02x01 - The Legend of Dmitry Petrovich

7The Budapest Project is a joint task force set up by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Hungarian National Police to combat organized crime...

(coughs) Excuse me.

The, uh, criminal enterprises we're targeting are primarily made up of Russian-speaking individuals from the former Soviet Union.

Gabi: Excuse me, Agent, uh, Ball-hard?

Uh, that's, uh, it's Ballard, ma'am.

You do know that this is Prague, correct?

(quiet laughter)

Uh, uh, yes, ma'am, I'm aware of that.

And you do know that Prague is in the Czech Republic?

I know we probably all look alike to you, but Budapest is in Hungary.

And that's another country entirely.

Thank you.

Sorry, please continue.

Ballard: Thank you, sir.

The entity we're currently focused on is the Luhanskiy Brigade headed by this man Viktor Luhanskiy, known as the papka or the father of these men.

Now, they have their hands in everything from drug smuggling to bank robbery to human trafficking throughout Central Europe.

We have reason to believe they're looking to expand their operation into Prague, which as I understand it, is not in Hungary, but is, in fact, the, the capital of the Czech Republic as well as the historical seat of the Holy Roman Empire.

A particularly vicious member of this group, who until recently was running protection rackets in Budapest, has relocated to Prague with the intent, we believe, of expanding the Brigade's heroin smuggling routes.

His name is Dmitry Petrovich.


Go tell your partners if they still have need for trucks and drivers, they should be polite, introduce themselves to me.

They will kill you.

And I will enjoy watching them do it.

Well, I'm sure you want to be one to deliver my message.


I am Dmitry Petrovich.

And you all work for me now.


It's the last time I can pay you under the table, mate.

No National Insurance card next week, no work.

Martin: Lies and bullshit.

That's what my whole life's become.

Maybe that's all it ever was.

Boy: Give us the ball, mister!

Oh, nice!

Cheers, then.

There's a hell of a lot I don't remember, 'cause of the injury, I suppose.

But maybe it's more than that.

Maybe part of it is that I've lived so many legends.

Pretended to be so many different people.

I can't keep them straight anymore.

(camera clicking)

And I've done bad things.

But the thing they're hunting me for... this murder they say I committed... that's one thing I know I didn't do.

So, if I could just find someone, anyone I recognize... maybe they could tell me who I was... right before all this started.

And maybe I could clear my name, whatever the hell it is.

And I could get back to living some sort of life.

(indistinct whispering)


(indistinct chatter)

I didn't order that.

On the house, love.

Aw, thanks.

You expecting someone?

Yeah, I don't mean to pry, it's just...

I've seen you in here before.

Always by yourself, staring at that door like you're expecting your long-lost brother to come waltzing in.


So, am I right?

Have you got a long-lost brother?

Yeah, I might.

What, you don't know whether you got a brother or not?

I'm a bit forgetful.

You're really not gonna tell me?

Why are you so interested?

Well, it's a way of getting to know somebody, isn't it?

What sort of work do you do?

Do you come from a big family?

What's your astrological sign?


You see, we're getting to know each other.

I'm a Sagittarius myself.

And it's Fiona by the way.


Oh, I thought that was your...

No, I haven't got the foggiest about astrological signs.

Okay, Leo, who might or might not have a brother.

What about a girl?

Have you got one of those?

You could stay, you know?


Wish I could.

I won't cook you breakfast, but I will get us cappuccinos in the morning.


It was lovely to meet you, Fiona.

Lovely to meet you, too, Leo.

(siren wailing)

Officer: You stop!

Stop there!

Can I see some identification, please?

What, is there a problem?

What's your business here?

Leave him alone, Rodger!

Oh, seriously, Fiona, this bloke?

Oh, come off it!

You and me aren't even together anymore!

Just stop hassling me and my friends!

Or you'll what... You'll call the police?

Come on.


I think there's just been a misunderstanding.

Turn around, hands behind your head.

I'm sorry, I'm-I'm not coming with you.

This sounds to me like resisting arrest.

Just leave him alone! Stop it!

Fiona: Stop!

Man: First monarch, House of Hanover.

Who am I?

George one.

George the First.

Became king at age 14.

Ruled for 50 years... Who am I?

Eddie three.

Beg your pardon.

Edward the Third.

I married Catherine of Valois.

Come on, boy, you know this one.

Married Catherine in 1420... Who am I?

David Bowie.

What did you say?

David Bowie.

The First.

