01x07 - Quicksand

Previously on Legends...

What's gonna happen when he finds out I've been lying to him for the past ten years?

That can't happen. He can't ever know the truth.

Get back together with him.

Where was this photo taken?

Someplace in Iraq.

I was never there.

This guy knows what happened to us over there!

He was in charge!


Get in here!


(horn blaring)

There's nothing on record from 2003 to 2005.

It's like two years of their lives were erased.

How do you know me?

Met you in Iraq.

And what was my name?

What was I doing there?

I don't know, buddy.

What was Operation Raining Fire?

Dobson: It was a mess is what it was.

I saw people burned to the bone where they stood.

It was the apocalypse.

Your agent is in some serious trouble.

Don't get too comfortable here.

I figure you got two hours before they get here and smoke your ass.


I can get to Verax's personnel records, find out who you are.

You go on record to the U.S. attorney about Verax's activities, I'll get you out of here.

Man (over radio): Sniper! Get down!

(over radio): Shots fired! Shots fired!

(engine humming)

Bad ass!

That's so cool.

These things are gonna be delivering pizza soon.

They're gonna be delivering many things.

Mind if I give it a try?

It's difficult to control actually.

But you can help me launch it again.



Go pick it up.

This is great!


What's this thing on the bottom?

Extra battery.

Hey, take it over there. Set it down in front of you.


♪ ♪


Maggie: I know who

Deputy Director Spiller is, but who are the other two?

That's Dan Cabbot from the U.S. Attorney's office.

And Jessica Simon from Internal Affairs.

How much trouble do you think Martin's in?

Not a little.

The Hellfire missile you reported seeing... where is it?

Unknown. During the apprehension of my suspect while facing hostile numbers, I was unable to secure the weapon.


(tires screech)

It was gone when McGuire and Rice arrived later?

The place had been cleaned. So, we have no way of verifying what you're saying?

You think I'm making this up?

Look, Dobson was running stolen military hardware from out of there.

That's why the missile was there.

But you can't prove any of this.

I could if I wasn't sitting here.

The sniper who shot Dobson wasn't apprehended.

The Houston field office is still pursuing leads.

What about the suspect that McGuire and Rice arrested at the garage?

Ray Campbell was killed by another prisoner in police custody.

The same reason Evans and McCombs were murdered.

It's damage control.

Simon: Damage control.

By whom?

Martin believes Dobson was working for a military contractor called Verax.

Verax Global Security?

One of the top contractors for the U.S. military?

Sounds like a conspiracy theory.


This is a waste of time.

The fact is you were acting in an extralegal capacity as a rogue agent.

I was undercover.

Spiller: It was never sanctioned.

That's the bottom line.

I've given DCO wide latitude in these matters, but...

Gates: I have no doubt Agent Odum would've brought this case into light.

After racking up how many kills?

After hijacking how many more buses?

I was doing what I could to keep my prisoner alive.

They still got him. That should tell you something about who I was up against.

Gates: Use of deadly force falls under Section 47 in the classified addendum of the Patriot Act.

Section 47 doesn't apply if Agent Odum acted without sanction.

Spiller: We're all grateful for your service, Martin.

We have to assess this situation honestly.

Sounds like a fancy way of calling me a liar, sir.

Crystal: Martin.

Martin. Hey, Martin.

Wait a second.

What the hell happened in there?

What did they say about Verax?

They sealed the case. I'm in the dark.

You have a problem with that, you talk to Gates.

I am your handler.

You work for me.

I want to know.

Soon. Not now.

Are we on schedule?


Pull out now or we're officially pregnant.

Americans speak of everything in terms of s*x or money.

I'd throw football in there, too.

But not the kind you like.

Real football.

You wonder why you're hated by the world.

Used to wonder.

Not anymore.

What's it gonna be, Hassan?

I'll be ready.


Be advised, we are a go.

In 48 hours, the prince will be dead.


(distant siren wailing)

(knocking on door)

Hi. Come in.

Well, you're still in the FBI.

(door closes)

How'd you pull that one off?

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Well done.

Do you want a drink?

Hell yeah.

Look, I don't have to tell you that you're on thin ice, right?

Yeah, I gathered that much.

You take a hit?

Yeah. They transferred Tony Rice to DCO.

Effective immediately.


