01x06 - Gauntlet

Previously on Legends...

There you are, McCombs, and there's me.

Where was this photo taken?

Someplace in Iraq.

I was never there.

Yes, you were.

There you are, man. Right there.

And it's time-stamped 2004.

February 2004, where was I?

You don't remember? You had your car accident.

How was that?

You can't remember, I can't remember, McCombs couldn't remember.

Martin: McCombs is dead now.

There had to be a reason why someone wanted him dead.

This guy knows what happened to us over there.

Found it in his Iraq file, something called "Operation Raining Fire."

MARTIN: And where's he now?

Maggie: Houston.

Chang: Dobson's a bad dude.

Hey. What'd you say your name was?

Len Barlow. I want answers.

Move! Get in!

(Horn honking)


We've got to go.

Get up.

I got shot... I got shot.

They tried to get you, and they got me.

Get up.

To hell with you!

I'm shot!

Get up.

Put pressure on the wound.

(Line ringing)

Hey, it's Campbell.

I need to speak with the chief.

Man: Go ahead, cowboy. The line's secure.

The situation is Priority Delta.

Someone took Dobson.

I don't know who the hell he is, but he took out all my men.

We need immediate exfil and containment.

We have operatives searching the area.

They're headed east from my position.

I need a hospital, damn it!

Where are you taking me?

You need a hospital, I want some answers.

I need a sec, I've got to stop.

(Over radio): We're in the area of Jackson and Fourth.

No visual on target.

Well, that's not good.

Hey, I'm sorry, baby.

Yeah, I know, I know.

No, I don't know what time we're gonna be finished.


Come on, if I was done, I'd be home.


No. No.

Look, it's just gonna be a couple more hours.




Sorry about that.

Is everything okay?

You ever been married?

Briefly... a long time ago.

Cured you for good, huh?

DCO is a round-the-clock gig.

It's not kind to marriage.

You know, Gates is on his third ex-wife.

You got anything?

I don't know, this is... some kind of journal that Evans kept.

Read that.

"I wake up under my bed.

"Don't know how I got there.

"They want to kill me.

I'm living a nightmare."

(Sighs) It doesn't mention who "they" are.

Yeah, McCombs says something similar on that hospital video.

What happened to these guys?

I don't know.

Could be a coincidence.

What about Odum? He ever mention this stuff?

No, I mean, he's trained to cover his emotions.

He's a closed book.

And I'm almost positive he never mentioned Iraq.

PTSD. Paranoia.

You know guys like that can't keep a lid on it forever, right?

Sooner or later, their pot's gonna boil over.

Yeah, and he keeps going under, into legend.

You know, it's like he's hiding.

Here's everything I could find on McCombs and Evans in Iraq.

This is it?


"Operation Raining Fire."

"Raining Fire"? Wait, that's what McCombs was ranting about.

This can't be a coincidence.

I mean, everything in the file has been redacted.

That file code is for the highest level clearance.

We're talking, like, five people... and one of them is not the president.

Beyond that, there's nothing on record from 2003 to 2005.

It's all scrubbed.

It's like two years of their lives were erased.

Yeah, someone's gone through a lot of trouble to make all that disappear.


This is Agent...

Rice. I know who he is.

What brings you back up to the DCO, Agent Rice?

Sir, I've requested his help on a developing case.

Case concerning what?

Two homicides.

It looks like they were professional hits.

And why is that a concern of DCO?

Because Martin is in the middle of it.

You and I, we will discuss this in a moment... after I speak with Agent Rice alone.

Sir, Martin was put on leave, and then he disappeared.

I believe that he's gone rogue, under a legend named Len Barlow.

You. My office. Now.

You said you recognized me.

From where?

I don't know.

I know your face.

I don't remember where, but I know when.

Would've been February 2004. In Iraq.

I don't know. I was all over the country...

Basra, maybe. Okay?

Basra. Doing what?

I worked an oil rig.

Yeah, for who?

What was the company name?

Who do you work for?

Look, answer the question or I'll get you in that ditch!

You hear me?

Okay, okay.


You get me to a hospital, I'll tell you everything.

All right, move.

I'll get you to a hospital.

On a bus?!

Are you kidding me?

