01x08 - Iconoclast

Previously on Legends...

At our wedding, we exchanged vows. Do you remember?

Where's this coming from?

I want to be with you.

Milloy: Prince Abboud of the House of Saud.

The prince's classified itinerary was leaked from someone within the State Department.

Maggie: It's Hani Jibril.

She's a famous activist for women's rights.

Sebastian Egan.

Tony Baldwin, we're here on assignment for Joust.

Thank you, Aaron, for taking the risk.

Aaron: I'll contact you with any changes to the prince's schedule on this device.

Jibril: I've got something special planned for the prince.

You said you would champion suffrage for all women.


This is a very rapidly developing story.

At this point, we know authorities have taken controversial women's rights activist Hani Jibril into custody in connection with the attack.

It's not known if she may have been working alone or with others.

Among the details we have been able to confirm, we're told Prince Abboud had just completed a speech to executives.

♪ Take a walk, look around, there's a stopper to be found ♪
♪ For the heartache ♪
♪ Where the rue, where the rust ♪
♪ There's no promise you can trust ♪
♪ That's the heartache ♪
♪ It goes bounce ♪
♪ Bounce ♪
♪ It goes bounce ♪
♪ Bounce ♪


♪ ♪
♪ You're no better than you were ♪
♪ You're no better than you were ♪
♪ You're no better than you were when your heart fell apart ♪
♪ And it's broken ♪
♪ Still broken ♪
♪ Because I ♪
♪ Do ♪
♪ Know ♪

.. armed with a bomb, flew down and exploded, killing the prince instantly.

The scene is a chaotic one, as witnesses describe near-panic among participants.

They were running in several directions at once, making it difficult to ascertain exactly what had happened, (phone ringing) and for authorities to get a handle on the situ...

(mutes TV)


Where's my exfil?

On the way.

You'd better be packed and ready when they get there.

What about money?

Already been wired.

Don't go spending it all on rum and Cuban hookers.

No promises there, sir.

Good luck to you, son.

Thank you for your service.

Yes, sir.

♪ ♪

It's done.

Thank you.

(elevator bell dings)

Spiller: The director's briefing the president in 20 minutes.

What do you want me to say?

I know Saudi Arabia's a powder keg.

Every Middle East expert is on the news predicting another Egypt or Syria and a global oil crisis.

And we just tapped out of two wars.

Look, I'm sorry.

We just can't rule out a wider terrorist operation.

I'd like to convey some kind of confidence in our suspect.

Look, I'm not gonna say it just 'cause they want to hear it.

I've had this for less than three hours.

We're still assessing Hani Jibril's involvement.

Look, I think we both know that this doesn't smell right.

You need to understand the situation here.

Our people were on the case when the prince was killed.

We had advance warning and didn't stop it.

Writing's on the wall.

They're looking at us.

A State Department employee was involved.

Check today's classified briefing.

No one's ever gonna hear about Aaron Rawley's part in this.

DCO is not gonna take the fall.

Believe me, I sure as hell can't afford that kind of exposure.

You're the secret police in a country that doesn't have a secret police.

Look, I don't like getting grilled by some congressional hearing any more than you do.

But we're not gonna step aside, either.

We don't have much time.

I'll run cover, but I want you to find out who did this and do it fast.

Off book?

No trace.

Rice: Keep going, keep going, keep going...

Okay, freeze it right there. Stop.

She's clearly not doing anything.

Then why did her cell phone have software to pilot a drone?

That's exactly my point.

How could she be flying a drone in that moment?

Maybe her phone was hacked.

If it were, you'd be able to tell.

Drone could have been targeting a beacon.

And she accomplished all that because she's such a technical genius?

Either way, someone else had to be involved.

Maggie: Someone else?

It's clear that she's being set up here.

Where are we on Aaron Rawley?

He dropped his tail about 30 minutes before the assassination.

And his cell went dark around the same time.

Dropped his tail? How?

On foot, in a subway, according to Alpha team.

That couldn't have been easy, Nelson.

We had four units in rotation.

He's either lucky, or he had training.

Rawley's been in State Department bureaucracy for seven years.

Nothing in his personnel file even hints at covert operative.