As long as I'm not working with him.

We have one hell of a mess to clean up in Texas to cover your ass.

And, um, there's this.

Have you managed to find any others on the crew?

A few names.

All dead.

But, Martin, the photo's a fake.

What are you talking about?

Forensic analysis says they've been doctored.

Your head on somebody else's body.

Something about the pixels not lining up.

Look, it's all there in the report.

No, that's not possible.

You've never been to Iraq, Martin.

Not in 2004. Not ever.

Evans said I was there. Dobson.

What about Dobson? He said he recognized me from over there.

What, are they lying?

A paranoid recluse and a guy who's trying to talk himself out of custody.

Telling you what you want to hear.

Now, no one's denying Dobson was involved in smuggling.

Spiller's handing the case over to the Joint Terrorist Task Force.

But they're taking my case.

No, no, no.

You've been ordered to drop the matter.

And, Martin, I'm gonna say this one last time.

In 2004, you got into a bad car accident.

(tires screeching)

Head trauma, memory loss, coma for three weeks.

You may not like that, but those are the facts.

So let's accept it and move on.

No more rogue investigations, Martin.

Now, I'm speaking to you as a friend here.

Do whatever it takes... poetry, flowers, I don't give a sh1t... just get back together with Sonya.

You need her. She keeps you steady.

Spend some time with your son.

Reconnect. Stop spinning.

Stop tearing yourself apart.

Martin, remind yourself who you are.

(plays gentle melody)

Sonya: You were in a car accident.

(siren wailing)

When you woke up, you didn't remember much.

Not even me.

Martin: This must have been manipulated somehow 'cause I was never there.

Dobson: We're the guys who don't exist, doing the things that didn't happen, following the orders that no one gave.

Gates: You've known me almost eight years. You can't trust me?

Dead ringer.

What about the memory stuff?

McCombs: Everything about him is fake.

Gates: Don't mention that to anyone else in the office.

Sonya: I know your name.

It's Martin MacDonald Odum.

Dobson: What I do know, he's supposed to be dead.

(men shouting, explosion)


Maggie: I'm not even supposed to be taking personal calls in here.

No. Why are you acting like this? You...

You knew the deal when you moved in.

No, I said that I would be working late sometimes.

It's not every night.

Okay, you know what, I'm-I'm hanging up now.



Tony, welcome aboard.

Where should I, uh...

Uh, follow me. We-We set up your desk.

Yeah. Long hours, huh?

Oh, that. Yeah. That's my boyfriend.

Sort of turning into a disaster since I took this job.

Your wife... you might want to warn her that you're not coming home.

Like, ever. (laughs)

Yeah, I gathered that much.

All right, uh...

State Department briefing in an hour.



This is Prince Abboud of the House of Saud.

An invaluable partner to this country, which makes him an enemy to a lot of people.

He's under constant threat of assassination.

He just became the oil minister, right?

Important job for the kingdom.

Second only to the king himself, as I understand.

The prince will be in Los Angeles later this week for a highly classified energy meeting at the Arcadia Policy Council.

His visit had been under wraps.

Two days ago, the prince's classified itinerary was leaked from someone within the State Department.

Now CIA intel strongly suggests that there will be an attempt on his life during this visit.

Well, who at State had access?

I assume you already did an internal investigation?

We did.

Prince Abboud won't reschedule the visit?

That's not an option here. We have 27 hours before Prince Abboud arrives.

So you have an unspecified threat. I...

We have a person of interest.

His name is Aaron Rawley.

He's a junior analyst in our Middle East department. He's written several white papers denouncing the House of Saud's human rights record.

So advocating for human rights makes him a suspect?

His papers are essentially polemics for regime change in Saudi Arabia.

How can DCO help?

If there's a threat... and Rawley's our guy... we need to know who he's passing this information to.

Let's test the leak.

♪ ♪

Thank you.

♪ My mind's as clear as a cloudless sky... ♪

Are you Aaron Rawley?

Do I know you?

(laughs): Sorry.

Christine Duncan.

I read your paper on women's rights in Saudi Arabia.


"Strategies for the Advancement of Women's Rights" or "The Fire Next Time?"

Both, actually.

I'm advising Keller on the kingdom's proposed trade deals.

You know, the Saudis have the best lobbyists money can buy.

