01x02 - Chemistry

Previously on Legends...


Gates: Martin is the most naturally gifted deep cover operative that we've got.

Three out of four shrinks on the committee found him unfit for duty.

There is no Martin Odum.

Everything about him is fake.

Need a favor, Bobby.

I'm hoping you can clean this up enough to make an ID. _

My friend died trying to find out who you are.

Meet me at Union Station.

I need to give you something.



Who am I?!

There's a book, left pocket.

(radio playing)

Man: I can't, not when the mother's claiming that I have it out for him.

Woman (chuckles): Do you?

(chuckles) He's hardly showed up for class.

What kind of grade does she think I'm gonna give him?

Come on.

Okay, you're right.

(siren wailing)

Is that...? Oh, man, was I speeding?

Girl: No, Dad, they only pull you over if you're not speeding.

Thank you, Jane, I appreciate that.

Woman: Quiet, Jane.

(indistinct radio transmission)

I hope he's a nice one.

License and registration.

Here we go.

Your license is expired, sir.

Please step out of the vehicle.

Out of the car, sir.

What? I just renewed that last year.


Can't you just do what he says?


Please have a seat.

Why are they putting him in the car?

(camera clicks)

I'd like to know what I did.

Who the hell are you?

(siren whooping)

Why are they getting out of the car?

Fellas need a hand?

Man: Hey!

Help! Help!

They're not real police! Help!



(starts engine)

Who the hell are you?

Where, where are you taking me?

Where are you taking my family?

How are you sleeping?


Mmm. How many hours a night?

Um, four or five.

Sexual function. Normal?


So I'm told.

Describe your mood today.

I'm walking on sunshine. Look, I'm just trying to settle in.

You know, readjust to normal life and whatnot.

Why don't you just fill in the rest? I'm fine.

Martin, your covert status requires this evaluation.


It's a condition of your employment.


Um, could I get a coffee, please?

Halstrom: Yeah.

He's dodging the questions, and you know how he gets away with it.


We don't know if that accent's even real.

What does the man have to do to prove himself to you?

Convince me he's mentally fit for duty.

He saved your life.

The word that springs to mind is "hero."

Halstrom: I know in your line of work you've killed people.


Flawed hero.

Criminals. It happens.

Halstrom: Why did you and Sonya decide to separate? - (sighs)

Sir, if I can't control my operative, I can't do my job.

Martin: None of your business.

Then request a transfer.

I'm happy to make a call.

Halstrom: There are reasons for asking these things, Martin.

Excuse me. I have a debrief with the U.S. Attorney to prep for.

Relationships can affect an undercover's state of mind.

Agent McGuire, I put you and Martin together because you're both the best at what you do.

Martin: Jeopardizing the case.

That's your concern, isn't it?

You can make major cases here.

The DCO can be your ticket to deputy ranks.


Don't take the shot for granted.

Yes, sir.

Halstrom: My concern is your mental health.

After you two separated, you went back under with the militia.

Then you disappeared for six months, not one communication with your handler.

Did you contact Sonya at all during that time?

Or your son?

Why is that relevant?

No, I didn't.

You've seen them since you came back?

Sonya: You disappear for weeks on end.

No calls, nothing. And then you show up and you don't even know who you are half the time.

Martin: Well, you're not giving me a chance here.

I'm out there.

I'm doing it. I'm doing this for you and Aiden.

And you're not giving me a chance!



Why are you breaking stuff?

Sonya and I will work it out.

How's Aiden handling the split?

He's fine.

You don't like talking about them.

Do you find that feelings in your undercover work affect your real life?

I keep my family away from what I do.

And I keep the kind of people I deal with away from them.

Does forgetting them make the legend feel more real?

Insofar as you can shut off Martin Odum, you can...

You asked me the same questions the last time we met.

Is it difficult to leave a legend behind when you're done?

As I said last time, no.

Security says you signed in downstairs this morning as Lincoln Dittmann.

Did you know that?

It was a joke.

When the Founding Father was arrested...

...the Lincoln Dittmann legend was exposed.

Did you have difficulty saying good-bye?

Martin: A legend is an elaborate lie.

That's all.

Easy to walk away from.

Halstrom: Since you came back, have you had any thoughts of suicide?

