02x09 - Living Down

I want you to kick the sh1t out of this chick.

I want you to knock her the f*ck out.

You understand me?

Control her head. Control her head.

I think we should take it easy for a little while.

Let's just keep it chill.

Whatever you want.

I got a real f*cking fight going on. We both do.

I could use a day off.

I'm looking for Christina.


Christina is my mom.

She quit.

She quit?

I was gonna tell you. I just wanted to wait until...

I just think we don't understand each other.

But that's gonna change tonight.

Dr. Bennett wants me to have an amnio.

How are things with you and Lisa?

She's had enough.

Moved out a couple weeks ago.

Another thing: I made a f*cking investment with a friend of mine.

Now he's disappeared with my money.

I should have known better.


[Latches opening]


[Gun clicks]





All right. Okay.

[Music playing]

[Whispers] I'm in Bora Bora.


I'm in, like, this...

This little hut over the water.


And I can see the ocean...


... through a glass floor.


And my naked wife... she just floats past.

Did you kill her?

No. What?


She's swimming.

She's floating by. She's like...

Oh. Yeah.

She looks up, and she's like, "hi, sweetie."

I'm like, "hi, honey."

Hi. [Whispers] Hi.



I'm Ryan.


No, no, I'm not looking.

Where are you, man?

I'm in Germany.





Cold, but I have a good coat.

And what are you doing? Are you hiking? [Sniffles]

No. I'm eating a sausage.


Because I'm fat as f*ck.


I'm at a festival... [panting] and... [continues panting] and there... there's this, uh...

One of these renaissance fair chicks with her big-ass titties all pushed up.


And she's like...

[High-pitched voice] Come here.

Ohh, yeah.

[Flaps lips]

Ohh. Oh.

[Flaps lips]

All right. 152. Yeah.

7 pounds to go.

Yeah, man.

It's easy. Easy work.


Let's go, Ryan. Come on.

[Claps hands]

Come on.

[Exhales slowly]

All right, 161. That's 6 pounds.

That's 6 pounds.

I can f*ckin' do the math.

All right, 10 hours to weigh-in, boys.

Let's put these suits back on. Be back in the f*cking dragon.

Let's move. Come on.

[Claps hands]

[Indistinct conversations]

So the amnio came back. They're good.

They're gonna keep an eye on the measurements.

So we're out of the woods?

For now.

Well, that's a f*cking relief.

You like this new girl?

Dr. Simon? Yeah.

Good. I wanna meet her.

[Indistinct conversations continue]

I got a recommendation for a doctor up in San Francisco.

[Horn honks in distance]

San Francisco?


Did your father put you up to that?


You just told me you liked your doctor.

Why the f*ck would you go to San Francisco?

Because of this.

Right here. This is exactly why I'm going.


You don't even try to understand what I'm going through.

You're running off with my f*cking kid.

Oh, now you give a sh1t?

When have I not?

I don't know, Alvey. Um, the f*cking guns.

The D.U.I.

Giving $30,000 to Chapas.

I made a mistake, okay?

[Fork clatters]

I made a f*cking mistake. I was trying something.

I was trying to do something for the f*cking kid.

We need money.

Bullshit. That was for you.

If that deal had gone through, you'd buy yourself another f*cking motorcycle.

Yeah, that's good. [Mouth full] That's fine.

You know what? You run to f*cking daddy.

That's gonna solve all your problems.

f*ck you.

f*ck me. That's nice. Classy. Hope the baby heard that.

You know what? [Sighs] I'm going to the f*cking gym.

I'm not gonna do this. Can I have the check, please?


Christina: Hi. I'm Christina. Nice to meet you.

Are you the landlord?

Man: Uh-huh.

I love this apartment. It's perfect for me.

How much are you asking?

$1,700 a month.

$1,700? I could do that.

All right, fill out an application.

My name's Ted. Number's at the top of the page if you've got any questions.

I'll need to see paystubs, too.