Dig into this guy's life, Maggie. Find him fast.

I'm already on it, sir.

Rice: We covered his apartment and his office... there's still no sign of him. We're gonna start checking hotels and talking to his friends.

Where's Crystal?


Hani Jibril's still being questioned.

Ms. Jibril, we found explosive residue at your apartment, that was the same type used to assassinate Prince Abboud.

That's not possible.

We can make a circumstantial case it's where you armed the drone.

That evidence alone is enough to convict you.

You need to talk to us.

Start by explaining that cell phone you were carrying.

What about it? I-I don't understand.

How you piloted the drone.

I don't know what you're talking about.

I didn't kill Prince Abboud.

I would have died, too, if it weren't for Sebastian Egan.

I only wanted to make a public protest.

And you did. He got the message loud and clear.

I can't believe this is happening.

Help yourself by telling us the truth.

I wish to have an attorney, please.

That's not gonna happen.

It's my right.

You assassinated a Saudi prince on American soil.

Crystal: You need to know that you may be extradited to Saudi Arabia to stand trial.

Oh, God. I'm gonna be sick.

Walter, can you get her some water?

(buzzer sounds)

You didn't know about the phone?

Of course, I didn't know.

A man named Aaron Rawley gave it to me.

He said he wanted to help my cause against the kingdom.

This is because of him.


Please believe me.

I didn't do this.

I believe you.

(buzzer sounds)

(door opens)

You'll meet your attorney at the courthouse before your arraignment.

I'm not guilty of this crime.

I'm inclined to believe that.

Then why won't you help me?

We're trying.

Should have known not to trust a journalist.

I was undercover.

You lied to me.

It wasn't like that, Hani.

I don't believe you.

I don't believe anything you say.

I won't let you burn for this.

I don't believe that most of all.

(car engine starts)

I'm pissed off, Nelson.


The Director and Secretary of State briefed the President.

Officially, he's calling this a matter of justice.

Unofficially, he wants Hani Jibril permanently silenced.

Obviously, the Saudis are putting pressure on them.

Jibril was a known critic of the kingdom.

You know, they're making this political.

Look, as far as they're concerned, she did it.

I'm telling you, sir, I looked her in the eye.

Then get the facts so we can prove.

I don't have to tell you that the political tide is not in our favor here.

I think I got a lead on Aaron Rawley.

He's been dating this girl off and on for the last year.

She's on the East Coast, but somebody's been using her apartment here in L.A.

Sounds promising.

Maggie: Martin and Rice are checking it out.


In here.


Awfully convenient.

No defensive wounds.

Bruising around the neck.

All consistent with suicide by hanging.

He's fully dressed, look.

With bare feet.

Meaning what?

Check in between his toes.

Looks like an injection site.

With the right drug, you can stop the heart.

No one's the wiser.

Staged as a suicide, case closed.

Most autopsies will miss it.

You mind if I ask you how you know that?

Just do.

You're what my wife calls a poor communicator.

"I only wanted to help Hani Jibril.

"I didn't know she would assassinate Prince Abboud.

"I let my country down.

"I can't live with myself, knowing what I was responsible for."

Typed and unsigned.

As send-offs go, not terribly convincing.

I agree.

I have a briefing this afternoon with DHS.

The NTAS has just issued an Elevated Threat Alert.

I mean, all 56 FBI field offices are mobilizing.

They'll cast a wide net, catch nothing, then hang it all on Hani Jibril.

Or they may blame it all on us.

The attorney general's office is ordering us to turn over all files on this case.

God, I'm so sick of this sh1t, Martin.

I'm sorry, but as an FBI agent, we're supposed to follow the rules, right? I was taught to believe in the law.

The academy didn't cover what to do when people start twisting the law to support an injustice.

That's why I don't pay attention to the rules too much.


Where are you going?

Spiller's office. Meeting with State.


Reporter: ...just moments ago, where Prince Fayeen released a statement condemning the murder of his cousin by Hani Jibril, whom he called a feminist radical and a danger to Islam.

Well, Fayeen will use her to roll back everything Abboud's been trying to reform.

Sounds like motive to me.

We have to be careful here, Martin.

There are a million eyes on us.