You'd rather walk?

Hey, that man needs an ambulance.

Yeah, that's you, my friend.

I'm an FBI agent, I'm commandeering this bus.

He's lying!

Sit down, shut up.

He shot me!

Come on, in the back.

I need a hospital!

Plenty of room in the back.


Is there a doctor on here, huh, nurse?

This man's losing a lot of blood.

Dobson: Damn it, I need a hospital!

You got some I.D.?

I'm working undercover.

Hey, why don't you step off the bus?

I'll take this man to the hospital myself.

He's my prisoner.

He's not leaving my sight.

Now drive.

I thought we had an understanding.

By understanding, you mean... the time you came to my house and threatened me?

That is cute.

You think that was a threat.

Call it what you want.

Let's cut to it.

You got evidence that ties Martin Odum to the murder?

Well, that case has developed.

I no longer believe that Odum killed McCombs.

I must have missed your apology.


I... apologize if... there was any misunderstandings.

I was only following the facts that I had.

But we now have a second victim, and I don't believe that Odum is a suspect, but he's right in the middle of it.

Uh, that remains to be seen.

Why do I get the feeling you don't want me digging into this?

Look, I'm protecting my agent.

And I don't know you.

I don't know your agenda.

I don't know your angle.

I don't trust you.

And trust is everything in this department.

Well, there is no agenda.

There is no angle.

Just the truth.

The truth?

And the truth is that Odum is involved in something that's already killed two people.

Your agent is in some serious trouble.

Now, you don't trust me, you don't know me... I get that.

But I'm Bureau, just like he is.

I want to help him.

He's in the wind.

His phone is dark.

Martin's on leave.

I don't babysit.

How can you... protect... your agent if you don't know where he is?

We've got two bodies.

Pro murders.

We can't waste any time.

Don't get too comfortable here.

Man (over radio): Bus 41, this is dispatch.

1073. We see you are off your route.

Please explain. Over.

Yeah, say you have a medical situation.

Dispatch, we have a medical emergency.

Guy's been shot, we're en route to the hospital.

Hang up, keep driving.

Copy that, 41.

We will alert the hospital that you are incoming.

Take the next right.

Run the red lights.

Evans said you'd know me.

Remember Evans?

He was in Iraq.

Said I was in Iraq.

What was I doing there?

I don't know.

Come on, answer the question!

What was I doing there?

What's my name? What's my name?!

Call the cops.

I'm telling you, he's out of his mind.

(Siren wails)

Man (over speaker): Stop the bus!

Open the side doors.


Let's go.

Come on, come on, get up.

Everybody put your hands in the air.

Martin: I'm an FBI agent.

I'm FBI.

I'm unarmed!

I've got a wounded man. All right?

I'm coming out.

Officer: Set the wounded man down on the ground.

Martin: He needs a hospital.

Down on your knees, and put your hands on your head.

Get your hands on your head!


Dispatch, this is five.

We're 11-41 over at the Priority One call.

Advise... we have a Code Blue.

(Dispatcher speaks indistinctly)

Ambulance is two minutes out, Sarge.

Does he have I.D.? Check his wallet.

My name is Martin Odum...

I'm a special agent with the FBI.

This man is a prisoner in my custody.

Leonard Barlow, from Midland.

I'm working undercover. Foxtrot-Echo-Zulu.

Call my supervisor, Nelson Gates, at the FBI office in Los Angeles.

Get the Houston field office on the line.

Have them find this fellow, Gates.

You're a cop?

So that's why they couldn't find you.

(Phone rings)

This is Gates.

Yes, sir.

This is Sergeant Sherman, Houston PD.

I have a fellow here in custody, says he's one of yours.

His name is either Len Barlow or Martin Odum.

Correct, he's mine. Uh, Foxtrot-


Thank you, sir.

Send verification of his credentials and we'll release him.

Will do.

May I speak with Agent Odum, please?

Yes, sir.

It's your boss.


How's vacation? Resting up?

No, I've got something, Nelson.

Start with why you're in Houston.

You were supposed to take some personal time.

Get your head together.

I'm trying to help you here, and you're running around pulling this cowboy crap!

You are wearing me out.

You'd better have an explanation.

I have a suspect in custody.