Not my own, no.

Paranoia? Feeling like someone's out to get you?

Someone often is.

Any memory loss?

Forgetting basic things?


Halstrom: Confusion of identity?

Not being able to tell your legends from your real life?

I know who I am.

How'd the psych eval go?

Feeling much better now.

(both laugh)

We missed you at Bobby's funeral.

Yeah. I, uh... I had a thing. With Aiden.

Well, you haven't seen him much.


Bobby's folks, they appreciated the flowers.

Oh, good.

Did you get a chance to follow up on his autopsy, like I said?

I did.

No poisons, toxins, nothing foreign in the blood.

M.E. is standing firm on the cause of death.

It was not a homicide.

(sighs) 32 years old.

With a heart defect from birth.

M.E. says it was just a matter of time.

Now, I'd like to know why you're asking.

Just seemed unusual to me.

I got a briefing in a couple of minutes.

You want to talk after?

No, don't worry about it.


(man speaking Russian)


(grunts, moaning)

You're looking at a kidnapping that occurred in Bakersfield last night.

The victims' car and the suspects' police vehicle were found torched outside of town.

No sign of the family.

Richard Hubbard is a high school chemistry teacher, Susan's a paralegal.

Uh, Jane, his daughter, is an honor roll student.

They're your typical middle-class faces in the crowd.

Pro kidnapping, low-level target?

Someone's got a secret.

I got a call from Langley this morning.

He's Russian?

Richard Hubbard's real name is Dr. Alexander Nevelsky.

He is a chemist. Back then, he was actively involved in Russia's chemical weapons program.

Until the Mafia moved in. And when Nevelsky discovered they were selling VX nerve gas on the black market, he tried to blow the whistle.

They went after him, and he came to us for asylum.

Fortunately, the intel he provided allowed us to interdict most of the VX.

Most but not all.

How did he get to Bakersfield?

Langley relocated him.

Gave him a new identity.

We think his old Russian friends have found him.

(man speaking Russian)

That's a Chechen dialect.

We're talking about the Obshina... Chechen Mafia.

And that's why I'm here. I understand DCO may have a legend placed inside the Chechen mob.

Gates: We won't confirm or deny DCO's active legends, but we may have an asset in play.

What do you need?

Well, I have teams running down leads, talking to the local Russian community, but we're not getting much traction.

And time is running out for this family. Whatever information that you can get from your sources...


Thank you, Agent Kitson.

Thank you.

There's only two motives here.

They're gonna make VX to sell, they're gonna make VX to use.

I don't like either of 'em.

Well, why would they make the weapon here if they weren't gonna use it here?

Gates: Reach out to the NSA, see if they've heard any chatter from the usual suspects...

Al-Qaeda, domestic militias...

Okay. Got it.

I'm the new girl, so... who is the asset?

Troy runs a CI who's pretty dialed in to the Russian mob.

Operates an underground club downtown.

A lot of the clientele are Chechen.

A lot of them are with the Obshina.

They use the club to launder cash for drugs and prostitution.

I show up at the club a few times a month as a... genius money guy named Spencer Holt.

My CI introduces me around.

It's been an intelligence gold mine.

What's Spencer's story?

Disgraced tax attorney.

Ten months out of the pen for wire fraud.

He lost his law license, now he's using his skills to launder criminal cash.

Sweat your CI, work the Chechen angle.

See what pops on the kidnapping.

Take Martin as backup.

(door opens)


Dad, Dad.


(gasps) Oh, my God.

Oh, my God, are you okay? Did they hurt you?

I was so worried.

Who are these people? What do they want with us?

I don't know.

Jane: I'm scared, Dad.

No, shh, shh, shh, shh, w-we're gonna be okay, sweetheart, we're gonna be okay.

Yes, we know who you are.

I don't know what you're talking about. My name is Richard Hubbard.

Richard? Who is that?

(man cackles)

Of course he speaks Russian. Huh?

You didn't know?

(door clicks shut)

Who are you?


Please let me explain.

Who are you?

Excuse me. Special Agent Rice?

He's over there.

Donnie, I'm telling you, I don't care, man. I'm talking about what the man's achieved...

Yeah, I'm still holding, unfortunately.

