02x03 - Those in Peril

Falmouth Coastguard calling Angel Cove Lifeboat.

Distress flare sighted one mile west of Seal Island.

Besides, what difference would an early night have made?

We're both on call day or night, that's the whole... point.

What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?

Right, what's the shout?

Red flare reported over Seal Island.

Someone's in trouble, that's all we know.

What time do you call this?

The middle of the night.

Jake, hurry up. Come on!

Go, go, go, go, go!

OK, stay safe, everyone!

Angel Cove Lifeboat, this is Falmouth Coastguard.

Can you give me your current position, please? Over.

Roger that. We're nearly there.


Phillip, bring the lamp to port.

Erica, to starboard!

Hold on!

Nice night for it!

This is hopeless!

Just keep at it.

Angel Cove Lifeboat, this is Falmouth Coastguard.

Can we have an update on your search, please? Over.

Falmouth Coastguard, this is Angel Cove Lifeboat.

We have completed a search and found nothing.

I'm confident that it's another hoax call. Over.

Roger that. Happy for you to stand down and return to station. Over.

Turn her around! I'll get them in.

We're turning back!

Phil! Phillip!

Erica! Erica!

Time-wasting idiots!

Man overboard! Man overboard!



Erica! Chrissy?! Chrissy?!

Falmouth Coastguard, this is Angel Cove Lifeboat.

We have two crew members washed overboard. Over.

Angel Cove Lifeboat, this is Falmouth Coastguard.

Copy that and standing by.

Do you require assistance?

Repeat. Do you require assistance?


Angel Cove Lifeboat, are you receiving me? Over.


Can you take a photo of that?

Just the rip, yeah? Yeah. Thanks.

Thank you.

Chrissy? I'm Jane Kennedy, the coroner. How are you feeling?

Like someone just died.

Look, we don't have to do this right now, if you don't want to.

Let's get it over with.

You sure? Mm.

Could you talk me through what happened last night?

The coastguard reported a distress flare just after 2:00am.

So we went out on the shout, but we drew a blank.

There's, um... there's nothing unusual in that.

Around about half of our callouts tend to be wild-goose chases.

So... Erica was operating the front searchlight and I went to tell her we were turning the boat around.

We had one last look to see if there was any vessel, or bodies in the water.

There were waves coming over the deck and the next thing I knew, we were both in the water.

And you don't remember how it happened?


How's your eye?


It's quite a bruise you've got there.

Yeah. It's the least of my worries.

Look, I've got a lot to do.

I need to be getting on.


I don't think that's a good idea.

Looks like an accident.

Yeah. They were obviously washed overboard. Then I found this.

Oh, here we go. What's that?

A small tear in Erica's life jacket.

Almost invisible to the naked eye, but large enough to prevent it from fully inflating when she hit the water.

Well, cases like this are automatically referred to my friends at The Marine Accident Investigation Branch.

They're very thorough.

The skipper can't remember how she ended up in the sea.

What if one of the other crewmembers pushed her and Erica over the side?

And what if, and this is just a wild stab in the dark, they were washed overboard(?)

OK, look, if you want a motive, how about this?

In January, Chrissy Woodward became the first female lifeboat cox in Devon's history, and the first thing she did was promote Erica.

Oh, come on!

Davey, I'm serious! I know you are.

But things have moved on, haven't they?

Ever since Emmeline Pankhurst chained herself to them railings, we've got female police officers, female world leaders.

I believe we've even got a female coroner.

Jane, come on, no-one cares.

What, so, you're not going to talk to her? No.

I'm not going to go looking for trouble.

That's your department. Thanks(!)

Shut the door!

Oh, yeah, I've known Chrissy for years.

I was her mentor when she first volunteered.

And what were your impressions?

He does Sean Connery and a surprisingly good Russell Harty.

What that girl don't know about sailing, you could fit on a postage stamp.

She was 17 when she won Lighthaven Regatta.

And within two weeks of working on the boat crew, she was teaching me.