He's connected to the murder of Robert McCombs.

McCombs? The homeless guy?

The one who said you're not Martin Odum?

Why the hell are you dredging this up again?

Look, you've known me a long time, Nelson.

I need you to trust me on this one.

You trust me? Huh?


I trust you.

My suspect's wounded.

We're heading to the hospital. I'll call you then.

Martin. Watch yourself.

Crystal, get in here.

Was that Martin?

Grab a toothbrush. You're heading to Houston.

Check in with the field office.

Martin will be waiting.

He's in Houston?

I'll brief you en route to the airport.

Take Rice. You two seem to like working together.

Martin get himself in trouble again?

Do I need to answer that?

He's got a gunshot wound to his right lower abdomen.

Think the bullet's still in.

He's lost a lot of blood, maybe two pints.

What happened to you?

Oh, uh... It's a car accident.

It's a long story.

Let's hear it. Let's hear it all.

Did you shoot this man?


Check the ballistics on his gun.

Hey, I want it back after you've done with it.

Who shot him?

Sergeant, this is an active federal investigation... that information is classified.


I've got to go with him to the hospital.

We're clear.

(Engine starts)

(Siren wailing)

Crystal: Copy that. We're on our way.

Jet's fueled and ready to go.

We have about a three-and-a-half hour flight time to Houston.

So Gates was cool with me tagging along, huh?

I wouldn't say "cool."

But I will be happy to put this cloak and dagger stuff to bed.

I don't think it's gonna be that easy. Odum is not the most talkative person, if you know what I mean.

He doesn't have a choice.

So be honest with me.

Do you think he lost it? Mentally.

Do you think somewhere along the way the guy just cracked?

I don't know. I mean, Evans and McCombs seemed crazy, too, but... you know, I think they were killed because they knew something.

Yeah, but Odum wasn't in Iraq, okay? As far as we know.

He wasn't. Right? And if that's the case, then what's the connection?

(Siren wailing)

BP's 70/45. HR's 115.

All right, we're gonna get some IVs going in you, sir.

What's your blood type?


Why were they looking for me?

You really a Brit?

Or is that another act?

What was my accent when I met you?

You don't remember who you are.

You can't remember anything.

Hey, you're gonna tell me.

Paramedic: BP is dropping. He's going to arrest.

Sir? Sir, can you hear me?

Sir, can you hear me?


All right, I need you to back off, sir.

I'm inserting two large-bore IVs, couple of pressure bags.

Circulating his pressure again.

Call General. Patient is not responding.

Man: Roger that.

How much further?

How much further is it?

ETA less than five.

You don't let him die on me, you hear?

Doing my best.

You don't let him die on me!

All right, let's get a right femoral artery going.

And start a transfusion, four units.

Type A-neg.

Pulse is dropping. Get a crash cart in here! Ready for defib!

Look, this man is in federal custody.

He's not going anywhere, sir. Please wait outside.

Standing by.

All right...



Still in defib.

Charge again.



Got him.

Pulse is thready, low 60s.

All right, let's move him... to the table.

Martin: I almost lost him, but he's in surgery now.

Are you safe at your location?

Local PD have got the place locked down.

But I don't know... I expect Dobson's got backup.

Okay, I'm putting a communication net over Martin's location with keyword traps... so if anybody's talking about this thing, we'll know.

Martin, I need you to stay put.

Crystal's en route to Houston.

Aw, you sent Crystal to bring me back.

That's nice of you.

(Chuckles) Well... she's bringing a new friend with her... Agent Rice.

Ah, okay. Not that nice.

Martin, you have been cleared as a suspect in the McCombs murder.

But there's been another killing.

A friend of his, a Dennis Evans.

What, they got Evans?

Who are "they"?

Who got Evans?

Looks like you could use it.

Thank you.

That's what I'm trying to find out.

Dobson was operating out of a chop shop.

Seemed like a cover.

Cover for what?

I don't know yet.

Crystal and Rice need to get over here as soon as they can.

It needs a little bit of a clean-up.

I had to shoot my way out.

You're making me nervous here, Martin.

Nelson, Dobson is connected to something major.

Illegal arms trades, maybe supplying terrorists.

I don't know.

