02x04 - The Legend of Ilyana Zakayeva

Previously on "Legends"...

Dmitry killed Jaros?

Not Jaros... other guy.

She's ready to do anything to save her daughter.

Even spy on her husband?

You need to let it go.

You know what he did to me.

Do you mind carrying my backpack through?

Allahu Akbar!

Give me 24 hours.

If we don't find Martin, then we go to our bosses with our hats in hand.

I'm giving you Nina's number.

You get into a jam, you call her.

Hey, you're bleeding.

It's all my fault.

(engine revving)

At that school, you said it was your fault. What did you mean?

I carried his backpack.

Are you taking me to hospital?

Not to the hospital with a bullet wound.

The doctors will tell the police.

They'll say you aided a terrorist.

I didn't mean to. I didn't.

Doesn't matter.

They could put you in prison for the rest of your life.


(helicopter passes over)

(camera clicks)

(siren wailing in distance)

Come on.

(intercom line ringing)

Woman: Oui?

(lock buzzes)

(women conversing in distance)

(door shuts in distance)

(latch clicks)

(crying softly) Come on.

It's all right. Sit down.

(grunts gently) It's okay.

Here, I want you to bite on this.

This is gonna hurt.

(whimpering) (sighs softly)

(muffled scream)

(knocking on door)

Ma'am, Nina Brenner, U.S. State Department.

Have you seen this man?


He was here.


I don't know. Maybe... an hour ago.

Do you know where he went?

My husband drove him to the protest.

Ma'am, what protest?

(officer speaking distantly, distorted)

(no voice)

(distant, distorted voices; whistle blowing)

(camera clicking)

(woman crying, distant and distorted)

Man: So, that's our shooter?

Man 2: Yes, sir. Iftikar Bulfati.

UK citizen.

Isn't that the kid?

What? What kid?

We pulled him off the train at St. Pancras.

Two days ago.

Jesus Christ.

Border security checked him. He was clean.

The French say he had a plastic, 3-D-printed coil gun, so he wasn't bloody clean, was he?

Who gave you the tip to pull him off the train?

I'll have to check that, sir.

We need to get out ahead of this.

I need details, Simon. Now!

(phone ringing) (indistinct chatter)


You know what just happened in Paris?

I'm standing in the middle of it.

Have you found Odum?

I told you I needed 24 hours.

This is blowing up in our faces.

24 hours.

(phone beeps off)

(phone beeps off)


I want to know what Nina Brenner is up to.

Put ears on her right away.

We don't have authorization.

Just bloody do it.

(helicopter hovering)

U.S. State Department.

Can you tell me what happened here?

He yelled Allahu Akbar.

Started shooting.

Those poor people.

And you had no idea what he was planning?

I would have said something, tried to stop him.

He was so sweet.

How could he do that, just... just kill people for no reason?

People aren't always who you think they are.

We can't let this get infected.

I need sutures, antibiotics.

You can't just leave me here. What if someone comes?

The advert said it's been on the market six months.

Ready for immediate move-in. There's nobody living here.

But you'll be back soon?


If someone knocks, don't answer.

Don't leave. Don't contact anyone.

Just stay here.

It's okay. I have a plan.

(woman speaking French over P.A.)

(keypad beeping)

(TV reporter speaking French)

♪ ♪

(girl speaking French)

She says she saw a man with the girl running in that direction.

(phone rings)


Tony Rice said I could trust you. Can I?

Where are you?

Midnight. Place de la Paix.

Okay, but...

I'll know if you're not alone.

(phone beeps off)

(sighs quietly)

CCTV footage from St. Pancras station.

That's Bulfati there on the right.

And from another camera.

Bloody hell.

Show me her face.

Find me that girl.

(sirens wailing)

(pounding on door) POLICEMAN: Open up!


Liam! Liam! (police team shouting)

Hey, hey! What are you doing?

Policeman: First floor clear!

Ilyana Crawford?

Liam: Who are you?

What's this about?

Article Ten, Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001.

This house is subject to full search and seizure.

If you attempt to interfere with the officers in any way, you will be detained, indefinitely.

(siren approaching)

We need to talk about your daughter.

When was the last time you spoke to Kate?

Two days ago.

I've been calling, but she won't answer.

Did she say anything about going to Paris?

Did she ever mention jihad, or terror groups?

I don't understand. Are you asking me if Kate...

We believe Kate smuggled the weapon into Paris that was used in the attack this morning.

No. She wouldn't. Not Kate.

What about this man?

Has he contacted you lately?

He's in France. We think he's looking for Kate.

I believe you know him as Dmitry Petrovich.

He came to the house.

I told him to go away.

Sir, the girl's computer is up.

We're not done.

(quietly): How could you not tell me?

I told him to go away.

I thought that was the end of it.

