01x09 - Wilderness of Mirrors

Previously on Legends...

Three out of four shrinks on the committee found him unfit for duty.

How far are you willing to go for the cause?

He's the most naturally gifted deep-cover operative that we've got.

You don't know where your life begins and your legend ends.

Who am I!?

Are you going under again?

I keep my family away from what I do?

What's your name again?

Martin Odum.

No, your real name?

Where was this photo taken?

Some place in Iraq.

I was never there.

There you are man!

February 2004, where was I?

You had your car accident.

How was that?

He can't ever know the truth.

I found it in his Iraq file.

Something called Operation Raining Fire.

What was Operation Raining Fire?

It was the apocalypse.

I was there.

I got hard proof Prince Fayeen conspired with the Arcadia Policy Council.

To assassinate Prince Abboud.

So what's the plan?

Make the Prince try to kill me.

The signal's gone. It's being blocked.

Maggie where is he?

Lock the are down...

We just got an Agent abducted.

We know your name...

Special Agent Martin Odum of the FBI.

You have no idea who you've angered.

We removed your microchip.

Your associates won't be able to find you.

You're on your own, Special Agent Martin Odum of the FBI.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Bashir: We know who you are.

We know all about the FBI's investigations into the Arcadia Council and Prince Fayeen.

Your investigation is over.

I'm Sebastian Egan, and the truth is coming out, no matter what you do to me.

Hani Jibril killed Abboud.

You will end your investigation into Prince Fayeen.

You've got the wrong guy.

Bashir: I must admit, I was, uh... quite impressed by your undercover persona.

I know you have many identities, Agent Odum.

Tell me, when you're in it that deep, is it hard to keep track of the real Martin?

My name is Sebastian Egan.

Do you even know who Martin Odum is anymore?


Look, the story's getting out.

You can't do anything.

I admire that death is not your first concern.

But it makes me wonder what is.

Your country?

Your God?

No, I don't think so.

It is... your family.


Something you should know.


Yeah, what's that?

I'm gonna kill you.

Crystal: We think we know how they abducted Martin.

Traffic cameras show an 18-wheeler heading out of the area right before we got there.

They drove the limo into the trailer?

Which was probably lined with something to hide his signal.

What does that tell you?

They knew Martin was FBI.

How'd they know that?

Sir, the truck tags came back no good.

Serial numbers were altered.

These guys covered every single detail.

What about a visual search?

There's an orange stripe on the side of the cab, but it turns out it's a common design.

A BOLO's gone out statewide already.

Gates: I've got a briefing with the Attorney General in five. Keep me apprised.

Sir... Martin's been missing for nine hours. He could be anywhere.

And wherever he is, he's depending on us to find him.


Yes, sir.

(phone rings)

Crystal. Drop whatever you're doing.

I need you to get over to Sonya Odum's house right now.

What's wrong?

She sent a 911.

What do you want with us?

I want you to shut up.

Don't talk to my Mom like that.

How... How do you say this, uh...

"Chip off the block"?

You know my husband?

Where's my dad?

Your dad is talking to a friend of mine.

Why don't we give him a call?

I know he would love to hear from you.

(auto-dial beeping)

(phone rings)


We're okay. Dad.

It's all right, kid.

Don't be scared.

Now do you understand what I can do?

Dad! Don't...

(over phone): Aiden!

...give up!



You b*st*rd.

I'm gonna kill you.

Yeah, you know what, that depends.

If Prince Fayeen suffers any negative consequences, your family will be killed. Do you understand me?

Mom, are you okay?

(panting): Yeah.

Okay, you win.

You win.

Just let them go.


Okay... untie him and clean him up.

Let's see what he has to say.




Tactical backup is en route.

Satellite's coming online, stand by.

We're one minute out. Stay alert.

They probably got the perimeter covered.

♪ ♪

We're too late.

Crystal: Definite signs of a struggle, sir.

They were taken.

Any sense of how long?

Coffee's still warm. We just missed 'em.

Get Saunders from Crisis Management over there right away.

Yes, sir. I'm also sending the forensic unit to the scene now.

We're gonna knock on some doors, see if anybody saw anything.

Sir, I have an incoming call on our secure line.

Hello? Oh, my God. Sir, I have Martin.

You're on speaker.

Martin, where are you?

