02x08 - The Legend of Doku Zakayev

Previously on "Legends"...

What are you going to do with him?


I saw him kill your brother.

I'll relax when the b*st*rd's back in custody.

You didn't say he would be here.

They were afraid you wouldn't come.

Tamir, it's late.

My children are sleeping.

You'll get the rest when the work is done in Prague.

Everything's ready for you.

Memorize this number. If you get into trouble, call.

Now you are Chechen.

(children speaking Russian)

(speaking Russian)

(loud pop)

(Kate gasps)

(firecrackers popping)

This all must be strange to you.

But Chechnya is where your father wanted you to be.

You remember your father?

Not really.

He was barely older than you when I met him.

He was strong, a warrior.

How did he die?

My mum won't talk about it.

He was murdered.

By coward gangsters.

Was he a gangster, too?

Everything he did was for family, for homeland.

You were too young to remember, but after he died, I tried to bring you and your mother here.

Your father would be glad to know you are finally home.

I saw you watching that phone.

I know what you're thinking.

Why am I being treated like a prisoner?

Your uncle will be here in a few days, then everything will be better.

You'll see.

Funny how things turn out.

Dmitry saved my life, and now I'm going to take his.

He put a gun in my face when I was a boy.

I had nightmares for years.

Uncle, let me kill him for you.

Our friends arrive today.

I need you here to take care of things.

I'll handle Dmitry... myself.

Nina: What kind of a job?

Well, all Tamir would say on the phone is that he needs an extra bodyguard today.

You should wear a wire.

No wire.

No follow car.

Hardy (scoffs): So what?

We're just supposed to set you loose and cross our fingers?

I'm not gonna get caught and get a bullet in my brain.

Fine, but your mobile stays on so we can track you.

Did you find anything on Tamir's computer?

Financial transactions.

Money filtered through dozens of shell corporations.

Could be tied to terrorism, could be totally clean.

Anything about Kate?

No, sorry.

Hardy: If we find anything actionable, we'll let you know.

Watch your back, Martin.

(indistinct radio transmissions)

(camera shutter clicking)

Blazek: Looks like a retaliation.

For what?

"For Kost."

Gabi: The pimp from the Nemcek crew we told you was missing.

(phone buzzes)

(dog barking in distance)

Excuse me.

(indistinct radio transmissions)

Blazek: Hello.

This wasn't Czech gangsters.

It was Dmitry.

Because we blackmailed him?

We showed Dmitry some photographs, that's all.

And it cost a man his life.


What if she was complicit?

You think Dmitry...

Told her about the photographs and the threat we made.

Take Doku out of the picture.

If we can get Ilyana alone, threaten to lock her up, that she'll never hold her kid again... she'll talk.

(car approaching, tires screeching)

(car door opens, closes)

Where is he? I-I want to see him.

(officers speaking Czech)

He's my brother, let me go.

(officers speaking Russian)

I said let me go!

I want to see him!

Let me go! I want to see my brother.


Terrence: The FBI agent blackmails you and the next day, Doku is dead.

Tell me that's a coincidence.

He had lots of enemies.

So, we decoded the message that Ilyana delivered to Doku from the general.

He wants to be moved back to Chechnya immediately.

He's getting nervous.

But with Doku dead, he may turn to someone else to get him there.

Tamir could convince the general to stick to the plan.

The junkie brother?

Well, Tamir would have to clean up his act, but...

Make it happen.

I want passports and new identities for Ilyana and her daughter... real ones, this time.

Doku's dead... there's no longer any threat to them.

She risked her life for us, Terrence.

Get the damn passports.

(thunder rumbling)

Ballard: Mrs. Zakayeva, my deepest condolences.

How long were you and Mr. Zakayev together?

Seven years.

We met in Chechnya.


And you loved your husband?

Of course, yes, I loved him.

Do you also love Dmitry Petrovich?

We know that Dmitry killed your husband, and we think you know that, too.

Now... you can cooperate with us, maybe you don't go to prison.

Think of Katya.

I don't know anything.

Don't... lie to us!

You think Dmitry loves you?

He's using you, and when he is done, he's going to leave you.

Save yourself, Ilyana.

(door opens)

You two, now.

Who authorized those photos?

Those photos are proof...

Of what, an affair?


The crime scene evidence tells a different story, Ballard.