And we can't control what the truth is anymore, whether or not it's gonna line up for or against Fayeen.

Hani Jibril knows the truth.

As long as she's alive, she represents a threat.

You know as well as I... they're not gonna let her live.

They meant to kill her yesterday along with the prince.

She's an inconvenient truth.

Crystal: You're prepared to let an innocent woman hang for this?

There are bigger stakes to consider here, Agent McGuire.

Maybe that sounds callous to you, but this is the kind of spark that can ignite a war.

We are treading carefully.

Try seeing it as a necessary sacrifice that could save many lives.

I'm afraid I don't.

Crystal: Just to be clear... you're gonna ignore Aaron Rawley's involvement in this?

Mr. Rawley's connection to the case will be suppressed per National Security Directive 947-3.

What do you think the fallout would be if we revealed a State Department employee was involved?

He was involved.

The Saudis are a key strategic ally.

We're trying to mitigate a major diplomatic crisis here.

You're covering it up.

What do you think's gonna happen if you lay all this on Hani Jibril?

You understand things work a little differently in Riyadh?

We've evaluated the situation.

I transferred into DCO from the Middle East Division.

I know what's gonna happen: you will make female activists like her into targets.

No one's gonna be waiting for a verdict.

Thank you, agent. We've noted the objection.

This could destabilize the Saudi monarchy, oil prices, entire economies around the world.

Hani Jibril assassinated Prince Abboud.

Now you can either get on message, or the DCO can shoulder the responsibility for the operational failure that led to Prince Abboud's death.

Man: I want to remind you, Agent McGuire.

The matter regarding Hani Jibril has been classified for reasons of national security.

Are we clear?

We don't need you to be okay with this.


Because I'm not.

Rice: Jibril was a known critic of the House of Saud.

As far as they're concerned, she did it.

And I think everyone else is gonna buy that story.

Now, we know that Aaron Rawley set her up.

What was Rawley's motive, then?

That's the missing piece.

So now do we think that Rawley was working for the House of Saud?

Or was it someone else that was trying to get Prince Abboud out of the way?

I think I might know who.

Before Aaron Rawley joined the State Department, he worked briefly for an American oil company that had a huge contract for Saudi oil blocks.

Couple of months ago, Arcadia bought that company.

And right after the sale, Prince Abboud handed the rights to a Saudi company instead.

Then why did the prince meet with Arcadia?

Negotiating a settlement would be my guess.

Arcadia wanted the oil rights...

Abboud had to be removed.

That's a start. What's the rest?

There's the problem. Their cybersecurity is about as airtight as the NSA.

There's gotta be some type of way.

There's always a way. It just depends on how much "way" you can handle.

There's a spyware program that I've used before.

It could open a back door in Arcadia's firewall, give me remote access.

That's not a bad idea.

But we don't have a warrant.

Well, it's not a bad idea if you don't get caught.

After my meeting with Milloy...

Maggie, you can't get caught trying to steal data.

Security guard: Look into the camera, please.


(shutter clicks)


Ms. Harris?

Yes, I'm Agent Harris.

We spoke on the phone.

Tim Crosley, head of data security.

Right. Hi. I thought the FBI had already collected all the video surveillance from the attack.

They did. We did.

But we found a glitch.

A glitch?

It's probably nothing, but I just need to check the backup server, make sure no one tampered with it.

There's no way someone could've done that.

I know. But we need to be thorough.

I don't know if you saw the addendum to the subpoena that I sent over.

Addendum, no.


I'm sorry, I thought I sent it. Here's a scan of it.

It's kind of hard to make out the judge's signature, but...

Follow me.

Only Arcadia employees have clearance to access the mainframe.

Of course, I get it.

Um, maybe you can do it for me?

What's the timecode?

Um... 15:05 to 15:09.

Sometimes the glitch, as you call it, is just an error in the data transfer.

That's what I told them, but you know how they are.

Yeah, I'm not seeing it.

Good. I knew it was nothing.

Um, I actually need to download the data again so that our forensics can study it.

Do you mind?

I just need the four or five minutes around that, and I will be out of your hair.


Thank you so much for your help.