Best cornerback in the league... can say whatever the hell he wants to say, period. To anybody.

Agent Rice.

Martin Odum.

I, uh, I work upstairs in DCO.

You cover the city's subways and trains, yeah?

Yeah, planes, trains, and automobiles.

What can I do for you?

I, um...

There was a murder two days ago.

Homeless guy stabbed on the subway platform at Civic Center.

Wondered if, uh, LAPD had looped you in?

Yeah. Any major crime on the subway, they copy us on the report.

Yup, here it is. It's, uh, male, black.

Single stab wound to the mid-abdominal region.

He died on the scene.

Anything else you can tell me?

Uh, well, it's a... homeless guy got shivved.

Nobody saw anything. Looks like the surveillance camera aimed at where he died... had been disabled.

Uh, how about an ID on the victim?

Is there anything like that?

You know what, you're gonna have to see the boss on that one.

I was hoping we could do this in a more unofficial capacity.

So, kind of, like, out of the... the goodness of my heart capacity?

Oh, come on, we're all on the same team here.

(short chuckle)

All right.

He had some prints on file.

Was Robert McCombs, age 45, former Marine, had some mental health issues.

Spent most of his time in a hospital, the rest on the street.

He was crazy?

Yeah, yeah, he was crazy.

Kind of like Syd Barrett, mate.

So why do you want to know?

Um, I'm not authorized to say.

(phone rings)

Aiden, hi.

Hey, Dad.

How are you?

Mom said I could call you if I wanted.

Well, I'm glad you did.


Listen, I-I'm sorry about the other night.

I was out of line and I know it's no excuse, but I'm sorry, anyway.

You should get Mom some new dishes.

Yeah, I think you're right.


Listen, um, how about, uh, how about we go shopping, then, huh?

I'll take you out for dinner. F-Friday?

I got to check my schedule.

Should probably ask Mom, too.

But I'll make her say yes.


I-I'll see you then.

See you.

Love you, son.

Love you, too.

Oh, God, no.





Now you make the VX.



No, I won't do it.

I won't do it, do you hear me?

Do you hear me?

I won't make your weapon. I won't.

Oh, but I think you will, Alexander.

Alexander Nevelsky.



You're a smart man who knows he shouldn't waste his true talent.

You said you wouldn't hurt them.

Your chemicals are on the way, Doctor.


Troy: My guy's name is Nic.

He can get kind of jumpy, so let me deal with him.


Cocaine's a hell of a drug.

Ah. Might've mentioned that earlier.

He's Troy's CI.

Just let him handle it.

♪ ♪


There he is, huh? The money man.

Oh. (growling laugh)

Crystal Scott. Grand Royal Bank.


She handles all my accounts in the Caymans.

(laughs) I bet you do handle things.

Huh? (chuckles)

Who's he?

Crystal: That's Martin.

He's with me.

Okay. Let's, uh, let's talk in your office.

Yeah, of course.

The hell you doing bringing two cops in here?

You're gonna get me killed.

Nic, shut up.

Respect some basic rules, man.

We want information.

There was a kidnapping in Bakersfield. We think Chechen Mafia pulled the job.

How am I supposed to know anything about that?

You're tuned into those guys.

Tuned in?

Maybe I hear some things now and then. Heard zero about the kidnapping the Obshina pulled.

Sorry you wasted a trip. Try calling next time. Now get out.

Cut the sh1t, Nic.

What do you want from me?

Those guys scare me a lot more than you do. So...

I have nothing to say.

Anything comes back to me, you'll be talking to a dead man.

Well, let's try that.


One bullet.

Talk to a dead man.

Piss off.

What are you doing?

You Russians.

Something about the way you play roulette, it's... it's just not sporting.

Game's over too fast.

You only get to play once.

(whimpers) What the hell, man?


This way... we can play twice.

Oh, God.


Troy: Martin, cool it.

Future progeny on the line.

I like that.


Yeah, Dimitri.

Dimitri who?

I don't know his last name.

He came in last night, he dropped a lot of cash.

H-He mentioned Bakersfield.

I said I'd seen it on the news, and he nodded.

That's it. I swear.

Well... we don't have all day.

Let's go find Dimitri.

This guy's taking forever.