So, you weren't surprised when you heard she was the new skipper?

Nah. Andy was training her up to take over.

His doctor had already told him that he didn't have long, you know, cos of his drinking.

Mind you, not everyone was pleased with the promotion.

Old Bob Fountain was spitting nails when he found out.


Well, Bob's the longest-serving crew member.

You know, he thought his experience entitled him to the top job.

He wouldn't have been any good at it, though.

I mean, you need people skills to run a boat crew.

Bob may be many things, but a diplomat he ain't.

Oi! Go easy on the ham.

I don't know if I bought enough.

If the mourners want more, they'll have to buy it off the bar menu.

If you don't mind me asking, why did you quit the boat?

I thought I was pushing my luck, to be honest.

You can only look death in the face so many times.

He failed his medical.

They thought you were too chubby, didn't they?

Ooo, that flipping car alarm!

It is useless.

Oh! Mum, I ought to go, if that's all right?

It's all right, love.

Thanks for your help.

Come on!

Oh! Oi! Oi!

Mick! What's happened?!

Did you get a look at him? No.

Who was he? I don't know.

Oh, my God, Mick, are you all right?

I'm going to call an ambulance! No, don't fuss, woman, I'm all right.

Let's get you up.

Oh! Oh!

Blimey, what happened to you?

Someone clocked him one last night in the pub car park.

Who'd do something like that? They didn't leave a forwarding address(!)

Snuck up behind me, like a thief in the night.

Well, they probably were. Eh?

A thief.

If they were in your car park.

I told you he wouldn't take it seriously.

It's no wonder the country's in the state it is!

Well, I could take it seriously, couldn't I? You ask Jane.

I could take it very seriously.

I could insist you install some CCTV outside your premises, record any suspicious activity.

Well, I mean, it's...

The only problem with that is, you might not like what we find.

Shall we?

Thanks, Davey(!) Cheers, mate(!)

♪ Eternal father, strong to save ♪
♪ Whose arm hath bound the restless wave ♪
♪ Who bids the mighty ocean deep ♪
♪ Its own appointed limits keep ♪
♪ Oh, hear us when we cry to thee ♪
♪ For those in peril on the sea ♪
♪ Amen. ♪

And now, Phillip would like to say a few words.

Anyone who knew Erica Ryland associated her with love.

Hm! Hm.

As her partner for seven... unforgettable years, I was privileged to feel the full force of that love.

Whether we were praying in a Buddhist temple, diving to the bottom of the ocean, or relaxing in this very church, we were inseparable.


That's a precious thing.

After all, some people in this world never get close to anyone.

Mr Mitchell?

I'm Jane Kennedy, the coroner.

I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about the accident.

I just wonder if you saw anything.

What were you doing at the time?

I'm the helm.

Right. So, you steer the boat?

Hm. What?

Sorry, I'd better take this.

Let me guess... you're fascinated by the macabre.


Well, I mean, your hair, your clothes.

You dress like someone just died.

Someone just did.

Ah! Good point.

You OK?

Oh, no. But thanks for asking.

Can I sit down? Sure.

I tell you, it was a catastrophe just waiting to happen.

Women at sea are unlucky.

Especially if they're at sea with you, eh, Bob? Huh!

And a woman who whistles, that's even worse.

Now, that Erica, she used to whistle in the lifeboat station.

Well, that's just asking for trouble.

A whistling woman and a crowing hen brings the devil out of his den.

Oh, give it a rest, Fountain!

No-one's interested in your ignorant drivel.

Can I get another one, please?

Of course.

Oh, is that right, Mr University-Educated-Car-Mechanic?

Yeah, and...?

I'll tell you what's ignorant.

That's you pretending you and Erica were inseparable when the whole town knows she was sick to death of you.

Bob? That's enough.

This is neither the time or place.

We've lost one of our own.

Erica was a loyal friend.

She was a brilliant second cox, and Phillip loved her.