I dismissed Parliament in 1653 and declared myself Lord Protector...

Who am I?

John Lennon.

I married my cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840.

Mick Jagger.


I am the fourth son of William the Conqueror and ruled England from 1100 to 1135.

Who am I?


Who am I?!

My name is Martin Odum.

My name used to be John Cameron.

I'm a covert operative in the FBI.

Tonight I claim responsibility for the killing of FBI Director Dayle Bennett.

Where did you get this?

Only the most senior personnel are supposed to have access to this recording.

What the hell difference does it make how I found it?

The point is, his name's not Odum.

It's not John Cameron.

It's Petrovich.

Dmitry Petrovich.

At least it was when I investigated the son of a bitch in Prague back in '01, which means he's probably not really any of those people.


And we have him on video confessing to the cold-blooded assassination of the director of this agency.


And no one is asking the obvious question, all right?

Who is that guy, really? Who-who is he working for?

Why in the name of Christ is there not an international manhunt...


You've been with the Bureau long enough to know the guys upstairs don't want the embarrassment of admitting that we let one of our own get away with an act of terrorism in our sandbox.

So, what, to save face, we're-we're just gonna sweep a capital crime under the rug?

We're handling the investigation internally.


Okay. Well, then I want in.

I mean, I followed that sick b*st*rd for months.

I had him heroin smuggling, murder...

Ballard, you're not a field agent anymore. And you want to keep the job you still have, you'll forget you ever saw this.

I can't forget.

Look, I'm sorry, Curtis.

But trust me... We will find this guy.

We've got our best people looking for him.


(horns honking)

Back on the juice, huh?

Hard to give up certain vices.

It's good to see you again, Nina.

You have no right calling in favors.

You didn't have to come.

So, who is this John Cameron and why is he so important to you?

Keeping secrets from a spy.

Careful, Tony, you might get burned.

Guess I'm gonna have to watch my back then, huh?


Opposite the Charing Cross tube station there's a hole-in-the-wall called Carmine's.

Ask for a to-go order for Steven.

This circles back, it'll bite me in the ass.

That's not gonna happen.


Am I allowed to say that...

London's done right by you?

Have fun with your wife.


(music playing softly)

(music stops)

Don't you knock?

I did. Twice.

Bus leaves in ten.


Have a lovely day, Kate.

Yeah, you, too, Liam.

(indistinct chatter)

(scooter approaching)

You're late.

Good morning to you, too, sunshine.

I hope you brought something to change into.

So now I'm an idiot?

You'll miss Chemistry.

And life as we know it shall cease to exist.

(indistinct chatter)

Over there.

Salaam alaikum.

Alaikum as-salaam.

As-salaam alaikum, my little princess.

What are you drawing? The sun?

You're drawing a sun? Look, the sun smiles on you.

(both chuckle)

(speaks indistinctly)

(both laugh)

(speaks Russian)

I told you, no more Russian.

Go and find your mama. Come on. Go.

Go on, quick, quick, quick, quick.

Quick, quick, quick, quick.

You bring business to our home?

It couldn't wait.

Some Russian guy almost killed him.


Get me delivery schedule for last month.


(footsteps approaching)

Janic: That's him.

Who are you?

(speaks Russian)

You're speaking the language of the people who murdered my family, destroyed my country.

Chechens, Russians.

That's politics.

I only care about money.

So beat my associate and now you think I do business with you, huh?

Your associate is amateur. I know people all over continent, Britain, U.S.

With your product and my contacts, we become very rich.

Janic: What are you waiting for?

Kill him.

Why don't you ask your friend here why he has Swiss bank account.

Maybe because he's skimming product.

Selling it on side.

Janic: Doku, I will pay you every-every dollar.

You have big balls.

But if you betray me, I'll cut them off.

Have you been to Oddono's?

No. Where's that?

South Ken.

Did you try the salted caramel?

Oh, my God, it's to die for.

We'll have to meet there next time.


So, Crawford. That's for sure not Chechen.

That's my stepdad. He's from Surrey.

Solicitor. Enough said.

Your mum then?

Not that she'd ever admit it.

But I found an old Soviet I.D. she kept hidden.

I guess it was the only picture she had of her mum.

Her name was Arsanova. I Googled it.

Must have been a bit of a shock.

She told me her village was bombed in the First Chechen War.

My grandmother died in a refugee camp.

That's awful.


She made me promise not to tell my stepdad.

I think she's ashamed to be Muslim or something.