(keyboard keys clacking)

(elevator bell dings)

Hey. I need to talk to you and you're probably gonna be mad when I tell you.

Then I definitely don't want to hear it.

But it's a big deal.

Then what.

You promise you won't get mad?


All right, you know how I told you I was gonna use the spyware on Arcadia's mainframe so that I could access their highly secure and protected network?


All right, well, it turns out that the firewall was a little tough to get around.

So you didn't get anything.

No, I did. I just had to do it from inside the building.


You broke into Arcadia?

I did it based on my convictions that Hani Jibril is innocent.

And, news flash... DCO's ass is on the line with this case, okay?

And I would do it again.

Am I in trouble?

It all depends on what you got.

I pulled this off the mainframe at Arcadia.

The COO carefully documented a series of wire transfers to him from a front company that's linked to Prince Fayeen.

He's also got detailed disbursement schedules for payouts to Aaron Rawley and operational funds for Ahmed Hassan. It goes back over a year.

So Aaron Rawley was a mole for Arcadia operating inside the State Department.

They're running a full-fledged covert operation to secure oil rights.

Porter keep all this as an insurance policy?

That'd be my guess. In case Prince Fayeen tried to throw him under the bus.

It's smoking gun evidence.

Prince Fayeen conspired with Arcadia to assassinate Prince Abboud.

Where'd you get all this?

Maggie: I'd rather not say, sir.

So I'll assume the evidence was obtained illegally.

Which makes all of it inadmissible in court, whether it's true or not. Prince Fayeen is one of the wealthiest men in the world.

Thinks he's above the law.

Well, the reality is is that he is above the law.

We can't do this legitimately.

But we can play politics, too.

Sebastian Egan can write a series of articles.

It'll be a massive scandal for the prince.

Do you think Joust magazine can handle something this big?

Well, their editor's kept the Sebastian Egan legend alive for years.

It's the kind of story he lives for.

So we publish the article, embarrass Fayeen, and we're still on the brink of an international crisis.

And it's not gonna free Hani Jibril.

Rice: We'd have to catch Prince Fayeen doing something... illegal.


So what's the plan?

Make Prince Fayeen try to kill me.

Man: Well, no, I...

I really don't care that you have no comment, Your Honor.

You consistently sentence minors to a private detention center...

You consistently sentence them there... to a center in which you have a financial stake, so, I'm sorry, but we're running this story whether you comment or not. Mm-hmm.

(dial tone drones)

And... He hung up on me.

Still wearing a bull's-eye on your forehead, I see.

Well, if I wasn't pissing people off, I wouldn't be doing my job, would I?

It's good to see you, Sebastian.

And you too, Julian.

Now hurry and pour me a bloody drink before I die of thirst.

I need your help, Julian.

Oh, and here it comes.

You know the deal.

I give you solid tips, you write articles in my name.

I'm not one of your criminal informants.

And I don't really like working hand in hand with the FBI.

It tends to invalidate my credibility as a journalist.

You're the only person outside the FBI that knows that Sebastian Egan is really an undercover agent.

But it's the principle.

I'm not a pawn of law enforcement.

No. You're an angry rebel who runs a popular magazine.

Who by the way has profited extensively from my info.

Okay, now you're being a jerk.

Well, see if you still think I'm a jerk after I give you this.

What? Let's see, last year, you gave me a rabbit.

The year before you gave me a live grenade.

So... the jerk thing didn't end.

I'm about to give you the story of a lifetime, my friend.

What are you into?

You've been following the Hani Jibril case?

I have.

It's hard to believe that she'd kill anyone, let alone a prince.

She didn't.

I'm listening.

There's a lot more to the Prince Abboud story than you realize.

I want to publish a couple of exposé articles written by Sebastian Egan that proves Prince Fayeen conspired to kill Abboud, and intended to kill Hani Jibril as well.

Are you serious?

Damn right I'm serious.

Prince Fayeen was jealous of his cousin Abboud, who was not only the dashing, young, progressive face of modern Saudi Arabia, he also represented change.

Few people knew that Abboud was secretly working to give women the right to vote in Saudi Arabia.

Now, Hani Jibril confronted him about it earlier this year, and he promised her he'd push for suffrage inside the kingdom.