So show some respect.

That was Forensics.

It turns out Erica's life jacket may have been tampered with.

So you do need to speak to the skipper now. Yeah, looks that way.


Sorry to bother you, just a couple of questions.

And I am sorry to have to ask you this, but could anyone apart from Erica have got hold of her life jacket?

Easily. Really? Why's that?

Well, we just leave all the kit and life jackets, out on an open shelf for ease of access, really.

Um... you know, speed is of the essence. Yeah.

I guess each crew member is responsible for their own kit, is that right?

Everyone, including the apprentices.

And would you say Erica was the kind of person that paid attention to detail?


So, can you think of any reason why anyone would want to damage Erica's life jacket?

Huh! Is that a serious question?

Yeah, I'm afraid so, yeah.

Absolutely not.

Erica was popular with everyone.

What, even Bob Fountain?

You can't take Bob Fountain at face value.

Look, he's an idiot on land, but at sea, he's an absolute godsend.

How did you get the black eye?

Oh, I don't know.

Could have been any number of ways.

Yeah. All right, thanks.

I'll let you get on.

Yeah. Cheers.

Well, I have to justify every new inquiry that I take on.

As it stands, I don't have enough evidence to launch an initial investigation.

You do, as the coroner, however, have the right to investigate any death you find suspicious, so be my guest.

So, it's over to me?


What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?

Why didn't you phone me, instead of lying awake all night worrying, you silly sausage?

It's a bit lame, isn't it?

I mean, what do I say, "I heard someone whistling, they tried the door handle and then they went away"?

It was probably just a drunk not realising we were closed.

Yeah, maybe, maybe not. What if someone's got a grudge against me?

Now you're just being fanciable.

I think you mean fanciful. No.

I mean fanciable.

Would you like a nice bacon sandwich?

Would that make things better?

I think it might help. Mm?

It doesn't work!

Oh! Hm!


Apologies for the inconvenience.

What was that about?

I bought a job lot of car alarms, didn't I?

No wonder they were cheap.

Let me guess, you installed one in your own car?

How was I to know it was going to go off every time a fly buzzed past?

Luckily, these stun guns have been selling like hot cakes.

All the rage in Plymouth.

That is my last one.

Mick, that's a prohibited firearm!

Oh, is it really illegal to help protect the vulnerable?

This is the sort of thing you need in your line of work.

Fully rechargeable.

Just take off the safety catch and press the red button.

Peace of mind, just £35.

I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to confiscate this. Eh?

I trained as a lawyer, didn't I?

You can't expect me to look the other way. Wait a minute, I take you into my confidence and this is how you repay me?

There are vulnerable people out there!

I hope you can sleep at night!

Hey. Hey.

So I've uncovered a couple of interesting snippets about Erica Ryland.

Apparently, her finances were separate from her partner's, and she was in trouble.

She had enormous credit-card bills and no way to pay them back.

OK. Well, there's a lot of it around. Nothing else?

Yeah. Last month, she went to the GP complaining of nausea.

Turns out she was pregnant.

But when they carried out the postmortem, there was no trace of a child.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me.

Oh, it's my pleasure.

Do you want to come up to the crew room?

It's just a bit quieter up there.

Yeah, sure.


What's this for?

Show me how to tie a bowline.

Why? Don't know how?

Course I know. I was tying them before you were born.

I'm trying to find out if you know.

You knew Erica was pregnant?

Yeah, and I knew she didn't want to be.

That's why she had the termination.

She booked into a private clinic.

I thought she was broke.

I lent her the money.

Well, she didn't have anyone else to turn to and she couldn't exactly ask Phillip.

Why not? Cos Phillip didn't know about the baby.

Before you ask, he was the father - she wasn't seeing anyone else.

She just felt like the relationship had run its course.

She was only living with him because she couldn't afford to move out.

So Bob Fountain was right, Erica was sick of Phillip and everyone could see.

Everyone but Phillip.

And what is that supposed to be?