Hope Dimitri's not smart enough to bust him.

No more of that cowboy sh1t.

Like the roulette routine.

The gun wasn't loaded.

I just made you believe it was.

Loaded or not... if it happens again I'm going to Gates.

You think the rules apply to men like Dimitri?

Huh? Or the Founding Father?

It's not the point.

No, it's exactly the point.

If we have a loose chemical weapon in L.A., it doesn't matter what rules we follow.

Cameras are live. You're all set.

(engine starts)

Maggie, cameras are live.

Maggie: Thanks, Crystal.

A/V signal online.

We are... eyes up.

Dimitri Groshkov.

Chechen mob enforcer, suspected in two murders.

Wonder why he's still single.

It's him.


The officer from the dash cam video.

One of the kidnappers.

Maggie, pull up the footage of...

Already on it, sir.

Not the shooter, the other one.

72%... I can work with those odds. People.

That's our suspect.

Crystal: Should we bring Dimitri in?

No, Dimitri would just lawyer up and we wouldn't be any closer to finding the family.

Anything from the records sweep?

Maggie data-mined his e-mail and phone records, but there was no mention of the Hubbards.

We could try to, uh, provoke Dimitri, have him reach out to his handlers about the kidnapping.

Provoke him how?

Use Troy's CI.

Have him invite Dimitri to the club tonight.

This guy is mob muscle.

He yearns for status, respect.

Have Spencer Holt offer his services.

It could spook him.

Then we'll offer him an incentive to show up.

An incentive?

I hear Spencer's banker is in town.

You up for it?

That sounds good.

I think it's our best option.

Gates: Considering the level of threat and a victimized, innocent family, I agree.

Get an operational plan on my desk in one hour.


Give me a minute.

What's up?

When we cleaned up Bobby Mehta's computer, we found some off-book files for your eyes only.

Who is he?

McCombs: You really think you're Martin Odum?

There is no Martin Odum.

Who am I?

(shouting): Who am I?!

You've known me almost eight years.

You can't trust me?

His name's...

Robert McCombs.

He's homeless, mentally ill.

He'd been following me.

I asked Bobby to ID him.

Right after Bobby died, McCombs was murdered.

And you think Bobby's death was somehow connected?

He told me I'm not who I think I am.

That I'm somebody else.

That Martin Odum is just a legend.

You believed him?

I know he was crazy.

He just seemed, uh... convincing.

What McCombs said... don't mention that to anyone else in the office.


Martin... you wouldn't be the first undercover agent to struggle coming out of a case.

I need you on active duty right now, but when this is over, I want you to take some personal time, get your head together.



There you go. Excuse me.



No, thanks.

What do you want, Agent Rice?

You know, I have some more information about that murder victim you were asking me about.

Robert McCombs?


Yeah. Yeah, you know, the LAPD... they found a couple more witnesses.

They were actually on that platform the night McCombs got stabbed.

A matter of fact, one of them even had some video.

Why didn't you tell me you were there?

Um, uh...

And what was that you took from him? Was that a...

Was that a book? What was that?

I can't talk about an ongoing investigation.

You know, uh...

Now, see, that hurts me, Marty.

Yeah, 'cause you said that we were both on the same team, remember?

What you were doing there?

Were you working undercover on a case? What?

I didn't kill him.

Who did?

I don't know.

You don't know this about me yet, but I don't drop the ball.

I do not fumble.

Oh, God.

Oh, Richard.

(Richard groans)

Oh, Jane, help me.

Get him onto the couch.

(door rumbles shut)

I'll get a washcloth.

(Richard groaning)

(water running)

Why are they doing this to us?

What do they want?

They want me.

Oh, want you for what?

Who are you?

I used to be a chemist for the Russian military.

I used to make weapons.

Terrible, destructive things.

You told me you taught at a university.

I wanted to leave Alexander Nevelsky in the past.

It was an immoral life.

That's why I fled.

I knew when I met you that my life could be saved.

And you did.

You saved my life.


I'm gonna get us out of here, I promise.

Maggie, can you hear me?

I hear ya.

Be advised, Troy says he will meet you at the front door.

Stay together. Backup will be 30 seconds out.

Remember, there's a lot of innocent people at the club.