But when I was in the chop shop, I saw a missile.

A missile?

Looked like a Hellfire.

You're not supposed to be here.

And I saw boxes for several more.

They tried to cover it up, but I caught a glance.

Dobson worked for a private contractor called Verax when he was in Iraq.

Doesn't say what he did for them.

But McCombs and Evans also worked for that contractor.

Look, something happened to them in Iraq.

It was around February 2004.

Nelson, I think I was there.

I saw evidence.

How is that possible?

In February 2004 you were in a serious car accident that left you in a coma.

Dobson says he remembers me from Iraq.

Whatever happened over there, he knows the truth.

I'll ask him if he makes it through surgery.

Woman (over P.A.): Hospital Transport to Vascular Imaging. Hospital Transport to Vascular Imaging.

Infusing with dopamine... two mcg.

(Phone ringing)

Portable X ray to ER2. Portable X ray to ER2.

McCombs: You really think you're Martin Odum?

There is no Martin Odum.

Everything about him is fake.

Evans: We all got the same thing.

They did something to us over there, man.

Sonya: I know your name. It's Martin MacDonald Odum.

Evans: I am telling you... don't trust anyone!

Trust no one. Trust nothing. Trust no one. No one.

No one.


Agent Odum.

Agent Wilkins, S.A.C. Houston.

It seems you've had quite a night.

Yeah, where's Dobson?

He's upstairs, resting.

No, I need to get up there...

Wait, Dobson's gonna be just fine, Agent Odum.

What I need you to do is fill me in on what you know about Dobson's operation.

What I know?

Chief Gates assured me that you would tell us everything you knew about this guy.

DCO agents are en route.

I'll speak to you when they get here.

I see.

Kyle Dobson... what room?

Just one second, sir. I'm busy.

FBI. It's an emergency.

Wait a minute.

You're the one who gave me the coffee.


It was drugged, wasn't it?

Drugged? What are you talking about?

Move him now; he's approaching.

Agent is in pursuit.

(Elevator bell dings)

Hey, you, stop!

FBI Agent Odum can jeopardize the mission.

Sir, we'll take care of him.

Get me out of here.

That's the plan, sir.


Come on, honey, I got you.

Get in the car now.

You're hurting me.

(Line rings)

(Phone rings)

This is Gates.

I'm in trouble, Nelson.

Dobson's men were at the hospital.

You have Dobson in custody?

Yeah, I got him, and I'm bringing him into DCO.

Houston's not safe anymore.

I need help getting out of here.

Um... get to Austin.

Special Agent James Garrett is a friend of mine. You can trust him.

I'll let him know you're inbound.

I'm staying off the highways.

Gonna take the back roads.

We won't have a satellite in position for another hour, so keep in touch.

Okay. Phone's almost dead. I'll do my best.

(Groans, panting)

Where are we?

Don't worry about it.

How'd they find us at the hospital?

You don't think we use the same toys you do?

They were tracking my phone?

That's not dime store technology.

You need access to digital exchanges, network grid, state and federal okay.

We have ways around that.

Yeah? Who's "we"?

Same people selling that Hellfire missile I saw in the shop?

What are they gonna use it for?

Sorry. Above my, uh... my pay grade.

Answer the question, you hear? Hmm?

What are they gonna use it for?

I'm wiped out.

Answer the question.

You know, just wake me when we get to... wherever you're taking me.

Listen, you sh1t! You answer the question!


Dobson: You really screwed yourself this time. You know that, right?

And you just might as well... kiss your ass good-bye.


You know that their orders are to recover me alive.

They're not gonna stop until they do.

Which means you have... maybe... 24 hours to live.

Yeah, when I get to that 25th hour, the equation changes.

Means the longer you hang in the wind, the bigger a liability you become to them.

Forget rescue. It'll be about damage control.

That's not true.

Cold fact, in about 24 hours, you're just as dead as I am.

I need to talk to you about something.

Unless it can't wait.

It can't.

Martin asked me to look into Dennis Evans off-book.

The same Dennis Evans that's now lying in the morgue?

The same. And I also helped Martin set up the Len Barlow legend.

What'd you give him?

Everything that I could find.

Financials, work history, current address.

So Martin was at Evans' residence?