Well, I...

I didn't know how to do a bowline, so I made you a rabbit instead.

See, there's its ears and this is its fluffy little tail...

Think that's funny, do you?!

You are putting people's lives at risk, your own included!

All right, Bobby, don't blame me.

Blame ickle wabbit!

Go on, get out of it!

Go on, get out of my sight!

Whoa, whoa!

Boy's only having a bit of fun, Fountain.

You're just too dim to see the joke.

Dim, am I?! I'll show you dim!

Let me get at him, the stuck-up ponce! I'll rip his lungs out...!

Young Jakey knows I don't mean anything by it, don't you, lad?

Maybe I'm in the wrong job.

No, I don't believe that.

This wouldn't have happened on Andy's watch.

And nor Fountain when he was here. No-one would have dared.

I bet even Andy had moments of doubt. We all do. Even you?

Are you kidding me? I feel out of my depth at least once a day.

Twice on Mondays.

You seem really confident.

It's pure bluff. Truly.

See you later, Mick.

Were you and Andy close?

What makes you ask that?

It's the way you talk about him.

Hmm... The skipper was... was ever such a kind man.

You would have liked him.

You know, the last thing he made me promise was to give up drinking, and you know what?

When I go home tonight, the first thing I'm going to do is pour myself a stiff G&T.

You still call him the skipper.

Well, yeah. You're the skipper now.

Remember that.



Are you all right? Try not to move.

Are you all right?

What just happened?

I think someone tried to kill you.

Stay there.

Davey, it's me.

You need to get to Chrissy's house.

I think someone just tried to take her life.

OK. Bye.

Count yourself lucky, if you'd been going any faster he could have taken your head clean off your shoulders.

So you both think it was attempted murder.

Well, at the very least it was a malicious act intended to cause actual bodily harm.

One thing we can be sure of is the culprit knows you and your movements.

I'd advise you to be on your guard.

Keep all your doors and windows locked, especially after dark.

And I'll arrange for a police unit to swing by, keep an eye on you.

All right, I think we're done.

You've got my number - call if you need anything. Thank you.

'This on top of everything else.'

Come on, Davey, surely this is linked to the death of Erica Ryland.

Oh, really? You can prove that, can you? No, but... Proof, Jane.

We can't do anything without proof.

Mick, are you awake?


Baby, you're shaking like a leaf!



Oh, it's you. Thank God for that.

You nearly scared the life out of...


Well, what?

Have you got enough grounds to launch an initial investigation?

He was killed with a spear gun!

The kind that scuba divers use.

Isn't Phillip Spence a scuba diver?

Yeah, I know that.

That's why I've got him down at the station, along with the rest of the crew.

Waiting for me to give 'em the old Davey Higgins third degree.

Clint, can you do me a favour? Yeah.

Could you research the lifeboat crew? What, all of them?

No, just the six that were on the boat when Erica died.

We're missing something, I know we are.


So, Gobby...

Mind if I call you Gobby?

Where were you last night?

Don't shrug your shoulders, my friend. We need an answer.


Can you prove you were at home?

My wife can vouch for me.

Your wife was with you? No.

No, she was in Oakhampton, visiting her sister.

Sorry? She phoned me, didn't she?

OK, what time was that?

This morning.

So how could she vouch for your movements last night?

Because when she phoned this morning, I told her what I was doing last night.

Let's start again, shall we?

And you were with your mum and dad all night, is that right? Yeah.

'Fraid so. How are they?

I haven't seen them for ages.

Yeah, they're OK. Dad's started playing his guitar again.

Oh, that's good.

Getting any better? Well, depends.

Depends on what?

Whether you like Smoke On The Water.

Honestly, that's all he can play.

Well, that's no bad thing, I suppose. Giving him my regards, will you? And your mum too.

All right, we're done.

Cheers. Mind how you go.

What? That's your idea of the third degree, is it?

No, I'm saving that for Phillip Spence.

