, you will be.

I don't think so.

No, you're being dramatic.

Look, the feelings you're having are completely natural.

I mean, your whole identity's gotten flipped around on you.

I mean, it's hard to be selfless when you spend your whole life worrying about yourself, and then suddenly, you're responsible for a little human life that's totally at your mercy.

I mean, that's scary sh1t, especially when you're doing it alone.

And where is he tonight?

He's in Fresno with Nate.


He's not necessary, you know.

You'll always be taken care of.

I don't want to be taken care of.

Come up to San Francisco.

Oh, my God, Dad.

We'll put you in the Point Reyes house.

It's quiet.

You got the... the ocean and the seals.

You can have your baby there.

Be with your family.

Your brothers miss you. We all do.

I hate thinking of you down here.

It's toxic and violent.

Why do you keep this up?

Why is it so hard for you to ask me for help?

I don't want to owe you anything.

Look, I'm not trying to buy a seat at the table.

It's your life.

But it doesn't have to be so hard, honey.


I don't know what I'm doing.

You'll find your way.

You know, I've given up trying to turn you into whoever the hell I thought you're supposed to be.

I admire the woman you are.

You took a hard road, and you didn't blink.

You and I are the most alike out of all of us.

Your brothers are soft. They fall apart.

But you... you don't break.

But you will if you don't start taking care of yourself.

You want to go downstairs and get some real food?

Nate: I'm fine.

I don't even know why you bothered cutting weight for this sh1t.

The fight's 155. I'm gonna weigh 155.

Well, that's because you're a professional.

These other people aren't.

Okay, can we not do this right now?

I'm just saying.

I'm gonna go get something to eat.

Go ahead.

[Door opens, closes]



How was work?

It was fine.

What are you doing?

Having dinner.


I cut your hair crooked.

Do you want me to fix it?

Oh, we'll do it before the fight.

Before the fight.

Good night.

[Indistinct conversations]

Chapas: Hi, you've reached Sean Chapas at Rancho Vista Group.

Leave a detailed message, and I'll call you back.

Thank you.


You got $30,000 of my money, m*therf*cker.

You better call me back.

Well, good food, good company.

Thanks for having me.

Thanks for listening.

Yeah, I know, uh, I always say the wrong things, but it's because I love you.

I know.

So if you need me, I'm here.

Thanks, Dad.


Take care.

Oh, uh, just a... a thought.

Uh, the Wilshire condo is vacant.

Uh, I was gonna put it on the market, but I can wait.

Just a thought.

Call me if you need me.

Bye, Dad.

Cory: How do you like my favorite dump in Fresno?


Who decorated this place, Al-Qaeda?

[Woman laughs]

Oh, yeah.

I'm gonna motorboat you, then go down on you like the Titanic.



Hey, man.


This is, uh, Brianna and Kayla.

Will you ladies excuse us, please?

Come on. I'm doing you a favor.

You don't want to roll with a piece of sh1t like this.

Come on, dude, give me a f*cking break. Come on.


Listen, go to the bar, get yourself a drink.

Get me a Tequila.

Come on. Go ahead. It's okay.

Come here.

Don't go crazy. Mid-shelf.

How you doing?



Good, man. Excited about tomorrow.

Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that.

I mean, you knew Vargas wasn't making weight, right?

He's way over.

That was unprofessional. I was pissed off, too, man.

Guys like you...

It's f*cking guys like you that set this sport back with these f*cking ghetto bullshit cock-fights, man.

You don't give a f*ck about the fighters, dude.

You f*cking turn 'em out like a pimp.

That's not fair, man. I pay on time.

A f*cking jackal. That's what you are, a jackal.

Why am I a jackal?

Why? Because you know how these kids live.

They'll jump over a f*cking dollar to get to a dime because they can't see down the f*cking road.

They're desperate.

You feed on them, you f*cking parasite.

Alvey, I have so much respect for you.

You think I give a f*ck if you respect me?

If you got to know me, you would understand that I'm one of the good guys.

All my best friends are fighters, all right?

This is my world. I do this because I love it.

I'm not getting rich.

It's not about the money.

It's not about the money?



Maybe it's about the pussy, huh?