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm... I was here first, so I'm probably gonna take this place.


[door opens]

We got a lot of interest, lot of applications already.

[Door closes]

Fill it out. I'll let you know.

I'll bring it back today.


[Door opens]

[Music playing]

Hey, Alicia.

What's up?

Somebody left this for you.

[Velcro rips] Really?

I bet it's a car key.

[Chuckles] Yeah, right. I doubt it.

It's definitely a car key, because there's also a new car outside.

[Music playing]

What the f*ck? Are you kidding? Oh, my god!

Oh, my god. Oh, sh1t! Oh!

Oh, my god. This is nuts!

Oh, my god! [Horn honks]


[Honking horn] Oh, god!

Oh, my god! This is amazing! Are you kidding me?

Take a picture. This is mine?

[Camera shutter clicking]


[Continues honking horn]

I don't like buying guns I've already sold, Alvey.

[Train whistle blows in distance]

Doing you a favor, man.

What are you getting rid of these for, anyway?

Having a kid.

What do I need all these guns for?

I'm not starting a militia.

Tell you what I'll do.

All this plus the ammo... 5 grand.

[Chuckles] I don't haggle, man.

$4,500. Final offer.

All right. There you go.

I appreciate it.

I know it's a pain in the ass.

Ah, no problem, man. You're a brother.

Happy to help.

You know what? I'll hang on to these for a minute.

Change your mind, give me a call.

Hey, what are you having, anyway?

A boy.


Yeah. Another fighting Kulina.


Congrats, brother.

Thanks, man.

How about that f*cking car, man?

Off one fight.

Not even a fight, dude.



Are you still making love to her?


Don't lie, m*therf*cker.



She f*cking big-timed me.

Dude... [scoffs ] No. You don't...

You don't big-time the champ.

She f*cking did it, dude.

You don't big-time the champ.

Hey. It happens, bro.

You'll... you'll see, dude.

[Sighs deeply]


Big fight, man.

It could be special.


You and me, bringing home two belts.

No doubt, m*therf*cker.

I'm not gonna hold on to mine for very long.

Pretty soon I'm gonna be feeding at that trough.

[Laughs] Let's get some over here.

[Laughs] Okay. [Squeals]


[Camera shutter clicking]

Oh, my god. This is so hot.

This is it. Let me see.

Look at that one.

[Both laughing]



Come here a second.

Okay, send me that one.

What's up?

Look, it's great you got a new car, but you gotta calm that sh1t down.


It's not cool.

Bro, I just got a brand-new car.

What's the problem?

The problem is you got two teammates in there cutting weight, and it's f*cking miserable, and you're out here jumping around like a little girl.

Look, I was just f*cking around.

I know.

It's not about you today, though.

It's about Jay and Ryan.

Okay, support the team.

When you're up, they're gonna do the same for you.


[Loud music playing in distance]

[Sighs deeply]

[Under breath] f*ck, f*ck.

[Horn honks in distance]

[Buttons clicking]

[Music continues in distance]

Hi, Ted. This is Christina.

We met at your property earlier, which... which I adored, and, um, I was just filling out the application, and I was wondering...

You know what? I'm just gonna come down and see you.

I'm sorry for the long message. I will see you soon.

[Button clicks]

You're a good brother.

The best.

If anything ever happened to you, I'd kill myself.

Well, that's really f*cking dark, Jay.


I would take a shitload of pills and I would just drift off to sleep in the woods.

You know, or on a sea cliff.

I would just be one with nature.

Peaceful. Peaceful.

I... I'd... I'd never blow my brains out.

I wouldn't wanna leave a mess, you know?

Or some f*cking room that you couldn't go in again.

I appreciate that. It's a really small house.



[Whispering] I don't know what's gonna happen with Mom.

But you...

I need you safe.


I'm really proud to be your brother.

[Indistinct conversations, grunting]

[Music playing]


Look, I'm a selfish, inconsiderate, just low-class bitch, right?