Because if Spence knows that Erica had an abortion and that Chrissy paid for it, it puts him right in the frame, doesn't it?

Did you know that Erica was expecting a child? Your child.

And, more to the point, did you know that Erica had decided not to have that child?

Because as a man and a...

Buddhist, I believe... that must have been very hard for you.

Look, I can see where this is going.

But I refuse to answer any more questions until I've seen a solicitor.


Well, I re-searched the lifeboat crew, just as you asked. And?

And I must admit, I have rarely encountered a less inspiring bunch.

OK, so, Phillip Spence recently passed an advanced driving test and is troubled by ingrown toenails. Wait, it gets better.

In 1987, Gobby Mitchell won a pie eating contest in Paignton.

And Jake, you already know about.

What's that supposed to mean?

Well, you know, just all the obvious stuff.

You do know that Jake's big sister was Leah Taylor, right? Who?

Leah Taylor.

Davey's first murder enquiry.

Sorry, I just assumed it was common knowledge. Well, I...

I wouldn't have been living here at the time.

So that's why Davey knew Jake's parents. You think it's important?

Of course I remember the case.

Not the kind of thing you forget, really.

I'd... just joined CID and... what I wanted more than anything else was to get my teeth stuck into a real murder enquiry.

Be careful what you wish for, eh?

Did you know Leah's family before?

Yeah, I knew her dad, Colin.

We played rugby together back in the day.

We weren't exactly best mates or anything, but...

I liked him. He was a good guy.

He's more of a mate of Mick's, actually.


When they found Leah...

I had to go around there.

With my ex-governor...

Break the news.

That must have been hard.

Yeah, it was terrible.

He came to the door...

With... with the little fella.

You mean Jake?

She'd gone shopping.

We didn't have to say anything, really.

He could tell from the look on our faces.

They say coppers don't take their work home with them.

Don't you believe it.

What happened at the trial?

Never went to trial.

He was deemed unfit to stand.

Oh... Mentally ill or confused or something.


All right.

Jane? Yeah. Do me a favour, will you? Don't go bothering Jake.

Not without good reason.


One, two, Danny La Rue.

Three, four, Roger Moore.

Mick. I need to talk to you about Leah Taylor.

That's the last thing I want to talk about.

Because you knew her dad?

Mick, please, this could be important!

Well, if you must know...

I was on the boat that picked up John Barnes, Leah's murderer.

Tried to drown himself, didn't he?

Yeah, we fished him out of the water.

He tried to drown himself after he killed Leah?

No, two weeks before.

That's what's so hard to take - everyone knew Barnes was dangerous, he'd attacked a girl before.

If we hadn't saved his life that night, Jake's sister would still be alive.

The night it happened, who... who exactly was on the boat?

Me, Andy. Chrissy...

Erica, Bob, yeah, all of us.

Is there any way Jake or any of his family could have known this?

Don't reckon so.

All it would say in the log is, "Swimmer in distress rescued off Angel Cove."

That's what they say when it's a suicide attempt. "In distress".

It's a sort of code.

And anyone who'd joined the lifeboat, they'd know this code?

Oh, definitely, yeah.

Thanks, Mick.

Davey, it's me. Listen...

I think I know what's going on.

Can you call me back?


You talking to me? Yeah.

My mum wants to know if you'd like to join our quiz team. Your mum?

All right...

I want you to join our quiz team.

Why didn't you say so? Come on.

Right, now, ladies and gentlemen, if I could just have your attention, please.

Ladies and gentlemen, if I could beg silence, please.

Thank you, thank you.

Thank you all for turning up.

Right, now, before we get the quiz underway, I've just got something to say.


As you know, tonight was originally organised as a... fundraising to get a memorial for our beloved Erica Ryland.

But, er, sadly, as you all know by now, last night we lost another loyal and long-serving member of the lifeboat crew, our old friend, Bob Fountain.

So now I ask you to dig deep tonight as we help to raise money to put towards a fitting memorial plaque honouring both those two lost heroes.