And pussy's about the money. Am I right?

I don't know, man. [Scoffs]

You're all over the f*cking place right now.

The f*cking place?

I'm all over the f*cking place?

Put your f*cking hands down. Put your f*cking hands down.

I'll f*cking end you.


Shut the f*ck up.

You put my son in a bad spot, m*therf*cker.

I'm not gonna forget it. You hear me?

You c**t.

Put my friend's drinks on my tap, please, and the ladies', too.

Get me another one.


Jay. What are you doing?

Cleaning up the kitchen, Mom. Why don't you go back to bed?

That's our food.

You can have your own food, and you can keep it in your room.

We'll get you a little refrigerator.

Stop it. Stop.

What are you doing?

No, what the f*ck are you doing?




What the f*ck are you doing?


You know...

What did you say to Laura?

Oh, God. Nothing.

I'm sorry it didn't work out, but you can't blame it on me.

Why would you mess up that?

Like, why? Why, Mom?

I didn't.

Hey. I was nice to her.

She wasn't honest with you.

You know, you picked the wrong one.

More noodles, Mom? Really?

It happens all the time.

Stop it with the f*cking noodles, Jay.

This house...

This house is too f*cking small.

It's too f*cking small.

Do you want me to leave?

I don't even know where you'd go, hmm?

I don't know. But is it what you want?

I have to go on a run.

Do you want me to leave?

I have to go...

For a run.

[Knock on door]

[Knocking continues]

You know this guy?

Yeah. I'll give you a hand.

Hey, hey, hey.

All right, all right, all right.

All right, all right, all right, all right.

All right, take it easy. Take it easy.







Go to sleep.


Go to sleep. f*ck.


[Garage door opening]

Keith: You must be Ryan's father.

Who are you?

I'm Keith.

I'm your son's best friend and associate.

And it's very nice to meet you.

You should know you're a giant in Ryan's life.

Is he here?

Uh, yeah.


Your father.

He's coming.

Hey. Hey, Dad. Welcome.

Thank you.

This is, uh this is it.

This is Navy St. number two.

You... I see you met Keith.

You remember Jay.

Yeah, I remember Jay. How you doing?

I'm wonderful. How are you doing?

Really good.

So, uh, where are we doing this?

In here. Kind of everywhere. They're just gonna...

They want a couple of shots of you watching me train, and then, uh, we'll do, I think, an individual interviews and then interview together, and that's it.

That sound okay?

Great. Tell me where to park.

Ryan: Yes, sir.

Uh, so I guess we're gonna start over by the cage, and then, uh, I'm gonna be sparring with Joe.

And all you got to do is watch.

That I can do.

Yes, sir.

Eat some of that.


I'm sorry about last night, man. It got away from me.

It shouldn't have f*cking happened.

It f*cked with my sleep.

I know.

Well, finish that up. We'll move around a bit.


How's everything going?

I think good, you know?

I'm about to go, uh, through the interview part, and then, you know...

Where's Keith?

He's taking a piss.

I was wondering if I might be able to take him off campus.


Back to my house. Keep him out of your hair.


Yeah, if you want to.

I mean, that wouldn't you don't have to.

Dude, it's a pleasure. He's f*cking riveting.

I'll have him back in a couple of hours.


All right, yeah.

But are you okay?

Yeah, man, you know, just...

Just bullshitting my way back to respectability.

Just feeling like a f*cking dick.

Yeah, well, let me tell you something.

Let me tell you, it's not how you feel.

It's how you look.

And you don't look like a dick.

You look like a glass of milk.


See that? Those f*cking pearly whites?

That's what I'm talking about.

Keep your eyes soft and your dick hard...


You'll be all right.

Good luck out there.

Keith? Vámanos!


[The Dig's "Break the Silence" plays]

[Telephone ringing]

Lisa Prince?


Come on back.

♪ If you could spit it out ♪

Rick: Well, I've always enjoyed watching Ryan train.

Growing up, all through high school, he'd just outwork everybody.

♪ Pull the trigger with your tongue ♪

He'd wear those boys out, move up an age group, wear them out, too.