I never imagined...


That I had a right to know?

That he tried to talk to Kate?

I'm the one that's been here, for you, for her. Not him.

I'm sorry.

Liam, what am I going to do?


(thunder rumbling)

Let me drive you.

No, thank you. Bus is coming.

What? So you wait in rain?

Get in.

Get in.

(seatbelt clicks)

Lucky I saw you.

This is the third time I was lucky to see you.

Strange, yes?

What do you want from me?

And don't lie, because I will know.

Long way from home.

I need friends.

I think maybe you need one, too.

I know what a man means when he says he needs a friend.

No. That is not true.

This was mistake. Stop the car.

But the rain.

Better to walk in the rain than for my husband to see us together.


If you ever need anything.


Don't be afraid to ask.


Ballard: Dmitry Petrovich is a cold-blooded killer.

And we have a witness who says he saw him shoot this man dead.

Gabi: Ivan Kost, Czech pimp, member of the Nemcek crew.

Maybe they're going to war against the Russians.

You have a body?

No, but the victim's been missing for weeks.

Who's your witness?

Tamir Zakayev.

This guy.

He's a junkie. You will have to do better than that.

Well, then give us a warrant so we can search Dmitry's club, We'll find evidence, use it as leverage to pressure him to turn on his bosses.

How do you Americans say it?

You want to go fishing?

Well, I'm sorry.


What if we put a wire on Tamir?

Maybe we can get Petrovich to implicate himself.

Come on, Blazek.

Don't you want to be known as the prosecutor who helped bring down the Russians?

Prosecutor doesn't believe you, Tamir.

Thinks you're lying about seeing the shooting.

Not my problem.

It'll be your problem if we arrest you on drug charges.

Gabi: Look, Tamir, we want to put Dmitry away, not you.

But we have no body, no murder weapon.

So you are gonna get us a confession on tape.

No. Dmitry finds out, he kills me.

He won't find out.


Absolutely no.

Well, how about I send pictures of you talking to us to your brother?

(shutter clicking repeatedly)

What do you think Doku would do?

Doku, what are you doing?

I told you, no more school.

You have no right!

You hid these from me, huh?

They are mine.

You don't need them anymore.

Where we are going, wives do not need accounting degrees.

♪ ♪

(beads rustle)

I must speak to you.

Please, sit.

No, thank you.

You said if I ever needed anything...

Anything... I should come to you.

How can I help?

My husband wants to take me and my daughter to Chechnya to live.

He wants me to be a good Muslim wife.

But I will never go back to that country.

You need money for divorce?

He said if I refuse to go, he will kill me.

And take Katya.

There is only one solution.

You must kill my husband.

Martin: If I don't kill Doku, Ilyana won't trust me.

I'm supposed to be a ruthless b*st*rd.

Supposed to be is quite a bit different from actually being one.

He's a wife-beater.

And a murderer.

Maybe I should kill him.

We need Doku alive.

He's our path to the general.

So? What's your brilliant solution?

We offer her an alternative.

Martin (Russian accent): My bosses in Moscow, they do much business with your husband.

They will not permit me to kill him.

I was wrong to come to you.

I have better offer...

I can get you out of country... you and Katya.

Give you new life.


New home. New papers.

New identity.

Where would we go?

You have been to London?

But... there is price.

You know of man called General Arsanov?

He was my husband's commander.

He helped us to escape Chechnya.

He owes my bosses millions.

In return for new life in London, you find out from Doku where the General is.

Spy on my husband?

Do you know how dangerous this will be?

(quiet, wry laugh) More dangerous than asking me to kill him?

You are criminal.

Your bosses are criminals.

How do I know you keep your promise?

You can trust me.


No trust.


(distant siren wails)

(Martin sighs)

Maybe you should look away.

I'm not afraid.

Where'd you learn to do that?

You're not a doctor, yeah?

No, I'm not a doctor.

I might want to be one.

I'm pretty good at science.

My mum told me things about you.

Did she?

Said you were in the Russian mafia.

That true?

I don't remember.

Doubt I was ever in the mafia.

So what did you do?

You, Mum, Ifti.

Everyone's always keeping secrets from me.

Can you keep a secret?

Sure I can.

I'm an intelligence officer.

At least, I was.

I worked for the British, and then the Americans.

No way.

Like James Bond?

(soft chuckle) Not exactly.

If you're a spy, aren't there people who can help us?

Someone at an agency or something?


But you can't always trust them.

You think maybe being a spy is the reason you left Mum and me?

Look, no matter why I left or what I did, it won't happen again.

I'm gonna see you through this, Kate.

Thanks, Papa.

So what are we gonna do?

You're gonna rest.

And I'm gonna go and try and make a deal to keep you out of prison.

Really? How?

By giving my old bosses something they seem to want very badly.