Nelson, listen to me.

Sonya and Aiden are in trouble.

Get someone over there.

Gates: Rice and Crystal are already on the scene.

Martin, your wife and son are missing.

Mom, what's going on?


Holy sh1t.

Hey, Maggie.

If Bashir doesn't call by tonight, we'll move again.

He won't call.

My guess is Martin made sure of that.

He doesn't call, then you die.

Sonya: Until then, my son is hungry, he needs to eat.

You don't fight like a housewife.

I think you broke my man's ribs.

It appears Martin Odum isn't the only one with secrets, huh?

Mom, what's he talking about?


I don't know, Aiden.

Okay, I talked to CIA and State.

This is everything that I could get on Bashir.

He asked for a lawyer.

Right after Gates designated him an enemy combatant.

If that doesn't scare the truth out of him...

Yeah, well, it better.

It's only a matter of time before those kidnappers realize that we have him.

You think they'll kill Sonya and Aiden?

I need to get in there.

Where's Gates?

He's talking to Martin.


Sure you don't need a hospital?


Crystal's going to do the interrogation.

I get first crack at him, Nelson. No one else.

That's a bad idea.

It's my family.

My prisoner, my interrogation.

Crystal will be in there, too.


As long as she doesn't get in my way.

Where's my family?

I don't know.


It wasn't the plan to take them.

No, the plan was to kill them.

I'm telling you, I don't know where they are.

How do I find Hassan?

You should have left this alone.

You think you can hide from us?

We found you once before. We will find you again.

Wherever you go, you will never be safe.


Anything happens to my family, and I'll kill you, if it takes me the rest of my life.


Martin, enough!


(Bashir choking)

(groaning and gasping)

(Bashir gasps loudly, coughs)

Crystal: Sit down, Mr. Bashir.


Sit down! (panting)

Crystal: What is the desert code?

Is it an eye for an eye?

A child for a child?

You have a daughter...

Samara... she lives with her mother in Washington, isn't that right?


You threatened to kill all of us and our families.

Why the hell wouldn't I kill your daughter?

You can't.

You're FBI.

Oh, I guess we're handling things in a more unofficial capacity.

Crystal: Who do you work for?

No, they'll kill me.

Who told you Martin was FBI?

Who was it? Huh?

Crystal: We can find her anytime we want.

Who leaked Martin's identity?


Crystal: Arcadia knew Martin was FBI.

Crystal: Testify... and your daughter will get to sleep through the night.

No deal unless you tell me where my wife and son are.

I don't know.

I promise you, I don't.

Crystal: Unfortunately...

I think Bashir's telling the truth.

Martin, we're doing everything we can to find Sonya and Aiden.

No, we should've never let Hassan go in the first place.

We didn't have the grounds to hold him.

It's all about Arcadia.

I mean, who are these guys? Some type of think tank?

How'd they know Martin was FBI?

Maggie: Arcadia is controlled by a management group headed by a guy named Jason Shaw.

Shaw. I've heard of him.

Maggie: Spent seven years with the Green Berets, and then the Deltas, before he went into business.

I don't care who the hell he is, we need to slap his ass with a subpoena.

Maggie: Hold on, there's more.

Jason Shaw is also the CEO of Verax.

Arcadia was acquired by Verax three years ago.

Verax, the military contractor.

Did I work for Verax?

When I was in Iraq?

Martin, we have been over this...

Is that how they found me?

Is that how they found my son?

You were not in Iraq.

You were the one who was telling me to drop it.

McCombs, Evans, Dobson... you said it was all in my head, but it's not, is it?

Did I work for Verax?

This is my family, Nelson.

I want the truth, damn it.

My office.


Did I work for Verax?

Is that why they targeted me?

Is that how Bashir knew I was FBI?


You worked for Verax.

And yes, you were in Iraq.

Ah... eight years.

Eight years we've been friends.

You've been lying to me. You've been lying to me!

Sit down.

You knew all along!


You knew, Nelson!

Sit down.

I ran WITSEC operations before DCO.

I was an eraser, helping people disappear.

In 2004, the Director of the Bureau handed me your case.

They said that you'd been in an accident.

Head injury.

You looked like you'd been through hell.

Because I'd been in Iraq.

I assumed.

They didn't give me details.

I didn't know your name.