I'd say it was his freshman year in high school it started to become clear that this was a path for Ryan.

You know, scholarships, so forth.


We didn't know about MMA at the time.

♪ You can never break the silence ♪

He was a very polite boy. Quiet.

The aggression would always take people by surprise.

And I preached that.

"Don't talk. Just do it.

And don't grandstand."

But I understand this is entertainment.

There's a certain amount of showmanship goes with that.

That's not who he is...

No, I don't think Ryan's changed.

No, I think he's still the same boy, the same man.

I've always looked up to my dad, the way he carries himself, the way... the way other people responded to him...

The respect.

He... he definitely held me accountable.

Getting by is not an option if you can be exceptional.

Nothing unusual for me to yank his ass out of a tournament if he wasn't wrestling up to his potential.

♪ In your bones, in your bones ♪

It was the worst day of my life, without a doubt.

My father gave me everything.

He's my idol.

[Voice breaking] Greatest man I know.

To see him like this, to know that it's it's my fault...

I took everything from him.

And no amount of prison or time gone by, repenting, praying changes what happened.

♪ In your bones ♪

I can't say I'll ever forgive myself.

Ryan has spent a long time living down the things he's done, and I forgive him.

And I'm proud of the man he is today.

And I'll tell you another thing.

I'm looking forward to his fight.

I plan on being there.

It's been a long time, so I'm really excited.

♪ In your bones ♪
♪ you can never break the silence ♪
♪ it's in your bones ♪

Time your takedowns, secure position, work to finish.

Say it.

Time my takedowns, secure position, work to finish.

You do not want to let this guy drag you into a brawl, okay?

That's his only chance.

Sun bothering your eyes?


Tape feel okay?

It feels fine.

How do you feel?

Like Winston f*cking Churchill.

Know who that is?

Yeah, I know Winston f*cking Churchill.

Well, he said, "I have taken more from alcohol than alcohol has taken from me."

He was a f*cking quote machine, that guy.

Anybody want to sign these?

Anybody want to... anybody from the commission?

No? Anybody give a sh1t?

Do you f*cking speak English?

So, Keith...


What's it feel like to kill a man?

You know, to take another human's life?

It feels gross.

The bones feel gross when the blade hits them.

And I didn't expect that.

Does it haunt you?

What do you mean?

You know, do you, like... does it keep you up at night?



Because Michael was a dickhead.

But on the other hand, I was used to him.

You know what that's like when you lose a shirt or some shoes and...

Even if you hated them, even if you never really wore them, it's still kind of sad because they're part of you.

If I could do it all over again, I would still stab Michael to death.


I know.



This... this, this is not a summer beard.


I don't disagree.

I grew it indoors.

You ever thought about shaving it?

No. Not really.

Would you... be open to the idea?




I have a superlative idea.

Grab those sunglasses.

Put them on and follow me, my friend.

Shut the door behind you, pal.

Keith, this is my mother.



Hi, I'm Keith.

Christina: Hey.

I thought you were training all day.

Yeah, I deserve a break.



Come over here, pal. Take a seat.


So, what are we doing, huh?

Just hanging out at your house.

No, man. With your hair.

What are we doing? How do we want it to look?

I like your hair.

Yeah? Well, I'm sorry, killer.

This is my look. You need your own look.

Yeah, I know.

It wouldn't have looked good on my face, anyway.

What do you think?

I think it looks fine the way he is.

Are you okay?

I didn't sleep well last night.

I got an idea.

But before I do it, are you attached to anything?

What do you mean?

You know, in your appearance.

Oh, looks-wise, I am your canvas.

Carte blanche.

[Razor buzzing]

Dad, thanks for today.

I hope it helps.


I can show it to you when they... when they put it all together.

It's for you, not for me.


If the sponsors do come through, I'll have some more money and...

So if there's anything that you've been wanting that could make you more comfortable or...

There's nothing.

Ryan, I want you to understand something.

I meant every word I said today.

And I didn't do this for the sponsors.

I did it because I can't stand to see you in pain anymore.

You understand?

You've suffered enough... too much.

I love you, son.

And I'm proud of you.


Well, um...

I'll be down there soon, okay?

I hope you will. I'm gonna need your help.