They don't want to hear about enfranchising Saudi women, you know?

You're probably right.

You're not gonna believe who's coming in tomorrow.

(whispers): Prince Abboud.


The senator's meeting with the prince during his visit.


I know a place near here that's open late.

Good drinks, excellent conversation with fellow wonks.

What do you say?

I can't. You know, I just got in from DC, and I've got to get up at the crack of dawn.

I'm in town until Thursday.

Take a rain check?


Of course. Uh, this is my cell.

Nice to meet you.

You as well.

See you.


We're in play.

Maggie: You're such a tease, "Christine Duncan."

Rice, are you guys in position?

Yup, we're here and waiting.

You like doing this sort of stuff?

What stuff?

You know... fishing.

Waiting for a bite.

It's part of the job, man.

It's the part of the job where you sit with your fingers up your ass, isn't it?

You gonna be whining all night?

Hey, Maggie, where is this guy?

He hit up the drive-thru on the way home.

He's approaching you guys in a cab now.

Rice: Copy that.

And there's our fish.

(shutter clicks)

What's he doing there?

He just put something in that cup.

It's a dead drop.

Yeah, damn right, it is.

It was subtle, too.

See, that's spy-of-the-month, right there.

Let's go and have a look.

No, hold on, just wait. Let's see who picks it up.

Unless you prefer, I don't know, going rogue and kidnapping somebody?

Yeah, if the occasion calls for it, sure.

You want to explain to me what happened in Houston?

Not particularly.

Let's just say I didn't find what I was looking for.

Ooh, who's this lady?

Definitely not what I expected.

(shutter clicking)

Maggie, we're sending the photos to run on facial recon.

Wow, she almost looks like, um...

Oh, my God.

It's her.

It's Hani Jibril.

I can't believe it.

Wait a minute... why does that name sound familiar to me?


She's a famous activist for women's rights.

She's on TV, like, all the time. Her book is amazing.

Martin: Maggie, keep your eye on Rawley's building.

We're following Hani Jibril.

(engine starts)

Crystal: We don't know what Rawley told her about the prince's visit after we spoke.

It's definitely not enough to think that she intends to assassinate him.

Hani Jibril is not a killer.

She's one of my heroes.

She's a freedom fighter who's put her life on the line to stand up for equal rights for women. Women can't vote in Saudi Arabia, they can't drive, they can't leave the house alone without a male escort.

Maggie, I get it, okay?

The fact is Rawley passed classified information to your hero. She's involved.

Look, I just... I need to return some calls.

She's on the move.

Crystal: You planning on following her?

Yeah, we put a tracker on her car.

While she's out, we thought we might do a bit of recon.

Maggie, doesn't, uh, Ms. Jibril have some repairmen coming today?

No warrant there, Cochise.

National Security exemption, Pocahontas.

Martin, just be very discreet.



Don't we need, like, uniforms or something?

You do. I just carry a box that looks like it's got tools in it. Put that on.

The Arab Spring is far from a revolution in bloom.

Put the badge on.

...yet the voices of discontent are no longer silent.

Hello, you've reached Hani Jibril.

Jibril's voice: Hello, you've reached Hani Jibril.

Or a reasonable digital facsimile.

Jibril's voice: Or a reasonable digital facsimile.

Definitely something about this is making me very uncomfortable.


Not without prior approval of the resident.

It's just building policy, guys.

Oh, come on, give us a break.

We've come all the way from Balboa Park, in traffic.

(phone rings)


Yes. This is Hani Jibril.

Apartment 204.

Jibril's voice: Apartment 204.

I'm sorry, I forgot to mention that the dishwasher repairman...

Jibril's voice: I'm sorry, I forgot to...

.. was scheduled to stop by.

.. that the dishwasher repairman was... scheduled to stop by. You can let him into the apartment.

Of course, Ms. Jibril.

Of course.

(hangs up phone)

I should not be any part of this.

So, uh, since when does it take two guys to fix a dishwasher?

Well, my buddy here's a trainee.



(blows raspberry) Trainee.


I tell you... this does not look like an assassin's apartment, though, does it?

No weird, random, obsessive images on the walls. (chuckles)

Most bad guys I know don't have such good taste.


Dalai Lama, Aung San Suu Kyi.

Well, you think you know a person.