I deserve an ass whipping.


Come on. I'm sorry.

Look, it was a new car, and I just lost my sh1t.

[Breathes sharply]

That's okay. You're just a baby.

You'll learn.

Well, maybe you oughta teach me.

Or at least give me a chance to make it up to you.

You're a f*cking handful.



I mean, are you straight-up crazy, or is it an act? What?

Yeah, I'm straight-up crazy, but I'm fun.

I don't know. I thought you said you wanted to chill.

What? I can't change my mind?

[Cell phone vibrating]

[Indistinct conversations continue]


Yeah, this is him.

I'm his son. Who... who's this?


Three days?

Why am I just getting a phone call right now?

Yeah, I... I don't know. I can be there in...

f*ck, give me... give me two hours.

[Brakes squeal]

[Engine shuts off]

Shelby, I need some vans for the weigh-ins.

Already got 'em.

Ryan's looking for you. I think it's important.

Whose car is that?

Alicia's. Slaughter Water gave it to her.

Oh, f*ck me.

[Music playing]



How you feeling?

I gotta talk to you.

What's up?

Listen, I gotta go see my dad right now.

I just got a call from one of his nurses.

His kidneys are failing.

Oh, f*ck, I'm sorry, man.

Yeah, and, I mean, he's asking for me.

I can't not go.

No, no, Ryan. Go. Go, go, go.

Um... as far as the weigh-in, I might be late.

I'll talk to Garo. You just... is he in the hospital?

No, no, they're treating him at the house.

Anything I can do?

No, I mean...

You sure?

Yeah, yeah, thank you, but no.

All right. Well, how's your weight?

I'm 4 over, but I'll keep doing work down there.




Thanks, Coach.

4 is nothing. Listen, give him my best.

You need anything, just call me.

Thank you, thank you.

Call me. Don't worry about the weight.

All right, I'll be good.

[Music playing]

[Grunting and slapping]

[Grunting, moaning]


[Moaning continues]

[Knock on door]

Ignore it, ignore it.

[Grunting and moaning]

[Door opens]

Christina: Hello? Ted?

Oh. Come back tomorrow! Showing's done for the day!

It's Christina from earlier?

Oh, goddamn it.

Oh! Oh!


Oh. [Sighs]

This is my wife.


I love the apartment.

Go home. I'll be there in a minute.


[Door closes]

What do you want?

I was filling out the application, and I just thought, why don't I just come on down here and take this place off the market?

I have cash.

Owners don't want cash.

You gotta fill out the application.

Credit check. The whole thing.

Cash is for criminals, okay?

Owners want someone they can rely on.

They're not gonna bend on that.


Okay. I'm gonna be honest with you.

I just got out of a marriage, and I wasn't working, and everything is in my husband's name.

So I just don't have an employment history or previous addresses.

Well, those are the requirements.

Well, can't you just give me a break?

No, I can't. Get your ex-husband to co-sign for you.

He won't.

Well, I... I don't know what you want me to say.

It's not gonna work out.

This place will be gone by tomorrow.

Thanks for... dropping by. Get the f*ck out.

You're disgusting. You're a pig, and I feel sorry for your wife.

Hey, me, too.

[Door opens]


148. Nice work.

Almost there.

[Music playing]

Hey, Nate, can you give us a second?



Have you talked to your dad today?

[Door closes]

If you tell me that my fight is falling apart, I will burn this entire f*cking gym to the ground, so help me, god.

Your fight's fine.

I just have some news, and I wanted to tell you first.

[Grunting and punching in distance]

I'm, um...

[Sighs deeply]

... gonna, uh, move to San Francisco and have the baby there.

My dad's there, and my brothers, and I think it's the best thing for me to do.

I'm so sorry to do this to you in the middle of a cut.

I just didn't want you to hear it from someone else.

[Music playing]

Do you think you're gonna come back?

Of course.

I don't want you to feel like I'm abandoning you.