They just said that I had to protect you.

And that your life was in danger.


"Martin Odum" is a legend.


(whispering): Mom.

How did you get that?

You dropped it in the bathroom, I was able to pick it up.

Good boy.

I don't know your passcode.

Seven, two, zero, five.

Your birthday.

Dad's gonna save us, Mom.

I know he will.

Why go to all that trouble to hide the truth?

To protect you.

Protect me from who?

I don't know.

It's classified.

At the highest levels.

I suspect the answers are in here.

"Operation Raining Fire."

I keep remembering pieces of it.

In my dreams.

When I get headaches.

What about Sonya?

Is she a part of it?

I have to know, Nelson.

Let's just find her and Aiden.

Then you can ask her yourself.

(cell phone buzzing)

Maggie: The phone is still active.

That makes it easier to triangulate the signal.

Come on, Maggie.

I'm working as fast as I can.

There... that's a small airport. See it?

Crystal: Using a private charter to fly 'em out?

That's ambitious.

Gates: Call the FAA.

I want all small aircraft grounded.

Hold on, Maggie... isolate that neighborhood right next to it.

Now, see, I know that place.

We ran narco raids out of there.

The builder ran out of money, left all those houses unfinished.

That's where they are, got to be.

Gates: Maggie, alert tactical.

I'm not waiting for them.

Gates: Maggie isolated the signal.

The address is 1519 Drexel.

And Crystal, put 'em to sleep.

Crystal: Copy that.

You coming or not?

I'll take the back, you cover him.

♪ I kill the light, but the lies are sleepless ♪
♪ Night heaves with the bleakest secrets ♪
♪ A shadow waits in the black ♪
♪ And I awake with a devil on my back ♪
♪ I'm contesting my reckless weakness ♪
♪ Desperately wrestling restless demons ♪
♪ But all the odds are stacked ♪
♪ Guess I'm no match for the devil on my back ♪
♪ And I plead for my peace, like a dead man walking ♪
♪ And I plead for my peace, like a dead man walking ♪
♪ And I plead for my peace, like a dead man walking ♪
♪ And I plead for my peace, like a dead man walking ♪
♪ ♪

Crystal: Sonya, we want to move you and Aiden to a safe house until this is over.

Why can't we stay with you for the time being?

That's not secure enough, in my opinion.

You'd be better off in the safe house, Sonya.

You're gonna come with us, right, Dad?

I can't tonight, but, uh... I'll, uh, I'll be there as soon as I can.

I promise you that.

I'm gonna have Balasco drive Sonya and Aiden.

No, I want someone I can trust.


You got it.

That's Sebastian Egan.

He's a journalist that was on the Hani Jibril expose.

This is who the Saudis went after.

This story is just one big Russian doll.

Len Barlow, roughneck.

He was the one that kidnapped our Verax field operative in Houston... Kyle Dobson.

Dobson was in Basra when it all went to hell.

We had to contain that situation when Dobson became a liability.

So, four aliases?

Well, that we know of.

But what we do know is that they're all investigating aspects of our operation.

Our source on the inside said he's FBI, DCO.

His real name is Martin Odum.

Agent Martin Odum.

Or whatever he calls himself.

I've been looking for this son of a bitch for ten years.

You know him?

This could work for us.

Bring me Martin Odum.

Tell the boys, "Be ready for a fight."

Crystal: Martin?


I didn't expect to see you this morning.

Well, Gates wanted me at the briefing.

(clears throat) How are Sonya and Aidan doing?

They're doing all right.

Spoke to Rice on the way in... nothing to report.

Hey, before we go in there, you need to know what's going on.

What do you mean?

I mean someone leaked that you're FBI.

Your connection to Verax.

Operation Raining Fire.

What is it?

Maggie said you were looking into it.

I don't know what it's about.

Don't bullshit me.

I'm serious.

They went after your family.

You need to tell us.

I promise I'll fill you in when I know more.

All right?

The president passes along his congratulations in capturing Prince Abboud's assassin.

Did I miss something?

Bashir confessed as part of a plea deal.

The Attorney General has set the deal aside.

Excuse me?

All charges against Ms. Jibril will be dropped.

Mr. Bashir alone will be prosecuted for the crime.

He flipped on his handlers.

I mean, this guy named names... we're just ignoring that?