Kate Crawford's computer contained numerous messages between herself and her traveling companions to Paris.

But they never mentioned anything of jihad or terror groups.

So she's a dead end?

Not necessarily.

There are a thread of e-mails between Kate and a young woman by the name of Khava Bazaeva.

And she is?

Intelligence says she's a recruiter, sir.

For Chechen terror cells.

The Crawford girl was being groomed?

Turns out she has relatives in Prague.

An uncle. Tamir Zakayev.

The groomer was trying to put them together.

He's on the watch list. Apparently he funnels money into Eastern Europe for terror attacks.

There's chatter he's cooking something up for the Russian-NATO summit in Prague.

Could we... use the Crawford girl?

Put her on the inside with her uncle?

Excellent idea, sir.

But we'd need to find her first.

Any ideas to that end?

Hardy: Mrs. Crawford, There's a manhunt underway in Paris for your daughter. If the French police find her, they'll almost certainly prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law. Now, if my lot could find her first, we might be able to help her avoid arrest. In fact, we might be able to keep her out of jail altogether.


(over TV): Kate, if you are watching this, no matter what you did... we love you. All we want for you is to be safe. Wherever you are... if you can get to a phone... call us.

(crying): I love you, darling. Please.

Call us.

Please come home.

We miss you, okay?

Please come home.

(reporters shouting)


I brought back the files.

Thanks for those.

Did you see who was just on the news?

No, I was in a briefing.

Ilyana Zakayev.

Doku's wife?


Only her name is Crawford now.

She lives in London.

She was pleading for the return of her daughter.

That's the girl who transported the weapon.

How is that possible?

It can't be a coincidence, right?

Dmitry Petrovich has got to be tied into that somehow.

I'm on my way to London to talk to Ilyana.

My flight leaves in an hour.

Be careful, Curtis.

She won't be happy to see you, and you're still off the books.

You have no police cover.


I don't know when I'm going to see you again, so I just want to say...

Thank you.

For everything.

(laughs softly)

Martin: You'll be okay.

No one will come tonight.

You get some sleep.

I'll be back before you wake up.

I won't be long.

(door opens, shuts)

Special Agent Curtis Ballard, FBI.

I'd like to speak with Mrs. Crawford.

Ilyana Zakayev?

You remember me?

How did you...?

I'm looking for Dmitry Petrovich.

I already told everything to the British police.

Well, I need you to tell me. Where is he?

It's a nice house you have here.

Does your new family know about your days in Prague?

He was here.

He spoke to my daughter.

They say he went to Paris to find her. Now please, leave.

Paris? You sure?

Hardy: Excuse me.

Who the devil are you?

Special Agent Ballard, FBI.

(chuckles): No, no.

How many times do I have to tell your lot, Odum is our business, not yours.

He's wanted in the U.S.

And if we find him, I'll be sure to let you know.

(snaps fingers)

Please escort Special Agent Ballard off the premises.

Thank you, Ilyana.

You've been very helpful.

Martin: Ilyana wants proof that I can get her to London.

I need passports, visas, right away.

Home Office would have to approve, and even if they did, it might take some weeks.


Christ, Terrence.

For all we know the whole lot of them could be off to Chechnya tomorrow.

What good is Six if they can't get us a couple of bloody passports?

Well, they pay our salaries, don't they?

What about our other friends?

Maybe they could get it done.

I don't want to involve them unless it's absolutely necessary.

Do you know what I read in the paper yesterday?

There are 10,000 British tourists in Prague.

Imagine that.

They must all have valid passports.

Be a shame if a couple of them were to go missing.

(clock bell clanging)

(cameras clicking, crowd exclaims and applauds)

(woman speaks foreign language, bell clanging)

Woman: Watch the clock tower.

Man: I see that.

(bell clangs) MAN: Look at that!

Man: Isn't that neat!

Oh, would you look at that.

♪ ♪

(printer whirring)

Ballard: All right, just be calm, natural.

Try to put him at ease.

Guide the conversation to the night of the murder.

Natural. Okay.

Guide the conversation.

Don't worry.

Russians love to talk about the big, bad things they've done.

Go get us a confession.

Tamir: Good morning, my friend.

Martin: Good morning.

We have business?

You are early at work, huh?

(over radio): Early to bed, early to rise.


What do you want, Tamir?

I want to thank you again.

For what?

For what you did f-for me.

That night.

What night are you talking about?

I mean...

(laughs): Nothing.

(chuckles nervously)

We see each other later, yes?

He blew it.

Tamir! Tamir!

He knew!

He was going to shoot me.

You're being paranoid.

I know that man.

He is very smart.

You have no choice, Tamir.

You have to try again.

I can't.

How about I do something else for you?

You say you need a murder weapon to arrest Dmitry.