You don't even need to think about me right now.

Yes, I do.

You don't.

Look at me.

[Whispers] I am transcended.

[Normal voice] I am finely tuned and ready to fight, so you don't need to worry about me.



... need to worry about this little animal.

'Cause I'm gonna bring us home a belt.


[Sighs deeply]

Do you hear that, young buck?

I'm gonna bring us home a belt. [Kisses]

[Music playing]

[Machine whirring]

Hey, Dad. Hey.

Come in.

Oh, sh1t. You're cutting weight.

No, no.

Slipped my mind. You shouldn't have come.

Dad, I'm close. I'll make it. It's all good.

What happened?

What happened?

Things took a hell of a left turn on me.

Renal failure.


It's a big "f*ck you" from my kidneys.

[Whirring continues]

You sh...

You should've called me earlier. I'd have been here.

They wanted to get the seizures under control first.

You don't need to see that.

What are they telling you?

Dialysis three times a week. Four hours a pop.


Hell keeps adding circles.

To state the obvious, I'm not gonna be able to be at your fight tomorrow night.

Come on. I... I understand. Of course.

I know you do, but I really wanted to be there.

I know.

You know, listen, I'll just... I'll get somebody to film it, and then I'll come over here, and we can watch it after.

That'd be good.



You feeling ready?

Yes, sir.

People running their mouths after that last fight?

I read the message boards.

You gotta shut them sons of bitches up.

Well, I plan to.





[Whirring continues]

You know, I asked you day one what was gonna happen with this baby.

I know.


And you f*cking swore to me up and down that this wasn't gonna affect anything.

And now you're moving to San Francisco.

f*cking San Francisco?

Right when sh1t's important to me.

It's not that big of a deal.

It's San Francisco. It's not China, and I have a cell phone...

Nah. Bullshit. Bullshit, okay?

If you're not here, you're not here.

Alicia, you have a kid.

I thought you of all people might be able to understand what I'm going through.

That sh1t does not make us sisters, okay?

I'm trying to eat. I'm trying to get paid.

I gotta look out for that.

You know, maybe I should just start looking around.

Really? You're gonna fire me?

Not if you do your job.

Who are you gonna find that's gonna sign you?

[Music playing]

You have a losing record.

You bounce around gym to gym.

Some m*therf*cker just gave me a brand-new car, all right?

Obviously, they see something they like.

Yeah, about that, you're gonna have to give that car back.

[Music playing]

[Chuckles] Is that how this sh1t is around here?

You get something good, and everybody wants to cut you down?

Drew gave you that car so that he doesn't have to pay you.

It's a shiny object so that you'll sign a sh1t deal.

Sometimes you have to say "no" before the real money comes.

That's the game.

[Music playing]

[Grunting and punching in distance]



I mean...


All right? I guess we'll just see what happens.


Now I'm gonna call Drew, and you're gonna give them that car back.

No worries. I don't like the color anyways.

[Music playing]

[Indistinct conversations]

[Exhales deeply]

Hey, vans are here.

Let's get everybody loaded up.

Guys are f*cking animals.

How's your brother?

I think he's cutting too much weight, personally.

Oh, yeah? Title fight. You don't think it's worth it?

He was offered Ryan. You killed that, so...

[Weight clanks]

You know what?

After this fight, you and I are gonna have a conversation.

About what?

About you, your future, what's next.

How about we have it now?

It's a bigger conversation.

Why'd you stop my fight?


[Weights clank]

You were getting killed.

It wasn't over.

It shouldn't have happened in the first place.

Yeah, well, you cut my f*cking balls off.

I was f*cking looking out for you.

Okay? I'm not gonna let you ruin your life over some pissant smoker, no.


Hey, hey, hey. Hey. Come over here.


I didn't put you in this position.

You know that. Don't blame me.

[Music playing]

All right.

[Music playing]

[Jump rope whacking]

[Music playing]

Man: [Amplified voice] Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, Jay Kulina!