Yeah, what about the money trail that leads to Prince Fayeen?

They clearly benefit from Abboud being out of the way.

As I just said, we will not be pursuing charges beyond Mr. Bashir.

This is bullshit.

You'll all be receiving commendations.

Gold stars for keeping our mouths shut?

Let's call it recognition from a grateful nation.

Let's call it a cover up.

The director wants DCO off this case.

My suggestion is that you chalk it up in the win column and move on.

This is a disgrace.



You must need something.

I tried calling.

You don't answer your phone.

I didn't recognize your number.


I'm assuming this is an official visit?

If that makes you feel better about me being here.

"Operation Raining Fire"?

How did you get this?

I found it through the course of an investigation.

I need to get the original file unredacted.

I tried the proper channels.

Well, I would tell you to put it back where you got it.

But... (laughs)

I gave up trying to lecture you a long time ago.

Dad, do we have to go through this every time?

And you want me to give you a highly classified military intelligence file.

You were still head of Naval Intelligence in '04 when Raining Fire happened.

You know about this, don't you?

I wish I didn't.

A friend of mine's in trouble.

I think that he was part of this.

Dad, please...

It wasn't easy for me to come here and ask you for this.

Long drive, I imagine.

I took a chopper actually.

I'm busy.

(quiet laugh)

Operation Raining Fire.

All right.

I'll tell you what I know.

Martin, you almost gave me a heart attack.

That'd be unfortunate.

I haven't asked you a single question yet.

What's with the piece?

Oh, the gun's to make sure you answer.

Sit down.

What's on your mind?

Saudi Agents knew I was undercover FBI.

How'd they find that out?

I don't know.

I was made by someone on the inside.

And the leak didn't come from DCO.

That puts you and Milloy at the top of the list.

Just Milloy.

Not me.

I don't see much light between you two.

Like when you're whitewashing a case.

See it for what it is.

At this level, if you don't play the game... you're dead.

I'm not working for Verax.

For the past five years, I've been tracking their covert activities.

Their ops, their renditions... their domestic assassinations.

Check up in that cabinet.

There's a black accordion file.

See for yourself.

I'm on your side, Agent.

I'm not sure I'm on yours yet.

Look, I know "Martin Odum" is a legend.

You want to know who you are.

If I knew, I would tell you.

But Verax does know.

They were in Iraq 2004.

Ring a bell?

I want to bring Verax down.

You want answers.

Maybe we could help each other.

I wasn't involved with Operation Raining Fire directly, but... you hear things in certain circles.

What was it?

Far as I can tell, it was a cover up.

Probably the worst friendly fire incident during the entire Iraq war.

"Friendly fire"?

We bombed our own position.


Total devastation.

I heard almost 400 dead.

It might've been more.

My God.

Wiped out a platoon of Marines.

Most of the dead were contractors for a company called Verax.


No kidding.

Who covered it up?

Now, we're talking about the highest echelon of the military.

Pentagon E-ring.

I couldn't give you names, Crystal.

These people don't use names.

So, why would Verax go along with it?

Because they wanted it hushed up, too.

Spiller: Whole directorates of the State Department have been corrupted by Verax.

They own votes in Congress, run lobbyists in K Street.

No military appropriation goes through without their support.

What's this?


It's a private intelligence agency under contract to the NSA.

Owned by Verax, run by ex-spies.

Verax has a private CIA?

(short laugh)

And a private military.

And a policy group with Arcadia.

You see what they're doing.

Trying to shift the balance of power in the country.

Our details are sketchy, but our Intel suggests that they may be planning some kind of false flag terrorist attack against the United States.


Funding for a spy satellite is bogged down in congress.

The project needs an extra push.

Stage a terrorist attack, Verax gets their satellite.

New World Order is sick.

Who is he?

John Cameron.

At least that's who we think he is.

He's their number one covert agent.

Other than that, we don't know much about him.

Do you think he's the one who's staging the attack?

I want you to find Cameron and stop him from what he's doing.

No matter what it takes.

And by the way, he was there in Iraq in 2004.

Operation Raining Fire.

If anyone knows who you are, he does.

Porter: Beautiful country out here.

Sources tell me our Saudi friend Bashir is in custody... spilling his guts.

Look, I'm just as upset about it.

But we're managing the situation through the usual assets.