Just think about if he'd done that.

Women voting in Saudi Arabia, that would be revolutionary.

It's a... total power shift.

It'd certainly guarantee Abboud's murder.

But he hadn't moved on that, so... the real question is, who knew?

Oh, Prince Fayeen knew.

He's a hard-liner who stands with the old guard.

He can't stomach the thought of women having equality in Saudi Arabia... that's part of it.

More importantly, Prince Abboud is the putative successor to the Saudi throne.

So in order for Fayeen to take the title, he needed Abboud out of his way.

He took his shot in Los Angeles.

The Arcadia Policy Council stood to make billions on a lucrative oil contract.

That is, until Abboud awarded the contract to a Saudi company instead.

Fayeen told Arcadia he would give them the contract once he seized power and became oil minister. Price was... the assassination of his cousin.

Arcadia came up with the plan.

And Hani Jibril was the perfect scapegoat.

Prince Fayeen and Arcadia knew she wouldn't miss an opportunity to confront Abboud on American television, put him on the spot, forcing him to publicly commit to the promise he'd made to her.


And now... well, now she's being framed for Abboud's murder.

Can you back any of this up?

I wouldn't be here if I couldn't.

I mean, Sebastian, this... this is the kind of story that ends governments.


And it'd be an exclusive for Joust magazine.

Okay, you know the House of Saud does not take kindly to criticism.

And you understand that by telling this story... you could get yourself killed.

Or is that the idea?

Let's give the dragon a poke.

Publish the first article, see if they'll come after me.

We talked about this.

You knew there would be news coverage.

This isn't news coverage... it's a hit job!

It's embarrassing! _

I read the article... our name's in there, too, Your Highness.

This reporter's just citing anonymous sources.

The article says they have more information to publish.

They say that with the next article they will reveal a smoking gun.

You have to intervene, Mr. Porter.

This isn't Saudi Arabia.

You can't muzzle journalists here.

That just makes things worse.

Call your publicist.

Fine. If you can't handle this, then I will.

I think that's an excellent idea, Your Highness.

(phone beeps off)

So, two networks are calling, wanting to interview you for their morning shows.

Too dangerous to put my face out there, don't you think?

Man: I can't leave for a minute without you making trouble. (laughs)

Hey, you want to talk trouble, blame this guy.

Sebastian Egan, this is Faris Nadir.

Faris is with CNB World Service.

He's covered the House of Saud for many years.

And you need no introduction, Mr. Egan.

Congratulations on the piece.

Thank you.

How do you guys know each other?

We met back in Egypt when I was just a stringer.

We've been in a few tight spots together.


Can we talk?

Nadir: I don't have to tell either one of you this, but you need to tread lightly.

We're taking precautions, so you don't have to worry.

You have a very dangerous and powerful adversary, Mr. Egan.

This isn't going after Nixon or Mugabe.

Prince Fayeen believes he's a vessel of Allah, and who happens to be one of the ten richest people on earth.

You've got a tiger by the tail.

I'm telling you this as one journalist to another.

Well, journalism isn't supposed to be easy.

Or safe.

Principled, a bit.

I have a highly placed source in Saudi intelligence who tells me there will be an attempt on your life, Mr. Egan.

This from a credible source within the GIP.

I appreciate the warning, but we are aware of the risk.

Fayeen is determined to suppress this reporting.

He's very powerful, and with many proxies he can use as plausible deniability.

This is serious.

I just wanted to make sure you took full measure of the danger.

Sometimes there are stories better left untold.

Faris Nadir... he was born in Dubai to a wealthy family in the oil business.

Educated at Oxford.

And he's been working for CNB since the '90s.

He went to boarding school with Prince Fayeen, so he was sending a message through his old buddy.

A warning, yeah?

A threat.

Yeah, it means you're getting under his skin.

Gates (over speaker): Martin, Crystal, in my office now.

I'm sure you've seen this.


Fine piece of journalism, I thought.

It's created a diplomatic shitstorm for the State Department.

I just spent the last hour being threatened with sanctions by the Saudi ambassador.

The article cites evidence about the detonator used in the bomb that killed Prince Abboud.

Evidence that could only come from someone inside the investigation.