(soft chuckle)

Let's get to work.

(camera shutter clicking)

Hey, Rice.

Look at this.

Rawley took the bait from Crystal.

Passed the information on to Ms. Jibril.

"Senator Keller to meet Abboud."

Proves he's the leak.

We know she's a critic of the kingdom, but does that make her an assassin?

Let's find out.

Upload her hard drive.

(computer chirping)

Hey, Rice, is it just me, or does the shutterbug outside seem interested in us?

No, it's definitely not just you.

Tell you what.

I'll look busy, keep your friend interested, while you go outside, and introduce yourself.


(door opens)

(door closes)

(gun chamber clicks) FBI.

Move, and I'll blow your teeth out.


(loud groaning)

(grunts) (groans)


Ah. Wow.

Ruger M1911.


You got a license for this?

You make a mistake. Call the Saudi embassy.

Why are you down here watching us, huh?

I wasn't watching you!

Ahmed Nomar Hassan.

Where are you from, Ahmed?

I said, call the Saudi embassy.

I have diplomatic immunity.


Gates: Yes, sir.

I understand, sir.

Yes. Will do.

He checks out.


He had Hani Jibril under surveillance.

Let me have a go at him first.

That's not gonna happen.

Look, this guy's wrong, Nelson.

I'm telling you, releasing him's a bad idea.

Look, we have Aaron Rawley under surveillance.

We can keep eyes on Hassan, as well.

What? Like, he can't lose a tail?

I don't like it, either, but that's the play here.

(elevator doors opening)

(doors closing)

I'm afraid we owe you an apology, Mr. Hassan.

I spoke to an official at the State Department who has been in contact with Saudi officials.

They confirm you have diplomatic status.

We're gonna be sending your gun to the embassy.

You work for Saudi intelligence?

I don't have to answer your questions.

Just tell us what you were doing watching Ms. Jibril's apartment.

Same thing you were, I assume.

Checking her out for possible involvement in an assassination plot.

Hani Jibril is a vocal enemy of the kingdom.

She has made provocative comments to achieve her political agenda.

Am I free to go?

Are we done?

We're done.

(buzzer sounds, door opens)

(door closes)

I went through the contents of Hani's hard drive, and I found Prince Abboud's itinerary on it.

Seems to me we have a split decision on Ms. Jibril.

On the one hand, her agenda seems primarily to be about human rights, not about killing people.

Crystal: And on the other, she's made clandestine arrangements to find out the secret itinerary of her sworn enemy's movements.

I think that we...

She's planning a protest.

I think we need to find more information.

Then let's get more information.

Rice, Martin, I want you to approach Hani Jibril in legend.

As Sebastian Egan?

That was my thought.

You're Sebastian Egan?

My favorite legend.

Why is that?

Well, for one, he drinks.

Not just drinks.

He drinks Scotch out of a coffee cup at 10:00 in the morning.

Writer, journalist, professional contrarian.

Never met a sacred cow he didn't try to slay.

He's a disillusioned socialist turned gadfly wit, turned seditionist, turned blasphemer.

Sebastian Egan is the most famous journalist no one's ever met.

Who drinks.

Jibril: These fanatics have far too much power.

They're bullies and criminals.

You cannot reason with them. _

What women have to endure in Saudi Arabia is criminal.

Justice must be claimed by any means necessary.

I think the flaws that were born with the faith... the treatment of women, the lack of freedom, the pre-medieval way of life... lives on into the 21st century only because of the fanatics' influence.

And now I'll field some questions.

Ms. Jibril, have you considered the possibility that these fanatics, as you call them, were driven to this fanaticism because of a long list of crimes committed by the United States?

That they visit atrocities on us because...

Sir, make no mistake.

Modern democracy is at war with radical Islam.

There is no middle ground in war.

There comes a moment when you must crush your enemy.


In all forms.

(Martin chuckles)

And there we have it, ladies and gentlemen.

We see how far the rot has spread, and how tragically the foundations have crumbled.

I'd just like to say, I'm, uh, with Ms. Jibril on this one.

I think we should fight theocracy all the way.

For free speech, for women's rights, for a more pluralistic democracy.

And I think you, sir, should be ashamed for mocking the very people who guard you while you sleep.