He just thinks we emigrated from Russia.

That's what I always thought, too.

Now you want to embrace your true faith.

That's why I was so excited to meet you.

I want to finally be who I really am.

You don't cover your head.

My family wouldn't understand.

But I've been reading the Koran and praying five times a day.

Your earrings, very pretty.

Thank you.

But they're haram.


I didn't know.

That's okay. You'll learn.

I want to.

Rule number one, you can be very flash if you're discreet about it.

They just opened a Footpatrol in Notting Hill.

Coolest kicks in London.


You're a sneakerhead.

Shall we go shopping, ladies?

He's turned onto Adelaide. Headed north.

Hey, my friend, how you doing? Good to see you.

You've been following me for the last 20 minutes. Who are you?

Okay, relax. I'm Bureau. OPR.

Want to know what you're doing in London.

I'm on vacation with my wife, asshole.

Yeah, well, we have reason to believe you're attempting to make contact with the agent known as Martin Odum.

Oh, yeah? You know, it's funny. I thought the Bureau was supposed to use their resources to track terrorists, not civil servants on their second honeymoons.

And by the way, I made your little girlfriend six blocks ago.

You two need to go back to Quantico.

Retake your surveillance course.


(engine starts)

Man: Looks professional.

Also looks to me like you idiots initiated this confrontation.

He resisted arrest, assaulted us.

That's GBH, sir.

All right.

Have I.T. grab the best frame they can.

We'll put it out citywide.

Look like sh1t.

Nice to see you, too.

How you holding up?

Blew it, Tony.

Beat the crap out of two coppers.

And they caught the whole thing on CCTV.

Jesus, Martin, what were you thinking?

I wasn't.

I was sick and tired of wandering the streets, hiding.

I went home with a girl.

It was stupid.

Yeah, I've been there.

Look, I'll keep an eye out, see if your face pops up on the wire.

But let's make this quick.

Had to shake a Bureau tail myself.

There's a report listing John Cameron as killed in action.

There are three agents read onto the operation, all right?

All aliases of course.

But my contact source in Six was willing to give her a name.

Guess 'cause guy's retired or something.

Gave her an address, too.

Terrence Graves.

He might be able to help me fill in some of the blanks.

Martin, have you ever considered that you might not like what you find?

John Cameron was declared killed in action.

So maybe Six paid him a death benefit... next of kin.

Okay, I'll have my contact reach out, see what she can find out.

All right.

Why are you sticking your neck out for me anyway?

Think I'm gonna let you go down for something you didn't do?

Look, this is clean.

We need to keep these little strolls in the park to a minimum.

Have you heard from Sonya and Aiden?

Yeah. Yeah, they're good.



Apparently he got himself elected to student council.


Hate to tell you this, but your kid may just grow up to be a politician.


(sighs): You know, Edward III... was 14 when he lost his father... became King of England.

Ruled for 50 years.

Never know.

I didn't know you were a history buff.

No, neither did I.


You want me to get him a message?

Nah, it's, uh... it's not safe for him to be in contact with me.

You know, it's... it's better like this.

I've got to figure out who the hell I am and prove I didn't do what they say I did before I start playing happy families.

Be careful, Martin.

Cheers, Tony.

Better go, eh?


Can I help you, sir?

Yes, uh, Terrence Graves' room, please.


Leo Parks.

Sign in, please.


I'm sorry, sir. Mr. Graves is only allowed to have approved visitors.

I don't see you on the list.

Really? Oh, I've come all the way from Leeds to see him.

Oh. You're an old friend, then?

Yeah, we go way back.

It'd mean a lot to me, and it would mean a lot to Terry.

I'm only down for the night, so I don't know if I'm gonna get a chance to see him again.

You know what I mean?

Room 217.

Thank you. You're very kind.

Mr. Graves?


Why are you calling me Mr. Graves?

Well, I-I thought you...


Billy, my son, I've missed you so much.

(patting back)


My dear boy.

Where have you been?

Well, I've been, uh...

Have you been to see your sister?

My sister?

No, I...

She'll be so pleased.

Man: Excuse me?

It's Parks, is it?


They said at the desk you'd signed in.

What-What's your business here?

Well, I'm-I'm...

I'm here to see my...


I'm here to...

Sorry, who are you?

I'm William Graves, his son.


My boy!

It's okay, Dad. I'm here.

I've missed you so much.


Come on.

(Gabi speaks Czech)

You want coffee?

Uh, no, thank you.