We're going to hang the plot squarely on Bashir.

Paint him as a zealot who worked alone.

And our connection to Prince Fayeen will be suppressed.

'Cause, I mean, you understand that this is an important moment in our business.

We can't afford any... blowback.

The situation's already a little... too close for comfort.

(rifles cocks)

I understand the optics.

If you understood the optics, then why did it happen?


Tomlin's gonna take over some of your responsibilities.


Yes, sir.

I understand.

All right.

So... have a nice flight back.


(body thuds)

That had to be done.

Agent (over radio): FBI Agent Odum approaching; he's clear.

Hey, Tony.


How you holding up?

I'm fine.

Where's Sonya?

Oh, she's putting Aiden to bed.

You know, he beat me three times at gin?

(chuckles) Sharp kid.

Yeah, well, he cheated, so... you better watch out.

Well, I guess I better get going.

You know, it's been a long day.

Sure. Sure, I'll see you out.

Where's your family?

At my cousin's. You know, she's a cop, so I figure that's the safest place till all this blows over, you know?

Aiden's finally asleep.

He was so wound up from the day.

Yeah. I'm sure he is.

Well, thanks, Tony, for, uh... well, for everything.

Yeah. Thank you.

It's nice being a family again.

Even playing gin rummy under armed guard.

You should quit your job and come home again.

Yeah... it won't be like this forever.

Well, let's go away.

The three of us.

Together, we'll be fine.

Where'd you learn how to handle yourself?

What do you mean?

Well, that-that move you did earlier.

You smashed that guy's ribs.

Never seen you do anything like that before.

I reacted to protect Aiden.

Oh, yeah?

While you were gone, I took a self-defense class.

Oh, yeah? One self-defense class, you knock out a trained killer? Yeah?

You're being paranoid.

I'm not being paranoid.

In 2004, I wasn't in a car accident.

I was in Iraq.




Listen to yourself, Martin.

You're confused. You're sick.

I'm not sick. I'm being lied to.

When I woke up in the hospital, you said I'd been in a car accident.

I had no memory of my life before.

You and Gates helped me to put my past back together.

I was Martin Odum.

But the pieces don't make sense, Sonya.

I'm starting to remember things.

Yeah. Real things.

You've been undercover too long, Martin.

No, you tell me the truth, damn it!

Who was I? Huh?

I don't...

Who was I before?

I don't know.

I don't want to know.

I fell in love with you.


I don't want to lose you, please.

I'm scared if I tell you the truth, you won't love me anymore.

It's okay...

Where's the guard?

Get down.




I gotta get Aiden.

Aiden: Mom!

Man (through megaphone): Martin Odum, you are surrounded.

Get down. Get under the bed now.

Don't come out until I come back and get you.

You'll come get me, right?

I promise.

Man (over megaphone): Throw out your weapon and give yourself up.

Martin, back door.

Man (over megaphone): Let your family live.

Give me a gun.

Give me a gun!


Call Rice.

Tell him to send backup.


♪ ♪

Sonya (grunts): Martin!


I've been hit.


Hang on, honey.

You're gonna be okay, Sonya.

Where's Aiden?

Don't worry, I'll take care of him.


How far to the hospital?

Paramedic: We're eight minutes out.

Keep pressure on that wound.

Why did you lie to me?

I'm so sorry.

I know you were struggling.

I wanted to tell you for so long.

Then tell me now.

Tell me now, please.

In 2004, I was an agent for the CIA.

Stationed in Germany.

I was assigned to help an MI6 operative who had been injured in war.

I was in MI6?

Wh... What?

I was ordered to get you to the U.S. and make you disappear.


To protect you.

When I met you in the hospital, you had massive brain trauma.

Severe memory loss.

I was told to prevent you from ever knowing what happened.

To keep you from ever... ever finding out who you were.

All this...

You, Aiden... it's all been a lie.

Hasn't it? It's all been a lie.

It was a lie.

But it became real.

I fell in love with you, Martin.

And then we had our beautiful boy.

I quit the Agency...

To have a family, to have a real life.

I did.

Just tell me who I am.

Tell me, what's my name?


I wasn't allowed to know.

I fell in love with you.

Not the man you were before.

She's crashing.


Out of the way, sir.

Stay with me.



Please, don't leave me.


Stay with me.