Make our moves tactical and precise.

We know who our target is.

I hope this works.

Damn it. This keeps popping open.


Let me help you.

Your pulse is rising.

Two shots of tequila when you get in.

Calm your nerves.

Just fix the clasp.

There you go.

This isn't lap dances and lingerie.

This is the Obshina.

They make you, they kill me and Troy, too.


I need to know you're up for this.

Don't patronize me, Martin.

I'm not the liability here.

You're the guy with the issues, not me.


At least the Chechens are predictable.

You sure as hell aren't.

Certainly hope not.



I don't like tequila.

Shot of bourbon then.

Might have one myself.

(loud crowd chatter, dance music playing)

Hey, out, out.


Martin: Here's our guy.


Have a seat.

(mutters indistinctly)

Target's inside.

They're making their approach.

Oh, here they are.

Hey, hey.

Dimitri, meet my special friend, Spencer.

Spencer Holt.

And his lovely associate Crystal.

A pleasure.


Martin: Troy's guy set a table.

Target's engaged.

Dimitri's got some muscle there.

Three men, all armed.



(two beeps)

Maggie: We're tapped into the signal.

Thanks, Martin.

Follow team?

Man: In position, standing by.

Satellite's online, sir.

Video's up.

To life. (laughter)

To life.

I'm telling you, Dima, Spence is like Gandalf with money, okay?

What, the shorty with the hairy feet?


No, the...

Uh, the wizard, man.

You know, you should come down to the Caymans some time.

I'll show you around.

I'd like to.


Damn, I can't hear myself think over this music.


Let's go to Nic's office, huh?

Okay, let's go. Let's go upstairs.

(speaking Russian)

Martin: They're moving into the back.

I can't follow them.

Maggie: We're going to lose visual.

We do not have eyes in that back office.

Dimitri: No, man, I think they could help with our thing.

Our operation.

They move cash.

Yeah. Offshore.

I think you should get the boss down here tonight.

Good. I'll let them know.

(speaking Russian)

Automated female voice: No, it hasn't come up, but I'm telling you, they could help with the Bakersfield thing.

(speaking Russian)

When that money drops from the Colonel...

The Colonel. Run that through Langley.

Cross-reference with Russian military and organized crime databases.

Maggie: I'm trying to trace the call, sir, but it's going through multiple exchanges. Tokyo.

Shanghai, Istanbul, Kiev?

Pretty sophisticated tech for the Chechen mob.

Who is this guy talking to?!

I'm locking in, sir.


The signal's right here in the city.



We didn't get it, sir.

Crystal, we didn't get the trace.

But we do know Dimitri's boss, the Colonel, is on the way to the club right now.

And, Crystal, watch yourself.

(whooping, inhales through teeth)



You're drunk, girl.


I'll only sleep with you if you're for real, Dimitri.

It's bank policy.

DIMITRI: Oh, I'm for real.

Crystal: Yeah?

Dimitri: Trust me. I just called my boss.

He's gonna be here any minute now.

Crystal: Mm.

Well, I can't wait to meet him.

Oh, he can't wait to meet you, too.

We're gonna do some business together.

Oh. Will you excuse me while I powder my nose?




Maggie, we've got visitors.

Where's Crystal and Troy?

Maggie: Troy is still with the target, and I've lost Crystal's signal. I told you that we do not have eyes in that back office.

Oh, these guys aren't right.

That's definitely not Dimitri's boss.

I'm going up there.


Oh, my God.

Follow team, move in!

(gunfire continues)





Crystal! Crystal!




Crystal, come on!


Come on!

(siren wailing)

Keep moving!


(tires screech)

(tires screech)

(tires screech)

(indistinct chatter)

What's the count?

Seven dead.

Our people?

I can't find Martin and Crystal.

Maybe they got out.


Troy's dead.

Get this place locked down.

Nobody leaves.

Yes, sir. Everybody, I'm gonna need you to come inside the building with me, please.

What a goddamn mess.

Yes, sir.

He's ours.

(phone rings)

Martin, where are you?

We're at my place.

They got Troy.

I know.

I'm sorry.

How's Crystal?

She's okay.

We got too close, so they had to cut out the loose ends.

Yeah, they sent pros to do it, too.