Just let me go back in there and do my...

And yell some more at a grieving widow?

You're out of control.

I'm phoning your boss and getting you sent back to the States.



Children: Hi, máma.


Gabi: Three months ago, a construction company co-owned by Tamir Zakayev won a bid to repave part of the Evropská Highway.

It's the main route between the city and the airport and, starting tomorrow, hundreds of dignitaries will be arriving for the NATO/Russia summit.

Hardy: And you think, what?

He used the job as cover to sabotage the road, plant a bomb?

Possibly, yes.

I want road closures, bomb squads, sniffer dogs, every inch of that highway searched and secured.

I want background checks on every person who worked on that job.

Any questions?

Then get on it.

This is good intel, Miskova.

Who's your source?

There's no source.

I cross-referenced some data I found on Tamir's computer.

Realized he owned part of the company.

That's all.

(vehicle approaching)

Back to business.

Just like old times.

Yes, just like old times.

(cow bellows)

(footsteps, man gasping)


(gun clicks)

(man grunts, gasping)




(door opens, closes)

Are you all right?

Of course I'm not.

Where's Tamir?

Outside, I think. Why?

Did you know about the photographs?


The police, they think you killed Doku.

They say if I don't help them, I go to prison.

I never see Katya again.

Listen, what did you tell them?


But you have to get us out of here.

A few more days, I promise.


I have cop friend.

Say Doku was killed by shitbag in Kost's gang.

You and me, Dmitry, we get eye for eye.

Starting war is not what Doku would want.

It's what I want!

Look, Doku wanted better for you.

Not for you to roll in slop like pig.

He told me about General.

He did?

He needed my trucks, my border connections to move this... Arsanov back to Chechnya.

You must convince General I still take him.


Doku already paid me half.

Other half after I move General.

I want other half.

We get General back to Chechnya.

It's what your brother wanted.

You... you... are my brother now, Dmitry.

You always come along, Dmitry, when I need you.

Like when you killed Kost.

And after Doku died.

I feared my brother.

He would hammer me and hammer me, and it wasn't until after he died that I realized what he was trying to do.

Harder you hammer the man, tougher he gets.

It was fate, your return.

You killed my brother.

Now you will join him.


(tires screeching)

(horn honks)

(indistinct shouting)

(metal, glass clattering)

(Martin gasping)

(birds cawing)


Where is Katya?

Wh... Why are you asking?


(gun fires)


Tamir, Tamir.


Tamir, tell me where she is.

Where's Kate?

Is she still alive?

Who are you?

Where is she?!

(phone beeps, line ringing)

Tamir's dead.


He tried to kill me.

There was a wreck.


Are you all right?


Please tell me you got him to talk before he died.

I got his phone.

It's not the same one as we bugged yesterday.

A different burner.

If any of Tamir's people call or text, we can trace it.

That's our play? Sit around with our thumbs in our asses waiting for a bloody phone call?

The summit's in two days.

Martin, we have your location.

There's a rest stop about a mile south.

We'll send a vehicle.

Send a cleanup team, too.

The plan only works if Tamir's people thinks he's still alive.

We'll find Kate another way.

Beslan? What about Beslan?

He wasn't with Tamir.

Do you have eyes on him?

We don't.

Then pull your thumb out of your ass and get looking.

(phone beeps off)

(elevator bell dings)

Clerk: All right, checking in?

Man: Yes. One night only.

(elevator bell dings)

(opens zipper)

There's a kid called Beslan.

Used to work for Tamir.

He moved Kate out of Paris.

If she was moved again, he probably helped.

What if we never find her?

We will.

This is my fault.


No, it's mine.

What do you mean?

Tamir told me that Dmitry... that I killed your husband.

That's why he attacked me.

So I had to kill him before I could find out where Kate is.

You didn't kill Doku.

I did.

Afterwards, you helped clean it up.

You saved me.


Arsanov: How is Ilyana?



It won't be easy for her now.

I know my brother made plans to return you to Chechnya.

And now you are here to tell me that I should trust you to carry them out, yes?

Yes, General.

Doku told me much about you.

Do you have another way to get to Chechnya?

Other trucks with compartments to hide in?

Other men with connections at border?

Who is this man?

Dmitry Petrovich.

Russian? I trust no Russian.

Then trust Doku. Doku choose Dmitry.