Thank you.

Now, if you'd like to get your brain cells galvanised, have a quick sip of that sherry... and we'll start off with question one of round one.

Who wrote the novel Treasure Island?

Well, I hope you lot know this one.

Who wrote the novel treasure Island?

Number two, Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane...


What is it?

I didn't know about the baby.

Until it was too late.

Erica has spent the night at her sister's. At least, that's what she said.

But when she came home I could see she'd been crying, so...

I asked her what was wrong and she told me.

I'm sorry.

That must have been very upsetting for you.

I was furious.

I called her every name under the sun.

All my Buddhist training went out of the window.

So when you saw Chrissy and Erica together on the boat, that's when you saw your opportunity.

What's Chrissy got to do with it?

Well, I think you know.

I assure you I don't.

Chrissy lent Erica the money for the abortion.


That does surprise me.

But it doesn't change anything.

Chrissy and me were friends before Erica came along.

We remain friends now she's gone.

Really? Well, Chrissy must think so.

Why else would she trust me with Bobby?

Sorry, I'm not with you.

Last night... as I was getting ready for bed, Chrissy brought her dog round... asked me to take care of him in case something happened to her.

Well, that's a bit extreme, isn't it?

Well, that's what I told her, but... she was adamant.

Even cried when she said goodbye to him.

I said... "Chrissy, the police are watching your house."

"What could possibly happen?"

Interview suspended at 20:55.

And question 10.

Who played Batman in the 1989 film of the same name?

Once again, that is...

Oh, I know this one. Keaton.

Buster Keaton.

..film of the same name?

What's so funny? It was MICHAEL Keaton. Yeah, that's what I meant!

Write it down. Yeah, write it down, Julie. You know my name is Judith.

That's what he meant.

You always were mouthy, Jake Taylor, even when you were little.

All right... Judith.

Right, well, I hope everyone is happy, as we're now having a short intermission.

It's luxury fish and chip time.


MUSIC: The Irish Rover by the Dubliners Seriously? Yeah! Seriously?

What's wrong with that?

What are you two smirking at?


Jake's got a crush on Chrissy.

Not any more.

Like, when I was a kid. Oh, yeah?

How did you know her?

Come on, Jake, spill the beans.

Spill the beans!

Chrissy used to live next door but one.

She used to, um, babysit for me and my sister.

Mum, what is it? Have either of you seem Chrissy recently?


Why are you so embarrassing?

It was funny.

Nearly there!


Mick! Mick!

Mick! Say something!

Please say something.


That was clever.

The way you faked an attempt on your own life to throw us off the scent. Well, not clever enough, obviously.

This is about John Barnes, isn't it?

The night he tried to kill himself, I said we should let him drown!

Skipper overruled you, didn't he?

That was Andy all over, always doing the right thing no matter what.

It was only at the end that he admitted, he admitted he'd been wrong.

He said that rescuing Barnes was the single greatest regret of his life.

I bet he didn't tell you to go around murdering your fellow crew members!

He said we were all guilty and that amounts to the same thing!

He's all right! They ran that way!

You waited until the storm was at its worst, and when you saw your opportunity, you dragged Erica over the side and tried to drown her, didn't you?

Only she fought back.

That was Erica all over.

Even when I was holding her under, she still kept fighting.

Hit me so hard I almost blacked out.

Well, now they're gone, it's my turn. I mean... Fair's fair, right?

Chrissy, taking your own life, that's not going to help anyone.


Chrissy! Chrissy!


So why were you following her?

I watch people.

And, like this lady here...

I may not seem much, but I notice things.

And she's been down ever since Andy copped it.

I was scared that she might do herself in. Not just everyone else.

Oh, my big man! I really thought I'd lost you. No way, my love.

I had her just where I wanted her.

Couple more seconds, I'd have broken both her arms.

724, please respond.

So what brought you out here?

I notice things too.


Have you noticed it's your round?

It's always my round.