Right now give me a push, will you?

I'm exhausted.

Yes, sir.

All right, gentlemen, we've gone over the rules.

I want a good, clean, fair fight.

Protect yourself at all times. Follow the rules at all times.

If you want to touch gloves, do it now.

f*ck you, boy.

All right, step back.

All the way back, son. All the way back.

All the way back.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Let's dance.

Alvey: That's it!

That's it!

Relax. Control.

Take your time. Take your time.

Control, control, control.

Secure the position.

Right. Work it.

There it is.

Stop. Stop.

f*ck, come on. What are you doing?

Come on. Stand up, stand up.

What are you standing him up for?

Let's go.

Jesus Christ.

Good! Nice! That's it.


Work the finish.

Watch that leg. Good.

Fight out, fight out, fight out. Let's go.

He's got no ground game, Nate. He's got no ground game.


[Crowd jeering]

Work that, work that.

Okay, stop. Stop. Stand up.

What the f*ck?

Stand up.

Let him fight! Let him fight!

Let's go. I need action.

Come on.

Ref! f*ck!

[Bell dings]

Oh, f*ck!

Okay, stop, stop, stop.



Let him fight!

Sit down.

Look at me, look at me.

Come here, come here. Small sips. You okay?

Look at me. Nate, Nate, look at me, son.

Look at me.


Let him check you.



He keeps standing me up. m*therf*cker's standing me up.

Stick to the game plan.

He's standing you up? Put him right back down.

You do what you're doing. You know what to do, right?

Stick to the f*cking game plan.

10 seconds.

He's got no f*cking ground game.

You okay?

Seconds out!

Look at me me. You okay?


Nate, let's go.

[Crowd cheering]

Don't square up, Nate! Don't square up!

[Shouts indistinctly]

Hit me, m*therf*cker!

Get up, get up, get up!

Get up!

Get up! Take him down!

f*cking hit him!

Pull off the cage!

Use the fence! Get out of there!

Ah, f*ck!

[Crowd cheers]

Cover up. 10 seconds!

Come on, Nate!


Get up! Use the fence!

[Crowd cheers]

[Bell dings]

Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Come on, come on.

Look at me, look at me.

Nate, look at me.

Look at me, look at me.

All right, we're done. We're done. We're done.


We're done, we're done.

No. I can... sit down, sit down, sit down, sit down.

It's okay. We're done.

That's it. Fight's over.

[Bell dings]


Cheating m*therf*cker!

It's your f*cking fault! It's your f*cking fault!

Hey, get your f*cking hands off of me.

You f*cking stole it!

You piece of sh1t!

Who's f*cking paying you? Who's paying you?

m*therf*cker! Get the f*ck out of here!

Get the f*ck out of here. Get the f*ck out of here.

Hey, f*ck you, dude.

What's wrong with you?

Get out of here.


What the f*ck?

Look at me. Okay, okay, okay.

Cory: Fresno, give it up for your winner.

It's okay. It's okay.

All right, all right, all right.

Let's go home now. Let's go home.


Okay. Okay.

All right, all right, all right, all right.

Let's go home right now. Let's go home.

Okay. Okay.


Lisa: How'd it go?

Uh, he lost.

I had to stop the fight. It was bad.

What happened?

He didn't fight his fight, you know?

He got dragged in. He got the sh1t beat out of him.

He's in the hospital now.

They're gonna keep him overnight.

Jesus Christ. Is he okay?

I mean, he's talking. He knows where he is.

He's f*cking pissed at me.

Well, he can't fight for a while, so maybe this'll be his wake-up call.

You know, I'm thinking he... he maybe shouldn't fight at all.

That's two... two losses two bad losses in a row.

I don't know what I'm gonna tell this kid.

Tell him the truth... he's gonna get hurt.



I'm sorry about this D.U.I. thing.

It was so stupid.

I'll see you in the morning, okay?

I won't be here.

Where are you going?

I'm going to my dad's condo.

I'm gonna stay there for a while.

Okay, Lisa. I'll talk to you later.

Chapas: Hi, you've reached Sean Chapas at Rancho Vista Group.

f*ck. c**t.

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