[Cheers and applause]

[Music playing]

Jay Kulina's official weight... 144 pounds, even.


[Cheers and applause, camera shutters clicking]

[Music playing]

The king beast lightweight world champion weighs in exactly at 155 pounds.

[Cheers and applause]

[Camera shutters continues]

[Music playing]

[All shouting indistinctly]

[Shouting continues]

Control your boy, m*therf*cker.


[Crowd cheers, echoes]

Dude, f*cking slow down, or you're gonna puke.


[Door opens]

Hold on. Let me get a picture of this.

[Door closes]

You earned this.

[Camera shutter clicks]

There you go.

How'd it go?

He made it.


[Door closes]


Now get in there.

[Error tone sounds]

Female automated voice: We're sorry. You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer...

[dog barking in distance]


[Cell phone vibrating]

[Vibrating continues]



Christina: Is this a bad time?

No, it's fine. What's going on?

I wanted to talk to you about something.


Yeah. Yeah. What's... what is it?

Are you alone?

Yeah, I'm alone.

What do you need? What's going on?

Can I come over?

Hmm? What? No.

Christina, no, you can't come over.

What... what... what's going on?

What do you need?

I'd just rather talk to you in person.

[Exhales deeply]

All right, I'll tell you what.

Just come down to the gym tomorrow morning.

Thank you. You sound tired.

I'll see you tomorrow.

[Cell phone clatters]


The bag is packed.

You can check if I forgot stuff.


When do the vans get here?

Ask Shelby.

I'm not talking to her.

Also, where do I get my ticket?

Ask Shelby, Keith.


I understand that it's fight day, but you're just being very irritable right now, Ryan.

Stop. Stop.

Keith, don't talk.

That's what I mean...

Don't... don't... don't... don't talk.

Just... just... your ticket will be at will call.

I'll see you there.

Okay? Shh. Okay?

[Sighs] Okay.


Do I get to go backstage with you?


I don't have to, Ryan. I'd like to.

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.


[Horn honks in distance]

How do I get a lanyard with the pass on it?

It'll be with the ticket, okay? At will call.


Okay. That's fine, Ryan.


And where's will call?

You'll figure it out, Keith!

Christina, we just untangled our entire f*cking lives.

I'm not gonna... co-sign a f*cking lease with you.

I'm trying to get back on my feet.

I need my own place.

Get a job.

I know it's a foreign concept to you, but...

This would be so easy for you to do.

Sign your name. That's all.

You'll never even hear about it.

I'm not dragging you into anything.

What is this?

Why is it suddenly so important for you to move out of the house?

You know, they don't want me there.

They're grown men.

I'm trying to start over.

I just need some help.

[Opens drawer] Here.

It's a few thousand bucks. Take it.

Cash doesn't help.


Why not?

Because I have no history.

Because nobody trusts me, even with cash.

Nothing changes.

It's all I can do.


I'll figure it out myself.

Take the money.

No. It was stupid to even ask.

You're never gonna help me.

I'm helping you. Take the money.

What are you doing here, Mom?

I had to talk to your dad.

About what?

It's between us.


I don't wanna talk about it, okay?

Just worry about your fight.

I'll see you when you get home.


[Music playing]


Did you talk to Lisa?

About what?

She's taking off to San Francisco to have her baby.

It's kinda messed up, don't you think?

I'm sure she has a reason.

But it just sucks, you know?

I finally find a manager that's worth something, and she's having a baby.

f*cking women.

Is there an after-party tonight?

Jay and Nate's house, or they'll find a bar.

You're gonna be there, right?

I don't know yet.

[Music playing]

[Aircraft passes overhead]


I actually like that suit.

The vans will be here in a couple minutes.

What was Mom doing here?

You tell me.

She asked me to co-sign on an apartment, and I said no.

Something going on?

You know how families are.

She using again?

I think she's trying to see a compelling future.

Things are just a little hazy right now.