I don't know, sir.

I was just trying to help, sir.

You're smart enough to know that that's not an excuse.

This is going to stay between us.

Are we clear?

Rice: Thought we came to Houston to pick Odum up.

Crystal: He told Gates this place was being used for smuggling military ordinance.

Ground's wet.

Those look like bloodstains to you?

Hosed it down, covered it up.

Shell casing. (Sniffs)

Fired recently.

They must've missed it during the cleanup.

It's locked.

We're breaking in?

These are exigent circumstances.

It's your lead.

Martin said we were gonna find some kind of arsenal.

Yeah, well, I don't see much of that laying around here.

I'm calling Houston PD.

Let's secure the scene, see what forensics gets.

(Toilet flushes)


Don't move. Put your hands up!

Put 'em up!

Is there anyone else here?

It's just me.

I'm Ray. This is my garage.

Raymond Campbell.

That's right.

We're responding to a local 911 call... possible shots fired, break-in.

Not here.

I've been working on that engine all night.

Sometimes I keep the radio up real loud, so I-I don't hear nothing.

Oh, damn. Y'all gave me one hell of a scare.

Who beat you up?

Oh, this? This ain't nothing. Just a... little fun at the bar.

He got the worst of it, believe you me.

What kind of engine is that?

That there's a 350 short block.

Came out of my truck.

You know engines?

Yeah, my uncle owned a garage.




You didn't believe me, huh?

Didn't believe me?

Didn't feel like running?

Pulled a hammy playing ball.


There was military ordinance here.

A Hellfire missile.

Where is it?

It's long gone, baby.

You got nothing.

Dobson: So where you taking me?

Somewhere safe. Private.

So you can answer some questions.

Torture? That's where this is going?

How our Q&A goes is up to you.

Who do you work for?

We're the guys who don't exist, doing the things that didn't happen, following the orders that no one gave.

How do you know me?

Met you in Iraq.

And what was my name?

What was I doing there?

I don't know, buddy.

You know, I must've missed your name tag at the Battle of Basra ice cream social.


What was Operation Raining Fire?

It was a mess is what it was.

My IV's out.

I need antibiotics.

What you get is up to you.

You really don't remember anything?

You know, a lot of the other guys came back, they had that same problem.

Why can't I remember what happened to me?

Iraq was a toxic wasteland after Shock and Awe.

You know, you probably got exposed to some bad chemical.

I mean, it was all in the air, you know.

Why don't you just think of it as a bonus?

Lot of things I wish I could forget in that place.

A lot.


Dobson: You can't even steal a car with a good radiator.

You're hopeless.

You'd better call for a ride.

So I can tip off your guys to our location?

Yeah, I don't think so.

(Panting) Come on.

We're walking.

(Panting heavily)

I need you to call Martin again.

He won't answer his phone.

What's gonna happen when he finds out I've been lying to him for the past ten years?

How's he gonna react to that?

You got to make sure that doesn't happen.

Look, Nelson, I'm sticking to the script.

He's not stupid. He's gonna figure it out.

For his safety... hell, for his sanity... that can't happen.

He can't ever know the truth.

You know how he is.

He's not gonna stop.

Well, he started falling apart when you two separated.

Don't put this on me.

He has issues every time he comes out of a legend.

He gets erratic, unpredictable.

We separated because I was worried about Aiden.

Do you love him?

Yeah. I do.

Get back together with him.

He's gonna need you when he comes home.

We'll keep heading west.

There's got to be a farm, gas station, something.

I got to stop.



I popped some stitches.

(Panting) I'm bleeding.

I feel sick.

I think my wound's infected.

You can still walk.

Come on!

I told you everything I know.

You want to live, you're gonna have to tell me a lot more than that.

I need water.

There's water straight ahead.

Get up.

Come on.




This place looks abandoned.

One road coming in.

If they find us, at least I'll see 'em coming.

You're trapped.

It's a good place for a last stand, isn't it?


Inside. Come on.

(Dobson panting)



(Grunts, moans, panting)

I'm not gonna make it.

Septic shock.

You ever seen it? Nasty way to go.

Look, I'll try and find a first aid kit.

You find a first aid kit?

Yeah, from 1970.

Hold still.