Sounds like a reporter (chuckles): who values his privacy to me.

Undercover or not, you leaked classified information.

There will be criminal charges filed.

That I can promise you.

Need I remind you, Agent Milloy, that the Sebastian Egan legend is covered under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act.

Crystal: Which means you can't reveal that Martin is Sebastian Egan. And there's that pesky First Amendment.

Oh, I've already got attorneys at Justice working on a motion to compel, trust me.

This plan of yours better work.

Martin: We've got the Saudis interested.

We just have to set the hook.

(car door opens, closes)

(car alarm chirps)

(whispers): Faris. Over here.

♪ ♪

Where's Drake?

I don't know... he should have been here.

Sorry for the cloak-and-dagger routine.

(engine starting nearby)

Sebastian, a-are you okay?

You were right about that tiger.

He doesn't like it when you grab his tail.

(engine accelerating, tires squealing)

(vehicle departing)

You didn't see any cameras on your way, did you?

No. I scouted, but...

I just wanted to double-check.

I'm bloody paranoid these days.

You don't have a cell, right?

I left it, just as you asked.

They can listen in with a microphone when it's switched on, you know?

Look, um... you don't mind if I pat you down, do you?

I... do apologize.

Just can't take any chances.

It's like a bloody Kafka novel.

What's going on?

I've got hard proof that Prince Fayeen conspired with the Arcadia Policy Council to assassinate Prince Abboud.

Hard proof?

It's all on here.

Bank transfers connecting Fayeen to Arcadia.

Just follow the money.

It's the smoking gun, as it were.

Look... I want you to run with this if anything happens to me.

Why are you trusting me with this?

Drake trusts you; I trust Drake.

Don't worry, you're not the only one I've given it to.

Other journalists?

Oh, you don't really want to know that, do you?

No, I suppose not.

Hey, wait till you see what's on the drive.

I've got them dead to rights.

Monday the story drops... that's when we publish.

Three days. Where are you until then?

Down a very dark rabbit hole, my friend.

I've got to fly to San Francisco tomorrow morning for one last interview.

Button this up. Fly back tomorrow night.

Be careful, Sebastian.

I know.

You're not flying commercial, are you?

Don't worry, I'm, uh... I use an alias.

(car alarm chirps)

(knocks) You got a second?

Have a seat.

I don't know how to say this.

I've been digging into Martin's life.

On Martin's orders?

On my own.

And what I found was strange.

According to his file, he was in the hospital after a car accident in 2004.

But when Martin called Gates from Houston, he said he thought he was in Iraqat that time.

It was around February, 2004.

Nelson, I think I was there.

What do you mean?

It's like his whole life is a fabrication.

Before 2004, every assignment he had, it's impossible to source it.

Every contact listed was either dead or I couldn't find them, and if I can't find them, then they don't exist.

When I cross-referenced Martin's birth record, school history, service reports with his personnel file, I found small discrepancies.

What are you saying?

I'm saying that...

I think something's being covered up here.

If I were to construct a legend for a DCO agent, it would look a lot like Martin's life.

Let me figure out how to deal with this.

For now, keep it between us.

I've engaged our communications firm to start spinning the transfer of funds as consulting fees, part of the larger protection deal.

I'm not interested in spin doctors, Mr. Porter.

I'm interested in preventing the release of this information.

Faris told us that Egan has given the evidence to several other sources.

Even if we kill him, the story will get out.

We just need to have a few words with Mr. Egan, convince him that publication is not in his best interest.

What if you let him go and he writes about how you roughed him up?

That's fuel on the fire.

Mr. Egan won't be in the mood to write anything once I have finished.

How are you gonna find him?

We know Egan is travelling back to Los Angeles under an alias.

A Mr. George Holden. I am confident that he can be... persuaded to drop the story.

We must stop this information from getting out.

Gates: So you'll pretend to arrive back in L.A. from San Francisco. And sometime within the next 24 hours...

Martin: I'll be kidnapped.

Well, that's the hope.

The FBI tac team will be there to rescue you.

Then we're gonna start flipping.

What if they're just assassins?

They'll want to find out who I gave the intelligence to first.