Don't get sucked in, man. You're setting yourself up.

Everything you're doing, I've already done it.

She is what she is.

You're not gonna change her.

I'm not trying to change her.

I'm trying to help her.

I'll see you in a bit.


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Fight fans, have we got a card for you tonight.

Hey there. I'm Heidi Androl, alongside Kenny Florian, and we have not one but two title fights on tap.

First up, Marco Vela takes on Jay Kulina.

And, Kenny, you love Kulina.

I do. I love the way he fights.

I love his style, his intensity.

But I'm a little concerned about his weight cut.

He dropped a full weight class for this title shot, and that takes a lot out of a guy.

I've done it. It's a brutal experience that can really affect your stamina.

It'll be interesting to see how Jay responds, and remember, he's the challenger tonight.

He's not favored to win.

Marco Vela is the champ. He's extremely dangerous and will not give up that belt easily.

Well, that's right, and if you read the message boards, there's no shortage of theories on why Jay dropped down in the first place.

I mean, he is a teammate of Ryan Wheeler's.

They're good friends.

They both train under Alvey Kulina, so plenty of reasons these two would not wanna fight right now.

These two are on a collision course.

Everybody knows it. It's just a matter of time.

But of course, they both have to get a win here tonight.

Yeah, and no easy feat, especially given Wheeler's last performance, and quite frankly, the jury's still out on Ryan.

He was lackluster in his previous fight.

He was slow. He did not have the explosiveness that you'd expect.

I gotta be honest, I have Trevor Derricks in this fight.

Well, there you have it, folks...

Kenny Florian's bold prediction.

Either way, it's gonna be a fantastic night for fight fans.

[Music playing]


[Music playing]


How you doing? You okay?

Can I talk to you for a second?

Yeah, sure.

All right, this... this is good.

Um... Alicia told me you're leaving.


I wanted to tell you after the fight.

Why'd you tell her before me?

You're not one of my fighters.

[Scoffs] Yeah.

Well, man, Alvey is f*cked.

He'll survive.

It's... it's gonna get ugly. [Chuckles]

Oh, it's been ugly.


I heard about your dad. I'm so sorry.

Yeah. Well, he... it's, uh, it's, uh... well, it's... it's pretty f*cked up.

Nate's gonna, um, video the fight, so he'll get to see it.

He'll love that.

Anyway, um... thank you... for everything.

Everybody in the gym knows that you hold the place together, and...

Thank you.


And... we're gonna miss you...



I'm gonna miss you.

[Indistinct conversations in distance]

I'm gonna... go check on Jay.



[Music playing]

[Siren wailing in distance]

[Music playing]


Man: Jay.

Hey, Jay, you're up!

[Applause, men speak indistinctly]

[Music playing]

I want you to murder this m*therf*cker.

Man: Start us off right, man! Start us off right.

f*ck him up, man.

This m*therf*cker stole your food, right?

I want you to rip through this piece of sh1t.

Do your f*cking job out there.

Do your f*cking job!

[Shouting, cheering]

[Music playing]

Man: [Amplified voice] Here is... Jay Kulina!

[Crowd cheering]

[Music playing]

[Crowd cheering and whistling]

[Music playing]

[Crowd cheering]

[Music playing]

[Cheering continues]

[Music playing]

[Cheering continues]

[Music playing]

[Music playing]

[Music playing]

[Crowd cheering]

[Crowd shouting indistinctly]

Light him up! Right side of the head, right side of the head!


There it is!

Good, good, good!

Jay, Jay, get your hands up!

Hands up!

Man: Let's go! Come on!

Alvey: Hands up!

[Crowd continues shouting indistinctly]

Man: Oh!


Man: You're okay.

[Crowd continues shouting indistinctly]

Turn over!

Get your back!

Don't let him get your f*cking back!

Don't give him your back!

[Crowd shouting indistinctly]

Chin down!

Move! Move!

Come on, Jay!

Don't you f*cking tap!