No way this is just Chechen mob.

Someone else is behind this thing, Nelson.

They're organized.

They're financed.

We're gonna get these guys, Martin.

I'm gonna find out who killed him and put a bullet in their head.

Rice, you put in for surveillance on an active FBI agent?

Yeah, hold on. Before you get upset...

Whatever excuse you got, it does not supersede what I'm gonna catch for this, Tony.

This guy comes to me asking me about the murder, okay? Completely just misrepresenting his involvement.

Oh, maybe he was working undercover.

Maybe it's none of your business.

Do me a favor, don't mess with DCO operations.

I've got eyewitness video of Agent Odum standing over the victim and then fleeing the scene.

What am I gonna do with that?

Stick it in a box, send it upstairs to OPR.

You let them handle this.

Oh, no. Screw OPR. This is my case. I got this case.

Your surveillance request is denied.

Turn what you have over to OPR.


Hey. Yeah, what's up? This is Tony over at Transpo Security.

Yes, the boss signed off on it, just like I told you she would.

Of course.

No, no. Don't wait, okay?

She wants eyes on this guy 24/7 right now.


Suspect's name?

Martin Odum.


(clears throat)

Oh, I'm sorry to bother you.

No, it's okay.

What's the status?

We pulled the data off of Dimitri's phones. Most of the numbers that he called were dumped right after the shooting, so we didn't get anything.

W-What about the two gunmen that came in the building?

Russian mob. We turned it over to Organized Crime.

See if that gets us up the ladder any.


Thanks, Maggie.


I wanted to say I'm sorry.

I... didn't know Troy very well, but...

Thank you.


Gates: This is a difficult time, I know.

But I need you to stay focused.

We can grieve when this is over.

Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt, but I just saw this on the regional threat matrix.

The burglary happened last night at a warehouse in San Pedro.

Those canisters contain phosphorous trichloride.

Those are the chemicals used to produce VX gas.


JANE: Dad!

Susan: Richard!

We estimate a 72 hour window before we have an unsanctioned VX chemical weapon on U.S. soil.

I need to go back under, Nelson.

It's too soon.

The Bureau's gonna put a lot of agents on this, but you know they're not gonna find this guy in time.

Hubbard and his family are dead if we don't move now.

Who's the legend?

Dante can pick up the trail of a loose WMD faster than anyone.

Dante Auerbach.

Lord of War.

Okay, Martin.

Let's do it.

(doorbell rings)

There you are.

How was the park?


And we have a surprise for you.

Yeah. A new set of dishes.

And an apology.


You should come with us next time, Mom. Dad, okay with you if Mom joins us?

Listen, Aiden, uh, I think we'd better play next week by ear.

There's a chance I'll be out of town.

Yeah, okay.

Maybe some other time.


Aiden, honey, it's getting late.

Come inside and brush your teeth.

Good night, Dad.

Yeah, good night, son.

Are you going under again?

This is gonna kill you.


All right, that tracker's working.

I'll follow him tonight.

Got it?

(tires screeching)

(horn honks)

Where'd he go?

Come on. Talk to me.

Looks like he did a U-turn.


I got him increasing speed on Victory.

Where the hell did he go?

We've got a weapons-grade nerve agent out there, which is why the op has been escalated to level one priority.

Half the city is in the kill zone. My God.

We're facing the possibility of mass casualties on a domestic target.

Quantico expects DCO to prevent an attack like that here. And right now we've got no solid leads, and we have to pull out all the stops.

This is probably Martin's most productive legend.

Dante Auerbach.

British arms dealer, playboy, death merchant and Lord of War.

Raised in council housing in Liverpool.

Oxford on scholarship, dropped out at 19 to volunteer for Afghanistan.


Booted from Her Majesty's for bootlegging whiskey at Bagram.

That's charming.

Later maintained an entire fleet of cargo planes, supplying arms, antibiotics and ammunition to both sides of the Bosnia-Serbian War.

The role plays to his strengths.

Dante is a talker, a convincer, a gambler.

Dante has an associate he swears has a strong lead on the VX sale.

Thinks his guy can get us the supplier and Nevelsky's captors.

Sit back and watch.

It's his show now.

Nice to have you with us again, Mr. Auerbach.