No, I... told you, I don't smoke.


No coffee, no cigarettes.

What kind of cop are you?

(laughs): Next thing you'll tell me you don't drink.

Well, uh...

I can see this is going to be fun.

Did you see that?

The owner just passed him some cash.

It's good coffee.

A few weeks in town, he's already got the locals paying him protection?

He's so brazen.

That's how we're going to catch him.

(computer beeps)

(sets glass down)



Nisco: I think it's important she learns to play on a team, and I don't think we should just let her quit mid-season.

My parents would have never let me do that.

Does the subject of our children bore you?

No, I'm sorry. I think this jet lag is catching up with me. I'm having a great time.

Me, too.

You know, I've got to use the loo.

Ooh, it's sexy when you talk British.

(footsteps approaching)

Jesus! Martin, you almost made me piss on my new shoes.

I went to see Graves.

His memory's shot. Alzheimer's, I think.

He couldn't tell me anything.

Damn. Sorry about that.

I've got another lead.

Okay, you know what? That's what the burner phone is for, okay?

I'm trying to have dinner with my wife.

I had to give you this.

I lifted it from the nurses' station.

Anybody who visited Graves had to sign in.

Maybe one of them knows about him, or about me.

Get your contact to run the names.

All right, I'll try, but it could take a couple of days.

In the meantime you need to lay low and stay out of... trouble.

Where have you been?

Studying with Marjorie.

I called her. Try again.

Jesus, Mum, you call my friends?

The school called, too.

They say you were not in class.

So I ask you again, where have you been?


Katya, what's going on with you?

Don't call me that.

(phone buzzing)




Rice: Martin, my contact ran those names.


And you were right about those death benefits for John Cameron.

And get this.

They're being paid to someone who visits the old man.

I got an address for you.

(birds chirping)

Boy: Aaron Ramsey says his dad is getting a Ferrari.

Aaron Ramsey's a w*nk*r.


Finish your breakfast. I don't want to be late again today.

Liam: Well, tell them when they pay their bill, that's when we'll start.

Kate: Is there any toast?

I'm gonna call you back.

What's that on your head, Katie?

It's called a hijab.

Randolph: Why are you wearing it?

To show my devotion to God.

Bobby: I think it looks pretty on you.

Thanks, muffinhead.

I don't want to miss my bus.

Car. Now.

(door opens)

Her devotion to God?

What, she thinks she's a bloody Muslim?

I don't know what she thinks anymore.

Where on earth did she get an idea like that?

She's a teenager. She's just trying to get some reaction from us.

She couldn't try some normal form of rebellion like drugs or s*x?

Let's go, please, boys. Let's go in the car.

Come on.

In the car, please.

Go, darling.

(car engine starts, car door closes)

(birds singing)

(door squeaks open)

(child laughing)


(door opens)

(speaking Russian)

Where did I leave it?




(speaking Russian)




(keys jingling)

(birds singing)

Isn't that the bloke?

Could be.

(speaking Russian)

Uh, eh, eh, eh.

(speaking Russian)

No, I don't speak Russian.

You just talk me Russian.

I don't.

(speaking Russian)

I don't think so.



(car engine revving, car horn honks)


(car engine revving)




Hurry up! Come on!

(grunts) Bloody hell, he's jammed it! Call for backup.

Requesting assistance. Suspect is heading north down the alley behind Village Café.

(panting, loud crowd chatter)


Hey, come back here!

(sirens blaring, engine revving)

(engine revving)

(tires squealing)

(airplane engine whirring)

(woman speaks in foreign language over P.A.)

(phone buzzing)

(boat horn blows)

You're late.


I'm always late, remember?

(laughing): Yes.

So, you were so mysterious on the phone.

What brings you back to Prague?

Lots of vacation time saved up.

Thought I'd visit an old friend.

He's the patron saint against calumnies, Curtis.

Very bad luck to lie in front of him.

How about a drink?

(laughing): My God.

What's happened to you?

Oh, I'm a whole new man these days, Gabi.

What the hell is this?

It's not what you think.


You're on vacation with me, and you're calling her.

It's work.

Oh, now I feel so much better, because I haven't heard that one before.

(laptop chimes)

Man: As-salaam alaikum. (speaking Arabic)

You should pray, too.

(indistinct shouting)

That's very good.

Go on.

You may go and play football with the lads now.

I don't think you know how special you are... yet.

Do you?

That is why I drive you so hard.

Because if you do as I say... there's no telling who you might become.