[Shouting continues]

10 seconds! 10 seconds!

Don't you f*cking tap!

10 seconds! Don't tap!


[Voices distort]

[High-pitched ringing]

[Bell dings]


[Crowd shouting indistinctly]

All right. All right. Good.

Good, baby.

[Music playing]

Get up.

Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. Come here.

Come here, come here, come here, come here, come here.

Find the distance. Find the distance, right?

When he shoots on you, don't look straight back.

I want you to angle out.

Angle out so he doesn't have your hip.

He's dropping his left f*cking hand.

Okay? Time your f*cking knee.

Time your f*cking knee.

This guy's coming in on you, right?

He's dropping his hands.

Time your knee. Side to side. Let's go. This is all you.

All you. Come on. Go.

Let's go, second round! Second round!

[Shouting indistinctly]

[Music playing]

Jay, bust his side!

All the way back. All the way back.

[Man shouts indistinctly]

[Bell rings]

[Crowd shouting]

Hell, yes! Good, good, good!

Hands up!

[Crowd continues shouting]

[Crowd cheering]

[Bell dings]

[Cheers and applause]

[Music playing]

Crowd: [Chanting] Navy Street! Navy Street! Navy Street!

Navy Street! Navy Street!

That could have gone either way.

[Speaks indistinctly]

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the official time...

15 seconds of round 2.


Announcer: The winner by knockout and new king beast featherweight champion...

Jay Kulina!

[Cheers and applause]

[Amplified voice] Okay, I'm here with the winner, Jay Kulina.

Jay, that was incredible.

Yeah, you know, I gotta say, I think that was probably the coolest f*cking thing I've ever done, Ken Flo.

I know you're mad at me right now, but I'm keeping it.

I mean, a flying knee. What?!

Are you serious right now?


I wanna first just give a shout out to Marco Vela.

Marco, I could have tapped out in that first round as fast as you ended the second, so I just wanna say thank you. You're a champion.

[Cheers and applause]

I wanna thank Lisa Prince.

Beautiful woman.

A pit bull of a manager.

And, uh...

Man: Yeah.

And a giver of life.

Alvey Kulina and all my boys at Navy Street. What?!

What?! This is why we grind it out every day, gentlemen!

For right here! Thank you.

Crowd: [Chanting] Navy Street! Navy Street!

To my brother... Nate.

I would kill every m*therf*cker in here... for you.

No questions asked.

I wanna thank my mother, who would love to be here tonight, but, um... you know, Mom, you made me what I am, whether you like it or not.

[Crowd shouting and cheering]

And for everyone else out here who, um, who picked me up or pissed me off, all you did was feed me.

I fed off of that. I fed off of that, and it made me stronger.

You all can't kill me.


Understand that.

You cannot kill me.

[Cheering continues]

Enjoy your night. Thank you very much for coming out.

Thank you.

[Cheering continues]

Oh, wait. One more thing. One more thing.

I'm not gonna take... one more thing.

Ryan Wheeler... you are my brother.

You are my boy.

But I'm coming for you.

So you better handle your business tonight.

'Cause I'm ready to eat.

[Crowd cheering]

Let me see.

Not so bad.

I am gonna lean on Garo for a f*cking bonus for that performance, that's how beautiful it was.

[Breathing heavily]

Didn't I tell you this was gonna be good?

Huh? You have put yourself in a hell of a f*cking position.

[Breathing heavily]

You didn't have to call out Ryan, but we're gonna let that slide.

So you're gonna let that fight happen, then?

I am gonna let that fight happen.

You did your job. You earned it.

You let me do mine.

We'll figure it out.

Pick your arms up.

[Breathing heavily]


f*cking champ.

[Patting back]

[Exhales] Get yourself cleaned up, all right?

Ryan's about to walk out.

[Velcro rips]



[Whispers] Oh, come on, Mom.

[Cell phone vibrating]

[Dog barking in distance]

[Vibrating continues]