See that?

We haven't even started the interrogation yet, and I've still got half a bottle left.


What just flashed?

What's this?

You know what that is.

They're not tracking me by phone.

They're following you with this.

Son of a bitch.

I figure you got two hours before they get here and smoke your ass.



(Line ringing)

(Phone ringing)


Hello, Maggie. It's me.

Oh, my God, Martin, where are you?

Somewhere in Texas.

Oil fields east of Austin.

Look, I don't have a lot of time, Maggie.

Use my cell signal, trace my location.

Okay, I'm on it. Zeroing in. Hang on.

I'm gonna ping the signal.

(Computer trilling, beeps)

Okay, I have your location.


Tell Gates I'm bracing for an assault. I need backup now.

Okay. I'll tell him right away.

Martin, I'm-I'm sorry.

When I helped you, I didn't think that you were...

You didn't do anything wrong, Maggie.

Nothing that happens to me is your fault, okay?

I'm just sorry I got you involved.

No, I wanted to help.


Sir, I just got a call from Martin.

I have his location, but he needs help.

Where is he?

Five and a half miles northeast of Austin.

Call the Austin field office.

Brief them on the situation under my authorization.

I'll call Crystal.



What's all that?

(Gasoline sloshing)

My last stand.

Your men... how many are there?

Don't know.


Maybe four.

Five rounds left.

To fight several highly trained killers with automatic weapons?

You can't win, you know that, right?

I don't have to win.

I just have to endure.

Dobson: You don't remember anything about the end? In Basra.

When it all went up in a giant fireball?


It was hell on earth.

Bombs came from our boys, by the way.

U.S. Air Force.

I was on my way out of the base when the first one hit.

What base?

For Verax.

We had a major operations hub out there.

Outside of U.S. purview.

Doing what?

Reaping the spoils of war.

Oil... guns, you know, machinery.

You name it.



You know, when the, uh, first bomb hit, a daisy cutter, the concussion rolled my Humvee I was in right over.

Put us in a ravine. That probably saved my life.

Then the other bombs. The ground shook.

I saw people burned to the bone where they stood. Bombs kept on falling.

It wouldn't stop.

It was the apocalypse.

Friendly fire.

An accident.

Too many bombs on target to be a mistake.

Raining Fire.

It did.

All that oil blown up.


It fell from the sky like the world was over.


I was there.

In Basra.

I was definitely there.

Over 100

Verax employees, innocent men and women, they got burned alive that day.

Wonder how you survived.

I don't know.

(Vehicles approaching)

Your time's up, my friend.

They're here.

Get up.


Move. Move.


What are you doing?

Saving your life.





Drop the gun!

Do it now!




(Hatch opens)


I thought you'd be dead by now.

Shut up.


So what's your plan?

All else fails, I can use you as leverage.

I want immunity.

Depends on what you know.

They killed their own men.

See, I want to know the truth about my past.

I can get to Verax's personnel records, find out who you are. If you worked for them, there'll be a record.

Yeah? Why the change of heart?

I've been thinking about what you've been saying.

I don't know if they're here to rescue me or... kill me.

Wilkins: You're trapped, Agent Odum!

Nowhere to go now!

How do you want to do this?

Verax... they were dispatching snipers to go after high-level contractors who were working for the enemy.

The enemy?



U.S.... and British command.

Verax has secrets to protect.

How's that loyalty working for you now? (Chuckles)

You're gonna leave me no choice!

I'm gonna torch this place!

You got to get me out of here.

Tell me everything.

You go on record to the U.S. attorney about Verax's activities, I'll get you out of here.

You got a deal.

Dobson... do you know who I am?


Afraid you're not gonna make it, Dobbie.

Nothing personal.

Orders from the main office.

Nice organization you guys work for.

Three rounds left.

Make 'em count.


(Sirens wailing)

(Dobson grunts)

Mr. Dobson needs to get patched up enough to get him on a jet to DCO.

We'll arrange it now. Can I get an EMT in here?

(Panting) I can walk.


You okay?


Get down!


Man (over radio): Shots fired! Shots fired!

Shots fired! Man down!

Sniper! Sniper!

Man down! Man down!

Secure the area. I repeat: secure the area.