(applause, whoop)

(man whoops)

♪ ♪

Anybody ever told Egan he drinks too much?

Yes, but I don't listen to bad advice.

Booze nourishes the spirit.

Hence, the categorical name, "spirits."


I'd like to thank you for your vocal support in there.

Ah, my duty.

Sebastian Egan.

The infamous Sebastian Egan?

I thought your piece on Jamaah Islamiah was vital.

Thank you. I don't publish that often, but when I do, I try to make it count.

This is my trusted comrade, Helmut Newton.

Tony Baldwin.

We're here on assignment for Joust.

You mind if I grab a couple candids of you?


(camera shutter clicking)

Are you aware of Prince Abboud's visit this week?

Mm, I've heard rumors.

I assume you'll be there, right?

Organizing a protest of some kind?

(camera shutter clicking)

I've got something special planned for the prince.

I'm making a film.

Hoping to confront him on camera, let the world see.

I'd love for you two to cover it, actually.


Uh... for posterity?

For publicity.


Excuse me.

Martin: So, what do you think?

I think she's an incredible woman, that's what I think.

You're telling me this woman wants to assassinate a Saudi prince?

Nah, of course not.

So, what, you-you think I'm being blind here?

That I'm not seeing her for who she really is?

What about you?

You ever get played while you were under?

You disappear for weeks on end.

No calls, nothing, and then you show up, and you don't even know who you are half the time.

It's Martin Odum.

You have to stay objective.

Part of the job.


Aaron: It's me. I need to see you.

Usual spot, tomorrow, 3:30.

It's almost time.

(footsteps approaching)

We're on, but I think they know I leaked the itinerary.

We have to limit contact... no e-mails, no drops, nothing.

They might be watching now.

I'm sorry you're in this position.

Don't be. I wanted to help.

I won't have the details of the prince's motorcade assignment until tomorrow.

Security's getting tight.

I understand.

Thank you, Aaron, for taking the risk.

Happy to do it, Hani.

I believe in your cause.

I'll contact you on this burner phone.

(door opens)

(door closes)


Uh, do you want a...

Do you want a beer?


What are you doing here?

I wanted to talk to you.

I don't know how to say this.

I've been doing a lot of thinking.

About you. About us.

About whether we should be together or not.

One day I think we should, the next day I don't.

I asked Aiden what he thought.

What did he say?

What do you think he said?

I don't know. That we should be together.

Of course.

I couldn't decide, so the other night I...

I watched the video of our wedding.

Maybe I should watch that.

So I can remember where it was. (chuckles)

Just kidding. It was in Malibu.

At our wedding, we exchanged vows. Do you remember?

To stick together.

Richer or poorer.

In sickness and in health.

Where is this coming from?

I just realized that we should try harder.

That we shouldn't give in.

I don't want to be with anyone else.

I want to be with you.

I'm crazy, remember?


A lot of issues.

I realize it's not gonna be easy, that we have a lot of stuff to work through.

You have things you have to work through.

But I want to try.


I don't want to give up on our family.


Thanks for giving me another chance.

The Prince's motorcade will take him from the Van Nuys Airport to the Arcadia Policy Council in Santa Monica. His itinerary has him delivering a short speech to Arcadia's board and immediately departing.Maggie, tell us who we're dealing with.

Maggie: Arcadia has

32 Nobel recipients on payroll.

Pioneers of game theory. Laid the groundwork for the Internet. Also rumored to be planning world domination and a new world order.

Sorry. I'll take off the tinfoil.

NSA is monitoring all comms on a designated channel, so we'll be fully aware of his movements.

Tell me again why the prince didn't change his plans.

The prince is meeting with the most powerful people in the energy complex.

Which means the most powerful people in the world.

These people don't reschedule.

Ms. Jibril is lining up a protest at the Arcadia Policy Council.

If she's part of an assassination plot, we expect it will go down there.

All agents will stay in communication in the area.

Crystal and Maggie, I want you in the truck on scene.

Martin and Rice will be on ground with eyes on Ms. Jibril.

If the prince's security envelope cracks, they'll be in position to intercept.

On one side, the prince, with his trillions in oil wealth, the protection of the world energy oligarchy.

On your side, poster paper and Sharpies.

Let's not forget justice.

Maggie: Rice, what's the situation?