Tell your Russian dog we move tonight.


There is something else you can do if you wish to prove your loyalty to me.

Hey, Katya.

Would you like to get ice cream with your Uncle Tamir?

Let's go.

Do you speak English?

Little bit.

I'm Kate.





You live here?



My home.

(short laugh)

My home is in London.

That's where my family live.

My mum, she worries when I don't call her.

Could you bring me a phone?

A phone? Can you bring me a phone?

I'm sorry.

No, no, no, no.

Don't go, please.

Just... just...

Just call this number.

You don't have to speak with anyone.

Just call it, please.

I won't tell anyone you helped me.



Thank you.

Thank you.

I just got word from my operative.

The move is still on.

Six want the general separated from his security detail and terminated.

London will verify the body and we'll pull out immediately.

Erasing past mistakes, are they?


Selling guns to the general that were later used to kill 12 British aid workers.

Quite an embarrassment.

You think we didn't know?

What does Moscow want?

Your man will deliver Arsanov to new coordinates just over the Slovakia border.

FSB officers will take custody.

We have other plans for him.

Gabi: Blazek is all talk.

He's not going to get you transferred.

But if we're going to catch Dmitry, we have to play by the rules.

So, go back to your hotel.



(dog barking)

Where's your boss?

No English.

You speak English now?

Where is Dmitry Petrovich?

Have you seen Katya?


Let me take you to her.

(cell phone ringing)


I just spoke to one of Dmitry's guys down at the truck yard.

He says Dmitry came and went a half an hour ago.

He loaded up a truck in a real hurry.

If Blazek finds out what you've been doing, forget about getting transferred, Curtis, he'll have you arrested.

Gabi, listen to me.

What was your plan? Were you going to beat a confession out of him? He could've killed you.

I saw the manifest for the truck he drove off in.

You know where's he heading? Slovakia.

He's running, Gabi.

I got the plate number.

And if we find him, then what?

Play Dmitry and Ilyana off each other.

But we're not gonna be able to do that if he's fled across the border.

What's the plate number?

(vehicle approaching)

(engine stops)

(vehicle approaching)

Martin: What is this?

(car door opens, closes)

(Ilyana gasps)

Katya! (grunting)

Ilyana, I'm doing this for your own good and Katya's.

What is going on?! What is going on?!


General Arsanov invited Ilyana and Katya to live with him in Chechnya.

She's a widow.

The general is a great man.

Ilyana gonna be his wife.

I agree only to take one.

You will be paid for your trouble.

How am I supposed to protect cargo without weapon?

If you're worth your price, we won't need protection, yes?

Put her in the back.


Mama's coming with you, Katya.

Don't be scared.

(Ilyana gasps)

My men will drive.

Allahu Akbar!

Tamir: Allahu Akbar.

Tamir: Safe travel.

Good luck, brother.

(cow bellows)




(rapid gunfire)

(men shouting in distance)

(men shouting)


(truck engine rumbling)

I know you chose Doku over me, but... you are not safe without men.

Someone once told me never hesitate when my family is threatened.

So it's you who needs protection from me.


(line ringing)

Ballard: Tell me you found him.

Plate recognition cameras caught his truck driving south on Highway 13.

I'm already headed that way.

Wait for me, Curtis.

No, he's got a head start. I'll stop him until you get there.

How will you st...

(speaks Czech)

(speaks Czech)

(tires screeching)

(tires screeching)

Turn off the engine!

(engine stops)

All right, throw me the keys.

(whispers) Ah, ah.


(keys jingling)

Out of the truck, Petrovich.


Turn around.


Turn around!

Hands up.

(engine starts)


Martin: Stop!


(tires screeching)

Where are your keys?

I won't let you get away, you son of a bitch.

(screams) God...!


(screams) God...!

(car door closes)

(engine starting)

(screaming continues)

(tires screeching)



(girls crying)

(crying continues)

Arsanov: Ilyana.


Hello, Katya.

(door closes)

One of the servants gave me this.

Who were you trying to call?

I understand you are scared. You want to run away. But outside these walls, it's not safe. You are a fugitive. I want you to feel safe here, with me. So I have decided to marry you. But... I know I'm much older than you, but... there's no better way to protect you than to make you the wife of the president of Chechnya. It's what your father would want. You have your mother's eyes.