I don't expect they'll kill me.

At least not straightaway.

Thank you.

There are a lot of ways for this to go wrong.

Unless we can get Abboud's assassin, all we have is circumstantial evidence that will be lawyered away. Don't worry. I'll be fine.

I'll have on Kevlar, of course.

And with this, I'm sure I'll be easy to keep track of.

Maggie: We read you, Martin.

There you are.

(indistinct chatter)

Gates: Audio and video feeds are up.

We have eyes and ears.

Copy that. We got eyes, too.

We got his back.

Looks like I'm your guy.

George Holden.

Hi. Bashir.


Allow me to take your bags.

Oh, thank you.

Follow me, please.

Maggie, you got this?

Mm-hmm. I'm running facial recognition now.

It's just right over here.

We have a positive I.D. on the suspect.

Bashir Al-Kanazer.

He's a Syrian national on the terror watch list.

I'll alert Martin.

(phone beeps)

It's like a digital leash.

Throw it in the bloody river one day. (chuckles)


Thank you.

You, uh... you have where I'm going?

The offices of Joust magazine in Santa Monica.

You got it.

Crystal: Martin and the suspect are on the move.

(engine starting)

We're on the limo.

Heading north out of LAX onto World Way.

Suspect heading north on Sepulveda.

(tires screeching)

Rice: Wait a minute, what's he doing?

There's no way he spotted us.

Where are you going?

A shortcut to the freeway.

Let's pull over.

Maggie, where is he?

He just turned right on Manchester.

He's making another right on Truxton.

He's making deliberate turns.

It's a counter-surveillance pattern.

He's looking for a tail.

Rice: All right, we're just gonna wait here.

Maggie: Why are you stopping?

He's checking to see if he's being followed.

Trust me.

(tires squealing)

Maggie: Okay, he turned right on 87th, left on Sepulveda East Way.

He's turning right on La Tijera.

He's going in a circle.

Okay, he's turning right on Sepulveda again.

You should see him any second.

(tires screech)

It was a good call.

I thought you said we were taking a shortcut.

Uh, sorry. Uh, wrong street.

I was confused.


That's reassuring.

Don't worry. We will be there soon.


They're stopped at the corner of Sepulveda and El Camino.

Yeah, we got him. It's a red light.

What is he doing?

(tires screeching)

sh1t, he's running the red.

(horn honking)

(tires screeching)

Crystal: Maggie, don't lose him.

(tires screech)

They turned right on 74th.

Hold on.

(engine revving)

(tires screeching)

(horn honks)


(tires screech)

They turned left on Naylor.

Crystal: We're 30 seconds out.

(mechanical whirring)


Maggie, what happened? Where is he?

The signal's gone.

Well, get it back.

What's going on?

We lost the signal on Naylor.

Get up there now.

The limo's gone.

Maggie, where is he?

Find him.

I don't have the signal, sir. It's gone.

It's being blocked.

Lock the area down.

Call LAPD for help.

We just got an agent abducted.

What do you want?

We have some questions for you.

Hands behind your back.

(zip tie whirrs)

I take it you didn't like my story.

You could have just written a letter to the editor.


I want the names of every single person who has a copy of the information you gave to Faris Nadir.

There's too many to keep straight.

And if you keep making me feel dizzy...


Before we are done here...

...I promise you, you will give me every name.


People will be looking for me.

And if they can't find me, then the evidence goes public and you can't stop it.

You have no idea who you've angered.

Prince Fayeen is a descendant of the House of Saud, the family anointed by Allah himself to be the guardians of Mecca.

By attacking the prince, you have attacked Allah himself.

And his wrath is merciless.

Are you going somewhere with this sermon?

You will cooperate.

You will see.

Will I?

There are worse things than physical pain.

Worse than death even.


All these years, you thought you could hide behind a mask.

You thought you were protecting yourself, covering your tracks.

Invisible to your enemies.

(doorbell rings)

Nobody can hide forever.

We know your name, Special Agent Martin Odum of the FBI.

Isn't that right?

I'm looking for Sonya Odum.




Let's go!

Come on, come on. Let's go.

No, this way, this way. Hurry!

(Hassan shouts)



Mom, who are they?