We've got eyes on Ms. Jibril. Everything's status quo.

Copy. Prince's motorcade is ten minutes out.

Gates: The prince's motorcade will be heavily guarded.

If there's going to be an attack, chances are it will occur outside of Arcadia's complex.

Maggie: We've got a lock on the prince's location.

He's closing in on Arcadia.

NSA intercepts say no suspicious chatter at this time.

So just how far are you prepared to go, Ms. Jibril?

To effect suffrage in Saudi Arabia?

To the death.

Yours or his?

Crowd (chanting): Justice! Justice!

Here comes His Highness.

Rice: The prince's motorcade just arrived.

Gates: Keep eyes on Hani.

You seem rather quiet, Ms. Jibril. You're not going to join them?

It's not time.

Just make sure you have enough battery... you're the witness.

Crowd (chanting): Justice! Justice! Justice!

Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice!

Stay sharp, people. Where's the prince now?

Justice! Justice!

Rice: He just got out of the car.

Justice! Justice! Justice!

Welcome, Your Highness.

It's good to see you again.


Really? You shouldn't have. _

(chuckles) Please. This way.

Maggie: The prince is heading inside. All clear.

Justice! Justice! Justice!

Rice: I'm not sure what she's planning to do, but she seems nervous.

And we realized we needed a sense of the big picture. So... back in 2006, the Arcadia Policy Council, hand in hand with the Center for Middle Eastern Politics, set up a program to assess thoroughly the world's energy needs through the next half-century...

(phone rings)

Justice now! Justice for women! Justice now! Justice for women! Justice now!

Aaron: The prince will not be coming out of the north entrance.

They will attempt a diversion.

Crystal: Hani's on her phone.

Who's she talking to?

That's not her regular phone.

I'll use the Stingray.

He'll be exiting through the east wing, and his security detail will be minimal.

You can approach him there.

Maggie: That's Rawley.

Gates: This thing is going down.

We got to find him now.

Justice for women! Justice now!

Gates: What do you have, Maggie?

Maggie: Hang on.

The signal bounced off a relay node.

I have to break through the firewall.

Gates: Make it fast.

Jibril: Okay, everybody, it's around the back of the building. Let's go.

Not planning anything too dramatic, are you?

I certainly hope so.

Look, uh, I wouldn't try any sudden moves if I were you.

Royal security can get a bit twitchy, in my experience.

I'm armed only with the truth.

That's enough.

Let's follow her.

We hope that this joint report will provide some measure of guidance for the important decisions to come. Decisions, that together, we will make for our mutual benefit.

Thank you.



(tires screech)

Maggie: Okay, I got Rawley's location.

Gates: Crystal, move to intercept. Now.

Send backup. I'm on my way.

The motorcade is on the move.

Find Rawley and hold him until the prince is clear.

Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice!

Gates: We've got Rawley's position.

Martin, keep eyes on Hani.

What the hell is she thinking?

Hopefully not martyrdom.

(horn honks)

Justice! Justice! Justice! Justice!

(horn honks)

I wish to speak to the prince.

(horn honking)

I will talk to her.

Crystal: Maggie, where am I going?

At the end of the road, take a right.

Just down the alley.

Hello, Ms. Jibril.

The time has come to change the appalling way the kingdom treats its women.

You promised me you would fix this, do you remember?

Hani, I assure you...

You said you would champion suffrage for all women, did you not?

I told you I would. Please do not do this here, I beg you.

Martin: Hani.

Hey, hey! Hani! Hani!

Guard: Get the camera!

Don't touch the camera.

Get out of here, man. This is America.

(speaking Arabic)

There's no one here!

He should be right in front of you.

I still see the signal.

Gates: Talk to me, Crystal.

I just found the phone.

Maggie, where is he?

Gates: Martin, Rice, we don't have Rawley. Get the prince out of there right now.

Shoot me.

I will not wear this veil.

If I die, I die for all women.

Hani. Hani, you've made your point.

They will rise up and avenge me and you will lose this abomination forever.

This publicity stunt does not help matters!

Martin: Get back in the car, Your Highness.

No, I'm not leaving. No!

Time to go.

You've made your point.

Let go of me.

You want to get shot?




(muffled explosions, shouting)



Man: Ms. Jibril.

You're coming with me.


(distant siren wailing)