What if I get this for you?

That way I don't have to wear wire.

(approaching footsteps)

I have Kate Crawford.

Jesus, Martin.

Now you're harboring a terror suspect?

She's innocent. She didn't do anything.

We both know that doesn't matter.

I need a guarantee she won't be prosecuted.

Look, you're in no position to make demands.

I'll turn myself in.

You, Six, the FBI, can do what the hell you want with me.

But Kate, she stays out of jail.

I'd have to go way up the food chain to get a guarantee like that.

Well, you better hurry up, 'cause I can't hide her forever.

(tires screeching)


Nina: What are you doing?

What the hell are you doing?!

Back off.

He's not your concern.

(Martin groaning)

You set me up.

(doors closing)

(engine revving, tires squealing)

(tires squealing)

Nina: You b*st*rd! You bugged my phone?

What the hell, Simon?

If you'd have kept in touch, that wouldn't have been necessary.

He has the girl.

Kate Crawford?

He was going to tell me where she is and you blew that by grabbing him.

My lucky day.

We're after her as well, so, thanks for that.

You think Odum is going to tell you where she is?

If he trusted you, he would've walked into your office two months ago.

He came to me, not you.

I'll take my chances.

Good-bye Nina.

You cut me out, and I'll tell your chief you passed me classified documents.

You'll go down with me.

Try me.

What do you want?

I want in.

Wherever you took Odum, I want to be there.

This is my operation as much as yours.

I'll be in Paris in two hours to talk to Odum.

I'll send an officer to pick you up.

(phone beeps off)

Everything is ready.

New identity, new home.

First you help us find General Arsanov.

How will I do this?

Doku and I barely speak.

Tell him, no more fights.

Prove you can be obedient wife.

I will help you through this.

(exhales nervously)

What are you doing?

I left my phone here yesterday.

(exotic dance music playing)

(male vocalist speaking in rhythm to the beat)

Dmitry is here?


(electricity buzzing)

(water dripping)

(door closes)

You know the game.

You've been renditioned.

As of this moment, you are a man without a country and without rights.

We could send you back to America to face charges...

Killing the director of the FBI, I believe.

Or you could tell us where Kate Crawford is.

The only reason Six would want Kate is to use her for something.


I understand you've been looking for clues as to your past life.

I could get you answers if you tell me where the girl is.

I gave Nina Brenner my price.

You agree not to prosecute Kate, I'll tell you where she is.


You don't have the power.

Bring me someone who does.

♪ ♪

(knocking on door)



(speaking French) use your phone?

Oui. Entrez.

(phone ringing)

It's from Paris!


Mum. I want to come home.

Are you hurt?

I'm okay. Papa's been taking care of me.

But he's gone now.

I think maybe something happened to him.

Can you come get me?

Where are you?

In Paris. I don't know the address, but I can ask.

Got it. Send the agents.

No, sweetie. It's okay.

Some people are coming to get you.

They'll be there in a few minutes.

What people?

Who's coming to get me?

Mum, the police will arrest me.

These aren't the police.

They think I had something to do with the shooting, but I didn't.

I didn't do anything wrong!

They just want to talk to you.

You'll be safe with them.

Are they there now?

Are they listening to this call?

Mum, how could you let them?

They came to our house. They're worried about you.

They are not worried about me.

They want to put me in jail! You lied to me again!

No, Kate, I didn't.

(crying): Oh, God.


Merci beaucoup.

(door opens)


(Speaking French)

Oh, God.

How long have I been...?

(speaking French)


(tires squealing outside)

Man: Search this woman's apartment.

We'll take the second floor.

Where the hell did she get to?

♪ ♪

I know we had troubles lately, Doku, but I have been thinking.

I don't want to go to Chechnya. You know this.

But I don't want to lose my daughter, either, so I decided, no more fighting if you promise you will not take Katya away from me.

I will try to be wife you want.

I hope so.

The gun that Dmitry used to kill Jaroscz...

I can tell you where it is.

You told us Dmitry didn't kill Jaroscz.

You said he killed someone else.

What the hell are you up to, Tamir?

You want to catch Petrovich, yes or no?

Promise me I do not have to wear wire or testify, and I will tell you where to find the gun.

Uh, it's pretty convenient he suddenly knows where a murder weapon is.

We don't need to convict him.

We just need evidence to squeeze him.

Even if that evidence is false?

If it gets us Dmitry, does it really matter?

(sighs quietly)

Where's the gun?

(door closes)

For whatever it's worth, I didn't set you up.

Did you get the assurances I asked for?


But Kate is safe.

But the only way you could know that is if...

She's here.

Kate's here.

Hardy: Kate, you're in a quite a spot. The French would love to put you in prison... for years. Maybe decades. I might be able to help you with that. But I'll need you to help me in return.